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Princess Dolphin Care 1.0.2
Meet a sweet princess who wants to swimandspend all day with her cute dolphin. He is very friendly and hasalot of friends deep in the ocean. Today our princess ask foryourhelp to clean the dolphin and make him look awesome. Start thegameand use some cleaning lotions to wash the dolphin and thenremovethe spots from his skin. Finally our dolphin should lookamazingand you have the opportunity to change the color tones ofthedolphin and add some nice accessories that will make the dolphinbein the spotlight near the princess. Enjoy this new princessmermaidgame and don't forget to leave us a review if you likethisgame!
Dolphin Dive 1.4
DD7 Games
Dolphin Dive allows you to take control ofthecute dolphin and swim him through hoops to try to please thecrowd!There is hours of fun for kids, children and adults of allages!Be sure to check out all THREE game modes: Points, Taps Only,andClassic.This version of Dolphin Dive also comes with a Leaderboardforevery level so you can compete against your friends!"This game is better than Flappy Bird and has been outmuchlonger than Flappy Bird, this game and Stunt Bird are theoriginalFlappy Birds!" - Steven A.
Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour 8
Kids can play Baby Hazel Dolphin Park gameforfree.Hurray! There is a surprise holiday treat for Baby Hazel. Hazelandher family have flown to visit a Dolphin Park, to exploretheamazing world of dolphins. Go along with them to interactwithdolphins and enjoy spectacular show of these incrediblecreatures.Play with the dolphins and learn interesting facts aboutthem. Havea blissful day with Baby Hazel and her family at theDolphinPark!
kids Pool Party & Dolphin Show 1.0.4
Pool Party & Dolphin Simulator - Gamesforgirls.Girls,boys and kids are your ready for an exciting treat and agreatshow, grab your things accompany your friends and familymemberstake a ride and reach to the pool party.There will be a lot of exciting things that you will bedoingthrough out this game, everybody loves dolphins their are anice& friendly creature. Select a dolphin type of your choiceforthe show ahead, and begin the adventure.Before the show you got to check the health of the dolphinwhethershe is ready to perform, as a crazy surgeon you will beusingvarious vet doctor tools to make sure dolphin is enjoyingsoundhealth. Use egg machine to note down there heart beat, injecttheinjection and check the blood pressure.After checkup you have got to take care of the dolphin's seafoodmenu, which includes some delicious fishes,crabs androastedprawns. As the energy of the dolphin is full she is ready togive anice show but before that you might wanna give your dolphinsomemakeover by dressing her up in her own dress up salon withbeautyclothes designed and stitched by an expert dolphin tailor.Soselect some awesome dress and give your dolphin someprettylook.As this isn't going to be just a dolphin show it's going to be avipcrazy pool party, for the vips to feel awesome and enjoy youhavegot to cleanup the swimming pool,take out the trash replacethedirty water with fresh water, and make the pool neat and clean.Washout the entire pool.After the spa of pool washing the pool take your dear littledolphinto her spa salon use shower soap and other tools to cleanandfreshen her up.You have got to arrange some stalls in front of the pool partyvenuesome pop corn, drinks and snacks stalls to serve the vipswith theirdesired food items.All set real thing is about to begin now make sure theaudienceloves it. All depends upon you from now on, let's operatethedolphin simulator tap on the dolphin at various places to makeherthrough the rings hurdles etc. Train you dolphin and yourselffornice high jumps to help her get through the rings and impresstheaudience. There is a tip to get successful which is to tap onhertail to make her take a high and nice jump.So let's tap the tail to get the show going, check out ourotherwashing, cleaning girls games, rate and give your [email protected]
Pool Dolphin Show 7.1
Hey, how are you? Do you want to have funwithus through this kids game? Do you want to have a beautiful day?Doyou want to do a wonderful thing? If you want to have fun withushere will you get this. You will love this game for kids. Ifyouget bored and you want to go to a beautiful show you'll be abletodo this only through this game for girls. Today you'll haveanimportant role, you will work at a dolphinarium, you can trainthedolphins, you can play with them, you can make people smileandeven you will can make friends. This dolphin care game isverybeautiful, you will feel like you're at a real aquariumanddefinitely you have all the skills to finish thisbeautifulmission.We are glad that today we had the opportunity to meet you,surelyyou're a good friend and you will do everything you can tohelp usthrough this kids game.Follow all instructions game.Good luck!- In the beginning you will find two boys who enjoy becausetheyhave aquarium tickets;- They are happy because today they can have fun in a park andwillsee dolphins;- Daniel wants to eat something and you have to help him;- You will know Pipo, this is the most beautiful dolphin;- You will love to watch him and to help him;- While playing a helicopter appears and hurt him;- Wash the dolphin;- Clean the pool;- Gather all the garbage;- Now dolphin wants to play;- He will play in the pool;- Most likes to jump through a hoop;- Now you must give some food to the dolphin;- Daniel loves to watch dolphins they are his favorites;- Pipo is hurt and now and you have to treat him;- Disinfect wounds;- Apply the ointment;- Bandage wounds;- Check the heartbeat;- Dolphin feels good;- You did a great job.Thank you for help, please come back every day through thisgamewith dolphins.Have fun!
Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends 4.2
Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends is a gorgeous3Dpet–sim that turns your device into a virtual lagoon!! Here, youcanfeed, train and create a strong bond with realistic lookingdolphinsand orcas. These high-resolution, animated dolphins swimand performtricks across your screen and crave your attention ateach step ofthe game, awaiting your commands. Learn tricks andperform Shows!Share with friends!GRAPHICSAmazing 3D graphics replicate actually swimming in a lagoonwithdolphins.TRICK TRAINING AND DOLPHIN SHOWSTrain dolphins to do fun and exciting tricks and then performinever bigger and grander dolphin shows!CARE, NURTURE & PLAYTake good care of your dolphins. Shower them with affectionbypetting and rubbing their bellies. Keep them healthy withtastyfeedings and let them swim, frolic & jump in theparadiselagoon; above and below water!MINI-GAMESHelp keep the lagoon clean from jellyfish to earn shells andpearlswhich can be used to buy dolphins, props, decorationsandhabitats.PHOTOSUse our camera system to zoom and pan and take pictures ofyourdolphins, above or below water. Share exciting pics ofyourdolphins swimming, leaping, jumping and doing tricks viaemail,Facebook or Twitter.FRIENDS AND SHARINGShare photos, Dolphin Show scores and achievements with friends.Andnow, visit friend’s lagoons!CUSTOMIZATIONPlayers can acquire custom props and decorations for DolphinShowsand buy multiple dolphin types, eventually caring formanydolphins. Coming soon too, different habitats!Dolphin Paradise is free to play but contains items that canbepurchased with real money. You may control in-app purchasesmadewithin this app using the password settings explained in theGooglePlay help center.Install Dolphin Paradise today. It’s free!Dolphin Paradise is published and developed by HappyGiantFollow #HappyGiantMedia, #DolphinParadiseAppPRESSGameZebo: “Dolphin Paradise features bright, colorful 3Dgraphicsand lots of dolphin-ish clicks and whistles…”The Iphone Mom: "Dolphin Paradise: Wild Friends is abeautifullydetailed 3D app that kids will be sure to love. If youthink thatyour kids would enjoy playing with dolphins – check outDolphinParadise!"
Princess Dolphin Treatment 1.0.0
Hi girls. Do you love mermaid stories? Hereyouwill meet a mermaid princess and her dolphin. They live deep intheocean in a magic underwater land where no human can arrive.Ourprincess loves very much her dolphin because is her best friendandthey spend a lot of time together. In this morning theprincessfound her dolphin crying and noticed that was injured.Could youhelp the dolphin feel better as quickly as possible? Startthe gameand follow the instructions in game to treat the dolphin.The mostimportant is to treat the wounds to get rid of pain andthen cleanthe dolphin's skin with a lot of shampoo. The princesswill be verygrateful about your help when she will see her friendhappy andhealthy. Go on and enjoy playing with the dolphin and themermaidprincess some funny games. Have fun and don't forget toleave us areview if you like this dolphin princess game. If youwant to playmore games for girls you can access our profile mGamey,there youcan find a lot of similar princess games that you can playeverydayfor free! Have fun!
