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Holy Bible King James + Audio 7.11.5
Tecarta, Inc.
Holy Bible - King James Version app byTecartahas been downloaded over 10 million times and is the best,FREE,offline Bible app for Android. Expertly crafted in Palo Alto,thisBible app makes it easy and simple to read, study and sharetheBible. Great features such as navigation, search, notetaking,sharing and audio allow you get the most out of your Biblestudyanywhere and anytime.In addition, this Bible app comes with the following premiumtools:Strong’s Concordance makes it easy and fast to find everywordoccurrence in the Bible. Dramatized Audio allows you to listentothe entire Bible to supplement your reading. Scripture of theDay,notifications and other features will keep you rooted in God’sworddaily. Download for free and try many more features availablewiththis Bible app.The Holy Bible King James Version Bible (KJV) is arguably themostread and influential Bible translation of the last 500 years.TheKJV Bible was commissioned by the Church of England andcompletedin 1611.FEATURES:• Full offline text of the Holy Bible King James Version• Offline KJV Strong’s Concordance.• Dramatized AUDIO of the entire Bible• Take Notes offline• Highlight or Underline words & entire verses• Bookmark Verses• Add Margin Notes• 4 types of Navigation (Scroll Wheel, 3-Tap, 2-Tap,&Keyboard)• Full Screen Immersive Mode by a simple double tap (AndroidKitKatand higher)• Folders to organize your notes & bookmarks• Access Study Bibles & read the study notes besidetheBible• Offline (No Internet connection required fordownloadedBibles)• Red Letter text for Jesus' words• Search the Old & New Testament to find verses containingtheentered keyword• Night mode for low-lit reading areas• History folder to access past 50 viewed verses• Split-screen mode to read two Bible translations at once• Share verses & notes via Google+, Facebook, Twitter,email,& SMS• Bible talks to you! Text-to-Speech allows the Bible to be readtoyou out loud• Change font size and font type• Auto scroll allows the Bible to scroll automatically• Backup all your purchases and created Bible data using account• Cross References & Footnotes by long-pressingondotted-underlined words & superscript lettersIN-APP CONTENT :• Try any Study Bible for free (NIV Study Bible, LifeApplicationStudy Bible, NKJV Study Bible, NIV Woman's Study Bible,Lucado LifeLessons Bible, and more!).• Bible translations (NIV, NLT, NKJV, ESV, GW, MSG, NCV, andmore!).Compare and study different translations side byside.• Bible Commentaries (Matthew Henry's Concise, CommentaryCritical& Explanatory on the Whole Bible, John Wesley'sExplanatoryNotes, John Gill's Exposition on the Whole Bible, andmore!)• Bible Devotionals (One Year Devos)The free version of this app comes with a single ad limited toonlythe home screen to help cover development costs. No ads whileyouare reading the Bible. Any in-app purchase will removeads.If you have suggestions, questions, or comments we would lovetohear from you! Email us at [email protected] you need help or want to see all the features in yourTecartaBible, please visit our Help websiteat
Bible 8.1.0
On more than 300 million devices aroundtheworld, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharingtheBible using the #1 rated Bible App—completely free. 1,400+Bibleversions, 1,000+ languages. Listen to audio Bibles. ThousandsofReading Plans & Devotionals, in 40+ languages. Downloadthebest rated Bible App.Customize your Bible with Highlights, Bookmarks, andpublic/privateNotes. Access everything online, or download selectversions to useoffline. Read, study, and share with friends. Enjoyhonestconversations about faith in trusted community. Grow togethereveryday with friends, sharing your discoveries. Create shareableart:add Scripture verses to your photos.READ THE BIBLE DAILY● Experience the Bible App in any of 40+ languages● Switch between 1,400+ Bible versions, 1,000+ languages● Popular versions: King James Version KJV, NewInternationalVersion NIV, New King James Version NKJV, New LivingTranslationNLT, English Standard Version ESV, NASB, The MessageMSG, Yoruba,Zulu, Hindi, French, Chinese● Offline Bibles: Read even w/o network access(selectversions)● Audio Bibles: Audio for select versions (not downloadable)● Verse of the DayUSE THE BIBLE WITH FRIENDS● Center your Christian friendships around holy Scripture intheBible App● Home Feed: See what you and friends bookmark &highlight● Comments: Connect with friends each day as you study Bibletruthstogether, sharing ideas, asking questionsSTUDY THE BIBLE● Reading Plans: Thousands of Devotionals, Bible Plans. Studytopicsor portions of the Bible. Read the entire Bible (both OneYear®Bible and Bible in One Year)● Video: Watch clips from The Bible, the JESUS film, LumoProject,& moreCUSTOMIZE YOUR FREE BIBLE● Verse Images: Create amazing bible verse images● Highlights: Like a paper Bible with custom colors● Bookmarks: Sharing, memorizing, finding your favoriteverses● Share verses with friends: social media, email, or SMS/text● Notes: Keep them private so only you can see them, or publictoshare with friends● Cloud Sync: With a free YouVersion account, see all of yourNotes,Highlights, Bookmarks, and Reading Plans on anysupporteddevice● Easy Reading: Adjust font, text size, and contrast for brightorlow-lightCONNECT WITH YOUVERSION● Contact support from inside the Bible App● Like us on Facebook● Follow us on Twitter● Keep current on our blog● YouVersion onlinehttp://bible.com1,400+ Bible Versions:King James Version KJVNew International Version NIVNew Living Translation NLTThe Message MSGEnglish Standard Version ESVHolman Christian Standard Bible HCSBNew King James Version NKJVNew American Bible, revised edition (Catholic)Chinese Bible - Chinese SimplifiedChinese Bible - Chinese TraditionalZuluXhosaYorubaHindi BibleFrenchAudio Bibles:KJV Audio BibleNIV Audio BibleNLT Audio BibleThe Message MSGHindi Audio BibleESV AudioChinese Audio Bible1,000+ Languages:English, Hindi, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean,German,French, Russian, Indonesian, Javanese, Amharic, Twi, Arabic,Zulu,Xhosa, Yoruba, Nepali, Bengali, Filipino, Igbo,Hausa,FulfuldeThanks to generous content partners, we offer thousands ofReadingPlans, Devotionals, and free Bible study Plans: BillyGraham,Francis Chan, One Hope: Bible App for Kids devotionals,FCAFellowship of Christian Athletes, Our Daily Bread, One Year®Bible,Jesus Film, Lead Like Jesus, Daily Guideposts, DeeperintoScripture, Ligonier, Joseph Prince, Scripture Union, Focus ontheFamily, John Piper: Desiring God, Hillsong, Audio books&devotionals, Daily Bible Reading Guide Catholic, Rick Warren:DailyHope, Set Me Free, NewSpring Church, Beth Moore, 21 Days ofOurDaily Bread, Hope International, Wisdom Books, New LifeChristian,Daily Walk, Once a Day Bible, Jesus Calling, GrowingLeaders,, Love God Greatly, Our Daily Bread:China
MySword Bible 8.4
With MySword, you can study the Biblewithoutbanner ads, compare different translations, look up Strong'sHebrewand Greek Lexicon, read popular commentaries and even writeyourown insights and study notes directly on your smartphoneortablet.The following are the exciting features of MySwordforAndroid:1. Multiple off-line Bibles, Commentaries, DictionariesandBooks2. Bible version verse comparison3. Highlighting4. Bookmarks and Verse list5. Type your personal notes and insights6. Search (concordance) for Bible, Commentaries, Books andPersonalnotes7. Strong's number support linked to dictionary foreasyaccess8. Full screen mode support for more viewable text9. Support for Morphological codes and link to theDictionaryview10. Two types of text editors for notes: Plain text editorandWYSIWYG/Rich text editor. The first uses a simple wiki syntaxforeasy formatting of notes which supports bold, italic,underline,headings, nested bullets and numbers, links, tables. TheWYSIWYG,supported only on Jellybean and higher, has moreformattingcapabilities11. Copying of current verse, all text and custom selection oftextin all views (Bible, Commentary, etc) including the Searchresultswhich is very useful for notes editing12. Resizeable text (custom text size for easy viewing) -allowsfine adjustment of text size13. Page history navigation (back and forward)14. Verse link in Commentaries, Dictionaries and Notes to theBibleview. Links between documents, e.g. Commentary reference toBiblepassage15. Dictionary and Commentary link from Notes16. Download of modules (Bibles, Commentaries, etc)17. Backup and restore of settings, highlights, bookmarksandnotes18. Arrangeable action buttons19. Ability to change the default Color scheme/theme20. Dictionary, Commentary, Book and Journal/Notespicturesupport21. RTL (right-to-left) support22. Text-to-Speech support for Bible (use SVOX Classic or IVONATTSEngine for good quality voice output)Ephesians 6:17 KJV And take the helmet of salvation, and theswordof the Spirit, which is the word of GodPsalms 149:6 KJV Let the high praises of God be in their mouth,anda two-edged sword in their hand___________________________________________________________We would like to hear a Praise Report on Google Play if youreceivedhealing, deliverance, financial blessings and promotionsas you readand meditate God's Word.If you run into any problems or if you have any questionspleasecontact us before giving bad reviews. We can't provide fulltechsupport via Android Market rating system.NOTE:The FREE Version is made possible through the generous gifts ofourDonors and Partners.Premium Version and Deluxe Edition are exclusive for ourgenerousdonors who has given support for this project in order forto uscontinue on the development and enhancement. We are notsellingthis app but we are giving this Premium / DELUXE VersionasComplimentary Gift to our generous donors.To Donate or For more information please contact us. links: do not have the permission to distribute copyrightedtranslationslike NIV, NLT, AMP, NKJV, ESV, NASB, etc.We encourage users to use public domain or free copyrightedBiblesso that in the future if technology changed again there willnot bea problem in shifting Bible formats.For:*AMP ----> Jonathan Mitchell New Testament (JMNT)*NIV / ESV ----> ISV / NET alternative*NKJV ----> NHEB / WEB / LHB / MKJV / KJV2000 /VWalternative*NLT ----> BBE / ISV / NETHighly recommended translations:*The Scriptures 2009, JMNT, LEB / LHB Bible*If Google Play has this message "Device not compatible"Please download the latest MySword 7.0 from our site
The Study Bible 1.7.5
Grace to You
The Study Bible gives you a wealth ofresourcesfrom John MacArthur and Grace to You to help youunderstand andapply God’s Word. Featuring the English StandardVersion (ESV), theNew American Standard (NAS), and the King JamesVersion (KJV) textsof Scripture, you have immediate access toGrace to You’s sermonarchive, featuring more than forty-five yearsof John’s Bibleteaching (well over 3,000 full-length messages)covering the entireNew Testament and portions of the Old.With The Study Bible you can:- Read or listen to Scripture in ESV, NAS, or KJV- Show or hide verse numbers for a great reading experience- Hear John MacArthur answer Bible questions- Highlight Bible passages, add your own study notes, andbookmarkverses- Synchronize personal data across multiple devices- Read study guides, articles, and three of John'sdailydevotionals- Follow the MacArthur Daily Bible to read the Bible in a yearwithnote that explain each day's readingWith the in-app purchase of the notes from The MacArthurStudyBible, you’ll have access to nearly 25,000 detailed commentsbyJohn MacArthur that explain virtually every passage in theBible.Along with the notes are dozens of articles, charts,maps,introductions to each book of the Bible, and more.
