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Chess V+ 5.10.33
Regardless of your playing level,ZingMagic'smulti award winning Chess is a fun, stimulating andchallenginggame for beginners and champions alike.Chess is a two player game with a colourful history which canbetraced back to its Indian ancestor, Chaturanga. In 1291theArchbishop of Canterbury in England threatened clergy whocontinuedplaying Chess with a diet of bread and water.The game has flourished over the years and is now one of themostpopular board games in the world, requiring thought, skillandstrategy to become successful.The object of Chess is to capture the opponent's King. Tocapturethe King you must place it in check. If the King cannotescape byitself, or with the help of its army, it is in checkmateand theKing is captured.ZingMagic’s multi award winning Chess application supports over20levels of play allowing you to play moves or games againsttheclock or relax and play at your own pace. Whatever level ofChessyou choose, you can be sure that ZingMagic’s Chess will giveyou afun, stimulating and challenging game.Game features:* Play against the computer or another human player on thesamedevice.* Over 20 levels of play to suit your mood.* Award winning artificial intelligence engine which isparticularlystrong at expert levels.* Understands all Chess rules such as en passant captures,castling,under promotion, draw by repetition, perpetual check and50 moverule.* Support for alternate boards and pieces, including supertouchfriendly boards.* Full undo and redo of moves.* Show last move.* Show legal moves.* Show threatened pieces.* Hints.* Chess is just one of our large collection of best of breedclassicboard, card and puzzle games available for a wide rangeofplatforms.
XOX Game 3.2
Play a game of XOX, the classicalboardgamethat people used to play on black boards or papers.Test your self against the CPU! You can undo-redomoves,changethe dimensions of the board or restart any time youwant.
SOS Game (Modern Tic Tac Toe) 1.6.0
A game like tic tac toe but youshouldwriteSOS. It is also bigger game becouse you have 64 to 36blockstowrite.You can play with your friend on the same phone or you canplayviayour google account on the İnternet with your friends.And it is ONLINENABLE!Enjoy!
Backgammon Free 1.0.3
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Backgammon is a two player game whereplayingpieces are moved according to the roll of dice, and a playerwinsby removing all of his pieces from the board beforehisopponent.Features in game:- Great opponent AI.- Great graphics- Smooth game play.- free, Play as much as you want- Specifically optimized for Phones and Tablets- Works offline and without network, no need of wifi.- Undo button- Fun, excitement and entertainment!- Auto save gameBackgammon board game involves a combination of strategy andluck(from rolling dice). While the dice may determine the outcomeof asingle game, over a series of many games, the better playerwillaccumulate the better record. Thus, records of matchesbetweenplayers are good indicators of relative skill. With eachroll ofthe dice, players must choose from numerous options formovingtheir checkers and anticipate possible counter-moves bytheopponent. In variants that originate from early 20th centuryNewYork, players may raise the stakes during the game. There isanestablished repertoire of common tactics and occurrences.To start the Backgammon board game, each player rolls one die,andthe player with the higher number moves first using thenumbersshown on both dice. If the players roll the same number,they mustroll again. Both dice must land completely flat on theright-handside of the game board. The players then alternate turns,rollingtwo dice at the beginning of each turn.Play this board game for free!
Pandamonium 1.6.1
Pandamonium is 1-2 player game.The objective of the game is to capture the tiles of theboardandscore more points than the opponent.Features:- 4 play levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert- Statistics against the AI for all levels: Trackyouplayhistory- 2 player mode: Play against your friends- 21 achievements to unlock- A tutorial to get you to speed