Top 5 Games Similar to Jewel Diamond Killer

Diamond Jewel Dash 1.1
Diamond Jewel Dash Number 1amazingdiamondmatch game featuring addictive gameplay and tons ofexcitingjewelblast effects and power dash ups! This app is anaddictiveMatch 3jewels diamond dash jewel game, on a match 3 gameyou needto match3 or more Diamond dash jewel of the same kind.Let’s arrange to have at least 3 diamond dash in line, youwillbescored immediately. But it would be great if you arrange4diamondjewel to create Flame Gem. The destructive power ofFlameGem is veryincredible, destroy all diamond dash jewelaroundit.To destroy the diamond dash of row andcolumncorrespondingly,create Star Gem if the same color diamondarearranged along twointersecting lines. Score will be increasedveryquickly. But youalso get many different boosts like megabombsjewel who make ahole in the screen and amazing lightning, tocrushspecial gameblocks like crates or walls you need to match 3 ormorediamonddash jewel right next to the special items.A super cool Gem , diamond dash jewel and jewelry dashgamewithlots of funs! Use your finger to tap fast and action! Veryeasytostart with and you will be addicted with its fun.Matchthebeautiful and magical diamond dash & gems together andyouwillbe awarded with more points. This has been top arcadeactiongame.Insanely addictive gameplay, impressive visuals andsoundeffectsjewel, a perfect blend of easy and challenging levelswithlots ofmissions and boosters make this gem swap game one ofakindGame features:* Many levels of different diamond dash jewel Challenges* Beautiful graphics and boost up effect* Earn free coins in Endless dash mode* High quality graphics with breathtaking visual effects* Easy and fun to play, challenging to master* Hundreds of adventurous levels to complete –morecomingsoon!* Amazing music and game sounds for different challengesandgamematches jewel* Available on mobile and tablet devicesUse varied methods to complete all levels, each ofthemwillrequire a peculiar approach to be completed.Fantasticjewelpower-ups, items and diamond dash jewel will help youwiththehardests levels. 100% fun guaranteed in this originalandaddictivediamond dash jewel puzzle game.
Jewel Galaxy Mania 2.2.6
NPC Studio
Galaxy in 2069, the development, thepopulationexplosion of the planets in the solar system occurredtoo quicklyleads to the exhaustion of natural resources, insteadof seekingremedial, create new sources of energy they plunge intowarsJewel Galaxy Mania.Jewel Galaxy Mania has 2 modes with over 300excitinggameplay!♦ Classic mode: the players have just enough toscorerequired is possible up to the new level, help you entertainwiththese colorful jewel.♦ Arcade mode: Mode for the "mine's godfather ofdigging",with this scenario, you do not just reach the minimumnumber ofpoints to the screen but also must perform the task in agiventime. This is also to challenge the "mine's godfather ofdigging"subtle and quickly observation.Based on the traditional Match 3 diamond game, but JewelGalaxyMania has been developed by the Engine Unity 3D,bringextremely great graphics and effects.To achieve the maximum score the player must try to match theJewelPark together and create impressive explosive effect:♦ Jewel Lighting : the Jewel will appear randomly onthescreen, after destroying them will explode under thecorrespondingdimension.♦ Jewel Boom : When combining 4 members Jewel togetherwillcreate Jewel Boom, when detonated, would destroy the BoomMemberJewel Jewel around him.♦ Jewel Mania : When combining 5Jewelhorizontally/vertically would create Jewel Mania. This is themostpowerful Jewel Park, can destroy the Jewel of the same type inthedisplay.Jewel Galaxy Mania -the secret behind these effects.Notmerely a recreational game that also is challenging thebrainweight, you have to calculate every move to combine thespecialJewel together, expressing the exquisite and powerfulthrough theenhanced effect of utmost quality:♦ When you combine 2 Lighting Jewel together will explode infourdirections and destroyed the gem is located on the route oftheglobe Lighting.♦ If combining two Jewel together, 1 large explosion willdemolishall stages of Jewel Galaxy Mania with 25 gem comesto scorepublic relations made many people dream of♦ What will be like if you combined a Jewel and a BoomLightingJewel? They would create a blast fired in four directions,withenhanced power over human♦ More suprise is when you combine a Jewel Mania with Jewel Boomora Lighting jewel. By the power of the Mania Jewel, itwilltransform all the normal Jewel on the screen to the Jewel whichwasintense culture respectively, if lucky, you can reversethesituation.♦ Most especially, when combining the two Mania Jewel together,anenergy wave will sweep the whole screen, all will disappearjustleft those impressive figures constantly plus intoyourscore.Today's old people often witness the struggle between good andevil,the war of the wicked, but the fight of the invaders backrarelyknow The carnage, the intrigue of tricks, the profit targetonlypremeditation, 6 planets, 6 bloody wars which require thebarons areshown to be a strong Data has its sphere is the bearingon the DCultimate victory? Whether dark energy resources willbelong to thehand? The answer will be in Jewel GalaxyMania.Jewel Galaxy Mania, the game is not new but full of funwiththe advantages of surprise exit in the world of Jewel. Sodon'twait any longer without quick ABO free game downloads onthemachine to be able to show your observations as well ashisexceptional acumen follicles.
