Top 47 Games Similar to Weed Firm 2: Back to College

Weed Tycoon 1.3.4
You need some cash big time, you can seeonlyoption, do it breaking bad style. Become the Weed Grower andgrowyour firm and wealth beyond belief.Growing weed and selling it to the locals is your best option togetyour firm set up and beginning your journey to becoming aweedgrower. Choose from a variety of seeds such as Skunk andPurpleHaze, add a little water and watch your plants and empiregrow asyou become a tycoon of the drug world.You will need to start your firm small and set up your pots andweedfarm and manage the crops. Harvest the weed you farm and sellit toyour desperate customers. Keep them happy and let them spreadnewsof your firm by word of mouth. The better quality your farmproducesthe more chance you have of becoming the best grower andgaining therespect of your clients and other dealers in thearea.Your firm has to begin some where and your flat is as goodasanywhere. Farm your seeds, grow your plants, farm your cropandsell it. Sounds simple? but becoming a tycoon isn't easy andyouwill need all the tricks of the trade to make it big.Grow the firm, become the tycoon and earn the respect yourskillsdeserve.
Prison Life RPG 1.4.2
GooglePlay Best Games of 2015!Top 1 Paid App, Overall Games, RPG and Simulation inFrance,Australia, UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Singapore AppStore!Top 1 RPG in 89 countries!Top 1 New Paid in UK, Australia and Canada!Top 2 RPG, Top 3 New Paid in United States!Touch Arcade forums' Game of the Week!"with that many features, and its replayability value, it's hardtoput down the game once you've started playing."-modernjamming"This game has no IAP of any kind and the replay value is huge."-idownloadblog"Huge game with a lot of content, Solid RPG with survivalliketimetables" - indie-love"Prison Life RPG is surprisingly deep." - Pocket Gamer"There is so much going on in this game that only paying $3.99feelslike a crime. " iOS App of the Week - iPhoneFAQ-----------------------------------------Dear prisoners, this is Warden speaking. Welcome to thePrison,where you are SENTENCED to play! Can you survive the harshprisonlife? Can you escape before your execution?****NO ADS AND IAP ALLOWED****Prison Life RPG is a premium game with no ads or in-apppurchases.Hurray!PRISON BROCHUREPrison Life RPG is a Roguelike+Survival+Simulation+Role-Playinggamethat places you behind bars. To survive the punishment ofthepenitentiary system, you’ll need to stay healthy and fit,gainallies, eliminate enemies, bribe the guards, bet in illegalboxingmatches, and more while pushing for parole or planninganescape.PRISON CAPACITYWith more than 100 prisoners to interact with, you'll neverfeelbored! You can play as any one of the 100 prisoners!PRISONER ACTIVITIESWatch TV, call your grandma, learn skills, craft items, getbullied,wash toilet, flirt with the pretty Doctor in Sick Bay,bribe theguards or just idle around!SOCIAL RELATIONMake friends and join gangs to increase your defense, fighting,and,of course, escape power. Be careful though, prisoners youroffendedwill beat you up or even kill you!PLOT YOUR ESCAPEThere are many ways to break out of prison. You just need tocollectthe proper tools and talent to pull off the perfectplan!PRISON FEATURES:◆100 prisoners to play as, each with his ownPersonalGoal/Mission◆18 skills to learn and master◆4 gangs to join and climb up the ranks◆Recruit up to 7 inmates in your escape plan◆80+ items to collect or craft◆126 nicknames/achievements to earn◆20+ different jobs◆Different ways to escape from prison◆You will die plenty of timesROAD TO FREEDOMBehave and get released? Arrange early parole with lawyer?Suicide?Break out from prison with an escape team? Become the Gangleader?Executed?The choice is yours, prisoner.ABOUT THE PRISONTook more than a year to construct, the warden guarantees thatthisprison is deep, challenging and will lock you up forhours!SOLITARY CONFINEMENTDownload this game now or I'll send you to the hole!Lights out!WardenFollow the Warden on twitter: prison life and more reviews inToucharcade: REVIEWSFantaBobGames: Let's Play Prison Life RPG youtube seriesinFrench jamming: Detailed review + Tips and Tricks Survive, escape, or die in prison Love: The Role Playing Prison Game You Never KnewYouWanted iOS App of the Week: Prison Life RPG PART TIME SPACE: Prison Life RPG iOS Game Review
Mafia III: Rivals
2K, Inc.
Steal, seize, and slaughter for control ofNewBordeaux in Mafia III: Rivals, a brand new battle RPG set intheviolent and gritty universe of Mafia III. Be the boss andassembleyour crime family. Outfit your characters with brutalweapons,items, vehicles, and stake your claim over localbusinesses. Asyour power grows, so does your stake in the criminalunderworld.Own the city.YOU ARE THE SCENEScare up the New Bordeaux criminal underground and mobilize itforyour own gain. Recruit and level up the skills of 40 crimebossesfrom the Mafia III universe and make a killing with themostdominant mob family in New Bordeaux.DECLARE WARFace off against waves of rival gangs in brutal RPG-style combatandcollect loot in battles throughout New Bordeaux’s colorfulDowntownDistrict.SUITED AND BOOTEDOutfit your crew with guns, knives, body armor, brassknuckles,era-inspired cars, and more to boost their stats andprepare themfor battle.FIGHT REAL PLAYERSBattle other players around the world to improve your repinstrategic fights that'll prove who's got the bettercrimefamily.CONTROL THE CITY’S FRONTSSeize local fronts to further upgrade your crew and getaddedrewards like earning more cash, more damage, and manyotherextras.JOIN YOUR FRIENDSAdd friends to compete for ranking in the online leaderboardsandearn special perks.
Downtown Mafia - Gang Wars RPG 0.6.20
Addictive text based mafia MMO RPG withGANGWARS, TURF WARS, BOSSES, MERCENARIES, HIT-LIST, CITIES,MISSIONS,FIGHTS, TOURNAMENTS and lots more.Join now and become biggest gangsta in town.(More than 1.5 Million downloads in Android)Our Players say:- - -★★★★★ "Love is one awesome mafia game with the best bitsofall."★★★★★ "Addictive, fun and social. Love this game"★★★★★ "Soo lovely which makes me dream about a real gangster"Downtown Mafia - Live to Fight, Fight to Win!- - -Plot: A legend returns back to reclaim his old hood... and thistimehe is gonna take it all. You have Jane (your old flame), Marco(theweapons guy), Luke (he knows his business) and BIG JIM to helpyoutake over the hood.Game Features- - -DTM is one of the most feature rich and diverse mafia RPGevercreated. It offers players a unified gaming experience, whetheryouare on Android devices, iOS, Facebook, Chrome-Store or onyourbrowser, this allows you to run your same pocket gang empirefromanywhere.★ Be what you wanna be, HUSTLER, RUNNER or FIGHTER and buildyourcriminal empire.★ Master gang MISSIONS (Jobs) in various cities aroundtheworld.★ Become a big time gangsta, FIGHT other mafiosos acrossotherdevices and platforms in real-time.★ HIT LIST your enemies for a sweet revenge.★ Gain experience in the gangstaz crime city and progressthroughUNLIMITED LEVELS.★ Recruit your mob members, BUY new WEAPONS, VEHICLES, ARMOURSandSPECIAL items to arm up your team.★ Earn unique crime REPUTATION (achievements) for reachingspecificgoals.★ Earn SKILL POINTS, upgrade your ENERGY, STAMINA andATTACK/DEFENCEPOWERs rule the Streetz and build your own crimestory.★ Unlock new and exciting missions, powerful weapons andmoneyminting businesses/properties at higher levels.★ Add your favorites to your CRIME FAMILY to keep them close.★ Defeat BOSSES at LEVEL 21 and collect them as your heroes /bossMercs.★ RIVAL LIST keep tab on your enemies and claim backyourhonour.Game Features (GANGS)- - -★ Join powerful GANGS and rule the TURFS as a team.★ Chat with your GANG and equip powerful GANG ARSENALS★ Engage in GANG WARS and win exciting war rewards.★ Earn Gang's respect become the GANG BOSS... Or start your ownGANGand recruit your members build a new team★ Capture other GANG TURFS and assign your own Operator tocollecthourly payouts send to all your gang members.★ Capture other GANG OPERATIONS to collect payouts★ Join DEATH MATCHES to war 3 other GANGS simultaneously...winnertakes all the rewards.★ Send and receive powerful GANG BACKUPS.★ Find matching gangs with HIT N RUN.★ Fight automated BOSS GANGS and win exciting rewards and newGANGARSENALS.★ Use FREE HITS to revenge rivals who messed with yourgangmembers.★ Grow your GANG into Cartels.★ Take part in weekly TOURNAMENTS and win respect in the gameforyour gang and yourself.Account- - -✔ Sync your account with Facebook, Google, Google PlayGameslogin✔ Custom Avatars with Gravatar✔ In-game player profile & live comments.✔ Live leader boards (Mob-level and Global) to see were youstandagainst the rest of the players.Other Supported Platforms:- - -Desktop Or Mobile Browser: https://play.dtmafia.mobiFacebook: (iPhone/iPad): Search for "Downtown Mafia" in theAppstoreHelp and Support- - -Email: android@dtmafia.mobiHelpDesk: http://helpdesk.dtmafia.mobiOfficial Facebook Page: DYNAMICNEXT (
Tattoo Maker 1.0.9
☆☆ ☆ Tattoo Making Awesomeness!☆☆☆Ever dreamed of making amazing tattoo designs? With thistattoosmaker app you can do just that! Use fresh ink on yourfavoritecharacters, and make all the tattoo art you want.Start with tattoo of the day and move on to makingtattoosinspired by your horoscope! This tattoo maker is all aboutyourcreations. Try this tattoo app with your friends, or justkeepdrawing tattoos for yourself.Download this tattoo maker and ink away all you want!
