Top 23 Games Similar to Super Adventure Mario World

Guide(for Super Mario) 1.3.0
chen xinting
"Super Mario Brothers" is produced in1985,thefamous horizontal clearance version of the game, as the1983game"Mario Brothers" sequel launched at FC NES. In the game"SuperMarioBrothers", the player controlling Mario from Bowser'shandstryingto rescue Princess Peach (later became PrincessPeach).Mario'sbrother Louis only the second player to join inthegame'smultiplayer mode, which plot and character Marioidentical,butLuigi Bimaliao jump higher, run Bimaliao slow.Classic style, exciting experience, come withusfighttogether!* We follow-up will bring more classic arcadeGuide(includingGame Cheats and clearance techniques) to you, cannot lettheclassic be forgotten, so stay tuned!
Super Bros World 1.0.0
Super Bros World as in classicplatformgameswith a journey of super smash boy. In the super world,supersmashboy must pass so much threats to run to target superworld.Super Bros runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemiesinthemed levels. Super Smash have simple plots, typicallywithsupersmash boy rescuing the kidnapped Princess fromtheprimaryantagonist. These include a multitude of power-ups anditemsthatgive Mr Bros special magic powers such asfireball-throwingandsize-changing into giant and miniaturesizes.Super Bros World is one of the most popular and enduringseriesofall time.Super Bros World the legend of Smash Bros games bringyourchildhoodback!Features Of Super Bros World- Great graphics and music.- 80 levels free.- 4 super worlds unlock free when play to end ofthatsuperworld.- Many items: mushroom, flower, shield, hidden blocks...- 7 leaderboard: top score, top coins, toplevels,topkilled...- 26 achievement: level unlock, make coins, killed...What are you waiting for? Play Super Bros World now!
Super World Mario 1.5
Super World Mario is a smash junglejourneyofsuper boy and his bros. In heat jungle, classic Mario mustrunandpass so much threats to run to target smash world. Onhisroad,Mario can use weapon to kill monster but weapon ishiddeninsomewhere.Help him run over the smash jungle, collect coins andavoidenemiesthroughout an adventure journey across levels tosavehisbrosRun and jump through 32 beautiful levels classic wordwithincreasingdifficulty!If you are fan of super platform game mario andexploring,thisgame is your best choice![How to play]+ Use button to jump, move and fire+ Find weapon in flowers[Features]+ Clean and colorful graphics+ Smooth user interface+ Music and sound effects+ Play for all ages+ So many smash world+ Game is free, no purchase required.+ Suitable for kids and children+ Phone and Tablet supportThis is a fun game for everyone. Let's play Super WorldMario
Turtle vs. Zombies 3.4.24
"Turtle vs. Zombies" is an award-winning classicalplatformerthrough 68 exciting levels. You need help the turtle todefeatzombies and save the world.1. STORY:In November 2093 AD, because of human beings’ excessiveexploitationof natural resources and unreasonable kill creatureson the earth ofwithout discrimination, aliens who have entered thestage of highercivilization decide to punish human beings bydestroying them. Theyformulate a virus for human gene and spreadit all around the world.This virus is spread through blood. Oncepeople are infected, themortality is 100%. What's worse, deadpeople will be resurrectedafter death, however, they becomehorrible zombies without anythoughts.Heroes who own dual genes of human being and tortoisesavethemselves from this catastrophe because of their specialgenes.Also, due to their outstanding physical qualities, they canfightwith those zombies with their bare hands. As a result, theydecideto take up the important task to save human beings.Heroes’ master investigate it and, by accident, find thatbecausethe interstellar law require aliens to aliens to offer achance tolive for any punishment against any species in order toreserve afew outstanding individuals of this specie, those alienssave theantibodies of the virus. They hide these antibodies ineight placesand they are guarded by particularly strong zombiemonsters. Ourheroes must try to find out these lifesavingantibodies as soon aspossible.Players, let us assist our heroes and save the world fromthepurgatory now! You will love this game so much that you cannotbearto part with it!2. STANDS OUT WITH:# 68 colorful levels.# 8 different style worlds.# 20 sorts of zombies.# Physics engine in the world.# Smooth simple operation.# Fresh and beautiful visual style.3. KEY POINTS:# Collect bullets to kill zombies, or jump to zombie’s head tokillthem.# Collect coins, 100 coins can be exchanged for a life.# Get power ups, including run faster, jump higher, armor, andgetmore time.# Notice the use of the terrain, sometimes need use wall jump togoup and sometimes have to rely on the rope glides over awideditch.# Remember to collect the stars, you can get more bonus points.
