Top 16 Games Similar to Space Invaders Salma

Space Invaders Infinity Gene 1.0.4
Space Invaders Infinity GeneNamed Best Arcade Game at the 2011 Best App Ever Awards!----------------------------------The internationally award-winning evolving shooting game,nowavailable for Android!The more you play, the more the game evolves!Legendary shooter SPACE INVADERS has evolved once again,thistime with an unprecedented new system!The game begins similarly to the classic SPACE INVADERS, butthemore you play, the more the game evolves!Unlock new stages and new system features for a wholenewshooting game experience!Build your own evolutionary tree!Language:EnglishFrançaisItalianoDeutschEspañol日本語- Android OS Versions 2.2, 2.3- Screen Sizes: Wide VGA, Full Wide VGA
Squadron Attack-Galaxy Invader 3.0
🌀 In this game the aliens want to attacktheearth and we must defend ourselves, so we send a war spaceshiptoshoot them and prevent their spaceships move towardstheearth.🚀 🚀 🚀 Game Features:🚀 🚀 🚀🔥 Great graphics and music.🔥 More than 180 levels chalenge🔥 3 different game modes: Easy, Medium and Try hard🔥 Classic game with new style, new version... more fun,moreattractive🔥 High quality graphics, Nice sound effect and Smoothcontrols🔥 10 spacecraft is equipped weapon🔥 20 enemiesand 8 super boss🔥 Monitor attractive diversification play🔥 The game provides a very rich fighter system🔥 colorful map make you never be bored🌀 Squadron Attack - Galaxia Invader is apowerfulvisual impact of the vertical shooting game, You will bedrivingthe most advanced fighter aircraft in space combat with theenemy.The fast-paced game allows you to thrilling. Shocking pictureofthe game will bring you a sense of super hit, and immersivecombatexperience.🌀 The game also offers you more fighter aircrafts. You can getlevelby fighting, and use items to upgrade your fighters.The legendary shooting game at arcades, strikers revivedThe classic, long-run shooting game from the 90s has beenperfectlyremade for smart phones🌀 Defend our planet from aliens in this game of spacecraftsSimple game rule but it's surprisingly challenging.With its simple concept and endless fun, striker in SquadronAttacknow available on your mobile device to enjoy again!- Website: Privacy:🌀 Download and play it now!
昔、大流行したスペース・インベーダーを、可能な限り当時のオープニング(オリジナルも追加)やデモプレイも含め再現してみました。<使い方>・起動するとオープニングやデモプレイ等を繰り返し再生します。・初めて起動した場合、ハイスコアアップロードのためのハンドル名登録画面を表示します。(キャンセル可)・左右のスワイプでゲームモード(自動攻撃、手動、インベーダー逆襲)を選択し、画面を長押しするとゲームを開始します。・操作は、下部に表示された紺色バー(MOVE ANDATTACKZONE)よりも上部で、上にスワイプすると自機の弾を発射します。・紺色バーの位置で左右にスワイプすると、自機の左右移動とともに弾を発射します。・紺色バーより下の位置(MOVE ZONE)で左右にスワイプすると、自機の左右移動だけになります。・紺色バーを触れながら画面をタップ(マルチタップ)しても自機の弾を発射します。(UFO狙いやインベーダーが少なくなったときに便利)・ゲーム初期画面は、「MANUAL:手動モード」・「MANUAL:手動モード」から左フリックで「STRIKES BACK:インベーダー逆襲モード」(画面の上下が反転)・「MANUAL:手動モード」から右フリックで「SEMI-AUTO:自動攻撃モード」・さらに、もう一度右フリックで「SEMI-AUTO:自動攻撃モード」の攻撃順をカスタマイズ・インベーダー逆襲モード:インベーダー上を1秒間に3~4回くらい円を描くようにスワイプすると弾を最大10発連射。・自動攻撃モード:インベーダーを自動的に攻撃。プレイヤーの攻撃操作(手動と同じ操作)も可能。高得点を狙うならUFOはプレイヤーの攻撃必須・自動攻撃カスタマイズ:実際のプレイ(インベーダー攻撃・UFO・ブロック無しの状態)でインベーダーを倒す。倒した順番で「自動攻撃モード」と「インベーダー逆襲モード」でインベーダーを攻撃<V3.0>・モード別のハイスコアランキング表示・登録機能を追加・ハイスコアの更新時、登録確認画面を表示・ハイスコア登録のためのハンドル名登録画面を表示<V2.0>・「自動攻撃モード」と「インベーダー逆襲モード」を追加・自動攻撃モードはインベーダーを自動攻撃(UFO攻撃なし)・自動攻撃の設定モードで、インベーダーの攻撃順を登録・インベーダー逆襲モードは、プレイヤーがインベーダー側になり攻撃時間を競うOnce upon a time,theSpace Invaders, which was a big epidemic, at the time of openingasmuch as possible (original additional) and demonstration playalsotried to reproduce, including.· Start and will play repeatedly opening and demonstrationplaylike.- For the first time when you start to display the handlenameregistration screen for the high-score upload. (Canbecanceled)- Left and right swipe game mode (automatic attack, manual,invaderStrikes Back), and then start the game by pressing thelongscreen.- Operation, at the top than the dark blue is displayed inthebottom bar (MOVE AND ATTACK ZONE), and firing a bullet of Swipeupits own equipment.