Dolphin Care Dress Up Game 1
Take care of your own realistic dolphin!Dolphin Care is a cute free pet care girls game where youcanlookafter amazing and intelligent dolphins in theirnaturalhabitat, theocean. This is a fun game for kids that willteachthem how to lookafter the cutest dolphin pets.It's your first day at the aquatic sealife studio and yourjobisto take care of these talented and tame dolphins so thattheywillstay happy, healthy and clean. Start by removingdangeroustrashfrom the ocean seabed and decorating it with prettycoralrocks.Then feed them, stroke them and play with them sothattheseintelligent sealife dolphins are happy!Oh No! The Ocean is Polluted!Someone has been dumping trash in the water. Not only doesthisturnthe water dirty and make the dolphin sad, but throwingrubbishintothe sea can be dangerous for sealife like dolphins andmakethemill. Help the dolphin by removing the trash anddecoratingthebottom of the sea with coral and rocks.Yummy Food Time!Dolphins love to eat shrimp and become quite sad whentheyarehungry! Cheer up these cute dolphins with fourdeliciousanddifferent colored shrimp. Tasty!Teach the Dolphin a Trick!These dolphins are very clever and love to learn new tricks.Taponthe screen to clap and encourage the dolphin to perform atrickbyjumping through a hoop. It's such good fun.Let's Dress Up!Now that you've taken care of the dolphin and had fun, whynotdressthem up in a cute hat? Or how about a sweet bow forit'stail? Youcan also apply waterproof stickers!Game Features:>Visit the ocean to care for your own dolphin!>Adopt your own dolphin pet.>Care for different colored dolphins.>Select your dolphin with a funky moustache and monocle!>Clean the ocean of nasty trash that couldupsetthedolphin.>Decorate the ocean with coral and rocks.>Clap to cheer them on and perform a trick!>Feed the pet with delicious shrimp.>Cure them when they are sick.>Dress them in cute accessories and stickers.>Keep them happy and healthy!What You Get With Dolphin Care:>4 dolphins to choose from.>8 stages to care for your own dolphin pet.>12 cute accessories to give your pet>Dolphin Care is completely FREE with NO In-App Purchases.>Enjoy and care for your dolphin!About Girls Games 123We love fun games at Girls Games 123! It is our missiontocreatequality fun games for boys and girls of all ages. Youcanfind ourmobile games by searching for “GirlsGames123” ontheGoogle PlayStore and play hundreds of free games onourwebsite,www.GirlsGames123.comWe add new games all the time! Discover our new releasesbylikingus on Facebook. Search for “GirlsGames123”!You can also follow us on Twitter @GirlsGames123 andGoogle+asGirlsGames123Send Us Your Feedback!We really value your feedback as it helps us to improveourgamesand make them even more fun for everyone. If you haveamoment,please rate and review our app. We would love to hearyourcommentsand suggestions.Need Help? Talk to Us!You can contact us any time to share your commentsorquestions.If you need support or have a problem with any ofourgames thenplease get in touch with us at [email protected]
dolphin shows - delfino run 1.0
Would you like to join the dolphin shows -poolgames to start the exciting My Dolphin Show adventure ingirlygames? GO.Start of dolphin clown game right now, the game iscompletelyfree and does not require the internet! You can playanywhere inthe world!Help a Dolphin Dive to the bottom of the ocean andcollecttreasures! Bounce of bubbles to travel as far as you can andbecomethe king of the sea! Can you collect extra lives to last aslong asyou possible can? Collect Dive Points to unlock games for kids is going on a new dolphinshowsadventure and he need your help!Another thrilling feature to the Dolphin Show Games forteenagersthat makes it even more awesome than just a matchingDolphin ShowGames free– you must find the icons that link togetherin some way!When you make a linked match, the Dolphin Show 2 Gameswill showthe link. You also get some help along the way in DolphinShowGames for girls. You can use the REFRESH button 3 times burn,thismixes up the game cards so it is easier to find linkingmatches.You can also use the FIND button 3 times , and this willfind thematching links for you. This is the Dolphin Show Games forgirlsand Dolphin Show Games for teenagers and my dolphin show Gamesfreeto download. Great if you are looking for the ideals on dolphinrunfor girls. Have FUN !!!1.Just tap the screen to let the dolphin aquaticolympicjump.2.Run to the end of the delfin aquatic olympic to passthelevel.**Game Features -# Multiple delfin tale Levels# Bullet firing capability# Amazing HD High quality graphics# Cartooney sound effects and fun tropical music
Dolphin Baby Birth 7.9.1
Titan Media
Hi, sure you like dolphins because theyaresome beautiful and clever mammals. Dolphins are spreadworldwideand we find most often in areas that are not very deepalong thecoast. Dolphins are very playful and we can see how theyplay. Ifyou go into a reservation you can see dolphins that aretrained andyou can how they communicate. If you're excited aboutthis mammalthen you will definitely love to help make a babydolphin. Thiskids game with dolphins will give you the opportunityto play therole of a doctor and certainly entertain you well.For everything to come out exactly as planned, please followallinstructions of the game.Good luck!- At first you have to get in the water where you will findthedolphin;- It expects to go to him;- You can begin consultation;- Check heartbeat;- Check blood pressure;- Check if the dolphin has a fever;- Now you need to do an ultrasound to see if the littledolphincould be ready to be born;- Make dolphin anesthesia;- Now you can get acquainted with the little dolphin;- He is very nice;- You have to check the weight and length;- Then you have to put him in a bed;- Mother and little dolphin feel very well.Thank you for everything you did today, you are a good doctoranda very good friend. Please come back every day through thisgame forkids.Have fun!
