Top 24 Games Similar to Live Planet

Gravity Evolved 1.2.7
Clark DuVall
Galactic control is at your finger tips inanall new way with Gravity Evolved! Gravity Evolved brings youmoreweapons, more explosions and more destruction. With an updatedAIand and a completely revamped battle mode, not to mention crispnewgraphics, this game will have you coming back for more!You are in charge of your own solar system. Under yourcommandplanets are created, weapons are constructed, and battlesare won.Strategically place 45 different fully upgradeable weaponsandbecome the Universal Wombat Overlord, as you fight continuallymoredifficult foes. Use gravity to your advantage, taking commandofphysics to propel your solar system to victory.If you're feeling like taking a break from the fight,playSandbox Mode, where you are free to create a peaceful solarsystem.Place as many planets and weapons as you want, and watchtheinteresting effects of gravity on the planets andprojectiles.Features:Battle Mode- never ending levels- 50 weapon types- 3 planet classes- all planets/weapons are upgradeable- multiple battle solar systems- 20 ranks to achieveSandbox Mode- realistic physics- 10 planet colors- 20 weapon types- 12 projectile colors- save and load games- infinite creativityLike the app on Facebook at
Romantic Love Live Wallpaper 1.5
A stunning live wallpaper featuringRomanticLove Live Wallpaper. Rendered in OpenGL..Romantic Love Live Wallpaper HD, inspired by Love with emotionofstrong affection.This live wallpaper has been supported on latest device. Ifyourdevice is not supported please contact us.- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!- Interactive feature: Tap on the screen and new images willappearimmediately!- There is full support for landscape mode andhome-screenswitching!- Also Sound effect of Love Live Wallpaper.Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live WallpapersNote: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, youwillneed put the app on phone instead of SD card.
Save the Planet Earth 1.2
Wildman Games
Asteroids are going to destroy ourplanet.It´syour job to destroy all of the incoming asteroids beforetheyhitthe Earth. You are the last tower of defence to save usall.Savethe Planet Earth!You have 3 different missiles to use. You have guidedmissilefromUSA. Fast speed and big explosion is trademark ofRussianmissile.Chinese missile creates black hole that will formeventhorizon thatmarks the point of no return for any hostileasteroidsthat comenear.FEATURES- FREE TO PLAY- Over 20 levels to complete- Over 1000 incoming asteroids to destroy- Defend our planet with 3 different missiles- Action becomes very intense and addictive- Simple touch control, touch the screen to launch themissile- Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully masterHow to Play:- Choose your missile by tapping the flag (USA, Russia orChina)inthe upper left corner of your screen- Guided missile (USA) tap the asteroid and you launchmissilethatwill follow and destroy the asteroid- Russian and Chinese missile. Tap anywhere on the screenandmissilewill at that spot and explodeThis game is free to play
Green the Planet 2 2.2.1
GREEN THE PLANETS.GREEN YOUR LIFE.Since being featured in the New Cosmos Times, 'Green Style'hasbecome a lifestyle that is on many people's radar.What is Green Style, you may ask?It is greening one planet after another by traveling throughtheuniverse and changing it to be a comfortable place tolive.Therefore, you will feel more relaxed, refreshed, and satisfiedwithyour accomplishments: your green planets."Well, it's interesting, but, isn’t it too much to handle?”Just join us and find out!GROW* provides with you all the support you need, and you willbeamazed how easy it is to start enjoying your 'Green Style.'*GROW: Greening and Reviving Of the Whole Universe-------------------------[Why do I choose GROW?]<>You will have a variety of Comet Decomposer choices, includingthenew Spread Shot, Reflection Shot and Charger type, as well asthestandard Cannon, Missile and Laser.You will be amazed by the fun and excitement ofdecomposingcomets!