Underworld Empire 3.52
THE BEST ONLINE CRIME SYNDICATE GAME!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Play with MILLIONS of players NOW in the LARGEST, mostINTENSE,SOCIAL CRIME MMORPG!Lead your EMPIRE to DOMINATION!Choose your allegiances to different criminal empires:thediabolical CARTEL, sinister SYNDICATE, ruthless MAFIA,orbattle-tested STREET GANGS!ANNIHILATE and EXECUTE other LIVE players!GROW your CHARACTER and EMPIRE!AND LEAD SOLDIERS, GANGSTERS, MOB BOSSES to becomeaGODFATHER!BUILD YOUR ARSENAL▶ Over 1000 Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary items▶ Tons of melee weapons, guns, rifles, cars and assault vehiclestotake your enemies down▶ Boost stats and customize your attacks with powerfulweapons▶ Arm Lieutenants with the best gear and weapons and leadyourEmpire to victory▶ Complete ""jobs"": rob casinos, break friends out of jail andtakeover territoriesGUNS FOR HIRE▶ Select top lieutenants to lead your Empire▶ Customize your empire with over 50 unique Lieutenants withuniqueabilities▶ Take down the competition with unique Lieutenant powers▶ Level up and fuse your Lieutenants to make themmoreeffectiveDEFEAT POWERFUL BOSSES▶ Team up with up to 200 other players to take downpowerfulbosses▶ Show off your skills and scale the real time bossbattleleaderboard▶ Earn epic loot and bragging rights by beating thetoughestbossesALL OUT UNDERWORLD WAR▶ Join or create your own Empire with up to 80 players▶ Battle to become the toughest Empire in 80 vs. 80EmpireWars▶ Every player has a strategic role. Play as an Enforcer,HeavyWeapons, Sniper or Assassin▶ Earn the most experience and upgrade hundreds of skillbyparticipating in PvP battlesHD DISPLAY GRAPHICS!▶ 1080p ready for a hi-def gaming experienceOPTIMIZED FOR ANDROID▶ Supported on tablets of all makes and sizes*********************************By downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of Service,PrivacyPolicy and the License Agreement.*********************************
Dope War: Juug House 1.0
Live the life of a low-level juug dealerinthismodern version of the classic game, Dope Wars.Walk the streets, explore the city, enter buildings, buyyourjuugs,cook your juugs, keep a stash, serve your customers,robyourcustomers, employ workers, manufacture, cook, cut yourownjuugs andmuch more..-Several playable characters with differentstyles,abilities,& strengths...-Start out small and explore the city...encounterfiends,cops,crooks and customers in a fullyinteractive2Dside-scrolling/sandbox environment.-Cook up a fresh batch of juugs in your own expandablejuughouse!Use juugin soda and white to whip up batches of yourownjuugs...-Enter buildings to find new plugs and all typesofdifferentjuugs! Visit the various stores to buy weapons,abilities,coats,upgrades, and even more plugs for extrajuugin...-Find the best stashes to keep your juugs safe &travelbybus, car, or bike to explore the awesome fullyinteractivejuugincity!-Purchase a production facility to become the plug&employworkers to cut or manufacture your juugs...-Take your juugs to the streets. Touch on passing carstoflagdown drivers. Keep an eye out for patrolmen, angry shopowners,andsnitches if you are dirty.-Avoid warrants for theft, weapons possession,evadingpolice,attempted murder, and manslaughter or you will be infor alongprison sentence.-Watch the news ticker to keep up with ongoing juugbustsandevents which lead to price changes.- Play Career Mode for an unlimited game.- Timed Mode, make as much cash as you can before thefedsarrestyou on conspiracy charges.This game is available for free & at cost. Anyfuturesaleswill go to help lost cats worldwide & to build theLostCatsWorldwide Foundation International, a partner company ofthefutureNOTBADAPPSLLC-INTERNATIONAL Inc /MultinationalConglomerateCompany. Please contact us for anyinquiries.
Harvest Farm 5.0
Harvest Farm is a one of the mostattractivetype of farm game with new model of game play andhundreds oftrees, plants, animals and pets.If you want to be feel of busy when new year coming.If you want to visit a beautiful farm and you want to experiencehowthe farmer work on farm.Please enjoy to our Harvest Farm game.Main features in harvest farm game:- Hundred types of animals and pets- A lot of types of trees, plants, vegetables...- Different types of supporting machines- Beautiful views- Good market- Easy to controlHave relax time for you.
Crime Coast: Gang Wars 170
Pixel Squad
In a lawless city where the cops runscaredit's the criminal kingpins who make the rules. Chaos andconflictrule supreme; and the only thugs who survive entering atbreakfast,looting at lunch, and taking mayhem with a side ofrobbery fordinner!From Gundon to Crooklyn, gang rage between the most ruthlesscrewshas erupted and all hell has broken loose! Criminals of allnationshave been flocking to the coast, forming cartels, breakingbad andtransforming every city into their very owngangster’sparadise.From collecting protection cash to sending your crew to raid arivalgang, play your hand right, forge the best alliances and oneday youcould be the Crime King. Use your Henchman’s skills andbuild a teamof heavies who are ready to die for you… and whoprobablywill!You and your friends can be partners in crime, team up to takeonthe big boyz! And in this game there’s even room for thesnitches.Be careful who you trust as even your homies could rat youout tomake a bit of cheddar.Being bad has never felt so good.We would love to hear from you! Please send✔ In real life you might be more broke than every chair intheKardashian house, but that doesn’t matter because our gameistotally free!✔ Create your own real-life gangster’s paradise✔ Commit daring heists on banks for their cash and run abreakingbad style underworld drugs cartel, and order✔ Take the boring junk out of regular Crime city buildinggames,replace it with enough mayhem to make GTA look PG, and you'llstillbe only halfway towards Crime Coast.PLEASE NOTE!While Crime Coast is free to download and play, some game itemscanbe purchased for real money.A network connection is also required.Privacy Policy of Service
Realm Grinder 2.7.2
Grow your kingdom, build alliances, andexploreone of the deepest idle RPG's ever!Use your money and influence to grow your kingdom from a singlefarmto a huge realm that earns wealth even while you're notonline! InRealm Grinder, the player is given an incredible arrayof choices inhow they build forge their new kingdom.KEY FEATURES:*Deep Strategy - Choose to align yourself with a dozendifferentfactions, each of which has their own distinct play style.Will youalign with the elves, who reward tapping for treasure, orthedemons, who give massive bonuses to the mostpowerfulstructures?*Hundreds of Upgrades - Further fine tune your strategy bychoosingunique upgrades, buildings, and spells to invest in.*Tons of Content - Continue to unlock new and exciting systemslikenew factions, research, reincarnations, excavations, and waymore.Months and months of unique content!*Collect Hundreds of Achievements - Achievement hunters willbedelighted with the broad range and depth of the achievementsystem.And it's not just eye candy! Many strategies rely oncollectingtrophies in order to boost certain upgrades.*Frequent Events - Beyond the expansive base content in thegame,there are frequent events where players can enjoy uniquemechanicsand exciting bonuses.Please Note: Realm Grinder is a free-to-play game, but someextragame items can be purchased for real money. You can disablein-apppurchases in your device's settings.
