Top 24 Games Similar to Dash Till Death 2

Dash till Death 1.1
We all love to play rhythm-basedactionplatformer. Dash till Death is the latest game of this genre.Youjump, fly and dash your way through geometry till you die andhavefun to the rhythm of fast paced dubstep tracks.Everyone likes a good beat and this game has many of them. Sowhatare you waiting for? Get ready to enjoy rhythmic psychedelicbeatsand jump on forward till death.This psychedelic endless runner is a real test of your skillsandreflexes. You are dashing and jumping forward at great speedthroughgeometry. You have to avoid obstacles or you will die, andyour dashwill end. The gameplay is very simple. When you tap, youwill jump.Tap at the right moment to avoid different figures ofgeometry inyour way. If you hit any obstacle, puff !!! The gameends and youdie. Keep on tapping at the right moment and continueyour dash.This tappy fun shall go on till death!Features:• One touch game controls• Awesome addictive beats!• Catchy pixelart graphics!• Bright color schemes• Fast paced dash• Challenge friends and family and follow your score rankingonGoogle Play Leaderboards• Unlock cute avatarsPlay the game till you die!Dash till Death - Copyright © Tacky Tarda Games - 2016
Element Jump - Impossible Dash 2.0
Dash till you reach your limit! Jump,fallandavoid impossible chaos in this great escape.Crusade your rock down through the fury of the Earthwithpitfalls along the way. Guide your character throughtheEarthparallels; falling beyond caves, water, fire pits,elementsandharsh gravity.Zig zag through open spaces, avoid walls, andsurviveradicalchallenges. Quite a difficult challenge amongstthesustained chaosfor even the hard core gamer. Don't give up orgetfrustrated. Itwill ease up before you know it :)Bounce on the white materials, puff past the fire,dodgefireballs, and swinging forces. Collect gold elements asyoupassthrough each parallel bar of water into the next zone.Exitthroughas many zones as you can to reach further depths.Along your path, you could fall down to such a depth toanewphase called the "Elite Element Jump status". Boom!Earnsomerewards in this dark depth, but understand that yourchallengewillbecome more impossible, chaotic and brutal.Collect the new gold elements along the way and unlocksomecoolnew characters :)- Get 11 unlockable characters- NEW: "Snow" your newest starting character- The classic "Rock" character remains FREE- 6 new colorful and crazy worlds- Non-stop endless arcade actionHope for the best and happy descent on yourminiexploration!Don't be intimidated!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For support and questions:[email protected] us on social media:
I Hate Fish 1.1.6
Shoot your way to the top of the food chainandguide Earl the worm through perilous waters filled with enemiestothe safety of your homeboat.- MANEUVER and SHOOT your way through the schools ofangryfish.- UPGRADE your weapons to match the growing power oftheenemies- Wade through 100+ HANDCRAFTED STAGES and collect rewardsbycompleting challenging quests.- Stunning CARTOON GRAPHICS designed for mobile devices.- Challenge your FRIENDS in the arcade modeLike us at Facebook and stay tuned with all new gamesandupdates:'d appreciate if you'd report any issues you're having withthegame to [email protected],pleaseinclude your device make and model.
10 Million Zombies 10.0.0
These evil minions invade your city,thezombies are only after one thing - to eat your brains.So...-Retreat? -Surrender? -or Fight?The choice is yours! But remember you have a contract withyourcommunity to fight and unleash the killer in you to protectsalvagethe situation.This game is optimized for those fun moments you really cravefor- to pass time, reduce stress or just the "while you waitmoments".Have fun planning your fights, managing funds, recruitingfightersand soldiers, managing arms and ammunition and above allshootingaway the zombies.This is arguably one of the best free games of 2015.☆☆☆☆☆ How to play ☆☆☆☆☆• Be careful how you use your limited supply of arms and ammo —asyou dash to battle of wits and raw action.• Guns, Magic, Earthquake, Spears, and Knives - You have anexoticassortment of weaponry, but you MUST use them wisely.• Let your warriors and heroes get you out trouble spots once inawhile, but don’t form the habit of always getting in a fix,thesewalking dead and undead are very wicked and stupid, so runthemdown as soon as they show up.• Action game: Conquer and kill to collect free gold, coin andwargoodies. Upgrade your heroes, meteor missiles, and earthquakeandget all the fighting power you need.• Super strategy game: Make sure you plant your foot soldiersinstrategic positions and at the right time☆☆☆☆☆Top free game ☆☆☆☆☆• This app offers in-app purchases. You may disablein-apppurchasing using your device settings.• The game is FREE but to support our development works we hadtointegrate Ads though not at the cost of user experience.
