Top 24 Games Similar to Subway Venture Game

Subway Princess Jungle Run 3.0
2015 Subway Princess Jungle Run Game .This is the thrilling and exhilarating Subway PrincessJunglerunning game. Enjoy the run through the mysterious junglewith oursubway princess.You will be faced with unknown dangers, unthinkable obstacles,fearand much much more...So what are you waiting for? Subway Princess is waitingonYou!The Subway princess jungle running game will have you playingforhours. The subway princess runs, the princess races and you havetoensure she gets through all those obstacles! So are you gamed?Andready to play Subway Princess through the hours and hours ofgameplay!All your friends will be playing our Subway running gamewithyou.There are many levels and you will graduate to higher levels asyouget better with Subway Princess. We guarantee that thisPrincesrace game will keep you busy for hours and hours regardlessif youare a casual or an expert player.The game has tense rhythm, amazing graphics, and smoothcontrolfeelings.Are you itching to find out how to play with Subway Princess?-Simply install and open Subway Princess Jungle Run game app.-Click the start button and enjoy a quick fun game.Help the subway princess reach her goals now!We welcome all comments and idea on how to improve oursubwayprincess jungle game, so please feel free to contact us viaourdeveloper contact button and share your ideas.Please don’t leave game change requests for Subway Princess inthecomments, instead contact us. We try to read each and everycommentbut sometimes with many comments coming in we might missyouridea.
Subway Sonic Surf Run 1.2
Rapido Games
From the creators of Soni subway Rush isanaward winning adventure-scrolling action that takes place inabeautiful lush forest, full of funny people monster, flowersandtrees. like Paradise Although the forest has air straight out ofafairy tale, the atmosphere seems very strange empireOff-roadzombie lego ... You control one of the inhabitants of theforestcastle rush to find out what's going on.3D Run Fast Animals Run is a 3D you can show off yourjumping,shooting, and sliding skill to collect the highest coinsforupgrading. Run and dash throughout the castle. Rushing theendlessgame and pick up free special items you must not miss out.Enjoythe high quality graphic and exciting music.Features:Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.One on One Multiplayer Race Off-roadExciting Powerups minions and upgradesAvoid Bad-guys and Jungle animals Spider chicken .Controls :Touch the screen anywhere to jump and Hold to Fly.Tap to jump- Solo Campaign with 90 exceptional levels, and many more to comeinfuture updates- Intuitive controls combined with an innovative designlevels- Experience stunning heroes audio-visual game- Supports Android phones and tablets- More levels and content to come in future updatesWe expect all players Super Hedgehog ninja and supersoniParadise adventure have a great time playing it, please rateandthanks for playing
Subway Nano Ninja Surfer 1.03
You have just found the #1 cartoonyendlessrunner.In the game the ninja run away from a black tiger to savehislife.The black tiger chase him and he run....Let playthisgame you will have an run trips. Break, jump over, slide underanddodge obstacles for a non-stop run. Sometimes you can surf intheground, jump and acrobatic and more action.You are theperfectlittle ninja in the universe!Features:- Cute 3D toon graphics- Various types of ninjas to select- Huge variety of obstacles- 8-bit music track- Free to play- More bonus with items: magnet,magic shoes,jetpack andpogojumper.HOW TO PLAY- Swipe to ESCAPE from obstacles- JUMP to avoid blocks- DUCK to avoid being hit- SHOOT stars to break objects- RACE as fast as possible!- Very EASY CONTROLS (swipe and touch Screen)Go as far as possible and collect coins to beat your FRIENDS!
