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Elements Broken Lands 2.0.2
Team Chaos
Elements is a free multiplayer card combatRPGset in an original fantasy world and battle through campaignmode,fight other players in multiplayer, and trade 600+ cards inadynamic player-driven marketplace.STORYA corruption is spreading through the lands of Arastia. Anancientevil is leading a seemingly unstoppable darkness through theworld.The Goddess Isiria needs you to harness the limitless powerof thecreatures of Arastia as you seek to become a master of theelementsand take down the enigmatic evil that's intent on ignitinganapocalypse in Arastia.REVIEWS:"I'm impressed! The game looks beautiful and, more importantly,it'sfun and engaging. I'm really enjoying playing it." - AlexSeropian,Co-founder of Bungie the creators of Halo.FEATURES:• CUSTOMIZATION: Level up your Elementalist as you play throughbothQuests and the Arena, and use the additional power to levelup,enhance, and equip cards in your collection to make themuniquelyyours.• QUESTING: Your quest to save the Lands of Arastia fromthedestructive powers of the Corruption will take you throughmanyunique maps and locations, battle against hundreds of enemies,andearn unique rewards.• MARKETPLACE: Interact with a completely player-drivenMarketplace.You can buy, sell, and bid on cards using detailedinformation andtrending charts to help you figure out how to findthe best deals inthis supply and demand-driven economy.• MULTIPLAYER: Enter the arena to fight other players inladdermatches, and prove to everyone across the globe that yourdeck is athing of legend. Battle to the top of the leaderboards,increaseyour rank, and show your friends how much better you areateverything.• LEADERBOARDS: Leaderboards allows players to constantlycompetewith others in challenging battles. The rating system keepsplayerson a balanced scale, and allows users to view full reportson theirfriends as well as the top players in the game.• BOSSES: At the end of every continent, players will have thestateof their deck tested by the most powerful, dangerouscreatures inall of Arastia. Fight against the likes of Leviathan,Nidhogg, TheKraken, and Norbert the Star-Nosed Mole.
Clash of Elements v3.1.1
Clash of Elements is something morethanatypical puzzle game! It combines best features frompuzzlegamesand multiplayer world.The Element is in you! Just pick fire, wind, water,stone,earthor thunder. Name your character and start fightingwithyourfriends, random players or bosses.The fight starts with laying stones - powerful piecesofelementsthat you need to destroy to get either attack ordefencepoints. Asusual you can create combinations or specialpieces. Ifyou arereally smart and quick you can destroy youropponent withjust a fewswipes hitting him with great balls of fire,tsunamiwaves or giantstones.Are you ready to fight?*****Check out our video us on Facebook can also visit us at
Element Defense Lite 1.0.9
Element Defense is a tower defense game withanelemental setting. Build melee, range and wizard towers todefeatincoming creeps. Destroy elemental creeps to unleash thepower ofelementals. Call a dragon for help on hard waves. Gain XPby playingand purchase XP-upgrades (in full version). Survive in aland ofmyth, a time of magic and a threat of mightycreatures.Element Defense Lite is the free version of Element Defense. Itislimited to one single map and one difficulty. You can play afullgame, i.e. defeat creep waves up to level 50. However, thefreeversion is also limited to 2 elemental types (earth and air), cannot upgrade to fire, water and darkness tower types. Andyoucannot buy permanent tower upgrades from gained xp-points asinfull version.Get full version at: and User Comments:- Rated "very good" at "This game is AWESOME"- "Great game cool design"Who this app is for: people who like games such as RoboDefense,Fieldrunners or Grave Defense and who are looking for anelementalsetting (wizards, spells, etc).Tower defense, Tower defence, TD, Elemental, Element
Elements 1.03
Elements is a card-game-like Playervs.Playergame.Play online or hot-seat against your friends!Combine the 6 elements and use them correctly to winagainstyourfriends!Elements is the first project of GousooGames, consistingofonehobby developer and one hobby graphic designer.Let us know what you think!
Elements Revenge 1.2.1.
Mike Bezold
You thought the elements like to beabusedbymages for their own purposes? No! They were just waitingforamoment to take revenge. Now the talented magician Kijanhastolearn it the hard way. Althoug his reasons might havebeennobleand heroic, it doesnt change the fact that he hastakenadvantageof them. But Kijan knew what he was getting himselfintoand now hefaces the revenge with all his power. A path withmanydangersthrough the elements’ world lies upon him and onlythebelief in anend is all he has left. Help Kijan to make hiswaythrew theelements’ world and keep his hope alive!* Experience an endless runner in an atmospheric world !* Master the innovative system of obstacle eliminationandcontrolall four elements !* Compete with your friends and find out who isthebestmagician!
The Elements
Arcade game made in Unreal Engine 4usingonlyblueprints. I made it just for fun while learningUE4.It's not AAA game, but it give some fun, check it if you want:)If game will freeze on your device - check if youhaveinternetconnection. It's rare but possible that gamewillfreeze.
MonsterCrafter 1.7.1
Naquatic LLC
THE SEQUEL TO GUNCRAFTER!• DREAM IT. BUILD IT. BATTLE IT. SHARE IT •Craft your own pet monster. Train and care for it. Adventurethroughharrowing, boss-filled dungeons. Battle online against yourfriends,your enemies, or anyone in the world. MonsterCrafter iscrafting +digital pets + monster battling…and there has never beenanythinglike it.• PLAY YOUR WAY •If you can dream it, you can build it. Create your monster anywayyou like. The way you craft it, the way you train and careforit…EVERYTHING affects your monster's personality,companionship,and performance in battle!• ENDLESS CONTENT •The entire MonsterCrafter world is populated byplayer-createdmonsters! Every monster you see and battle has beencrafted bysomeone. Show them who's boss!• INSTANT MULTIPLAYER •Enter the multiplayer arena and get placed in a lag-freemultiplayermatch in 5 SECONDS. With Naquatic's exclusive QuickMatch system,you never have to stop playing. No waiting. Nolag.• JOIN OVER 50 MILLION GAMERS WORLDWIDE •And find out why Naquatic apps like Guncrafter and ShootingShowdownhave lit up the top charts and been featured by everyonefrom Appleto Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IGN, AppAdvice, andTouchArcade.