TMNT Portal Power 222
Help the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlestravelthrough portals and fight evil in this action-packedstreetfighting game. Play as all four Ninja Turtles at once as youpunch,kick, power-up and portal your way through outrageousdimensions tostop Shredder and the Kraang from unleashing anotherdiabolicalplot. Worlds collide with Classic Krang battles on therooftops ofNew York and an ultimate Kraang Subprime showdown intheTechnodrome.Key Features:• Unique group combat controls!• 5 dimensions to battle through!• Brand new and classic enemies to brawl against• 80’s & Classic comic book Turtle costumes• New Krang Battle• Epic Kraang Subprime showdownSo what are you waiting for? Download the TMNT Portal Powerappand help Leo, Raph, Mikey, and Donnie stop their enemiesbeforeit’s too late!GAME FEATURES:• Fun application for kids and adults of any age orgamingexperience level!• Play as Leonardo, Raphael, Michaelangelo, and Donatello.• Control each Ninja Turtle with a simple finger swipe toattackyour opponents!• Control all four turtles at once to punch, kick, attack andportalyour way through a variety of outrageous TMNTdimensions!• Watch exciting animated intros and follow fast game-playtutorialsto start playing right away!• Fight the Foot Clan, Shredder, Bebop, Rocksteady, andothervillains!• Collect costumes to power up and unlock even more ninja movesandlevels! - Plus, encounter never-before-seen, game-exclusiveenemiesand creatures!• Official voices and animation from the people who bring youtheTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show on Nick!• Battle across new 5 worlds and dimensions in the all-newTMNTPortal Power game!TMNT Portal Power collects personal user data as wellasnon-personal user data (including aggregated data). Userdatacollection is in accordance with applicable law, such asCOPPA.User data may be used, for example, to respond to userrequests;enable users to take advantage of certain features andservices;personalize content and advertising; and manage andimproveNickelodeon's services. For more informationregardingNickelodeon’s use of personal user data, please visittheNickelodeon Group Privacy Policy below. Our Privacy Policy isinaddition to any terms, conditions or policies agreed to betweenyouand Google. Nickelodeon and its affiliated entities arenotresponsible for Google's collection or use of your personaluserdata and information. Use of this app is subject to theNickelodeonEnd User License Agreement. For users residing in theEU, TMNTPortal Power may include the use of persistent identifiersfor gamemanagement purposes and installation of this appconstitutes yourpermission to such usage of persistent identifiersfor all users onyour device.Privacy Policy: User License Agreement: Portal Power offers in-app purchases and charges realmoneyfor additional in-app content. You may lock out the abilitytopurchase in-app content by adjusting your device’s settings.Googlewill keep you logged on for an additional period of timeafter aninitial in-app purchase. Additional purchases won’t requireare-entry of the password during this additional period oftime.This is a function of Google’s software and not withinourcontrol.© 2016 Viacom International Inc. All Rights Reserved. Nickandall related titles, logos and characters are trademarks ofViacomInternational Inc.
GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD 2016The best gunner shooter of the battle field; No Mercy! GotoVictory!It is the 2016 version of the best 'machine gun' gameGUNNER'SBATTLEFIELD. We prepared very nice war scenes and excitingdutiesfor you!You are the best warrior of your army and you are given somedutiesto destroy your enemy's forces in several countries of theworld.You are equipped with great full automatic guns and bazookas.Yourenemy is also really good equipped with even airforce andtanksupport. There is a fierce fight waiting for you. You willbeawarded for your success in the Gunner's Battlefield if youdestroyenemy forces including infantries tanks and helicopters.With theseawards you may buy guns air supports health guards andmany more.So you can defend yourself and your country with monetarysupport.So you can buy mercenary airforces. We know that air forcesupportis great plus for your success at war. In this game you willbeunder fire of tanks, infantries (Gunmen) and helicoptersSometimes you will face continuous enemy strikes so use your gunssoquickly and accurately. Your guns are other airforce power firessoaccurately. but your enemy is also fighting and firingaccuratelyjust like you.Enjoy this amazing 3D shooter game GUNNER'S BATTLEFIELD! AndPleasedo not forget to leave comments about this free shooter wargame!Your comments are so valuable for us!Features:- Realistic FPS (First Person Shooter) scenario- Unbelievably real ambush scene to kick off the game- Realistic enemy forces with helicopters and tanks- Airforce support- Well built storyline- Efficient weapon controls & movement- Excellent environment- Fabulous war sound effects- Easy GUI and controls- First person shooting- Real war battlefield- Enemy shooters- Best shooting game- Tanks, shooting gunmen, helicopters and aircrafts included inthegameHow to Play:- Touch & drag anywhere on the screen aim yourshootingweapon- Tap the fire button on the right side of the screen tostartshooting and your assault- Use bazooka to destroy enemy tanks and helicopters.- Use aircraft support to destroy all enemy forces in clickFollow us at facebook to be aware of best androidgames: any questions and issues please contact us via e-mail.Top Action Games 2015 Team!