<>The items from decomposing comets are converted into theenergy,which then can be injected directly into the planetthroughGreenifizers.So, just sit back, relax, and watch how the planetbecomesgreen.<>The latest artificial intelligence is implemented in the computerofthe spaceship, and we will make sure you receive the beston-sitesupport in the industry.The library is also available in the spaceship to review theitemsyou collect.In response to many requests, the new monitoring system hasbeeninstalled so that you can check the current status of theplanetsthat you have completed greening.-------------------------[Voices from the ’Green Style' community]"I was tired of working long hours day after day, so I decided togo'Green Style.' Now, I live a happy life! It is a joy to seeabeautiful flower finally bloom after I complete greeningaplanet."(Mepopoica from Planet Logoooda, 158 yrs old)"Wow, that Reflection Shot! So awesome! Can't wait to dogreeningagain on my next day off. Let's shoot'em up!!"(Ga Nmochera Lu from Planet Nmzee, 17 yrs old)"I am soooo busy taking care of 86 kids, but now I don't havetoworry about gathering falling stars because Auto Collectorsareworking for me. That's why I can continue and enjoy my'GreenStyle.'"(Moiko Mozoda from Planet Moyak, 37 yrs old)-------------------------So, call us now and start greening the planets and enrichingyourlife!GROW guarantees you will enjoy your 'Green Style.'*Free trial available at a galaxy near you.
Planet Wars 1.30
Planet Wars is the cutest, yetchallengingstrategy game for the Android platform. Travel betweenand conquerplanets, destroy opposing forces and become the ruler ofthegalaxy. Make clever decisions to outsmart your opponents inthisbeautiful real time strategy game.The Internet permission is needed for the multiplayer part ofthegame :) None of your personal data is sent to anyone!If you have problems with the game, please don't give abadrating but contact me directly via e-mail! This makes itmucheasier for me to help you with your issue because it's notpossibleto reply to comments in the Android Play Store. Thanks!:)
Planet Wars 1.0.4
Planet Wars is an artillery game in space.Itisyou mission to battle for control of the galaxy byshootingmissilesfrom one planet to another, but be aware of thechanginggravity.Features:* 10 unique weapons* Conquer a hole galaxy with more than 2000 solar systems* Play online or over LAN against other players* Buy new weapons or upgrades for your team* Collect more than 50 awards
Planet Crusher 1.2.4
Play Planet Crusher and beat thehighscoresofyour friends!In this game it is your task to destroy as many ofthecolorfulplanets as you can. About 25 epic celestial bodiesarewaiting foryou. Challenge yourself and beat the highscores ofyourfriends ormeasure yourself with other players from all aroundtheworld.The unique gameplay provides you with new challenges.Butwatchout - when no more moves are possible, the game isover.Start your engines and travel through interstellar spacetovisitdistant and unknown planets. Reach all achievementsandbecomeMaster of the Universe!(Warning: This game is addictive!)
Planet Surfer 1.5.0
Get amped up for a deep-space puzzleadventureexperience like no other! Planet Surfer is the latestrelease fromThe Mascoteers and it’s all about quick wits,split-seconddecisions and rocket-ships - truly a match made inheaven!Interplanetary exploration is the name of the game - thefurtheryou travel through space, the higher your score becomes. Thegoalis to successfully jump from planet to planet before they areoutof reach, avoiding obstacles in the way and doing so beforetheplanet shrinks down to an unworkable size.Timing is key here and navigating your way through spacejunk,other rocket ships and ‘dead’ planets quickly becomes achallengenot every space adventurer is cut out for.Collect star fragments for analysis along the way and pickupextra points, but be careful because going after them in thewrongsituation can cost you your life. Also keep in mind that youneverknow what the far reaches of the galaxy hold, so always be onguardfor strange phenomenon.If you like a quick, intense fast-paced brand of smartphoneapps,you’re going to love Planet Surfer! Download for free todayand letthe deep space fun begin!
