Top 24 Games Similar to Horror Memories Demo

Horror Memories 1.0
Aurora gets up dazed in a hospital afteratraumatic experience. She remembers nothing of what has happenedinthe last three days. The moment was too hard and her mindblockedall her memories.But Aurora´s daughter, Sara, has disappeared the same daytheauthorities found her unconscious and wounded. Nobody knowsnothingand she´s the only witness of the case. Without hermemories, Sarawill be gone forever.A famous doctor offers to help in the case. Aurora startsaregression treatment to try to recover her memory. Are you readytoget inside Aurora´s mind?In Horror Memories, you´ll control Aurora in an epic journeyacrossher own mind, her memories and also her fears. An attractive3Dgraphics will introduce you in this adventure. The game mixfirstperson horror videogames with audiogames; that´s means youwillneed all your attention to find the necessary clues to completethehistory.Horror Memories is a mobile game set in the 19th century withallits legends and myths.Characteristics of Horror Memories:-New terror experience in mobile phones with unique moments.-Horror Memories: a history that introduces you in the game.-6 different chapters to find Sara.-English voices.-First person audiogame.-Different atmospheres of the 19th century.-Very attractive 3D graphics in all levels.- Advisable to use headphones.---------------------------------------------------------------Horror Memories has been developed by The Paintings RoomGameStudio, based in Barcelona, Spain.
Horror Hospital Turkish 3.9
Heisen Games
Are you ready to be scared?Surrounded by a ghost in a hospital only chance to survive onamobile phone!This hospital is the closest friend stuck to risk his life tosaveyou ready?With just one phone light in a dark atmosphere, you have to findtheway.Consider messages from the phone and reached closest friend.Note: It is recommended to play with headphones.★ Twitter:★ Instagram:★ Facebook:★ Web:
Mental Hospital III Lite 1.01.02
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ The best horror 2014 years, according to manygamers.4Pda★ ★ ★ ★ ★Mental Hospital III, is a first-person survival horrorwithastonishing graphics and a really frightening atmosphere.Our story started quite ordinary. The main character got anofferto record a video of a special forces raid in one of thepsychiatrichospitals where secret experiments were supposed to becarried out.Sounds easy enough… That was what he thought.But he will forever remember that night. The nighteverythingwent wrong from the very beginning: Horrible weather,problems onthe news, and the car breaking down appeared to beinevitable, aswas missing the start of the clinic captureoperation. Havingarrived at his destination late, the maincharacter decides to findLieutenant Sidorov as soon as possible,hoping to film at leastsomething. After the main character getsinside of the hospital andis introduced to it's inhabitants heunderstands that it will benearly impossible to describe what hesaw there. You can of courseerase the footage, but there is nooption to erase yourmemories.This is reality. Will the main character emerge from thisfatefulhospital alive, or will he too, like it's residents, betrapped herefor the remainder of his life.
Horror Forest 3D 5.3
Heisen Games
Be prepared to fear!Quiet and creepy depths of the forest to escape fromhorriblecreatureswandering in the woods to find the hidden clues that you haveonlyone chance to.Legend slender man style gameplay with a fear that you willfeelwarm!How to Play?The aim of the game, the creatures of the forestdodging is your finding clues in various places.There are a total of 8 pieces hint. Good game!★ Twitter:★ Instagram:★ Facebook:★ Web:
Escape From The Hospital 1.5
Angelo Gizzi
Get ready for a zombie horror experienceyouwon’t soon forget!After leaving your job at The Asylum, you have found work asasecurity guard at The Hospital. The patients here are farlesscreepy than the ones at The Asylum....or so you thought!A zombie apocalypse has broken out right in the middle ofyourshift! You need to leave before the zombies find you, but firstyoumust find the objects hidden around the hospital. Use thesecuritycameras to locate the missing objects, but be quick as youonlyhave till 5:00 A.M.Will you be able to survive the night at The Hospital?FEATURES:* Creepy and frighting zombie horror experience* Use security cameras to watch zombies and find objects* Lot’s of jump scares :)* Will you survive the night?If you like scary games, then you will love ‘Escape FromTheHospital’!