Modern Commando Frontline 2.4
Modern Commando Frontline - Best FirstPersonShooter (FPS) game of 2016.Modern Commando Frontline Attack is an action packed shootingwargame.Encounter the enemies with arms, Ak-47, Snippers, Shotguns,Minigun,Bazooka andnew destructive weapons. You are the brave Assassin commandofromthe army force.Aim perfect to shoot the head shots of your rival.Accurateandprecise aim practicewill lead to more accuracy and eliminate terrorism infrontiershooting showdown. Keep in mind;he is the vicious terrorist you are going to swat & kill.Staredown your rifle scope, zoom in to findand identify the target. Take a breath...and pull the triggertoKill your enemies.Exciting features:- Intense First Person Shooter Action- 5 fantastic Arms at your disposal in battle- Jungle surroundings as a battlefield- Tune your armor and stand tough against enemies- Defeat enemies with deadly Missiles- Defend every corner of the city- Exciting Map with Realistic Environment- Shooting all the terrorists will lead you to the next stage- Breathtaking 3D graphicsMODERN COMMANDO FRONTLINE is free to play, Download now onyourandroid devices..
Hunter Simulator 2016 1.1
From the creators of Stag Hunter 2016,andDinosaur Hunter Simulator 2015.Deadly Hunter Simulator 2016 3D - Hunt the world’s mostexoticanimals!Be a Wild Hunter and return to the wilderness to hunt theworld’sdangerous and attacking predators including Boar, Wolf,Bear,Gorilla, Elephant, Panther, tiger , and Lion. Hunting the deerisjust the beginning. Moreover, chasing your targets on a hillclimbmakes the game even more challenging.Join the hunt now and become a hunting legend!GAME FEATURES- Realistic FPS Sniper Shooting Simulator with lush visuals- AAA graphics provide the most stunning fantasygameplayexperience- Over 60 immersive hunting missions to complete- Immerse yourself in diverse safari environments filled withover16 animal species- Next level hunting with high-end tablet gameplay!- Ultimate adventure of hunting jungle animals.Download the Hunter Simulator to experience the life ofrealhunter.BYMIDNIGHT FREE GAMES
Hood Fighter Ghetto Brawl
MIGA Games
Hood fighter Ghetto Brawl is a killerfightinggame where ghetto thugs, gangsters and criminals fight todeath.There is a meeting in the streets of the hood where fightersbrawl.They will fight in a very rough and violent way. Use punchesandkicks to make the perfect hit combo. You have to be ready forthebattle with hood fighters.HOOD FIGHTERS:+Boxer will knockout every opponent.+Ghetto boy is a mma and jiu jitsu master.+Bully girl is very dangerous.+Wrestler is the king of the ring.WEST COAST STREETS+Hoods from america.+Ghettos from europeKicks and punches, fire balls and mega combos. Don´t hesitateanddownload this extremely brutal street hood fighting game.MIGA Games 2016
Helicopter Fighting: War Games 1.0
Helicopter Fighting : War Games is thebestshooting games of 2015 with top action in category of actiongames2015 and category of action games 2016 .Helicopter Fighting : War Games is about helicopter destroygames. You are a gunner and enemies elite helicopters are invadingall ofour cities . All of our major response forces and defenseweaponslike machine guns , sniper shooting commandos , tanks ,humvee andapache heli are destroyed. Now deadly enemies apachehelicopter areusing there gunship war power to erase us from map .you have toshow yourself as best helicopter destroyer and championgunner x inthese war games situation . You lone gunner and youhave to destroyall of enemies helicopter fighting apache to finishwar games in ourfavor .If you want lord of these war games then destroy allenemieshelicopter fighting planes . This war games based on realwar gamessituation . 30 deadliest levels to destroy hundred ofhelicopterfighting planes to prove yourself as champion of wargames .
