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Master Sniper : Crime City 1.6
Master Sniper : Crime City is the citybasedgame set in the urban landscape, rooftops and sidewalks ofyourcity where terrorists have wreaked havoc and created chaosbymaking citizens their target. Master Sniper : Crime City is the3Dgame where you get to play the assassin, killer and shootertobattle,kill and eliminate the terrorists and destroy thetargetgiven to you and ensuring no terrorist is able to kill ormaketarget a simple citizen of your city. Master Sniper : CrimeCityenables you to display and showcase your sniper skills withthelevel of expertise that a professional assassin, killer andashooter can have. Master Sniper : Crime City provides an amazingindepth view of your city by giving details on where theterroristsare hiding, holding citizens on gun point, creating chaosor arebusy in breaking law and order of your city. Master Sniper :CrimeCity is your chance to shine as a responsible citizen ofyourcountry by eliminating the terrorists and theirterrororganizations. Be the best assassin for your country and showallother criminal assassins that you are the best of the bestassassinout there.You are a retired sniper who has worked with government onseveralmissions to target terrorist organizations around the worldandmaking this world a safer place to live. With the rise of thesenewterrorist organizations in your area and city, government hasaskedyou to come back to duty and help them get rid of theterroristorganizations who are breaking law and killing innocentcivilians.With Master Sniper : Crime City your job is again to bethe killer,shooter and assassin and clean the street, rooftops andsidewalksof your city from these terrorist organizations and theirkillerterrorists and keep them in your target all the time anddon’t letone single target get away without getting a bullet intheir headas a headshot from you. Master Sniper : Crime City is thegamewhere you get to play the hero by getting rid of theterroristorganizations and their terrorist killers and be the heroof yourcity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the game to kill, targetandeliminate the terrorist organizations in your city by becomingthebest shooter in the country. Being the best shooter is nowpossiblewith Master Sniper : Crime City 3D game that gives youtheopportunity to point, target, shoot and kill theterroristorganizations and their terrorist criminals who kill theinnocentcivilians of the city and who don’t think twice before thekill andtheir shooter and other killers are destroying the peace inthecity. Master Sniper : Crime City is the stage to showcaseyourassassin like skills, show the mastery of the art that a killerandan assassin must have and must possess if they want to thebestassassin, killer, shooter in the city.Master Sniper : Crime City is the best 3D game availablewithamazing graphical details of your city where crime is on theriseand terrorist organizations are wreaking havoc but you are theheroof the city and you will play the best shooter, sniper, killerforthese terrorist organizations and their law breakingterrorists.Master Sniper : Crime City is for the brave users whowant to bethe best shooter, assassin, killer and marksmen byensuring theykill, kill, and only kill the terrorist organizationsand theirkillers who are breaking law one day after another in yourbelovedcity.
Super US Sniper Shooter 3D 1.0.8
Ample Games
Download free best game in all snipergames.Experience multilevel game with different challenges. newVersionof this game is coming soon but with enhanced levels,gameplay.
Boss Sniper 18+ 1.3
Do you want to be called as the best sniperofthis century? Then be ready for an epic action in boss sniper18+where you are going to shoot down dangerous mafia bosses.Thissniping mission is very risky as the criminal targetsaresurrounded by alert guards armed with weapons.You are a special agent hired by the official governmentagencyspecialized in finding out and eliminating secret mafialeaders andbosses, high profile murderers, drug dealers and strongterroristgroups in the country.Aim and kill your target carefully without killing theinnocentcivilians.Each Mission has different scenario that makes the gameuniqueand challenging but your main focus is to kill the targetwithoutfailing the level.Find out the bosses and murderers hidden in differentbuildings,Gun down the boss before he escapes in helicopter. Shootdown thecrime kings of the city, masterminds behind terrorism andproveyourself as the real sniper of the century.Don’t miss any shot or you will end up failing the level.Availthe promo offers, upgrade the rifles and accomplish missionsas aMaster of the sniping world!Features:Promo Offers!Multiple targets!Amazing Game play!Different Rifles!Unique Scenarios!Challenging Shooting Missions!Amazing 3D Graphics!
Elite Sniper Assassin 2.5
Elite Sniper Assassin lets you do your bestasa trained master elite sniper assassin to kill enemies whohavetaken civilians as hostage. Elite Sniper Assassin is amissionbased 3D game that lets you kill enemies, shoot & killtheirretaliating shooters, blow up fuel tanks and helicopters.EliteSniper Assassin starts with a desert based camp site ofenemieswhere they have taken locals as hostage to continue theirillegalactivities. Elite Sniper Assassin is set in a desert withsomewater and mainly mountenous terrain that offers very hard foranormal sniper to operate but you are an elite sniperassassinspecialist of difficult situations and hence the bestperson tofree the hostages.You are a two decades experienced master elite sniperassassinserving your country when you get a call about a groupofterrorists who are operating from a desert. These terroristshavetaken the locals hostage and are using them as human shield.Yourjob is to ensure that all hostages are free and you have shoottokill orders for terrorists. You have to eliminate, shoot, killandfinish terrorists using your supreme master elite sniperassassintraining. Your training and experience makes you the bestmasterelite sniper assassin who can take head shots as well asshoot& kill terrorists in a blink of an eye. You can also takedownthe terrorists by blowing up their resources. As per reportstheyalso have oil cache, gun depot, helicopter as well as loadbearingtrucks to get supply of their arms and bombs. You havetoeliminate, shoot & kill terrorists with your elitesniperassassin training and experience.Elite Sniper Assassin 3D is the best mission based game thatisdefinitely going to test your sniper skills, shoot &killskills. You will learn and improve shoot & kill andsniperskills with each passing level. Enemies would fire at you butyouwould have to be vigilant and brave and use yourinstinctiveresponse to fire back and shoot & kill terroristsandenemies.
Fatal Ninja Warrior 1.5
Fatal Ninja Warrior is set in the oldorientaltown in a remote Japanese village where rebel war fightingninjawarriors are divided into groups and have marked theirterritories. Two groups of war fighting ninja warriors haveagreements andpacts of peace to avoid any fights and wars among thewar fightingninja rebel warriors. You belong the larger clan run mythe councilwhich includes 3 masters Gaara, Yoshito and Ryu. You aretrained tobe a warrior ninja who acts on every possible injusticehe sees andacts to fight and kill the enemies and other criminalwar fightingninja warriors. In Fatal Ninja Warrior you are playingthe goodwarrior who has a code of ethics. You stand your groundwhen youknow you have done right in Fatal Ninja Warrior. Killingenemy warfighting ninja warriors and fighting with the kung fuskills youhave learnt will be used extensively in the game FatalNinjaWarrior. The game Fatal Ninja Warrior will convert you fromanordinary kung fu warrior to the level of the master of the artoffight. Chang's Ninja warriors have also been to the cityforadventure and have killed a killer mafia lord.The store revolves around the criminal ninjas from Chang'sareawhich includes Grand Temple, are killing innocent peopletoterrorise and create fear in everyone living in the villages.Youare informed that those killer war fighting ninja warriorsarehiding inside the temple and misusing it for theirillegalactivities. These ninja killer have killed a killer mafialord inthe city when they were just out for adventure. Adventure isthemost exciting things for the killer ninjas and city is agreatplace for them to not only find adventure but also kill anykillermafia lord to just show they are the good guys. Theethicalteachings of your masters tell you to eliminate and fightoff suchmiscreants. As soon as you find out, without thinkingtwice, youenter the Chang's territory and kill the killer warfighting ninjawarriors who are are killing innocent people. Yourattack is theonly thing in your mind, survival is the only optionto come out ofthis fight as a hero. This breaks the agreements forpeace betweenthe two clans and they come face to face in anupcoming fight ofmartial arts, kung fu and other ancient fightstyles and art.Swords and shurikens are skilfully used by ultimatewarriors inboth clan. You are held responsible for the attack andhero likewar and you have to prove yourself to your masters anduncover thereal culprit behind such criminal activities. You willfight andattack till your last breath in identifying who is thereal culpritbehind maligning your name and destroying your herolike image.Your masters will send you to different missions to stepby stepguide you to reclaim your honour and weapons which you don'thaveafter you broke the peace agreement. You will be obeyingeverymaster as a noble hero but you will stand your ground abouttheattack you did and came out with a hero like survival. Youwillfight every mission and reach the level of the war fightingninjawarrior again.Fatal Ninja Warrior comes loaded with amazing features :√ Awesome and realistic 3D environment with crazy missions√ Combat Tools to fight enemies in all missions√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real ninjafightwarrior√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great war fighting using swords and shurikens to rightagainstother criminal ninja warriors√ Thrilling missions for a warrior like you√ Super fun to play attack and fight like a pro warrior√ Excellent game plot, striving for survival and a herolikeoutcome√ Fight, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!
US Army Survival Island 1.6
You are a soldier of the US Army SealTeam.Every military course begins with an obstacle driven trainingheldat a training camp to enhance mental and physical strength ofthesoldier. Each military training course has a very strenuousandhard physical strength session combined with missions thatwouldteach any soldier the best lessons to survive.. With USArmySurvival Island you will train to enhance your skills asamercenary and a killer. Winters are upon us and same is thecasewith the military training camp at the survival island. Tokeepyourself warm, you will have to train how to cut trees to getwoodto stay warm. You can use the wood to make weapons to use inyourfight against your enemies. Winters and a tough militarytrainingcamp means a toll on physical and mental strength on you.Once youhave made yourself warm with the cut woods, you can go outof thecamp to take up the next mission which is more challengingthan theprevious one. Similarly, each upcoming training obstaclewould bechallenging than the previous one. As part of your trainingin thesurvival island, you will be left out in the open jungle withwildanimals like lion and crocodiles. You will fight with themusingthe basic weapons and try to survive in the training mission.Eachfight with lions and wild animals would be very physical.Mentalstrength is tested at it’s max while training on suchterrains andenvironments. You will also be shooting enemies whiletrying tofind a way out of the survival island that would mark theend ofthe training camp for you. US Army Survival Island providesthelessons to survive and use skills in the battle.This military training course is for you to enhance your skills asahard fighter and shooter seal team member. Training is essentialforany soldier to get a perfect grip and understanding of realscenarioof battle field and war scenarios. US Army Survival Islandis thegame to train you to be the best army seal by fighting withlions,combats with crocodiles and shooting with enemies whilefinding anew way to swim out after completing the training. Incold belowzero temperatures, with hard obstacles you will betested to the maxphysically and mentally.US Army Survival Island has some amazing features:√ Amazing and beautiful 3D environment for the jungleislandtraining camp course√ Great colors, realistic visualization of thesurroundingareas√ Best fight sequences with beasts like lions√ Hard and challenging obstacles to keep you hooked√ Thrilling US Army Seal Team Survival Role√ Amazing controls and super smooth fight sequences√ Fight, Shoot, Kill and win the battle of survival is thebasicmotto√ Different levels call for different interesting missions√ It’s FREEPlay US Army survival island Now!!