Golden Mario Adventure 1.0
Golden Mario Adventure is a simpleandreallyadventurous running game with good graphics andsoundeffectsGolden Mario Adventure is a game where Super Golden Marioneedstocollect stars and avoid all the obstacles . Help him toacrossallthe levels and be the first one between your friends toendthegame.Download Impossible Golden Mario World. It's free.How To Play:1.Just tap the screen and Golden Mario jump on subway.2.Collect stars as many as you can.3.Run to the end of the Game to make Super Golden Mariopassthelevel.FEATURES :High-quality games, phone games and tablets !105+ Challenging Levels Survival .Different Game Modes .Free and fun.!!!--- So what are you waiting for ?? Download the Gamenowandhave Fun ---!!!
Super Marco Jump 2.17
- Marco need help to complete his journey ,andpass all 80 levels- Use the virtual controller on the screen to controlMarco.You can run, jump and fight with many enemies.- Your task in this game , is to control jungle world ,avoidtraps, kill the boss enemies and others.How to play ?:• Left and right arrows to move left or right• Button to skip character .• Button buying power switch to superhero and shooting fire .
Super Adventure of Jabber 5.0.3119
Super Jabber Jump got over 15milliondownloads! From the same creators comes: Super AdventureofJabber! Be ready to enjoy this jumping and running game! Nevermissit!Jabber’s hometown was invaded and destroyed by unexpectedmonsters.They rob Jabber’s ancestral gem. Jabber was all alone! Heneedsyour assistance badly. Go help him take his hometownback!Run, jump and explore the arcades. Travel across dangerousforest,volcano, desert, swamps, machine room, etc. Collect coins,gold,hammers to help you defeat the Monster!Super Adventure of Jabber Features☆ 90 new levels☆ A Jabber with 3D appearance☆ 6 scenarios with magnificent graphics☆ 22 different monsters from the former versions☆ Jabber can transform his size, marvelous experience!Please note this: each world ends with a FINAL BOSS! Challengehim!Explore those tough levels with a relaxed mood. Secret tunnelsareready to show you surprises! Download for free and havefun!
Super Adventure for Mario 1.2
Jass Apps
Super Jungle World for Mario is ajourneyofsuper boy, his name is Mario. This is really good if youwere afanof Super Adventures !!! You will find your self playingoverandover again. The last level is definitely a hard one.Inheatjungle, Super Adventure must pass so much threats to runtotargetworld. On his road, You are the first persongamingexperienceemotional and exciting. You will enjoy adventuresfull ofdangerwith Super Hero.No need to explain how this will remind you of ourfavoriteplumberbut it’s definitely another 8 bit Super Jungle WorldforMariostyle game the older geeks will appreciate.Super Jungle World for Mario fans are complainingthattheircreations are being removed from the game without areasonorexplanation.The company should explain to the fans that they havechangedtheprocess. If not, they should still tell them about thestagesandwhy they are being removed from the game**** [How to play]*****- Use button to jump, move and fire- Find weapon in thunderstorm- Kill enemies by firing or jumping on their head***** [Features]****- Addictive game-play- +100 levels- Nice graphics- Addictive gameplay- Challenging level design- Fun for all ages
Super NES 3.5.8
hu yansheng
the classic arcade game ofchildhoodmemories
Jumper Mario World 1.0
Mario, the legend character is back!Mario Jumper is an arcade game that is easy to play buthardtomaster!Jump and collect Coins, but there’s to many obstaclesandmonstersthat will challenge you to collect those coins.In favor to be the master of hitting the top scoreofthisgame.Try this arcade game with your friends and showthemyourskills.-------------------------------------------------Features :- 2 Power-Ups:- Magnet- Shield- LeaderBoardThe Gameplay is simple just touch to fly!Good Luck.!