Orbit Planet 1.14
Orbit Planet is a simple game of skillwhereyouget to travel the UFO through space to orbit of planet byasimpletap on the screen. Remember, the timer is running!Orbit Planet Feature:The UFO fly around space of planet as a orbit. Your taskistravelingthe flying saucer to other planet by touch on screen.TheUFO willfly to direction from center of planet to currentpositionof flyingsaucer. So only touch on screen when flyingsaucer and 2planets in aline. When reach next planet, UFO will flyin orbit ofplanetagain.Note that a timer alway count down when flying saucerflyaroundorbit space, so you have to jump to to otherplanetbeforetimeout.A leaderboard will track how many planet you have go through.Good luck!
Protect The Planet 0.9.0
Your planet is attacked by asteroids,luckilyyou can use the Moon as a shield! Could you defend yourplanet longenough to let it prosper?Tap to turn the moon around, tap and hold to accelerate it.
Planet Destroyer 2.3
You are now the official planet destroyerofthe universe.Toss the asteroids to destroy the planets.Touch a turbulent asteroid and move it upwards to hit theplanetspassing by.The planets shatter into a thousand pieces.16 levels getting faster and faster.
Planets Defense 1.11
Planets Defense is a 3d space strategygamewhere you create, develop and command your space fleet,researchnew technology and acquire new resources.Invest into planet mining or debris scavenging and formhabitableatmosphere, deploy on new planets and build defencestructures -protecting mankind from ruthless invasion!This is a 3d / OpenGL game, not sure if your device will runitOK? Try free DEMO version first!- 25 challenging levels- addictive and dynamic gameplay- different space ships- various defensive buildings and production facilities- upgradeable weapons, shielding force-fields and more!
Sinister Planet 1.100
PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NOW A FREE VERSION OFTHISAPP WITH ADVERTS. PLEASE SEARCH FOR SINISTER PLANET FREE IFYOUDON'T MIND THE ADS! meets Sinistar.Sinister Planet is now MOGA Enhanced! Available atmajorretailers, carrier stores and onlineathttp://www.MOGAanywhere.comIf you own an older HTC phone and discover the controls tobe'sticking' make sure you disable 'HTC Gestures' from theSettings-> 'Display, gestures & buttons' menu. With thisoptionenabled the device can only register two touch points.Blast your way through wave after wave of relentless alienhoards.Five increasingly challenging planets to destroy. Shipupgrades andincreasingly frantic gameplay will keep you coming backfor more!Beautifully rendered asteroids and retro-style graphicswilltransport you back to the heyday of arcade classics.To use the Zeemote controller, press menu button ->optionsand set Zeemote on. Be sure to have bluetooth on and pairyourdevice with the Zeemote controller first.Features:* Moga support* Zeemote support* 25 waves of aliens* Multi-touch 360 degree shooting* Power-ups galore!* End of level boss to destruct the planet!* 60fps action* Global high score system* Bonus "challenge" waves* Awards and achievementsMission ObjectiveYour objective is to attack and destroy a series of alienworlds,the ultimate of which is Planet Sinister. To destroy eachworldyou'll attack the planet surface and take out the powergridprotecting the planet's core.Upgrade your shipTo aid you on your quest, you'll have the opportunity toupgradeyour ship's weapon systems, by means of collecting power-ups(inArcade mode) or collecting gold (in Battle mode).As you progress through the waves, you're going to needthoseupgrades as more deadly enemies are introduced.Old-schoolafficanados will recognise some of the aliens basedclosly on suchclassics as Galaga and Defender (take a look atthePods/Swarmers!). Upgrades available include R-Type styleextralaser pods to double or triple your firepower, ECM attacks(akaSmart bombs), turrets for multi-touch 360 degree shooting,andmore.Collect the GemsTo progess each wave, your task is to collect the gemsproducedwhen blasting the asteroids (think: Sinistar). Don't worry,theasteroids won't hurt you, but you'll be faced with adifferentchallenge - your enemy ('Roamers') just love to grab thoseGems too- so make sure you reach them first - and beware! Shootthemquickly, or they'll be transformed into a much more dangerousfoe(think: Defender). Lose all your gems and you'll have to fighttheremained of the waves from 'Witchspace' with nothing butchaoticMutons attacking from all sides.Challenge WavesAs a welcome respite from the hard-core destruction, you'llgetthe chance to gain some bonus points by completing thechallengewaves. Aliens will fly in formation around your ship whileyouattempt to do a complete wipe-out (think: Galaga). It's noteasy,but getting the right upgrades will aid your task. Duringthesewaves your ship gains temporary indestructibility.GameplaySinister Planet has been carefully crafted over many monthstoprovide the perfect challenge of difficulty vs playability. Asyouimprove, the game will grow harder to meet your challenge. Sofaronly one player has destroyed the Planet Sinister - may you bethenext?