Criminal Sniper City Warrior 1.2
You have long been tasked with missionswhereyou had to pull the trigger to save the country fromunwantedterrorists and fail their plans of destroying the peaceandharmony. Killing civilians and bombing public places is thenormfor a terrorist mob boss but your job has always been toeliminatesuch threats as you’re the warrior sniper of this criminalcity. InCriminal Sniper City Warrior your job is to eliminate theseterrorelements by shooting them with your sniper gun. You are thewarriorthe city looks up to to bring and restore peace in CriminalSniperCity Warrior. All missions you would complete would bring youmorecloser to your goal of maintaining law & order inCriminalSniper City Warrior. As a champion sniper you will not onlyshoot& kill terrorists but also prevent them from wreakinghavoc andterror in Criminal Sniper City Warrior. Criminal SniperCityWarrior is the game to show your warrior side to the city whereyoubecome the champion of their cause.As a lone ranger, secretly working for your law enforcingagency,you are a legend. You have killed hundreds and hundredsofterrorists, mob bosses, gang bosses, criminals and smugglers,andnow the city you have always loved has fallen prey totheseanimals. Your agency has asked you to step up, and be thelonewarrior in this fight against the terrorists, gang bosses,mobbosses and smugglers. Your orders are to shoot & kill onsight.Each mission requires you to shoot & kill either thecriminalsor their bosses. All corruption related to the terrorismhas to endand the city must become a peaceful and happy city. Thecity’slights must come back on, the night life must restart. Theair offear and violence must end. You are the person who can makeit allhappen. Use your ultimate sniper skills and gun power toeliminatethe terrorists and their cronies from your city.Criminal Sniper City Warrior comes loaded withamazingfeatures:√ Awesome and realistic 3D city environment√ Combat Tools to fight enemies√ Great and intuitive user experience for the real don hitman√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great fighting using guns and other arms√ Thrilling missions√ Super fun to play√ Excellent game plot√ Shoot, Kill, Chase, Run and Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!What are you waiting for, download NOW!!
Deer Hunting African Savanna 1.4
Deer Hunting African Savanna takes you backtoyour favourite hobby that is also your ultimate passion,hunting.Deer Hunting African Savanna offers you a lush greenafricansavanna to spend your leisure time hunting. The deerhuntingtrophies are a popular way to show off your passion forhunting andDeer Hunting African Savanna lets you do that. DeerHunting AfricanSavanna also allows you to showcase your shootingprowess to theworld. Deer Hunting African Savanna has all theelements for you,the ultimate hunter, to enjoy doing what you areso passionateabout.As a retired solder, a master sniper, you have your mostfavouritesniper rifle with you. And while living in the countryside therehave not been many chances to follow your passion forcollectingdeer hunting trophies. Now you have gotten a chance tomove toAfrican Savanna to pursue your passion for deer hunting.DeerHunting African Savanna enables you to shoot and huntdeers/stagsand other trophies. Deer Hunting African Savanna is allaboutcollecting deer hunting trophies. You can showoff and improveuponyour sniper shooting skills with your beloved sniperrifle.Deer Hunting African Savanna offers a vast range of features foryouto follow your passion for deer hunting. Deer Hunting as asport isfamous world over, and your goal is to become the best ofthe lot.Deer Hunting world awaits your shooting and sniper prowessandexpert skill.Deer Hunting African Savanna has many features to offer like★ Beautiful Jungle Environment★ A great way to enhance and improve your snipershootingskills★ A great way to spend time★ It's FREE★ Contains amazing 3D graphics animations★ You don't need an active internet connection to play★ Deer hunting at its very best with Deer HuntingAfricanSavanna★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★What are you waiting for? Download Deer Hunting African SavannaandEnjoy!
Hitman Sniper 1.7.103775
5/5 - "Now that it’s here, I can’t stopplayingit, which is remarkable for a title that is much moreconcerned withshowcasing how much you can do within certainconstraints instead ofreveling in any kind of excess." -GamezeboBECOME THE ULTIMATE SILENT ASSASSINStep into the shoes of Agent 47 in Hitman Sniper and discoverthemost compelling sniper experience on mobile.TACTICAL MISSIONS IN MONTENEGROHone your strategic skills and orchestrate the perfectassassinationkill shot.SURVIVOR CHALLENGE IN DEATH VALLEYNon-stop action as the zombie hunter in a true test of yourskillsand speed of execution.MORE THAN 150 MISSIONS AND 10 DIFFERENT CONTRACTSImprove your skills for the perfect assassination as youuncoversecrets and subterfuges.16 UNIQUE GUNSEliminate targets, collect weapon parts and complete blueprintstounlock the most powerful guns.COMPETE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS FOR THE FIRST PLACE INTHELEADERBOARDSBoost your score and climb up the contract killer ranks tobecomethe world's finest silent assassin.
Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter 1.4
Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter followsagangster who is robbing and stealing from the city he livesandeveryone loves. This is Halloween season and everyone isoutplaying trick or treat, or dressed as their favoritepumpkincharacter, or just chilling and watching horror movieswithfriends. All but this gangster, thief and a robber is carryingouthis own nefarious plan of robbing the bank in HalloweenCriminalGun Shooter. Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter is the gamethat isaddictive and adventurous while stays in line with thehorror themeof the season. Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter is afirst personshooter, robber, thief game that would make the playerroam aroundthe beautiful and festive city celebrating halloween.HalloweenCriminal Gun Shooter would give chills with the charactersroamingaround the streets.The season to celebrate Halloween is here, and everyone isbusypreparing their favorite witch, dracula, pumpkin carvedcostumesand planning on playing pranks on their loved ones. Someare tooaddictied to this season that they have elaborate all nightplansfrom attending parties drinking pumpkin spiced drinks to goingdoorto door asking for trick or treat to get as many candiesaspossible. Halloween is the season to enjoy and celebrate.Whileeveryone is partying, having fun we have one person who isonlydressed as per the theme of the celebrations but has hisownnefarious, evil agenda of making illegal money. Whatever ittakes.May it be shooting, killing, robbing, stealing, or evenrobbing abank.Each level will have a set objective for the player to performacertain action and follow the directions. Some levels have justafew pick a tool or gun while some involve shoot and runscenarioswhile the ultimate mischief would be robbing thebank.Halloween Criminal Gun Shooter offers great features like :- Amazing night themed halloween city environment- Great graphics- Realistic Animations- Feels like halloween- Pumpkins are in season- Excellent action and objectives- First person shooter game- It's FREE- Enjoyment at the peakWhat are you waiting for, download Halloween Criminal GunShooterand ENJOY!
Boss Strike 18+ 1.2
It’s time to take prompt actionagainstorganized crime groups in your country. The Bosses and theirevilbody guards are all around in the city committing illegalseriouscrimes. Thousands of life are at stake. The armyIntelligence hasassigned you risky task to eliminate thesedangerous and mostwanted criminals.You need to move through the big city and hunt down yourenemies.Set the Scope, Aim precisely and blow away your enemies.Don’t missa single shot. You need to be precise, brave and strongtoaccomplish this mission. Rely on your shooting skills to finishyourwork!Kill the high profile targets and their partners. Go for theheadshots!It’s a war against deadly criminals. Hold your sniper rifle,Aimand Shoot to wipe off the enemies from your City. Mark yourselfasthe Sniper warrior of this century!Avail the promo offers, accomplish all risky missionswithoutfailing. Be aware of your enemy attacks and don’t kill yourteammates while fulfilling your duty. Enjoy shooting in anamazingaction packed game!Features:• Epic Shooting Missions!• Promo Offers!• Brilliant 3D Graphics and Sound Effects!• Challenging Gameplay!• Multiple Enemy Targets!
Boss Sniper Duty 18+ 1.1
Sablo Studio
You are in a modern warfare where youhavetouse your training and skills to kill all the enemies beforetheykillyou. You have been trained by the special elite combatforces;theyhave made you a trained assassin whose only aim toexterminatetheenemies.You always wanted to be an army soldier. Now useyoursharpshootingskills to exterminate your enemies in thismayhem.Kill all themercenaries and put them out of this misery. Bethehero for thehelpless people by helping them in this time ofdanger.Be the lonesurvival and a very ruthless soldier. Invade theenemy’scamp,fight them and kill them all. Leave no one alive. Don’tletthemknow your presence here so use the most deadly weaponSniperRifleto kill them from distance and silently. Be the one manarmywhohas to fight his way out and survive until the last dropofblood.Take revenge for your soldiers.It’s the D-day so take out the enemies with use of brutalforce&make them pay for what they did to your motherland. Hitthemhard sothey couldn’t get back up. Be a fully trainedsnipercommando. Youare assigned a top secret mission which is tokillthe enemies andclear the area. The secret service gottheinformation about secretlocations in which the enemyisoperational. They have taken controlof cities and buildingtheircamps. You have to raid on them andeliminate them. Completethecontracts which have been assigned toyou and kill your allenemiesto unlock next objective. You have toplay with ultimatestrategy,with full precision and find your way inthe city slums tofindyour targets to kill them and make them pay.The dignity ofyourcountry has threatened by the enemies. You are avery highandperfectly skilled agent who works for a specialtactical unittodefend your country. You have been given a contractin whichyouhave to kill all enemies in affected area and eliminatetheirkingof the organization. Find your way to the king pin oftheterroristby completing all missions successfully by eliminatingallof yourenemies.You have to completely rely on your deadly rifle the sniper.Youareprovided with limited ammo so you have to count everysingleshotfired so fire every bullet with precise aim.FEATURES:Realistic enemy war zone environment.Improvise your sniping skills.Kill the enemy mafia one by one.Get multiple Head shots.Get rewards & badges by completing mission successfully.Lots of missions filled with thrill and blood to spill.Simple point and shoot game play.Controls are easy and comfortable.Unlock different more deadly weapons.Get hardcore kills through head shots.
