Top 4 Games Similar to Jumping Cube HD

Jumping Cube 3D 0.1
Another addiction foreveryaudience.JumpingCube 3D a very good game to spend imd.But itsnotas easy as itseems on screenshot to pass a level so enjoyit!
Geometry Flail 1.4.7
Geometry Flail is a lite arcade styleAndroidgame that puts you in charge of keeping the dodgy jumpingjellycube on the right track for as long as possible.***Best Concentration Game 2016******Best Social Competitive Game 2016***Geometry Flail is an endless dodging and jumping gamethatchallenges you to last as long as you can avoiding movingobstaclesand collecting gems.Geometry Flail features a completely different viewpoint and3Dgeometric graphics and physics to make things a little trickieraswell as more entertaining.***Challenge your logical abilities***The aim of this jumping cube dash game is to keep thejumpingcube on the zig-zagged path, avoiding flying bricks anddodgingenemies. It’s quite simple, but hard to master.You’re the jelly cube, and you need to jump on other flyingcubesand bricks in order to collect gems. You basically have toreactfast and wait for the right moment in order to jump.***Endless challenge game***Featuring easy to learn content and quick-adaptingcontrols:Geometry Flail will leave you reaching for the nearestchargingstation or USB-cable to keep you plugged into the game evenlonger,your objective is to use your little green-boxed 3Dcharacter toslide and jump over and under obstacles.***Features***◉ One button gameplay; simply tap the screen to jump. Easyaspie!◉ Leaderboard integrated; compete against the world!◉ Very competitive, very simple. Simplicity is the key here.◉ Endless gameplay that never gets old.◉ Never seen before power-ups!◉ Super-realistic physics.◉ Addictive as cheese.◉ Cute, funny, collectible characters.◉ 100% FREE, you are not required to buy anything.The fast paced geometrical goodness in Geometry Flail willleaveyou speechless.Get ready for the challenge of the year!Challenge your close (and open) friends and family members toagame that is fun and challenging to EVERYONE!
Jumpy Cube 1.09
Jumpy Cube is a game about WallJumping.Nothingmore. Nothing Less.Get as High as you can with limited jumps and become thenewJumpyCube Champion.Google Play sign in is required in order for scorestobestored.How to Play:Tilt to go side to side.Tap to jump.Collect coins for extra jumps.Collect rockets for a height boost.Collect a Trampoline to have a safety barrier put between youandtheMist until you hit it once.On the subject of ads:Although we disagree with in app purchases, some ofouradvertisersmay not follow the same view and may include them. Itisup to youto check these other apps for things you thinkaresuitable beforedownloading them. We take no responsibilityforproblems caused bythese other apps.
Cube Jump 1.3.0
MBay Game
Cube jumper is a jump game,more playful thanMrJump.Jump and cross your way through the danger road!Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained forhours!Try a different kind of logic game with great graphics and oneofa kind gameplay.This game is so amazing! You can be addictedtothis.Game Skills:***Push your skills to the limit as you jump.***Jump on moving platforms and avoid falling!