Crime Inc. 1.59
Uken Games
Anything can be achieved with enough moneyinyour pockets, and the right bodies in the morgue. You don'tplayCrime Inc… you live it.GAME FEATURES★ over 10M players worldwide★ build up your crew and equip them with custom weapons★ complete jobs to fund your crime syndicate★ expand your family for epic wars with your enemies★ communicate in the active in-app forum★ destroy rivals on the real time bounty list★ talk with other Bosses on their profile pages★ move up the ladder of the top 10,000 bosses★ always FREE to playNote: This game can only be played when online.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Keep in the loop and follow us or @ukengamesCheck us out on★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Bit Heroes 1.0.31
Explore a vast new MMORPG world inspiredbyyour favorite 8-bit & 16-bit dungeon crawlers.Bit Heroes captures that charm and nostalgia of yourfavoriteRPGs, delivering them seamlessly to your mobiledevice.Collect and craft thousands of pieces of loot to increaseyourpower. Build your team by capturing monsters and bosses tofight atyour side in old school, turn-based combat. Prove you’rethemightiest hero in the land by competing in the PvP arena,Raids,and weekly events for awesome prizes! Take your mostpowerfulfriends and guildmates along to battle at your side!Key Features:*Retro dungeon crawling adventure!*A statue in the main town of the top global PvP player!*Four vast zones with over 52 randomly-generated levelsandraids.*Thousands of mix and match pieces of loot to upgrade, craft,andrecycle.*Capture and evolve over 100 creatures to fight by yourside!(including powerful bosses).*Equip fantastic pets such as floating pizza, tiny unicorns,andmore!*Team up with friends to tackle ultra-difficult dungeons tofindgreat treasure!*Level up your guild to unlock a special shop withpowerfulbonuses.*Share stories and swap strategies with World Chat andGuildchat.*Original chiptunes soundtrack that sounds like it wasrippedstraight from a NES cartridge.PLEASE NOTE: Bit Heroes is free to play, but some extra gameitemscan be purchased for real money. You can disable in-apppurchasesin your device's settings.A network connection is required to play.
Join the battle! Recruit your team ofheroes,lead powerful attacks, and defeat the evil minions ofQueenAmethyst in this addictive and free to play 3D actionRPG!The dreaded Queen has awoken and with her, the foul creaturesthatlie beneath the peaceful land of FellCrest. But all is notlost!The forgotten heroes of this land who had long ago put uptheirswords and bows are back and ready to fight in pursuit ofhonor andjustice!These brave elves, mages, and fighters must find theirancientweapons, relearn old battle spells, and come together todefeat theevil forces of Queen Amethyst.Adventure awaits… Are you ready?FEATURES:* Epic free-to-download strategy adventure RPG (RolePlayingGame)* Recruit and train an army of legendary Heroes to taketovictory!* Unlock and upgrade unique special moves for each Hero* Multiple battle modes, including Player vs Player challengesandsurvival modes* Collect, level up and evolve powerful cards on your way tobuildthe perfect BattleHand* Adventure through mystical lands, discover new locationsanddefeat despicable creatures!* Perfect your combat strategy using elemental strengthsandweaknesses for all Heroes and Villains* Complete epic quests for stinky cheese and stardust!* Stunning 3D animation and easy to learn tactical combatPLEASE NOTE: BattleHand is free to play, but some extra gameitemscan be purchased for real money. You can disable in-apppurchasesin your device's settings.A network connection is required to play.
Spellstone 2.8.0
Spellstone is a fantasy card gamewithbeautiful hand-drawn art and rich lore! Collect hundredsofstriking cards to battle through a compelling story to unravelthemystery of the Void.FANTASTIC STORYCapture Spellstones to unleash ancient and powerfulcreatures!However, there is dark magic at work on the island. Willyou becomea Hero or be consumed by the Void?STUNNING ARTHeroes, creatures, monsters, demons, animals, and more arebroughtto life with a stunning hand-painted style.BOUNTY HUNTERS WANTEDDo you have what it takes to rise to the top of the BountyHuntercharts? Battle players around the world for huge bonuses,powerfulunlocks, and bragging rights.SPECIAL EVENTSFollow the world of Spellstone through a series of specialstoriesand events, with branching tales and powerfultreasures.FEATURES:*Three factions of heroes and creatures to battle and control.Doyou favor the Powerful Wyld, Nimble Aether, or Fiery Chaos?*Over a hundred different creatures to collect, upgradeandfuse!*Master powerful card skills to win an edge overyouropponents.*Battle thousands of other users around the world to prove whoisthe best!*96 levels and 7 levels of mastery with endless player rewardsforeach.*Hundreds of hand-drawn character cards that evolve as theybecomemore powerful!Spellstone is optimized for Phones and Tablets.PLEASE NOTE: Spellstone is free to play, but some extra gameitemscan be purchased for real money. You can disable in-apppurchasesin your device's settings.A network connection is required to play.
Grow Stone Online:Legend Stone 1.80
★ Adventure to find the legendarystone!★Welcome to Grow Stone Online, a MORPG to find thelegendarystone!Play and Grow stone with multiplayers in real timeImagine what if stone combined![Feature]- Super Easy to control, just tap and touch- Various mode, Mysterious Monster and herb- Enjoy Hunting with friends online- Grow stone and level up your character[Playing]- Dig and grow stone in mine- Combine stones to create new one- Catch Monster in Forest, Dungeon- Enjoy Boss Raid with friend online- Keep Mine adventure until find legendary stone[Mail]Please send mail if you have any question or find any errors orloveour game.We'll try to reply as soon as possible even though we are ontheadventure.See you in the mine! Waiting for you, Brave Adventurers!Community here ->★ Thank you! ★
Little Alchemist 1.37.10
Little Alchemist is an addictive combinationofspell crafting and strategic combat. Save Little Town bycollectingspells and discovering tons of cute and clever combos tooverpoweryour enemies!• FREE-to-PLAY RPG• Explore Little Town and become a Master Alchemist• Use clever spell combinations to defeat evil villains• Over 300 spells to collect• Over 350 powerful combinations• Battle your friends and rivals in the Arena• Unlock the event portal and earn new spells• Customize your spell book and your avatar• Tons of spell types: Super heroes, Wizards, Vampires,Zombies,Pirates, Monsters, Rainbows, Unicorns, Knights, Dragons,andMANY MORE!-----------------------------------------------------Little Alchemist is optimized for Phones and Tablets.PLEASE NOTE: Little Alchemist is free to play, but some extragameitems can be purchased for real money. You can disablein-apppurchases in your device's settings.
Lionheart Tactics 1.5.3
Rally your Heroes! Plan every move in this FREE tactical RPGwithstunning 3D graphics. Adventure across the realm or take yourfightonline to challenge the world.FANTASY TACTICSSet in a land on the brink of war, Lionheart Tactics pitsyourHeroes against hordes of enemies in turn-based combat. UnlocktheirSkills, unleash their Limit Breaks, and upgrade them fromRecruitto Legendary.HUNDREDS OF BATTLESForge your own story as you travel from the wild hills of Midlandtothe frozen Splinterpeaks, uncovering new allies and epicweaponsalong your quest.CHALLENGE THE WORLDCompete online against other players to earn Shields, and riseupthe Leagues as you go from lowly bronze to first place!GATHER AN ARMYRally Heroes from 16 classes and 3 races, from thewolf-likeBarghest Warrior to the noble Rose Elf Archer. Each classhas theirown skills and strategies to master.In Lionheart your greatest weapons are your Heroes... andyourtactics.-----------------------------------------------------KEY FEATURES° Tactics in full 3D, with over 50 battlefields to conquer.° Tons of Hero classes to collect, upgrade and equip.° Compete online to raise your league and leaderboardranking.° Challenge a campaign of over 200 battles.° Take down 30+ types of enemy, from bestial Ursoc toskeletalUndead.-----------------------------------------------------PLEASE NOTE: Lionheart Tactics is free to play, but someextragame items can be purchased for real money. You can disablein-apppurchases in your device's settings.NOTE: A network connection is required to play.