YooB Games
A.K Games
Enjoy a huge collection of top Free gamesonYooB,This app is a free collection with tons of games in 1 App!it's 100% free - Play YooB Now!
Baby Emma At The Zoo 1.0.0
Baby Emma is going to the zoo today! Shewillbe helping out Carol.First you must do some preparations: dressup Emma with alovelyzookeeper outfit and help her to get all the material andfood intothe zoo jeep.Then you will head out to the hippo. He is dirty and youmusthelp Emma to clean him. After that, you will go to the monkeysandfeed them with banana because they are very hungry.Finally you must help Emma to assist in the dolphin show.This game is intended for little kids.
Elsa Aquarium Dolphin Show 1.1
Would you like to join the ElsaaquariumDolphin Show to start the exciting elsa app adventure indolphingames for kids ? GO.Start of shark aquarium right now, the game is completelyfreeand does not require the internet! You can play anywhere intheworld!Flippy Dolphin is a very Addicting and Enjoyable Game,becauseit's:- THE FIRST OF IT'S KIND TO OFFER DIFFICULTY SETTINGS!- You can now play with your own preference on EASY, MEDIUMandHARD!- Go EASY if you want to relax- Go MEDIUM or HARD if you prefer a CHALLENGE!- The game is easy to navigate and can be played and enjoyedbyanyone, young or old, child or adult - it's not just forpeoplewith super-reflexes!- It's also not too stressful, like some other games of thisgenre,which are way too hard and nerve wrecking!- Share your Scores with the world and see how you rank ineachcategory - try to beat the scores! :)Have fun going the distance while avoiding coming obstacles.dolphins memory is going on a new little dolphin adventure andheneed your help!1.Just tap the screen to let the clay pigeon jump.2.Run to the end of the clay shooter game to pass the level.**Game Features -# Multiple elsa games Show Levels# Amazing HD High quality graphics# Cartooney sound effects and fun tropical music
REAL WHALES Find the cetacean. 1.0.7
Tour beautiful seas all over the world andtakephotos of whales and dolphins.Board a boat, look around in every direction, help thecaptainwith directions, and search for whales and dolphins.If you find a cetacean, touch it to zoom in, then touch itagainto close the shutter and take a photo.Whales and dolphins will jump and show you variousotheractions.Aim for a perfect photo opportunity.Also, if you succeed in finding and photographing a cetaceanonthe sea, you'll be able to see info on it in the gallery.In the gallery, you can see realistic 3D recreations ofcetaceansfrom every angle.You should be able to find over 20 different species ofwell-knowncetaceans and sometimes very rare ones, depending on thearea.Make a special gallery with your very own wonderfulphotoalbum.Operating InstructionsTitle ScreenIf you let the title screen stay on without touching it,you'llenjoy seeing a hidden screensaver.□WHALE WATCHINGGo on a whale watching tour. A Map Select screen will open.□3D WHALES GALLERYYou can see a 3D gallery featuring the whales and dolphins youspotwhile whale watching.□PHOTO ALBUMYou can take photos while whale watching and see them saved inanalbum.■STAGE SELECTTouch the whale icons around the globe, then select a touryouwould like to go on.You can unlock stages by spending points accumulated duringthegame.