NIV 50th Anniversary Bible 7.11.5
Tecarta, Inc.
*SPECIAL* -- Get a FREE offline download oftheNIV when you create a TecartaBible account today!Welcome to the NIV 50th Anniversary app! The NewInternationalVersion is the world’s most read and most trustedmodern-EnglishBible translation—easy to understand, yet rich withthe detailfound in the original languages. The NIV is the result ofover 50years of work by the Committee on Bible Translation,overseeing theefforts of many contributing scholars. Representingthe spectrum ofevangelicalism, the translators come from a widerange ofdenominations and various countries, and continually reviewnewresearch in order to ensure the NIV remains at the forefrontofaccessibility, relevance, and authority.This special NIV translation app (brought to you by Zondervan&Biblica) allows you to stream the complete NewInternationalVersion text with and gives you full-access to manypopular NIVBibles to try for a limited time. You also gain accesstohistorical articles and videos that share the history of theNIV,introduce the committee of distinguished scholars that work onthetranslation, and share the impact the NIV is having all overtheworld. There is even an NIV 365-Day Devotional to help you stayinthe God’s Word all year! We'd like to give a special thankstoBiblica for providing the NIV Bible text free to all app users.Ifyou would like to learn more about their ministry across theglobeor support their work, please visit to read a featured Bible without an Internet connection?Youcan do that too by visiting the in-app library to download themforoffline use!Here is a complete listing of the NIV Bibles and devotionalbooksthat are available with a free 3-day trial:• NIV Zondervan Study Bible• NIV Study Bible• NIV Quest Study Bible• NIV Life Journey Bible• NIV Celebrate Recovery Bible• NIV Essentials Study Bible• NIV First Century Study Bible• NIV MacArthur Study Bible• NIV Women’s Study Bible• NIV Student Bible• NIV Teen Study Bible• Revolution: The Bible for Teen Guys• True Images: The Bible for Teen Girls• NIV Mom's Devotional Bible• NIV Dad’s Devotional Bible• NIV Couples Devotional Bible• NIV Men’s Devotional Bible• NIV Women’s Devotional Bible• NIV Streams in the Desert Bible• NIV Fulfilled Devotional Bible• Real Life Devotional Bible for Women• Once-A-Day Devotional for Men• Once-A-Day Devotional for Women• Once-A-Day Devotional for Teens• Once-A-Day Walk With Jesus Devotional• Once-A-Day Men & Women of the Bible Devotional• Once-A-Day At the Table Family Devotional• Once-A-Day Nurturing Great Kids• Once-A-Day 31 Days of Wisdom• Once-A-Day Authentic Christian Leadership• Once-A-Day Bible Promises• Once-A-Day Worship & Praise DevotionalOther app features include:• Note Taking• Highlight or Underline words & entire verses• Bookmark Verses• Add Margin Notes• 5 types of Navigation (Scroll Wheel, 3-Tap, 2-Tap, Keyboard,&Swiping)• Folders to organize your notes & bookmarks• Access over 30 Study Bibles & read the study notes besidetheBible text• Offline (No Internet connection required fordownloadedBibles)• Red Letter text for Jesus' words• Search the Old & New Testament to find verses containingtheentered keyword• Night mode for low-lit reading areas• History folder to access past 50 viewed verses• Share verses & notes via Facebook, Twitter, email,&SMS• Bible talks to you! Text-to-Speech allows the Bible to be readtoyou out loud• Change font size and font type• Auto scroll allows the Bible to scroll automatically• Backup all your purchases & created Bible data using account• Cross References & Footnotes by long-pressingondotted-underlined words & superscript letters
NIV Bible by Olive Tree
This is more than your ordinary Bible app.Notonly can you read the NIV Bible offline FOR FREE, but you canalsoaccess over 100 free books and reading plans to equip yourstudy ofGod’s Word.How is this app different than the rest?1] NO WIFIYou heard it! You don’t need a WiFi connection in order toaccessyour NIV Bible (and all the other resources that come insideourapp). You could be in the middle of the Amazon or on top ofMt.Everest. If your phone is charged and working, our app isworking,too!2] NOT JUST A BIBLEThe Bible is not our own–but has been passed down to us! Godhasbeen speaking to His people, through His people, for thousandsofyears. So, we’ve made 1000s of resources available to help yougodeeper into God’s Word. And when we say “resources,” wemeandevotionals, Bible commentaries, eBooks, Bibledictionaries,reading plans, Bible commentaries, study Bibles,atlases, and much,much more.3] TECH + DESIGNNot only do we implement unique features into our app, but we doitwith style. The best feature is the split-screen window. Youcanuse the resource guide to access any of the resources availableinour app and read them right alongside the Bible of your choice.Iteven does all the hard work of tracking with you,verse-by-verse.Studying the Bible just became the easiest it hasever been.4] CUSTOMIZABLEWe have an array of customizable features. Don’t like ourpresethighlighters? That’s fine! Pick your own color, thickness,andchange it to underline instead. Have trouble reading smallprint?Increase the font size! Reading at night? Change the theme tobeeasier on your eyes. You can save your favorite passages, dropabook ribbon, create a note, and add tags. Best part? Your notesandhighlights sync between all your devices.5] BIBLE TRANSLATIONSThis app comes specifically with the NIV Bible—but you’re notstuckwith just that! You will have access to other freeBibletranslations as well, including ESV, KJV, and NKJV. Speakadifferent language? No problem! We have Bibles inSpanish,Portuguese, Chinese, French, and more.6] FREE BOOKSOur passion is inspiring people to connect with God and HisWordthrough technology. So, we have 100s of resources that wearegiving away for free—all day, every day. You can access theseinour in-app store.
Bible by Olive Tree
This isn’t just another Bible app. Here’sfourways Bible by Olive Tree is set apart from the rest.1) NO WIFIThat’s right, you don’t need a WiFi connection in order toaccessyour Bible (and all the other resources that come inside ourapp).You could be in the middle of the Amazon or on top of Mt.Everest.As long as your phone is working, so is our app.2) MORE THAN JUST A BIBLEWe are firm believers that the Bible is not our own. God hasbeenspeaking to His people, through His people, for thousands ofyears.This is why we make 1000s of resources available to help yougodeeper into God’s Word. And when we say “resources,” wemeaneBooks, devotionals, reading plans, Bible dictionaries,atlases,study Bibles, Bible commentaries, and so much more.3) TECH + DESIGNNot only do we try to implement unique features into our app, butwedo it with style. Our favorite is the split-screen window. Youcanuse the resource guide to access any of the resources availableinour app and read them right alongside the Bible of your choice.Iteven does all the hard work of tracking with you,verse-by-verse.Studying the Bible just became the easiest it hasever been.4) CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIBLEWe have an array of customizable features. Don’t like ourpresethighlighters? That’s fine! Pick your own color, thickness,andchange it to underline instead. Have trouble reading smallprint?Increase the font size! Reading at night? Change the theme tobeeasier on your eyes. You can save your favorite passages, dropabook ribbon, create a note, and add tags. Best part?Yourhighlights, notes, and resources sync between allyourdevices.BIBLE TRANSLATIONSIf you’re wondering about our different English translations,thisapp comes with NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV and more (availablein-app).Speak a different language? No problem! We have Bibles inSpanish,Portuguese, Chinese, French, and more.FREE STUFFOur passion is inspiring people to connect with God and HisWordthrough technology. So, we have 100s of resources that wearegiving away for free—all day, every day. You can access theseinour in-app store.
New King James Bible (NKJV)
Read and study the Bible anywhere—forfree.Customize your NKJV Bible with reading plans, notes,highlights,and bookmarks that sync on every device. Add 100+ freeChristianeBooks, study tools, devotionals and Bibles.Digging deeper into God’s Word is at the tip of your fingerswithour Resource Guide, linking your Bible withoutstandingcommentaries, study Bibles, maps, and more. Say goodbyeto carryingheavy books and multiple Bibles! The unique split-windowwill makein-depth Bible study the most accessible it has ever been,showingmultiple resources at once.NKJV Bible by Olive Tree includes the New King James Version(NKJV)Bible translation as well as the ability to downloadothertranslations.OFFLINE BIBLE STUDYWhen you are offline or in airplane mode, you can still accesseveryfeature of the app: your library, notes, highlights andmore.BIBLES INCLUDEDNKJV, KJV, NIV, ESV (more available in-app)FREE CLOUD SYNCSave your settings and resources automatically. Our app syncsacrossall devices!POWERFUL RESOURCE GUIDEOur one-of-a-kind Resource Guide allows you to performpowerfulsearches through your entire library of Bibles,commentaries,dictionaries, and more.SIDE-BY-SIDE STUDYThe split window feature allows you to create your owncustomizedparallel Bible for translation comparison, view yourstudy noteswhile you read, or follow along with a commentary whileyou studyScripture.IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCERemove distractions by opening your books and Bibles in fullscreenand immerse yourself in Scripture.SHARE TO SOCIALInstantly share the Bible with your friends from inside the app.Tapon a verse to share it through Twitter, Facebook oremail.AMAZING BIBLE STUDY LIBRARYThere are over a hundred FREE resources and thousands oftitlesavailable for purchase.PERSONAL BIBLE STUDY* Highlight words and passages* Take your own personalized notes* Bookmark verses* Tag anything to find later* Copy text from any Bible or book in your LibraryDAILY READING PLANS* Free downloadable reading plans on various topics, books oftheBible, or specific biblical characters* Sync your reading plan across your devices* Plans vary in length: five days to three years!
New Living Translation Bible 1.0
Bible New Living Translation (NLT)The goal of any Bible translation is to convey the meaning oftheancient Hebrew and Greek texts as accurately as possible tothemodern reader. The New Living Translation is based on themostrecent scholarship in the theory of translation. The challengeforthe translators was to create a text that would make thesameimpact in the life of modern readers that the original text hadforthe original readers. In the New Living Translation, thisisaccomplished by translating entire thoughts (rather thanjustwords) into natural, everyday English. The end result isatranslation that is easy to read and understand and thataccuratelycommunicates the meaning of the original text.