- Dark blue when you swipe to the left and right at the positionofthe bar, and then fired a bullet with the left and rightmovementof the ship.- Dark blue when you swipe to the left and right in thedownposition (MOVE ZONE) from the bar, there will be only the leftandright movement of the ship.- Dark blue even if the bar a touch while tapping thescreen(multi-tap) and then fired a bullet of its own equipment.(Usefulwhen the UFO aim and invader is low)Game initial screen, "MANUAL: manual mode"- "MANUAL: Manual mode" from the left flick "STRIKES BACK:InvadersStrikes Back mode" (the top and bottom of the screenishighlighted)- "MANUAL: Manual mode" from the right flick "SEMI-AUTO: Autoattackmode"· In addition, once again in the right flick: customize theattackorder of the "SEMI-AUTO automatic attack mode"Invaders Strikes Back mode: on the Invaders to swipe so as to drawacircle about three to four times per second when the bullet10rounds up to the fire.Automatic attack mode: Invaders automatically attack. Player oftheattack operation (manual and the same operation) is alsopossible.UFO If aim a high score attack essential playerAutomatic attack Customization: defeat the invader in theactualplay (the state without the Invaders attack · UFO · block).Attackthe invader in the defeat was the order in the "automaticattackmode" and "Invaders counterattack mode"Mode another high score ranking display and registrationfunctionadditionalWhen you update the high score, displays theregistrationconfirmation screenHigh score display the handle name registration screenforregistration• "Auto attack mode" add "invader counterattack mode"Automatic attack mode is automatic attack the invader (noUFOattack)• In the setting mode of the automatic attack, registered theattackorder of the InvadersInvaders counterattack mode, compete for the attack timeplayerbecomes the invader side
The Revenge of Space Invaders 1.3
The game is in beta . Therefore,pleasereportthe perfomance . Thank you :) I will try to improve itif anyisthere.Tests made with Samsung Galaxy S3.You just bored?You want to play something not so " complicated " , butaction-containing game? Then download and install this game .Space Invaders want to take revenge!Space Invaders want to take revenge!You have already defeated the Space Invaders. Now theyareveryacidic and they come to destroy you with a high number.Howlong doyou manage against this invasion? Keep the invasion backaslong aspossible . Set up a high score and break him. Thanks totheupgrade( which is randomly generated by destroying the enemy ),youcanhold back the invasion.Mission and Features:--- boosts- Turrets boost: If you get a bonus , then two turrets shootforacertain time automatically to the opponent .- Attack speed: you shoot faster than usual for a while .--- opponents- Small invasion ships: If you destroy a wave. Thenperhapswillemerge even more.- Small mother ships , shoot quickly and intriplicate.Watchout.- Small Bomber: most dangerous opponents in the game .Killthemquickly as possible, because they shootwithheartseekermissiles.Good luck and have fun :)BTW: My record is 14400 :)
Space Invaders 3D
Fight against space invaders. Yourfleetcontains of 8 ships.You have to destroy all enemy ships to win (rules are similar asinwell known game "sea battle").Features:- 3D graphics and effects- supporting of any screen- two levels of difficulty- global leaderboard- game achievements- free
Galaxy War : Space Invaders
Earth’s very existence isthreatened.Alieninvaders from space have been sent to destroy ourplanet. Youhavebeen called up to repel their attack. You must planyourbattlestrategy well and upgrade your fighter ship todefeattheincreasingly advanced aliens. To accomplish this task,youmusthave the courage and wisdom.If you like space shooting and survival games and liketosimulateSpacecraft shooting in galaxy for glory and duty,thenGalaxy WarSpace Invaders is the one you should beplaying.Try and shoot all the alien Galaxy War Space Invadersbeforetheydestroy your bases and land. To accomplish this task, youmusthavethe courage and wisdom.******************************************************************************************* The game is packed with 60 levels giving you hours of funforyouand your friends.* Amazing Lighting and Special Effects* Precision controls* 8 different weaponsSimple game rule but it's surprisingly challenging.The Galaxy's future is now in your hands. Play now, youcandoit!.