City Sniper Shooting 3D 3.4
Enemies have taken the cityundercontrol.As a professional sniper shooter, you are called to defeattheenemy. Take your sniper rifle and... TO BATTLEMISSION TYPES- Attack - kill enemies- Run - shoot running enemies- Waves - defeat waves of enemy's attack- Survive - survive hot shooting battleFEATURES- Virtual money - you can earn money during game and spend itinmarket to buy snipers, aids, armor- Big variety of missions- Realistic 3D shooting and effects- Training level - here you can develop your shooting skills- Business levels - here you can earn virtual money- 6 sniper rifles - they differ in zoom distance, clipsize,accuracy
Shooting 3D 1.11
i6 Games
Sniper Shooting 3D is brand new,realisticaction shooting game. You take the role as the sniperbased in asniper's nest, taking out the enemies that are coming toattackyou. To complete the level, you must use your sniper rifle toshootall the enemy soldiers to advance on to the next level. Ifyoudon't get all the enemy soldiers before your health isdepleted,you will lose. With each level comes more enemy soldierswho willmove into position to take you down. Harness you sniperskills andbecome the greatest sniper to defeat the enemysoldiers.An addition to the game is the new game mode 'Zombie Shooter'.Youtake the role as the sniper in an arcade points style shooterwereeach shot to a zombie will build up your high score. Shoot asmanyzombies before the time ends to get a high score, see if youcanbeat your best with each try. Stop the zombie horde withyouramazing sniper skills.
Boss Sniper Killer 18+ 1.0
Legion Games
For all the sniper shooting game lovers,weareback with a bang. Get ready for the best sniper shootingactionofthe present time. Mafia is planning something big, they areupforsomething full of destruction. You are haired on aspecialduty,only way to stop them is killing them. Play our latest“bosssniperkiller 18+” and kill mafia bosses in extremesnipershootinggame.Safe guard the city and take on the criminals in thiswaragainstmafia experiencing best sniper shooting action.Bestshootingsimulator duty begins with operation inside the crimecity.Takeout your killing weapon and shoot all the mafia gang lordsandendup changing the world to a peaceful place to live.Killingtheguards isn’t the only job now, you will have to nip theevil inthebud by killing mafia bosses. This is not a simpleshooting gamebuta collection of best sniper action and precisesnipershootingskills. Showcase your extreme shooter skills onmultiplelocations,do not let the mafia bosses escape the venueplaying ourbestshooter game. This commando fps is loaded withlethalactionshooter mission along with best shootingsimulatorqualities.Prevent the drug deals, killers and robber’s bosses withyourprecisesniper shooting skill. All it is required to beaccuratewith youraim while showcasing your extreme shooter skills.Battlebetweenright and wrong has begun in this ultimate warshootergame. Playthis intense survival game as the guards willback fireat you.Prepare to play ultimate war shooter game as thisintenseshooteraction has so much more to offer. Mafia lordhelicopterescape,slow-motion bullet hitting the enemy and intenseshooteraction arethe main features. Be a lethal actionshooterexperiencing thecommando fps game.Features:10 commando fps game missionsKilling action fps weaponryRealistic and modern 3D graphicsSemi-auto sniper optionAmazing modern sound effectsDownload “Boss Sniper Killer 18+” right now, which isthebestshooter game simulator of this era and keep us updated sowecanmake more simulator for you.
Gangstar Rio: City of Saints
The acclaimed Gangstar series is backonAndroid devices to offer you a whole new place to havecriminallygood fun!You’ll never experience a better way to discover RiodeJaneiro!SEE RIO… AND FIGHTFor the first time ever in a sandbox game, explore the city ofRiode Janeiro, Brazil. Discover 5 different neighborhoodsincludingthe favelas, business district, beaches and jungle.Also, for the first time in the Gangstar series, exploreindoorenvironments fully realized in 3D.IT’S A LONG WAY TO THE TOPOver 60 varied missions to complete, plus dozens of random eventstogive you hours of fun.Kill corrupt politicians, protect witnesses, deliverspecialpackages, steal cars and find out who tried to kill you andleaveyou for dead.SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIENDSAccess a wide range of weapons like handguns, rifles, bazookasandgrenades plus a new local specialty: the ExplosiveFootball.Also drive dozens of vehicles including planes, helicopters andatank, and of course, you can steal, purchase and collect dozensofcars and motorbikes.HAVE IT YOUR WAYYou can now customize your character. Unlock numerous shirts,pants,hats, glasses and more that you can collect and use tocustomizeyour character.ENTER THE REAL BRAZILThe realism has been pushed even further thanks to variousradiostations broadcasting hip hop, electro and funk music withseverallicensed tracks:- World Town - M.I.A.- Office Boy - Bonde do Role- Lingua de Tamanduá - MV BillCertain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third party advertisements that may redirect you toathird party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Sniper Shooter Defense 1.7
Sniper Shooter Defense game for android inplaystore! Free Shooter game which can give you real challengetocheck your multiplayer Shoot thinking. Best valuable 3d shootergamefor android. Hit man for aim and kill the badman and terrorist of the world. You can also say it is realModernArmy Sniper Shooter game for android. with a lot of missiontocomplete, Mission match for shooter game, Mission may beimpossiblefor un expert for game. Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter notgood, butgame is based on shooting. Most wanted Shooter man snipereffects.Vision should be show if you have target for reachanywhere,Shooter vision game in the forest area. Traffic Shootergun andBlack Ops Sniper Shooter 3D for android free. This type ofgameMilitary Base Sniper Shooter also use during war. enemieskiller byArmy Shooter, World Dangerous Hunter Sniper shooter gamein playstore. Viral Shooter sniper game.Game Features :-->Game include Hi-def realistic graphics.-->Realistic low poly 3d-models-->Eight different and unique levels.-->Difficulty given with following segments,Limited time to finish mission.Limited number of bullets.Facing enemies shot.-->Levels are set with progressive difficulty.-->Facilities of removing ads using in app purchase.-->Each and every levels of game includes unique missionandenvironment.-->Smooth and well designed game controlling.-->User friendly 2d graphics interface.How to play:- Find enemy in forest rush environment.- Press trigger button to shoot enemy- Press zoom(binoculars) buttons to view targeted enemy incrosshair.- Try to shoot enemy in limited number of shots andwithintime.Tactics:- Recognize enemies movement to set crosshair.- Don't keep cross hair on enemy's body else he will start toshootplayer.
Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter 1.0.7
HEADSHOT! Breathe slowly, put your target in your sight andfirewhen ready.Make your way through over 55 unique missions and learn tocalculatewind and distance in order to master your customizedweapon!• Fully customizable weapons!• 55 Unique missions!• Easy Controls!• Animated Cut Scenes• Gripping Storyline• Blood and Gore Animation• Wind and Distance Calculation• Cool game world• The follow up to "Clear Vision (17+)" & "Clear Vision2"FREE TO PLAY! The third installment in the "Clear Vision"- seriesisfree to play! Take out your targets with clean shots in thisawardwinning sniper adventure!• Tyler lives a good life, a murderous hitman during the day,lovingfamily-man at night. He has become the success he alwaysdreamedabout, but someone is on his trail and threatens to ruin itall...• AIM AND FIRE! Breathe slowly, pick up your rifle, putyourtarget in your sight and fire when ready.Visit us on Facebook
Police Sniper 2017 Reloaded 1.4
For the fans of sniper shooting games, weareback with police sniper reloaded. Let’s guard the city and takeoutthe criminals in this battle against crime. The real citypolicesniper duty begins with action inside the crime town. Amodern daysniper shooting game where you end up challenging theworld ofcriminals. Guarding a prison isn’t the only job now, as thelead ofthe sniper squad control the security of the city andprison. Thebest sniper shooting experience and precision riflehandling willhelp you in battle against the prisoners, gangstersand criminals.In multiple modes and crime scenes, equip yourselfwith the sniperrifle and act immediately. Eliminate the escapees,prisoners andtake out the resistance where it is needed.The city is crowded with criminals and inmates. You need tobeflawless with your aim while you shoot. Stop the drug dealsandrobbers with your precision sniper shooting skills. The citywarhas begun in this ultimate war shooter strike against themafiaworld. This is the intense survival city for you and as asniperit’s a battle against the crime town. Prepare to play as therealshooter and take out the crime. Equip with the exotic arsenalandfind out the culprits. Governing the security of the whole cityisnot an easy task but there is nothing impossible.Get ready to get into the action against evil. Crime rateisincreasing inside the city and its hard time to controlthecriminals and prisoners causing chaos. Your past experience asasniper will come handy while you are appointed as the specialsquadpolice sniper. The best sniper shooting skills are anadvantage foryou. Beginning with career mode and free mode you areall set togo. Don’t let the prisoners execute the plan to escapethe prisoncell. They will find a chance to execute the prison planto escape.In case of any wild situations eliminate the resistance.Thesecurity of the city is in your hands now! Show your skills asareal marksman. The chance to eliminate the resistance is abulletaway!★★★ CAREER MODE ★★★The career mode is filled with 20 episodes, each episodecontaininga unique mission to eliminate the resistance against yourduty.Multiple sniper rifles and tactics will be needed to controlthecity crime. Battle it out against the mafia world andacclaimyourself as the perfect sniper.★★★ ASSAULT MODE ★★★This is the real deal as the shooters get behind the triggertoshoot. They will try to bring you down with their machinegunshooting. Bring in the exotic armory and challenge the.★★★ FREE MODE ★★★Free mode is the endless shooting experience where youchallengepeople around the globe with highest number of targetsregisteringyourself as the best sniper on the Leaderboards.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• Play as Sniper Guard of the City• Eliminate Prisoners & City Gangsters• Thrill of Playing as a Sniper• Highly Additive & Immersive Gameplay• Achievements to Unlock & Showcase your Progress• Leaderboard to Register your Scores★★★ FOLLOW US ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Modern Army Sniper Shooter - Freedom Forces Strike 3.0.5
Sunstar Games
