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Dot Block - 1010 Circle Fit 1.0.3
1Pixel Studio
- See how you rank against playersaroundtheworld on the global leaderboard.- No time limit, you can enjoy game for any time andanywhere.- Dot Block game that can be played easily and quickly.- Get ready to Dot Block!![How to play]1. Drag and drop the given blocks into the board.2. You have to put the given blocks into the board to clearlinebothvertically and horizontally.3. Game will be over if there are no space for any thegivenblocksbelow the board.4. The given blocks will be randomly rotated.5. Arcade Mode : The obstacles will be created onceeverythreetimes.Clear the obstacles and get bonus point.6. Bomb Mode : One piece of place blocks will bechangedbybomb.The bombs lines must be cleared before ten times.