KJV Study Bible -Offline Bible Study Free 1.55
KJV study Bible for offline use is thebestbible on the app store for freeIf you are searching for a way to have a copy of scripturesalwaysavailable, a good KJV study Bible which is availableforoffline is a convenient method to be sure of your access.DeafBible is added. The free KJV study Bible app is oneBibleversion to download to your mobile device is a tool forstudy ofthe Word. You may just want to read a verse or two daily asa wayto which you can meditate on during the day to grow in theLord.Jesus said He is the way, the truth and the life and no onecomesto the Father except through Him.Choosing a version of Scriptures to study from this study bibleiseasy today, thanks to the KJV Bible creators. It is theoldesttranslation in History. The most common and highlypopularAuthorized Version dates back to 1611 and has a number offactorswhich make it a good choice for study, memorization or aperiod ofpersonal devotion. With this KJV study Bibleoffline you getto read verses and take notes and also highlightverses you like alot.Devotional use is convenient when the student of the Wordhasan offline version of the KJV or other version of scriptures touseduring a few minutes which may become available during the day.Somepeople choose to spend time in meditation as a way to reducestressduring the work day. A verse from the KJV study Bible appversioncan be read and considered individually or as part of agroupsession.Taking Notes FeatureThe free Bible software app comes with several tools which canbehelpful during study times, reading times and even sermontimes.For example, when listening to a study speaker or sermon, youmayhave questions about something that was said. The app allowsforextensive note taking in the areas where there arequestions.Preparation for a speaking presentation on spiritualmanners can bedone using only your cellphone as a reference. Thenote-takingfeature can work as a chain of references to followspeaking pointsyou wish to chain.Bookmark FeatureOne helpful tool that comes with the app software is thebookmark.Reading the Bible offline is a positive way to uplift yourspiritsand to keep your mind fixed on spiritual matters. When youonlyhave a few minutes to read, you don't want to spend time tryingtofind the location where you last read. Placing a bookmark attheend of each reading session, helps to keep your readingsessionsorganized.Highlight FeatureHighlighting verses which you want to take note of isanothersoftware tool available with the app. You might want toconsiderhighlighting verses about comfort in grief, or texts onlove. Somepeople highlight verses which they have memorized orwhich havespecial meaning.Search FeatureA quick and easy search feature on the app is another tool whichishelpful for students of the Word. A word of phrase can beenteredin order to find the exact reference. Citing a text during astudysession is a validation of a point of view, or may be themeans tochange the held belief. You can search the Old Testament orthe NewTestament or even just a words search.Free For AllWhen the software app is easy to download and use, it is evenmoreof a benefit to the user. Many of the Holy Bibleversionsare available at no charge. Videos available for deafpeople.Audio FeatureYou can let the Bible read to you through the offline featureordownload the mp3 Bible to your phone and enjoy the nicereadingwhich helps you to understand the Bible.Share on Social MediaIn free KJV Bible study you can share verses on image. Youcanselect the image from your own gallery and use it to sharewithyour friends and family. Your friends will be happy to seeyourimage behind the verse which will tell them that youcare.Download today and enjoy this KJV Bible for freeTnx to
Bible Concordance & Strongs 1.1
King James Bible with Strong's Numbers,BibleConcordance and Strong's ConcordanceThis improved Strong's Exhaustive Concordance will be reliableandfaithful companion in your Bible Study!KJV Bible with Strong'sClickable Strong's Numbers (show/hide mode)Canonical, historical and chronological Reading Plans for 1Year,180 and 90 DaysAudio Bible (text-to-speech)Daily Verses with notificationsBookmarks/Notes/Highlightsand more..Strongs ConcordanceStrong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries with information fromHebrewand Greek Lexicons.Use numbers in search query to find them. Ex."2424" or"G2424"Excluded some Greek words which not used in the Bible -G1400,G1418, G2717, G3203-G3302, G4452 and G5104All Bible Verses in concordance with clickableStrong'sNumbers!Bible ConcordanceAlphabet index of all words from the King James Bible (total inapp12839) ("the, and, of" are excluded - don't use them insearchquery)You can search by several words, use comma between them. Ex.-"Jesus Mary"I want to thank the wonderful people - Lynn Moore and LuluCouture(Maria) - who really helped me in the making of thisBibleConcordance - a huge thanks to them!I hope this app will be your perfect companion in your Study oftheHoly Bible!
Holy Bible (Multi Version) 2.1.5
Viet MiniApps
Holy Bible (Multi Version) is a powerfulBibleReader which has possibility to download different versionsofBible to your Android device. This offline Bible Appcombinedcouple versions parallel (verse by verse). Afterdownloadversion(s), you can select any version(s) during yourreading tocompare.Current bible versions:- King James Version (KJV)- Viet Nam Bible (VN)- Korean Bible (Ko)- Hindi Bible (Hindi)- Japan Bible (JP)-- ( we will update more)Features:★ Bookmarks.★ Marker verse colors.★ Night Read Mode.★ Take Notes.★ Favourite.★ Search words inside the Bible.★ Copying Bible quotes in the clipboard.★ High performable with small database.★ Share with friend though SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Email.★ Play Audio.★ Option to remove ads.Holy Bible would love to hear your suggestions &feedback!Please mail to [email protected]
Bible: Daily Verses, Prayer, Audio Bible, Devotion 2.2.2
21 Minute Bible is a quick andfreeBible app that delivers new Bible verses from the KingJamesBible (KJV Bible) each day. Study for just 21 minuteseveryday,read the Holy Bible and listen to God’s Words, willgreatly helpyou grow your faith step by step. Inspire your mindwith dailyBible verses. Learn how to apply Bible verses to yourlife.Download the best Bible app to get closer to God.21 Minute Bible app is your best daily 21 minuteBiblecompanion, your 21 minute bible learning master, companionatchurch services, fellowship groups and religious studies, allforthe handy features it offers:Meditate on the Holy Bible- Inspiring Bible verses: a different Bible quote is deliveredtoyour device on a daily basis. The package also includesthoughts,prayer and daily devotional on that specific verse.- Easy on the eye: we offer hand-picked, amazing verse imagesforeach verse.- Share: easily share verse to your friends and family.- Study the verse within context: tap on the verse and readthewhole chapter in case you get lost on its meaning.- Swipe to left or right to navigate past Bible quotescompletelyoffline: you don't have to be connected to the internetto revisiton the wisdom of previous verses. Bible verse, thoughts,prayer anddaily devotional... They all come without access totheinternet.Play daily Bible quiz- Each Bible quiz question has 4 possible answers.- Bible quiz questions are from any section of the Bible,fromGenesis to Revelation and everything in between.- Test your Bible knowledge and remember Bible verses invariouskinds of Bible quiz.- Share your favorite Biblical quiz with friends and family!Study daily devotional- We aim to help you understand the verse more deeply withtheassistance of a carefully chosen daily devotional ontheverse.- We offer multiple sources of devotionals to choose from. Youcanread your favorite pastors and popular websites.Bible reading plans- Hundreds of reading plans to choose from: the lengths ofreadingplans range from 2 days to more than a year. Don't worry ifyoudon't know where to get started.- A large amount of topics covering every aspect of life to helpyouget through crises.- Reading plans offer an organized way for genuine Bible study,notjust scratching the surface of it.Earn badges as an encouragementThe badges on the Bible app are little awards for reachingeverysmall milestone on your Bible study journey such as readingtheBible everyday. The progress record on home page tracks howmanyconsecutive days you've been interacting with God. Let it beareminder for you to strive for a stronger relationshipwithJesus.Keep in touch with 21 Minute BibleSend us Email: [email protected] us onFacebook: our website: and use 21 Minute Bible now. You are going tolovehow easy to use it is!Please like, review, and share our Bible app! If you haveanysuggestion for how we can improve 21 Minute Bible apporwant us to make other Bible-related apps, please email [email protected]
Bible Gateway 3.2
The Bible Gateway App is the OFFICIAL andFREEBible reading, listening, and learning ( Bible Gateway App makes it easy to read, hear, study,andunderstand the Bible. With the Bible Gateway App, you can:• Read more than 90 different Bible translations, including theNIV,KJV, ESV, NKJV, NLT, NASB, and The Message.• Listen to over 20 audio Bibles, including English,Spanish,Arabic, Thai, and other translations.• Quickly and easily search the Bible for a verse, passage,orkeyword.• Enjoy a daily Bible Verse of the Day in the translation ofyourchoice.• Follow one of many different Bible reading plans tojourneythrough God’s Word.• Learn more about any Bible passage with a library oftrustworthyBible commentaries and other references.• Take personal notes, highlight Bible text, and bookmarkyourfavorite verses.• Share Bible verses with your friends and family on FacebookandTwitter.• Upgrade to the ultimate Bible learning experience with afree30-day trial of Bible Gateway Plus. Plus members enjoy accesstotheir expanded study library in the App.Bible Gateway is committed to making the Bible availabletoeveryone. To begin exploring and understanding the Bibleyourself,install the free App or
King James Bible (KJV) Free 1.9.14
Get closer to God with this King JamesBibleapp for Android. Also known as KJV Bible, this bible appcontainsthe King James Version of the Bible, also known as theAuthorizedVersion. There are many Bibles to choose from and thisversion ischosen as one of the most read Bibles available.King James Bible or KJV, is an English translation of theChristianBible by the Church of England begun in 1604 &completed in1611. Other Bibles are later translations.★★★★★ More than 135,000+ FIVE Star reviews! ★★★★★"Great app! Love how u can highlight scriptures and go straighttothe book chapter and verse u need. Thanks for such a wonderfulapp!God Bless!" - Darla Roberts"I love having the bible on my phone and be able to read [email protected] on the go..thank you Lord..I love you!" -DoreenRiveraJoin millions of satisfied users in using this app.READ, LISTEN & STUDY THE BIBLE★ Offline BibleWorks offline. Read even without internet access other Biblescan’tto that!★ Bible WidgetGet inspired daily with a Daily Bible Verse of Day widget★ Audio BibleHave the Bible read to you! Just go to the reading section andclickon the Audio button, which is next to the font changebutton.(Beware though it can get quite loud, so do tune thevolume)★ Daily Bible VerseStart your day with a Daily Bible Verse or Browse the BookofDay★ Bible StudyStudy the bible with our easy to use interface. Browse bybooks,chapters, verse. Highlight your favorite Bible verses andeasilyaccess them in future★ BookmarksUse the favorites feature to save or bookmark your Bible study&quickly access where you left off. Get access to yourfavoriteinspiration bible verses whenever you need them!★ HighlightsUse the highlight feature to make highlights in differentcolors.Then easily access them in the Highlights tab.Other Features★ User Friendly InterfaceWe hate clunky, difficult to use Bible apps that other Biblesuse.That's why we created an easy to use interface, and aim tomakethis Bible app as simple and easy to use as possible★ SearchEasy & Fast search any keyword, book names, or Bible versestoquickly find what you are looking for★ Read EasierChange the font settings directly when reading the Bible★ ShareInspirational & motivational Bible verses are meant toshared!Share your favorite Bible verses with friends easily★ FREEMost important of all, its FREENew Features★Customize your audio readings by adjusting Speed & PitchinSettings★Daily Notification. Default time is 8am local time. Turn on/offandset desired time in Settings★Note taking!Contains All 66 Books from the King James Bible, combiningOldTestament and New Testament.Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua,Judges,Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles,2Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Job, Psalm,Proverbs,Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon, Isaiah, Jeremiah,Lamentations,Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah,Micah, Nahum,Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi,Matthew, Mark,Luke, John, Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians, 2Corinthians, Galatians,Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1Thessalonians, 2Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus,Philemon, Hebrews,James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John,Jude,RevelationThis app is available as a free version with an in app purchasetoremove ads. The ads serves to finance the app development. Tryoutthe free version before u decide if u should get the inapppurchase to remove ads for 99c usd.Notes:-This app uses Google Analytics.-For best audio reading experience, please install Google TexttoSpeech appDownload the free King James Bible app today and experiencefuller,richer Bible study—wherever you go.Download this app now and get King James Bible at yourfingertips.Carry your Bible with you wherever, whenever, and sharewithwhomever you want! Study Anywhere. Free of Charge.DownloadNow!