Tiny Dice Dungeon
Tiny Dice Dungeon is a free, epic RPG fullofdanger, dragons, wizards and loot!Adventure with tiny heroes through dark dungeons full ofgiantmonsters to capture the ultimate treasure. Use strengthandstrategy to tame evil creatures to fight by your side, buildingapowerful army to take over this fantasy universe.If you love pure roleplaying games full of super-awesomeness,TinyDice Dungeon is for you. Fight legendary battles againsthundredsof different monsters and bosses, while strengtheningyourcharacters to complete your quest of world-domination!PLEASE NOTE: Tiny Dice Dungeon is completely free to play, butsomein-game items can be purchased for real money. If you don'twant touse this feature, please disable your device'ssettings.==Features==-Roll powerful dice to battle your way through anRPGadventure!-Capture unique monsters to fight alongside you in combat.-Craft new weapons and collect rare artifacts.-Show your skill by battling real players to prove you’re themostpowerful in the land.
Cardinal Quest 2 1.19
Root for loot in dangerous dungeons!Encounterdangerous enemies in melee battles! Cast magical spells tohelp yougrow in power and avoid the ever-present threat of death!Challenge yourself in this this retro roguelike RPG!Alchemist,fighter, or thief: play as all three!Cardinal Quest 2 is an approachable yet challengingpixelroleplaying game. Crawl into fantasy dungeons withuniquecharacters and climb the leaderboards until you hitthehighscore.=FEATURES=-FREE TO PLAY-Challenging roleplaying gameplay-Choose 1 of 7 unique classes (Seriously! They all playradicallydifferently!)-Customize your character with loot and spells you find onyourway-Explore a deep achievement system with almost 150 achievementsthatwill test your skill-3 different acts present different monsters and environmentstoovercome-Explore the tower which offers a deep and exhaustingendlessmode-A unique morale system allows you to power-up yourcharactersbetween dungeon dives and adds further customization
Party of Heroes 1.0.10
Party of Heroes is a tactical RPG withgorgeous3D graphics! Form your band of heroes and take on theforces ofevil!Rebuild your empire that has been razed by evil demons andbecomestronger than ever!TACTICAL BATTLESChoose your party members carefully and then take on dozensofunique battles against monsters. Each hero has his or ownspecialabilities that you must master in order to overcome yourfoes!EPIC CAMPAIGNThe story-driven campaign will take you across the wasted worldasyou reclaim it from evil!FIGHT TO BE THE BESTCompete online against other players to climb in theleaderboardsand win unique prizes!GATHER YOUR HEROESCustomize your own unique group of heroes from a huge pool,mixingand matching them to overcome the unique challenges thatyou'llfind along your way!-----------------------------------------------------KEY FEATURES*Cinematic 3D combat gives you a front-row seat to theaction!*Rebuild your base and unlock powerful new abilities!*Uncover a deep and engrossing campaign!*Train, upgrade, fuse your units to get even stronger!*Find legendary gear to give your heroes an evengreateradvantage!*Fight other players in asynchronous PvP!-----------------------------------------------------PLEASE NOTE: Party of Heroes is free to play, but some extragameitems can be purchased for real money. You can disablein-apppurchases in your device's settings.NOTE: A network connection is required to play.
Spiral: Optical Illusions 2
Optical illusions spiral is a fun gamewhichcan produce optical illusions. The illusions shall make yousee theobjects around you deformed in different shapes, dependingon theillusion. Your friends and family shall also be amused oncetheytry the app. For making the optical illusions spirals gamemorefun, the game Spiral Shooter Game is included to allow youobtainnew illusion effects. Pass levels on the Spiral Shooter Gameinorder to achieve the final goal of getting all theillusioneffects.*** Disclaimer: Don’t use this app if you are sensibletostroboscopic images. Don’t allow another people using the appifyou are not sure about their stroboscopic imagessensitiveness.***How to useSelect one illusion (initially only the uppermost one isavailable)then get ready and keep your mobile device (phone ortablet) about25 cm in front of your eyes, then follow theinstructions stated onthe game, they will guide you on the processand shall provide tipson how to improve the visual effect. Once thespiral visual effectstarts its movement a counter shall show on thecenter of thescreen the time remaining you should keep looking atthe screen ofyour mobile device. 30 seconds is an amount of timewhich we havetested and works fine on the majority of devices wehave usedduring the test time. During those 30 seconds you canfocus ondifferent ways on the screen, any way you focus your eyeson itshall be fine to achieve the goal expected after thecounterreaches zero. Once the time is over, then look at someobjectaround you in a middle distance, then you should be able ofseeingthe optical illusion effects. In case you haven’t achievedseeingthe effects, you can answer how was the result of your try inthegame, and extra tips shall be given in such a case.The Spiral Shooter GameThis fun game is an awesome casual game which is included tomatchthe theme of the game and give the chance of unlocking newopticaleffects spirals. The goal is throwing the set of initialballs tothe central circle, but be careful since if 2 balls touchthen youlose. The central circle rotates both clockwiseandcounterclockwise, can change the direction at any time andthespeed shall vary. You have to find your own strategy in orderofgetting rid of all the balls given at the beginning of eachlevel.Each level shall not contain a random move but shall keep thesameset of moves each time the user plays the same level. Somefeaturesof the game:100 levels. When some new visual effects spirals are added,somemore level might be added too.Single tap controls. Tap anywhere on the screen but on thecentralcircle. As you tap on the screen a ball will be shot.Casual game style. Close the game at any level you are playing.Thelast level unlocked shall be kept that way forever.Simple minimalist graphics. Simple to don’t distract you fromyourreal goal.Also remember that the goal of passing levels on the game,besidesgetting fun playing it, is unlocking new visual illusions.Click onany locked visual illusion in order to get to know how manylevelsyou need to pass in order to obtain a new opticalillusionavailable.We hope you enjoy the app. Keep in mind our disclaimeraboutstroboscopic images sensitiveness.We appreciate any feedback that help us improve the app. Yourideasare welcome. Ratings, reviews and emails are welcometoo.