Temple Subway Run Mad Escape 1.2
Temple Subway Run Mad EscapeEnjoy this exciting and cool Temple Subway Run Mad Surfer game,this is an adventure, endless and fun temple running game,Downloadthis free today and Run Subway Mad Surfer fast as you canin thenice and 3D Challenge environment and collect more and morecoins.Avoid from hurdles in the run path within temple. In thisRunSubway Mad Surfers you must need to avoid hurdles collectmorecoins by Jump, Slide, Sidestep and flat out run away in thisall 3Dendless fun running game.Let us download this free Temple Subway Run Mad Surfers gameandstart to play you will have a run trips. Some time you can surfinthe ground, jump and acrobatic and more action. Within thegameplay you will see the hurdles, fire drums and gates. You mustavoidthese, jump, slide up, slide down and move left or right toavoid.This game will check how your agility is. Dash the screen asfastas you can or you will be defeat.Temple Subway Run Mad Surfer is a newsubwayrunning 3D game in 2016. Hope this Temple Subway Surfers isone ofthe best Temple runner 3D games available on Playstore.Temple Subway Run games are more popular games due to lots ofthrilland excitement in the game play. Explore this thrillingandchallenging Game for Free!Play temple run subway surfers endless runner path andavoidobstacles, flames in the run pathRun as much as possible and collect coinsCollect coins, slide up on screen to jump, slide down to rollandcross the gatesSlide left or right to avoid obstacles and flamesFun and addictive game playSmooth control and thrilling paceEnjoy this awesome, beautiful and adventure running game intemple.This is free for all enjoy the endless running 3Dgame.This furious running game gives you many hours of nonstopgamingfun. If you have any suggestions or ideas to improve thisTempleSubway Run Mad Surfers game, Please share feedback with us,we willtry our best to improve in the future updates.Thanks a lot!
Run Subway Run 3D 1.1
Speed Up, Jump, Crouch and Run as Fast asyouCan with Run Subway Run!There are a lot of runnig challenges,youcan discover it.Endless runnig exxperience with excitingpowerupsto create a thrilling running adventure. More bonus withmanyfeatures will make you happy.Colorful and vividHDgraphics!Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!Game Features:--Excellent HD graphics-3D fantasy game play-Best 3D environment!-Upgrade new characters-Unlock new power ups-Exciting and Fun PLAY!How to Play:-*Swipe your fingers to move left and right.*Swipe your finger to jump.If you have any problem in installation, please report to us.Wewill try to fix it as soon as possible.
Subway Kitty Cat Run Rush 1.0
Subway Kitty Cat Run Rush amazingandFreeAction Fantasy Running Game ever played!!Enjoy the adventurous run through the mysterious city and trytobeathigh score in this new challenging game for yourmobilephone.Help Hello Kitty Cat to jump all gaps and get all thecoinsyoucanYou can halt and watch the moving obstacles to avoid the fallinthisunique running game.Enjoy to be a Hello Kitty Cat !Finish your race fast and crazy!Amazing game features with exciting game play.Experience the Smooth controls for running & jumping.Get past all the hurdles on your path and find a way outofthecity...The path is full of suspense and unlimited action.Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.Feature:- Collect more coins to achieve high score- Lovely character with funny emotion- 9 levels you can play and more levels will by add infuture.- Mind the gap and the obstacles on the road.How to Play:--Tap your phone/tablet on right side to shoot and zoomin&out-Tap on left side to navigate the areaIts a running game where you need to crossdifferentobstacles,overcome dangers while collecting as many coinsas youcan to scorethe highest.And hope you have fun with this game.Beat Your friends high scores!!
Subway Hunter Run 1.0
Subway Hunter Run is a new MEGAHITfantasyadventure runner game. Play as the human archer andclashall theincoming ancient monsters and illusion creatures.Lotsofchallenging levels and BEAT your friends high score asyouSURFdown the castle railway at top speed! The HEAT is onintheextremely addictive and FUN game ever! In a brilliantmixofRUNNING and JUMPING for hours of gameplay!Features★★★ Addictive and fun gameplay★★★ Smooth touch control★★★ Amazing graphics and soothing background music★★★ Fast-paced rhythm and movementHow to play:# Tap the screen to jump# Avoid incoming monster# Collect all the gold coins for higher score and bonusesDownload this top rated game today!
Super Subway Marion World 2016 1.0
In a far far away land, there live asuperboywho believes he can protect the world from the darkmagic.Hefights hard, work hard every day to keep the peace in theworldhelives in. This game shows an interesting storyline ofMariongoingthrough his daily challenges.[Guide]+Tap to run and jump+Avoid all obstacles+Collect coins for higher scores[Game Highlights]+Amazing Graphics+Beautiful Background Music and Sound Effect+Interesting Gameplay+Up to 100 Challenging Levels+Free to PlayDownload and play Super Subway Marion World 2016!