Bible Study - Study The Bible By Topic 2.2.1
30 Day Bible Study is committed to provideamore simple and efficient way to study the Bible. As long asyoufollow the study plan we carefully selected for you - 5minutesa day for 30 days, you’ll see great progress foryourself!💪💪💪Key Features:🔸Carefully selected study plan30 Day Bible Study reinvented the Bible studying methods -weprepared dozens of study plans with different themes. You cangaina deeper understanding of verses with just five minutesaday!🔸Morning And Evening DevotionalStill worry about the daily Devotional? Worry not - withourinnovative audio Devotional which uses the highest qualitycontent,now it’ll only take you two minutes to complete dailycommunicationwith God whether you're at home, on the road or in thecar!🔸 Offline Bible readingElaborately polished reading experience - high speed, powerfulandbuilt-in KJV version allows you to read Bible offlineeasily!🔸 Study RecordThe most comprehensive personal study record - records yourdailylearning trajectory and growth.👉👉👉The Bible is unique and the most important book in the world.Weneed to be humble and open to read the truth of God, the meaningoflife, the nature of man and the truth of our own hearts.If God is your judge, one day you have to be accountable in frontofhim; so before the the arrival of the judgement day, you needtoknow who he is and which simple things he asked of us todo.In essence, Bible is to help you cope with the big thingsyou'redestined for. When you finished reading and understandingtheentire Bible, you'll never be the same again!
Bible NIV Version Free 2.0
Bible NIV Version Free TheNewInternational Version is the world’s most read and mosttrustedmodern-English Bible translation—easy to understand. Thisapp isperfect for serious study. No other NIV Bible app does suchathorough job of explaining the historical context, unfoldingthemeaning of the text, and making it practical for yourlife.Listening bible messages is a great way for you to experiencetheHoly Bible, too. Find daily devotionals and more to learn theGodwords! The New International Version (NIV) is anEnglishtranslation of the Christian Bible. Originally published inthe1970s, the NIV was updated in 1984 and 2011, and has become oneofthe most popular and best selling modern translations.You can read and hear Bible NIV Version Free the words ofGodat the same time. You can read Bible offline. If you androiddeviceis connected to internet you can listen streaming audioBible NIVfree. With Background player function, you don't need toopen theapp every time to listen your favorite bibles. Userinterface isdesigned for easy navigation. Very easy access to allChapters ofHoly Bible NIV. You can share the Bible verse you likewith friendsand family via text message, social network or email.With thisBible App Free NIV you can bring the word of God go withyoueverywhere. Portable and easy to use!This is the text and audio Bible app, so if you want to readjustfeel free to read but if your schedule is very busy and you donotown a minute to sit and read then the “Bible App Free NIV”audioversion is good for you. Enjoy listening to God's word eachday onyour android device. Hope you enjoy the app! We are lookingforwardto your feedback and any suggestions for improvement. Trytoinstall now, it's FREEThis holy bible is designed with ability to bookmark yourfavoriteverses or even remember where you last stopped reading.Selectverses you want to bookmark. Then select bookmark icon thatpopsup. Choose a color you want to save bookmark with, thenclicksave.To delete bookmarked verses, swipe to the left oftheverse.This holy bible has been designed to make reading easy. Wehaveincluded zoom in and zoom out option that increases and reducesthetext size of font respectively.Tag: Bible App Free NIV, audio bible NIV, niv bible app, nivbiblefree download, NIV
Daily Bible 7.3.8
DailyBible is the most liked Bible apponAndroid.Daily Bible VerseDaily Bible Reading PlanEasy & Fast Search any Bible verse of topic.Daily Bible devotionals.Bible IndexSupports many versions( NIV, KJV, ESV, etc.)Save or Share Bible verse or plan or devotions easily onFacebook,Twitter, etcHome widget for daily Bible verseOffline Bible reading------------------------------------Daily Bible Verse :- Start your day with a daily Bible verse. You will getautomaticdaily notification. You can read or just listen. ChooseBible versein different versions like KJV, NIV, ESV, etcDaily Bible Reading Plan :- Choose from a wide range of Bible reading plans and readHolyBible. DailyBible can play back the reading plan. You can readorjust listen.Easy & Fast Search any Bible verse or topic:- Easily search any verse of any topic. Search from a wide rangeofBible Versions like KJV, ESV, NIV and lots more. Just speaktosearch.Daily Bible devotionals.- Listen to a wide range of Biblical Christian Devotions.Choosefrom a huge list of devotional podcasts. Read or listenfromdevotions.- Save a Bible devotional podcast and listen to it offline- Bible IndexRead or Listen to any chapter from any book in Holy Bibleeasily.Supports multiple Bible versions like KJV, NIV, ESV,etc.- *NEW* Offline BibleRead the Bible without an internet connection. Offline Biblenowavailable!- Save or Share Bible verse or plan or devotions easily onFacebook,Twitter, email, text etc.-----------------------Permissions requested by DailyBible, how it is used and why itisneeded-------------------------1) android.permission.INTERNET -Needed to refresh daily Bible verse, daily Bible plans,devotionsand searches.2) android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE -To automatically stop the audio (devotions, daily verse,etc)playing if any, when an incoming call comes.3) android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -To Save verse, plan and podcasts to external storage, whenyouchoose to save it.4) android.permission.WAKE_LOCK -So that the audio can be played in background without stoppingwhenphone goes to sleep.5) android.permission.RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED -For refreshing daily verse after phone is rebooted.---------------------------------------
Audio Bible 1.8.3
Enjoy listening mp3 audio bibles freely.Application includes 28 versions in different languages:EnglishStandard Version (ESV), King James Version (KJV), New KingJamesVersion (NKJV), New International Version (NIV), etc.Main features:+ Background player: You don't need to open the app every timetolisten your favourite bibles.+ Schedule verses to listen in specific time.+ Download for offline listening.We hope you enjoy the app and give us best ratingandfeedback.
KJV Study Bible 3.0
Study Bible
Welcome to the new Study Bible containingthebest English Bible of all time: King James Version!We present the Holy Bible in a new format: study audioBibleversion, available for phones and tablets Android.This application allows you to download the King James Biblewithsubheadings and commentaries, the best app to study theHolyWord!Bible commentaries by C.I. Scofield provides you explanationsofBiblical texts that are very useful if you are beginning toreadthe Bible. Verse-by.-verse you will find explanations, remarksandnotes.The app is totally free and offline: the application workswithoutan internet connection.This app introduces new features including the ability tosearchverses using keywords, bookmark and highlight verses, makelist offavorites, copy, paste and share verses, adjust font sizeandremember the last book read when you reopen the app.You can add notes to any verse and make a list by created date.Theapp links verses related by topics.The app also applies a Night mode that acts as a dimmer todarkenthe screen and ensure your eyes don't hurt.The best app you will ever have! Enjoy it!The Bible will bring you peace, and will help you to answer allthequestions about life.For a Christian, it is extremely important to read the Bible. Itisa way to feel more close to God.Download this holy bible app and choose the verses you likemost.The King James Bible online will surely change your day andyourlife. When you read the Bible, God speaks to youpersonally.The Word of the Lord makes us feel really special and unique.The Holy Bible King James Version includes the Old and theNewTestament.The Old Testament consists of 39 books (Genesis, Exodus,Leviticus,Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2Samuel, 1Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra,Nehemiah, Esther,Job, Psalm, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song ofSolomon, Isaiah,Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea,Joel, Amos,Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah,Haggai,Zechariah and Malachi)The New Testament consists in 27 books (Matthew, Mark, Luke,John,Acts, Romans, Corinthians 1 and 2, Galatians,Ephesians,Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians, 2Thessalonians, 1Timothy 1, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews,James, 1 Peter, 2Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John, Jude,Revelation)Enjoy every day the King James Version Study Bible for free onyourphone!
Holy Bible Offline 2.7
----------- New features in version2.6----------* Bible reading* Audio Bible* 1000 praises* Bookmark chapter* Multiple selection of verses------------------------------------------------------------------We are proud and happy to release the Holy Bible Offline (KJV)inandroid for free. Holy Bible Application is simply designed tomakeit available OFFLINE complete. Internet connection is notrequiredto read the bible verses. The app contains both "OldTestament" and"New Testament". Search option is also provided forquick referenceof King James Version. Forum has been included tohave spiritualdiscussions.We sincerely hope that this app will rejoice you.App requires two permissions, namely1. Your Location (For Ads)&2. Network Communication (For Ads)Please feel free to mail us your feedback. We are gladtoaccommodate to your suggestions in the App.--------------------- Updates in Version 1.4.1 Released on 09thDec2014 ---------------------* Settings option added in the verse reading page* Day / Night reading modes added* Increase decrease font sizes added* Adjust screen brightness added* Bugs fixed.--------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Amplifying Bible 15.0
Carry your Bible with you everywhere!Downloadthe Bible online and read the most inspirational andmotivationalbook of the history!Feel closer to God with this easy reading Version of the HolyBible.Love Jesus and follow God’s words to have a blessedday.This app offers you the most trusted English translation oftheBible.The Holy Bible was written originally in Hebrew, Aramaic andGreekbut it has been translated into many languages. There are morethan450 translations into English. The most popular versions inEnglishare King James Version or Authorized version, New KingJamesVersion, Amplified Bible, English Standard Version andAmericanStandard Version.This free app will help you have the Christian Bible atyourfingertips. Read and study the Bible on your way to work, atthechurch or having a break at work. Search the book chapter youwantand read it even without network access. Change the fontsettingsdirectly when reading the Bible, bookmark your favoriteverses andshare them with your friends and family.This incredible book has many great and shareable teachings tolearnand help your friendships.After installing our bible app free on your smartphone you canreadthe entire Bible offline, with no Wi-Fi or mobile dataconnectionrequired after downloading. The app is very natural andintuitiveso you can focus all your attention on the holy messagethat Godhas given us in the Holy book.This Bible free app for devotionals is available forAndroidsmartphones and tablets.Don’t wait more! Download the Holy Bible in your smart phoneortablet right now and read the official English translationnomatter where you go.The Bible was written in two parts: the Old and theNewTestament.The Old Testament contains 39 books: (Genesis, Exodus,Leviticus,Numbers,Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1 Samuel, 2Samuel, 1Kings, 2 Kings , 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles, Ezra,Nehemiah,Esther, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song ofSolomon,Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations , Ezekiel, Daniel, Hosea,Joel,Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah,Haggai,Zechariah, Malachi ) and the New Testament includes 27books:(Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, The Acts, Romans, 1 Corinthians,2Corinthians, Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians,1Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy,Titus,Philemon, Hebrews, James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3John,Jude, Revelation)
King James Bible - KJV Offline Free Holy Bible 115
KJV study Bible and KJV offline withdailydevotion for your Bible devotion, daily reading, dailyverses,notepad and notebook for sermons and Bible dictionaryforfree.KJV Bible or King James Bible is the oldest translation inHistory.According to scholars it is the closest in translation whenitcomes to the Hebrew language. The translation of the biblewasstarted in 1604 and was completed in the year 1611.This King James Bible (FREE) version comes with streaming audiomp3(works offline after downloading it to your phone) or by usingthetext to speech version". Once the mp3 audio bible is downloadedtoyour SD card or phone's memory, you can always listen to itwithoutany internet. Isn't that a blessing for us asbelievers?KJV Bible can be saved on your SD Card if you don't haveenoughspace on your internal memory. It doesn't also take a lot ofspaceon your phone's memory as it is small in size so there may notbe aneed for saving it on your SD card.If you want KJV audio online then you can connect to 3G or Wi-Fitolisten to a clear audio reading of the BibleFeatures that you can find in this King James BibleVersionare1. Daily Bible Verse with notificationThese are power pack inspirational KJV Bible verses that youcanmeditate on daily. You can easily share the verses on anysocialmedia such us twitter, Facebook and others.2. Daily Chapter - A chapter is always made available for youtoread each day in this King James Version3. Topical Bible VersesWe have chosen a few topics that edifies and encourageseverybeliever in the body of Christ in this KJV Bible. There aremorecoming soon.4. History in King James VersionDid you forget the last Bible Chapter you read. You can alwaysfindthe history of every Bible verse or chapter you read.5. How to Read the KJV BibleA summary of some tips on how to read the Bible so that you cangetthe most out of this. This is being updated so be sure to checkinfor the new update when it comes.6. BookmarkCatch up where you left off with a simple bookmark.7. NotesTake as many notes as you can from the Bible. You can take notesinchurch and attach the same to multiple verses for futurereference.We are students of the word so this feature is vital forus, isn'tit?8. HighlightMark favorite verses with all sorts of colors that gives itmoremeaning.9. Quick SearchYou can quick search for any book or term by using our fastandefficient search system.King James Bible Version FREE and OFFLINE is more than just aBible.It is the word of our Father in Heaven.The King James Bible translation has been in use for a long time.Asbelievers, we know the Bible is the Word of God and it bringspeaceand understanding when we read it. Every verse is packedwithrevelation that will only be shown through the HolySpirit.You are no longer restricted to reading hard copy of the KJVBiblewith the availability of this app on your phone. You canindeeddownload the latest version of the Bible, that is both easyto readand understand.Available for free to download on Google Play.This KJV Offline Bible can be very beneficial in the courseofstudying the Bible. Apart from the easy to read andunderstandtext, you can also share the verses.Reading the King James Bible Free version has never been thateasy,simple and free. The fact that you can read your favoriteversesand study the Bible while on the move and be able to sharewhat youlearn with your friends and family members makes theapplicationone of the most useful applications you need to have onyour phone.You may however need to determine whether or not youphone iscompatible with the application.New Features1. Now Available is Backup and audio in the BibleOther Features1.Share with image2.Free Daily devotion included.3.Bible devotion to make your day greatKJV Bible with Bible dictionary, personal notepad or notebook,dailydevotion and daily Bible reading.
