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An early variant of Tic-tac-toe was playedinthe Roman Empire, around the first century BC. It was calledTerniLapilli and instead of having any number of pieces, eachplayeronly had three, thus they had to move them around to emptyspacesto keep playing. The game's grid markings have been foundchalkedall over Rome. However, according to Claudia Zaslavsky'sbook TicTac Toe: And Other Three-In-A Row Games from Ancient Egyptto theModern Computer, Tic-tac-toe could originate back toancientEgypt.[2] Another closely related ancient game is ThreeMen'sMorris which is also played on a simple grid and requiresthreepieces in a row to finish.[3]The different names of the game are more recent . The firstprintreference to "Noughts and crosses", the British name, appearedin1864. In his novel "Can You Forgive Her", 1864, AnthonyTrolloperefers to a clerk playing "tit-tat-toe". The first printreferenceto a game called "tick-tack-toe" occurred in 1884, butreferred to"a children's game played on a slate, consisting intrying with theeyes shut to bring the pencil down on one of thenumbers of a set,the number hit being scored". "Tic-tac-toe" mayalso derive from"tick-tack", the name of an old version ofbackgammon firstdescribed in 1558. The U.S. renaming of Noughts andcrosses asTic-tac-toe occurred in the 20th century.[4]