■Whale WatchingThere is a tutorial for beginners.You can turn off the level display by turning the tutorial OFFinthe settings screen (accessible from the bottom left of thetitlescreen).By swiping the backgrounds, you can look around atthescenery.When you find a cetacean, touching it will let you zoom inyou'lltrack it automatically.If you touch the screen once more while zoomed in, you can takeaphoto.By swiping the screen in zoom mode, you can move thecameraslightly.When you want to quit zoom mode, push the Return button at thetopleft of the screen.When you take a photo, the result will be displayed andaccordingto the value, points will be added to your totalscore.If you push OK, the screen will return to the game.You can take photos without zooming in by pushing the bottomleftcamera button.Every time you go out on a tour, you'll have a 12-exposurerollof film. When you're done taking photos, the tour willend.Or you can end the tour by pushing the Return button when notinzoom mode whenever you want.■3D WHALES GALLERYWhen you find a cetacean while whale watching, the """"?""""iconwill turn into a whale icon.There are also some cetaceans that can only be seen in aspecialstage.Aim to complete the gallery!If you touch the whale icon, you can seedetailedinformation.If you click on the whale, it will move. You can swipe to rotateitas you like and pinch to enlarge it.Depending on the species, if you push the speaker icon, you'llbeable to hear the real sounds of whales.The silhouette of a diver demonstrates the size of thecetaceanrelative to a human.Use the Return button to go from the individual display back tothelist display. Pushing the Return button while on the listdisplaywill close the gallery.■PHOTO ALBUMIf you have saved photos, thumbnails will be displayed.If you touch a thumbnail, you can view it in a separate screen.If you want to delete any photos, touch the garbage canicon.You can use the left and right arrows to view the previousandnext photos.Pushing the Return button will bring you back to thethumbnaildisplay. Pushing the Return button from there will closethealbum.Settings□BANNER VISIBLEYou may purchase an add-on that removes advertisements.□CAMERA REVERSEYou can reverse the camera swipe controls.□TUTORIALThe tutorial displayed in Whale Watching for the First Timewillalways be displayed.□RESTORERestore in-app billing.
Mermaid Princess Spa & Salon 1.0.2
Have you ever seen a Mermaid? They aresobeautiful and always happy swimming and playing in the water.Livethe life of a beautiful mermaid in a huge ocean full offriendlyaqua animals. Start your day as a mermaid with a fun bathin theocean after that play with all your friends in the oceanlikefishes, squids and many more. Play with the mermaid and alsogether a lean bath. Make beautiful castle from the sand in theocean.Do lot of different activities and play lot of different fungameswith the dolphins and enjoy your amazing day as adolphin.Activities in the Game:1) Have a clean bath before you start your day.2) Play with all the little sea animals and also have somesoftdrinks.3) Bath the baby mermaid and play different games with herlikemaking beautiful castles.4) Feed the dolphins and also train him with differentactivitiesand play games with him.5) Share this Mermaid makeover and fun activities with friendsandhave fun being a mermaidAbout GameivaGameIva brings you the latest creations of most loved categoriesofgames and apps which are all hugely loved by kids. We areentirelydevoted to build user friendly games related to fun andlearningfor better educational familiarities and enjoyment forkids. Staywith us for the latest updates of GameIva on Google playand getmore of educational games.Reach us at: us on Googleplus: us: us: our gamevideos: will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime foranyquestions and suggestions at [email protected]
Water Park 1.7
Tap Pocket
Welcome to Water Park. Here you will beincharge of your very own water themed amusement park.Attractvisitors to the park by building thrill inducing rides.Manage therides by allocating energy in order to operate them.Upgrade yourpark by replacing your rides with cooler and fasterones! Ensurethat the visitors keep coming to your park for yet moreadrenalinerushes! See your dream Water Park come to life!