Get this free FPS SWAT strike modernsnipershooter game on your phone and feel the thrill of modernstrikesniper assassin 2017 and army mountain sniper shooting.Terroristshave taken over the city, now the responsibility lies onyou tocounter & kill the terrorists & war criminals asarmymountain sniper shooter with your SWAT strike first personshootingskills and end this fatal battle once and forever withgangsterassault. Get behind the enemy lines in this free to playincredibleFPS army elite sniper shooter game and take down theterroristswith your SWAT strike sniper skills. Use advantage theenvironmentof battlefield give and get faster kills with your topfps shootingas an incredible elite sniper. As well trained secretagent elitecommando sniper and take out terrorists & warcriminals witharmy mountain sniper shooting before they cause anymore borderlinebloodshed and genocide to be an universedefender.It's a free fps gangster assault modern shooter sniper herogamewhere users take on several critical missions in middle eastdesertmountain island. Take out and counter the uprising globalterroristelements and stop bloodshed genocide with your crisisactionfighting on modern combat arena battle. This fps warriorcitysniper brings the age of more enhanced powerful army sniperriflesfor ragdoll torture on enemy characters, warfare equipmentandincredible gorilla commando skills to the battlefield likeworldwar II heroes. The story of the army shooter dash Modern ArmyioSniper shooting assassin 3d city sniper revolvesaroundassassination sniper missions behind the enemy lines to takeouthigh value targets, and murderers across Syria and Middle Easttoprevent a bloodbath genocide in the region like world warIIheroes.As a commando sniper you play as that unsung real life secretagentelite hero, who plays a vital role to build his legacy as a 3Dheroof first person shooting with its death sniper skills in themoderncombat arena while taking out its sniper target. This freeFPS 3Dcommando sniper game, comes bearing some of the mostadvancedsniper rifles to play with. Earn cash rewards to unlockmoredangerous weapons or play offline sniper kill the dummymissions.Play offline to complete various desert island modernsniperassassin missions and try different scenarios whilecompleting yourmissions by taking out your sniper target. DutyHeroes of world wardon't always fly or have superpowers, sometimesthey risk theirlives with a sniper in their hands and a killerinstinct to restoreworld peace and to save the world from evilvillains' genocide inthe new modern warfare sniper assassin2017.Features★ Stunning 3D Environment★ Numerous sniping scenarios and offline mission types★ Realistic bullet time effect and slow motion★ Extra rewards for environmental and strategic kills★ Intuitive sniper controls & several snipers tobeunlocked★ Play offline anywhere; does not require an internet connectionandyou can play it to kill time★ Amazing ragdoll physics and realistic ragdoll effects★ Call in airstrikes for precise carpet bombing
Survival Island Fly Helicopter 2.1
Survival Island Fly Helicopter depictsthestory of the man, that you will be playing, stuck on adesertedisland. The deserted island is full of natural habitatincludingbut not limited to forest, animals and the most notoriousanimal onthe planet, humans. Survival Island Fly Helicopter is thestory ofsurvival, courage, heroism and bravery. Survival IslandFlyHelicopter would test the player to the end in ensuring theynotonly survive but also keep themselves healthy. You will berequiredto fight the beasts and animals in the lush green deepforest inSurvival Island Fly Helicopter.A storm hit your mighty cargo ship in the pacific and everyoneranfor their lives, you barely got hold of a wood plank.Afterstruggling to stay alive for hours, fighting the sea andthefreezing cold water you get dizzy and have lost all track oftime.The Sun wakes you up, and you find yourself at the beach ofanisland that looks deserted and a deep forest covers thewholepanorama of the island. You are too weak to move but you must,asyour survival instincts kick in, you get an try to findsomethingto help you stay alive and energized.Survival Island Fly Helicopter comes loaded withawesomefeatures:- Amazing and beautiful 3D landscape of forest and sea- 3D battle missions with animals- Ability to come out as a hero when you survive- It's FREE!- You can increase your energy by eating apples on trees- Try to stay alive and the struggle to stay alive is going towinthis game
As the one and only Sniper X, you’ll teamupwith action star Jason Statham to become the free world’sultimateweapon against the forces of chaos and terror! As part oftheStatham’s elite paramilitary team SPEAR, you’ll work side bysideto dismantle terrorists and rogue states that conventionalforcescan’t touch.BECOME THE ULTIMATE SNIPER• Study the art of the kill under SPEAR’s commander, voicedbyaction star Jason Statham!• As Sniper X, you’ll take on hundreds of military missionsinincredible 3D environments• Innovative upgrades make your sniper rifle into a trulycustomizedkilling machine• Eliminate enemy soldiers, officers, vehicles, and even dronesinthrilling first-person action• Zoom in and slow down time with Focus, built in to everysniperrifle• See your kills confirmed with a dramatic kill-cam• The Perfect Shot system rewards careful aim with bonus cashandmore!• Star in your own action movie, with Jason Statham callingeverykill and conquestJASON STATHAM’S ARMORY IS YOUR PLAYGROUND• Enjoy access to an elite armory where sniper rifles are justthebeginning• Dealing with drones? Switch to a shotgun and blast them withacloud of buckshot• Take down groups of grunts in seconds with your burst-fireassaultrifle• Hone your skills and earn cash for upgrades in SPEAR’sTrainingGrounds• Load up with unique weapons month after month inspecialeventsThe enemies of freedom can run, but they can’t hide fromSniperX!High-end, immersive tablet gameplay!Sniper X with Jason Statham is free to play, but you canchooseto pay real money for some extra items.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Sniper Special Warrior 3d 1.3
Sniper Special Warrior 3dSniper Shoot War is a first-person 3D shooter game. You will playasa sniper special, strike terrorists. Your task is to fightagainstterrorists bases and destroy X City terrorist remnants,toeffectively combat terrorist activities.You can use the killer rifle zoom lens, adjust theamplificationfactor by the right side of the slider.Kill the enemy can get gold awards, gold can be used to buyweaponsand ammunition. Let you experience the feeling ofdifferentweapons. This is a real sniper war!Realistic gaming sound effects, so you have a more perfectmorerealistic sniper experience. You will be a truesharpshooter!The game has a ranking function, you and your friends cancomparewho is the real master sniper. Invite your friends togethergame,right? It will be very interesting.In the application you will see - the city , the ruined city ,thewar , sharpshooter scope , killer rifle , highlight, the ruinsofthe city .Aim of sharpshooter war 3d mission is to kill each andeveryterrorist from this planet. Its the Best FPS contractkillershooter war game!Simple operation of the game: Slide the left of the screentocontrol character movement, slide to the right of the screenyoucan adjust the target. You can use the sniper rifle zoomlens,adjust the amplification factor by the right side oftheslider.This is the first commando mission of Terrorist Sniper Shooter.Wehave to destroy the swamp base camp of Terrorists group havinggunsand ammunition storage at the base.Here you will become one of the world's top contract killer,youneed a cool head anomaly analysis and fast, aggressive,accurateshooting practices.Quickly pick up the weapon in yourhands, makeyour blood, do not let the terrible criminals out ofyour sight, donot hesitate to experience the excitement of the gameandpassionate sniper thrill it!Play with your children. Very simple operation ! Give your phoneortablet to your child and you will not be able to detach fromtheprocess !What would contract killer , you do not need the Internet. PlayKillrifle War for free , you can now !Start the fight and you can not stop!Thank you for choosing us! Write to feedback and we will trytoanswer all !key features:=> Excellent city 3D environment=> First person Shooting=> Sniper scope view=> Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!=> Full addictive control of latest shooting sniper rifle
American Sniper Shooting 1.0.0
American Sniper Shooting is themostthrillingand dangerous FPS action packed shootinggame.First-person viewoffer you the immersive and realisticshootingexperience. Enemy isjust here, Don't hesitate! Load outyourweapons, hold your breath,pull the trigger, hit on target andkillall dang erous gang sterstobe a real hunter like a hitman.Playerscan become a participantin the gamein order to make sense ofit.Hide in some buildings and corners or behind some trees tonotbefound by these gangster. Shoot them in dark within limitedtime.Armyourself with QBZ-95, AK-47, M16, FAMA Sand otherdeadlyweapons,kill the gangsters across the globe. Buying time tokillmoregangsters and keep the peace for the block. Inthischallenging FPSKiller Shooter Crime, we put some new featuressuchas the lasershooting, zoom in and identify terroristsandrealistic weathercondition add the new challenges tocompletemissions. Fight crimeand protect civilians population!Goodluck!THRILLING FPSFIGHT AGAINST GANGSTERSA bunch of thugs ruin the peaceful and happy life of thiscity,loadout your weapons and kill the gangsters to protectcivilians!In thecorner of a bank, there is an armed robberhijacking ahostage. Agangster run away after attacking a civilian.There is atraitorinside the police station, he told everythingabout you toGreenDragon Committee, kill them all before they reachto GreenDragonheadquarter. Tonight, they have drug deal, you needto killthebuyer. They are ganna fight back but they don’t knownothingaboutyou!ADVANCED WEAPONS WITH MORE THAN 200 MISSIONSArm yourself with QBZ-95, AK-47, M16, FAMAS and otherdeadlyweapons,kill the gangsters across the globe. Shoot sniperrifles,rail guns,assault refiles and top-secret weapons to choosefrom.Gathercomponents to expand your sniper team. Optional andfullcustomizeweapons and equipmentREAL SHOOTING EXPERIENCEFirst-person view offer you the immersive andrealisticshootingexperience. Players can become a participant inthe game inorderto make sense of it. tunning optimized HD graphicsbrings youaninsane feeling of shooting experience. CHALLENGESandSURVIVALtournament capture you very exciting andthrillingsniperheadshots.American Sniper Shooting Features:- FPS action packed shooting game- Realistic 3D graphics in sniper games- Multiple guns- Smooth FPS Controls- Breathtaking music and sound effects- Tough and challenging missions- Free FPS gameplay- Intense battle scene- Easy to play, hard to learnDownload American Sniper Shooting now. Arm yourselfwithdeadlyweapons, , kill gangsters all before they find you!Holdyourbreath, pull the trigger and let the bullets fly! Fightcrimeandprotect civilians population! Good luck for you!
