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SWAT City Sniper Combat 1.1
SWAT City Sniper Combat is anAntiTerroristCounter Strike shooting war game withdestructiveexhilaratingweapons.World has been under ISIS terrorists attack and you have totakecitycounter terrorist attack. Call of counter where you areaSWATCommando & city sniper army. Dangerous assaultmissionassignedto blast away the ISIS gang terrorists usinganti-terroristbloodywar guns, explosives, undercover agents, sharpshooters,marinesand specialized military sniper gunners at theenemy’sfrontier. Inevery mission you step for homeland, kill allenemysoldiers;destroy their infrastructure and clear militants.Themissionassigned to assassin all commandos. The target isabouttoimpossible mission but not for a professional SWATCityCommando.Keep out world at war arms as World War II.You are part of SWAT TEAM Commando Unit Anti terrorist isyourduty.Anti terrorist SWAT Elite have intelligence reportaboutunderworldcriminals violate in the city. There aremultipleterrorist forcesdoing work like Mafia X, Under World 2 andTargetKillers has nettedthe whole city. They spread anarchy bydrugs,violence, serialkilling, target killing and drugs. So it's aquickmission torecover the city area, rescue innocent people.SWAT City Sniper Combat is a complete different realpolicestylegame. Your secret mission has been called a “CitySniperCombat”.You will be provided with the latest modern sniperrifleswhich canbe upgraded and their capabilities extended likebetterfire power,better handling and more as you progress throughthemany difficultmissions taking place across multiple citiesandareas.Terminate high value targets first like as counterterroristforcelaw enforcement agency. In this combat operationbattle youareequipped with modern Sniper rifles during raids atsiegeplaces,with back up support from your military troops so youhaveto fightlike a brave solider as a front line commando inthisoffensivebattlefront raids starting from your base till thedeathof allcriminals and be a hero in this call of Glory and beaultimatesoldier of the nation in this epic battle.With the game screen attracts fierce gunfight dramatic joinustoCounter Terrorist game. The game will give you therelaxingmomentshappiest, cleared away the stress after a tiring dayofwork, theirlearning. World peace is being threatenedterroristforces, theyare plotting suicide bombings. So please hurryjoinsterror todestroy them bring peace to the whole world.Counter Terrorist is one of the typical shooter game todayhasmadecurious gamer community mo.With crisp 3D graphics, the gameisabattle scene of military force against thenotoriousterrorist,Let's brave soldiers fighting the dangerousterrorists.SWAT City Sniper Combat In this, you will be in the roleofaprofessional gunman, received intelligence that the positionofthebase of the terrorists, approaching the dangerous area tocarryouta crackdown. Please express your talents in this shootinggameoroffline. It would be very difficult task, as thedistancebetweenyou and the terrorists are very close, and you riskdamageisenormous vitality. However it will also make youmoreexcitementand more may attempt it. Your task is to fightagainstterroristsbases and destroy X City terrorist remnants,toeffectively combatterrorist activities.SWAT CITY SNIPER COMBAT FEATURE:★ Realistic S.W.A.T. battle simulator★ Modern weapons like assault rifles and sniper guns.★ Deadly bullets effects with head-shot to kill fast.★ High Definition 3D graphics - World War II★ Missions full of explosive combat action★ Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!★ FPS (First Person Shooter) 3D Game★ Cool and Excellent real look 3D environment★ Smooth game control and sound effects★ Highly powerful weapons★ Exciting game sound effect★ Impressive graphics and Multiple Missions