Geometric Pixel Dash 1.0
Jump Jump.Prepare for a nearimpossiblechallenge of Pixel Dash game. Cross designedlevels.Rhythm-basedLevels.Fly and flip your way through dangerouspassages and spikyobstacles.Walk through the clutter of geometry, challenge yourlimits!Simpleone touch game play that will keep you entertained forhours!PlayImpossible Dash, Dash and Jump,enjoy it as much as youcan!Game Features• Rhythm-based Levels!• Varied your characters,no need unlock!• Clean and colorful graphics• Phone and Tablet support• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!
Mr Pean Adventure World 1.3
Mr Pean Adventure World - New freerunning&jumping game.Collect coins, avoid different obstacles tocompletealllevels.Easy to play just touch the screen to jump!It is a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!Mr Bean features:- Nice graphics- Easy to play- 3 level packs and 105 levels- Game is free, no purchase requiredSo what are you waiting for..just go and download yourcopyofthis amazing game ( Mr Pean Adventure World ) and havefun.
Dwarf castle run world 1.1
This is your game.dwarf castle run worldislikebeing in a worldstar e n.This amazing adventure in jungleandcastleworld.Just tap the screen and Flash jump on subway. Youhaveto bethe super dwarf in jungle game. Challenge yourself andpassthemaximum levels.Be passive aggressive player, it depends on junglecastlegamesituation.**Game FEATURE**- Do not fall off the subway ground.- Endless Runner with great graphics and fun animations.- Play for all ages- High-quality graphics.- Avoid Bad-guys, Jungle animals and Obstacles.- mobile games, phone games and tablets!- There are many obstacles .- This game for everyone who loves impossible castle gamesinjungleworld.Share this game with your friends on Facebook and Instagram.
Huey 1.4
Huey is a tribute to the time where classic2dplatformers like Super Mario World and Sonic ruled thegameconsoles. Guide Huey through various levels, gather variouspickupsand avoid dangerous enemies as you try to reach the levelexit.Run, roll, ride, swim and climb your way through exoticworlds,explore hidden areas and fight challenging level bosses.Features:5 different worlds with more than 30 levels25 unique enemiesChallenging boss fightsFilled with secrets and hidden areasColorful pixel graphicsOriginal soundtrackSuggestions:If you run into problems or you have any suggestions that couldhelpus improving the game, please feel free to contact us and wewilltry to resolve any issues with the game.Already a fan?LIKE US: US: US: US:
Super Mega Runners:Stage maker Create your game 13.8
Stage Maker available! You can make yourownstage and share it with other players.Retro style run and jump platform game!Simple controls! Lots of fun!Reach the goal with your super mega runner!■Run and Jump!Tap quickly for a little jump.Tap and hold for a higher jump.Master the jump technique to clear the athletic stages!■Power-Ups!Hit and destroy "!" blocks for special items.Get mega big with a strawberry and destroy everything on yourway,or get extra rich with a banana!■Mega Runners!President Abe, Army Guy, Mister Tee, and more!Each runner has their own characteristics!■Stage MakerYou can make your own stage and share it with other players.