Mountain Sniper Shooting 1.3
Doing Studio
Mountain Sniper Shooter is a thrillingactionFPS Mountain Sniper Game with real-life 3D graphics andambientsound effects. The game gives an exciting experience tocompletethe mission. Hold your breath,lock the enemy,aim, pullthetrigger,kill insane enemies at Snow Mountain, Desert,Forest,Rural.In a limited time,use your limited ammo rationally andaim at thearrogant enemy at a distance,kill them all. You willdouble thegold reward from head shot.Once you enter the target location, the enemy is aware ofyourpresence, search everywhere for you, attack you. There isnoturning back, so you need to be very careful,fast,accurate,ruthless onslaught,Make sure you keep yourself well focused and firmperseverance,complete the mission!Complete pastoral glorious mission at Snow Mountain,Desert,Forest,Rural,Good Luck For You!Mountain sniper shot features:- Various types of weapons, Snipe (AWP, TRG42, M200,Barrett),Assault rifles, Machine guns (M4, AK47, MP5)- Realistic 3D graphics, ambient sound effects and 3Deffects,intense battle scenes, passionate passion- FPS action shooting game- Simple, easy to Play, Completely free PFS gamesHow to play:1. Touch, rotate and move the screen to aim and kill enemies,2. Use the sniper rifle to open the lens, zoom in or out ofthedistance aim and kill the enemy,click the firing button to shoot3. According to the radar instructions, search for the enemy.Targetthe enemy's head or body,4. Shoot button to shoot, squat button, switch weaponsbutton,switch clip button.
Prison Break Sniper Shooting 1.2.1
Roadster Inc.
Make the call as sniper duty guardonwatchtower in prison yard:Prison Break Sniper Shooting 3D is intense riot control 3rdpersonshooting game. Live life of prison guard assigned on sniperduty.His mission is to prevent prison riots and chaos in centraljail.Drug cartel and mafia gangsters are spending hard time inprisonlife. Stay vigilant for any riot or prison break attempt. Canyouface elite shooting missions with perspective of police guardinhigh tensions scenarios?Scan prison yard in search of prisoners who are lookingfortrouble:Take situation under control with multiple thrilling andexcitingsniper missions. Jail warden assign you to watch out forcontractkillers in attempt to kill other cell inmates. Use marksmanskillto take shot for any prison escape attempts and eliminatepossiblethreat. Inmates hanging around playing yard trust nobody.Keep eyefor different gangs, get thrilling rifle shootingexperience onyour mobile devices. Guard prison yard and take shotto killprisoner attempts for escape.Police Officer Duty 2016 Features:-Real life sniper guard experience keeping eye onprisonerbehavior-Maintain law to prevent prisoners escaping the jail with stealthorriot-Realistic weapons with customized scopes and silencers forsniperrifles-Have great fun with best shooting experience on theprisonfrontline-Impressive first person shooter game for sniping loversPolice Warden struggling hard to maintain disciplinebehindbars:SWAT team lockdown brutal assassin and murder behind bars withhelpof police dogs. The criminals are planning for prisonbreak.Experience the realistic sniping simulation on mobiledevices. Dowhatever it takes to keep prisoners behind bars inprison yard. Ittakes expert sniping skills to takedown bad scums ofthe modernsociety. Live with pride and secure the outer world fromtheselunatics.Download Prison Beak Sniper Shooting 3D to feel the adrenalinerushin veins with intense game play.
Elite Army Sniper Shooter 3D 1.1
Elite Army Sniper Shooter 3D is the nextandmost advanced level of first-person shooting experience. Thisisnot just a game, but a whole new dimension into the world ofwarand glory. This game will take an exhilarating turn in everystepyou will make.Your mission is to wipe the enemies moving around you. They arenotaware of your presence in their territory. Once you will hityourfirst gunshot only then they will be able to notice you. So beverycareful when you make your first shot.As a covered operative hide yourself as much as possible. Youwillnot be making a walk in the park. There will be multiplemissionsin this game and they all will make you sweat. This gamerequiresyou to be mentally tough and ready to tackle anyhostilesituation.You will be provided an advanced grade ammunition. But rememberthatit will be a limited stock so fire your arms carefully. Hit asmanyhead shots as possible. This will help you kill the enemiesand alsosave your ammunition. Be very careful while going downthis road.There is no comeback in it. Once your presence isspotted the wholeenemy base will be upon you.How to play• Touch and move the screen to lock your target.• Sniper scope will help to look at your target fromadistance.• To make a shot, press the fire button.• Guns will reload automatically.• You can zoom in and out for the shots and observeenemymovement.• Go for head shots, it will increase your kill and savesammunitionas well.
City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D 2.2
The City Traffic is under threat andcriminalare snatching cars and escaping. Take the best kill shottoeliminate each escaping criminal in the car.This City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D is a realistic FPS FirstPersonShooting Game, in traffic and car sniper shooter game, youhave toplay the role of a deadly marksman and an ex-army SWATcommando andbravo sniper hunter with elite kill shot skills andcollateraldamage to the criminals, don’t let your oppositionrunaway in thesnatched from innocent city people. Remember, you area masterassassin has been hired to infiltrate secure locationsandeliminate high-profile targets with lethal strikes. Take yourbestslingshot.In City Traffic Sniper Shooter 3D, your are assigned toeliminatethe terrorist and other enemies of the state, the enemiesandcriminals are using the local cars and transporting in policecars,trucks, taxi and other vehicles, your task is to blow themaway onthe way and don’t let them escape, take the perfect killshot andkill them all, your mission is your top priority, be abravo sniperkill shot skilled traffic hunter and finish your job.Prove thatyou have the best sniper and hunting skills to shoot downthetraffic cars running on the city roads. You are an eliteassassinsniper shooter and traffic hunter with modern snipertechniques,get ready to play your part in hunting down thecriminals indangerous attacks and silent assassin missions.Eliminate cars withenemies at street level or take out the eachsingle high-profiletarget.Aim, Shoot and Kill, be the perfect marksman and rouge army inCityTraffic Modern Sniper Shooter 3D, use your modern sniper gearandrifle to take the extreme headshot, this sniper rifle isespeciallydesigned for assignment like this, it has an extremepowerful zoom,unlimited ammunition with powerful piercing bullets,deadly muzzleand perfect barrel to take the best and extreme realkill shotcriminals and enemies escaping in the cars and hiding inthe citytraffic. This is the perfect way to take the revenge ofyourcountry and proving to be the best marksman to hunt downandinitiate the war of revenge leading in crazy city trafficsniperand eliminating the criminals in killing andhuntingbrutality.Being a hunter and elite SWAT command master sniper assassinandbest criminal traffic hunter, equipped with a sniper rifleengagein stealth mission, long-range targets and a mob of enemycars makethis a perfect traffic sniper hunter 3D and sniper furyassassinshooting game. Snipe, shot & eliminate criminals, cars,jeeps,suv, 4x4 and some escaped prisoners while you watch out thecarsaround the city in search of your targets in this trafficandhighway car shooter and sniper modern combat game thissnipershooting game gives you the opportunity to kill and hunt downcarsin traffic by using the latest Sniper Weapon on the roadwayandhighway passing by the city.This game of traffic and car city hunter and sniper shooter isallabout testing your shooting and sniping marksman skills. Canyoushoot fast moving traffic and other armored vehicles, do youwishto destroy the enemy escaping in cars and armored vehiclesonhighways and city roads? This is city traffic sniper shooterandhunter game gives you the opportunity to hunt down the carsandvehicles by using the latest American rifle with sniper gear onthehighway entering by the city.
Sniper Killer Shooter 1.1.4
Now you have a new mission! A terroristgrouphas occupied the S city, hijacking innocent passengersashostages.As a good mercenary and your mission is to eliminateallthe terrorists and rescue the hostages.Here you need a coolheadanomaly analysis and fast, aggressive, accurateshootingtechniques, allow your head to calm down, to enjoy thischallenginggame now!★★★ Features:★Level game modes:Game mode for an unlimited levels and therestarrating system that lets you keep cool in the end, to try howstrongyour ability, how far can break it!★A variety of game scenarios: a variety of different gamescenarios,there are docks, City Square, waste warehouse.★Rich weapon system: can be a variety sniper rifle,pistols,submachine guns and grenades replacement.★Full enemy exists: the enemy is everywhere, some in hiding intheground behind the building, and some hiding in the roof,whichrequires your keen eye to detect and eliminate them.★Flexible battle mode: The battle can be purchased orsupplementalmedical kits falling HP, by upgrading the defense andattackplayers get the ability to strengthen, to experience theuniqueprocess of fighting fun.★Simple operation: Full touch screen operation, so you just moveafinger, you can quickly capture the enemy's shadow and shooting,isvery simple.★★★How to play★Touch screen to enter shooting mode.★Slide the screen can be rotated to move the perspective.★Click the icon to the right of the "F" button to fire, rotateiconto switch between different weapons.★Click the button on the bottom right corner of the crosscircleamplification can be switched sight; clicking character iconscanbe standing, squatting posture switching.★Click the icon in the upper right medical kits can add HP,clickthe icon for the grenade grenade bombing.★After amplification mode into sight, By adjusting lever fortheright distance from the lens zoom.The main interface can be selected for the game map, armspurchases,mall gold to buy the game sensitivity testing, gamecontentsharing.
Army Sniper Shooter 3D 1.07
i6 Games
Army Sniper Shooter 3D is an exciting,new,realistic action shooting game. Taking the role as a elitesnipersoldier, you must defend an army base from the oncoming wavesofenemy soldiers. Your mission is to use your sniper rifle andsniperskills to take out each enemy to protect the army base inorder toget onto the next level. With the help of the cool-downmechanic inthe game that steadies the sniper rifle to help you getyourperfect shot on the enemy.If you don't get all the enemy soldiers before your healthisdepleted, you will lose. With each level comes more enemysoldierswho will move into position to take you down. Harness yousniperskills and become the greatest sniper to defeat theenemysoldiers.
Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D 1.3
3Dee Space
Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3DYou are a hunter in this exciting zombie shooter.Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D is one of free zombie shootinggameswhich involves Steve, a member of a high profile killer squad,allset to be a zombie killer in a city. His main armor is azombieassault sniper. He realizes that every zombie hunter has diedfromthe dead zombie in the city. He realizes the only way ahead istokill zombies in this zombie defense.Death stares at him in a zombie world war. Blood will be shed ashefinds himself on the frontier of a zombie defense. In ZombieSniperShooting: 3D you will be involved in a zombie kill withyourassault sniper. This won’t be a walk in the park for Steve, ashehas only one thing in his mind, the death of the zombiekillersquad due to the zombies. Time to take revenge, crush andkill allzombies. They are your only enemy in this zombiekillergame!!Key Features of Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D- 10 dead zombie defense levels.- Zombie world war environment.- Kill the Zombie Boss.- Game involves Chapter 2 as Story Mode of Zombie Shooting.- Waves of dead zombies to kill.- Unlimited Ammo to kill zombies.- Smooth zombie assault sniper action.- Optimized GraphicsDownload Zombie Sniper Shooting: 3D now to add to your collectionoffree zombie shooting games. Have fun being a zombiehunter!3Dee Space is a powerhouse for delivering top notchsimulationgames. Don’t hesitate to reach us out for any feedbackorsuggestions.
Army Sniper Shooter Assassin 1.1
A real FPS combat calls for black ops ondutyrevenant sniper guard to save civilians from terrorist attack.Playas brave soldier in this Army sniper shooter assassin. Theinnocentcivilians are at the mercenary of elite swat force. Waraction hastriggered between the army force and dangerous criminals.With yourmodern sniper vision; Hunt down the terrorists at warzonewith akiller shot. Fight to defend SWAT army base camp locatedatmountaintop. Deploy and Infiltrate the enemy convoy forces;Unleashyour unstoppable rage attack to ambush in war. Leadtheanti-terrorist counter attack and aspire to become the bravocadetin the best sniper strike game.Join the ultimate FPS game with Army sniper shooterassassin.Start hunting hideout terrorists in the arctic mountainthat hasturned into rage battle field. As secret agent; Breach theenemyterritory and take revenge with multiple killing tactics.Usemountain sniper training tricks and stick shooting your enemiesinsnow mountains terrain. Don’t let terrorist escape; Hijacktheenemy satellite and track their hiding location.Use the modern weapons like rifle, war machine gun, ak47&mp4 guns. Be disparate as steady furious killer and carriedoutelite army shooter 3D. Destroy and demolish your enemy camp.Beprepared for the terrorist counter attack; grab your ak47 &mp4from your wide ammo collection at military arsenal. Stickshootingenemy terrorists at snow mountain and defeat your opponentsin theblack ops assassin. The biggest challenge for gunner inthisshooting game is to aim precise the target in the heavysnowfall.Avoid shooting civilians at the mountain village and dosomeprecise target killing in the winter snow.Features:• Realistic 3D snow mountain environment• 10 Anti-terrorist counter strike duty missions• Thrilling First Person Shooter Game• Multiple modern weapons like ak47 & mp4 gunEnjoy shooting terrorists guard and dangerous Russian gangsters asatrained sniper school cadet. With the best first personshootinggame; enjoy realistic war action. With the thrill ofanti-terroristattack mission, play as lone sniper commando till thelast stand.Take headshot of enemy and eliminate terrorism throughthis furycombat. Use SWAT target shooting skills to become the bestshooterof the modern elite force with the last snipersimulator.
Deer Hunting - Sniper Shooting 2.9
Let’s go hunting with Sniper Deer Hunting2014.This is an amazing and addictive action pack game to take youto anultimate adventure in the most realistic environment withtrees,grass, outdoor, mountains etc. Those who love hunting willlove thisfirst person sniper shooting game where you don't have asquad &you need to do it all alone. Grab your gun, test yoursniper skillsand don't let the deer escape. Let’s go hunting inthe real junglewilderness environment. Do you trust your snipershooting skills?Let’s show how to hunt. The game gives you anawesome experiencewith real 3D graphics, sound effect and theenvironment. The deermight be unaware of your presence so takeyour best shot to becomethe best huntsman of the jungle.★★★ STORY ★★★The army career is over now; The soldier decides to live inhillsidejungle between mountains to spend his life enjoying hishuntingpassion. Currently he posses one sniper rifle which can beused forhunting but if he uses his army shooting skills, he cansuccessfullyhunt some deer’s and rewards to buy more differentguns. You willsee the most beautiful summer scenes in the game -the sounds ofweapons, animals, wildlife, forest, mountains &birds.★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• First Person Shooting• Efficient gun control• Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Real Time Jungle Environment• 10 gameplay mission with different tasks★★★ HOW TO PLAY ★★★• Easy touch and drag gameplay to rotate axis• Camera zoom to get accurate shots• Mission based gameplay to complete all mission• Shooting accuracy and skills★★★ Privacy Policy ★★★We respect and take care of your and your kid’s privacy. Youcanread our privacy policy here:★★★ Follow us on Facebook ★★★★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.
Mission Sniper Shooting 3D 1.9
We need an accurate sniper withstrongcharacter to complete Shooting tasks. Completing each levelyouwill get money (game is based on virtual money concept, so youcanearn virtual rewards and spend for different purposes, norealmoney needed as the game is totally free).Besides there are also Business Levels, where you can pay fromyourearnings to enter and earn by killing enemies or by doingheadshots.But your sniper shooting skills will be not enough to completethe3D shooting levels, you need to have good weapons. Choosefromvariety of our virtual shop. You will get unique snipershootingexperience with each weapon:SNIPERS• AWC G2• L115A1• SVD• RD-12• L115A3• SV-98• M14• ESR• Evi-665• M200SHOOTING TYPES☆ TRAININGIn training level you will have a good chance to test allrifleswithout buying them and train your sniper shootingskills☆ DefenceIn defense levels you have to defend ourpositions/cars/helicoptersand kill all rivals who want to enter orshoot to destroy☆ ATTACKAttack levels will require of you to kill certain amount ofenemies,do certain amount of head shots☆ RUNIn Run levels enemies will want to run away and escape, you neednotto let them to do that by shooting all moving targets☆ WAVESEnemies will attack by waves, during each followed wave youwillhave more attackers, just take your weapon and shoot themall☆ SURVIVEMostly near distance battles, where rival have a good chance toendwith you, but you will have your best friend: sniper rifle +packof aids + armory☆ FINDHere you will find mostly long distance battles. You need to looktoall sides and try to find all targets and shoot themHOW TO EARN MONEY AND GOLD1.Completing each level gives you bonuses2.Business levels - pay to enter and try to take as muchaspossible, here shooting will bring you good profitON WHAT YOU CAN SPEND MONEY AND GOLD1.Sniper rifles (each sniper rifle is individual and hasdifferentparameters and prices, there are long and short distancesnipers,snipers with big clip size to reduce time on reloading,sniperswith high fire rate and slow ones, snipers with moreaccuracy tohit small targets)2.Aids (in each level you can spend only 1 aid, which will addyourhealth, this can be very helpful to stay alive duringlevels)3.Armory (you can take your armory before entering level whichwillgive you 50% more health, helping to survive enemyshooting)
Sniper Shooting 2016 2.1
Sniper Shooting 2016 - Kill the sniperShootinggame addictive shooting game you will feel like in a realwar ! Killthe sniper in the midst of war .In the application you will see - the city , the ruined city ,thewar , bombings , sniper scope , sniper rifle , highlight,theapocalypse , the ruins of the city .Tracked down by a sniper glare and kill ! While he did not gettoyou or your comrades ! That would kill the sniper you just needtofind him and shot with a rifle will follow after the touch ofafinger !Play with your children. Very simple operation ! Give your phoneortablet to your child and you will not be able to detach fromtheprocess !What would kill snayperva , you do not need the Internet. PlayKillSniper War for free , you can now !Start the fight and you can not stop!Thank you for choosing us! Write to feedback and we will trytoanswer all !
3D Sniper Shooting Death War 1.4.1
Fight for justice, blast your targetsandfightagainst the boss of terrorist organization. The FPS game3DSniperShooting gives you a marvelous feeling of battlefield!Theenemiesare drawing closer…※Game Features※→Omniscient 3D-angle Shooting→Stunning Panoramic Map View→Large quantity of Fierce Battles to Fight→Varieties of Powerful Weapons to Choose→Extra-Fluent Procession※Quick Start-up Guide※→Attack: Tap the enemy to enter Sniper View, Slip thescreentoadjust, Tap to fire→Exit Sniper Mode: Tap Non-cross area to exit sniper mode→Aim: Move the scroll bar to aim the target※Items provided for players※→Health: Supplement blood→Sniper Rifle: 10 different kinds of sniper riflewithdifferentdegrees damage→Military Uniform: Protect you from damage for a certain timeDisclaimer:★Some in-game items such as sniper rifles or militaryuniformwillrequire payment.★The copyright of this title belongs to Autothink Technology,allthewords, pictures and other content in this title isshowingthecopyrighter's personal attitude.★Exclusively published by 9Apps&9Game.
Sniper 3D Shooter by i Games 1.5
Sniper 3D Shooter by i Games is one of theBestSniper Games for FREE!Like if someone is alive only because you can't afford aHitman.Become a modern sniper and soon you will see people runningfortheir lives. Take contract, shoot to kill all the criminals,becomethe top killer and have no mercy!You are trained to be an elite hitman. Your job is toeliminatethe criminals in discreet. Hold your gun, aim through yourscopeand pull the trigger to kill.Kill all the criminals around different locations beforetheyspot you.Death is in the air! Are you ready to take your kill shot?---------------------FEATURES:Shoot To KillShoot down different types of criminals in different locationsKill Shot MissionsTake contract to complete the critical & difficult tasksbysaving the city from dangerous criminalsUpgrade WeaponsChoose the modern weapon from the large inventory to triggerdownthe criminals in the game.Snipe through the ScopeBe the most accurate hitman to trigger down the creepycriminalsthroughout the game play.Action Packed GameExperience the most amazing action in this killer game andwitnessthe thrill in 3D game mode.Shoot To EarnIn this action packed shooting game, you will earn more bykillingmore enemies. So just aim at your enemy and keep shooting.Upgradethe modern guns to perform better and for more ACTION.Realistic 3D GraphicsIncredible 3D graphics put you right in the realcityenvironment!---------------------SOME OF THE BEST REASONS TO PLAY THE GAME* UPGRADE different weapons* 3D Environment and Great HD Graphics* Simple Game Play with tough missions* Experience the Sniper Shooting simulationGame Features:-→ FREE Game with optional In-app purchase→ Extreme Weapons to choose→ Competitive Levels→ Excellent HD Graphics and Sound→ Dynamic Effects and Animations→ RATE & SHARE the game→ Real 3D environments, with multiple camera views.→ Challenge and share score with all your Family and Friends→ Compatible with all Mobiles, Tabs and TV.How to Play:-- Easy Touch, Drag and Tap Gameplay- Progress through the missions to unlock highlyupgradeableweapons.Thank you for playing Sniper 3D Shooting by I Games. PlayourFree Games every week!Don’t forget to rate and like us on Facebookat you have any suggestions to improve, please contact us. Wewilltry to implement it as soon as possible.Thank you!
