Top 1 Games Similar to Felix

Panda Monium 1.4
Get your skateboard ready and join Po thePandaand his gang of friends as you skate and jump through 4differentlandscapes. Start as Po and jump your way through anumber ofobstacles all with one touch controls. Collect coins tounlock hisfour friends; Felix, Chip, Alice and James who can runfaster andjump higher than Po. Stuck and cannot reach the end ofthe level,collect coins to unlock these special boosts to help youreach theend:Special Powers:1) Double Coins – Collect coins twice as fast2) Bird Mode – Fly through the board without dying3) Storm – blast through any obstacles4) Magnet – Collect all the coins in the surrounding areaHelp Po and his friends get past those dodgy obstacles andreachthe finish line in this fun quirky, but hard to mastergame!All playable with just a double tap on the screen. Funtoplay.