Top 4 Games Similar to Deadly Sniper Mission

Rabbit Hunter 3.2
Rabbit Hunter 3DRabbit hunting game in northern africa and far east jungles,freefun game!Take your sniper rifle and go to northern africa and fareastjungles for animal hunting. This is in your hands withthisrealistic and free rabbit hunter game. Our game consists of32levels in total. You have 2 semi automatic sniper rifleswithexcellent scope abilities.A relaxing first person perspective animal hunting game. Userscanlook around the map by swiping the screen and moving anywheretherethey want. The game has 32 hunting levels so far. You huntinvalleys and jungles surrounded by mountains and sometimes neartherivers and lake. You can hunt deers, zebras, rabbits andevenducks. As this game is a rabbit hunting game, you are allowedtohunt rabbits only. If you hunt other animals you won’t getpointsand sometimes will be punished for hunting. While playingourgames, you can see ‘2X’ writings over several rabbits, thatmeansit is double awarded hunting those rabbits.Please note that it is just a free fun game and never mean to gotohunting rabbits in real life!!!You will be able to play the following in our freeshootinggame:- rabbit hunting- deer hunting- duck hunting- Zebra hunting- Animal hunting in jungleIt is very easy to play our game. There are 5 buttons, leftbottomrotates only. and other 4 buttons located on right bottomasfollowing: Move, shoot, zoom, switch guns.• Timer• Animal hunting ban• Level unlocking• Realistic Hunting Environments• 16 levels to play so far!• 2 semi automatic sniper rifle guns with scope options.• Crispy and enchanting music and sound effects.• Stunning and beautiful graphics.• No annoying in app purchases. 100% free.• Fun and addictive. Fit for all ages.Experience the best animal hunting simulator game onAndroidplatforms. Play our other animal hunting games like Bearhunter,boar hunter, animal hunter series and many more…Please leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback is muchmorevaluable to us!!!For any questions, please write us: [email protected]: http://Ladikapps.weebly.comRegardsLadik Apps and Games Team
Sniper Hostage Rescue 2.1
Sniper Hostage Rescue is the ultimatefreeshooting game. In sniper hostage rescue game you can show offyourshooting skills or your rescue skills. Due to interesting storyofgame, we sure you will enjoy this very much. So if you are arealsniper shooting game lover you should download this game forfreeon your mobile phone and on your tablet. Sniper Hostage Rescuegameis an android game that lets you try what it takes to become areallife sniping expert and learn how to rescue many humans. Goodthingis you have unlimited ammunition and health bags with you sotakeposition aim your best sniper gun and shot thesedangerousterrorists and rescue the innocents peoples. Now you haveamission, a terrorist group has occupied the some city areaandhijacked the innocent citizens as hostages. As a good sniperandyour mission is to eliminate all the terrorists and rescuethehostages. Here you need a cool head anomaly analysis andfast,aggressive, accurate shooting techniques, allow your head tocalmdown, to enjoy this challenging game. So you musteliminateterrorists, hostage rescue, because you are a hero.★★★ Game Features ★★★- Different level with different environments.- Easy to use control and smooth animations.- Amazing army sniper shooting rescue 3D game- Auto reload Assault sniper rifle- Real time rescue challenge.- Helicopter and car available for hostage rescue.- Addictive, loving & fun.- The natural sounds of fire and game music- No connectivity required while playing.★★★ How to play ★★★- Hit shoot button to kill the terrorists, Whenever ufiredterrorists will attack on hostages- Drag finger to adjust the playing screen- Use Sniper Button to get closer look
American Sniper Mission 3D 1.0
American sniper mission 3DYou are a legendary hero of your nation! Snipe your enemy!It is a Perfect interface: a first-person shooter. Youhavesniper missions on different countries of the world. Here youwillbecome one of the world's top sniper, you need a cool headanomalyanalysis and fast, aggressive, accurate shooting practices.this isa 3D FPS shooter, but also "3D sniper killer".You must destroy enemy headquarters and save your soldierswhoare sent to enemy headquarters in order to completetheirheadquarters.B e very careful because your enemy is alsoverystrong. As a commando, you need a great courage in the face ofthefierce enemy. You must destroy the enemies , completethetasks.Our game is action-packed game for action game lovers. Ithasbeautiful frames, and is simple to control. The game istotallyfree. The game kicks off with a realistic scene in whichseveralenemy soldiers are attacking to you. There are many warscenes soyou can enjoy realistic war game.features:-a variety of scenarios,-Intelligent combat system,-Intelligent guidance system,-A variety of different battle modes-Perfect interface: a first-person shooter-3D images and quality sound effect-A variety of game scenarios: There are a variety ofdifferentscenarios, squares.For any question please feel free to contact us.Regards.
Sniper Rescue Mission 1.1
Sniper Rescue Mission is completelyfreeshooting and sniper rescue game with full of thrill andinterestingstory. You are a sharp sniper shooter and you aresitting at hiddenplace for the assistance of your soldiers in thehighly criticalarea. A battalion of enemy soldiers is standingopposite to yourarea and they are attacking your base time to time,a special teamwith you as a sharp sniper shooter is deployed atbase. Show yoursharp sniper shooting skills and kill all the enemysoldiers. Thisis rescue mission as you have to rescue the occupiedbase i orderto keep your control.You have to play this challenging rescue game in threedifferentlevels. Each level is difficult and more tricky then theprevious.Save your army jeeps, important equipment and buildings.The bestpart of the game is that enemy soldiers are unaware ofyourposition. We will add more levels in the next release in whichyouhave rescue the area using helicopter, gunship or other modernarmyequipment.How to Play:☀ Drag finger on screen to view enemies soldiers.☀ Tap fire button on right bottom to shoot.☀ Use telescope icon on left bottom of your screen to viewfardistance enemies.Top Feature☀ Best FPS rescue game.☀ Best animations and smooth game controls.☀ Quality graphics with outstanding music.☀ Your favorite Sniper Gun with zoom feature to aimthetarget.☀ Unlimited ammunition.☀ Completely free game with minimal advertisement.