Endless Run: Temple Escape 1.4
Endless Run: Manor Escape 3DPopular blossom-themed endless running game on Google Playin2016Endless Run: temple escape is totally brand-new endless runninggamespecially designed for those temple running game lovers! Inthisthrilling running experience, the main character is ahandsomefarmer who fight against demons from hell and take hispreciousstolen by those monsters! For the very first time, you playas thehandsome farmer and outrun the shrieking challenging yellowbrickroad as you turn, jump and slide your way across theglamorousmysterious land! Join and experience the most thrillingrunningexperience on the yellow roads and clear skies!Endless Run: temple escape is characterized for its endlessrunning.In this running experience, the story take place at farmfull ofharvest crops and glamorous blossom. One day, the farmer ison theway back to home. He found that his home was sacked and hispreciouswas stolen by demons, so he brought his weapons anddecided to takethem back! Run as fast as you can to completemissions and unlockmore boosters to fight against monsters!Endless Run: temple escape is a free running game that bringsyouthrill and excitement of a fantasy super action andoutrunningexperience! Now test your reflexes as you race downyellow brickroads. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstaclesespeciallypoisonous blossom. Collect more coins to buy more powerups upgradeyour skills to see how far you can run with thisspitting EndlessRun: temple escape!Endless Run: temple escape features:-free endless running and flying arcade game-the environment changes as you run-test your reflex-play as farmer running in yellow brick roads full ofpoisonousblossom-stunning optimized HD graphics-upgrade skills with hard earned coins-intuitive and sensitive touch controls-fly in a hot air balloon-more coins and gems-explore different locations in mysterious world-new obstacle: poisonous blossomEndless Run: temple escape gameplay:-tilt your devices to change direction with G-sense-up slide your finger to jump and avoid obstacles intheground-down slide your finger to avoid firing wood or flying griffinortrees-swipe to right or left to avoid poisonous blossom or curves-grab multiplier to double coins-pick up gems to revive-fetch flying monkey to help get through mysterious yellowbrickroadsWill you help the framer to take his precious back? Now downloadthebest running game Endless Run: temple escape to help himout!
Swat Terrorist Attack 2016 1.5
Are you looking for a funhostagerescue shooter game where you can test your SWATskills?Do you want to experience the ultimate CounterStrikeexperience, complete with city attack and SWATrescuesituations? Then SWAT Terrorist Attack 2016canhelp deliver all of that and so much more.Objective of Game:Your main goal in this Terrorist Attack2016game is to eliminate all terrorists that come in yourwayas fast as possible, all while being able to rescue the hostagesindue time.You can move around and shoot thanks to adedicated,touch-sensitive set of controls that will make theentireexperience truly immersive and interesting all around. We arealsooffering you a dedicated map that will deliver immediate accesstomissions and the current location of your enemy.The game is designed for players of all ages, we are offeringyoua very good experience and a wide range of cool gameplaymechanicsthat you can enjoy.From being able to shoot enemies to exploring a massivegameworld and completing missions, SWAT Terrorist Attack 2016 hasawhole lot of stuff to do, and you are the one to uncover itall!Don’t hesitate and download the ultimate Counter Strike formobile,check out SWAT Terrorist Attack 2016 rightnow andimmerse yourself into the ultimate mobile shooterexperience!Features:Multiple guns to choose fromGreat gameplay and refined missionsEasy to customize interfaceChange the touch sensitivity within the gameBeautiful graphicsAction packed momentsDon't forget to share and challenge your friends SWATTerroristAttack 2016.
Pro Gun Shooter 2016 1.2
Get ready for thrilling first-personshooter(FPS) gaming. You are a Pro Gun Shooter meant to save thecity fromterrorist attacks!This game is the new sensation that will land you right intheheart of war against terror. Play as an Elite SWAT Shooter andtakedown armed terrorists and criminals. Equip yourself with adeadlyarsenal including 9mm Pistol, Ak-47, Uzi, sub machine gunsandmuch, much more. Aim accurately, take the headshot rapidly,anddestroy your enemies. Build strategies to proceed like atruetrained police officer! These covert operations galorearewaiting.Pro Gun Shooter 2016 Features:•Awesome 3D Graphics and City Environments•Smooth, Easy and Addictive gameplay•Complex situations, hijacked buildings, heavy firing anddeadlyenemies•Number of weapons to choose from including UMP, MP5 etc.•Locate terrorist positions using bio-thermal devices•Intense First-Person Shooter Action•Protective armor and medical kits to help you stand toughagainstenemies•Exciting Map with Realistic Environments•Roam around in 3D environment and hunt down alltheterrorists•Earn coins and use them to make purchases within the shop•Raid the hideouts and strike before they hunt you down;yourpatience, skill, intelligence and reflexes will all be put tothetest.About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) designs, develops, and publishes gamesonmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 150mobilegaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 135milliondownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For moreinfo,visit
Sniper Shooting 2016 2.1
Sniper Shooting 2016 - Kill the sniperShootinggame addictive shooting game you will feel like in a realwar ! Killthe sniper in the midst of war .In the application you will see - the city , the ruined city ,thewar , bombings , sniper scope , sniper rifle , highlight,theapocalypse , the ruins of the city .Tracked down by a sniper glare and kill ! While he did not gettoyou or your comrades ! That would kill the sniper you just needtofind him and shot with a rifle will follow after the touch ofafinger !Play with your children. Very simple operation ! Give your phoneortablet to your child and you will not be able to detach fromtheprocess !What would kill snayperva , you do not need the Internet. PlayKillSniper War for free , you can now !Start the fight and you can not stop!Thank you for choosing us! Write to feedback and we will trytoanswer all !