Kids Pool Party Adventure 1.4
Kids Pool Party Adventure &DolphinSimulator - Games for girls.Girls,boys and kids lets get ready for an exciting & poolpartyand a great show, grab your things accompany your friendsandfamily members take a ride and reach to the pool party.Maggie has just got summer vacations, she wants to go outsideforsome awesome activities to make the vacations time memorableandexciting. There is going to be a lots of stuff that Maggie isgonnado like. First get her in a car for the journey to the poolpartyright into the middle of lush green jungle. Once she reachestheirtake her to the shopping center for some new fashionableclothes.Help Maggie to shop her swimming suits and some other stuffwhichwill come in handy for swimming in the outdoor swimmingpool.After that she is done with her shopping help her to reach tothedeck where she will be building an amazing boat to ride in anddosome fishing. One the boat gets ready board Maggie into itanddrive the boat around the lake and help her catch somefishes.After catching fishes, get her inflatable swimming pool fillit upwith air and drag it into the lake ahead. Adjust the waterpump andfill up the water being sucked from lake into theswimmingpool.Once it gets filled get Maggie into it, and give this littlefairysome awesome princess spa with a lots of spa & washtoolsscrubs etc. After giving her spa their will be some reallyamazingthing to do for fun and that will be the dolphin show,everybodyloves dolphins their are a nice & friendly creature.HelpMaggie to play and swim with dolphin.After playing with dolphin will be the cooking time grab thefishesthat Maggie catch while fishing, cook them and servetoMaggie.Eating, spa and playing is done little princess is fresh andreadyfor some nice dress up. Dress her up with beautiful clothesandmake her look pretty.Check out our other kids & girls games, rate and giveyourfeedback at [email protected]
Dolphin Show Critter Mundi 6.0
You don’t need internet to play this game.Canplay without wifi!Hey, how are you? Do you want to have fun with us throughthiskids game? Do you want to have a beautiful day? Do you want todo awonderful thing? If you want to have fun with us here will yougetthis. You will love this game for kids.Would you like to join the dolphin show - critter mundi tostartthe exciting Dolphin Park adventure in white room? GO.Start of dolphin jumper right now, the game is completelyfreeand does not require the internet! You can play anywhere intheworld!Dolphins are unusually clever and agile animals, you canmakesure with the help of our new game Dolphin Show - TricksAndTreats. Teach your dolphin new tricks and don't forget to givehima tasty fish!Welcome to the paradise of aquatic animals. The trainer andherdolphin are ready to impress the audience with a specular showbydoing all sorts of mini games. This is not a small aquarium,butbig show like you would see in Sea World or any otherwaterpark.Jump into the swimming pool and do amazing tricks withyourdolphin:Beach ball hit, donut jumping, hurdle jumping, splash theaudiencewet, jump through rings, score a soccer goal, coin collect,piñatasmash, air stunts, water walk, bowling, basketball, lovekiss,golf, volleyball, collect fish from the trainer, underwaterring,fetch the ball game, hit the bell and many more funtricks.Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with dolphin show varanda . Heisespecially fun for children of all ages.critter deadman mild repeats everything you say with afunnyvoice.Just tap the screen to let the dolphin run terraza .This is the best park to play with dolphins! Your duty inthislovely place is to help the visitors enjoy the shows. Someshowsrequire accessories so don't forget to provide them. Feedthedolphins when they are hungry and clean the parks when itisnecessary. Upgrade the park when you earn the required moneyandmake it more fun and joyful place for the visitors!How to Play: Dolphin jumps out of the water and shows trickswithballs and hoops. Control your marine artist using thedirection keyson the screen. For each performed trick you getbonus points. Do notforget to restore the energy by eatingmoney.Featuring one touch controls, the game is easy to learn...butdifficult to master. Hold down the screen to swim up, and let goofthe screen to swim down. Dodge all of the incoming whalesandsharks or it is game**Play with dolphin shows :- dolphin show critter mundi and he will repeat everything yousaywith a funny voice.- Real performance in the pool- Funny main character - a dolphin- A lot of exciting tricks with different stuff- The ability to recover the dolphin’s energy
Puppy Love - My Dream Pet 1.4.0
~~> Fall in love with your brand newdreampet — the most adorable puppy ever!~~> Dress up and care for your puppy! Style, pet, feed her andsomuch more!~~> Enjoy tons of interactive and playful 3D activities inPuppyLand!Ahhh, there’s nothing quite as sweet as puppy love… especiallywhenyour puppy is the most adorable and cuddly puppy in all ofPuppyLand! Rumor has it she's totally in love with you too! Yournewpuppy needs lots of love and attention to help her flourishandgrow up! Care for your new love and make her the happiest pupinPuppy Land!* Customize your dream puppy - exactly as you like!* Choose from tons of delicious snacks to feed yourhungrypuppy!* Bathe your puppy 'till she's sparkling and clean!* Treat your injured puppy with special vet tools!* Play sweet and fun-filled games with your adorabledreampet!* Dress up your puppy in a variety of stylish outfits andcuteaccessories!* Race with your puppy! How fast can your puppy run?!* Photo booth fun! Take a picture with your new dream pet!* Enjoy adorable and interactive 3D animations!About Coco PlayCoco Play Limited is China-based developer of creative anduniqueapps for kids. Founded in 2013, Coco Play provides rich3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visit us: us: us:@TabtaleWatch us:* This App is free to play, but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat App may include third parties services, such as ad networksandanalytics, and may contain social media links that allowuserscommunicate with others. Collection and use of data aresubject toTabTale's Privacy Policy.Contacts:Like us on Facebook to get the latest appsandnews: us your ideas orquestions: for playing and please leave a review to keep freeupdatecoming!Your support is greatly appreciated
Dolphins of the Caribbean 1.8.1002
Let's go on a fantastic adventure trip intheCaribbean. On Tirimoa island a 3D animal simulation meetsanexciting pirate story. Take care of the dolphins and findthetreasure!Vacation in the dolphin stationYou'll spend your vacation on the gorgeous Caribbean islandandthere you'll have the once in a lifetime opportunity to help inadolphin station. Take care of the two new dolphins and gaintheirtrust. The dolphin station was founded to help dolphins thathadpreviously been in captivity get used to a life of freedom. Gettoknow the island residents and discover the secrets ofTirimoatogether with the dolphins.Take care of the dolphinsYour task is to take care of the two freed dolphins usingthenecessary medicine and sufficient food. Once the dolphinshavegotten a bit used to you, you can teach them a coupleoftricks!Once you've spent enough time with them and trainedthemsufficiently, they'll accompany you even in the open ocean andcanhelp you with important tasks. Then you can even speed aroundtheisland at your leisure, and discover all the secrets of theoceanin good company ...Treasure legendsIn your discussions with the island residents, they keepreferringto a legendary pirate's treasure. And then a mysteriouscrystalskull suddenly appears as well. Is there more to thislegendperhaps? Only you can find this out together with thedolphins. Andso: Off to Tirimoa, the adventure begins!SupportIf you have questions or problems related to the app orin-apppurchases, please feel free to contact us via our
3D Dolphin 1.0.8
3D Live Wallpaper
My Dolphin 1.0.0
Dolphin's job is to save all the fish inthesea who have been caught up in there own bubbles, Use thebeachball to BURST them out at the same time avoid dropping theball into the water & touching the fish hook. ENJOY! :)Features■ Simple touch controls that are easy to use and justfeelright■ Win all three Levels■ Free to play - Free content includes basic controls and 3Levelstages.■ No third-party advertisingOPENBOX GAMES is an Game Development company.Our goal is to help kids discover what they are really interestedinand stimulate their creativity. The aim is that kids willdevelopand maximize their creative potential.Follow us on:* Twitter : @openboxgames* Facebook: facebook/openboxgames* Web Site :
Oceans Elf: Dolphins 1.1
The most fun puzzle game! Become apuzzleofman!Play puzzles, make you smarter!Jigsaw is very welcomed by the players as a mentalgame,puzzleand changeable. Mass favorite game by.Jigsaw puzzle not only can fill the empty time, you canalsoimprovecognitive abilities of individuals, improve memory,logicalthinkingability training! .This is a puzzle game about marine animals dolphins,wecarefullycollect a lot of high-definition pictures, you canwhileplayingthe game, while enjoying the high-quality pictures. Sowhatare youwaiting for, hurry to try it!Game features:★ over 50 interesting storm★ Share beautiful pictures to friends★ beautiful pictures can be set as phone wallpaper★ variety of difficulty, from 4x4 (most likely)to6x6(hardest)★ exquisite pictures saved to the SD card, for you toenjoyanytime,anywhereIf you have any questions or suggestions, please feelfreetoemail us, we will improve our own shortcomings as faraspossible,to do our best!
Beautiful Dolphin Cake 1.0.1
Today we will bake a Beautiful DolphinCake!Wehave prepared the ingredients all we have to do now is tomakethespecified mixtures, bake them decorate them when they arealldone.We will guide and help you, especially with the cuttingofthepastry, it has to be cut exactly in a shape of adolphin.Thecooking process will be long and hard but it will beworth it.Havefun in this beautiful cooking game! If you liked thisgamepleaseRate it and Review! For more cooking games you canaccessourprofile mGamey, there you will find a lot of girl gamesthatyoucan play for FREE! Enjoy this beautiful game and ifyoulikedplease Share with your friends!