Top 5 Games Similar to Red Yellow Bird

Yellow Bird 0.2
JANA Games
You have to fly the yellow bird as farasyoucan without hitting a obstacle. The further you fly,thegreaterwill be your record.This is a fun and entertaining game that challenges yourlimitsandyour patience :)
Falling Birds Pro 1.24
Do you want to try before you buy? Playourfreeversion of Falling Birds! are becoming tired and are now falling birds, but thereisatrap beneath them! Give them the encouragement they needbytappingthem so that they can fly away!There are four types of falling birds that youwillcomeacross:The Green Bird - The most common bird. Tap them to makethemflyaway from the cage.The Red Bird - A big bird. Tap them to make every otherbirdonthe screen fly away from the cage.The Blue Bird - A frozen bird. Tap them to make everyotherbirdfreeze.The Yellow Bird - A sneaky bird. DO NOT TAP them or elsetheywillgrab every other bird on the screen and drag them intothecage.Tap your way through ninety-nine levels or get as far asyoucanon endless mode! Save your high scores and post themtoFacebookand Twitter to show your friends how amazing you areatsaving thefalling birds!As you get to higher levels more birds fall and theyfallfaster,so you are always getting challenged more and more.FallingBirds isfun for players of all ages.So, what are you waiting for? Start saving somebirds!PlayFalling Birds for Android™, an app by UpfrontApplications.
Dodge-Bird 1.65
How to Play:-Tap on the screen to fly higher-Avoid hitting the top of the screen and the fence.-Get a high score by dodging all the yellow birds!-Unlock different bird skins by getting a certain high-score!
Flappy Yellow Bird 1.0
Isotope Labs
Tired of 8 bit? Then enjoythebeautifulgraphics consisting of a rather 3D looking characteralongwith anice background!The rule is simple: TAP TAP TAP! Help the yellow bird finditswaythrough the pipes to a high score. Beat your friendsbychecking theleaderboard and uploading your progress!Game Features:- tap to fly- try to get past as many obstacles as possible
Floppy Bird Fly 1.0.1
Robert kim
Tap and Fly ! Help our flappy yellowbirdflyinghome. Get all the hearts and guide her navigatethroughthepipes.Let's get her go as far as she possibly can. Enjoythisendlessflying game!PRIVACY POLICY:This is our policies relate to the use and disclosureofpersonalinformation that we receive from our customers and/orendusersthat use this apps. You can contactushere;[email protected] users contacts us by e-mail, we may keep a record oftheircontactinformation in order to respond.We will use the information mainly in order to andmanagecustomerenquiries.We do not share, collect or sell any personal informationofendusers to any third parties and will never transmit toanythirdparties.We highly respect our end users privacy and to protect themisourpriority.