Lone Army Sniper Shooter 2.01
End is near, Face the challenge of wartimes,You have to enter in enemy area it may be jungle,desert,mountainous or enemy waters. Enemy is invading too, settingupbases after bases in your territory. You are the Lone Sniper,witha lot of mission to complete, Mission that may cost you yourlifebut can save your nation. It's test of your skill, yourstamina,your temperament, and your sniper shooting training. Don'tworryabout munitions, concentrate on the attacking enemy, shootthem allto get your positions back. If you love shooting games,then thissniper shooting game is the ultimate fun. move left,right,forward, backward. position your aim, find the enemy hidinginbunkers, sack bunkers, fortress, jungle hid outs and shoot them.★★★ Game Story ★★★As best sniper shooter, You are given a number of missions.Eachmission has number of levels, Win the level to play next,completethe mission to get your next. Ultimate trophy is at the endof allmissions. Enjoy the never ending thrill and adrenalinerush.★Mission 1★Dangerous jungle, Enemy has occupied your forest valley baseandguarding it closely. Free it alone.★Mission 2★Mountainous area base of enemy, beware enemy has dangerous gunsandyou are lone shooter.★Mission 3★Jungle enemy camp, danger is more, storm is coming, rainalreadystarted.★Mission 4★Enemy has occupied your desert fortress , shoot the guards tofreeit.★Mission 5★It's water wan now, Enemy attacking in boats. Can you defenditalone?★Mission 6★Water war continues. Enemy boats are moving fast in lake,hittingthem is more difficult.★Mission 7★Heavy Storm, rain in this jungle lake camp, can you stillshootthem.★Mission 8★Enemy has encircled you in lake, shoot them all to get out ofthishell.★★★ Top Game Features ★★★- Variety of different type of missions including jungle,desert,mountains and water.- Each mission with multiple levels to enjoy in full.- you are the lone sniper shooter.- Keep eye on health, you have limited time of each level- Play one level to play next- Best Sniper shooting rifle- kill and keep counting enemy soldier heads- Jungle, Valley, Mountain, Deserts Water 3D environments.★★★ How to Play ★★★- Swipe left center of screen to move the aim- tap zoom button to set the aim at target- tab shoot button to send enemy to hell- keep eye on health of yours.Privacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: @rationalverx
Jungle Sniper Hunting 3D 3.9.4
Jungle (Forest): place of your horrordreams,magnet of your imaginations, your fantasy place is here. youcanachieve here what you can not in your real life, hunt injungle.You have the best Sniper Shooting gun, Enter the jungle forhunt,the wild animals you have dreamed of, you have wished andimagined.In this dangerous forest, select the target animal of yourchoice ,take the aim and shoot right at the head. Get the winningtrophy ofanimal head, and brag about.You must have played other hunting games, jungle games,snipershooting games, but this game is unique in the sense thatitprovided you all in one. Whether you want to hunt Boar, Wild pigs,Stag, Deer or Bear , this forest gives you all, and invites youtotake the challenge if you can. Test your sniper shootingskills,your jungle survival skills, your temperament, your staminain thisdangerous forest game.★★★ STORY ★★★You love to hunt, and are entered in this dangerous jungle withyourbest sniper shooting gun. dangerous animals are out there,chooseamong deer, stag, bear, boar, pig, take the aim and shoot.You have8 levels to play with each animal. never ending fun ishere.★★★ Best Game Features ★★★1. Dangerous Realistic Jungle Environment2. Wild animals out there to hunt3. Hunting among different animals4. Realistic Sniper Shooting Hunt5. Different animals to select as target6. Multiple levels with each animal for easy to difficult7. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in Jungle★★★ How to Play ★★★1. Select the animal to target from Deer, Boar, Stag,Beer,Deer.2. choose the level to play, hunt all to unlock next3. take, zoom,shoot at target with Sniper gun4. navigate in forest on swiping on left of your phone5. use zoom and shooting buttons for hitPrivacy PolicyWe don't collect any personal information , anynon-personalinformation collected by our partners like Google isused foranalytic and game improvements. For details checkhere★★★ Support ★★★RationalVerx Gaming Studios------------------------------Web: @rationalverx★★★ Note ★★★This game contain ads.
Sniper Warrior 3D 1.1
Build Solid
NEW DIMENTION IN SNIPER WORLDSniper killer is not just a game, it is the next andmostadvancelevel of one person shooting experience. Sniper Killeristotallynew dimension in the war world. Sniper Killer willtakestimulatedturn in every stem you will make. Sniper Killerisquiteunpredictable and uncertain that make thisgamemoreattractive.In Sniper Killer your mission is to swipe away theenemiesspyingaround us or having bad intentions about us. OneadvantageofSniper killer is that enemy is not aware of you untilyou firsthityour first target. So Sniper Killer must be verycarefull whenheis making his first target.In Sniper Killer as a covered operative hide as much aspossiblefromthe eye of your enemy. There are multiple missions inthisSniperKiller game that can make player sweat in head.MENTALLY CHALLENGINGAlthough all the things in this game are unique but onethingwhichis signature to this game is its challenging missionandtotallyuncertain, Sniper Mission require great deal ofmentallyfocus.Player of Sniper Mission need to tackle anyhostilesituation. Thegame Sniper Mission give the playerenormousmentallychallenge.This game Sniper Mission is very easy to use but almostimpossibletomaster this game. This game always hold newscenarios,newcircumstances, uncertain task and above all verylimitedbulletswhich keeps the player warmth.New mission always leads to different and unknownlocationswhichmakes this game Sniper Mission more interestingandchallenging.And at different and new locations there arealwaysdifficulttargets to eliminate and even lesser bullets.New levels of this game are always difficult and uncertain.Thatiswhy Sniper Mission is mentally challenging. You willbeprovidednew bullet ammunition, but keep in your mind that stockislimitedso Sniper Shooter much be very carefullshootingthosebullets.Sniper Fighter hit as many shots as possible in the headofyourtarget. This will help you kill the enemies and alsosaveyourbullets and helping in completing yourmissionsuccessfully.SNIPER ASSASSINSniper Shooter is sending to war city, city is set onfire,yourmission is to eliminate all the targets fromyourterritory.Enemies are roaming like their own land, and spyingonus, and killour people whenever got opportunity, so itsSniperShooter duty tokill these enemies.Sniper Commandos are required in such grieve moments and nowisthetime to show your nation that you are alive and theretoeliminatethe angry armies of the enemies from the country whichwasapeaceful place once.Sniper commandos are equipped with Modern Sniper with fewbulletsandmultiple challenging tasks, while playing in the fieldofSniperCommandos, Sniper Shooter is well aware of histargetenemies hisallies and limit resources. So Sniper Shootermustwatch his everymove very carefully to finish his SniperMissionsuccessfully. SniperAssassin have multiple challengesforcourageous people, SniperAssassin has multiple levelswithdifferent obstacles and differentresources. The only thingwhichmake it most amazing among itssibling games is itschallenging andgreat graphics which let theplayer feel he is inbattlefield.Sniper Assassin game is not violent oriented rather it teachyouhowto cop with obstacles with limited resources whichmakeisfascinating yet most challenging game of all the time.
Hoverboard Sniper Shooter Team 1.9
Welcome to Futuristic Sin City! Where youFlyover hovercraft & Kill Gangsters. Its a dangerous newtripthrough the Ghetto City as a Tactical Sniper Shooter!HoverboardTactical Sniper is a 1st-person shooter with various gamemissions.Grand operation against Gangsters puts the dark,intriguing andruthless world of the city’s street crimes on yourphones. You canfly different type of motor vehicle theft missions.Just follow thecriminals & Kill them with the Head Shot Who arebusy inStealing auto cars, evading cops, racing through streets,Breakingthe Jail, Escaping from police and shooting down othergangs. Doyou have enough guts to rise to the top of the criminalpiles? Hitthe Head Shot to Kill them. Its the battle of the Goodand theEvil.Follow orders from command and get to the best vantage point totakeout all enemy targets. Take out the gangsters that occupy theareato secure it and make to safe for the civilians. Completeeachtactical sniper mission objectives using your tactical M24sniperweapon system rifle, perfect for getting direct headshots!Eliminate all enemy before your health bar empties, or youwilllose the mission. Each mission is filled with dynamic sniperactionagainst enemy soldiers with more guns who will move to takeyoudown.Become the sniper elite with you marksmen skills in thecombatshooter, Hoverboard Sniper Shooter Assassin, DownloadNow!Hoverboard Sniper Shooter Assassin Features√ Unique mixer of a sniper shooter and Futuristic Hover BoardFlyingSkills!√ Incredible 3D graphics and intuitive touch controls√ Tactical Sniper weapons√ Tons of Exciting shooting missions√ Escape crossfire and shootings√ Ultimate shooting simulator game√ Realistic sound effects
Sniper Shooter 3D Free 2
Sniper Shooter 3D Free is anactionshootinggame.Taking the role as an elite sniper soldier, you mustshoottheoncoming waves of enemy soldiers. Your mission is touseyoursniper rifle to take out each enemy to savetheprisoners.Sniper ShooterFree3Daction shooting game is year.Taking the role as elite sniper year soldier, you mustshoottheoncoming waves of enemy soldiers. Your mission is touseyoursniper rifle to take out each enemy to savethePrisoners.
