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The year is 2350, and corruptintergalacticcorporations are the rule of law, hiring bountyhunters and mercsto do their bidding. The best of the best areknown asSHADOWGUNS.SHADOWGUN puts you into the role of John Slade, the galaxy’smostinfamous bounty hunter. Your mission: hunt down Dr. EdgarSimon,maniacal genius and leader of his own mutant army. InfiltrateDr.Simon’s mountain fortress and fight his personal guard ofcyborgs,battle droids, and genetically-enhanced humanoids.Usingstate-of-the-art weaponry, ships, and the assistanceofS.A.R.A.—Slade’s personal android assistant—SHADOWGUNcombinesintense tactical combat with 3rd person action.☣ CRUSH, KILL, DESTROY! ☣- Featuring the most advanced combat A.I. to date—enemiesflank,seek cover, and utilize teamwork to take you down! Battleautomatedsentries, aerial drones, and other lethal foes—tacticalmaneuversare based upon actual military strategy!- Solve hacking mini-games to whet your nerdly appetite, thengetback to blasting!☣ CONSOLE-QUALITY GRAPHICS! ☣- It ain’t just pretty—it’s gorgeous! Advanced lightingeffects,beautifully rendered environments, and pro voices make thisone ofthe most advanced games for your smartphone!☣ LIKE YOUR SCI-FI SOAKED IN BLOOD? ☣- Immersive storyline with multiple outcomes! You decide howitends!- The first installment in a major franchise!- Unlock the detailed “Shadowpedia”, and read more abouttheSHADOWGUN universe!☣ FROM THE MIND OF A MADMAN! ☣- Survive the onslaught of Dr. Simon’s deadly creations,includinglevel bosses, mutated grunts, killer machines, andmore!☣ Xperia Play Optimized ☣☣ Version for Tegra 2, Mali-400, Adreno and PowerVR devices ☣☣ supports nVidia Shield ☣☣ supports Moga Pocket and Moga Pro controllers ☣☣ lowered difficulty when playing on Easy mode ☣☣ added option to configure move axis for gamepads ☣☣ fit on screen on small devices ☣☣ cloud backup for progress safety, for storing gameplay dataandachievements ☣☣ known issues- gamepad controllers doesn't work on Samsung Galaxy S4☣ EXPANSION DETAILS ☣- The story directly follows the events of original Shadowgun- 4 new levels- New enemy creature- New gun- New type of gaming interaction- New collectibles- New soundtrack- Lot of new graphics, animations and cutscenes
Kung Fu Street Fighter 1.2
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Come on, challenge the Kung Fu streets. Punch in all enemies,kickout all other Kung Fu fighters. Rush into the streets andbecomethe master of Kung Fu.Features include:# Special KungFu arts : To knock enemies down withproteanattack. Enjoy fighting and have fun!# Fighting control system : It's very easy to control on yourmobiledevice.# Fully animated characters!# Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching, kicking,art,slide, dodge ... fighting on the street.# Over 72 stages and levels.# Free of chargeKung fu/Kungfu is a Chinese term referring to anystudy,learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, andtime tocomplete, often used in the West to refer to Chinesemartialarts.In its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any skillachievedthrough hard work and practice, not necessarily martialarts.Introduction of Kung Fu Fighters in the game:Kung Fu Fighter - RonaldoKung Fu Fighter - EmmaKung Fu Fighter - RyanKung Fu Fighter - JamesKung Fu Fighter - PatrickKung Fu Fighter - IsabellaKung Fu Fighter - SophiaKung Fu Fighter - JordanKung Fu Fighter - OwenKung Fu Fighter - EmilyKung Fu Fighter - AbigailKung Fu Fighter - DavidKung Fu Fighter - KenKung Fu Fighter - MiaKung Fu Fighter - LouisKung Fu Fighter - MessiIntroduction of Streets in the game:Street 1 - Dragon Street - Fight against Ryan and JamesStreet 2 - Reward Street - Fight against Patrick and IsabellaStreet 3 - Origin Street - Fight against Isabella and SophiaStreet 4 - Follow Street - Fight against Jordan and OwenStreet 5 - Wine Street - Fight against Emily and AbigailStreet 6 - Cause Street - Fight against David and KenStreet 7 - Sky Street - Fight against Mia and LouisStreet 8 - God Street - Fight against MessiIntroduction of Kung Fu Arts:Kung Fu Punch Style:Kung Fu Fighting Punch Art 1 - WaterKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 2 - WindKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 3 - FireKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 4 - FlashKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 5 - RiverKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 6 - StormKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 7 - FrameKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 8 - GlareKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 9 - StremKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 10 - VacuumKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 11 - FlareKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 12 - GlitterKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 13 - SeaKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 14 - RayKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 15 - SunKung Fu Fighting Punch Art 16 - LightKung Fu Kicking Style:Kung Fu Fighting Kick Art 1 - RainKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 2 - CloudKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 3 - HeatKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 4 - WaverKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 5 - RiverKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 6 - FreezeKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 7 - FogKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 8  - PowerKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 9 - VigorKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 10 - FrostKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 11 - DazeKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 12 - FlickerKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 13 - ShockKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 14 - SnowKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 15 - SparkKung Fu Fighting Kick Art 16 - Dark