Jewel 3d Blast 1.0
Jewel 3d Blast is A New SpinonMatch-3Puzzles!Spin, Match, and Win in this unique puzzle game! 24landsandcomplete over 350 colorful levels! Spin for gems andsendthemcascading with matches of 3 or more jewel. The largerthematch,the higher your score!• Match-3 and slots combine in thisinnovativegameplayexperience• Over 350 hand-crafted levels, completely free to play;nofriendgates, no paywalls, no shenanigans!• Earn Burst Gems, Wilds, and other boosts and powerups togetyouthrough challenging levels• Compete against your friends on each level, or play alone• Seamless synchronization between multiple devices• ALL LEVELS FREE to play.• MATCH JEWELS in 60+ puzzles - each on is unique and full offunandamazing challenges!• THINK QUICK and move fast for you only have 5minuteseachlevel.• UNLOCK CHAINED jewel first because they will block yourway.• DISCOVER secret when finish a chapter.• EASY TO LEARN - hard to master! Can you complete eachlevelwithintime limited?• BEAUTIFUL backgrounds and music as you solve puzzles.• TOP-NOTCH performance! Animated jewels and effects.• FREE updates with new puzzles, boosts, and more!Jewel 3D blast saga ACTION!Super-quick, hyper-addictive and mega-exciting! Joinover200million players enjoying the magic of Diamond Dash. Howmanygemscan you bust in just 60 seconds?Will you join the red or blue team in the massiveteambattles?Who will take the title this week? Take your teamtovictory andgrab yourself loads of lovely coins, shiny goldandjuicy XP.There’s always something new to try, with weeklyeventsandtournaments, as well as the huge global competitions. Canyoutopthe leaderboards?With never ending magic abilities, loads of missionsandfreebonus wheel spins, Diamond Dash is endless fun foreveryone!Trythe ultimate 60-second matching puzzle game today!Jewel 3D blast is free to download and play, but it alsoallowsyouto purchase virtual items with real money inside the game.Youcandisable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.You may require an Internet connection to play DiamondDashandaccess its social features. Diamond Dash mayalsocontainadvertising.The ultimate arcade matching puzzle game! Play FREE now!Joinallyour friends for thrilling 60-second challenges!
Jewels Crazy Match Pro 1.0
Power zone
Jewels Crazy Match Pro is the newjewels3Dgamec8c904ab6d
Diamond Blast 1.03
Bad Chicken
Diamond Blast is an amazing funandaddictivediamond jewels game, with a lot of fun puzzle levelsand 3greatgame modes: classic, time mode and endlessdiamondsmashingmode.Simple tap the screen, swipe and match 3 or more of theamazingjeweldiamonds, blast and smash through countless levelsofcolorfuldiamond gems!Enter a fun world of amazing diamonds, filled withgorgeousdiamondjewels and endless hours of fun. Become the best inthediamondblasting world and get the best score possible.. Keeptrackor yourscore and try beating it on your next blasting mayhem!How to Play: Swap & match 3 or more identical diamondgemsina line to eliminate them and complete each puzzle mazescreenasquickly as possible. Keep track of your score and try togetabetter score next time!Features:-= Diamond Blast Game is absolutely free of charge,gamebecomesharder the more levels you conquer.-= Colorful and fun graphics & clean design, cooldiamondjewelsto match.-= *HELP* button that helps you when you’re stuck, pressingitwillget all diamond gems to automatically swipe.-= Leaderboard to Record your high scores and break it inyournextdiamond blasting quest.-= Classic Mode: Play all levels and become the championofDiamondBlast land. (10 *HELP* pushes)-= Time Mode: Win your level by blasting through alldiamondgemsbefore your time is up.-= Infinite Mode: Play the infinite diamond smashingmode,challengeyourself and see what is the best score youcanreach.-= Nice blasting game sounds and diamond music.-= Easy to play interface, Just swipe and match.-= Run perfect on both android phones and tablets!-= The bigger the diamond you match, the bigger thescoreyouget.-= If you enjoy the diamond blasting than please don'tforgettoshare with it your friends!