Subway Train Adventure 2016 1.0
Subway Train Adventure 2016 is a thrillingNEWfun game for android! Super fun and addictive gameplay ofrailwaysbackground with fast moving trains on coming !!! Rush andjumptowards obstacles for more levels n gold coins! Challengeyourfriends to be the best adventurer and beat your high score!Surfdown the railroad tracks at top speed while dodging thefastincoming trains in this endless runner fun!Several different levels of subway train maps available forextraleisure gaming experience!Subway Train Adventure 2016 Game Features:*** Super fun and addictive gameplay*** Attractive subway train backgrounds matched withcolorfulgraphics*** The more gold coins you collect, the higher score you willget!Beat your friends!*** Tap to control the girl for flying, jumping andevendashing!*** Retro music and fun game styleDownload Subway Train Adventure 2016: the best top running gameonmarket FREE now!!!
Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park 1.0
Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park is one ofthetopgames in playstore!The best game of to achieve maximum levels goal and collectasmanycoins as you can tobeat the high scores!Join Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park Game as they racetogatherforgold coins andmoney. This exciting and fun this games has HDgraphicsandwonderful character. Kids andChildren loves the character of Motu and Patlu very muchastheyare famous. Subway MotuPatlu Snow in Park is a fun adventure game thatwillprovideenjoyment and excitementthrough an adventure! So get this game for FREE now!!!Features:>>>More than 103++ super addictive levels>>>Suitable for kids from age 5 to 16>>>Suitable for ALL TYPE of PHONES>>>Motu Patlu style gameplay>>>REE TO PLAY - Totally Free! No purchase required!!!DOWNLOAD Subway Motu Patlu Snow in Park game onallAndroiddevices for FREE today!FREE Download this Game NOW!!Rate 5 stars and leave comments if you enjoy it!
Subway Ladybug Game 1.0
Download Subway Ladybug Game game nowtostartplaying!Run and Jump with Challenging New Map levels for Android now!Have fun in this new top rated and amazing action game forFREE!Thisgame features addictive game play, tense rhythmandmiraculousgraphics. Challenge your friends and family to seewhohas thehighest score.Be careful on the road and don't forget to collectallthebutterflies!!Help the lady ninja to complete all level quests andunlockthemysterious secret ending! Avoid all the dangerousmonsters,wackyobstacles and crazy fast moving objects in order tofinisheachlevels. But beware, the difficulty increases asthegameprogresses.Remember to find secrets and unlock extras to get the most outofthegame.You can tap anywhere on the screen to jump and double taptodoublejump!Ladybug is the super ninja hero that need your help todefeatthevillain in this epic side scrolling adventuretimethroughchallenging levels of running and jumping.Download this game for FREE!★ EXPLORE – Various city, beautiful location★ SMOOTH – Smooth and simple finger touch control★ BEAUTIFUL - Miraculous colorful graphics★ ACTION – Awesome game play that will keep youentertainedforhours!★ DODGE – Race pass obstacle with top speed!Enjoy the game & leave a feedback to help us improve!Download now!
Temple Belle Princess Run 1.0
Download and play Temple Belle PrincessRun–the latest endless princess running game! This gameiscategorizedas arcade and action game which is suitable and safeforall ages!Temple Belle Princess Run offers a challenginggameplaywith up to90++ exciting levels.“The BEAST! The BEAST” she shouted. A horrible lookingbeastisattacking the castle. Princess Belle is running for herlife. Tobeable to survive, she needs to pick her belonging andsomecastletreasures. Avoid getting hit by obstacles by dodgingandjumping.Collect gold coins as you’re dashing throughthelevels.You don’t want to miss this thrilling adventure withPrincessBellein the enchanted castle!Download and play Temple Belle Princess Run today! Be thefirsttomark the highscore!
Subway Kids Runner 3D 1.0
3D Run Game
Subway Kids Runner is the best free 3Drunningand jumping game. With Subway Kids RunnerBe a crazy kid for a day and RACE through the city!There are many dangerous obstacles here, and the kid must doherbest to run, jump and fly to pass it.More power-ups, diamonds and coins are waiting for you.Run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of differentandWACKY obstacles in this crazy new endless running game!Features Subway Kids Runner:- Simple and precise touch controls.- Amazing graphic, sound effect funny!- New level mode with subway- 5 rolesGame Play:- Control car directions by gravity-sensor toavoidobstacles!- Collect coins on your way to buy new cars and power-upsinShop!- Collect power-ups on your way to get special game effects!If you love Subway Surfers then you will love this coolFREErunning game!
