Top 17 Games Similar to Running Ultimate Ninja Warrior

War of Ninja 1.0
War of Ninja game is a new free ninja warchoprun and jump action adventure game works like charme onyourAndroid phone or tablet, And it's free 100% !The War of Ninja game come with a brand new look! and itsbuildto be more exciting and fun physics based adventure game, itcan beincluded in both ninja racing games and also ninja runninggames!!the goal of the game and like any other running ninja games istobeat different levels by reaching the end of each level andearnmore points, and you can do that by collecting red apples andstarsthat can be found all over the running / racing track, keep inmindthat the mission is not as easy as it looks as you are gonnafacedifferent difficulties and obstacles, you have to avoid alltheobstacles on your way by jumping over them, so you need to befastand precise when jumping, and make sure you stay on the trackanddon't fall, you'll find some useful tools and signs that willhelpyou achieve your goal, some will help you jump higher andlongerand some will give you a higher speed.We've completely revamped the skill descriptions to makethemfast and easy ninja game to read. And we've added flavour textstoall of the skills and items in the game to add an extra layerofimmersion.This is the ultimate ninja run game, it can be considered asaninja jumping game and also a ninja running game where theninjarun and jump just like all ninja run games, but unlike theotherfree ninja run games, this one is so fast and super addictive,andit has some high quality graphics with a good looking, the goalofthe game is to keep running and jumping in order to avoidtheobstacles and barriers, and don't forget to collect theforbiddenscrolls so that you get higher score, try to stay on therunningcourse and avoid falling or hitting the obstacles, use theboostson your way to get more speed and jump higher.This is not the typical ninja game where you Play as anenrageninja killing every assassin to revenge the dead of his wife,andwhen they dare to drive a ninja angry, there will only beblood,Shinobi ninja run is totally different !the game has 3 difficulty levels : Easy , Medium and Hard,sobasically it can be a kids ninja run game and all the otherages.Features:- Better graphic quality- Run and jump using clever touch controls- Beautiful cartoon & hand drawn- Fun physics based gameplay (swing a ninja along ropes togetforward)- Make your run through various landscapes (temple ruins,waterfallsand jungles)- Collect stars like bananas and chilis to gain moreupgrades!- Unlock special powers such as a jetpack, chili speed boostandeagle ride- Cloth your ninja differently (ninja costume, gas, mask ..)- Different kinds of ninjas ropes (vines, snakes, burningropesetc.)- 3 Awesome Game Modes by Difficulty - Novice,Advanced,Expert- More than 100 levels of exciting gameplay- You need to be smart and fast- Test your brain and hand eye movement coordination- Simple Controls - Tutorial included- Very Addicting!Developed with love by Htech Team.Have fun!
Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom 1.7.0
Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom is anexcitinggame designed for all ages group . It is here to give youthe realexperiences as a skilled warrior named Earl.The princess in the kingdom, princess Yucie has been captured bytheevil prince who was turned into a dragon. Play as a characterofEarl the Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom on a mission to rescuetheprincess Yucie. You have to pass many obstacles and passeverymonster concierge who has the unpredictable power.Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom consists of 7 areas and will bemoresoon. Unlock each room so that you can play at the next areabyKilling all monsters concierge. Each area has a secret room.Youmay obtain the power jump portion from the secret room. Youcanalso get a diamond out of a treasure chest. Beware of enemiessuchas bats, zombie, ghost, pumpkin trap, baby spider andmoredangerous enemies. Play the role as Earl which has thegreatestpower. You can run fast, jump high and be able to hide. Donotforget to look up for secret room and get the potion and findoutthe healing stone to prolong your life!area 1You will fight with bats that can only be killed byshootingfireball at him. You may be dead if you violate these bats.Thescenario at area 1 is a forest which is full of bamboo trees.Becareful of the bats and at the end of your route, you'll fightwiththe monsters known as hard rock monster. Kill the hard rockmonsterand unlock the map to the next area. Do not forget to lookup forsecret room and get the portions.area 2You will fight with bats and zombies. Don’t miss any zombiesalongthe route because it a main combination key to unlock thenextarea. Beware of any pumpkin traps surrounding you andthefrightening ghost that may harm you. The scenario at area 2 isdarkand drizzling rain. Be careful of all the enemies such aszombies,bats and the ghosts and at the end of your route, you'llfight withthe monsters known as hard rock monster. Kill the hardrock monsterand unlock the