Animals Hunter - Sniper Game 2017 1.2
You are being one of the best member ofhuntingsquad of sniper platoon that are on the hunter mission inwinterholiday’s season to hone your hunting skills in jungle on ahuntingcontest, where you have been assigned the mission to huntwildrabbits in a limited time as they are spoiling the farmhouses&crop fields. No one wants to kill this gorgeous tiny creaturebutwild rabbits are spoiling the crop in farms and escape tojungle tohide, so you have to shoot them as you are a real huntertrained byArmy. In this FPS Hunting game of 2016, you are in adense jungleexpedition, 3D jungle is designed like a beautifularsenal mixtureof everything like mountains, dense trees, lushgreen grass andsnowy weather conditions as well. Being on huntingadventure in thissniper hunting game to save the farmhouses youare equipped withmodern sniper rifles used in wars and modernwarfare battles.Hunter squad is unique free, first person shooting games of2016having multiple levels and a wide range of sniper guns whichcan beunlocked as soon as you proceed the game. Being the worldhuntingmaster you must strike at target and be careful in jungle toavoidany clash with deadly animals in forest, so being aprofessionalhunter kill all the rabbits in specified time and earnbounty andrewards in terms of coins and unlock other snipershooting guns butit can only happen if you have good sight and aimright with yourgun shots, missing a gunshot will result in escapeof rabbits andyour rabbit hunting adventure will end, and you willnot be calledas sniper hero man in this 3D animal hunting game2016.Hunter squad – Sniper game, is one of the immersive animalhuntinggame with amazing background sounds and realisticenvironment. Ifyou love animal hunting games then you must downloadHunting SquadSniper games and you will surely love it to play again&again.----: Game Features :----* Multiple sniper rifles.* Realistic 3D environment.* 10 hunting arenas of forest.* Optimized for low end devices.* Bounty & rewards in terms of coins to unlock modernsniperguns.* Run well on latest technology smart phones.
Old Gold 3D: Dungeon Quest RPG 2.5.2
Raid the dungeons full of evil defenderstofight against powerful bosses guarding ancient gold. Improveyouradventurer abilities along this deadly quest. Addictive fastactionrpg has classic single player retro gameplay of the bestfreeold-school 3D games.You start your quests with one of the weapon like: 1 oldbrokensword, 2 tomb rocks, 3 dungeon hunter bow, 4 assassin'sthrowingknives, 5 knight's sword, 6 flicker dagger, 7 raider'smace, 8heretic's magic staff and 9 spear of doom.Your hero will be able to journey through deadly 3d labyrinthsfullof rare items and old treasure chests. Your dungeon herowillengage in battles with awful beasts and hordes ofskeletonwarriors.Over the course of the game, improve your combat skill ofswordfighting and bow shooting to defeat the army of the evil deadanddestroy Undead King once and for all!This game is for all fans of 3D action games, fpsgames(first-personshooters), old rpg games, and for all those wholike - 3d swordfighting, bow and arrow, find treasure chests, evildead, dungeonmonsters, knights and dragons, epic heroes and armyof darkness. Ifyou want to download paid games for free, newaction adventure andshooting games for free, just play this one ofthe top action games2017.Facebook:
Shark Attack Spear Fishing 3D 1.4
Dive into Deep Ocean and exploretheunderwater sea life for spearfishing adventures. Play SharkAttackSpear Fishing, the latest 3D shark simulator game for huntingangrysharks. Become a scuba diver lure and shoot harpoon fromyourspeargun to hunt hungry sharks underwater.Survive in brutal underwater environment and beware of wildsharkattack. Besides goldfish, lionfish or clownfish, ocean life isfullof ferocious inhabitants like carnivorous shark, orca whaleandstar fish. Ace Scuba divers and white shark hunter go forhuntingaquatic animals in deep sea like seahorse. Put on the scubadivingretreater suite with oxygen mask and grab your fishing gearfromfisherman. Make bait for hungry shark and sail in your steamboat.Fisherman chase white shark and tiger shark while sailing insharkfishing boat. Aim precise and fire harpoon from your speargunbefore the deadliest angry