Bible NKJV (English) 0.1
LQJ Games
Bible NKJV, New King James VersionBible NKJV, New King James Version (English) Free.It contains multiple versions of all your favorite Biblesandindifferent languages, you can download the versions anduseitwithout the need to be connected to the Internet.Characteristics:----------------------------✝ The Bible NKJV, New King James Version (English) bydefault.Multiple versions of Bibles ✝ (BHTI HispanoamericanaBible,NewInternational Version Bible NIV, Amplified Bible(RVR60,RVR95,RVC), Version KJV King James Bible, and manymore).✝ The day and night modes for reading✝ Adjust text size✝ Bookmark favorite verses✝ Mark favorite verses and add notes✝ No internet connection needed for operation (requires[DataBible](✝ user friendly interface and quick access to books,chaptersandverses.✝ Share with your brothers in faith their versesonsocialnetworks.✝ You can download version of the Bible you want and inthelanguagethat interests you, simply go to the menu andchooseManageVersions.✝ Advanced Search VERSESThe Bible NKJV, New King James Version, the Word of Godtoeveryone,no Internet connection required for operation.
The Amplified Bible 2.0
The Amplified Bible (AMP) isanEnglishtranslation of the Bible produced jointly byTheZondervanCorporation and The Lockman Foundation. The firsteditionwaspublished in 1965. It is largely a revision oftheAmericanStandard Version of 1901, with reference made tovarioustexts inthe original languages. It is designed to "amplify"thetext byusing a system of punctuation and othertypographicalfeatures tobring out all shades of meaning present intheoriginaltexts.
Bible: KJV, BBE, ASV, WEB, LSG 1.8
Holy Bible is apowerfulBible Reader which has possibility todownloaddifferent versions of Bible to your Android device. Afterdownloadit's not necessary to have internet connection, you canread bibleoffline. You can manage different version of Bibles inone app! Thelist of available Bibles permanently expands. MoreBibles! Our goalis to make your bible reading more comfortable andjoyful!Available Bible versions:• King James Bible (Bible KJV)• Catholic Bible (Douay-Rheims 1582/1609)• American Standard Version Bible (Bible ASV)• Bible in Basic English (Bible BBE) (Bible English)• World English Bible (Bible WEB) (Bible English)• Catholic Public Domain Version (CPDV) (Bible English)• World Messianic Bible (WMB) (Bible English)• J.N. Darby Bible (Bible English)• N. Webster Bible (Bible English)• Young's Literal Translation Bible (Bible YLT)(BibleEnglish)• Wycliffe Version (Bible English)• Albanian Bible• Bulgarian Bible (Библията на български език)• Chinese Bible (简体中文和合本) (圣经中的中国)• Czech Bible (Kralická) (Česká Bible)• Danish Bible (Danish Bible Society, 1871) (Dansk Bibel)• Dutch Bible (Statenvertaling)• Esperanto Bible (La Sankta Biblio, L.L.Zamenhof, 1915)(EsperantaBiblio)• Haitian Creole Version (HCV)• Finnish Bible (1933/38) (Suomi Raamattu)• French Bible Louis Segond (Bible LSG) (La Bible Française)• French Bible A.Crampon (La Bible Française)• French Bible D.Martin (La Bible Française)• Ge'ez Bible• Georgian Bible (ძველი ქართულით ბიბლია) (ბიბლია ქართული)• German Bible M.Luther (Die Bibel in deutscher Sprache)• Greek Bible (Μετάφραση Ν.Βάμβα, 1850) (ελληνική Γραφή)• Hebrew Bible (Old testament) Westminster Leningrad Codex(התנ"ךעברית)• Hungary Bible G.Károli fordítás (A Biblia a magyar)• Icelandic Bible• Indonesian Bible (Terjemahan Lama) (Alkitab di Indonesia)• Italian Bible: Conferenza Episcopale Italiana (CEI), G.Diodati,Riveduta version (Bibbia italiano)• Korenian Bible (KJV version) (한국어 성경)• Latina Bible (Sacra Vulgata) (The Latin Vulgate)• Malagasy Bible (Baiboly Malagasy)• Maori Bible (Paipera Maori)• Norwegian Bible (The Norwegian Bible Society, 1930)(NorskBibel)• Philippine Bible (Ang Dating version) (Tagalog)• Polish Bible (Gdańska) (Polska Biblia)• Portuguese Bible (João F. Almeida Atualizada)(Bíbliaportuguês)• Romanian Bible (D. Kornilesku) (Biblia Română)• Russian Bible Synod (Русская Православная Библия,СинодальныйПеревод)• Serbian Bible (Cyrillic and latinetse) (Библија на српском)• Slovak Bible (Preklad J.Roháčka) (Biblia v slovenčine)• Spanish Bible La Biblia Católica (Petisco-Torres Amat,1825)• Spanish Bible Reina-Valera 1856, 1909 (Bible RVA) (BibliaenEspañol)• Spanish Bible Reina-Valera Purificada (Biblia en Español)• Spanish Bible Sagradas Escrituras (Biblia en Español)• Swedish Bible (Svenska, 1917) (Bibeln Svenska)• Ukrainian Bible (Біблія) (Біблія на українському)• Vietnamese Bible (1934 version) (Kinh Thánh tiếng Việt)• Xhosa Bible (H. Dugmore, 1859) (Izhibhalo Ezingcwele)Features:• Old and New Testaments• Off-line access to the all components oftheapplication• High performable SQLite database engine laysinthe basis of the app• Images by J.Shnorr• Widget "Daily Bible Verse"• Short description for each book of Bible• Bold font for proper nouns• Fonts support• Themes support• Bookmarks and Notes fortheBible Verses and Bible Books• Fast bookmark selection• Possibility to highlight the versesusingcolors• Possibility to mark book or chapter that youhaveread• Copying Bible quotes in the clipboard• Gestures support• Simple and user-friendly interface• Flexibility of the application
Bible App 4.7
Daily Bible Verse is a free bible appthatdelivers a new verse from the bible each day. It's daily foodforspiritual growth. Select your favourite translation betweenKingJames Version (KJV) and other popular versions. You can takenotes,bookmark and highlight with ease and find them all from thetopnavigation menu by clicking the verse you like. All the featuresinthe app Daily Bible Verse work OFFLINE and are totally freeofcharge, assisting in your understanding of the bible verse.Daily Bible Verse is your best companion at worshipservices,fellowship groups and personal studies, all for the handyfeaturesit offers:Meditate on the holy bible-- Inspiring verse: a different bible quote is delivered toyourdevice on a daily basis with thoughts and prayer on it to helpyouunderstand.-- Easy on the eye: each verse comes with a gorgeous image.-- Sharing: easily share the verse to Facebook, Whatsapp,Twitter,SMS, email, etc..-- Read previous bible quotes completely offline: you don't havetobe connected to the internet to revisit on the wisdom ofpreviousverses. Bible verse, thoughts, prayers... They all comewithoutaccess to the internet.-- Bible Games: After the hard studying of the Bible, take arest,and play the interesting bible games for a while, make yourstudyprocess with fun.Study bible devotional-- Daily devotional: a devotional a day is a complement todailyverse and keeps you on the right track of the biblestudy.-- Choose your favorite source of bible devotionals:feed youwithmultiple sources of devotionals every day.Go deep into the Bible itselfThe bible is best understood when verses are put withincontext.That's why we offer complete books of KJV and otherpopularversions in our app to help you see the picture.-- Assisting tools like highlights,bookmarks and notescouldsimplify reading.-- A powerful and easy search function locates the exact verseinthe blink of the eye.-- Adjustable font sizes, colors and line spacing makes Biblestudyyour personal time with God.-- Easy navigation between books, chapters and verses cuts downonthe hard labor of flipping through pages on physical bible toalarge extent.A small improvement a day adds up to huge progress over longtime.Bible Verse is the app God chooses to talk withallChristians.
KJV Bible 365 2.0
Bible 365, the best King JamesVersionBible studying tool, is the standard bible translationhighlypopular among Christians. Finished in 1611, the translationis trueto the original Greek meaning. Bible 365 is the onethatgets you closest to God.Bible 365 with easy navigation between verses: Youareattending a worship service at a church and the pastor isreallyfast in his teaching. He is talking about some versesfromdifferent books and different chapters. You want to be with himbutthere is no Wi-Fi. Bible 365 is the top choice forstudyingbible, it allows you to quickly jump to the exact verse inthe KJVtranslation with a simple design even if there is nointernetaccess. In a word, Bible 365 prevents you fromgetting lostin the pastor's teaching at a church service.Read KJV, Online And Offline1.BookmarksCatch up where you left off with a simple bookmark.2.HighlightsMark favorite verses in different colors and manage them inthehighlight tab from the side menu.3.NotesWrite down your own thoughts and keep them absolutely privatetoyou.4.Font AdjustmentChoose the font sizes, colors, styles and line spacingsyouwant.5.Offline BibleAccess almost all features in KJV Bible withoutinternetconnection.Study KJV1.Verse of the dayOff to a good start with an inspiring verse from KJV eachday.2.Reading plansA large and increasing pool of reading plans to help you growinyour understanding of God’s words.Share KJV1.Easy verse copying and pasting.2.Share verses via multiple platforms with ease, likeFacebook,Twitter, SMS, Weibo, WhatsApp, Skype, etc..Bible 365 keeps God’s teaching at your fingertips. Apocketbible, a bible on the go. Now get started on this excitingjourneyand spend some private time with God!