super invaders 1.0
xTijer Games
Super Invaders is the new Space Invadersstylegame with power-ups and more news.Completely free game.The classic invader killer with lots of new features,fantasticships, final bosses and much more extras to bediscovered.Special features:- Thousands of levels in 9 categories.- 9 different ships- Lots of different enemies.- 9 final bosses- 3 difficulty levels.
Galactic Invasion 1.18.4
KRE Software
Galactic Invasion is an exciting newarcadespace shooter game for the Android platform, inspired byclassicvideo arcade game legends Space Invaders and Galaga.Try the free version: on patrol deep in space you encounter a fleet ofalieninvaders bent on conquest. Reinforcements are light years awayandonly you stand between the invaders and their advancementintoEarth space. You alone must fight back this alien invasionforceand rid the galaxy of this space borne menace.What users are saying:5 stars. Reminds me of Galaga!I loved Galaga as a teenager. There is no telling how manytokensI fed it at the arcades. Galactic Invasion ismoreenjoyable…4 stars. Space invaders on galaxy s-4gThis is about as good as it gets when it comes to"spaceinvaders" this is good old shoot em-up. It doesn't freeze,pause,etc,..Includes the following features:- Two different ship control systems:o Tilt-based. Universal and simplistic controls. Simply tiltyourdevice to move your ship left, right, forward or back. Tapanywhereon screen to fire. Hold and press to engage the auto-fire.Greatfor one-handed play!o On Screen Controls. Control the ship with an on-screenjoystickand fire button for a classic arcade style experience.Configurablefor right or left handed players.- 20 levels of increasingly difficult waves of invaders (15levelsin free version)- Options to change controls, difficulty, graphics, and soundallowfor a customizable gameplay experienceA limited free version of this app is also available: strongly encourage and eagerly await any and all userfeedbackregarding our products. Please feel free to email us fromeither thelink below or the in-game feedback screen regarding anycomments,ideas, or issues regarding this app.
Space Escape: Galactic Journey 1.3
Space Escape: Galactic Journey isafirstperson, action and space shooter HD 3D game likespaceinvaders inwhich you take control of a space ship. Your goalis toachievegreat distances by evading various obstacles. Onyourjourney youwill be able to collect galactic money byblastingasteroids andother things. You can spend these credits inthe shopto upgradeyour ship or to make your environment morebeneficial toyourgalactic journey.Space invaders classic remake! Be shockedabouttheimprovements!Game Space escape : Asteroids 3D offers you:► Endless first person full HD joyrides troughthevastuniverse► Easy controls► Beautiful, yet mobile optimized high definition graphics► A shop tab with perks to increase value of lives,moneyordestruction► A shop tab with many different space environments► And much more space for future updates!► It's free!If you ever liked space invaders classic game, Iguaranteethatyou will like Space Escape: Galactic Journey!Story:It's the year 3256, alien life has been found forcenturiesandpeace has been kept, but then everything changed whentheKlo'gonsspace colony started to attack our Milky Way. Slowlytheydestroyedeach star on their way, leaving nothing but asteroidsandspace.It's your duty to protect earth now that the Klo'gons areafewlightyears away. Take your spaceship trough asteroids andspaceanddestroy the evil.
