Top 24 Games Similar to Emoji Games

Emoji Samurai 2.0.3
Ever looked a smug emoji in the eye andthought"I want to slice you.."?Now's your chance! Introducing Emoji Samurai, the fun and safewayto slice and dice popular emojis into hundreds of tinylittlepieces. All your favorites are here: pile of poo, face withtearsof joy, even "face with stuck-out tongue and winkingeye".Gameplay features:- Precise samurai slicing of pesky emoji (any ninja wouldbeenvious)- Special emoji power-ups trigger a variety of fungame-playfeatures. Keep the slice meter green to charge and releaseapower-up emoji to max your score!- Keep an eye out for new emoji packs and new special power-upsinthe samurai store, including limited edition emoji- Tons of popular emoji, you'll never guess which one popsupnext!- Cheat death by avoiding bombs- Three game modes: Arcade, Time Attack and Hunter-- Arcade: Slice your way through the emoji horde to claimyourposition amongst the elite nobility of the samurai-- Time Attack: Slice as many emoji as you can before the timerrunsout-- Hunter: Hone your warrior skills by slicing a specifictargetamongst the massesMany emoji were sliced in the development of this game. Tellyourfriends: Join the samurai and defeat the emoji horde!By installing this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
Emoji Up! 1.0.1
CAN YOU BEAT MY SCORE? Emoji Up! is a funnewadventure featuring some of your favorite viral Emojicharacters.Dash through moving platforms and Dodge the Haters asyou make yourway to the top score. Collect stacks of cash and otherprizes. Canyou find the 100 Emoji? Patience and timing is the keyin thissimple but addicting One Touch game.You will see characters like Pou - Rocket - Alien - Skeleandmore. Your enemies will fly and circle around you to blockyourpath. It's your job to jump through and make it out alive.HOW TO PLAY -- Tap To Jump- Collect Cash-Dodge the Haters
Emoji Run 1.2
This is a exciting game about escape.The good game called emoji dodge.You can slide bar to avoid the obstacle.How many score can you get?
Emoji Rush 1.0.5
Are you up for the challenge?Use your favorite emoji and avoid dangerHow to playSimply tap to jump and avoid as many obstacles as you can.Obstacles include:>ghost emoji>fire emoji>spikes>spike wheelGame Features>Unlock new emojis- collect coins to unlock more emojis>Double jump>Power-ups>Fun musicConnect with us on facebook and instagram:
Emoji Challenge GO 0.5
Zayle Games
Do you like emojis? Then Emoji Challengeisforyou.Emoji Challenge is an endless arcade game whose objectiveistoobtain the highest score possible. Have fun playing withall39different emojis that you can unlock while you play.Details:# There are 39 different emojis.# Unlock emojis while you play.# Every 10 points you get 1 gem.# World leaderboard.
Emoji Jump 1.0
Emoji Jump is a fun endless jumper gameinwhich you have to get as high as possible, with changingemojifaces and avoiding evil emojis.☆ Make the emoji jump by tapping.☆ The emoji face changes every time you jump.☆ Over 60 different emoji faces.☆ Gather points by collecting cookies and going higher.☆ Dodge the evil emojis.☆ Fun Sound and Music.☆ Soothing Graphics.☆ Tap to hop as high as possible.☆ Unlock 5 different achievements.☆ Emoji provided free by☆ Compete with your friends the world using leaderboard.
Emoji Tap 1.0.5
Doidera Apps
It's simple, just tap the emojis andgetpoints,unlock achievements and compete against your friends.Emoji provided free by
Emoji Punch 1.6
Your favorite emojis (don't) welcome youtoEmoji Punch... The more you punch the emojis, the faster youearnpoints! Keep punching as long as possible to achieve a highscore.Be on the lookout for food bonuses and the MoonMagicpower-up...Free to download!No advertisements!No in-app purchases!Just classic arcade fun!Now played in over 20 countries worldwide!Notes:- Recommended 2GB+ RAM for better gameplay- Emoji art supplied by EmojiOne (
Amazing Emoji Stack 1.0
We all know those yellos emojis, buthowhighcan YOU stack them? Help those cute yellow guys to climbashigh aspossible. Beat highscores and join players all overtheworld!- 4 different difficulties- Amazing graphics- HighscoreGet it now for free!
Find The Emoji 1.0
In this simple yet addictive game, thereisonesimple rule. Find the emoji that is not moving! Fromthebeginningwhere there is only few emojis moving, things getquicklytougherwith lots of ones!When you’ll get addicted, you can compete with the worldbymakingthe best time to win 10 levels!Don't wait a second and join our community!-------------------- 125+ levels- Campaign and Chrono mode- Funny and addictive for young and less old- Challenge your friends to beat your score-------------------If you like our game, rate it and write a reviewtosupportus!NB About Authorizations: we request the networkcommunicationandyour phone ID to identify you in the onlineleaderboard.
Bottle: Flip Up 1.1
Bottle: Flip Up is a super fun game,simplebutchallenging!Just flip the bottle into the air and make it landing uprightwhenitfalls!Try to reach a high score and compete with yourfriendsandfamilies!Shoot the bottle up, flip it in the air, make it landinguprightwhenit falls on the table, and score high!You will be amazed by this simple and addictive smallgame!Ready to meet the challenge? Try and enjoy this bottleflipgame!How to play Bottle: Flip Up?1. Swipe the bottle up;2. When the bottle is up in the air, it will flip many turns;3. Adjust the strength so that the bottle will land upright.Features:1. Very simple to play, just flip the bottle into the air2. One hand operation, easy to play on subway or bus3. Bottle Flip Up requires no internet, enjoy this when thereisno3G/4G/Wifi4. Require access to media files if you want to share scoresContact us if you have any idea about Bottle: [email protected]
Crossy Christmas Road 1.0.7
Protey Apps
Favorite game with new features!Christmaspixel journey is waiting for you!Funny heroes: snooty Santa, crossy deer, angry Greench,blockheadElf and more.Just jump across the road and don't let your hero to die.Controls:- tap to jump forward (over the road);- swipe left/right/bottom to move in those directions;Features:- cool holiday heroes (snooty Santa, crossy deer, angryGreench,blockhead Elf and other blockheads heroes);- fantastic 3D graphics (pixel art style);- great effects;- absolutely FREE (no any in-app purchases)!- cold and funny winter atmosphere;Really cool crossy game is waiting for you!Have a questions? You can contact us on theFacebook:
Emoji Jump 1.0
Can you avoid obstacles and hit theramps?Tryto avoid empty cells, unlock fills and boost over pitfallswiththeramp feature.
World of Emoji 1.77777
Ape Samurai
Help emoji to eat all the yummy coins andfoodas possible from all over the world. Don't worry, he hasanenormous appetite ;)Other games and funny features will appear soon on World ofEmoji.Keep updated! ;)Invite and challenge your friends to make a better score thanyou!:P
Emoji Shirts 1.0.2
Want to win a shirt offer? Play one ofthemanyminigames that Emoji Shirts has in store, and beat it inordertoreceive an exclusive offer! But as all the minigamesarerandomized,all of the shirts are, too! Some offers may evenbeavailable foronly a limited time!! Have fun playing the games,andhave funtrying your might to win!
Emoji Hero 1.0
Collect coins using the smiley Emoji,avoidthedevil and angy Emojis, and get the highest score
Pop Balloons 1.2
There are a lot of Balloons flying in airandyou have to tap the same colour as much as you can.Collect and tap more balloons with the same colour togenerateAwesome combos! The game has 40 different levels thatwillentertain you for a long time. Also part of the "extras"includedin the program, which will cleared in the next steps youwill beable to compete with your friends.The perfect game to pass the time entertained! With his gameyourbaby and you will have a lot of fun grouping andcrushingballoons.With a lot of levels, a lot of different balloons, funnyanimations…It's a great free game.features of this game are the following:• Made with powerful Unity engine• user-friendly graphics of game• high-quality audio• carefully designed touch-screen gestures of games• More than 40 exciting stage for exciting games fans• Use of special balloons such as Time balloons, explosive,colorful, aggressive and magical boxes to diversify the game andin somecases create an obstacle for you :-)• and many other attractive features .Please comment on the game.
هواپیمای جنگی : حمله هوایی 1.1.4
Mobin Games
جنگ جهانی آغاز شده است ، سوار جنگنده خود شویدوآسمان کشورتان را از هواپیماهای مهاجم پاک کنید !Don't understand Persian? it is Ok, The English version ofthisgame named "Air Attack " is available for download right belowthispage at section "MORE BY Mobin Games" ; please download it now,itis Freeبازی هواپیمای جنگنده یک بازی دو بعدی کلاسیک است برگرفته ازسبکبازیهای آتاری 2600 .این بازی نسخه فارسی بازی Air Attack است ساخت Mobin Games برایتمامفارسی زبانان عزیز در کل دنیا----------------------------------------------------------------طریقه بازی:با جنگنده پیشرفته خود تا می توانید هواپیما های متجاوز را ازبینببرید و امتیاز کسب کنید. با امتیاز بدست آمده می توانید ازفروشگاهبازی سلاحهای خود را ارتقا دهید.هدایت هواپیما بسیار آسان است ، با لمس و حرکت دادن انگشت خود رویهرجای صفحه مبایل و یا تبلت خود می توانید هواپیما را هدایت کنید.این بازی قابل نصب روی سیستم های زیر می باشد :1- قابل نصب بر روی تمام موبایل های آندرویدی مجهز به GPU2- قابل نصب روی تمام تبلت های آندرویدی3- قابل نصب بر روی تمام گوشی ها و تبلت های کیندل فایر ساختشرکتآمازون می باشد Kindle Fire***این بازی بر روی سرورهای شرکت آمازون تست گردیده است و قابلنصبروی تمام گوشی ها و تبلت های آندرویدی و کیندل فایر می باشد.این بازی علیرغم قابلیتهای زیاد آن طوری طراحی شده تا حداقل حجمراداشته باشد. حجم کل این بازی مهیج کمتر از 10 مگابایت می باشد وفضایکمی را روی گوشی و یا تبلت شما اشغال خواهد کرد.*********************************************امکانات بازی:-- بیش از 20 مرحله جالب ، مهیج و سرگرم کننده-- قابل نصب و کار روی انواع گوشی و تبلت آندرویدی-- دشمنان متنوع-- سلاحها و مهمات قدرتمند و متنوع-- فضاهای بازی متنوع ( دریا ، جنگل و صحرا)-- فروشگاه مجانی خرید و ارتقا سلاحهای مختلف-- محیط فارسی ( البته برای قسمت های مهم )پس لطفا همین حالا این بازی هیجان انگیز و سرگرم کننده را دانلودکنیدو دانلود این بازی را به دوستانتان نیز پیشنهاد نمایید.********************************************لطفا با امتیاز 5 ستاره خود ما را حمایت کنید تا بتوانیم اینبازیرا بروزرسانی کنیم و بازیهای فارسی بیشتری برای شما بسازیم.لطفا نظرات و پیشنهادات خود را جهت بهترسازی بازی برای ما ازطریقکامنت و یا با ایمیل بفرستید[email protected]با تشکرتیم مبین گیمزWorld War started,rideyour fighter planes invading the sky remove your country!Do not understand Persian? it is Ok, The English version ofthisgame named "Air Attack" is available for download right belowthispage at section "MORE BY Mobin Games"; please download it now,itis FreePlay a game of two-dimensional fighter plane from theclassicAtari 2600 style game.Persian version of the game is the game Air Attack makingMobinGames for all Persian speakers in the world's----------------------------------------------------------------How to play:With its advanced fighter aircraft in excess can kill you andgetpoints. With points earned you can upgrade your weapons in thegamestore.Aircraft navigation is easy with the touch screen and moveyourfinger anywhere on your mobile or tablet, you can navigatetheaircraft.This game can be installed on the following systems:1 can be installed on all Android phones equipped with GPU2 can be installed on all Android tablets3 can be installed on all phones and tablets Kindle Fire isAmazonKindle Fire Company*** This game on Amazon's servers have been tested and canbeinstalled on all Android phones and tablets and Kindle Fireis.Despite its many features, this game is designed to haveaminimum size. The total volume of less than 10 MB is themostexciting and little space on your phone or tablet willoccupy.