Daily Bible for Women 1.1
This app was beautifully designed speciallyforWomen!Bright, Joyful and Fast companion in your Bible Study!Very Loyal companion because it's works Offline and absolutelyFree!:)WHAT WE CAN★ Bible Reading PlansChronological, Canonical and Historical reading plans for oneYear,180 and 90 Days.You can set daily notifications, track your reading history, andseeyour plan on each day. Read Holy Bible in a year withease!★ Daily VersesThe app already has Daily Verses (all books of the Bible),Psalmsand Gospels. And you can create your own Daily Verse - justchooseyour favorite Bible books!Daily Notification, Copy, Share Bible verses! Make your readingofthe Women's Bible interesting and inspirational!★ Audio BibleJust tap on the Bible verse - you will see audio icon. Itworksoffline and even when the app is closed!TTS Audio feature - please install free Google Text to Speechappbut most smartphones have it by default.★ Smart, Offline and Free Bible AppSmart material design by Android Guidelines, easy to to use,fastsearches, and works offline.This Women's Bible will be a good companion duringyourStudies!★ Red Letters and Italicized wordsRed Letter edition of King James Bible Bible (Words of Jesus inRed)and Italicized words (added by the translators of King JamesVersionto help the reader)★ Bookmarks, Notes and HighlightUse the favorites feature to save or bookmark your Biblestudy,highlight feature to make highlights in different colors,noteshelp you save your thoughts, conclusions.These help you to make your Women's Bible study easeanddeeper!★ User Friendly!Fast, easy navigation to get to a particular book/verse oftheBibleConvenient settings: change font, font size (from small printtovery large), line space, italicized words, red letters, audioandmany more.Screen stays lit during entire Bible reading, full day andnightdesign support. Copy and share the Holy Scriptures withyourfriends!★ SearchSearch the Old & New Testaments to find verses containinganentered keyword, exact phrase.We store your search queries to save your time!★ BackupImport/export in the settings (Export file -> share it viaemail,Skype etc -> download it -> Import)Backup will store all your activity: bookmarks, notes, yourdailyBible reading, setting, everything you need.However it does not Sync, but also doesn't require access toyouraccount! Feel free to contact us if you have questions!★ FREEAll of these features are free and work offline! DownloadthisWomen's Bible app and use all of these features in your DailyBibleStudy for FREE!Feel free to contact us if you have any problems/questionswithDaily Bible for Woman app or just want to encourage us!Thank you!
Bible KJV
Features :-KJV Bible offline-Book/Chapter/Verse locate-Bookmark-Share-Search-Online Search Engine like search abiblity-Auto start-3 yrs daily read plan-favorite-Red Letter-Speaking/Reading-user friendly navigation and verse locatingplease remove any shortcut on your screen and create new one ifyoucan't open the app,sorry for the inconvenience!if you could not download from google play market here,please visit our website 40desktop widget with random versepinch to zoom font size everywherelong touch/tap list item to enter/exit full screen modemake navigation buttons optional for some pagesother fixesu23-fix search result order-fix to keep search result for screen change-add touch scroll(fling/swipe)u24-larger font-support for 3.0 device-change drop-down list text color (particuarly for somemotoroladevices)-save settings :) hope it works-minr fix for daily reading for 2012-1-7u25the "exit/back" button is back and improvedsave to sd-card for system 2.2 or lateru26fix the crash :)fix font-dialog minor bugremove adfree detectorfix swipe minor erroru27**improved local search**rearrange some ui buttonsfix font-size dialog bugfix startup failurefix daily reading minor bugothersu28-remember scroll position-fix search error that some books are not indexed( try searchtheword 'witchcraft' in 1 Sam 15:23, if you can't find it,plsupdate)u29-add text-to-speech, you can listen to the verses now-other minor improvementsu30-make tts an option for those don't needd or want TTS feature-bring the lacate button back in front panelu31-fix tts crash-continue reading when screen orientation change-keep screen on for daily reading tts-change default verse per page to whole chapter-change default font to large system font sizeu32-fix titles for context menu-list fast scroll-read a little bit slower-remove "return" buttons-add horizontal layout for daily reading selection and versequicklocation-listview item style-even more large font size-many minor improvements-internal impromentsu33-Keep Search History-Fix TTS on ICS-other minor improvementsupdate 34-Fixed menu bug on android 3.0 and above devices-Fixed bookmark and favorite lists minor bug-Fixed some possible causes for Application NotRespondingerror-removed verses per pages optionupdate 35Fixed empty locator list errorFixed Locator Crash errorFixed Search Crash with *started search criteriaupdate 36Red letters in bookmark, favorite and daily readingChange the green label to orangeFix search minor errorupdate37add context menu for search historyfix return button in search result listadd color for bookmark tagfix minor daily reading plan bugupdate 38New ThemeAction BarMove to SD CardImproved/Reorganized User InterfacePinch to ZoomNew Daily Reading Progress CalendarNew IconsMany othersupdate 39new front pagered letters in search resultssome other minor adjustmentscustom search result highlight colordaily reading and search result title for sdk 2.xfix search result limit illegal input errorA simple, powerful design will enable you to easily read theKJVBible, navigate, search,share(through Facebook, twitter,Gmailgoolge+, email, sms, evernote, bluetooth,ColorNote,Messaging,YahooMail and many others), highlight verses, bookmark,make/copy/pastenotes.
English Tagalog Bible 2.2
Igor Apps
English Tagalog BibleKing James Version - Ang Biblia (Tagalog TLAB)- Canonical, Chronological and Historical Bible reading plansforone Year, 180 and 90 Days- Daily Verses: Daily Psalm, Gospel - you can create your ownVerseof the Day!- Red letters and italicized words!- and many more!Read English Tagalog Bible every day!
Easy to read Bible 6.5
Are you looking for an easy to read andstudyBible?Now you can take the Bible with you everywhere with this newversionof the Bible that will accompany you at all time. TheEasy-to-readVersion is a free version available for Android todownload andshare with your friends and loved ones.Download our easy to use Bible app that works offline. Once youhavedownloaded the app on your device, you can use it laterwithoutInternet connection.The Easy-to-Read Version (ERV) is an English translation oftheBible, originally published as the English Version for the Deaf,toattend the needs of the deaf and make reading the Bible easierforthem.The Easy to read Version uses simpler vocabulary andshortersentences, ideal for people with limited readingability.Study and read the Holy Word in a present-day English. Thelanguageused is Basic English.It has never been so easy to read the Holy Word!Features:- Friendly, clean and fast interface- Offline Bible version: (No Internet connection required)- Free audio of the entire Bible: allows you to listen to eachverseor the whole chapter- Search by keyword: (It is easier to find yourfavoriteverse)- Bookmark and highlight verses- Make list of Favorites- Adjust font size (Increase or decrease the font size)- Copy, paste and share verses- Easy access to all the books and chapters from any part oftheapplication- Remember the last book you read when reopen the app- A long press over a verse will add it to favorites.Use your time to read and study the Holy word! You canstarttoday!Download the complete version of the Bible, containing the Oldandthe New Testament.The Old Testament has 39 books total, which consist of:Pentateuch: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, DeuteronomyHistorical Books: Joshua, Judges, Ruth, First Samuel, SecondSamuel,First Kings, Second Kings, First Chronicles, SecondChronicles,Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther.Poetic books: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, SongofSolomonProphetic books: Major Prophets - Isaiah, Jeremiah,Lamentations,Ezekiel, Daniel.Minor Prophets - Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah,Nahum,Habakkuk,Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.The New Testament has 27 books total, which consist of:Matthew,Mark, Luke, John, Acts, Romans, Corinthians 1 and 2,Galatians,Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, 1 Thessalonians,2Thessalonians, 1 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon,Hebrews,James, 1 Peter, 2 Peter, 1 John, 2 John, 3 John,Jude,Revelation.
Holy Bible (KJV) 1.5
Solvus Lab
The King James Bible.The Holy Bible, King James VersionFirst Published 1611. The 1789. Edition.The Old Testament and The New Testament.* Note: The installation size of the application about 4MB* Offline Bible version.The application comprises:- Daily and nightly mode for reading- Adjust the text size- Search verse by word or phrase using "quoted text"- Bookmark favorite verses- Mark favorite verses with specific color and add notes★ v1.2✔ New Search functionality. Accessing fromapplicationmenuorsearchbutton.✔ The issue with showing more than 99 verses was fixed.✔ The issue with font size on Samsung Galaxy NoteandS3wasfixed.★ v1.1✔ The problem with application Menu was fixed.Menu option was not shown for Android v3 and higher.✔ New functionality.Viewing of user markers and favorites.
Logos Bible study and reading plans 6.0.7
Read the Bible and make use of commentariesandreading plans. You can save any book or Bible you own forofflineuse. Get up to 95 free resources when you download the appand signin, and do better Bible study with exclusive Logos Biblestudytools.Read your favorite Bible translations: we have a variety ofoptionsincluding the NIV, ESV, NASB, NKJV, and many more.TOP FEATURES:• TABBED BROWSING - Open as many resources or Bibles as youwantside by side.• REFERENCE SCANNER - Take a picture of a church bulletin orhandoutusing Reference Scanner and the app will open yourpreferred Bibleversion to all the verse references.• LIBRARY - Downloading this app gives you access to up to 95freeresources to kick off your Bible study.• NOTES - Attach your thoughts, comments, and questions to anyBibleverse or book.• HIGHLIGHTING - Mark the words that matter with fullycustomizablecolor and text options and return to them at anytime.• BIBLE WORD STUDY - Learn more about any word in the Biblebyexamining dictionaries, lexicons, and cross-references.• PASSAGE GUIDE - Get a detailed, verse-specific reportincludingBible commentaries, cross-references, literary typing, andmediaresources.• TEXT COMPARISON - Compare any verse across multipletranslationswith visual and percentage indicators ofdifference.• SPLIT SCREEN - Delve into any secondary resource side by sidewithyour preferred translation.• SEARCH - Find every mention of a word or phrase in everyresourcein your library.• SOCIAL SHARING - Share Bible verse images with Facebook,Twitter,Evernote, and Email.• READING PLANS - Get into daily reading with several Biblereadingplans to choose from.• AUDIO BOOKS - Listen to the Bible wherever you are.Find training for the appat
Holy Bible King James Version 1.0.0
In 1604, King James I of Englandauthorizedthat a new translation of the Bible into English bestarted. It wasfinished in 1611, just 85 years after the firsttranslation of theNew Testament into English appeared (Tyndale,1526). The AuthorizedVersion, or King James Version, quickly becamethe standard forEnglish-speaking Protestants. Its flowing languageand prose rhythmhas had a profound influence on the literature ofthe past 400years. The King James Version present on the BibleGateway matchesthe 1987 printing. The KJV is public domain in theUnitedStates.