Urban Jumper 1.5
Urban Jumper is an action game thatwillmakeyou look and dive at each hop. Jump into the landscape ofthegameby learning what it takes to be more rapid. Advancing,collectthemaximum possible points in rapid in this lively andveryaddictivegame. Let's see how fast you can reach the end andbecomea truemaster Jumper !!
Mister Bee Running Subway 1.0
Mister Bee Running SubwayThe point of Mister Bee Running is to run and jumpacrosstheobstacles Subway for collecting as many coin until youreachtheend of the level.The music included is a simple . Havefun&Enjoy !
Subway Run Surfers 1.2
Subway Run Surfers is the 3Dfantasygame.Run, jump, dash and slide over and around tons of differentandwacky obstacles in this crazy new endless running game.Feel the real Hd water surfers and amazing game play. Jointheultimate run saga. Forget the temple, jungles and subwaystationsawait you. Subway Run Surfers is a action packed game. Thesuperheroes run and jump fantasy. There are a lot of challenges,you candiscover it. More bonus with many features will make youhappy.Some Features:-Nice graphics and sounds-Addictive scenario-Easy to controls-More environment.-Excellent hd graphics-3d fantasy game play-Best 3d environment!-Upgrade New characters-Unlock new power ups and upgrades-Exciting and fun play!-New unique water surfers-Crazy run achievements-Share your best score on leader board-Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices-Best hd gameplay in tablets!-It's a free game!How to play?*Swipe your fingers to move left and right.*Swipe your finger to jump and slide.*Tap to throw.Please download free game Subway Run Surfers now. It's free!ManyThanks
Run Subway Surfer Ninja 1.0
Run Subway Surfer Ninja is an amazingstoryabout journey of Ninja. In this adventure, he must run inthesubway and get enough target coins to chase with time and savetheworld. The Ninja must jump on subway over monsters and obstaclestoavoid be killed.It's a 3d game and free.How to play+ Tap to jump+ Double taps to roll jump+ Swipe forward to get target spider silk and swing+ Swipe backward to stoop+ Run and jump over monster to avoid venomPlease download Run Subway Surfer Ninja for play
Subway spiderman Run Free 1.0
Subway spiderman Run .Games is Fun and easytoplay. Sound makes the game exciting as possible. If youlikerunning the surfers game, Temple game, Infinity Run game andsunwaygame, you will love this game.Subway spend time to help Subway spiderman Run in hisadventurelife, run away and jump over obstacles, a free game whichyou canplay with your kids, friends.spiderman Run game is so easy you just have to collect coins soyoucan unlock many other levels and characters.Would you like to take part in the challenging andthrillingadventure. Let’s do it!Thank you for your download!
Run Subway Ninja 2 1.0
Run Subway Ninja 2 is a veryinterestingrunning game. The ninja run and jump fantasy on subway.There are alot of challenges, you can discover it. More bonus withmanyfeatures will make you happy.+How to play:-Drag to move left,right-Drag up to jump-Tap to throw+Hope you get happy and give suggestion to your friends.Please install Run Subway Ninja 2 today and play it. It'sfree
Subway Dragon Run 1.6
Woo Woo
Speed Up, Jump, Crouch and Run as Fast asyouCan with 3d game runner!Subway Dragon Run is a free game with a lot of challenge.RunRunRunning Game !Best game of 3D runner games.How to Play Subway Dragon Run Surfers :1. Collect as many coins as you can.2. Avoid all obstacles you see.Compatible with ALL devices. Download this game for FREE today!Enjoy the Subway Dragon Run Surfers , beautiful graphicsandsmooth control feelings. Do not forget to collect as many coinsaspossible to beat you friend’s high score!Help Dragon to pass all the challenges to save her onetruelove!
