Top 9 Games Similar to Hell Tap

Zombie Hell Full 3
After escaping to the desert, youthoughtthatyou had escaped the Zombie plague. But, no...Something has brought them near, the smell offleshandblood.Are you the last man on earth? Defend yourself, kill orbekilled.Kill the zombies, use your guns and grenades.Zombie Hell is a fun arcade game, where the playerusesthreedifferent types of weapons to kill incomingZombies.Currentlythere are 5 types of zombies and 13 levels.Any permissions are just to be able to show advertstohelpsupport me and pay my rent. They don't collect any dataexceptforyour country and phone type to display the adscorrectly.
Escape From Hell 3.0
Escape From HellFinally Out There!Are You Capable Of Rescuing Firemen From The Hell?Well, we hope so because you will be in charge oftheplatformhang above the deep Hell's fire hole and it will beyourjob tosave firemen on the run from Hell.Quick fingers skills and nerves from steal REQUIRED!Can you really do it?Prove it!Download the game and safe some firemen!
Hell 3
Help catcher souls go through all the obstacles, otherwise hewilltake your soul andthe corrected version (opens after installation) here
Heaven or Hell 1
Heaven or Hell is an award-winningcompetitive'infinite runner' with a twist - two players run at thesame time,on the same device! Run, Jump and Flip around either sideof thecentral line, collecting soul and using power-ups to boostyourperformance, and hinder your opponents!Heaven or Hell merges the simplicity of infinite running,withthe competitive battles of racing games in a slick,minimalist,heart-beat themed world. All of this on one device wherebothplayers hold the Android device between them and battle it outinreal time.If face to face competition isn't your thing (or you just wanttopractice on your own) there is a full featured single playermodewith it's own gameplay style, power-ups, leaderboardsandachievements.
Zombie Hell 17
After escaping to the desert, you thoughtthatyou had escaped the Zombie plague. But, no...Something has brought them near, the smell of fleshandblood.Are you the last man on earth? Defend yourself, kill or bekilled.Kill the zombies, use your guns and grenades.Zombie Hell is a fun arcade game, where the player usesthreedifferent types of weapons to kill incoming Zombies.Currentlythere are 5 types of zombies and 13 levels.Full Version with no ads is available here: permissions are just to be able to show adverts tohelpsupport me and pay my rent. They don't collect any data exceptforyour country and phone type to display the ads correctly.
Shoot like Hell 1.2.1
Our Army man, Jack, is stuck in adangerouscityamong deadly Zombies. This Zombie Smasher has to savehimselfuntilthe help comes from the jets in air. As in the shootand runlikehell song.Jets drop various types of arsenal like AK-47,Machineguns,assault rifle guns, shotguns. Various kinds of Zombiescome inhisway and his mission is to kill and destroy them and bringJackbackas a survivor.Based on the number of kills, his expertise and stagesaugmentandbased on that new guns, arsenal and enemies areunleashed.Based onhis stage he also sees health kits. By gettingthosehealth kits herecovers from injuries and keeps going andkickingtheir butts.So here are your goals.• Move left and right and find attackers.• Kill with punch if you don’t have a gun at hand.• Collect different types of arsenal.• Kill enemies and zombies without getting hurt.• Collect health packages to recover your health.• Don’t forget to share your scores and achievementwithyourFacebook friends.• With every increasing stage the difficulty increases andyougettrue thrill.• You can call air strike help as well• Collect money that zombies leave for you and then usethemforunderground arsenal market
Hell Runner 1.0.4
Nuevo y primer juego de AsturGameStudio,maneja al Runner del Infierno evita los obstáculosydesbloqueatodos los niveles para llegar al final de está aventura.Características:- Descarga Gratuita.- Variedad de niveles.- Fácil y Divertido para todas las edades.- Toca la pantalla con el dedo para saltar.Consejo de Rendimiento:Si usted tiene problemas de rendimiento asegúrese dedesactivarelahorro de energía.New and first gameofAsturGame Studio, Hell Runner manages to avoid obstaclesandunlock allthe levels to get to the bottom of this affair.Features:- Download Free.- Variety of levels.- Easy and Fun for all ages.- Touch the screen with your finger to jump.Performance Council:If you have performance issues sure to turn off power saving.
Raising Hell Lite 1.3
Hell's freezing over, and a devilnamedDamianmust escape! Angels and demonic creatures will try tostophim.Teleport to move in this challenging touchscreenplatformer.Do you crave a more difficult and mature experiencethanmostmobile games? We have your back! And we don't bombard youwithadsor in-app purchase spam. Just one purchase andhavefunplaying!This is our first published game, and we want to hearfromyou.We're a new independent game studio in the Dallas area.If you enjoy the demo, you can get the fullversionhere: 5.0 Lollipop recommended.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest news:••••
Leave Me Alone: A Trip To Hell 1.41
NOTE: FOR A STABLE GAMEPLAY REQUIRES 1.5 gbofRAMSkate. Fight. Fight with a skate. Everything we loveaboutplatformers in one game."Leave Me Alone: A Trip To Hell" involves guiding a fierceskaterthrough geeky ’90s style. Fight monsters and mutantswhileperforming mad skateboarding tricks.* 21 levels* 15 beautiful locations* 24 enemies* 10 bosses* Unique fighting system* Widescreen support* Original soundtrackGREAT ARTInspired by the cult platform games of the late ‘90s, renderedwiththe forefront techs of today. Unique hand-crafted locationschangethe mood from level to level.AUTHENTIC SOUNDTruly immersive audial experience makes you dive into theworldwhere monsters are as real as the rattle of your old skaterollingon the cracky asphalt.INCREDIBLE GAMEPLAYYour hero gets more powerful as you go. The bosses get morecunning.Use your skills to make them leave you alone.