*********************************************Game features:- More than 20 levels of fun, exciting and fun- Installation and work on a variety of Android phonesandtablets- Various enemies- Powerful and varied weapons and ammunition- Different play areas (marine, forest and desert)- Free store to buy and upgrade various weapons- Persian is (for the most part)Now this exciting game and fun, so please download and downloadthegame to your friends recommended.********************************************Please support us with your 5 star rating so we can updatethegame and make your games more Persian. Please send your comments and suggestions to improvethegame for us through the comments or by [email protected] expression of Games
بازی شمارشی 14
سلامتوی این بازی شما باید تعداد مربع هایی رو که می بینید درزمانمشخصدرست تشخیص بدین و روی عدد مورد نظر کلیک کنید.فواید این بازی:-افزایش تمرکز و دقت بر روی موضوع-افزایش سرعت عمل-هیجان بالا- شمارش اعداد(برای کودکان)امیدوارم از آن لذت ببرید..HelloIn this game you have the number of squares you canseecorrectlythis time and click on the desired number.The benefits of this game:Increased attention on the issueIncreased speedHigh -Hyjan- Counting (for children)I hope you enjoy it.
Waffle Run 1.3.0
Run, bounce and wall jump your way tofreedomusing Waffle Man’s preposterous parkour skills throughthousands ofunique level combinations in this fast-paced 2Dplatormer in anattempt to escape from his hungry, fork-wieldingpursuer.Populating these levels are a veritable smorgasbord ofhazardousenemies, all with nothing better to do than ruin your day.Usingyour wall jumping skills to their full potential will be keytosurviving the onslaught of poppers, spikes, mines andcannonballbarrages among other general health concerns.FEATURES- An endless world of obstacles to overcome.- 35 characters to unlock- Fast-paced platforming action!- Next-gen wall jumping- Thousands of unique level combinations- Piggy Bank- Slot Machine- Free to play!
Emoji-Man 1.0
- how long can Emoji-Man survive?- collect all dots to complete the level- collect pizzas to scare the devil away- collect special emoji for extra points- can you outscore your friends on the leaderboard?
Emoji 2048 1.0
David Khoo
Emoji 2048 is the simple 2048 game,butinsteadof boring numbers, it has different Emoji pictures. Agamethat willbring a smile to your face, once you achieve acertainlevel.Simple, nice cute emoji pictures make the gamemoreinterestingand fun than just plain numbers. Enjoy hours offunswith thisaddictive game. Change your mood while playing thegame.Changefrom angry to smiling mood. Enjoy the game and treasurethecompanyof people around you.Play Emoji 2048 and feel relief from stress. Bringthesmileback.
Emoji Mini Games 1.0
Emoji Mini GamesFun Emoji Games
Emoji Match-3: Free Game 1.3.0
F. Permadi
This is a game where you line up 3identicalemojis to make a match. Swap adjacent emojis to form amatch.Matches can be formed horizontally, vertically, andevendiagonally. Keep track of best times and star-ratings foreachlevel and add eggs into your 'collection' screen.- Easy to learn, fun to play.- Match-3 emojis horizontally, vertically, and even diagonallybyswiping them.- Discover interesting power-ups.- Different grid sizes with varying challenges.- Keep track of best scores and rating try to best them.- Colorful and cute Emoji themed graphics.- 35 levels, free to play.- Beat all levels and add all the game emojis into thecollectionscreen.PS: this is not an app to send emojis. This is a game.