Clicker Heroes 2.3.3
The massive hit game from Steam and PCbrowserscomes to mobile with new features! Clicker Heroes is theidle RPGthat started the subgenre! Embark on your quest and begina simple,yet incredibly fun adventure. Tap to attack monsters,hire and levelup heroes to unlock their unique abilities. Slaymonsters for gold,find treasure, and explore new worlds.And introducing Clans and Immortals! Form clans with otherplayersand lead clan-based boss raids against a new type of enemy:thefearsome Immortals!* Progress through 1000+ zones by defeating epic bossesandmonsters!* Hire and level up dozens of heroes, each with uniqueskills!* Unlock up to 9 active skills to use in battle!* Acquire ancients for powerful boosts!* Ascend your main hero to grow even stronger!* Clans (NEW!) – Join other players to form clans and take onthemighty Immortals!* Multiplayer Battles (NEW) - Clan-based boss raids against anewfoe: the Immortals!* Google Play Game Services Leaderboards andAchievements(NEW!)* Multi-language support (NEW!) – English, French, German,Spanish,Portuguese, Russian and Chinese (and more languagescomingsoon!)Developed by Playsaurus
The Streetz 1.59
Uken Games
If you want to survive you’d better claimyourturf to build up your name. Thugs are all action. You talksmackthat you can’t back up… they’ll eat you alive.Play it right, and you’ll have a gang to back you up, the greentopack heat and rides that’ll make you think you’re dreamin’.GAME FEATURES★ over 10M players worldwide★ build up your crew and give em pimped out weapons and rides★ build your gang for epic wars★ put a cap in your enemies on the real time hit list★ talk to other thugs on the active in-app forum★ move up the ladder of the top 10,000 gangstas★ always FREE to playNote: This game can only be played when online.★ ★ ★ ★ ★Keep in the loop and follow us or @ukengamesCheck us out on you like RPG games with mafia, gangs, wars, weapons, guns,andcrime, you'll love this game.Check out our other games:Forces of WarCrime Inc.Dark GalaxyAge of LegendsVillainsSuperheros Alliance★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Tap Titans 4.1.4
The world has been overrun by terriblemonstersand titans - It needs a hero to bring peace to the land,and thathero is you! As our leader, you must grab your blade andvanquishthe terror. With the help of other warriors you can summonalong theway, collect artifacts to make yourself stronger anddestroy thedark forces to bring peace to the land.❖ Tap Titans is 2015's best action adventure game. Tap Titanshasalready been featured on the Play Store 57 times and by theAppStore 450 times!❖ Join fun tournaments, enjoy beautiful art and awonderfulcommunity of players in 2015’s best RPG.❖ Tap to attack, tap to slay, tap to adventure, and tap tosummonand hire warriors and heroes. Tap to activate devastatingbattleskills, tap for action, tap for fun and tap to collectmysteriousartifacts. Keep tapping away. You are our lasthope!❖ Fight in rapid battles or long strategic RPG games; it’syourchoice how to play.❖ Features ❖➤ ADVANCE through thousands of levels to prove your skills➤ Tap/Click to defeat 60 unique monsters & titans.➤ SUMMON 33 warriors and heroes to fight monsters & titansforyou, even when you’re not tapping➤ EXPLORE 10 adventure-filled realms with multiple monsters&titans in each➤ JOIN fun RPG tournaments to compete against others➤ BATTLE cursed monsters & titans in the dark dungeons tofindeven more treasures➤ PRESTIGE for battle-hardened players to gain even morepower➤ COLLECT 33 artifacts to enhance your many weaponsandabilities➤ EXPERIENCE 2015’s best action adventure RPG!❖Five-star User Reviews ❖★★★★★ "...this one holds my attention really well. I have thisurgeto just keep going."★★★★★ "Help me. I can't stop playing this game. Tap, tap,tap...Every time I think I'm out it pulls me back in!"★★★★★Tap to Play the best action adventure RPG of 2015 today!❖Join your Tap Titans Friends on Reddit & Facebook❖
Day R Survival 1.472
Can you survive in a world destroyed bynuclearwar? With radiation, hunger and disease all around you. Youhave tocross the entire country and save your family. Who knows ifthey areeven alive, or if radiation and the deadly virus havealreadyreached them? Uncover the secret of the apocalypse andregain yourmemories during a journey across the huge territory ofthe USSR inthe 1980s.Surviving after the apocalypse isn't easy. You'll have to facethereal hunger games! Monsters, zombies, thirst, countlessdiseasesand injuries, blood-thirsty enemies – you have to fight itall.Craft all your resources: weapons, clothes, andtransport.- Hardcore survival:Hunger, zombies and radiation won't give you a chancetorelax.- Realistic world:Changing seasons, huge map of the USSR and more than 2,500differenttowns and cities. Hunt animals, but be careful: even ratscanseriously injure you! Explore the wilderness!- Endless possibilities:Multicraft, acquiring skills, hundreds of crafting recipes, lotsofammunition.- People and stories:Exciting quests and helpful allies. An open game world.- Improve your skills:Mechanics, medicine, chemistry and much more.- Cooperative mode:Online mode with chat, item exchange and joint fights.Multiplayersurvival game.Survive in a post-nuclear USSR: overcome disease, hungerandenemies! Play Online too! Survive together withotherplayers.Explore abandoned buildings and shelters. Find weapons andbuildtransport using various materials.Remember everything you ever learned about chemistry andphysics!It's an incredibly realistic survival game!Features:- Сraft system – get resources, hunt, find useful objects orweaponsand create your own!- Hardcore survival simulator- Journey across the wilderness map in multiplayer mode- Choose the difficulty: sandbox, real life or onlineWar never changes. In 1985, the USSR collapsed before anunknownenemy. Within days, the entire country became aradioactivewasteland – violence, hunger and disease reign here now.When youno longer lose in the fight with death, other survivorsawait youin coop – Online mode lets you survive together, dealingwithhardship, talking in chat and sending gifts to eachother.
Dawn of the Dragons 1.3.85
The #1 RPG Game from Kongregate, Facebook,andArmor Games is now available on Android!An evil army has invaded the Kingdom of West Kruna, and thepeoplecry out for a hero. Though you are but a simple farmhand,perhapsyou are the champion who can save the land fromdisaster.Do you have what it takes to defeat creatures of legendlikeDragons, Monsters, Werewolves and Giants? Download Now andfindout!"It's refreshing to see that much of the allure of the modernMMORPGhas been captured in mobile form with Dawn of theDragons."- Daniel Tack,"Dawn of the Dragons is a deep RPG that will keep you occupiedforages."- Nadia Oxford, Slide to Play"A role playing game that provides far more than yourstandardgaming experience."- Brock Cooper, GamezeboGame Features* Rich story, one that's been growing for over three years* Exciting PvP action* Free to Play* Hundreds of quests to go on* Tons of loot drops* User-created guilds* Epic item crafting* Hundreds of unique boss monsters to fightPlay the top fantasy RPG game now!
Legendary Heroes MOBA 2.3.76
Every War has its Heroes …Some Heroes become Legends.The greatest battle of all time has begun.Heroes from all universes are invited to show their power andprovewhich is the best team.YouTube channel: , ACTION REAL-TIME STRATEGYFor the first time on Android, experience an ActionReal-TimeStrategy(Action RTS) game.If you enjoy MOBA games, you will love Legendary Heroes!INTENSE ACTION AND TOUCH CONTROLSQuick and intense matches with touch controls tailored forAndroidMOBA experience.HEROES WITH UNIQUE SPECIAL POWERS4 unique special abilities per character.KEEP PROGRESS ACROSS MATCHESKeep the leveling progress of each Hero across matches anddevelopas many of them as you want.HOURS OF GAME PLAY IN CAMPAIGN MODE40 maps providing unique MOBA challenges for all players -beginnersor veterans.PLAY FOR FREE!★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Access our site for detailed heroes information, gettingstartedguide, etc:★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★FOLLOW USWebsite: support, please
Endless Frontier – RPG Online 1.5.7
Legendary heroes join an endless idleRPGbattle that began over a thousand years ago! Fightlegendarymonsters, enter online PvP role playing battles and endthe reignof the Dark Prince in Endless Frontier!Travel across endless stages of fantasy RPG action with onlinePvPgames, offline RPG guild wars and plenty of treasures tounlock!Upgrade your character with limitless fantasy RPG power upsandtake control of legendary heroes in the Endless Frontier!After failing to defeat the dreadful Prince of Darkness, Erinvowsto revive himself again and again to organize the KnightgageofDimension! Join the automatic fantasy RPG action!Endless Frontier Features:1. Idle RPG Fantasy Games★ Idle RPG gameplay in an exciting fantasy adventure!★ Lead your knights into the heat of battle and defeat thedreadedPrince of Darkness in epic autoquests!2. Legendary Heroes★ Heroes number over 150 and have their own powers – Which oneswillyou command?★ Monster trainer – Recruit more than 50 pets to aid you inyourquest!★ Command more than 100 kinds of army units, to become legendsofwar!3. Endless Inflation RPG★ Grow stronger each time you revive withprogressivegameplay!★ Endless levels for endless fun! There’s no limit to the amountofpower you can obtain!★ Level up and tap your way through an expansive frontier ofover9000 stages!4. Online PvP Guild Wars and Dungeon Games★ Online multiplayer awaits with endless PvP battles and 200 vs.200guild wars that offer endless fun★ Dungeon boss battles award you with 20 kinds of uniquetreasuresand rare gifts5. Find Gifts and Treasures★ Discover more than 200 relics to aid you in your autoquest★ Get treasure chests in each stage for even moregreatrewards!★Obtain gold automatically the longer you stay in the frontier,themore chances you’ll have to tap and find more treasuresTraverse the frontier, take on your friends and see whyEndlessFrontier is one of the best idle RPG games on themarket,today!■ Rights InformationWe request the following permissions for smooth gameplay.[ Modify or delete the contents of your SDcard(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE) ]Use an external storage such as SD cards to save and loadgamedata.[ Find accounts on the device (GET_ACCOUNTS) ]This right is need for the linkage and notification betweenyourgame account and google account information.[ Read cell phone's status and ID (READ_PHONE_STATE) ]Inquire the device information for the advertising servicesprovidedwithin the customer interaction and game. (Manufacturer,model, OSversion, etc.)[ The approximate location (network-based)(ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION)]Use the network/wifi information to provide the advertisement inoneof the advertising services because items can be obtained freeofcharge after seeing it.