Defend the Planet 1.30
Protect your planet from asteroids!Taptorotate defence! How long you can stand? Explore the galaxytofindnew planets! Enjoy the game!
Planet Nam Nam 1.0
Game Cooks
The world's most significant monumentshavebeen stolen by invading birds and brought back to Planet NamNam!The fate of humanity's landmarks rest solely on our hero - P1W!Hismission is far from easy - he has to travel to Planet Nam Namtofight those vicious creatures and get back what is rightfullyours!Help P1W on his quest to retrieve our monuments and teachthosecrazy birds a lesson!A first-person shooter arcade gameGuide P1W through Planet Nam Nam’s 3 different worlds, helphimovercome waves of birds and destroy their crazy vehicles! You dosoby tapping on the screen to shoot them and their eggs beforetheyhit you or the ground. Progress through the levels, defeat theNamNam mastermind in the ultimate arcade Boss Fight and retrieveourmonuments.The game is made-up of 3 themed worlds each with 16+ levels,amind-bending frenzy level and two Boss Fights. Complete World 1andunlock the game to access World 2 and World 3 to continue ontheNam Nam adventure!GAME FEATURES:A WORTHY MISSIONThe Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty are just two of themanymonuments the Nam Nam birds have managed to steal! Lead ourherothrough his battles and get the landmarks back to itsrightfulpeople!MEET THE THIEFSMeet Koukouwa, Rikocha and the rest of the Nam Nam clan! Asyouadvance in levels, the number, type and viciousness of thebirdsyou are up against increases as well. So get ready for thebattleof a lifetime!P1W – THE ULTIMATE FIGHTERRank up by getting more experience and generating as many combosaspossible. Collect coins and gems as you advance in the game tobuyand upgrade kickass weapons, power-ups and equipments to helpyouachieve the ultimate victory!WEAPONS FOR NAM NAM DOMINATION:What is a hero without his gear? P1W has at his disposalmanyawesome upgradable weapons to choose from. The dual gun,teslalauncher and assault rifle are just a few of the many weaponsyoucan use to bring hellfire upon the Planet Nam Nam villains!POWER-UPS FOR BIRD ANHILATIONIn addition to the weapons, you can also use upgradeablepower-upssuch as the homing missiles or thunderstorm, to name afew. Usethese power-ups strategically to get through the tougherlevels andmaximize bird casualties!Your feedback is always welcome and highly appreciated. Youcanemail us at [email protected] or message usat
Meek Mill Presents Bike Life 2.2
Bike Life is an “endless riding” mobile game.Aproject co-developed by Meek Mill and IM3 Gaming Studios. Thegameis a unique & authentic representation of a culture thathasjust hit the mainstream.Players will compete againstothersgathering coins and performing sick tricks as they mock andevadepolice apprehension.
Planet Invasion 1.3
Protect the planets from theinvadingforces.Use your finger to slice the enemies.Completedifferentachievements and get the best highscore.The Game has been tested on HTC DesireHD, and onaSamsungGalaxyTab 10.1.
