Top 9 Games Similar to Magic Poker

Spider Solitaire 1.7
ZZZ Solitaire
Spider Solitaire is a free HD game which useAto King poker cardsPlay our spider solitaire with HD images is trulysolitaryexperience! You can install our spider solitaire to youphone orSDcard for free. We work hard to make it simplicity,butthis freecard game require patience.This spider solitaire game has 10 columns and 8 suit of cards(AtoKing) on the table. It's a leisure solitary game and worthyourtime. This HD game is similar to old desktop classicspidersolitaire which you play in the past.GAME FEATURES:- 1 suit,- 2 suits (more difficulty)- 4 suits (most difficulty)- Unlimited undo- support drag & drop and tap control- Landscape- free hint- HD imagesHope you like our spider solitaire!!!
Magic Poker 2 1.1
JDev Software
open any poker card with just onetouchonscreen
오목의 신 2.0.10
혼자 여행 갈 때나 출퇴근 길에 실시간 tv 보다 재밌는 무료 오목게임!쪼는 맛 제대로 느껴보는 심리전 묘미의 오목!언제 어디서나 즐기는 무료 다운로드의 오목!▶ 실제 유저들과 온라인으로 긴장감 넘치는 승부!- 전국의 실제 유저들과 즐기는 짜릿한 실시간 대전게임!▶ 짝짝 붙는 손맛의 오목, 마지막까지 스릴 넘치는 오목- 방심하는 순간 천리안이 신의 한 수를 알려준다▶ 매일 쏟아지는 엄청난 보상! 퍼주고 또 퍼준다~- 등급에 따라 더 많은 게임머니가 매 시간마다 와르르 팡팡!- 일일 미션과 다양한 이벤트로 끝없이 지급되는 보상 퍼레이드★연승 보너스★연승을 하면 내공이 증폭되며 더욱 빠르게 등급 업! 보상도 업!연승도 하고 등급도 올리고 게임머니도 두둑히~한판 맞고, 한판고스톱 무료 맞고, 한판 포커로 유명한 안드로메다에서섯다의 신과 '당구의 신' 이후 선보이는 신작!언제 어디서나(Anytime, anywhere)나 편하게 즐길 수 있는 오목의신!※ 설치시 계정 복구 및 신속한 고객 응대를 위해 고객님의 전화번호와 구글 계정의 수집 권한을 요청합니다.----개발자 연락처 :서울특별시 구로구 구로3동 222-7 코오롱디지털빌란트 1507----개발자 연락처 :서울특별시 구로구 구로3동 222-7 코오롱디지털빌란트 1507Travel time alone gofreefun game Caro than real tv on the road commute!Pecking taste of the concave felt psychological warfare zest toseeproperly!Anytime, anywhere to enjoy the concave free to download!▶ thrilling game for real users and online!- Enjoy exhilarating real-time fighting game with real usersacrossthe country!▶ jjakjjak catch recesses of the hands, full of thrills tothelast recess- Careless moment that the clairvoyant tells the number of gods▶ Daily pouring huge rewards! Fur Fur - yet gives giveMore Money Game Cow crash every time depending on the grade!- Compensation paid on a daily parade endlessly missions andavariety of events★ ★ wins awardIf a winning streak faster convergence grades up andamplified!Compensation is also up!And also raise money game winning streak grades also dudukhi ~Beaten bout, bout GoStop free hit, the famous Andromeda boutwithPokerSeotda of God's Billiards God "after serving New!Anywhere, anytime (Anytime, anywhere) and the god of depressioncanenjoy easy!※ I ask for your permission to collect phone numbers andGoogleaccount for account recovery during installation and quickcustomerresponse.----Developer Contact:222-7 Guro-dong, Seoul, Kolon Digital bilranteu 1507
Solitaire 1.8
ZZZ Solitaire
Solitaire is a classic free Klondikesolitairegame.In this Klondike solitaire game, We offer 4 kinds of backgroundsandfour kinds of porker cards for you to choose.If you like Klondike Solitaire in classic desktop system,you'regoing to love our game!A variety of operational support: tap ,double-tap and drag&drop controls, choose your favorite mode of operation.Features:- Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card- Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards- skin change(card backs, backgrounds)- animated cards motion- statistics- unlimited undo- hint function- Support phones and tabletstry our solitaire poker card game right now!!!
Poker Mania 2.0.3
BOOM! World’s first “Real-Time VoiceChat”andAchievement System mobile poker game is online now!No matter you are a newbie or a master, there’s always atableforyou in Poker Mania.**************************Log-in with free$2000Bonus!****************************[UNIQUE Feature]-Voice chatTyping is wasting time. Hold and release to saywhateveryouwant.-A rich selection of emotionsNothing can be more expressive than voiced emotions!Selectanemotion and enrich the fun of chatting.-Locating your friendsLocate your friends as to join them or invite them. Distanceisnotproblem of friendship.[TOP FEATURE]-Play anywhere, anytime-Fast Tables with no waiting!-Real-time multiplayer games.-Mini Slot Machine, best slots&billions won.-Invite your friends, meet people from anywhere!-Free Daily bonus $2000, FREE to play, easy to WIN!-Multiple levels and a broad selection of limit preferences-Socializing! Gift any one you like and earn achievements.-Real casino betting experience, Beautifulandluxuriousgraphics.-Get Up to $10,000 coins when opening an account forthefirsttime!-Use your winnings to challenge high-stakes tables,competeagainstpoker masters and prove you are poker king.-Mysterious trophies---Obtain as many trophiesaspossibleeveryday.-Fast registration by Facebook (optional)*******************More iscomingsoon!********************************And don't forget to like Us on Facebook, and if youhaveanyquestion, please do not hesitate to contact our hotdealerNikitawho will try her best to help you.E-Mail: [email protected]: game does not imply win real money; Poker isintendedforadults.*************Millions of players are waiting foryou!PlayNow!****************
컴퓨터에 있는 카드게임 1.0.8
누구나 한번은 해본 카드게임 입니다.밖에서도 하고 싶으셨죠? 이제 하세요!터치만 해도 자동으로 이동됩니다.부모님들께 권해드립니다. ^^----개발자 연락처 :[email protected] everyone isacardgame played.Did you want to even out? Now, please!Only a touch, it will automatically go.I recommend parents. ^^
Dices Pro 1.0
Devmob Studio
Dices Pro application offers you sixvirtualdices (actually you can select any number of dices 1-6) andyou canspin them in the virtual dice box. You can tap the screen tospinthe dices or you can use the accelerometer to spin the dices.You can play dozens of games with those dices and have lotsoffun.The dices have very cool visual effects and you can be surethatnobody is cheating because everyone has the same chance to hidadouble on those cool dices !There are so many games you can play with the dices and youdon'thave to carry them anymore with you, when you need some dicesonhand, just pull your mobile phone and download dices pro.Here are some games idea you can play with dices pro :- backgammon- higher number- monopoly- poker dice- Farkle : Cubes :Here is a very brief description of the most basic form ofthegame: Players in turn roll six dice, trying to throw ones(worth100 points each), fives (worth 50 points each), and/or threesof akind (worth 100 times the number rolled, 2-2-2 = 200, etc.,exceptthat 1-1-1 = 1000). A throw of 1-2-3-4-5-6 is a special throwworth1500 points. A player, after scoring points, may either stopandadd all of the points from that turn to her permanent score,orthrow again using any unused dice, trying to scoreadditionalpoints. A throw with no scoring combinations ends theplayer's turnwith nothing added to his permanent score. If a playerscorespoints with all of the remaining dice, he may stop, orcontinueagain throwing all six dice again. The first player toreach 5000points (or 10,000 in some versions) wins. Look in any ofthesources listed above for more details and variations(mostlibraries should carry one or more of these books).Using advanced physics engine those dices behave like normaldices,and they are totally random as you move them...Keywords: Dices, Dices pro, board games, board dices,dicesgames, games with dices, 3d dices, dices 3d
Klondike Solitaire Card Game 1.03
SolitaireThe Solitaire Card Game is the best game now availableonyoursmartphone! The best way to stimulate your brain and becomeacardchampion - just make your brain work! Try a wonderfulandfamousgame that will amplify your patience and just let youhavefun! Letus introduce the best card game ever - KlondikeSolitairethat isso interesting to play! It is the premium game thatwillmake youabsolute solitaire champion!Everyone likes games as they make us to challenge ourselves,letustry our fortune and luck. So we are glad to welcomeallgamblershere and present you a classic Klondike Solitairegame!Solitairegames require a considerable patience and luckaswell.If you trust in the Wheel of Fortune, if you consider yourselfasaperson of luck, this Solitaire game application is exactlywhatyouneed! Just try your luck in this game and thefortunewillcertainly smile on you.We offer you the classic Klondike solitaire! It was figuredoutthatthe solitaire game is the most catchy to play! Don’t misstheboat –just try the solitaire and you will forget everythingyouknew aboutgambling! Now you are able to keep your hand inplayingcards, ortrying something new in gambling byjustdownloadingsolitaire!This game is the most famous and classic one. It is forthosewhowant to think over, awake their brightness andsmartness.We offer you a wonderful exercise for your brainandpatience.Klondike solitaire is created to make you calmandconcentrated,and also solitaire challenges you and for suremakesyou a supermind champion, so after you try Klondike evenVegaswon’t startleyou!Forget about problems and negative emotions and let thenewworldabsorb you – the world, where it’s possible to take a betandstakeall your possessions on cards and be sure that nobodywillbeatyou!So to make it clear, in freecell Klondike solitaire, youshouldmovecards of the same suit into the top four piles, startingwiththeace. So your goal in freecell is to move all pilesfromonecombination to another.Train your patience and become a Klondike Solitairechampion!Thisgame is for smart people. You should think aboutthecombinations,find a free cell for ace or for a king.KlondikeSolitaire willnever make you bored, because the mentalitycan't beboring.Download it now and be able to train your brain!! Rememberthatyouare the Klondike Solitaire champion!
Mahjong Solitaire 1.0
ding mahjong
Mahjong Solitaire is a free matching game using mahjongg tiles.Youselect 2 mah jong tiles with the same pair, When they matchtheywill blast into pieces. This free version is deluxe and it'splaylike a solitaire game. It's just like old one you play inarcade.We carefully made a 800 board,Is probably the most!you canplay itfor a long time. Eliminate all the tiles on mahjong boardwhich ismatch, you will pass the degree. This free game need luckystrategyand patience, but it is relaxing. We offer 24 gamesbackground andseven sets of tiles for your choice. This mahjongboard game isalso known as Mah jong, majong. matching pairs ofidentical mahjongtiles is really a enjoy.Game Features:# 7 set of mahjong tiles which you can change# 800 free board layouts keep your mind active# Optimized for Portrait mode.# MP3 background music and sound effect# 3D transition effects# free hint Function# HD high quality tile sets.# plenty of HD beautiful picture backgrounds andUser-definedcolors# Unlimited undo# offline play# All level board thumbnail displayMay you enjoy our free mahjong solitaire deluxe version © 2015HaoDing