Tap Titans 2 1.6.2
The battle continues as Sword Masterdefendsthe world from an all new, more dangerous army of invadingTitans.Power up Sword Master in new ways to overcome theTitan'sever-increasing strength. The Titans are back, so pick upyoursword and begin a new journey!◆ Features ◆๏ ENJOY the full RPG experience on the go๏ TAP to defeat 120 all-new Titans in 10 gorgeous,hand-drawnrealms๏ RECRUIT heroes and loyal pets to help you repel theTitanonslaught๏ UNLOCK unique skills to power up the way YOU choose to play๏ PRESTIGE and cash in your progress for powerful artifactsandtalents๏ COLLECT equipments to customize your hero's looks and strengthstosuit your playstyle๏ CREATE or join clans to join forces with other players anddefeatthe almighty Titan Lords๏ COMPETE against other players around the world inglobaltournaments to show off your strength and earn amazingprizes◆ Join your Tap Titans Friends on Reddit & Facebook ◆◆ Terms & Privacy ◆
Nonstop Knight 1.9.6
"With Nonstop Knight's fantasticproductionvalues and focus on a streamlined action RPG experience,I'm superexcited to check it out." – TouchArcade.comPlayable with one thumb and designed to instantly pick up andenjoy– the never-ending quest of Nonstop Knight awaits! Tackletheadventure at your own pace and earn rewards even while takingabreak!- Smash enemies, beat bosses, earn gold - it's that simple!- Upgrade your knight and battle better- Discover new abilities to unleash in battle- Climb the dungeon leaderboards - rewards await!- Stress-free gameplay - ideal for playing on the go- No Internet connection requiredPLEASE NOTE: Nonstop Knight is completely free to download andplaybut some game items may be purchased for real money. Todisablethis, turn off the in-app purchases in yourdevice'ssettings.Terms of ServiceBy accessing or using a flaregames product, you're agreeing toourTerms of Service ( the Nonstop Knight the Nonstop Knight GuideNonstop Knight is free to download and play, however some gameitemscan also be purchased for real money. If you don’t want touse thesefeatures, please disable in-app purchases in your devicesettings.According to our Terms of Service, Nonstop Knight isallowed fordownload and play only for persons 13 years or more ofage, or withexplicit parental consent. You can read morehere:
Taps Dragons - Clicker Heroes 1.1.47F
Genera Games
The fantasy role playing game with thousandsoflevels and tons of unique monsters and dragons. Tap the screentohit the monsters and click the special buttons to unleashyourextraordinary skills. Kill the evil legions and become therealdragon hunter. Don’t stop clicking and be the hero of this epicwaragainst monsters and dragons. The best RPG idle game, fullofheroes, titans, dungeons and dragons. If you like level upgames,Taps & Dragons is the best option. Clash with the Lord oftheDragons in an epic fight to death.The dragons are trying to dominate our world, could you stopthem?Download Taps & Dragons and play for free !The thin barrier that separated the dragon world from therealityhas been broken and evil creatures invade the world. HelpYami, themysterious ninja, to become the heroine of the human racedefeatingall the dragons, titans and monsters in her way. Could youraise asa dungeon hunter in this fantasy idle game?The best taps game, RPG style and full of epic adventuresandlegendary battles. Hire a band of heroes and lead themthroughfabled battles against dragons and titans. Monsters androbots,wizards and warriors, elves and dwarves… Choose the heroesfor yourfellowship and go to the battlefront. Kill all the enemieswithyour sword and get coins to level up and increase the power ofyourmagical skills.An evil clan of dragons is terrifying the villages with theirclawsand fire, your duty is to save the world and became the god ofwar!With the help of valorous knights and mighty magicians youcansummon during the course, beat all the demons and dragonsandrestore the order in the world. Tap to attack, tap to collectgold,tap to catch dragon eggs and tap to hire heroes for yourtroop.Touch for action, touch to release powerful skills and touchtoreach the victory.Upgrade your equipment and your skills and increase the damageyoudo each time you tap the screen. Be a real treasurehunterachieving the coins and rewards from each dragon. Looteverydungeon for chests full of gold! Stay alert and catch asmanydragon eggs as you can, because inside of them you can findgold,magical boost and many surprises. Defeat terrorific creaturesbytapping and clicking the screen. The power is in yourfinger!GAME FEATURESEPIC BATTLES AND BOSSESTons of enemies: dragons, titans, monsters, souls, skeletonknights,ogres, giants, goblins… Could you defeat them all?Slay monsters by clicking and loot their treasure, take the goldandexplore new worlds.UPGRADE SKILLS AND ITEMSLevel up Yami the ninja, your main heroine, to grow evenstronger!Real Role Playing Game.Boost your weapons, spells and equipment. Sharpen your swordsandpolish your armor, the war against the dragons has come.THOUSANDS OF LEVELSAdvance through tons of adventure-filled realms to proveyourskills.Incremental game progress and easy to play, just tap the screenwithone finger.Great epic fantasy scenarios with beautiful details and fullofcolor and light effects.GATHER YOUR CREW OF HEROESHire mighty warriors and wizards and level them up, each withuniqueskills.Evolve your band members and reach the glory saving the worldfromthe evil dragons.Dwarves, elves, humans, mythical creatures, robots… You choosewhofollow you to the battleground.FUSIONSTry this unique and original feature, unifying the best oftwoheroes in one, making your band invincible.Blend the strength of a warrior with the power of a wizard, ormaybethe agility of a rogue with the divine skills of anangel.What will be the next amazing fusion?VISIT US:
The world of Tapventures is an evergrowinguniverse of creatures, who live their lives on the majestictitanislands floating in the sky. Explore what's there and beyond,fightenemies, summon heroes and slay the gods!Tap to fight your enemies, earn gold, increase your power andtapagain!Earn magic runes, Learn magic spells, train more skills, docrazycombos and win boss fights.Fill your chest with golden coins every day! Keep tapping andmakeit rain with coins!Arguably most polished tapper on google play store! This isyourchance to become the fastest clicker.Unleash your strength and quick tap titans 2 defeat them in astressfree idle rpg!Features:★ HIRE 32 unique clicker heroes for your journey★ DEFEAT 70 unique destructive monsters★ VISIT 12 stunning islands (including caves, olympus and centerofthe earth)★ FIGHT Gods like - Thor and other monsters★ Dungeon, Leader-boards and Trophy room! Earn achievementsandcompete in clans.★ Tactical rpg game for Android TV, Phones and Tablets. Dobossraids with friends!★ Adventures Mode including Age of Invention, and MysteryLab!* rpg idlePlay fast attacking battles or long strategic RPG’s your choice how to play. Adventure lies ahead!Have ideas for our next improvement? Join our subreddit!
Optimiser for Tap Titans 2.0.2
An optimiser app for Tap titans.Current features:- Read from game save- Display useful information about your gave save- Provide you with a means to get the sequenceofyourartifacts- Weapon sequencer- Relic optimiserComing soon:- Sequence optimiserYes, this app is ugly, I sadly have next to no artistictalent.Iwill try to slowly improve the layout based on feedback,butifsomeone wants to help out then feel free to contactme!contactinfo is in the app.
Attack on Moe - Tap Defender 2.5.2
Giant titan moe girls (Moetan) appearedfromthe 5th dimension portal. They nearly wiped out thedefencelesspixel art kingdom. Finally a hero has emerged, with thishisultimate clicker power and the allies he summoned, theyfightagainst the titan girls and capture them.Attack on Moe is a clicker RPG comes with not justbeautifulJapanese style game art, but yet full of challenges. Youwill beexperiencing- The best Adventure Clicker ever!!- Tap/click to defeat the giant titan girls- Capture the titan girls and make friends with them- Create your own artifacts and power up for the battles- Tap/click to slay giant monsters for gold- Build your own pixel art kingdom arm by summoningyourallies- Discover hidden treasures with tons of golds and gems- Over 2000 stages and hundreds of hours of game play- Offline mode availableAre you ready??? The sexy Titan Girls are waiting!!
