Top 14 Games Similar to Platforms Game

Next Platform 1.4
In this game you have to move forwardyourboxon the platforms by clicking on the screen.Collect the gifts placed on platforms and buy yourfavouriteskinsfrom the game shop.
Platform UP! 1.0.1
Keep your mind on doing your best tocontrolthe platforms and make points. Just touch right or left tomoveyour platform, but be carefully your moves not always canbetrusted.So, how many point's will you get?
Grumpy Dude 1.0.8
Philipp Holly
Jump from platform to platform andcollectasmany stars as possible. The goal is to reach thegreenGoalPlatform.But your number of jumps is limited.You get Scorepoints for each collected star, for the flyingtimeandfor the remaining jumps.Drag and drop anywhere on the Gamescene to jump withyourdude.If you fall out of the Gamescene, the game is over and youhavetorestart.If you are on the Goal Platform, the Level is finished.The levels gets unlocked if you have collected at least 1 starintheprevious level.
Platform Tower 1.0.1
Can you jump?Sounds easy, but wait until you try Platform Tower!work on your timing!Practice on your reflex!Choose the coolest character!Avoid the obstacles!Don't die!Be awesome!and JUMP!
Sky Platforms 1.1.3
Sky Platforms is a endless runnerstylegame.Jumping across platforms that will make you go fasterorslowerwhile the space between the platforms increases!Tap to jump and double tap to dash.- Collect coins to buy power-ups that canhelpimprovescores.- Some platforms can make you go slower than normal, trytoavoidthem collecting double jump boosters.- Power-ups may also appear during the game in theformofstars.~Power-ups:- Start Faster- Mega Jump- Double Coins- Score Increases FasterA dragon may also appear with a lower chance, avoidthemeteorswhile dragging the dragon up and down.
Cube Platform 1.0
- Yüzlerlerce Bölüm !-Oynama Kolaylığı !- Hepsini Geçebilecekmisin ?Tek yapman gereken ekrana dokunmak !-HundredsofSection!Convenience of -Oyn!- You Geçebilecekmi all?You have to do is touch the screen!
Emotiboom Platform Game 1.0.12
Emotiboom is a platform game thatconsistsinwining point when exploding emojis. It has a lotofdifficultylevels and it is a funny game. You will be able toplayagainstother players joining the monthly ranking.From January you Will get great prizes if you are betweenthe10best players
Hamster Platform Game for Kids 1.4.2
Hamster: Water Game for Kids is a gamesimilarto the endless runner games and platform games, onlydifference isyou are a hamster that floats in the river and yourtroubles comeat you from above or from below the water level.Key features:- challenging gameplay- innovative flicking control- beautiful kid-friendly hand drawn graphics- awesome double physics (water and gravity)- simple to learn, hard to master- online highscores- unlockable characters (with score points, not IAPs)- unlockable story (with score points, not IAPs)Swim with hamster, help him jump over obstacles and dive underthem,conquer the jungle!. Those with the highest skill,determination andscore will get to marvel at our beautiful secretextra characters.You can also uncover the mystery behind thebeaver civilizationthat's trying to shorten your water floatingfun times.If you're feeling proud of your score, make sure you click„SubmitOnline“ and see where you stand on the highscoreleaderboard.
Mr.Platform 1.2
Do you like challenges ? Try to get ahighscore , about 30 for the beginning. Before a jump , think abouttheplace of landing which is a platform!
Extreme Platform 1.0.12
Phase Studio
*You can change the language in the setting.v1.0.12 - ALPHA stage
WHS Platform 1.0.15
This is a teaching resource fortheGamesDevelopment and Design course at William Howard SchoolinCumbria,UK.The game is a rudimentary platform game that we willmakeinclass.
Woolo - Platform Game 1.2
Woolo is an old style platform gamelikeMario,you can kill your enemies jumping on their heads. Therearemanylevels and many kinds of monsters. There are twodifferentcontrolschemes.
Sky Bunny - Platform jetpack 1
Sky Bunny is the best in 1 touch retropixelarcade actionRazor sharp reflexes are key in fighting your way through theskyas you blast through obstacles in this.Remain on screen as you climb up avoiding hazardsAvoid Lasers , Rocks and ColumnsDid you say Lasers!!!??Join sky bunny, the cutest bunny in this action packedarcadegame. A fun jetpack spin on platform gamesTake to the sky with you jetpack and stars as youavoidobstacles. How high can you high score climb in thisendlessclimber. The endless runner takes a sky ward angle in thisverticleplatformed✔ Platform✔ Arcade✔ Action✔ Casual✔ LeaderboardCheck out more Games by EggyLabs** Fingerprint Pregnancy Test **** Fingerprint Pregnancy Test **
Platforms! 1.0
Touch and drag to draw and aimyourplatforms.Try to keep the balls from falling down. It may seemeasyenough atfirst but this simple and addictive game will getVERYchallenging.The clean minimal art and fun addicting gameplay willkeepyoucoming back for more.---How do you get rid of ads?---We aren't fans of IAPs so we decided to add a "PlayAway!"feature.Simply play the game. Ads will go away after 1000games areplayed.Hey, we gotta earn a living over here somehow.:\