Space Invaders 2D 1.1.3
Remake of space InvadersI made this as a personal project.CREDITS:+Graphics by Kenney ("new song" bygeirtjelta(
Space Swipe Wars 3D 1.0
Get ready for super fast and superfunswipespace battles in high-definition 3D!Combat aliens across multiple zones of space. Unlocknewalientypes as you travel further and further to their blackholesource.See how long you can survive against wave-after-waveofmassivealien attack!If you like Fruit Ninja, Space Invaders, and Asteroids,youhavegot to install Space Swipe Wars 3D today!Game Features+ SWIPING 3D SPACE BATTLE – Better have quick fingers tomakeitthrough this high-speed space game with amazing 3Dgraphics!+ MULTIPLE ZONES & LEVELS - Move through planetaryzoneseachwith new alien types and increasing difficulty!+ COOL ALIEN OPPONENTS – Complete levels to unlock newtypesofalien invaders!+ INFINITY ZONE - make it to the black hole for theinfinityzoneexperience. Play for as long as you can!+ DESIGNED FOR ALL AGES - Easy, clear button controlsforlittlefingers with helpful hints and guidance!install Space Swipe Wars 3D today to experience superfunswipingspace battles!If you liked our game then you will love our othergames!Downloadour Construction Build & Play, our Dolphin Swim&Play, orplay cop in Police Car Race & Chase Sim 3D!Follow us on Facebook for more super fun kids games! us on Twitter too! We would love to hear yourfeedbackandsuggestions!
Insane Space Invaders Endless 1.04
Insane Invaders Endless is a spaceinvaderstypegame where you have a very simple objective, to getthe mostpointsby killing every enemy that comes your way and getthehighest score.Enemies come in waves and finish with a boss. Everywaveisbecoming more difficult.Good Hunting!!!
Space Invaders HD Free game 1
by Jalle
Space Invaders is a two-dimensionalfixedshooter game in which the player controls a laser cannon bymovingit horizontally across the bottom of the screen and firingatdescending aliens. The aim is to defeat five rows ofelevenaliens—some versions feature different numbers—thatmovehorizontally back and forth across the screen as theyadvancetowards the bottom of the screen. The player defeats analien, andearns points, by shooting it with the laser cannon. Asmore aliensare defeated, the aliens' movement and the game's musicboth speedup. Defeating the aliens brings another wave that ismoredifficult, a loop which can continue without end.The aliens attempt to destroy the cannon by firing at itwhilethey approach the bottom of the screen. If they reach thebottom,the alien invasion is successful and the game ends. Aspecial"mystery ship" will occasionally move across the top of thescreenand award bonus points if destroyed. The laser cannon ispartiallyprotected by several stationary defense bunkers—the numbervariesby version—that are gradually destroyed by projectiles fromthealiens and player
Space Safari - shoot 'em up 1.42
★ A CLASSIC SHOOT-EM-UP / SPACE SHOOTER GAME WITH A TWISTA seemingly infinite number of alien spacecrafts areapproachingthe Earth. Mankind is probably doomed, but why not givethem hellbefore you give in?This shoot 'em up / space shooter game is an originalgameinspired by classics such as Xenon 2, Major Stryker andSpaceInvaders but adapted to modern mobile platforms - it will keepyouentertained for hours!★ INNOVATIVE CONTROLSControl your space ship with the accelerometer and shoot withthetouch screen of your device!★ HAND DRAWN GRAPHICSThis space shooter features artistically hand drawn graphics,seescreenshots!★ OLD-SCHOOL BACKGROUND MUSICA soundtrack that brings back memories from the good old8-bitdays of shoot 'em ups!★ CHALLENGING ENEMIESNo game is the same as the next, with randomizedmovementpatterns and power-ups!★ INFINITE GAMEPLAYYour skill is the only limit to the number of levels andscorereachable in this shooter game!★ COLLECT 'EM ALLUpgrade your space ship with power-ups such as doublecannons,rapid fire, lasers and more!★ WHO WILL SURVIVE LONGEST?Featuring high score leaderboards and collectableachievementsthrough Google Play Games - challenge your friends andeveryoneelse!★ FREEThis space shooter game is free and features an ad-freepremiumversion that can be unlocked from within the game.