sharks kill you with razor sharpjaws.Become ace shooter enjoying fishing lake with seamlesscrystalwater.The killer shark is furious jaws unleashed aim to huntdownmegalodon in ocean depths. Daily catch the big fish inNorthAmerica Ocean, dive into clear water and start swimmingforcatching the big ones megalodon in shark simulator 2016.Avoidhitting into coral reef and algae in deep waters sharkrampage. Aimto shoot fish, hunt sea monster and dangerous predatorto seekrevenge for human killing. Enjoy the massive gameplay onExoticParadise Island and explore the realistic sea life in 3D openworldenvironment. Get hooked on with this real fishing game, diveinfreshwater lure angry sharks towards you. Anglers can catchesfishdaily feel the thrill underwater with spear gun withoutanglingrod.Shark Hunter 2016 Features:→ 10 amazingly challenging tiger sharks hunting andshootingmissions→ Sail ship and scuba dive into Blue Ocean for spearfishing→ Explore the realistic sea life with big fish around likecrystalfish, trout, starfish and orca whale→ Intuitive touch controls for easy sailing and hunting→ High quality 3D graphics and detailed environmentforspearfishingDownload Shark Attack Spear Fishing 3D simulator game forunderwaterkilling adventure and fight for survival againstferocious seainhabitants.
Navy Gunner Wars 2016 1.2
Navy Gunner Wars 2016Crush enemies and become an action hero of NavyGunnerWarriorsNavy WarHack through enemies as the mighty Warrior, crush them withtheGunner Shots and rain down fire upon them as the Hell fire,orcharge them down as the imposing Gunner Combatant.TONS OF EPIC LOOTStorm and destroy the precious and rare armor of theenemies,weapons and loot to enhance your abilities!Round them upUpgrade your weapons and move around the island of dead. Keepfiringon the enemies with you deadly techniques, kill them all.You arenot a contract killer but patriotic soldier of yourcountry. Theenemies are hiding in the island full of jungle andthey are nothunting jungle animals but making it a headquarter forcriminalactivities.Navy Battle StartsThe battle starts in the middle of the sea when enemies findyourpresence near their stronghold. The Snipers have takentheirplaces, the tanks, Humvees are on their positions. TheGunshiphelicopter is in the air and the navy boats and ships are onhighalert. It’s a call of heroes and you must fight till yourlastbreath.God of RomeEnter the arena of sea to battle the strongest army of theworld.Use your special force training to compete with modernarmyequipped with latest weaponry. Their arsenal is may be biggerbutyours is betterWar Gunner SkillsUse your anti-terrorism combat skills. Don’t leave themissionunfinished and destroy their cargo and any transportationwhichhelps them building strong base.Features**Real 3d environment**Challenging unlimited missions**Upgraded modern weapons**Earn by destroying enemies**Amazing sound effects
ANIMAL HUNTER 2016 3D presents themostaddictive animal hunting game for android!ANIMAL HUNTER 2016 3D is a relaxing first person perspectiveanimalhunting game. Users can look around the map by swiping thescreenand moving anywhere there they want. The game has 16 huntinglevelsso far. You hunt in valleys and jungles surrounded bymountains andsometimes near the rivers and lake. You have 2 semiautomaticsniper guns in the game. You can hunt deers, zebras,rabbits, pigsand even ducks. Special duck hunting levels includedfor you toenjoy!We hope you like our 3D animal hunting game. You will be abletoplay the following in the game:* Deer hunting* Zebra hunting* Rabbit hunting* Pig hunting* Duck hunting* Animal hunting in junglehow to play:There are 5 buttons in the game, shooting, aiming, gunswitching,rotating and moving buttons. Please click how to playbutton tounderstand buttons better.Animal Hunter 2016 features:• Timer• Level unlocking• Realistic Hunting Environments• 16 levels to play so far!• 2 semi automatic sniper rifle guns with scope options.• Crispy and enchanting music and sound effects.• Stunning and beautiful graphics.• No annoying in app purchases. 100% free.• Fun and addictive. Fit for all ages.Experience the best animal hunting simulator game onAndroidplatforms.And much more!!!Please leave your comments and thoughts. Your feedback is muchmorevaluable to us!!!