map to the next area. Do not forget tolook up forsecret room and get the portions and find out thehealing stone toprolong your life!area 3You will fight with more bats that can only be killed byshootingfireball. You may be dead if you violate these bats. Youwill alsobe faced with a zombies that can make you die if youtouched him.Be careful with the baby spiders which are veryvenomous that havebeen spit out by the giant spider. Extra careful,the giant spiderare very powerful can cause you to lose life.Thescenario at area 3is dark cave . Be careful of all the enemies suchas zombies, batsand the ghosts and at the end of your route, you'llfight with themonsters known as Giant spider monster. Kill theGiant spidermonster and unlock the room to the next area. Do notforget to lookup for secret room and get the portions and find outthe healingstone to prolong your life!to get more story , you have to experience by yourself to playthisNinja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom.How to playThere are a number of buttons you need to control. Jump button,firebutton, big fireball button, backward and forward button. Youcanget the blue potion of the big fireball. Yellow potion of thepowerjump. All control buttons has been strategically andverymaneuverable. You will feel happy and relaxed when you handlethecontrol buttons. You may refer all the function of thecontrolbutton by exploring the control menu.So enjoy this Ninja Warrior : Dragon Kingdom. More levels,worlds,enemies, characters and more features coming soon
Ninja Warrior 1.0
Are you ready to experience an awesomeninjawar? then this game is for you.!!-Impressive and immersive 2D ninja fighting game-A realistic ninja experience-Realistic graphics and intelligent enemies-Challenging sections-Remember to increase the power of the food you get.!-Depending on your combat skills extra combo points-Put your ninja skills to the test and show everyone-Use the special abilities of your ninja and Savetheprincess.!-The big enemy is waiting for you at the end of the game..
3D Ninja Warrior Run 1.0
3D ninja warrior run is an amazingswordfighting platformer game. It’s the age where ninjas areheroes.Take part in this ninja war and prove yourself as agreatassassin.Keep running in the forest like an assassin and finish allthesamurai warriors with your blade. Children who like to watchninjahattori cartoon will like this game too. Be a swift ninjarunner.Collect the coins and go through the flames to increase yourlife.HOW TO PLAYVery easy to play. Just tap on the left and right to moveforwardand backward. Watch out for enemy blades.Tap on the up arrow key to jump over the obstacles.Don’t try to jump over the samurais rather kill them withyourblade, sword or ninja dragon star. Tap on the dragon star tothrowit towards samurais.Download this ultimate sword fighting game and taste the funinthe age of ninja heroes.
Ninja Warrior for Kids 1.0
Ninja Warrior for kids is a new game withalotof action and adventure. Try to help the ninja infinishingallmission. You will find a lot of obstacle. You should bequickandsmart to finish all level. You will like the qualityofgraphicsand sound. The young ninja should get the maximum ofbonus.Share your score with your friends and don'f forget toleaveacomment to encourage other players.The game need passion, be smart and also quick.Enjoy the Ninja Warrior.Features:- Simple- Story mode, a lot of different levels- Endless mode, enjoy the adventure.- Fun ending.- Addective
Jungle Samurai Warrior 1.0
You have been invited to download and playoneof the best 3rd person character Jungle Samurai Warrior fromGooglePaly Store at your android device for free. It offers you themostexcited Ninja warrior game to utilize your ninja training tounlockyour true potential, defeat and kill the other elementals inthegame. Face-off against the all new jungle essential masterslikeLion, Tiger, Rhinoceros, Beer and Zebra etc.Jungle Samurai Warrior is a game about blood revenge, animalhuntingand kill all the Jungle animal with your Samuraisword.Historically, katana were one of thetraditionallymade Japanese swords that were usedbythe samurai of feudal Japan. Modern versions ofthekatana are sometimes made using non-traditional materialsandmethods. The katana is characterized by its distinctiveappearance:a curved, slender, single-edged blade with a circular orsquaredguard and long grip to accommodate two hands.In this Jungle Samurai Warrior game you would have to Kill&shot Jungle animals during your Jungle run. You are aSamuraiWarrior and you are going to kill the jungle animals. Thisis goingto be a great Jungle adventure game. If you love Jungleadventuresor survival game, you will love this Jungle SamuraiWarrior game.Game Features:-- Amazing graphics at blazing frame rates- Actual thrill of chasing down the animals- Explore the jungle environment- Attack & kill the animal with sword- Addictive, loving and full of fun- Natural sound of jungle animalsLet’s download and Play “Jungle Samurai Warrior” and don’tforgetto give your valuable feedback and suggestions for theimprovement.We are continuously update the game.