Super leps World 4 : Adventure 1.0
This game have really nice leveldesign,makingthe game challenging!Many delicate levels!Many different enemiesSimple and convenient gameplayamazing graphicsPlease download Super leps World 4 : Adventure
ABXY Lite - SNES Emulator 1.2
The best SNES Emulator for Android!The ABXY was developed with the purpose of providing for fansofgames, the closest experience you have with the SNESconsole.New features will be available every day for our PRO users.We will be attentive to requests for support and suggestions senttoour email and chat support.★ Save your progress in any game and continue wheneveryouwant;★ With ABXY PRO you do not need coins to load saved games orplayonline;★ Multiplayer mode (online mode) has been optimized to provideanexperience without lags;★ Support for SMC, FIG, SFC, 7z and ZIP formats;★ The continued development of ABXY makes this applicationevenbetter;★ Low cost and the same benefits offered by competitors;LEGAL: Super Nintendo game software sold separately.ABXYemulator (“ABXY”) users must obtain self-created and privatelyusedbackup copies of rightfully owned physical video gamecartridgesfor use with the ABXY. Any such copies used with the ABXYmustcomply with permitted personal copies made in accordance with17U.S.C. § 117(a)(1). Any video game software copies made forusewith or by the ABXY shall not be distributed to others, onlineorotherwise.This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsedorlicensed in any way by Nintendo Company, Ltd., its affiliatesorsubsidiaries. “Super Nintendo” and “Nintendo” areregisteredtrademarks of Nintendo of America, Inc. Any and all videogamesoftware screen shots and related images that are simulated bytheABXY and available on this ABXY Google Play listing, theABXYwebsite (, ABXY software user interface oranyABXY promotional material (collectively “Emulated Content”)isproperty of their respective copyright owners. EmuDroid Games’useof any Emulated Content is only for the purpose ofprovidingcomparative advertising to inform customers of the ABXY’abilitiesand functionality in a truthful and non-deceptivemanner.
Super Adventure World of Mario 2.5
Med TM
Super Adventure Worlds of Mario isactionadventure game show with amazing graphics and realisticphysics.B-daman and Asterix . Obelix Feel the speed as younegotiate yourway through obstacles in this unique game!super kario Bros Adventure Worlds offers a series ofchallengingobstacles for you to navigate and complete. Run, climb,jump,crawl, and swim your way through 20 beautiful andchallengingenvironments. The pace goes from fast to relentless withthe aim oftesting your speed and endurance. B-daman et Obelix.There’s notime to waste, but how many stages can you survive?Collect coins and run for your life as the hero Chuck Ace,theadventurer Miranda Rose, or the powerful Blowing Wind.Completemissions, escape danger and become a Real Adventurer ifyou've gotwhat it takes...Run through the jungle, survive a rush of obstacles in a lostcity,and hold on for dear life in the mysterious temple! A realrunnercould do it!Rush past wild obstacles in a Aventure de Mario, jump overcolumnsor broken trees, and slide fast under dangerous traps.Super Adventure Worldsas fast as you can!Super Adventure Worldsthe oncoming trains!Help Mario, Tricky & Fresh Jungle.Game Features:- Colorful and vivid graphics- 20 gorgeous organic environments with 40 welldesignedlevels- Choose from 4 contestants and customize them the wayyoulike- 50+ obstacle elements and 27+ achievements- Hoverboard Surfing!- Paint powered Super Worlds Mario!- Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!- Challenge and help your friends!Join the most daring chase!
Arcade Game Room 11
yu xingyue
That was a classic age, you often went tothevideo game room and played the hot arcade game, you were socrazyabout the game heros. Do you want to play the childhood gameagain?Here is the android app! The best arcade game collection!Smallsize but funny. You can find a lot of classic arcade gamehere.Just enjoy it!
Super Adventure World 1.0
Super Gm
Super Adventures World mario hisjourneyandadventure through an amazing worlds. jungle World couldbeajourney of super boy. you'll enjoy a very amusinggameplaymariowith one among the best 2d platformer games.You are the first person gaming experience'll enjoy adventures filled with gen X dangerbros.the gamefeatures a lot of traps, monsters, and suddenthingsthrough everylevel that we've got engineered.Super Adventures World is one among the most popularandenduringseries of all time.The story:To get to the loveley princess, Your character can ought tomariorunand jump over obstacles, fight and shoot against angrybees,leps,crawfishes, birds, mushrooms, frogs, hedgehogs,snakes,skeletons,crocs, snails and lots of different dragonsandmonsters.How to play:Run, jump and explore the arcades. submit to mariojungles,snowmountains, deserts, etc. Collect coins, gold.+ nice graphics and music.+ 4 super worlds unlock free once play to finish ofthatsuperworld.+ several power ups, bonus levels, hidden blocksandbonusthings+ over 20 totally different, great animated enemieslikecrocs,frogs, spiders, snails and lots of additional+ 80 levels free.Super Jungle World Adventures the legend of super brosgamesbringyour childhood back!Enjoy this latest super jungle world adventure platformer game!