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team 1.0
Anti-terrorist Sniper Team EliteTop Elite Anti-terrorist Sniper army sets out huntingforterrorists, criminals, and gangsters!Take your rifle, join Top Elite Anti-terrorist Team, rocksfurysniper 2016!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team is the most exciting andchallengingfirst person shooter (FPS) experience, where you play astop classsniper together with your team to strike terrorists,combat covertterrorist activities and destroy terrorist bases. Oncedisparatesnipers are united together to take Eagle Action. Are youaccurateenough to scope terrorists from across the map? SWATforces, it’sno time to hesitate. Time to take real action anddestroy theterrorist organizations!Terrorist groups spread disorders and chaos in every cornerofthe world, from Paris to Rome, from Russia to Ukraine. Civiliansinthis area are in danger. The Peace Committee send you and yourteamto travel around the world to eliminate a mob of terroristthreatsand infiltrate high-profile target that get the way peace.You areunited elite snipers. There are no room for mercy, onlyforshooting!Anti-terrorist Sniper Team features:-realistic and challenging FPS experience-play as sniper together with elite sniper team toinfiltrateterrorist threats-travel around the world to combat terrorist bases-numerous missions-heart-pounding sound effects-ultra optimized graphics-huge array of equipment and weapons to choose from-LEVELS, CHALLENGES & SURVIVAL tournament to choose-destructive weapons and ammunition-complicated situation, hijacked building and crossing fireAnti-terrorist Sniper Team Gameplay:-slide to the left of the screen to control charactermovement-slide to the right of the screen adjust the target-use sniper rifles zoom to scope terroristsYou and your team are the only hope to destroy terroristthreats!SWAT sniper, it’s time to take action!
sniper shot 1.0
top action games presents you the bestkillshot games of 2016 in category of most downloaded and millionsofuser based game on google as Sniper Shot . Sniper Shoti isaboutsniper kill near kill shot war areas where enemies arepreparingfor a massive attack on us. So our officers decide tosniper attackenemies kill shot assassin before they could manage toreach theresniper target . sniper shot , sniper shot and snipershot until allof enemies kill shot assassin got died . Showyourself among bestsniper shot commando champions and sniper targetto sniper kill allof our kill shot assassin enemy commando .
Dub Dash 1.2
Headup Games
UNIQUE SYMBIOSIS OF MUSIC AND GRAPHICSDub Dash is a fast-paced rhythm based action game. The tracksaredecomposed into diverging game mode segments. The obstacles,tracksand visual effects are all adjusted to the music and inperfectharmony with each song. Dub Dash has a great soundtrackincludingmusic from Bossfight and the DJs of Geometry Dash – toenjoy thefull experience the use of headphones is highlyrecommended.7 ULTRA CHALLENGING MODESSpin your crazy wheel in harmony with the song and keep dodgingleftand right avoiding obstacles at high speed. Fly like a bird,makehard 90° turns and feel the rhythm of the zig-zag trajectory.Theobjective for each track is clear: Do you rock the funky roadof DubDash?PRACTICE MAKES PERFECTThe gameplay of each segment is simple but it´s tough to masterthelevels. Actually it´s extremely hard, almost impossible –butfortunately there´s the practice mode which gives you a savepointafter each passage so you won´t need to finish the whole levelinone try. Memorize each segment of the level and maybe (onlymaybe)you will be able to master even the hardest levels someday.EARN EXTRA-LIVES IN RANDOMLY GENERATED DAILY LEVELSEarn up to 15 bonus lives in the daily challenge mode. Each levelisrandomly generated to the beats and your extra lives will comeinhandy in your next approach to finish a level.FEATURES:- Rhythm based action game- Great soundtrack including Bossfight and DJs fromGeometryDash- Challenging levels with groovy tracks and stunning effects tothebeat of the music- 7 different game modes requiring fast reactions- Practice mode- Google Play Game Services- Tablet support(c) 2016 - Developed by Incodra UG ( -Publishedby Headup Games.Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and you have problems with the game or feedback please sendanemail to: [email protected]nsitive Seizure WarningA very small percentage of people may experience a seizurewhenexposed to certain visual images, including flashing lightsorpatterns that may appear in video games. Even people who havenohistory of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosedconditionthat can cause these "photosensitive epileptic seizures"whilewatching video games.These seizures may have a variety of symptoms,includinglightheadedness, altered vision, eye or face twitching,jerking orshaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, ormomentaryloss of awareness. Seizures may also cause loss ofconsciousness orconvulsions that can lead to injury from fallingdown or strikingnearby objects.Immediately stop playing and consult a doctor if youexperienceany of these symptoms. Parents should watch for or asktheirchildren about the above symptoms - children and teenagers aremorelikely than adults to experience these seizures.The risk of photosensitive epileptic seizures may be reducedbytaking the following precautions:• Play in a well-lit room• Do not play when you are drowsy or fatiguedIf you or any of your relatives have a history of seizuresorepilepsy, consult a doctor before playing.