Subway Princess Bus Rush Run 1.0
Subway Princess Bus Rush Run is afunbasedentertaining 3D game. Subway Princes Run isawesomeinfinityrunning game created on the unique idea of infinityrunningwherethe princess is running on the road and collectingcoins.SubwayPrinces Running on road in the Rush. You can call itagirlyversion game of running which based on pleasantversionofgraphics. You need to let your princess run long enoughand inavery smart way. There are Obstacles and Rush on theroadaccordingto the level. Another amazing part is the coincollectingschema ofthe game. As there are so many coins availableso SubwayPrincesBus Run Rush needs to collect them they willfurther givesyou theopportunity to gain points, more power thingsavailable inthisgame. So keep collecting coins and enjoy all of thenewfeatures ofthis Subway Princess Run Rush. Make a superrunnerprincess withwhich you can enjoy the game with morejustifiedtactics.Subway Princess Bus Rush RunGameFeatures:Perky aspect orientation of this game will enhancetheenjoyingfactor.Simulation effects are given in high detail format.Music is well coordinated with all the occurring happenings.3D graphical display make this game more incredible.Passionate and exiting environment is available and this willleadtomake a passionate game rhythm.One touch easy controls and effortless swipes availabilityinthisgame, gives it a real world feel.Every new level has its crazy deal points to catchbytheplayer.Architecture of the game is incredibly advance and movethefunelement to a new level.Subway game sceneries were styled so formerly that itkeepstheinterest of the player intact.Face the mysterious hazard presented by the developersaccordingtothe environment for you to pass it.How to play:You need to run fast and collect coinsAvoid other Traffic i.e buses, trucks, ambulances etc.andotherhurdles.For sideways movement you need to swipe the princess to theleftorthe right side.If you see an obstacle coming towards you and you need tojumpthenyou drag up to jump for your protection.There would be chances for you to slide in that case you needtodragthe princess down.You should try to collect all the available coins as coinsareveryhelpful for you to unlock secret closures.More avatars are available for the princess but one neededplentyofcoins to open them.This will be easily downloaded and installed within youdevices.Itdid not need internet connectivity to play it. So one canadoreitanywhere and everywhere. This Subway Princess Bus RushRungamewill keep entertaining you for as long as you want.Itseyecatching graphics and views can make anybody amused withit.Sodon’t get late download it now and start playing.
Super Dadio : Adventure run 1.0
Super Dadio : Adventure run is abestadventureand jumping world game !The game is very simple just tap the screen to let Dadiojumpandrunand Collect Coins as many as you can,do not fallofftheground.*Super Dadio is a platform game in the style of classic gamesThis running and jumping game is especially developed forkidsandchildren! Get hours of fun time in this classic platformgame.Features :-More than 100 levels grouped into 3 levels-played by any user of any age- Tablet and phone support- great Sound and music- 2D graphics- Great Sounds and Graphics.- High-quality graphics- Game is free- Personal idea inspired by the turtle ninja- Suitable for children and kidsIf you are a great fan of old school retro styleplatformergamesthen this one is definitely for you.Don`t hesitate! Download Super Dadio : Adventure run
My Fairy Tales+ 1.2.0
"My Fairy Tales+" is a novel typedatingsimulation game.Classic Fairy Tales Do Come True!?1. Story introductionThe story begins with you working hard every day just to becomeagreat magician.One day, you accidently found a strange door atgrandma’shouse.Out of curiosity to find out what’s behind the door, you enterandsince couldn’t get out of it.In order to get back where you come from, you have to fulfillarequirement that is to make someone happy in this world. Here comes the chance to make your own fantasy fairy tales inthismasculine version of two classic stories.Happily ever after?2. Features1) Male fairytale characters in this mysterious romanticstory2) Players decide their love of endings3) Beautiful still graphics
subway running boy 1.0
New subway running boy is a fastpacedrunningbased jumping game.Tap screen or trackball to jump to avoid obstacles inyourworldadventure!Control the subway running boy and collect as much skate andgemsyoucan.Simple game rule for kids but it's surprisingly challenging.Enjoy to be a subway running boy!/**How to play this subway running boy **\* Catch the coins for score* Mind the stars and the obstacles on the road./**Features For This new subway running boy *\195 levelsPhone and Tablet sipportVery funny.Good luck . enjoy :)