Real Smart Ninja 0.1
GBS Studio
Real Smart ninja is a deadlywarrior,skilledand trained by famous ninja Warriors of World KungFu Club.Ninjaare trained in killing Zombies apocalypse so rudely,The heroofour game is Ninja come to warrior.He is skilled inmartialartsSwords playing, His goal is find the emperor of zombiesandhunthim down with his magical sword or magical power kick.A ninja is more deadly with his model weapons, like hisironGoldsword, his sword contains magical powers in it, which cancrushthezombies at once. His magical powers has no match withthezombies,He can kill them all in a single blow of his thunderbolt,RedNinja can crush the bones with his delay sword. A singlehopeofSurvival of the barren lands which can be saved fromthemonstersby hunting him down.Firstly find the Lose map of the city Minimum 8 mapsCollect,whichhave eight different pieces, or different places jointhemandreach the next mission unlocking challenge, Be carefulthezombiesare too many and dangerous.One Is king of Zombie andSecondmissionis Find the Princess or released.This Missionisverydangerous.***Game Features!!**Black sword of Kings added!!**Different varieties of moves for the playerlikethunderbolt!!**Joystick controller is added for the player controller!!**Realistic 3D environment added!!**Different types of zombies added!!**Coins collection System added!!**Way points added Free Style Find the map!!**Different Maps added Unlock Achievements!!**Radar system is added only Following the Track not for map!!***How to Play*****Move your joystick in the direction where you want tomovetheplayer.**Find the 8pieces of the lost ancient map of the city.**Find monster king and kill him.**Drink the juices to increase your health and stamina.**Collect the diamonds and the coins .**Save the town from these enemies.SUPPORT: [email protected]
I'm NINJA:Warrior Of Way 0.1
The Warrior of land across theSeaviewoceans,3rd FPS controller Game-play,Ninja Warrior withhisbladeand the dangerous missions of Jungle and different Questthatareneed to be reveal,Warrior is coming for the MonstersandSkeletonthat covers the whole jungle in threat, this will makenosense howto overcome on those giants ,Threat is large numberofthem thatwill surrounds you and hunt you down with theirfangs,CunningMonster is watching you from the heights of mountainsandhe trapyou inside the jungle , Control over your emotions andfear,Overcome on them with your blade and weapons given byyourking,Survive in the jungle and reach over those lands that areneedtobe explore, Directional arrow will guide you to moveincertaindirection and the current Quest is shown oven thescreenandachieved easily, Need is what ,How to Achieve ,Thatisall.Game Motive:Game Mission is to entertain the client with healthyenvironmentandchallenging Tasks and let the user think, how toachieveit.Challenging task for you as a Ninja Warrior and discoverthelandsand rivers.Game Features:** 3rd FPS controller with player Ninja Added!!**Joystick Panel to handle the player of blek!!**Auto Camera Adjustment and Custom CameraAdjustmentpanelDefined!!**Five different Weapons Added!!**Three Magical Powers (Blue Thunder, Red DragonAttack,MagicKick)!!** Energy Juices for the Player health andtoincreasestamina!!**Different Missions and their Quest added!!**Coins to buy those magical Weapons!!**Earn Tokens to play the missions and buy those tokenfromthepanel!!**Radar is Present that will locate the Enemiesoverthescreen!!