New Army War Games 2016 2.2
Press the army man to let your kid playwithit!It’s time for some army war fun with the New Army WarGames2016.Enjoy army puzzles, war flashcards have the sound of arealarmy war,crying and fighting, Army matching games and a funcam inthe end toplay with army games for kids.The app is a complete activity of New Army War Games2016withmany games in one app.Features of app include:-* Army games for free* Many games in one app* Real sounds* Easy to play and learn* Easy to operate for allWhen you download the best army fighting games of 2015forboysapp you will get army collection full offunactivitiesincluding:-Army war sounds-Real army commands and practice sounds-Army puzzles and match game-Army fun camArmy Sounds:- The first stop for fun in the army gamesfreeforkids is the attractive cool sounds. Just a tap will takethem toafun interactive moving picture that is sure to have funwith.Andwhen the kid tap the moving icon in the army games for kidsitwillplay the sound related to it. They will hear army order,aarmycommand, a army war sounds and many more and the armygamesforfree are interactive fun for all ages.Army puzzles:- The next tab of fun in the New Army WarGames2016is the cool army puzzle images. These excellent armygamesaredesigned for ages 5 & up and have no time limitorsoundelement, so your little ones can concentrate while theyplay,justlike when they are building a real puzzle.How To Play:Tap Random on puzzle tab and it will magically shuffle.Andifyour little hero doesn't like the look of that one,justpressRandom button again to reshuffle. Another childfriendlyfeature isan option to view the picture of the puzzle atany time,so if theyneed help it’s there!Army Match Games:- The fun never stops in the army games forkidsandthe matching games are sure to delight. The armyfightinggamesfeatures a army memory game and a dalmatian paw printmatchthatwill keep toddlers (if you help them) andpreschoolershappy!Army Fun Cam:- This camera filter is army themed, so allyouhaveto do is click play and start taking fun pictures! Thereareplentyof army cut outs for you to take cute pictures andkeepyouentertained.The army games for kids app is updated from previousarmygames2015 to new army games 2016 with all the latestgraphicsandsounds.Designed by: Web solutions and developersLet the kid play with web solutions and developers withsomanyamazing games for kids. Go down to the New Army WarGames2016install page and press more from developer section tofindmoreapps from web solutions and developers like armygamesforkids.
لعبة الحرب قناص الموت 2.1
لعبة الموت والحرب إطلاق نار لعبة أكشنممتعةأسلحة خطيرة ضرب بالنار وقثل القاتل المأجور حرب الأعداداءحربالقبائل حارب والجنود في الشوارع ...تقوم بدور جندي في الجيش لتقوم بمحاربة العدو تنظيم داعش و تقومببعضالمهمات التي تتطلب الاشتباك مع عناصر التنظيم وقتلهم قبل أنيقوموبقتلك و ينبغي تحقيق سكور محدد في كل مهمة. اللعبة تحتاج قوةتركيزوروح القتل والمنافسة بقوة.لعبة الحرب إطلاق نار تحتوي تعتبر من أفضل العاب حرب 2016العربيةالعاب حرب المملكة حرب حقيقية حرب السيوف والبنادق وإطلاق نارالعابحربية عسكرية. العاب حرب المساجين.Game of Death andWarShooting Game Action enjoyable dangerous weapons fire and hitQthelkiller hack Aloaadada tribal war and soldiers fought a war inthestreets ...Play the role of a soldier in the army to fight theenemyorganization Daash and do some tasks that require engagementwithelements of the organization and kill them before they killyouIcomo and should achieve SCORE specified in each task. Game weneedthe power of concentration and the spirit of murder andcompetestrongly.War Game Shooting contains one of the best war games 2016 Arabwargames war Kingdom real swords, guns and war Shooting ShootingGamesmilitary. Prisoners of war games.