Top 7 Games Similar to Alphabet 2048

Block vs Block 9.01
Block vs Block is a very popular blocksfalling( tetriz ) game in iOS, now is available on Android!It is modify the world most attractive puzzle blocks falling ( NES/FC / PS / PC tetriz ) game. How to play it is no needtoexplain."Block vs Block" allow you play against (vs) computer.Features:- up to 16 different shapes- 4 different special items- VS modeVery attractive graphic, very easy to control, very strongcomputerplayer.What are you waiting for?Download and enjoy it now!iOS: have published a new version.Block vs Block II is released! The AI and graphic is muchbetter!And Network battle is enableAndroid: Box :Download: the Comet : Challenging yourselfAndroid:
Night Stars - NonStop Popping 2.02
Highly addictive game like Popstar butmorethan it. Once you start, you cannot stop.There are two modes.Game ruleRegular (Popstar like):- Tap two or more blocks, which are same color- No time limit, once you meet target you can promote tonextlevelEndless (Popstar don't have):- Tap two or more blocks, which are same color- Tap the blocks as more and fast as you can- The more block you tap once, the more time will be added- When level up the time drain will be faster- Once time up it will game over- Click the menu (Moon), the time will be pausedScore rule:Score = block x block x 5Bonus rule of Regular mode:For 10 x 10 board:bonus = 2000 - block x block x 20For 12 x 12 board:bonus = 2000 - block x block x 10Features:- 3 difficult level, Easy (4 color blocks), Normal (5 colorblocks),Hard (6 color blocks)- 9 different color blocks, you can choose random color orfixedcolor- Can play 10 x 10, 12 x 12 boardiOS:
Reversed Block vs Block 2.02
The world most attractive puzzle game.Modify the previous version "Block vs Block", this gameisplaying in reverse mode. Blocks are raising up instead ofdropdown.It is very challenging!How to play! It is no need to explain. Like "Block vs Block",itallow you play against computer.- 16 different shapes- 4 different special items- VS modeDownload and enjoy it now!iOS:
Realistic Chinese Checkers 2.02
Realistic Chinese Checkers withunbelievablereal crystal balls.There are 2 play modes: Capture and Free.Capture mode:You can play with Computer or up to 6 players. Computer playerhavevery strong AI.Detail: All sixty game pieces start out in the hexagonal fieldinthe center of the game board. The center position isleftunoccupied, so pieces form a symmetric hexagonal pattern. Colorisirrelevant in this variant, so players take turns hopping anygamepiece over any other eligible game piece(s) on the board.Thehopped-over pieces are captured (retired from the game, asinAmerican checkers) and collected in the capturing player'sbin.The game ends when no further jumps are possible. The playerwiththe most captured pieces is the winner.The board is tightly packed at the start of the game; asmorepieces are captured, the board frees up, often allowingmultiplecaptures to take place in a single move.Free mode:Just like a Chinese checkers board. No rule, no AI.You can play anyway you like.
Sudoku on Chalkboard 1.01
This app give you a same effect when youdrawon Chalkboard. It also dynamic generating Sudoku game. So youcanplay it forever and unlimited.If you have Kid want to learn Sudoku, this App is a goodchoose.It special designs a Kid level. It can give your Kidmotivation tolearn.1. Like play sudoku on Chalkboard2. Very attractive graphic chalk writing effect3. Dynamic generating Sudoku game. Unlimited Sudoku game canbeplayed.4. Games saved automatically5. Five difficulty level
Bottles games 2.01
Take Bottles is a little puzzle game.Keep in mind! Don't take to last bottle!Each turn you can take some bottles, if you take the lastbottlewill loss.It is highly addictive, and time killing.P.S. Support 1 player and 2 players.*In 2 Players mode, if other player don't know the gamesecret,no matter who take the bottle first, you will alwayswin.iOS:
Ball Jump-up : Crossing River 2.00
Ball Jump-Up is a little game likeCrossingRiver. You only need to jump the ball as high as you can.It looks easy, but it is hard to get very high level. Thespeedof the game will become faster and faster.Finally you will crash.If you like to play crossing river game, it is a goodchoice.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Our very popular game Super Tank Battle is available on:iPhone: / 1010 / NES / jump / 123 / 1024 / 17 / 9394 / 100 /999