**Directional Arrows will guide you about your mission Goal!!**Different Achievements were added and give you certainrewardsandreveal the next Quest!!**Mission Quest are Achievable and FollowtheClearinstruction’s!!GAME MISSIONS:Mission 1:Quest: 1) Find three Diamonds.Quest: 2) Find One Piece of Map.Quest: 3) Find three Escape Boat.Mission 2:Quest: 4) Find the Cage Key.Quest: 5) Find the Boat and Meet the Market Man.Quest: 6) Kill 10 Skeletons.Quest: 7) Find One Piece of MapMission 3:Quest: 8) Kill the 10 Monster.Quest: 9) Find One Piece of Map.Quest: 10) Find Bow's Wepon!!Quest: 11) Find Bow Shelton!!Mission 4:Quest: 8) Find One Piece of Map.Quest: 9) Kill the 5 Monster,5 Skeletons.Quest: 10) Meet the Market Man.Mission 5:Quest: 11) Find One Piece of Map.(Time Trail)Mission 6:Quest: 12) Find One Piece of Map.Quest: 13) Find the Second Boat.Quest: 14) Find the Warrior Girl (Time Trial).HOW TO PLAY:**Use Joystick Controller to move the Ninja Character!!**Find the First Quest and Unlock the next Mission!!**Achieve Your Quest and Get your Reward!!**Collect the coins and Buy the Magical WeaponsandunlockTickets!!**Unlock Achievements in side the Adventurous island andexplorenewones.**Collect more points in the global leaderboards.SUPPORT:
Ninja Sword Runner 2 1.0.6
Ninja Sword Runner 2** New and ready for Android!Ninja Sword Runner 2 is the new and exciting stick man ninjagameyou've all been waiting for. Run, Jump, and Fight your waythroughthe Stickman Ninja Warriors Standing in your path. battleNinjas ofall sorts, and defeat each Boss to earn Big points, watchout itgets more difficult over time! Post your scores on theLeaderboardand show the world your the best ninja sword runner!This free gameis similar to other endless runner games except withits own spin ongame play.** Features of game-Simple 2 Touch Controls (left to jump, right to attack)-Variety of Attacks and Combos-Boss Fights-Endless waves that get more difficult over time-Leaderboard-colorful 2D graphics-New sound effects!-More action and more fun than the first game!
Unlimited Ninja 1.0
Unlimited Ninja is a super funendlessrunnerwith 4 worlds, tons of upgrades and endless fun!
Super Ninja Warrior 1.0
The game "Super Ninja Warrior" isanadventuregame. The game "Super Ninja Warrior" can be playedbyanyone.How to play the game "Super Ninja Warrior":- Click Play, the ninja will run.- Movement of the ninja in order to jump up andtakethe"Shuriken".- The more "Shuriken" obtained, then your points will bemoreandmore.Please download the game "Super Ninja Warrior" and have fun.
Ninja Warrior Crush Game 1.2
sihotang app
Ninja Crush is a fast andfuriousmatch-threegame!Crush the Ninja with a touch of your finger, and enjoyfastandfurious crush!How to play:1. Slide the Ninjas in horizontal or vertical, threeormoreneighboring Ninjas of the same kind will be eliminated;2. The more the same kind of Ninjas is eliminated in thesametime,the higher score you’ll get and sometimes surpriseyou;Tasks:1. Slide Ninjas and elimination quantity reachesthespecifiedscores;2. Eliminate the specified number of Ninjas;3. You only have 2 minutesFeatures:1. The game is completely free, in the course of the game youdonotneed to pay any fees.2. Lovely style, and let you feel fresh and relax.3. Easy to get started, but it is difficult to be proficient.Come on with Ninja guardians to see who the brave herooftheNinja kingdom will be!
