Top 6 Games Similar to Mars Wars

Hitch Hiking to Mars 8.0
Hitch Hiking to Mars is a game aboutajourneyto mars. After hitch hiking a Spaceship you end up beenthepilot,that have to get to Mars before the asteroid rain catchesup!Youwill encounter comets and asteroids in your way, thatwoulddamageyour spacecraft; also gravity will change during yourtrip.Becareful you could run out of fuel! Thankfully tho therearesomesome fuel floating around in space.You might also find some Space Junk thrown aboutaroundspace.Collect them and trade them in for some upgrades onyourship!
Rocketman 1.2
Fly to the starts. Collect coinsandupgradeyour spaceship - everything completely free, nowandforever!Reach incredible height on your adventure out intothegalaxywhile you upgrade your spaceship to be able to gofurtheraway fromthe earth. Completely for free andwithoutmicrotransactions!Update 1:Added new graphical assets for your journey tospace.Including:Earth, the moon and Mars.
Powered Descent 2 1.0
Have you always wanted to land the Vikingprobeon the surface of Mars? Well, now you can! Powered Descent 2is aspace landing game in which you will be given the challengingtaskof piloting different spacecraft safely down to landingsite.Included are 10 levels from Moon and another 10 from Mars,some ofwhich are based on real historical missions, like the ApolloLunarlandings.What planets would you like to see added next?
Space Attacker 1.0
Flipflop Lab
The universe is under attack by analienarmyand your mission is destroy them using your ability asatruefighter pilot in your starship . Enjoy this war todestroythealiens and challenge your friends in this excitingadventure!features:- Compatible with HD screen- Controls with a finger- Play just 10 seconds after starting the game- 4 playable characters with different special abilities- Ranking to play with friends- Ranking via Facebook- Great Gameplay- Excellent Music- Great graphicsTags: Space, Space Attacker, Attacker, War,Spaceship,Attack,Run, Free, Running, Universe, allien, alienTags: Space, Attack, War, Spaceship, Race,Freestyle,Universe,Alien, Martian
Spaceship: Interstellar Rescue 2.0.0
Incoming transmission from Galactic Command:"Space Captain! We need your help!An unexpected asteroid storm has severely damaged ourmissiontocolonise Mars, there are astronaut survivors out there andtheyarefloating aimlessly in space with limited oxygen!We need your help to command our space fleet and rescuethesepoorsouls."Incoming Emergency Transmission:"pssshhttt......pffftt....GalacticCommandcomein.....ppsshhhh....pfffff.....pssshhttt......pffftt....GalacticCommandcomein.....ppsshhhh....pfffff.....This is General Fitzroy - I have survived theasteroidstorm....Please save us!The Aliens are coming! The Aliens are coming!"............ transmission end .................Incoming transmission from Galactic Command:"Space Captain! Go! Save our fellow comrades anddoitquickly!The world is counting on you."............ transmission end .................SPACESHIP: INTERSTELLAR RESCUEYour Mission:Save the cosmonauts from the debris of the freakasteroidstormbefore the Aliens have their way with them!Control the red spaceship and the blue spaceship at thesametime.Collect all the cosmonauts and avoid the Alien UFOs.About:Spaceship: Interstellar Rescue is a very addictive,freeandchallenging game designed to trick your mind andtestyourreflexes.Credit:Inspired by 2 Cars game.**** Game Play ****✔ Control the 2 Spaceships (the blue spaceship and theredspaceship)at the same time✔ Don't crash into the Alien UFOs✔ Save all the Astronauts✔ DO NOT miss any Cosmonauts on the way✔ Game is fun and very addictive✔ Great sound effects to accompany the game✔ The game design is unique to test your skills!✔ Save the mission!✔ Become a hero!**** Other Games by Koki Interactive ****Color Crunch (Android)Sketch Half (iPad)
Meteora: Space threat 1.9
The earth is in danger! At any momentahugemeteor could destroy all life on our planet. Protect theEarthfromcosmic threats in the arcade game Meteora. Destroytheflyingmeteorites at the touch of a finger!Other planets also need to be saved. Open the Marsandmercury,and defend them! The conditions of the gamechangedepending onwhich planet will have to deal. This game willhelp youto enhanceattentiveness and speed up your reaction!Game mode for Land:You have 3 lives. For the downed meteor you get 2-4points.Thehigher the speed of the meteor, the more pointsfordestroyingit.Game mode for Mars:Given 2 life. For the downed meteorite you receive onepointmorethan in game mode.Game mode for mercury:You only have one life, BUT meteorites arrivessignificantlymorepoints than the previous two planets.Do not forget to also help UFOs. About his appearance canbeheardin advance on the specific sound. Flying saucers giveyouaprotective force field for a while. As long as itworksmeteoritesdon't worry!What planet is more suitable for you?If you like fun arcade games, then this game is for you!Keywords: galactic, star, meteor, spacecraft,game,gravity,orbital, universe, space, galaxy, planet, orbit,"meteora",spacearcade