Slash Mobs
Mutant monsters are taking over theworld!You’re tasked with leading a team of heroes to help to returnpeaceto the world. Travel to exotic locations, battle throughtoughdungeons, summon new heroes, collect shards, and unlocknewskills.FEATURES● Summon 26 unique heroes● Progress through thousands of levels● Defeat dozens of unique monsters● Unlock new skills and abilities● Participate in weekly events
Avakin Life - 3D virtual world 1.014.06
The virtual world of AVAKIN LIFE: an amazing3Dexperience where you can meet people, chat & dress up!Decorateand design your home and visit astonishing,paradiselocations!Simulation and role playing game with countlesspossibilities!It’s an exciting and vibrant virtual world! A second life whereyoucan become the person you always wanted to be.Create your avatar and join millions of other people whoalreadydownloaded this fun role playing game!Dress up your avatar, design and decorate your home. Buynewclothes, discover new, amazing brands and create your ownperfectoutfit. Be a fashion star and the centre of attention. Go ondatesand parties in paradise locations. Show off your dreamhome.Message new friends. Explore this ever-growing virtual reality3Dworld of AVAKIN LIFE now!CREATE YOUR OWN AVATAR• Role playing game and simulation where you can choose yourperfectcharacter, figure, hair, eye colour and many more!• Dress up your avatar how you want. Go cute or crazy - pickyourfavourite style and become the person you always wanted to beinyour wildest dreams!• Virtual reality world and simulation that gives youendlessopportunities to express yourself!MEET PEOPLE AND CHAT• Chat game where you can socialize with millions ofotherpeople!• Meet people from all around the world• Chat with other players, go on dates, fall in love andmakefriends!• Show off your perfect outfits and get advice on the newesttrends,best styles, and clothes from your friends.• Compete with millions of other players or explore all theamazingbrands and outfits together! Make pictures of your avatarand sharethem on Facebook to win special prizes!STYLE THE PERFECT YOU• Express yourself with awesome Avakin clothing brandsandaccessories• Browse through hundreds of fabulous items and fill yourclosetwith stylish outfits.• Dress up (or down), play with your style and amaze otherswithyour sense of fashion.• Shop for dresses, shoes, skirts, bags, jewellery and millionsofother clothing items and accessories.• Change your hairstyles or even get a tattoo!• Be a fashion star or model – the choice is yours!DESIGN YOUR HOME• Design and build your perfect apartment• Decorate your home how you want - modern, classic, orHollywoodstyle – whatever suits your mood or the latestfashiontrends.• Invite friends over, organize parties or just spend somequalitytime with your date.THE 3D SIMULATION GAME• 3D virtual reality world where you can become the personyoualways wanted to be!• Chat and meet with thousands of people• Create your perfect second life!• Choose your look, clothes and accessories.• Become a fashion star or a model.• Message friends and be the centre of attention.• Dress up, discover new awesome brands and shop forstylishoutfits.• Role Playing game with dozens of exciting locations! Go toclubs,the beach and many more places!• Explore beautifully designed scenes and dive into theamazingworld of Avakin Life NOW!FOLLOW @LockwoodLKWDLockwood Publishing would love to hear your suggestions&feedback on how to improve our game!Please continue to send questions, suggestions and ideasto us at
Helper for Tap Titans 6.1
This app reads and shows the Tap Titanssavefile and you will be delighted by the info you will see.Easily see info like- Next Artifact Seeds- Hero Weapon Seeds- Cheater and Cheater reason- Tournament informationand much more!Still lots of information is remaining to show like currentandpast tournament details, Weapon details(levels, relics spent),heroinfo(level, cool down, weapon upgrades) Trophies progressetc.Please stay tuned for more updates.Happy Tapping!
Armpit Hero: VIP 2.2.0
- VIP mode Effect -(1) Soul orb obtained +20% forever(2) Diamond obtained +50 in labor (150 → 200)(3) Admission obtained +5 in PVP duel (5 → 10)Of course, You can play Free app! everything in Makai! Hell Armpit Warrior! [HellBoy]!"If I comes sleepiness, then you'll come to death." HellYawnWizard! [YawnGirl]!'s Infinite Makai conquest story!- Google play Featured Games! -- Game Features -(1) Infinite Killing action RPG! that it can be enjoyed only byasimple touch!(2) Automatic combat and high hitting feeling skills!(3) Exhilarating battle with the time limit boss monsters!(4) Always become stronger hero of infinite evolutionandpower-ups!(5) Faster than anyone! Makai conquest ranking system!(6) Summon demons and collecting!(7) Who is the strongest in whole world! World Boss dungeon withallthe allies!- Please a good rating and Google + 1 for us! xD- Please Introduction to friends! xD- Facebook page: https: // social community:
Almost a Hero - RPG Clicker Heroes 1.5.0
Almost A Hero is a incremental RPG clickergamewhere 10 of the most useless idiots embark on a quest to beslightlyless useless idiots.They say never give a loser an even chance. We say different.Nine deeply unique and deeply flawed individuals have beenchosenfor greatness. Heroic, noble, enlightened... Just 3 of themanywords they can’t spell. They will set off on an epic journeythatwill turn them from zeroes to almost heroes. Or dead people.Morelikely the latter.Join these 9 zeroes on a quest to become heroes in an ancientland.Train them to learn battle skills, magical powers and whichend ofa sword is the business end.In AaH you’ll find quests, secrets to unlock and there's lotsofclicking to do. Yup, it’s a clicker game. Have nearly got whatittakes to become almost a hero?Download Almost a Hero - RPG Clicker Heroes today!
Reaper 1.4.13
Become the Black Swordsman and slaythousandsof enemies in an epic action RPG!★ Enter the world ripe with magic and monsters!★ Take countless quests and uncover the secrets of Wilderness★ Level up your character with skills of your choice★ Hundreds of swords, armor and accessories to equip★ Play all sides and make your own decisionsFEATURES★ Play on your Phone, Tablet, or TV!★ Google Play Achievements, Leaderboards and Cloud Save★ Support for HID game controllers (MOGA, Shield, Nyko, etc.)★ Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD!ANDROID TVUse a game controller for the best experience when playing onTV.Please note that a D-pad remote is not supported.IN-APP PURCHASESThe game is free up to character level 10. There arenomicrotransactions! If you like the game, you can upgrade toapremium edition.REVIEWS"An RPG that truly understands mobile gaming. This is one ofthemost enjoyable mobile games I've played." - Android Police"The variety and detail of the enemies is also wonderful.Thegame is incredibly polished from top to bottom." - PC Mag"Hexage really nailed the whole concept. This is one of themostadditive and entertaining games I have played." - TheAndroidArcade"Reaper has intricately woven together the elements ofacompelling story with hilarious dialogue and arguably some ofthebest game content that is sure to win anyone over." -AndroidHeadlines"Reaper is exactly the kind of quality we’ve all come toexpectfrom Hexage, and well worth adding to your mobilecollection." -Geek.comSPECIAL THANKSJames NicholsStephen OwenTroy SnellSUPPORT AND FEEDBACKPlease contact with anyinquiryor feedback.Follow @hexage on Twitter for the latest development updatesandnews.
Don't get fired! 1.0.26
Viral sensation in Korea! 1 Milliondownloadedindie game!Job seekers destroyed their cell phones, and contract workerscriedlike little girls after they played this game!Hardcore company survival…‘Don’t get fired!’ has finally arrived!For all job seekers!!‘Don’t get fired!’, is a survival game where you get to playacharacter who has no money, no connections whatsoever. You needtomake him climb up the company ladder from an ‘intern’ tothe‘president’.You can play ‘Don’t get fired!’ for free! Experience theextremelyharsh working conditions in Korea with simplecontrol!How many companies will you have to go through to becomethepresident?To all tired, and frustrated job seekers and contractworkers!Make your dream come true in this game!Until you get to the top of the ladder…Don’t. get. fired![No matter what you expect, you will see more XD]-----------------------------------------------This game requires the following privileges for smoothgameplay.- GET_ACCOUNTSTo use the Google Play service, request information aboutyourGoogle account.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEUsed to store and load data needed for the game.These permissions are used only for the functions required forgameplay, and are not used for storing information or forotherpurposes.-----------------------------------------------If you have any questions or requests, please send usanemail!