Ninja Warrior Justice Samurai 1.0
kool toubia
New Free top game you will play role ofthelast defender ninja warrior to take justice vs samurai ofshadowthey recruit giant shinobi and monster like giant bird andfireSquirrel.they make ally with power of dark to cut your rouddon’tlost your purpose. You mast help your furry ninja to defenderhercastle by using the power of your sword ninjaweapondragon,powerfull bird to fly in sky over enemy and fastSquirrel tojump and hit all of enemy and obstacles and get highscore. You cansave your game in same place to continue youradventure and becomethe most glorious Hero of the village of ninjabut you must collectgem to save quest and also collect power ballto give you sameprotection.If you're enjoying playing our game please take a moment torateus and let us know what you think of the game in GooglePlay
Ninja Jump 1.0
Ninja Jump is Simple and AddictiveGameforkids. Keep focus on Ninja and Win the Target.Want to be a ninja? Come to our school! We can coach you tobecomeaqualified ninja if you train hard. To become an awesomeninja,youneed to be brave, quick, smart, learn your environment,andalwaysknow where your next step is: elastic, pole, lever,wheel,orkite?Touch the left or right side of screen to jump up to theleftorright. You can make a double jump and triple jump in theairifyou’re fast enough. Be careful to avoid the monstersandbombsalong the way, otherwise, you’ll lose some of yourlimbs.Alsoremember to collect the souls along the way to get extrabonus.Bethe master of mind and body to become the best ninjaintheworld!Try our all new fast paced and insanely addictive jumpandrunadventure "Ninja Jump". Play as a skillful ninja andboltacrossthe city. Look out for treacherous ledges and raceovertherooftops. Brilliantly executed with a single tap gameplaycombinedwith artistic and exotic graphics with amazingthemes.Download nowto get a slice of the ultimate ninjaaction.Treacherous!Traditional Japanese art styleRealistic physicsFantastic animations and special effects
Ninja Warrior Challenge 2.4
Ninja Warrior Challenge, is anexcitingandaddicting popular ninja game where you control thegravitysimplyby touching the screen.Run through the jungle, mountains and volcano! Runner gameforninjafun!But be careful there are a lot of enemies, traps andobstacleswillget in your way.Collect the maximum of Yin yangs to get the best high score.GAME FEATURES● Good Ninja style background music and sounds.● 2 New ninja’s characters to select.● 5 different worlds.● Every world has 20 Level.● Amazing power-up speed.● Various enemies & obstacles.● Intuitive tap controls.● Endless ninja fun.>> Install Ninja Warrior Challenge today. It's FREE!New updates coming soon.
Seyko 4.0.5
This is the Seyko’s story, a youngwarriorninja who want to break the curse of the vicious circle inwhichmany people fall.For a long time seyko has suffered to overcome himselfemotionallyand mentally and has taken the decision to test hislimits andovercome obstacles to become a Ninja warrior elite.To achieve its goals, Seyko must overcome different challengesthatwill help him develop skills and acquire knowledge throughtrialsand frustrations..After passing the final test of his training; the young warriorispraised for his bravery and fighting spirit by a great sageandmaster Ninja who will prepare for this great adventure that heisabout to live.Seyko will share with you all the valuable information you needforyour growth and improvement. Now your challenge, if you arebraveand decisive enough is to accompany Seyko until the end of thegameso that you become the wisest Ninja warrior .
adventure super ninja warrior 1.1
You have been keen about adventure superninjawarrior your entire life. As a kid, you were referred toasadventure super ninja warrior boy and you unreal of owning yourownadventure super ninja warrior Joint in some unspecified time inthefuture. you want to do the add order to become the finalwordgodfather of dish in adventure super ninja warrior –FREEAPP!Collecting additional Coins and energy ball and things toinducepowerful weapons. Have a fun run journey!have fun during a second adventure action platformer game .As a ninja you wish jump up and right down to get throughcompletelydifferent barriers. Forward running is that the solelythanks tokeep your life.* sixty Game Levels.* suggested for All Ages! FREE App!* Bonus dish Panic Level- additional weapons- New devil's world- Support Tablets,HD Resolution- easy however fun one bit arcade game- Fun ending