Super Ted Adventure (Jungle World & smash World) 1.2.54
64 Games
Super boy ted adventure in jungle world.Hehave to race through five worlds(Jungle world, Grasslandworld,Desert world, Ice world and Volcanic world), survive fromcountlesstraps and enemies, collects mega millions coins, usespowerball tobeat the boss: inferno dragon, greedy spider, phantomsnake, lostmummy and diamond duke, then rescue his friends Kong andDino. Thisgame tells his super jungle adventure, which is afantastic 2dside-scrolling platform game with the best sense ofcontrol, 30+kinds of enemies, 5 big bosses, 50 well-designedlevels, and a lotof classic characters, such as Pac Bear, ZombieBunny, VampireHunter and so on.This game is easy to control but also very addictive. Verydetailsof classic platform games been remade in Marco World. suchas jumpenemy, brick breaker, power-up item, Marco picks upburger(becomesbigger), speed shoes(increasing move speed), slidingtortoise andso on. The super awesome and UNIQUE features of SuperMarco is thehidden Dungeon world.Now, it's time to install the game and enjoy Fun Run andJump,Crouch, Power-Up., You are a real hero...Supported Languages: English, Español, Português now, more willcomesoon.Features
1) Rich animations and in-game graphics
2) Moving background music and sound effects
3) 9 challenging enemies: red snake, giant snail, yellowhornet,cloud pig and more secret enemies etc
4) Many power-up Items: powerball, burger, coke, speedshoes,battle shoes, (more are coming soon)5) Jump on the top of enemy to defeat them6) Break brick to release power-up item7) Pick up items to become bigger, invincible or obtain abilityofthrowing ball8) Hidden warp world
How to play1) Tap Left + Right to move around
2) Tap Jump button to break brick3) Hold Jump button for a while to jump higher4) Stand on the top of tunnel for while to enter into it.
5) Tap Left + Right to swing vine
6) Jump on the top of enemy to defeat them, or throw ballatthem.
7) Collect millions coins as many as you can to unlock newlevelsand gather power-up items
Super Adventure Jungle World
Super adventure Jungle World is a freeplatformgame and classic adventure game. Run and jump through thejungle!Run to collect coins and other items, kill enemies. AsSuper MarioWorld, Lep's World, Sonic or Rayman, Super AdventureJungle World isa retro platform game.Accept challenges over the levels and worlds in this addictivejumpand run platform game !!Finally, a free side-scroller with good gameplay!You will be swept into the adventure of the jungle.Super Jungle Adventure World platformer is also:- Run and jump- 4 worlds, 32 levels (and more to come)- Side-scrolling platformer- An impressive gameplay for good control- Great graphics- A lot of enemies, items and coin- Fun gameDownload Super Adventure Jungle World and Play it now! It'sfree!
Super World Adventures 1.0
Super World Adventures is the greatestplatformadventure for you android! Everything has been carefullydesignedfor you to have a lot of fun! Your goal is to overcomealldifficulties and defeat all enemies to rescue theprincess.Attention:Long press the bullet button to jump higher and farther.FEATURES Super World Adventures:* Classic platform game style.* Cute characters and many different enemies to defeat.* Well-designed graphics and cool sound effects.* Many world and levels to explore.* Collect coins and other valuables along the way to increaseyourscore.* Easy to control.Download Super World Adventures now. It's free!