Cartoon Wars 3 1.5.0
Enjoyed by 80 million users worldwide!★Cartoon Wars 3★ Launch Event!New users will receive a Beginner's Package!Cartoon Wars is back!Come see why over 80 million users worldwide have playedthislegendary series!Prepare yourself to be drawn into the action.STRATEGIC TOWER DEFENSEStrategically assemble your army and destroy theopposingtower.Use your Arrow Launcher to defend your castle from incomingenemyunits.ENHANCE YOUR UNITSBoost your units by leveling or enhancing!Acquire stronger characters by evolving and combining!BATTLE MODESChoose between new battle modes.Invite your friends for a Team Battle!Prove your worth in Raid!* This game requires the following permissions foroptimalgameplay.- Permission to sync your Address Book and access device statusforFriend Invites[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE]- Permission to sync your Google account[GET_ACCOUNTS]- Permission to save necessary game data externally[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]** This game is available in English.** There may be additional costs when trying to obtaincertainitems.* GAMEVIL Official Website :* GAMEVIL Customer Support: ofService:
Juggernaut Champions 1.5 B.V.
MAYDAY! MAYDAY! We were attacked byboarbackraiders, towering infernal samurai and ninjas with snakesin placeof arms! We NEED HELP! I command the JUGGERNAUT CHAMPIONStoassemble! Juggernaut Champions is a next generation game in arevolutionaryRPG Clicker genre. Extremely simple to learn, and atthe same timeboasting an advanced levelling system and an explosivecombinationof various game mechanics that serve the one and onlypurpose:KILL, DESTROY, SMASH AND BLOW AWAY hordes of monsters!WithJuggernaut Champions, it’s nothing but a child’s play: a singletapwith your finger and the monster lies defeated!– A simple and fun gameplay: tap as fast as you can, combinevariousspells, and assemble a team of heroes with uniquepersonalities toprevail over terrible bosses!– Play offline! Adventures never leave your side: at home, ontheroad, outside… Internet connection is not required! – Brilliant graphics and smooth animations! A whole fantasyworldright on your smartphone!– Invite friends and grow even stronger! Unity wins battles!– Reach the top of the rankings! Become first in PVP tournamentstoshow everyone who is the boss! – The successor of the magnificent Juggernaut Wars—one of thebestRPGs on mobile devices.
Titan Evolution World 2.0.4
Controlling a Titan's life is obviouslygoingto be more exciting than standing on a shoulder of one.5.35million seconds into the creation of a Titan, the largestcreatureto walk the face of the Earth.3 waves of Contemplation, Exploration, Changes, Joy, Fatigue,andShifting. You~~~~ I~~~~ It~~~~ She~~~~~~~~~ Titans~~~~~Download for free.
Oceanhorn ™ 1.1.1
*SPECIAL LAUNCH SALE*You wake up and find a letter from your father. He is gone…The only lead is his old notebook and a mysterious necklace.Whathappened?Explore the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world filled withmanydangers, puzzles and secrets. Fight monsters, learn to usemagicand discover ancient treasures which will help you on yourquest.Use all your wits and skill to unravel the mysteries ofancientkingdom Arcadia and sea monster Oceanhorn.Oceanhorn combines captivating storytelling, breathtaking 3Dvisualsand exciting gameplay into one massive action adventureexperienceyou will never forget.Enjoy an incredible soundtrack from the best video game composersinthe world:Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy*) and Kenji Ito(SeikenDensetsu*)Master the game effortlessly with accurate touch controlsorcontroller.Please Note: Oceanhorn is a free to download premium game withasingle in-app purchase to unlock the full version.You can play the first chapter for free and test it on yourdevicefirst.FEATURE OVERVIEW:* Customizable Graphics Settings* Requires 1GB RAM- Music from legendary Nobuo Uematsu and Kenji Ito- 10+ hours of story driven gameplay.- Master magic and swordfight- Find ancient items to help you on your quest- Game Services Achievements- Accurate Touch Controls
Eternium: Mage And Minions 1.2.33
Eternium is an amazingly fun andbeautifullycrafted Action RPG, reminiscent of the great classicsDiablo andTorchlight.Eternium stands out from other mobile Action RPGs, likeDungeonHunter or SoulCraft, by its effortless “tap to move” andinnovative“swipe to cast” controls, and its player-friendly “nopaywalls,never pay to win” philosophy.With the exception of a couple of online-only features, the gamecanalso be played offline after the content downloadcompletes.Drawing signs to cast spells is easy and rewarding. Thetap-to-movecontrol is more natural and relaxing than thumbsticks,and it’salso truer to the vintage point-and-click ActionRPGexperience.The game can be really played for free, as more than 90% ofourplayers do. Purchases are completely optional. Gems, thegame’smain currency, can be collected from enemies and quests.There isno limiting stamina or energy. The best things in the gameareobtained by playing, not paying.Eternium has been launched in 2014, and is actively beingimprovedby the original development team. Through years ofpolishing, andfeedback from millions of players, the quality of thegame hassteadily increased, making it now one of the highest ratedgames onall app stores.As of spring 2017, major new features are in advanced stagesofdevelopment, including real-time multiplayer, town portal, andafourth world.Enjoy the visceral satisfaction of responsive, fast-pacedcombat,with spectacular special effects, pleasing sounds, rewardingdamagenumbers, all set against immersive backdrops andatmospheric,inspiring music scores.Play as a Mage, Warrior or Bounty Hunter, wielding a sword,axe,staff or gun. Level up to learn new abilities and increaseyourattributes.Battle skeletons, zombies, automatons, aliens, demons, dragonsandmany other creatures, across three beautifully hand-craftedworlds,or in endless generated levels.Venture into dark caves and dungeons, explore forests, villagesandgraveyards, lay siege to demon controlled castles, bravesnowymountain peaks, travel to the moon to slay strange creaturesamongcraters and canyons, and beyond, to the deserts, pyramidsandjungles of the red planet.Open treasure chests to loot gold, gemstones and battle gear.Equipshiny breastplates, menacing helmets and hoods, spikedshoulderpads, mysterious cloaks or capes. Protect yourself with ashield,or choose to wield two weapons as a warrior.Rescue your tank, healer and ranger companions who will join youinbattle. Use their abilities together with yours to createrewardingand powerful tactical combos.Experience a refreshing storyline, filled withinterplanetaryintrigue and seasoned with funny characters. Huntyour arch-enemy,Ragadam, across the worlds, while trying to uncoverand undo histwisted plans.Progress from common to rare, epic and legendary gear.Findgemstones that fit in your armor’s sockets. Craft socketedringsand amulets, and fuse three of them into a higherqualityone.Unleash awesome offensive abilities, such as Whirlwind,Shockwave,Arc Lightning or Blizzard, control the enemy crowd withFrost Nova,Vortex, Silence, or sneak and assassinate withSmokescreen, Trapsand Snipe.Each hero class has access to about 20 abilities (skills orspells),and each of your three companions has four more. The gamestartssimple, but culminates in a flurry of tactical possibilitiesat highlevels.Once your hero reaches level 70, your experience points gointoChampion Levels, which are unlimited and yield steadystatupgrades. Champion Levels are also inherited by your newheroes, sothey will have an easier time growing up.Aside from the three story acts, an endless progressionofbeautiful, randomly generated levels awaits in the Trials ofValorgame mode.Eternium is crafted with passion by a small band of old-schoolRPGfans, who love making the game they always wanted to play.
Ocean Clicker: Idle Game! 1.72
Ocean Clicker is an idle clicker game byMinyFish, Inc. Let your fishing crew fish while you're away! Stopbackin hours later to collect gold and upgrade your deckhands!It'spassive and free to play!If you like Tap Titans and Clicker Heroes check this out!Brought to you from the creators of the hit facebook game -FishWrangler!