Hospital Escape - Total Horror 1.0.4
Seven Bulls
Note: We recommend you to play the gamewithheadset.Due to extremely high - end graphics Hospital Horror supportsonlyHigh End devices.Total Horror is made to be hard, we did not include tutorialinorder to maximize the horror experience.Our game reviews:"Totally amazing game! Graphics are FIVE STARS! During gameplayabsolutely no glitches. Keep up the awesome work! This wasexactlythe game I love" - our Fans"Escape the Hospital is a definite must-have for any fanofhorror games." - Bunch of Gamers"Surprisingly innovative and great fun, this game will besoonknown by the most of the indie gamers out there, it deservesit." -Creepy GamingYou woke up in a bloody hospital with no memories why.Your only weapon is a flashlight, try to find out what happenedandSTAY ALIVE at all cost!Can You Escape the Hospital resolve the mystery and survive?HINT: You must collect batteries and sanity pills in order tostayalive and have the chance to escape from the hospital.Join our community!Facebook: blog:
The Silent Dark - Horror Game 2
Upfront Applications gustaría presentar otrodesu diversión líder lleno emocionante GRATIS PARA JUGARjuegosexclusivos!Experimenta el primer juego de survival horror persona queincluyerompecabezas increíbles.Si te gusta Slender, te gustará too.Search una vieja casaabandonaday recoger los objetos de valor, pero tenga cuidado - hayrumores deun fantasma rondando el edificio.☠ Experiencia miedo y profunda atmósfera horrible.☠ juego de terror extremadamente adictivo.☠ juego más terrorífico alguna vez ha jugado en Android.☠ atmósfera espeluznante y fantasmagórico.☠ juego más difícil con los rompecabezas enigmáticos.☠ Nunca has jugado historias paranormales espeluznantescomoeste.☠ Nunca has jugado un juego indie como The Silent Oscuro.☠ No como otros horrores indie.☠ Verá el origen del exorcista.☠ No puede abrir los ojos cuando juega The Silent Oscuro.☠ Es el lugar para hombre.☠ El miedo está detrás de usted.☠ Sostenga el dispositivo con cuidado, ya que puede caerse!☠ Un juego para Android como ninguna otra cosa que han visto enelformato de la fecha.☠ Se agarraba, juego de terror atmosférica y deelegantediseño.☠ Para una mejor experiencia recomendable para jugar en laoscuridadcon los auriculares.☠ El juego se basa en un hecho real story.You debe viviresahistoria realista y verdadero como actor de la cabeza.☠ Smooth controles con teclas de toque.☠ historias espeluznantes Bienes☠ Increíble ambiente.☠ juego largo.☠ modelos realistas y verdadera historia basada.☠ grandes mapas.☠ Auto función de ahorro.☠ rompecabezas asombrosos para resolver.Laberintos ☠ duro.☠ Fantástico recoger y jugar diseño.☠ Fácil de empezar, difícil de dejar los secretos de TheSilentOscuroCONSEJOS Y TRUCOS☠ Cuando se salta la intro usted está en el jardín.☠ En el jardín se debe encontrar la llave.☠ Cuando encuentre la llave que tienes que caminar alrededoryencontrar una gran puerta que va al Haunted Manor.☠ Tienes que resolver laberinto.☠ Cuando a resolver el laberinto debe golpee la puerta de la casayque ahora está en.☠ historia principal comienza en el manor.You embrujadaharemosnosotros asustado.TRY THE SILENT OSCURO HOY !!!Siga con nosotros en Facebook para obtener las últimasnoticias,actualizaciones, contenidos especiales, y mucho más! nuestro sitio web: para actualizaciones!Por Upfront Applications
Escape From The Asylum 1.6
Angelo Gizzi
Get ready for a horror experience youwon’tsoon forget!Welcome to The Asylum, home to some of the creepiest,insanepeople in the world. Luckily for you, you’re safe and soundin thecomfort of the security office….but not tonight! A poweroutage hasallowed the patients to escape from their rooms. You needto leavebefore the patients find you, but first you must find theobjectshidden around the asylum. Use the security cameras to locatethemissing objects, but be quick as you only have till 5:00A.M.Will you be able to survive the night at The Asylum?FEATURES:* Creepy and frighting horror experience* Use security cameras to watch patients and find objects* Lot’s of jump scares :)* Will you survive the night?If you like scary games, then you will love ‘Escape FromTheAsylum’!
13 Industries
Jeff The Killer Will you be one of themostfamous entertainment creepypasta character?Do not know why and how come you can survive in thisterriblehospital using only a flashlight?Do you rely on yourself and courage?Then faced with Jeff!*** It is recommended to play with headphones.
Clown House (Horror Game) 1.2.1
Face your fear of clowns in this horror game!You are trapped in a darkened house with lunatic clowns, due toameaningless reason. You need to find the key to escape thehouse.Hidden in a random spot. Some of the clowns are evil and theywantto kill you. You don’t know which. You have a pistol in yourhand,use it to defend yourself.Key’s location and the innocence of clowns change each timeyoustart a new game.