Mom Jail Break 1.2
Mom Jail Break covers the story of the momwhois wrongfully convicted and sent to jail. Your mom'sbusinesspartners threatened to kill her and when mom didn't doillegalbusiness they trapped mom in a crime. Mom is in prisonbecause ofthe crime she did not commit. Prison break is easy butwho would dothat? Mom Jail Break is the story of the mom who hasbeen jailedand her son tries to get her out of the jail and giveher theprison escape she deserves. Son would go through everyhurdle andfight police guards in Mom Jail Break to break his momout of jailand help her escape. Kill every corrupt police guard whois tryingto kill your mom. Corrupt police guards are on payroll ofthe mafiagang boss. Mom's business partners have paid mafia gangboss to getmom killed inside prison by police guards. Mom JailBreak is wherethe son sneak in to the jail and disguises himselfand then breakshis mother out. The son not only saves his motherbut also fulfilsa promise he made to himself of getting his momescape out of jailafter the unfair sentencing. Mom Jail break isthe story of a son'sattachment to his mother and on the day theunfair sentencing wasannounced he was in distress to get his momout of prison.You will be playing the son, whose mom has been jailedunfairly.Your mom has been a law abiding citizen and a modelcitizen of thecity. She has been wrongfully convicted in a case shehad no rolein. She was put behind bars by a corrupt jury and judgeswho wereon the payroll of the mafia gang boss of the city. Yousworn toyourself to get your mom out of the jail and beat the planof themafia gang boss by fighting the police guards. You will haveto gounder a disguise inside the prison to free your mom. Therearemembers of mafia gang boss who are police guards, who may trytostop you from breaking out your mom. Shoot & kill everycorruptpolice guard who is coming in your way. The adventurousprisonfight must result in a win to kill police guards who are onmafiagang boss payroll. Jail break & escape is not easy task,youhave to fight police guards and survive. You will have to makesureyou break your mom out with safety to a great escape.Mom Jail Break comes loaded with many features:√ Awesome and realistic 3D environment with crazy missions√ Combat Tools to fight criminal police guards in allmissions√ Great and intuitive user experience to get mom out of jail√ High quality graphics and animations√ Great fighting against jail police guards√ Thrilling missions for a son like you to kill√ Super fun to play attack, fight & kill like a fighter√ Excellent game plot, striving for survival and a herolikeoutcome√ Fight, Kill, Chase, Run and Prison Escape all in one game√ It’s FREE!!
Zombie Sniper Game 1.08
Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game is the newfreeshooting game of the year!You and your sniper rifle are the only survivors of azombieinfection. In this free shooter game a virus infected thewholeworld except you. All your city is infected and bloodiseverywhere. Shoot zombies in the head to be the best killer ofthecity and survive, or just become another zombie like them.InZombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game you will need to manage yourgunshipand bullets and kill every undead before they drive youtodeath!Pull the trigger and watch extreme kills with its slowmotioncamera! In this game you can make zombies bleed a tsunamibyshooting them on the face! Increase the counter of dead undeadandcompare yourself to your friends on Zombie Sniper Gun 3DCityGame's leaderboards! Thanks to TeknoAXE for their freemusic.Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game's features:---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Action game.- Realistic physics.- Accurate 3D sniper rifle.- Kills counter.- Leaderboards with your friends.- Amazing special effects and slow-mo camera!
Sniper Shooting 1.3
Sniper Shooting, free first person shooterFPSexperience that you have been dreaming for is now out. Playassniper assassin and complete global missions. This gamefeaturesgreat gameplay, awesome visuals, sound effects andentertainingmissions. And the best of all? It’s free to kill yourtime!Sniper Shooting is the most thrilling and challengingshootingexperience where you have to travel around the world tomakeheadshot of terrorist groups worldwide and help theinnocentcivilians out. Nowadays, terrorist organizations spreadchaos anddestructions every day in every corner of the world.People inParis, Rome, Ukraine etc. are suffering from terroristthreats. Youand the SWAT forces are the only hope to clearterrorist attacksand help those hostages out!Sniper Shooting Features:-free FPS gameplay-ultra optimized HD graphics and cool animation-three modes: LEVELS, CHALLENGES and SURVIVAL-a huge array of advanced weapons to use-heart-pounding sound effects taking to the frontline-realistic weather effects and new challenges added toyourmissions-intense battle scene and challenging missions-complicated situation, hijacked building & cross firingDownload the free Sniper Shooting and don’t miss the challengingPFSexperienceForget those dumb, receptive shooting games. Here, as elitesniperyour duty is including rescuing victims, innocent hostages,raceagainst time and quite bloody headshots in slow motion. But canyoucomplete the mission and kill the terrorists only hidden inthecrowd?Sniper Shooting is about to give you thrill and excitement byfungames for free!Play anywhereWhile playing Sniper Shooting, you don’t have to connectnetwork.Therefore, you can enjoy this cool game at anywhere youwant likerestroom, subway, car etc.Compatibility and supportWe are trying so hard to make this game run smoothly onandroiddevices and besides make this game more addictive andworthplaying. All you can do is support our hard work and downloadthisincredible PFS exoerience.More to comeWe are trying to make optional in-app purchase, at that time wewilloffer more advanced weapons and equipment. Therefore playershavemore optional choices!
Modern Deadly Sniper 1.3
Frontier deadly Sniper is an incredible testtoyour shooting skills and ability; perform well on this gameandbecome a good sniper assassin! This city sniper shooter strikeisone of the most popular frontline Commando Games. Aim and shoottheterrorist in this FPS game, this is a huge death assaultcitysniper game. On which have many interesting aiming shootingandaction you have never before see. On this game haveultra-realistic3d graphics and cool animation.The terrorist enemies have taken the city under control. Asaprofessional sniper shooter, you are called to defeattheterrorist. Take your sniper rifle and strike the city rivalsinthis battle. Kill the enemies in first person thrillinggame,allows user to experience one of the most thrilling experienceofsniper combat missions throughout the streets of grandcity.Protect your city by shoot all the enemy and anti-terroristaroundthe city.You’re brave sniper performing missions in different areaslocationsaround the city facing real enemies. Shoot and destroythe terroriston your assault rifles. Eliminate terrorists,criminals, anddangerous rivals. Aim carefully and shoot yourtargets fromdifferent place. The game mission is so exciting andthrilling toplay. On this game have 20 multiple difficult grandcity levels. Oneach level have different terrorist walk on thedifferent color ofclothes on the city. Your mission is to focusthe gun scope and readthe challenge mission to shoot the enemy.Complete all the missionsand become a best city combatsniper.Game Features:- Realistic 3D city Environment- Very smooth control of sniper guns- Improve your skills and accomplish critical levels- Optimize for all android devices- Addicting FPS game-play- Two lethal sniper guns- Multiple thrilling missions for your enjoyment
Sniper Shooter Desert Kill 3D 1.0.6
Experience the most awesome sniperkillinggame. Hold your breath and shoot your enemies by pulling thesnipertrigger. Hide and make a shot before they see you andcounterattack you with their guns. Aim for the head-shot withthisultimate sniper gun. Become a killing machine by findingyourenemies in desert and shooting them. Its time for action inwar,lets see what you got. Get rewards for eliminating your rivalsinthis stunning fps game. Be the best sniper, join others inthisgame and shoot to kill.How To Play:Touch the screen and move to aim the enemyEnemy will start attacking once they see youpress the scope button to shoot the enemy perfectlyDrag the zoom slider to kill accuratelyPress fire button to shootThe gun will be reloded automaticallyAim the head to kill the enemy by head-shotGame Features:*Ultra awesome 3D Graphics*Camouflage desert environment with huts and trees*Real looking army trucks and tanks*Realistic Sniper assault Gun with unlimited ammo*Instructions to play included*Easy and simple touch controls*Addicting levels with best game play*many unique locations and maps*Easy to play and much to master
Sniper Shooting Hunter 1.1
Sniper Shooting Hunter FPSActionSniperShooting Game. Fight against terrorists andgangsters.Counter Terrorist Shooting all functions:● AK47, MP5, M4 rifles, Shotgun, Sniper rifles,● Multiple weapons, sniping, assault rifles,shotguns,pistols,machine guns● Realistic 3D,high-quality 3D graphics● FPS action shooting snipe
City Sniper Thriller 1.1.2
City Sniper Thriller! Take place on rooftopsassniper killer in perfect first person shooting action gamedesignedfor action gamers to show sniper skills in modern combatarena.Peace city is becoming a crime city due to illegalactivities ofterrorists, so shoot to kill bloody enemy in one shotwith thissniper fps game to show gorilla commando skills. This iscall ofduty time for sniper headshot killer to take sniperkillshots inperfect shooting game with sniper assault missions forcommandoadventure shooting as a frontline commando.Commando soldier! You are the last hope to save city from havocinthrilling action game with kill shot bravo on modernwarfare.Advanced sniper game with top fps action to take sniperkillshotslike elite sniper to thrill, aim and shot at bloody army.Performas swat elite sniper in brutal enemy missions with perfectsnipersimulations using your specialized sniper skills as a swatmilitaryassassin in extreme shooting game.Prove yourself as sniper commando to aim and shoot in modernwarzonecombat arena a new genre in shooting games. City SniperThriller ismost advanced sniper commando game with city snipershooter anddeadly sniper missions. Complete elite sniper missionswiththrilling and exciting missions to show gorilla commandoskills intop fps game. Shoot as a commando secret agent toeliminate enemyform crime city like city sniper legend in citygangster missionsand to stop bloodshed wars.Aim and shoot ruthlessly showing no mercy on terrorists planningtoinvade on city, save the city from havoc with your snipershootingskills and prove yourself best sniper headshot killer. Showultracombat shooting skills in City Sniper Thriller with intensewarzonearena and challenging shooting missions to eliminatebloodycriminals from gangster city.Enjoy in sniper battlefield as a modern warzone sniperspecialistwith master sniper assassin gun shooting attack and proveyourselffrontline commando. Extreme shooting action sniper gameswith fpsaction using gorilla commando skills taking sniperkillshot. Youneed fast, accurate and ruthless shooting attack asenemy can runaway in little delay of kill shot. Prove yourself thebest snipercommando in thrilling action game called City SniperThriller.Download now and enjoy for free!How to play:• Swipe screen to aim at the target• Zoom to take perfect head shot• Don’t let your enemy run awayKey Features of City Sniper Thriller:• Stunning 3D high definition quality graphics• Breathtaking realistic visuals• Virtual purchasing shop to select and buy your favoritesnipergun• Five extremely challenging missions• Realistic shooting and sound effects• Different exciting game missions• Easy and intuitive control of modern sniper gunIf you like this game, please try other games by clicking “MorefromDeveloper” or by visiting our publisher account. And don’tforget torate and review.