Planet Defense 1.6
Planet defense 3D arcade game. Spinthegadgets/moon/shield and save the planet. Make and defend theplanetfrom alien and asteroids attack. Fight for survival and savetheplanet. Planet defence 3D. Share your feedback about game playandeffects, we acknowledge our player's feedback and willupdatePlanet defense as it goes.01ee85f511Save the Planet, save the planet, spin right and spin lefttosurvive and save the planet.Protect the planet by spinning the shield with right andleftbuttons, press and hold the navigation buttons to speed up themoonshield.Catch up with the planet protector while eating chicken wingswithketchup.
Planet Runner 1.0.2
In it you will play for theastronautinuncharted planet and escape from UFOs. The controls areverysimple- press the screen to jump. The game itself is not sosimple.Yourmain goal - not to fall into the hands of the UFO, soyou willnotlose falling from the platform. Will you be able toreach atleast100?
ARDota2 Live 4.3
Alfa Team
Meet Mr. Pudge the hook master!Walk 8 levels in Legion’ story and defeat Roshan in theArenagame.Fight through 12 levels in the Sun Strike game.Collect all items, make photo and post to Facebook.Played Dota2 for too long and too hard? Started to see theQueenof Pain right behind the next corner? This is not ahallucination!This is Augmented Reality Dota2 application!Make a photo with your loved Heroes and post them in pages or in your private Instagram, RenRen andothernetworks.You may place Heroes at the bus station, in the classroom orevenfit them in your coffee cup.We worked hard to reveal the floor level for your convenience...Youmay scale and rotate them with natural two-fingers gestures.Tapinghero will launch a random animation.This application is free for all participants of theInternationalDota2 Championship and during the event will be freeof charge forall the Dota2 community.FB - -
Clash of the Planets 1.3
Karas Games
"Clash of the Planets":As you look over the solar system in a galaxy, youcontrolanumber of the planets (which will be shaded in yourgreencolour),neutral planets ripe for conquest, and red ones ownedbytheinvading force. Each planet as a set amount of 'armies'asyoustart, and with a swipe of your finger, a number of themwillbesent out to attack another planet.This is the Risk-like bit. There are some random factorsinplay,but more armies will generally mean it is easier toweakenandhopefully wipe out all the armies on a planet, at whichpointitbecomes your planet. And you do want to own planets,becauseovertime planets will deliver more armies to replenishyourforces. Themore planets you have, the more powerful you are.Themore powerfulyou are, the better chance you will haveattackingthe planets heldby the enemy. It's a fight to extinctionby theway, the first towipe out the other is the victor.Early levels shouldn't prove too much of a challenge asyoubuildup reserves, but the challenge will build up quickly.Whenyoulaunch an attack, you leave your base planet lightlydefended,andthat provides opportunities for your enemy (and thesame istruewhen they attack with a swarm of armies, they've justcreateda weakpoint on the planet they are departing from).Use your finger to guide your planets to capturealloppositeplanets.Instruction: To attack, drag the arrow from a green planettoanopposite planet. To occupy a planet, you have toeliminateallenemy troops on that planet, the occupied planet willturngreen.To win a level, you must occupy all opposite planets.
Planet 2.4
Salty Seal
Avoid as many trees as possible.Just tap the screen to jump. Try not to hit any obstacles!Collect diamonds to unlock new characters and planets.What is your highscore?
Planet Defender 1.1
Planet Defender is a fast shooting game.Save the planet from aliens attacks. They are sending theirrocketsand spaceships to destroy your planet.Requires: really fast fingers !!Lots of enemies ahead, you can't let them get yourplanet.Throughout the game you will get extra weapons that willhelp you,make the best use of them.
3D Zombies Free Live Wallpaper 1.9
Zombies Live Wallpaper, Watch an alloutzombies apocalypse unfold right on your wallpaper.A stunning live wallpaper featuring Zombies. RenderedinOpenGL..To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapers..To develop more free great live wallpapers.. There are moreofZombies live wallpaper.This live wallpaper has been supported on latest device. Ifyourdevice is not supported please contact us.