Call Of Forces Commando Games 1.0
Intergalactic war destroyedearth,battlefieldsand war becomes everyday experience for everyonewithmodernnational conflicts. Cities are burning andnationsvaporizing in thewar on terror. Only true commando can findhisway throughnightmares of war start fighting his way to glory.CallOf ForcesCommando Games Duty Army Sniper 3d shooting is thebestgame in thecategory of action sniper 3d shooting games 2016!theEmpire isnothing but an endless battlefield between the BlackOpsand theBrutal Rebels. Many star systems have been burned toashesin aspiral of hatred where only the strongest commandos,snipersandshooters can survive. Having reached its peak, centuriesago,nowtechnology is just a decrepit tool in the handsofbrutalizedcontract killers and soldiers of fortune.Now is future in fight the sniper shooting, simulator3dsnipershooting and kill, escape a city to survive us armycommando3dsniper on this crime of future simulator, warbattlefieldandexecute a duty to the country! Commando, the survivearmy sniperus3D killer take out a dead of target by a sniper killshooter.Heskiller sniper 3d shooting sharpened the most at that alltime.Diveinto realistic and fun free for all first personshooteraction,with large maps, and many, many weapons to chosefrom!Choosebetween four classes, and play in real-timeagainstopponentsacross the globe. Each mission features a largenumber ofenemywhich challenges to player. The player must completethe tasktoadvance to the next mission.Death lies around when dead invaders wanders arounddestroyingyourlegacy.- Fight through the city and kill epic enemies,- live through dramatic battles against space invaders,- kill thousands of enemies and save the earth,- stand on the front line of war and test your determination,- become legendary hero and live through exciting tale,Aim and Shoot! Modern Sniper is #1 first person shootergamethatwill blown you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, This ModernSnipertakesyou on a whirlwind tour of the criminal underworld. Youareamodern sniper ready to play your part in dangerousattacksandsilent assassin missions. Eliminate a mob of enemiesatstreetlevel or take out the single high-profile target. Withaccessto aninventory of sniper rifles and assault rifles, you willrelyonyour marksman skills to finish the work. Go for theHEADSHOTnow!Take on the role of silent killer Agent 47 in Hitman:Sniper -afixed position shooting game set in beautiful Montenegro.Scopeinon your marks using skill, subtlety, stealth, subterfugeandtheenvironment to complete your contracts. Unlockkillergunupgrades.Win with the help of highly trained special task forcecommandosandspies. They are the frontline commando force, highlyskilleddeadlymen, each of them is a man of steel! You can usetheirservices toclear out the enemy areas for the forces followingup.Alsoinfiltrate them in highly secured enemy sitesandaccomplishmissions which cannot be performed by regular armymen.Sneak inand wash out!Zombies invade the world and humankind is about todisappear.Theyare turning every human into their kind. This isglobalslaughter.You are about to lose all your friends and family.It'stime tocounter assault.
Zombie Killer Carnage 1.92
Pipe Productions presents -ZOMBIEKILLERCARNAGE!Bruze Mc Pain has been called to destroy the zombiehordebeforeit reaches the city.Stock up on defenses and decimate the walking dead. Thezombiehordewill evolve, your arsenal will grow, and the challengewillchange,be prepared by stocking up on tokens to unlock newitemsearly.Destroy large bosses, mutated creatures and the walkingdeadwithpowerful weaponry as you compete with friends ontheleaderboards tohold off as long as possible!If you're a fan of Tower Defense, Space Invaders orHeroDefensegames like Dota or League of Legends, Zombie KillerCarnageis foryou!Facebook: