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Mosnet - Mosquito killer game free
Mosnet is a very funny andaddictingmosquitoSmasher or Mosquito killer game.Concept is simplynew. Oneendbasic interesting part is kill mosquito where other enditwillkeep you busy to reduce ratio of production.So its amixoffun,casual action with strategy.It also a learning game for them as mosquito is aglobalizedproblem.We will launch paid version soon which will bemoreaddictive andinteresting with lot of new objects. Mosnet isaMosquito killer ormosquito smasher game for kids.The typicalsoundof mosquito makethat game more interesting.MosquitoKillingprocess or reducemosquito production is the essential partof thegame.Mission is tomake the environment anti mosquito bySmashingMosquito &control Mosquito.Mosquito killing along withgermremover. Killingand controlling production ofspecies(Culicidae)is necessary.Tocontrol speed of them players needto use lot ofproducts whichreduce the speed along with theirproduction.Its asemi simulatedinteresting and funny game.How to play: Game start with a basic way to killmosquito.Clickonleft and right arrow to discover the other area ofroom andmosquitoproductions.You can choose tools to killandcontrol,decrease speedsand productions of mosquito.Germs levelisthe most effective part tocontrol production of mosquito.That game is strategy based as by only killing themosquitoyouwill not able to handle the situation and shortly get agameoverscreen.Be sure In the game the net which is usingthat'saelectronics net.So whenever you will click once then thatwillonand the indicator (red dot) will shown.At that case thatnetisable to kill the mosquito.In the off mode the indicatorwillnotshown and the net will not able to kill the mosquito.Enjoythegame and please give rating.
Mosquito Killer 2.01
Take out your rage against mosquitoesandshowthem who's boss! Kill mosquitoes with the tap of yourfingerandshow mosquitoes who the boss is. Plus, compete with yourfriendstosee who can kill the most mosquitoes. Beware however, asjustlikein real life the buggers can be hard to kill! Noanti-itchcreamneeded!Features----------Kill MosquitoesHigh Score Tracking- Show your friends how good you areatkillingmosquitoes!Achievements- See if you can collect them allbykillingmosquitoes!Global Leaderboards-Do you have what it takes to bethebestaround?Kill More Mosquitoes!