Top 22 Games Similar to Number Jong

Number Search Challenge 1.8
Number Search Challenge is a classicnumbersearch puzzle game similar to word search puzzles. Findhiddennumbers on board. You can also track you score, andothers,challenge you friend. It is great mini game to exercise yourbrainor kill some time.TAG: number, search, number search, word search, boardgame,puzzle game,brain challenge game
Number Balls Game 1.1
SIMPLE and ADDICTIVE game withNUMBERBALLS.Number Balls Game is a very addictive math game that can keepyoubusy and get your mind working.Playing math game is a fun way to keep yourself amused,whilesimultaneously exercising your brain.Number Balls Game delivers a gameplay that’s smooth and easywhileat the same time addictive and entertaining. To help youtoexercise your mind while at the same time having a bitoffun.Gameplay (How to play the game):Playing Number Balls Game is simple but NOT boringly easy. It’seasyenough to get used to playing it in no time at all. Andcomplexenough to exercise your brain and keep you amused.Number balls pop up on your screen; your job is to tap yourscreento rearrange the balls in a chronological andascendingorder.The number of points you get for each chain is a product ofthenumbers, which are contained in the chain.Three difficulty levels are available. Pick from 'Easy','Medium'and 'Expert' difficulty levels depending on your skilllevel.Cool Graphics, Intuitive Gameplay, Different difficultyLevels- Cool graphics and animation- Easy yet intuitive gameplay- 3 difficulty Levels to fit each player’s skill- You get bonus balls while playing to help you to destroymoreballs- Collect as much points as you can. There’s no limit to howmuchpoints you can collect and earn. You’ll get addicted to thegame asyou try to beat your score each time you play thegame.‘Number Balls Game’ is a top single player game for your phoneortablet. You can install it on your Android device and enjoy acoolgameplay at no cost at all.Fun Math Game to Play with Your ChildrenWhat you’re going to love the most about this game is that it’ssafefor children. Sit down with your children and show them how toplay.The app has a simple interface which makes it easy for yourchild toget the hang of playing it in no time. And the colorfuldesign makesit easy on the eye, and keeps your childenthralled.There are loads of games for Android smart phones but if you likeagameplay that’s easy to master, yet addictive and exciting,thenthis is the game to download. You will love the cool graphicsandthe fact that it has three difficulty levels. If you areintonumbers, then you are most likely going to love this app.Learning to play the game is very easy, but that doesn’t meanyou’llget bored playing it. It is challenging enough to make itexcitingand interesting to play.Download this FREE number balls game now and enjoy. Give it atry,it’s free and you have got nothing to lose.How to Install Number Balls Game on Your Phone or TabletIf you don’t already know how to install an app on yourAndroiddevice, doing so is very easy to do. If you’re reading this,you’reprobably already on this page (which is the ‘Number BallsGame’description page) on Play Store. In that case, simply tapthe‘Install’ button at the top-right corner to install it. Ifyou’renot already on this page, open up the ‘Play Store’ app onyourphone and search for the ‘Number Balls Game’ app. Onceyou’rethere, tap the ‘Install’ button, and you’re all set.Please, take a moment to review this game, so we can make itbetter.Every issue will be solved in the next update!Enjoy playing!
Number Slide Puzzle: Kids Game
On Happy Days
One..Two..Three..Let’s count. Dive into exciting world of numbers where you canplaythe number games. OnHappyDays brings you another new slidepuzzlegame. It’s a number sliding puzzle game for kids and numbergamesfor adults also.The number slide puzzle: kids game is number puzzle games whichhasnumbers from 1 to 15. There is one empty slot on the board. Youcanmove the numbers in the empty slot. The goal of the game istoarrange the numbers in order by sliding the tiles on the board.Usethe empty slot and move the numbers and arrange the numbersinorder.The slide the numbers game is an addictive game where it recordsthenumber of moves and number of seconds taken from the start ofthegame.This feature gives an opportunity for you to improve every timeyouplay the game.1. It has Start and Reset buttons. You can start a fresh newgameonce you click Reset.2. If you are stuck and don’t know how to solve the puzzle.Then,you can click Solve button and the game will move the tiles towinthe game.It promotes:- Fine motor skills- Hand eye coordination- Early Math ConceptsHow to Play -The objective of the game is to arrange numbers from 1 to 15insequence.1. Select a number near the empty slot.2. Move the numbers using logic and arrange them in order 1to15.The number slide puzzle: kids game is an addictive numberslidingpuzzle game. Have a nice time playing with numbers. Enjoyand havefun learning with OnHappyDays apps.
90 numbers 1.2.0
A simple and addictive game. Find allthenumbers in the table.Test your observation skill:3 stars - you have excellent observation skill2 stars - very good observation1 star - satisfactory observation
Doodle Numbers 5.0.0
Designed for both children and adults,thisgame improves your math skills by asking you to solve seriesofsimple and fun pattern-matching puzzles. Instead ofmatchingcolored balls and funny shapes, you're matching numbersusing basicmath. Finish the game, and you'll feel like arocketscientist!Thank you for downloading this little app, and have funimprovingyour math skills!Please don't forget to send us your feedback and rate us whenyourbrain get better :)
Matcher - Number Game & Puzzle 1.0.1
Number Game Matcher is a fun puzzle game.★ CAUTION - EXTREMELY ADDICTIVE GAME! ★★ SIMPLE GAMEPLAY ★★ RANDOMLY GENERATED LEVELS ★Match digits on discs with number of discs in row orcolumntoclear them. Create chain reactions and score as manypointsbeforethe board is filled.How many levels can you clear?★ FEATURES ★- Simple gameplay- Endless puzzles for you to enjoy!- Two game modes- Leaderboards- 40 achievements!- Great looking- Game with numbers- Fun- Addictive!- Infinite number of levels!★ HOW TO PLAY ★- Drop disc into column- If the digit on disc matches the number of discs in a columnorrowthis disc vanishes- Create chain reactions to gain more points.- Have fun! :)Matcher is the best number game! You might tryotheraddictivegames, but Matcher - game with numbers - will bemostfun!Matcher is a fun game of simple mental calculation. Ifyouarelooking for a number game to sharpen your brain skills -thisgamewith numbers is for you!Play on your Android device, clear as many discs as you canandgainmore points with chain reactions!Game numbers.Watch out - it's impossible to stop playing! If youlikeaddictivegames Matcher is for you!Matcher is a simple addictive game and it's universal -forbothtablets & phones!Number game Matcher is game based on idea of Drop 7 but it'snotasimple clone! You won't find anything like it! Do youlikeaddictivegames? This game with numbers is for you! It's easytoplay butreally hard to master.Choose carefully where you drop the disc - if you fillwholegridwith discs the game ends! Make global high score!This is the best number puzzle game for family,kids,adults,boys, girls, men, women all ages and genders! If youare akid, aboy, a girl, a man, a woman or love puzzles, riddlesgamesandbrain teaser! You will love this game.If you love addictive games Matcher is for you!Like this game onFacebook:-------------------><-------------------Or follow us onTwitter:-------------------><-------------------
50x50 1.0.0
The goal of the game - move the cube toup.Gain the equal numbers red and black, earn blocks.  - If the red and black numbers are equal, you getablock.  - If the red number more than black number, you loseablock.  - If the number of left and right blocks differ by15,cube falls.  - Save the number in the storage. Click on a number touseit.
81 Numbers 1.1.1
Hoang Phan
81 Numbers is a fun board game. This9x9-boardpuzzle includes numbers from 1 to 81. You will tap onnumbers inascending order from 1 to 81 in only one minute. Theinterestingthing here is that when you tap on numbers, theirposition will beshuffled.You need to focus, tap fast and have a super-memory gethighscores of the game.Other features in this game include:- Sharing on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/.. your best scores- Connecting to Google Play GamesWe'd love to hear feedback from you! Send us emails at [email protected] hard – Have fun - Enjoy the game!!!iOS version also available on App Store at, numbers, rush, tile, numbers, tap, line, white, go, run,math,fun, puzzle, 2048,
Bingo 90
Bingo 90This app generates random numbers (1 to 90) and readsaloudthem.• generates random numbers (1 to 90).• reads aloud the numbers drawn.• shows bingo board.
8 colors 1.0.2
The rules are very simple. The ballalwaysjumps. Push the screen, rotate the octagon, color of the ballmustmatch the color of the bottom.
Mahjong Solitaire Guru 5.2
“Mahjong Solitaire Guru” is one of freegamesfor your leisure and pleasure!Match all tiles to complete a board in one of the best MahjongFreeGames.► 300+ levels and easy to see different tiles► Absolutely stunning backgrounds► Different locations (China, Tibet and others)► Relaxing music► A lot of traditional layouts► Addictive gameplay► Amazing HD design► Heaps of puzzles► 4 unique tile sets► Free game with storyline► ZOOM in/out to customize your game► Scores & bonuses► 1080p HD Graphics for tablet and smartphoneMahjong solitaire is a classic game from China.Tiles usually look like an ivory.It is based on the mythical idea of China with 4 windsblowingacross the country and all that feng shui phenomena.It involves 4 winds, 3 dragons and 4 seasons.So get rid of all canvas in real life and let super mahjong gurutohelp you in it.It trains your mind fast and fun. The aim of mahjong game is alsotoget rid of alltiles as soon as possible to make game space free.Mahjong Guru with large tiles is a free game derived from aclassicChinese game which is also known as Shanghai Mahjong,TaipeiMahjong, Kyodai, Mahjong Trails, Shanghai mahjongg,MahjongSolitaite.The aim of the game is to remove all the playing tiles asapandaiming at highest score. Each tile has a picture or hieroglyphonit, there are 43 different pictures in total. Tiles must bepickedand matched with other tiles of the same picture/hieroglyph.Theydisappear once you matched right tiles, identical pairs to putitin other words. Mahjong Master Guru includes 4 types oftiles:classic is with numbers and letters or unusual is withanimals,flags and others and a lot of classic layouts.You progress fast if you play daily. You can see your mahjongguruachievements as far asthere is an option to save game. You can play every level asmanytimes as you want because all the times you see random positionofthe ties.Set game design by yourself with layouts and big tiles inmahjongsolitaire free!Enjoy the prettiest mahjong amongst mahjong for android tabletsandsmartphones for free.Who are quicker in matching right tiles?Just combine identical ones as quick as you can!It will make you more attentive, concentrated and smart!Mahjong is an classic Chinese board game and truelegendsolitaire!To tell you the truth, it is a real ancient puzzle game, maybeevenits forefather. Play if online and offline with ourmahjongclassic.If you fancy board games like puzzle, backgammon, cardgames,checkers, lines, kyodai, solitaire, go and so on, then youare onthe right path! Mahjong Guru is for true MahjongMaster!Also, Ya-Pei is one of the oldest card games that resemblesmahjongand is known to have been played as early as the10thcentury.Our Mahjong is one of the best free mahjong games with storylineforandroid. It contains a lot of different levels, different tilesandbackgrounds with flags, animals, dragons and nice pandas!EnjoyMahjong Solitare with layouts for free to be a realmahjongmaster!Dear mahjong games lovers!Our team is glad to receive your feedback.Leave it here or write [email protected]:
Number Cortex 3.0
Kent Shikama
Features- An interactive tutorial that will teach you the gamemechanicsin minutes- 18 unique levels that challenge you to think- Various rules to be unlocked and achievements to be shared- A two player mode with customizable settings (IAP required)Overview of GameAt its core, Number Cortex is an original two player boardgamewhere you take turns with your opponent placing numbers on asquaregrid (1 ~ 17, excluding 9). Number Cortex is somewhat uniquein thesense that you get to choose which number your opponent willplaynext. Your objective in this game is to get a three-in-a-row ofa“common attribute” either horizontally, vertically, ordiagonally.In other words, you are trying to line upthree-in-a-row:- Odds or Evens- Single digits or Double digits- More to be unlocked...The trick is to carefully eliminate the numbers you cannotpassto your opponent and force your opponent to give you awinningnumber.
Mahjong Solitaire Saga Free 1.2.7
Jose Varela
Free 3D Mahjong Saga game with 564Layouts!The goal is to remove all the tiles from the board. You mayremoveonly paired free tiles. The tile is free when there are notileseither to the left or to the right from it.- 564 Layouts , all of them unlocked and can be solved.- Infinite Undo, Hints, Shuffle.- Shadow: you decide to shade unplayable tiles.- Real 3D.- Change the layouts with de arrow buttons in the top ofthegame.- Interactive 360° drag, letting have a better view ofthelayouts.- Tile set design for easy recognition.- HD Images.- Relaxing music.It’s a game that don’t need wifi!No in-app purchases!