Horror House 1.19
Ghost zombie stalking you!- High playability- High quality sound effects- Horror house!And more .. Find the key to run and Freedom!
Five Nights Horror Escape 1.1
Zealand Team
In this horror game you will play a roleofsecurity guard in almost abandoned mental hospital. Almost...Here comes the supernatural in this asylum, watch the camerasandbattery life, close the doors of your shelter and don't letthemonster get to you! You need to survive five scary nights toescapeand be saved from this nightmare.Reviews from our beta-testers:"OH MY GOSH! It's the scariest horror game I everplayed!"-Jeremy Lawson"For sure, it is even more creepy than Slender andotherSCP-games." -Arthur GaltWe strongly recommend to put on headphones and turn offthelights in your room.
The Survivor: Rusty Forest 1.2.7
Starship Studio
✔ YOU CAN FIND GOOGLE PLAY ORDER NUMBERHERE:✔✔ CONTACT US ([email protected]) IF YOU CANNOT ACTIVATETHEGAME ✔Welcome to the world of "The Survivor", hit by unknown viruswhichhas wiped out most of the world's population. You are one ofthefew that have survived (stalkers) and now you must to fightforyour life against what is left of the indigenous populationnowinfected with the disease. In best traditions of survivalandhorror games, players in "The Survivor" must explore the openworldto gather raw materials to build their own weapons,tools,fortifications, shelters, etc. against the dangers of thezombies,infected wildlife and the world itself.The only aim in "The Survivor" is to survive. To do this youwillneed to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst, coldandradiation.✔ Craft weapons and tools. Chop down trees in the forest to buildacamp, or start a fire to keep warm.✔ Don't starve! Kill animals for meat. Scavenge food tokeepyourself from starving.✔ Build a small shelter or a large fortress. Lay traps anddefencesto keep a safe perimeter.✔ Explore and build during the day. Defend your base atnight.Key features:✔ Random world generation – 1 sq. km chunk of post sovietstaterandomized with abandoned villages, military bases, deepforests,roads, rivers, lakes, wilderness locations, andmore...✔ Day and night – Realistic dynamic day and night cycle with sunandmoon phases.✔ Create and destroy – The world structures and items canbedestroyed or scrapped for resources. Re-purpose collectedmaterialsto build custom structures and fortification by hand,placingbuilding pieces into the world in real time.✔ Inventory – Carry all of the items that you will need tosurvivein the intuitive inventory system developed to answer theneeds ofcrafting and character customization.✔ Item crafting and degradation - In the apocalyptic world of"TheSurvivor", resources are sparse and every useful bit shouldbeutilized. With a continually growing list of recipes,gatherresources such as wood, stone and rust metal to createweapons andtools. As your tools wear out over time, use yourcrafting skillsto repair them. Items or equipment can be improved,turned intosomething else or fixed using the new craftingmechanisms.✔ Animals – Head out into the wilderness to hunt animals oncetheabandoned buildings are already plundered.✔ Stealth system – Sneak past zombies and animals who can see,hearand smell you.✔ Environmental temperature – Build/find shelter or campfire.Coldnights or long dayz will make a difference.In coming updates these features will be expanded upon withevenmore depth and a wider variety of choices to survive theincreasingdangers of the world.Features in various stages of development, which will be addedasthe project progresses:– More buildings– More crafting– Expanded AI– Drivable vehicles– More animals & plants– Weather effectsAll features and plans listed here are subject to change, we mayaddor remove features as seen fit during developmentprocess.Official page on Facebook:
Horror Island 1.1
Black Side
After your ship goes down, and you make it to an island with nofoodor water, your days are numbered.Once you start experiencing powerful hallucinations, yourbrainstarts playing a nasty trick on you.There's no way out, all you can do wait for the end...
Shoot Your Nightmare Chapter 1 1.03
Poison Games
*** FPS Horror Shooter! ExploreYourNightmares.Try To Wake Up! ****** If you love Slenderman Type of games, you're gonnalovethisgame! ***- You are trapped inside your nightmare. You must fightyourwaythrough!- You need to collect 12 clocks to wake up.- Knife / Gun / Shotgun / M4 Weapons!Join UsOnFacebook Hero. Killer. What Am I ?When I first arrived home in May 2013,six months after the latest war had ended, nightmaresstarted.Doctors told me that war veterans are commonly atriskforPTSD.I have those terrible flashbacks, and nightmares!This is one of them!I must try to control my dream.Do do that i need to collect 12 clocks!Anything that come in my way i will shoot.I Must Kill My Demons. I Must... WAKE UP.
Dark Dead Horror Forest 2 3.0
As an experienced US Army American soldier which after USmilitarytraining was sent to a scary and horrible apocalypsemission indark horror forest full of dead From this halloween on weintroducethe scariest horror forest sniper ever seen zombie bodiesthat losttheir dark souls, because of voodoo necromancers andwitches coven.The apocalypse now is happening on huge scale anddead creaturesleave their asylum (the forest). The horribleatmosphere of thisdark day make the mission harder for marksman. Ifyou always wantedto check yourself as professional ghost warriorshooter, and secretagent from MI6, CIA, FBI or SWAT your mission isto shoot thosescary walking dead creatures with great precision.Duringapocalypse, left alone in horror forest in the middle of theunfaircombat the undead army will try to kill american sniper andeat hisflesh. All this happens in mysterious, dark atmosphere ofhorrorand series of paranormal activities full of dead zombiecreatureslike from worst American horror story, movie or TV series.Stayfocused and do not take wrong turn in the dark scary maze offorestas walking dead zombies are hungry of flesh.This apps includes:A) Dark horrible atmosphereB) Many abandoned placesC) walking dead creatures like from scary movie or horror TVseriesor horrible historiesD) Lethal weapons prepared for apocalypse like m1,shotgun,axeE) apocalypse survival skillsF) sniper rifleG) combat armsCredits:
Slenderman Damn Forest 1.3
Rodinia Games
**** Slenderman Damn Forest ****Horror-adventure game, you have to find the 8 pages in thisdarkforest.3d Graphics pc game similar to and some stay and real sounds.Download and enjoy this adventure, so that you play withyourheadphones.
Portal Of Doom: Undead Rising 1.0.4
Poison Games
Find out what happened on the SpaceStation.Did the experiment gone wrong ?Search for clues and get to the truth.Fight your way out of the space station labyrinth and shoot allthemonsters.You will need to find the hidden keys in order to unlock thedoorsand escape.Search for the PDA devices and read about the experiment.Five different weapons.Alien creatures.Portals to another dimension.Alien Isolation with firearms!*Features*- 33 levels of Total Sci Fi Horror- High quality 3D environment graphics- Horrifying full 3D monsters, spiders, aliens, zombielikecreatures.- Powerful Sci Fi Weapons ready for total annihilation!- Intuitive controlsThe year is 2177. You are an Private Security Contractoralwayslooking for job.After receiving a frantic distress call from the nearbyspacestation you decided to investigate.
Dark Corridors 2 1.37
Experience a better polished graphicswithsounds, and much more scary ghosts will freak you out!There are more and upgraded story missions with eachdifferentcharacters.No matter how tough you are, it will freaks you out when youplayingwith your earphone at night.Start your race with your nimble fingers and use right itemstofinish your race.▶ A running game mixed with stories togetherYou'll find out the behind stories after completingeverymissions.What's the truth? Get over the extreme horror and find outthetruth!▶ Competing with your friends and see your rankings throughtheFacebook ranking dashboard andGoogle leaderboard.If you are scared to death, just keep running!▶ Have special powers with each different character's costumeEach different character's costumes will protect you fromtheobstacles and the ghosts.Don't forget, there's a hot special "swim suit" costume foryourburning summer season.▶ More you run, the more various ghosts and obstaclesyoumeet!Lots of ghosts and obstacles pop out every where you neverexpected,you will have to watch out andkeep running to escape from all of them. You've got to survivetofind out the truth.▶ Enjoy your fever time, just finishing by all your 4 stages.Be steady and keep your eyes on extreme tense moments rightafterenjoying your fever time! See whathappens next..[Cautions]▶ Fear noticeThis game contains lots of extremely intense contents, it mayfreaksyou out! Please do not play if youare pregnant and keep out of children.▶ Smartphone noticePlease play the game in a safe place, just in case you may throwoutyour smartphone when you freakout while you are playing.▶ Exciting noticeHot special summer "swim suit” costume will be released.Keepconcentrate on your game and do notjust keep watching the swim suit over and over with a sexyphatbody.Dark Corridors 2 Official Details:Information about the DeveloperPhone: 070-4325-5012E-Mail: [email protected]: Seohan Bldg. 2F, 112, Dogok-ro, Gangnam-gu,Seoul,KoreaWebsite:
Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow 1.1.4
App Holdings
Your worst nightmares come to life inthisblock style horror game! Fry Frankenstein, hunt theHeadlessHorseman, and cross a creepy corn maze in this survivalfirstperson shooter. Block Gun 3D: Haunted Hollow is the terrifyingFPSaction game for you! And it's FREE!*** SURVIVE ***You find yourself lost in this Haunted Hollow. The undeadmonsters,zombies and ghosts of the underworld have awakened fromtheirslumber. Repel wave after wave of creepy foes with your wits,quickreflexes and any weapon you can find! Will you hole up inthehaunted house or try your luck in the maze? Only the toughsurvive!How long can you last the onslaught?!?*** COLLECT BLOCKS & UPGRADE ***Defeat your foes with precision! Vanquish the Hollow's ghoulsandtheir corpses will explode into a piles of colorful blocks!Collectthe blocks and use them to craft upgrades and forge newmysteriousweapons! Can you earn the coveted Wand of Power!?*** COMPETE & DEFEAT ***Track your best score locally! (Global coming soon!)The creatures of Haunted Hollow are coming......are you ready???
Mental Survival 1.04
Mental Survival* Best Horror Game on Google Play 2015You're in the old Mental Facility and you need to overpoweryourmental illness and run away.Haunted by creepy zombies and ill patients you have to survivethecrazy maze of jumpscares and mental horror.- Stunning 3D graphics- Easy Controls- Realistic Sounds- Creepy Zombies- Horrific AtmosphereLet's see if you can survive the real torture.Good Luck - you're gonna need it...
Emily Wants To Play 1.3
SKH Apps
**Please read the list under thedescriptionfor compatible devices****There is also a free version of the game that you can use totestyour device first.**Emily Wants To Play is a new scary horror game about apizzadelivery guy that gets trapped by Emily and her dolls.It’s 11pm, and you are at the last house on your route.Thelights are on, and the front door is opened. But, the windowsareall boarded up and the grass is overgrown. It seems like astrangeplace to deliver a pizza, but at least, it looks likesomeone ishome.You run to the front door since it’s storming pretty bad.“Hello!? Your pizza's here!" You announce. No oneanswers.There's an eerie silence.You are getting soaked from the rain, so you hesitantlystepinside the door and look around. The front door suddenlyclosesbehind you.You just wanted to finish this last delivery and head homeforthe night. Now you must figure out how to get out of thiscreepyhouse.Freely roam the house in Emily Wants To Play and try tofigureout what is going on. Three dolls and a strange girl namedEmilywill also start roaming the house as the hours toll by. Stayawayfrom them, but if you do end up in a room with one, figure outhowto stay alive.This may be your last pizza delivery.=================================PLEASE NOTE: Emily Wants To Play (EWTP) is a game set in a3Dworld and will only run smoothly on high end devices. You cantestif the game will work on your device by downloading the freedemoversionfirst: is a list of known compatible Android devices.Comparabledevices to the list below will probably play Emily WantsTo Playcorrectly.Samsung Galaxy S6Samsung Galaxy Tab S2Kindle Fire HDXHTC Nexus 9Nvidia Shield TabletSony Xperia Z2Samsung Galaxy S5Samsung Galaxy Note 4Iconia TabLG G2
Herobrine 1: Source 1.1.5
Refery Games
Herobrine 1: Source - game of the horrorgenre.The game's protagonist enters an abandoned the maze createdby themost dreadful and terrible Herobrine, to search fordiamonds.But not all so is simple, not only Herobrine dwells in thismaze,here you can meet the spirit Slender.Your mission is to collect 100 diamonds in the game and returntothe door. Be careful Herobrine may be in the most unexpectedplaces,look into the darkness and run away at the sight of brightwhiteeyes ...Features:- The most scary horror that will make the blood freeze inyourveins;- Creepy and scary sounds, be careful;- Atmospheric music;- Easy and intuitive controls;
Corridor Z 1.3.1
Mass Creation
* * * BE QUICK OR BE UNDEAD! * * *An ordinary high school in an ordinary small town faces azombieoutbreak. Authorities have failed. Three people, who survivedthecarnage, remain locked in. You are the only one who canhelpthem!FEATURES:* EXPERIENCE THE MOST GENRE REFRESHING RUNNER IN YEARS* Get thrilled with the unique and intense gameplay* Help the pom-pom girl, the jock and the jarhead to survive* Enjoy the cutting-edge detailed graphics* Discover the infection's mystery with the voice-overedstory* Stock the awesome upgradeable arsenal: pistols, SMGs, shotgunsandmore* Immerse yourself in multiple objectives designed for each ofthecharacters* ...and shoot down tons of running horror!* * * RUN! SHOOT! SURVIVE! * * *