Holy Bible, King James Bible 1.0.0
Holy Bible, King James BibleDaily Bible verses app will give you just one inspiringBiblequotes.Next day you will get a new motivating Bible Quote.All thequotesadded in this app are encouraging quotes. Holy Biblewordsare thebest way to start your day and this app can give that.Youwill lovemotivational words of Jesus daily in the morningthroughour app. Getthe blessings of Jesus through gospel quotesfor theday. You willlove all quotes in this daily Bible versesandprayers app. Thisoffline Bible app have inspiring quotes frombothOld and NewTestament. These Holy Bible reading plan can helpyouto understandmore about Jesus Bible messages for you eachday.Learn New HolyBible lessons by through our dailygospelreadings.App features:† Versions and translations. We have more than 300 Bibleversionsinmultiple languages available. Just download them once,and itwillall be available for offline reading.† Search. Find words and phrases quickly withadvancedsearchfeatures.† Cross References. Find related verses likequotations,parallels,and similar texts (for some Bibleversions).† Notes. Write your personal notes for any verse thatyouselect.Reference other verses in your notes and you'll be abletotap onthem to access those verses.† Bookmarks, Labels, Pins, and Highlights. Mark the versesthatyouhave read with colorful markers.† Continue reading from your last read verse withoutgettinglost.Make your own topical system using labels andbookmaks.† Share any bible verse to your friends via socialnetwork:facebook,twitter, google+ and more.† Daily Devotions. Read the daily devotions and deepenyourknowledgeof God.† Download Text and Audio for read and play offline mode.† Reading Plan. Choose from one of the many reading plans,andreadthe Bible in a year, or 2 years, or several months. Youcanevencreate one yourself.† Display Settings. Appearance of the Bible text can becustomizedtoyour liking. Font, text size, color, background, linespacing,andmore. Night mode and full screen mode are alsoavailable.Easybookmarks, highlights, and notesIf you love Ave Maria rosary and Jesus youth prayer thenyouwilllove this Catholic Bible daily readings app.Some quotes are taken from the book of Psalms. People wholikeRosaryand Roman Catholic prayers added in this CatholicEnglishBible app.Use this as your KJV Bible offline app because ithavequotes fromBible New King James Version. So this Christianprayersapp havecatholic prayers from different Christian books andJesusbooks. Usethis as your Roman Catholic Holy Bible withwiseproverbs and veryshort prayers daily. If you are looking fortheHoly Bible withquotes from RSV Bible Catholic edition and theNewInternationalVersion (Holy Bible NIV version), then this NIVstudyBible can helpyou. You will enjoy Christian hymns praiseandworship used in theChristian apologetic app. These Biblefactsmake this as one the bestChristian worship andChristiandevotional app. You can also enjoyJesus Wallpapers andChristanPictures of Holy Cross and Mother Mary.For making thisCatholicquotes and prayers to Lord Jesus we read NewKing JamesVersionBible free (Bible NKJV) along with King JamesVersionBible.Proverbs which are inspiring and Jesus songs willmotivateyou forprayers and blessing daily. You will also love someof thenovenaprayers and pregnancy prayers added from the psalmsandproverbsquotes. We also read Holy Bible good news edition andNRSVCatholicEnglish Bible.
Twi Bible 2.0
Mobobi LLC
The much anticipated and sought afterGhanaianapp is finally here, An award winning app! Not just any twibible.This is a smart and intelligent holy bible app approved to bereadin churches. Thousands of people are using it. What are youwaitingfor?The Twi Bible in your pocket! The Holy Bible in Twi (Ghana)andEnglish (KJV) in the new testaments and old testaments. Studythebible in your own language and in English (KJV) (bonus) dailytoempower you spiritually through your walk with God.This top app comes with complete offline use and supports texttospeech(audio) in the Ghanaian Akan language Twi. You can readinparallel mode (Twi and English side by side) or read in singlemode(Twi or English). Backed by the personal digitalartificialintelligent robot, Kofi can automatically read scripturesto yourhearing, scroll verses intelligently and read out devotionsanddaily verses to you. Just name the chapter and verse and Kofiwillrecite it for you. You can also record live churchservices!This Twi Holy Bible allows you to highlight and bookmark any partofscriptures like you would in real life, add personal notesandsermons, copy, paste, share scriptures with friends and familyonWhatsApp, Facebook, twitter etc.Some top features of Twi Bible:- Full offline use. You don’t need the internet to use it.- Complete Holy Bible in Twi, English containing both Old andNewTestaments- Speech and audio support - Smart Kofi can automatically scrollandread out loud scriptures to you.- Option to read scriptures in parallel mode(Twi and English Sidebyside) or in single mode- Get encouraged with daily devotional messages, motivationalversesand inspirational verses to help you in your day to day lifeandovercome life obstacles- Highlight, bookmark and save sections of scriptures- Copy, share, translate scriptures with friends and families- Add your own notes and sermons, and record preaching,sermons,praise and worships, and church services.You can switch between Asante(Kumasi) twi, Akuampem twi, AkyemTwi,Fante and English in King James Version (KJV), NewInternationalVersion (NIV), Amplified Bible (AMP), New AmericanStandard Bible,The Living Bible, New Living Translation(NLT), TheMessage Bible(MSG)and the NKV.The different reading modes offers a great educationalexperience,dictionary translator and reference point to learnGhana’s mostwidely spoken language Twi (an akan dialect)It’s the Twere KronKron nkwa nsem. The top and best mobileGhanaianappFrom the creators of Alikoto, twi proverbs, oware, africanproverbs,african radios and the best of African apps and games.Install thisgreat bible app featured on the 2CTV television app.You can recordlive audio and video sermons, church service, hymns,preaches,praise and worship and play back anytime, anywhere.Listen to nativespeaker translate languages in English to Twi andTwi to English,Nzema currently used in methodist, pentecost, Romancatholic, JesusChrist churches etcInstall this useful app that will help you grow your faith andgetyou closer to God.Don’t forget to leave us a review :)
Holy Bible NKJV
Holy Bible, New King James Version, NKJVisgrowing in popularity owing to its simple and easy tounderstandEnglish.Get a free Holy Bible NKJV that works completely free offlinethatdoes not drain your mobile data bundles/broadband data.OVERVIEW:Enjoy using our New King James Version, NKJV Bible applicationthatenables you bookmark, share, and also zoom in o zoom outfontsizes. This holy bible application takes you away from the useofhard bible books and into the future where staying inholycommunion/Christian family is not an option.BOOKMARKING AND SHARING:This NKJV bible is designed with ability to bookmark yourfavoriteverses or even remember where you LAST stopped reading.Selectverses you want to bookmark. Then click BOOK icon on the topleftcorner. Verses will be added to bookmark list. To deletebookmarkedverses, swipe to the left of the verse.To share verses, just click SHARE icon after selectingverses.READING EASE:This NKJV bible has been designed to make reading easy.We have included FONT SIZE customization option that increasesandreduces the text size of font respectively. Slide on the slidertoyour designed font size.You can go to screen and select "Keep Screen On" to avoidscreenfrom going off.You can change contrast from day to "NIGHT MODE".No annoying or obtrusive advertisements.NAVIGATION:All the books of the holy bible, New King James VersionTranslation,NKJV, have been included. Select book, say Psalms,that you want tonavigate to. Select the chapter you want to startreading from. Allthe verses in the chapter are loaded. Afterfinishing reading theverses of a chapter, simply click on NEXTARROW button at the nearbottom right to go forward or bottom-leftto go to the previouschapter.CONNECT:We appreciate your feedback so much. we would also like toconnectwith you on Twitter or Instagram. Tap on the TOP-LEFT sidemenu.Scroll to Connect category.Email: to send email, select email developer. You can sendemailunder categories, comment/feedback, error reporting,orother.Twitter: to follow us on twitter, select "Follow on Twitter"Instagram: same, click "Follow on Instagram"PERMISSIONS:NKJV bible does not require special permissions. We DO NOTrequireany privacy-violating permissions for you to use ourapplication.That is it.NO HIDDEN personal data or downloads done.KEY FEATURES:*works without any internet connection, NKJV offline*Has both Old and New Testament*Other translations available on click "More Applications"*Day and Night Mode*Custom notification delivery*Keep screen on*share bible verses*no personal data collected"We are on a journey to make the best bible application, join usaswe take steps". Write us an email to [email protected] respond.
Bible Offline
★ God’s holy words any moment for ablessedday! ★Bible Offline - Holy Bible application is used by Christiansfrommore than 200 countries in 40 languages to pray and receivetheHoly Word.Conceived to propagate and make The Christian Bible studies toreadthe bible in an easily and greatly way, pray and listening abiblefree anytime, anywhere.ABOUT BIBLE OFFLINEWe are the first offline bible free of Play Store, functioning asafree bible offline and audio bible without the need to accesstheinternet.Bible free official application(*) believes that the holy wordofGod must reach everyone easily, quickly , clearly and freely inashareable way.Read your verse of day or listen to the audio bible anywheretobless you all the time.The audio bible includes the holy word in the voice ofrenownedPastors.RESOURCES AND FEATURES OF BIBLE OFFLINE◉ Image sharing of verses◉ Search, Favorite and Note◉ Color Assigning Labels◉ Sharing Versicles◉ Devotionals, Hymnal, Biblical Plans, Biblical Dictionary,andBiblical Map.◉ Complete content to read psalms in the Old Testament;◉ Book list of the holy word in alphabetic order:◉ Support for Android Wear, with devotions in your watch;◉ Included content to read psalms;◉ Read verse of day;◉ Application installation of the holy bible app on SD card;◉ Biblical dictionary with more than 900 words;◉ Option to remove ads.Find also the verse of day and read psalms, learn andrememberthe words of God and all teachings of Jesus in the audiobible,too.DETAILS OF THE BIBLE OFFLINE - THE HOLY BIBLE APPo Reading Plans: several Reading Plans that can helpyoustudy Bible texts or specific topics.o Bible Themes> find verses according to biblicalthemes.There are more than 700 themes.o Audio: audio versions for all translations, includingNIVLive Audio, with Oscar winning cast and renowned Pastors. Theaudiois synchronized with the reading of the verses.o Reading Progress: users can mark the chapters as "read"andcan track the percentages of what they have read in relation toeachbook, the whole Bible, and the Old and New Testaments.o Versicles: resources to highlight, mark with colours,copy,add personal notes, share verses on social networks and aVerse ofthe Day Widget.o Searching System: option for the whole Bible,OldTestament, New Testament or separate by book. Users can typemorethan one word or parts of the verses and also dovoicesearch.o Reading Comfort: Adapt word size, choose the fontandactivate nocturnal reading mode.o Geochurch and Events: this feature will help youfindchurches and events close to you. Add events fromyourchurch.LANGUAGES AND VERSIONSMore than 75 translations of the holy bible in differentlanguagesto read the free bible. Among them:• NIV (New International Version 2011)• King James in English• Reina Valera in Spanish• Luther's Bible in German• the original Greek and Hebrew,• and many othersAudio versions to the holy word for all translations of theholybible, including NIV Live Audio, with Oscar winning castandrenowned Pastors that read holy bible versicles. Listen totheaudio bible and be close to God and Jesus anywhere!Acknowledgements:(*) Official Application = according to copyright,includingauthorized content.
King James Audio Bible 3.5
KJV Bible Free - This King JamesVersionBible app was created to give everyone a new experience ofstudyingthe Holy Bible KJV. Enjoy this holy bible kjvapplication inandroid for free, which contains the Old Testamentand New Testamentwith text and audio version. All in English. Youcan read and listento the word of God at the same time with thisKing James VersionBible app.Features:- Free read KJV Bible. Old and new testament (Offline)- Free king james version of the bible audio version.Thisapplication will read the verses for you- Complete with all chapters of Old and New testament- Simple design for easy to use- Perfect for people who wants to learn the Bible in KingJamesVersion- Portable to use. No more book. King James Version Bible App cangowith you everywhere- Share your favorite verse with friends via text message,socialnetwork or email- Works on All android devices- Orientation Support (Portrait, Landscape)- With Background Player function, you don't need to open theappevery time to listen to your favorite versesListen to the word of God every day and come closer to God byusethe King James Version Bible App app. We are lookingforwardto your feedback and any suggestions for improvement. Trytoinstall now, it's FREE! Thanks for your support. Godblessyou!The holy bible king james version King James Bible (KJV)hasbeen installed by millions of believers around the world - aFREE,easy and friendly way to read the whole Bible with no needofinternet connection. The KJV Bible App gives you an improvedBibleexperience by keeping track of your readings, having instantaccessto any chapter, adding customized bookmarks and muchmore.KJV Audio Bible Free - King James Bible (KJV) is thebestApplication to carry God’s WordHave the Holy Bible at your fingertips anytime and anywhere yougo.This daily Bible App contains the 66 books of the Old TestamentandNew Testament, providing an easier way to feel God’s word inyourheart and to feel heaven closer to you and your loved ones.Carryyour KJV Bible wherever and whenever you want to helpenlightenyour mind with the most complete, fast and easy to usedaily BibleApp on Google Play.Get closer to God with this King James Bible app for Android.Alsoknown as KJV Bible, this bible app contains the King JamesVersionof the Bible, also known as the Authorized Version. Thereare manyBibles to choose from and this version is chosen as one ofthe mostread Bibles available.King James Version Bible or KJV, is an English translationofthe Christian Bible by the Church of England begun in 1604&completed in 1611. Other Bibles are later translations.King James Audio Bible (KJV): Holy Bible - King JamesVersionapp by has been downloaded over times andis thebest, FREE, offline Bible app for Android. Expertly craftedin PaloAlto, this Bible app makes it easy and simple to read,study andshare the Bible. Great features such as navigation,search, notetaking, sharing and audio allow you get the most outof your Biblestudy anywhere and anytime.Keyword: bible king james, King James VersionBibleApp, English Bible KJV, Audio Holy BibleKJV,English KJV, Holy Bible King James Version, KJV,KingJames Version Bible App
Reflexión Diaria 1.0.1
Reflexiones, devocionales yestudiosbíblicosdirectamente en tu teléfono. Recibe todos los díasunmensaje deesperanza, amor y paz en un lenguaje sencillo yfácildeentender.Aprende a acercarte mas a Dios leyendo un poco de supalabratodoslos días.Alimenta tu alma y aumenta tu Fe.Reflections,devotionalsand Bible studies directly to your phone.Receives everyday amessage of hope, love and peace in a simple andeasy tounderstandlanguage.Learn to draw closer to God by reading a little of yourwordeveryday.Nourish your soul and increases your faith.
All Bible Stories 2.0.0
THIS is app of true stories from bible.Thestories give you a history of the world from when God begantocreate until right up to our present day. They even tell aboutwhatGod promises to do in the future.There are over 200 stories in the app. These are grouped ineightparts. A page at the beginning of each part tells briefly whatisfound in that part. The stories appear in the order thateventsoccurred in history.Feature this app you can :- Find word / sentence on story.- Bookmark page.- Offline & Favorites – Save storyList Stories :- Christmas Story- Old Testament- New Testament- The Aposties- Younger Kids- Daily Devontional* video next updateG.B.U
MyBible - Bible 4.7.2
MyBible will help you study the Biblecarefullyand deeply. It will make the Bible more convenient toread, as youwill always have it with you without the need of anInternetconnection. Bible translations in more than three hundredlanguagesare available, including the original texts and earlytranslationsin ancient Greek, ancient Hebrew, and Aramaic. InMyBible you alsohave commentaries, biblical dictionaries,thesauruses, dailydevotions, and powerful tools to help them allwork convenientlytogether.Project description and additional information, includingthemodules format description, as well as the most recent andpreviousversions of the application, are availableat TRANSLATIONS AND OTHER MODULESMyBible provides non-copyrighted (public domain) Bibletranslations,commentaries, dictionaries, and daily devotionscollected fromdifferent sources and converted into the MyBibleformat.APPLICATION FEATURES- Adjustable display of the Bible text, all chapters of a book(notjust one chapter at a time); grouping of verses intoparagraphs,subheadings, with or without verse numbering;highlighting ofJesus' words, night mode.- Two or three Bible windows with different translations;windowsthat automatically synchronize for the current position, butcanalso be used independently.- Fast and powerful search of the Bible text.- Bible text: convenient paging and scrolling,categorizedbookmarks, color-highlighting and underlining offragments, remarksfor the text, reading places, user-defined crossreferences,comparing of selected verses in differenttranslations.- Ancillary means that can be shown in the Bible text:crossreferences, hyperlinks to commentaries, footnotes,Strong'snumbers.- Built-in information on the correspondence of the "Russian"and"standard" numbering of verses in the book of Psalms, Job, andSongof Solomon (this provides for parallel reading of these booksinRussian and in other languages).- Bible reading plans: a large selection of pre-defineddownloadablereading plans, option to quickly create a simplereading plan ofyour own, option to activate several reading planssimultaneously,convenient and friendly tracking of your progresson active readingplans.- Bible commentaries, comparison of different commentaries foraselected verse.- Showing of dictionary articles on a double-touch of a word intheBible text, option to search for a word of interestindictionaries, Strong's lexicon that is activated by adouble-touchon a word or on a Strong's number, Strong's numberusage searching- capable of replacing a printed "Symphony", optionto look upreferences to a selected verse from dictionary articles -givesinput for a deep understanding of integrity of theScripture.- Text-to-Speech (TTS): Bible text, commentaries,dictionaryarticles, daily devotions, and automatic combining of TTSfor theBible text with TTS for commentaries that are shown ashyperlinksin the Bible text (this could be handy while you aredriving a longdistance).- Copying of selected verses, copying of verses found as a resultofsearch.- Working with favorites: daily devotions, commentaryarticles,dictionary articles.- Notes entry window with hyperlinks to Bible places that canbecreated automatically for entered references to Scriptures(e.g.,John 3:16).- Profiles which completely store an environment, settings,anavigation history, etc.- Extensive set of settings; optional Simplified Mode,forbeginners.- Usage tips for the entire main functionality: available fromthemenu, grouped, allow searching from a word fragment.- Support of data back-up and synchronization betweendifferentdevices of the same user, this includes settings anddownloadedmodules and assumes usage of external means, (Dropsyncisrecommended), see the "Synchronization" section in the "About"textavailable from the menu.Help us pay for hosting ofmodules:
La Biblia de Jerusalén 1.01
La Biblia de JerusalénCatólicaenespañol.No necesita conexión a Internet para su funcionamientoInterfaz amigable al usuario y de rápido acceso aloslibros,capítulos y versículos.Funcionalidades:- Fácil navegación- Guardar sus versículos favoritos.- Búsqueda de Versículos- Compartir con sus amigos- Aumentar o disminuir el tamaño del texto- Notificacíon diaria de VersículosCatholic JerusalemBibleinSpanish.No internet connection needed for operationuser friendly and quick access to books, chaptersandversesinterface.features:- Easy navigation- Save your favorite verses.- Search VERSES- Share with your friends- Increase or decrease font size- Daily reporting of VERSES
Bible Hub 1.0
Official Bible Hub app with quick accesstotheBible Hub search, online Bibles, commentaries,devotions,topics,and interlinear. You will need an internetconnection touse thisapp.
Bible Study - Dictionary, Commentary, Concordance! 1.2
All tools you need for Bible Study inoneOffline app!★ Bible with Strong's Numbers★ Biblce Commentary: Matthew Henry Complete★ Bible Dictionary: International Standard Encyclopedia★ Concordances: Bible and Strong's concordances★ Daily Devotionals: Morning and Evening Devotionals byC.H.Spurgeon★ Works Offline!KING JAMES BIBLEClickable Strong's Numbers, Bible Reading Plans for 1 Year, 180and90 Days, Audio Bible (TTS), Daily Verses withnotifications,Bookmarks/Notes/Highlights and many more!BIBLE and STRONGS CONCORDANCESAlphabet index of all words from the KJV BibleStrong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries with information fromHebrewand Greek Lexicons.All Bible Verses in concordance with clickableStrong'sNumbers!BIBLE COMMENTARYMatthew Henry's well-known six-volume Exposition of the Old andNewTestaments (1708–1710) or Complete Bible Commentary, providesanexhaustive verse by verse Study of the Bible. covering the wholeofthe Old Testament, and the Gospels and Acts in theNewTestament.BIBLE DICTIONARYContaining more than 9 300 entries, The International StandardBibleEncyclopedia, also known as the ISBE, is an exhaustiveBiblicalencyclopedia that explains in detail every significantword in theBible, and also includes historical information fromthe Apocrypha.It provides detailed information on the language andliterature ofthe Bible world, their cultures and the historicaland religiousenvironments of the people of the Bible in articlesby nearly 200scholars.DAILY DEVOTIONALSThis devotional has a morning and evening meditation for everydayof the year. Although these devotions are short in length, theyarefilled with spiritual goodness.These daily messagesprovideChristians with the spiritual energy they need to begin andendeach day. Spurgeon weaves a verse of Scripture into eachdevotion,helping readers draw deeper meaning out of theselectedpassages.I hope this app will be perfect companion in your daily Study oftheHoly Bible!
Holy Bible King James Version
Jayden Labs
King James Version Bible, Old Testament andNewTestament.*Simple, easy to read, scroll, enlarge and reduce by*Offline reading: No internet connection needed*Comes with many beautiful biblical quotes*Bonus fun cameraDownload now!
Bible - New International Version (English) 1.01
Lightweight and easy to read.[Wikipedia] "The New International Version (NIV) isanEnglishtranslation of the Protestant Bible. Originally publishedinthe1970s, the NIV was updated in 1984 and 2011,[3] and hasbecomeoneof the most popular and best selling moderntranslations".Features:- Search- Share Bible verses- Set Text Size- Bible verses daily notification- Bible Books and Chapters lists to fast access- Full chapter in a page- Drag pages to navigate between chapters/books
Holy Bible (RSV) 1.6
Solvus Lab
The Holy Bible, Revised StandardVersion,RSV.The Old Testament and The New Testament.* Note: The installation size of the application is about3MBThe Revised Standard Version (RSV) is a comprehensive revisionofthe King James Version, the Revised Version of 1881-1885, andtheAmerican Standard Version of 1901, published in stages aroundthemiddle of the 20th century. It aims to present a literallyaccuratetranslation of the Bible in modern English.The first version of the application comprises:- Daily and nightly mode for reading- Adjust the text size- Search verse by word or phrase using "quoted text"- Bookmark favorite verses- Mark favorite verses with specific color and add notes