Mahjong Legend 1.4.6
GB Games
==============How To Play==============Mahjong Legend is a free mahjong game based on a classicChinesegame.(also known as Shanghai Mahjong, Taipei Mahjong,Kyodai,Mahjong Trails, or Shanghai mahjongg)The aim of the game is to remove all the playing tiles inthefastest time, while trying to achieve the highest score. Eachtilehas a picture on it, there are 43 different pictures intotal.Tiles must be selected and matched with other tiles of thesamepicture. Whenever you match two tiles, they both disappear,andwhen all tiles have disappeared the game is over.==============Features==============- 1000Game Levels.- 8 backgrounds.- 3 tile art.- Shuffle- Hint- Undo- Auto save- Block shadow- Auto zoom in
e Housie Kit 1.0
What is Housie/Tambola/Bingo:Housie, also known as Tambola or Bingo,is a popular gamethatisbelieved to be originated in Italy in early 1500s. Housie isagameof probability, the Organizer/Caller calls a one Number atatimeand players need to strike numbers on their tickets.
Housie can be played in many different ways dependingonthecompetency level of the players.
Caller decides thewinninggamecategory to be played and prize based on winningcategory. WhenaPlayer claims a winning catagory, Caller verifiesthe winningbymatching the struck number on the ticket with thecalledoutnumbers.Caller then declares if the winning hasbeensuccessfullyclaimed and check the category in "Eyes Down To"List.If not, thewinning point is still available to be claimed.Gameendswhen allwinning categories are successfully claimed.

What is eHousie Kit App:
Want to play Housie/Tambola/Bingo with friends in a kittypartybutdon’t have tickets and board..? Don’t worry we got itcovered.Wehave created an android e Housie Kit App so that youcanplayHousie/Tambola/Bingo anywhere you want withyourandroidsmartphone. The e Housie Kit App creates the housieboard(for thecaller) and the tickets(for the players). The eHousieKitapp issmart enough to tell you when you won a category.This board game is an exact replica of physical housieboardandtickets. No more pen, cards and board required.Caller calls a number by clicking "Hit Me" button andthenumberautomatically gets highligted on the Housie board.Playersclickthe called number on their respective Housietickets.EHousie Kit App Highlights:1. More than 25 game categories / patterns in both housieboardandticket.2. Eyes down option providing players or caller a listofcategoriesto be played.3. Gone option providing players or caller a listofcategoriescompleted.4. Hint option providing caller or players meaning ofanycategorywith highlighted numbers in a housie ticket5. Pop up message on completing a category in housie ticket.
Housie/Tambola Number Picker 3.0
Tambola is another name for the game ofBingo,Housey Housey, or Housie. The name varies in differentregions ofthe world. It is called Tambola in India and Pakistan,where it isvery popular.Tambola is played on a basic principle. Theorganizer/callercalls the Number/CUE one at a time and players needto strikeNumbers on their tickets. Tambola/Houzee can be played inmanydifferent ways depending on the competency level of thetargetaudience.Generally, Tambola is played with Numbers (1-90) being calledoutby 1 person/caller and players striking out those Numbers ontheirTickets.How to play?1) Sell Tambola Tickets at a fixed or mutually-agreed uponpriceto everyone who wants to play.2) With the ticket(s), hand out a pen/pencil/toothpick totheplayers to strike the called Numbers in their tickets.3) Decide the cash-prizes for the decided winning points.Winningpoints can be like:(a) Early 5: the ticket with first five struck numbers(b) First Row/Top Row: the ticket with all numbers struck in toprowfirst(c) Second Row/Middle Row: the ticket with all numbers struckinmiddle row first(d) Third Row/Bottom Row: the ticket with all numbers struckinbottom row first(e) Corners: the ticket with all 4 corner numbers struck first(1stand last numbers of top and bottom rows)(f) Corner with Star: the ticket with all 4 corner &center-mostnumbers struck first (1st and last numbers of top andbottom rowsalong with center-most number of the middle row)(g) Full House/First House: the ticket with all its numbersstruckfirst(h) Second House: the ticket with all its numbersstrucksecondand it can go onStart Playing Tambola !1) The CALLER needs to generate a number or let the autonumbergenerate a number2) If a number called by CALLER exists on a player’s ticket,thenthe player has to strike it.3)Once a particular Winning point is achieved by a player, he hastoclaim for it immediately.4) CALLER has to verify the winning by matching the strucknumberson the ticket with the called out numbers. CALLER thendeclares ifthe winning has been successfully claimed. If not, thewinningpoint is still available to be claimed.5) Game ends when all the FULL HOUSEs are successfully CLAIMED.Happy Playing :)Keywords: Bingo, Free, Tambola, Housie
SBingo 90 1.2
S.B 90
Have fun playing the newest and mostfunbingoapp ever! This app is designed for you to have funplayingbingogames amongst friends and others in your community. Youhavetheoption to view games either as a guest or registertoparticipateand compete in the community bingo game.Each game consists of 90 balls (with voice calls in5languages).Cards comprise of 15 numbers each and prizes areofferedfor winnersof the traditional 1 line, 2 line or fullhouse.Players have the option to play in three differingroomlevelsdepending upon your community membership status: Silver,GoldorV.I.P.NB This game is for amusement only and requires anactiveinternetconnection.Chat live between your friends and the communitywhilstplayingand test your luck!
101 Okey 1.1.0
SNG Games
You can play 101 Rummy offline and free.Ourmain contribution is offline 101 Okey plus strongartificialintelligence.Game Features:- Smooth game playing- 101 levels- Strong AI- Increasing bets in different rooms.- 24 different rooms and different background visuals.- Food and beverages.- Avatars- No internet connectionWe are looking forward your comments and [email protected]Have Fun!
90% Ok 1.1
In this Addictive game you will have totrytomatch the size of the falling circle by pressing righttoincreasethe size and pressing left to decrease the size ,Butbecareful ! -you have to be 90 - 100 % accurate , no more no less!OK ?
Best Balls 1.0.0
«Best Balls» is an unique game onimprovingdexterity and patience. The goal of this game is to getthe ballinto the hole by tilting the phone in different directions.Redballs should be rolled into the hole last of all.The main features:- Completely free of charge game;- Use of physics engine for the balls motion;- More than100 levels to pass;- New levels are constantly added.
Triominos v1.9.206
Goliath BV
▸▸▸ More than 8.000.000 games played!Thanksfor your enthusiasm and feedback, keep on playing.With more than 21 million games sold, Triominos® adds athirddimension to the classic game of dominoes. And if you know howtoplay dominoes you already know how to play Triominos, so youcanstart playing right away. Triominos®’ combination of luck andskillmeans that you can beat your friends fair and square (orshould wesay, fair and triangularly?).▶ PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS . . .Triominos is an online, multi-player game, that lets youcompetewith your friends and family anywhere, any time. Search foryourfriends by username or invite your Facebook friends to play.Youcan play as many games as you want, simultaneously! Receivepushnotifications when someone invited you or made a move.▶ OR PLAY BY YOURSELFIf you want to play on your own or practice in between gameswithfriends, try the single player mode—you can test your skillsandstrategy by playing against the computer.▶ HOW TO PLAYSlide your triangular tiles onto the “board,” matching one ofthesides with the side of a tile that’s already in play. You’llearnpoints for each tile you play, and bonus points formakingcombinations like a bridge, a hexagon, or a double hexagon.It’seasy to learn and quick to play—whether you sneak in quickmoveswhile waiting in line for lunch or sit down and playforhours.▶ PUZZLESChallenge yourself with the new Puzzles. Get 1, 2 or 3 starsandcomplete all the levels. You can get jokers which will fit inanyplace, but only the best complete it without it.Don’tunderestimate the complexity of the puzzles and indulgeyourself inhours of fun.© 2015 Pressman Toy CorporationMade Under License from Pressman Toy CorporationPeople also search for: domino, dominoes, muggins
Jungle Mahjong Connect 1.0.5
Connect 2 of the same mahjong tiles toremovethem from the board. You can only connect tiles with an(imaginary)line with no more then two 90 degree angles. Chainyourcombinations to earn extra bonus points.Beware levels get increasingly difficult as you progress. Canyoufinish all levels?Game Features:-Hundreds of tiles to connect!-Increasing difficulty!-10 challenging levels!-Unlimited shuffles if you get stuck!-Hints available!-Awesome 2D art!-Powered by Dolby(r) on supported devicesThis app is certified Actually Free(c) which means you getthefull game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Signupnow for our newsletter or learn moreat!FACEBOOK US: US: US: