Top 49 Games Similar to WWE Immortals

WWE Tap Mania 1.3
Unleash your ultimate team of SuperstarsinWWE’s new, fast-paced game, WWE Tap Mania!In WWE Tap Mania, the action never stops. Become a WWE Superstarandbattle alongside WWE’s greatest Superstars and Legends.CollectSuperstar cards, build your deck, and rise up to become theWWEChampion. Get in the ring and unleash the mania!GET IN THE RING- NON-STOP ACTION as you battle the best, build your team, andtakeon the world- CREATE the ultimate team from WWE’s greatest roster ofalltime- EASY TO PLAY -- tap to attack and unleash devastatingsignaturemoves- STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY -- tap into the rich history of the WWE tomakean unstoppable team with the unique type and affinitysystems- LEVEL UP to increase your power and unlock each character’suniqueskills- PLAY-BY-PLAY by the WWE’s Michael Cole and Corey GravesUNLEASH THE MANIA- TONS OF MATCHES -- battle in the main event against WWE’sgreatestSuperstars- COLLECT WWE Superstars and Legends for free as you play- FEATURING The Rock, John Cena, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, TripleH,Roman Reigns, AJ Styles, Charlotte, The Miz, Randy Orton,SashaBanks, Dean Ambrose, Eddie Guerrero, Ultimate Warrior, andmanymore!- EARN WHILE AWAY -- your team never stops fighting so you’realwaysearning, even when the game is closed-DOMINATE IN LIVE WWE EVENTS -- rule the leaderboards in dailyliveevents based on WWE’s signature live television and PPVevents:RAW, Smackdown Live, Royal Rumble, SummerSlam, WrestleManiaandmoreBECOME A WWE SUPERSTAR- PERSONALIZE your character by creating your own signature moveandplay style- CUSTOMIZE your Superstars' powers and abilities withperkpoints- COMPLETE challenges, objectives, and achievements forepicrewards- COMPETE WITH FRIENDS to prove who’s the best-----© SEGA and/or The Tap Lab, Inc. SEGA and the SEGA logoareregistered trademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.orits affiliates. All WWE programming, talent names,images,likenesses, slogans, wrestling, moves, trademarks, logosandcopyrights are the exclusive property of WWE, and itssubsidiaries.All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are theproperty oftheir respective owners. © 2017 WWE. All RightsReserved.
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.29
Google Play’s Songkran promotion. Getthespecial offer now: buy the Casket of Gems and Bag of Coins with50%discount only in Thailand!The sequel to the famous Facebook smash hit with 40millionusersShadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classicalFighting.This game lets you equip your character with countlesslethalweapons and rare armor sets, and features dozensoflifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush yourenemies,humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the GateofShadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, andslashyour way to victory? There’s only one way to find out.- Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered inastonishinglylifelike detail by anall-new animation system.- Devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitivecontrols,thanks to an all-newfighting interface designed especially for touchscreens.- Journey through six different worlds full of menacing demonsinthis action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive,intriguingstoryline.- Customize your fighter with epic swords, nunchacku, armorsuits,magical powers,and more.Shadow Fight 2. May the battle begin!
Wrestling Fight Revolution 17 2.5
Like fighting and boxing games you cantignorewrestling games. Wrestling Fight Revolution 17 game is roadtoworld Champions. It is free to play best combat sport gamewithmultiple wrestlers, game modes and customization. Become aprowrestler champion in this world wrestling entertainmentfightingsimulator game. Get ready to rule them all with wrestlingseason ofwwe superstar.Game is especially designed for wrestle mania fighting andwwelovers. Game has two free modes. A wrestling superstarcareerchallenges will drive you to take risky shots in the ring.Upgradeyour wrestler to enjoy the professional experience with nolimitsof time. Knockout mode puts the power, intensity, andexcitement ofroyal wrestling fighting in your device. Win thebattle of ultimatefantasy match in WWE universal champion’scompetition. Fight usinga variety of revolution facing typetechniques such as closefighting, joint locks, pins to gain, throwsand take downs, usedifferent fighting techniques like Kung Fu, MuayThai, Mix martialarts MMA, Karate, taekwondo and uphold a wrestlingsuperstarposition against your wrestling ring opponents.Become universal champion of wrestling after beating all tagteamchampion wrestlers in the world. Test new striking techniques,likekarate kicks and boxing punches or even gymnastic dodgingandjumping art of fighting. Excite the crowd with your realwrestlingfight style, improve your fighting skills and be the bestwrestlerin the world. Participate in the world wrestlingchampionshipfighting contest, defeat all your opponents and win thesummer slamchampion’s belt, world best champions in your wayplaying WWEwrestling revolution 2017 great fighting sport game forall heavyweight fighting lovers.Wrestling Fight Revolution 17 Game FeaturesMultiple male and female wrestlers.Different fighting styles including Taekwondo, karate, Kung Fu&Boxing.Super & Ultimate wrestling knockout mode.Authentic actions and realistic wrestling movesCareer Mode to fight with world wrestlers3D animations and realistic quality soundAwesome sounds and realistic scene in this game includingring,timer, bell and clock, makes you feel that as you are watchingrealwrestling live stream just in the world-wrestlingmatches.
Wrestling Revolution 1.890
The original 2D wrestling game that startedamobile revolution - now celebrating over 10MILLIONdownloads!It harks back to the genre's 16-bit heyday where the funcomesfirst, and the versatile animation system means that anythingcouldhappen at any moment - with as many wrestlers in the ring asyourdevice can handle! Create your own star and embark on anendlesscareer full of possibilities, as you attempt to make therightmoves backstage as well as in the ring. Or simply blow offsteam in"Exhibition" matches of your own creation - where YOU maketherules, pick the players, and design the arena! Upon turning"Pro",your editing privileges even extend to saving your changes toall350 characters across 9 rosters.BUTTON CONTROLSPlease play through the tutorial for further instructions.A = Attack (with a direction to aim high, without to aim low)G = Grapple / Throw objectR = RunP = Pick up / DropT = Taunt / Pin* To set fire to a handheld weapon, press the R (Run) andP(Pick-Up) buttons simultaneously next to one on the ground.Thistorch can then be used to set fire to a larger item using thesamecommand.TOUCH CONTROLS:- TOUCH anywhere in the arena to walk towards it.- SWIPE to run or trigger moves.- TAP your opponent to attack that part of their body.- PINCH to grab or pick-up.- PART your fingers to taunt, pin, or cancel an action.- Touch the clock to PAUSE the game, and then the arrowtoEXIT.MENU CONTROLS- Touch either side of a value or box to browse its contents leftorright.- When selecting characters, touching their slot once willdisplaytheir stats and touching again will proceed to access them.Touchthe company logo to choose a different roster.- Hold your finger over a character slot to move it and switchwithanother. Move it to the company logo to switch rosters.- At the calendar screen, touch any date to view its contents.Touchyour character to edit them, touch their stats to train them,touchthe company logo to view the whole roster, touch the matchtitle tosee an exact description of the rules.- When setting up an exhibition, touch a character to replacethemand touch the match title to change the rules. From thatscreen,touch the table icon to add weapons and touch the ring iconto editthe arena.- Touch any speech bubbles to speed up conversations. Touchanyother static screen to proceed as soon as possible.PERFORMANCE- If you know your device can only handle a certain numberofwrestlers onscreen, please specifiy this limitation inthe"Display" options. Consider turning off secondary charactersaswell.- If you find that your device struggles when viewing themanycharacter slots, consider switching to "Basic" text and turningoffthe "Portraits".* Please note that Wrestling Revolution depicts afictitiousuniverse and is not affiliated with any realwrestlingpromotions.
Robot Fight: Fighting Games 1.9.171
Robots made of steel battle in thisrobotfighting games, the real fight club of battlebots and warrobotsLike Robot Games, Fighting Games? Then Iron Kill is foryou!FEATURES☆ Fight with 35 robots in this robot fighting game☆ Fight in PvP multiplayer robot fighting games with realplayersworldwide☆ Unleash devastating combos, abilities and special moves☆ Upgrade, research and equip boosts to dominate fights☆ Fight in Championship Leagues, Restricted Fights and LimitedTimeEvents☆ Stunning high quality graphics and animations☆ Compete against your Facebook Friends in LeaguesCOLLECT YOUR MIGHTIEST BATTLE HEROESBuild your legendary fighters from 35 mean metal machines,fightingrobots and dominate in the contest through apost-apocalypticworld.UNLEASH REAL DEVASTATING MOVESStart your robot boxing fight using quick attacks to stay agileorheavy attacks to go strong. Perform a wide range of boxing&fighting tactics along with unique abilities like stun,criticalstrike, shock shield…etc. during fights to turn the odds inyourfavour. Fill your revenge meter and unleash the superpower ofyourboxing robot made of steel. Unleash your combat skills todominatein the real fight of champions!UPGRADE, RESEARCH & EQUIP BOOSTSWin and upgrade your battlebots to enhance their steel andattackskills. Equip them with Boosts to double their power in thefights.Perform research tactically to enhance your bots andaccelerateyour overall journey.LEAGUE ROBOT BATTLES, RESTRICTED FIGHTS AND LIMITEDTIMEEVENTSCombat through 60 league fights challenging 12 unique championstowin the Ultimate Iron Kill Championship! Completerestrictionevents to win special Pro edition steel made boxingrobots.Participate in limited time events to win coolin-gamerewards.STUNNING 3D GRAPHICSImmerse yourself in 7 flawless real looking arenas designed toholdthe deadly robot wars between 35 real robots.ENGAGING SOCIAL FEATURESCompete against players worldwide on the journey to become BotFightClub Champion! Brag about your wins to win cool in-gamerewards.Challenge your friends in completing achievements.Download and start fighting! Build the ultimate immortals andkilleverything that stands in your way to dominate the botfightingchampionship, Ironkill!A network connection is required to play.Having problems? Any suggestions? You can reach [email protected]
Booking Revolution (Wrestling) 1.890
Wrestling Revolution may be thereigningchampion of in-ring action, but now "Booking Revolution"takes youbehind the scenes where the REAL power is! Assume controlof agiven promotion and set about making it your own by changingthegimmicks of the wrestlers. Then deploy your talent in supercardsofyour own creation - complete with sophisticated ratingsthatmeasure the entertainment you're providing. As a fullyplayablewrestling management sim, it's also your responsibility toput theright person over in the right way at the right time formaximumimpact! But with a locker room full of egos and rivalpromotionsfighting to beat you in the ratings, your dream job couldturn intoa nightmare.Upgrade to "Pro" to start at a promotion of your choice withfullprivileges - such as hiring new talent. This also grants youaccessto the editor, where you can save your changes to all350characters across all 9 promotions to create your own universe.Youcan then enjoy acting out your own dream matches with nopressurein "Exhibition" mode with immortals who are always atfullhealth.The following guide assumes that you are familiar with thebasiccontrols from Wrestling Revolution:RATINGS SYSTEMThe key ingredients to a "good" match are as follows:- The "Popularity" of the wrestlers involved determines how muchthefans will care about their actions. It affects theiroverallenthusiasm for the match, as well as how much they will"pop" forkey moments (such as a near fall). In some instances, itis"Strength" that determines how entertaining an attackis,etc.- The purple vial indicates whether there is a Face-Heel"chemistry"between a good guy and a bad guy. Without this, thematch may lackmeaning (although especially popular or talentedwrestlers canovercome it). Wrestlers who are friends in real lifemay also haveautomatic chemistry.- The green scales indicate whether the match is evenly"balanced"or not. Fans will quickly lose interest if one persondominates andthey are not convinced that anybody could win at anymoment. It isimportant to keep an eye on the health meters and makesure thereis some back-and-forth.- The clock grows increasingly solid, indicating that the matchisrunning is too long. The fans have a limited attentionspandepending on the scale of the match. It is not impossible tomakegains after boredom has set it, but it's certainly harder.Notethat the last minute of a match ceases to be boring!Long-sightedbookers can use this for exciting time limitdraws.- The skull & crossbones indicates that the match is relyingtoomuch on extreme violence. Fans can become desensitized to thisaftera while and it will lose its impact. The damage is notpermanentthough, and faith can be restored if you lay off theweapons.- A flame around the rating indicates that there is anestablishedrivalry that the fans are getting a kick out of seeing.Thisenhances their enthusiasm for the match - as well asprovidingpre-match "hype" (a better starting score). You can usepromos tocreate rivalries if they do not happen naturally.- The overall score for a show is the average of all the matchesonthe card - with the "main event" being twice as significant asallthe others. It is slightly more generous than the rating forasingle match, as it is not expected that every match on thecardwill be a classic. A 5-star show may be one full of4-starmatches!I regret that there is more to this game than I could everexplainhere! I hope you enjoy figuring some things out foryourself.* Please note that Wrestling Revolution depicts afictitiousuniverse and is not affiliated with any realwrestlingpromotions.
MARVEL Contest of Champions 14.1.1
Prepare for epic versus-fighting actionwithyour favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains intheultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine&more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & beginyourquest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion!WELCOME TO THE CONTEST:Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Manvs.Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in yourhands!The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collectorhassummoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-upofvile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and manymore!Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on yourmobiledevice…Marvel Contest of Champions!SUIT UP WITH FRIENDS:• Team up with your friends and other Summoners to buildthestrongest Alliance• Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their Championsinthe fight• Battle to the top in Alliance Events and take on AllianceQuestSeries together in specially designed quest maps to earnexclusiveAlliance rewards• Test your Alliance’s mettle by battling it out with Alliancesfromaround the world in Alliance Wars!BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM OF CHAMPIONS:• Assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains (choosingChampionssuch as: Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord,Gamora,Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier)• Embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face thechallengeof a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor,ultimately toprevent the total destruction of The MarvelUniverse• Improve your team’s offense and defense with multipleMasterytreesCOLLECT THE MIGHTIEST SUPER HEROES (AND VILLAINS!):• Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes andvillainswisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon teamaffiliation andrelationships taken from the pages of MarvelComics• Pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverineforbonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for ateamaffiliation bonus• The more powerful the Champion, the better their stats,abilitiesand special moves will be• New Champions are being added to The Contest all the time!QUEST AND BATTLE:• Journey through an exciting storyline in classicMarvelstorytelling fashion• Fight it out with a huge array of heroes and villains iniconiclocations spanning the Marvel Universe such as: AvengersTower,Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard,theS.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more!• Explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy doseofaction-packed fighting utilizing controls developedspecificallyfor the mobile platformLike us on on YouTube: us on Twitter: us on Instagram:
WWE 3.16.1
WWE, Inc.
Take WWE with you wherever you go – anytime,day or night – with the official WWE app for yourAndroiddevice.Now, in addition to the latest WWE videos, news and thousandsofphotos, you can use the WWE App as your exclusive portal toWWENetwork – a 24/7 streaming service with both scheduledprogrammingand a massive, on-demand library.Only on WWE Network, you’ll see every WWE live pay-per-viewevent,including WrestleMania, groundbreaking original series,realityshows and documentaries. You’ll also be able toexploresports-entertainment’s most comprehensive video-on-demandlibrary,featuring every WWE, WCW and ECW pay-per-view ever – uncutanduncensored – plus, classic matches and replays of RawandSmackDown.Join your fellow WWE Universe members at the next WWE LiveEventnear you – for which you can find complete details within theWWEApp. Explore our full schedule of events around the globe, findoutwhich Superstars will be in action, set reminders and orderyourtickets for the experience of a lifetime.The WWE App provides instant access to your favorite WWESuperstars,Divas and Legends. View Superstar profiles for a quicklook atextensive career milestones, biographies, video highlightsandTwitter feeds.If you want to outfit yourself like your favorite Superstar,enjoythe brand-new WWE Shop experience right from your device,whereofficial WWE Shop merchandise is available at the swipe ofyourfingertip.The WWE App is your key to unlocking a revolution!
Wrestling Champion 3D 1.1.2
Real Fighting
Start a career of real boxing punchhero,defeat all your rivals and become one of the greatestWWEchampions. Wrestling Fight Champion 3D MMA fighting is atruewrestling revolution in fighting games. Join the fighting clubandtake part in real boxing ufc fighting.CHOOSE YOUR PUNCH HERO CHARACTERChoose a boxer you like and start a real boxing MMA fighting,unlocknew fighters and arenasUSE VARIOUS WRESTLING COMBOSUse different real boxing combos, punch boxing, kicks andstrikes,knock your opponents downBE ONE OF THE WRESTLING REVOLUTION WWE CHAMPIONSWin the fight, win the tournament, watch your ratingWrestling Fight Champion 3D MMA fighting Features:- Great fighting club for breathtaking ufc fighting- Mighty real boxing fighters, true WWE champions;- Chance to win the MMA fighting and be a punch hero;- True wrestling revolution in ufc fighting games.Get ultimate 3D real boxing experience with Wrestling FightChampion3D MMA fighting, fight against glorious WWE champions andwin thiswrestling revolution combat!
Real Steel Boxing Champions 1.0.385
Build your Robot Fighting machine inthisultimate action and sports adventure. Unleash furious attacksinone-one combat using special moves, jabs, punches withlegendaryparts of your favorite heroes Atom, Zeus, Midas, NoisyBoyand newsuperstar Atom Prime.Battle in the boxing realms with 1000s of unique robots anddominate10 inspiring arenas in this epic sequel. Defeat theLegends of theNew Real Steel Era & an All New Mysterious SuperBoss to ReignSupreme as The Undisputable Champion!BUILD YOUR CHAMPIONUnleash your unique identity from 1500+ colossal robot parts of32Exclusive Robots. Choose from iconic Heads, massive Torsosandpowerful Hands & Legs. Customize your Robots withexcitingPaint, Intro that mimics your style and announce yourunique Nameto be acclaimed as the King Maker of Real SteelChampions!UNLEASH HEROIC MOVESSelect devastating Heavy & Special Attacks, UltimateUpgrades,Critical Hits and Finishers for your winningstrategy.PLAY WITH REAL STEEL LEGENDSOwn A Roster Of Real Steel Legends - Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy,Midas& Metro & Relive the Championship experience.PROVE YOUR METTLE• In The Tournament with 25 fights including 5IndomitableBosses• Across 30 Mighty Challenges• Rip Off Opponents in record time with 120 Time Attackfights• And hone your skills with Unlimited Free SparringThis game is completely free to download and play. However,somegame power-ups can be purchased with real money within thegame.You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’ssettings.* Permission:- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To determine your location for regionbasedoffers.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress*Also optimized for tablet devicesLike us: us: us: us:
WWE SuperCard: Wrestling Action & Card Battle Game
2K, Inc.
Get ready to dominate them all with Season 3ofWWE Supercard, the biggest, baddest update yet to the cardbattlegame that has thrilled over 11 million players around theworld! WWESupercard delivers over 150 Superstars of the past,present andfuture as well as fast-paced, in-your-face action likeyou’ve neverseen before! Featuring the series’ first real timebattle againstlive opponents, including a 15-on-15 Royal Rumbleand rankedplayer-versus-player, Season 3 allows you to engage andcompete withothers from around the world for ranking andrewards!WWE SuperCard Season 3 includes:• RANKED / PVP MODE – Battle in real time against liveopponentsfrom around the world for the top slot in a new monthlyleaderboardfor ranking and rewards.• ROYAL RUMBLE – Pit 15 of your best cards against 15 ofanopponent’s cards in a brand new, real-time gameplay mode inabattle to see the last card standing;• NEW CARD TIERS – Access three new card tiers and compete formorethan 100 new cards;• WILD MODE – Use both Active and Legacy cards to competeagainstopponents and gain more Active cards for your deck;• SEASON 1 LEGACY CARDS – Retain Season 1 cards throughtheirtransition to Legacy cards in Season 3, with the cardsavailablefor play in the game’s new Wild Mode feature;• YOUR FAVORITE MODES - Money in the Bank, Ring Domination,People’sChampion Challenge, King of the Ring, and Road to Gloryare allcarrying over to S3. And, yes, your S2 cards will beplayable acrossall this in addition to Ranked, Wild, and RoyalRumble mode.***Update requires OS 4.0.3+ WILL NOT RUN ON ANY EARLIEROS***
Real Steel World Robot Boxing 31.31.873
STAR ROBOTS ARE HERE!Fight the greatest ranked robot brawlers among 100 millionWRBplayers in exciting Global Multiplayer battles. Transformthelegends Atom, Zeus, and all-time favorite champions intopowerful1, 2, 3 and 4 Star Robots to win big in Versus Leagues& GlobalTournaments. Top the Leaderboards, claim theChampionship title andreign supreme as the Ultimate World RobotBoxing Champion.Achieve greatness in the future of boxing, where giganticrobotspack powerful punches. Unleash your fighting style withdeadlyjabs, uppercuts & special moves to win worldchampionshipbelts, collect trophies & knockout friends!UNLEASH ROBOT TITANSTowering over 9 feet tall and weighing over 2000 pounds are your58ultimate fighting machines, robot titans & legendsincludingfan favorite superstars – Zeus, Atom, Noisy boy &TwinCities.BRAWL REAL-TIME WITH FRIENDSUnleash your true self in live local Wi-Fi &Bluetoothmultiplayer and earn bragging rights while enjoying thewinningmoment!WIN EXCITING CHALLENGES!Play Career, Multiplayer and the new Winner Takes All Mode tobecomethe All-Category Champion.EXPERIENCE REAL SPORTS ACTIONBuild a roster of your favorite sport robots and take on theLegendsin enthralling arenas and stadiums.UPGRADE & COLOR YOUR CHAMPIONFight and Upgrade your robot to be stronger, faster andmeaner.Color your robot, express yourself and have some fun in thePaintshop!SHOWCASE YOUR TRIUMPHSWin Challenges and exhibit your achievements in an all newTrophyRoom.ACHIEVE GLORY IN ARENASReign supreme in 11 huge arenas that can barely containthesehulking mean machines.RELIVE THE INSPIRING MOVIEPlay the official boxing game of the blockbuster movie RealSteel.Take your robot champion from the movie for amazing titlewinningexperiences in this smash hit sequel.JOIN THE ELITE CLUB OF REAL STEEL FANSEnjoy regular news on game updates, robots, features, views,videotips and more for FreeLike us onFacebook: us on Twitter: player moments onInstagram: game is completely free to download and play. However,somegame power-ups can be purchased with real money within thegame.You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’ssettings.* Permission:- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: To determine your location forregionbased offers- BATTERY_STATS: Allows an application to collectbatterystatistics- GET_TASKS: Allows application to get information aboutcurrentlyor recently running tasks.- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Allows an application to receivetheACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the systemfinishesbooting.
WWE Champions Free Puzzle RPG 0.182
Install today to get the AndroidexclusiveRoman Reigns Gear for free! Please allow 48 hours afterinstall fordelivery.Battle the ultimate fantasy match ups in WWE Champions, thenewpuzzle RPG that pits the greatest WWE Superstars against eachotherin the ultimate quest for stardom. Collect and customize yourteamof WWE Superstars and battle through generations of theWWE’sgreatest.Send your team into a WWE ring to test your fighting skills.Win,and your WWE champions will live on as immortals. Lose, andfacedefeat at your opponent’s hands. Team up with other WWE fanstobattle for reputation, power and bragging rights in WWEChampions!#LetsSettleThis==WWE CHAMPIONS FEATURES==WWE Role Playing Game• Use RPG skills to earn XP by fighting in the ring andupgradingyour WWE champions to increase their power and customizeepicfighting RPG moves.• Fighting RPG gameplay lets you combine a variety of skillsandupgrades to create a completely unique team to defeatyouropponents.MATCH 3 Game with Signature WWE Moves• Match 3 pieces and obliterate rivals with signature WWE moveslikeJohn Cena’s Attitude Adjustment and The Rock’s legendaryRockBottom.WWE Champions and Events• WWE Champions is always evolving, so join the WWE Universeinweekly bouts and fighting games.• Re-create upcoming WWE Monday Night RAW and Smackdownbattles,enter monthly title events and recruit up-and-comingWWESuperstars.COLLECT Iconic WWE Superstars• Collect tons of WWE Superstars and assemble your dream rosterofchampions from the 80s, 90s and today.• Collect WWE favorites like The Rock, Undertaker, Macho ManRandySavage, John Cena, Triple H, Big Show, Andre The Giantandmore.BATTLE in 1-on-1 or Tag Team Online Games• Match 3 puzzle pieces to attack, build up energy and even pinyourenemies using signature WWE moves.• Battle skillfully to unleash devastation on your rivals inepicbattles that you can finish in less than five minutes.• Online team-ups with friends - tag team against rivals orbattleagainst your friends for ultimate bragging rights.CREATE the Ultimate Alliance• Form a super team with your friends to take over theWWEUniverse!• Heal each other's injured Superstars and give gifts toyourteammates as you fight for dominance in and out of thering!WWE Champions is the ultimate puzzle RPG to feature all ofyourfavorite WWE heroes. Enter the brutal world of the WWE, playpuzzlegames to defeat your rivals and collect new WWE Superstars tobuildthe ultimate team. Download for free and startbattlingtoday!
Sultan: The Game 1.08
Selected among Best Games of 2016!From the makers of Dhoom:3 The Game and FAN: The Game, nowplayTHE OFFICIAL GAME FOR THE BLOCKBUSTER OF 2016 'SULTAN'STARRINGSALMAN KHAN - BY YASH RAJ FILMS PVT. LTD.“Wrestling is Not a Sport, It’s about fighting whatlieswithin” - SultanJoin Sultan as he makes his wrestling comeback and risesthroughthe ranks to become the Wrestling Champion - witness hisfight forredemption, love and GLORY! Bring out the toughest in youas youKick, Punch and Defend across 60 levels of in-ring actionfilledcombats. Upgrade your Fighting Skills and Challenge yourfriendsto the Top of the LeaderboardsThe Odds are stacked against you - powerful wrestlers fromaroundthe world stand between you and the Ultimate WrestlingChampionshipGold Medal! Do you have what it takes to emerge as theSultan?Game Features:IMMENSE ACTIONExperience immense action of a pro-wrestler as you don theroleof Sultan.BE THE PRO-WRESTLERBring out the toughest in you as you Kick, Punch andDefendacross 60 levels of in-ring action filled combats.BEAT YOUR BUDDIESStrategise your fights to score the best and get to the topofthe Leaderboards.COOL UPGRADESUpgrade your fighting skills as you level up with coolupgradesand outdo your Opponents.TITLE MATCHESPut your wrestling to the test in the Title Matches and emergeasthe ultimate winnerYou are the Offence, You are the Defence, You are the Wrestlerinthis game of Destiny! PLAY NOW and begin yourPro-WrestlingJourney!Facing issues while playing Sultan: The Game or haveanysuggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you –Email [email protected]: The Game is Free-to-Play, but some items likeVirtualCurrency can be purchased with real-world money. Sultan: TheGamemay contain sponsored messages from 3rd Party Advertisingpartners- you can learn more here- Authorisation to play the game (the game may not runasexpected if not authorised)- Authorisation required for access to accounts service, to beusedfor social game features.All Intellectual Property in SULTAN and itscharacters,trademarks, associated artwork and designs areexclusively owned byYash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. © 2016. All RightsReserved.All Intellectual Property in Sultan: The Game mobile gameareexclusively owned by 99Games Online Pvt. Ltd. © 2016. AllRightsReserved.
Women Wrestling Revolution PRO 1.4
Let’s jump into the world womencelebritywrestling ring to show your women heavy weight championpower as aQueen of the and use all women best wrestling fightskills todefeat your rivals. Become a women top wrestler championin thiscelebrity wrestling & fighting simulator game likeworldwrestling war. Play Women World Wrestling Revolution 2017game.Survive in the ring leaving your rivals no chance to win,fightagainst heavy weight women best wrestlers and level upyourwrestling fight skills on the top level to win the womenworldwrestling revolution championship. Get ready to rule them allwithwrestling season like celebrity wrestling Superstars, thebiggestupdate yet to the super women battle game that has thrilledover 12million players around the world.Participate in the women world wrestling championshipfightingcontest, defeat all your opponents women and win the summerwomenwrestling championship belt, world best champions in yourwayplaying as wrestling revolution great fighting sport game forallheavy weight fighting lovers. Win the battle of ultimatefemalefantasy match in women universal champion’s competition, thenewwomen intercontinental championship that pits thegreatestwrestling superstars against each other in the ultimatewarriorhunt for fame. Beat all tag team women champion wrestlers inthisworld wrestling competition game and become universal championofwrestling federation 2017. Some women top wrestlers mightbestronger than they look, so train yourself a lot to proveyourstrength as a real women wrestling athlete. Test newstrikingtechniques, like karate kicks and boxing punches or evengymnasticdodging and jumping art of fighting. Excite the crowd withyourglamourized wrestling fight style, improve your fighting skillsandbe the best wrestler in the world.The women wrestling revolution 2017 3d game is designedespeciallyfor female wrestling & fighting lovers and all theworldwrestling super star lovers to watch & play with yourfavoriteheroin any time. Real team wrestling puts the power,intensity, andexcitement of wrestling in your device. Jaw, dropping3d arenagraphics, quick touch controls and action packed gameplayproducean amazing wrestling fight experience for cage fight and nomercyfights fan lovers. Women wrestling revolution 2017 will giveyouaccess to all superstar wrestlers fights in all events ofworldwrestling championship in HD quality game play. A womenwrestlingcelebrity career challenges will drive you to take riskyshots inthe ring. Both modes are available to play for free, withthisoption to upgrade your wrestler to enjoy the"professional"experience with no limits of time or playerselectionlimitations.Women Wrestling Revolution PRO 2017 Game Features:• Face different female wrestling rivals using differentfightingtechniques• Several strikes and fighting styles for entertainment• Ultimate action packed world wrestlers fighting game• Super & Ultimate women wrestling champion’s tournament• Heavy weight champions to battle against you in ring• Many different ways to improve you’re wrestling skills• Contest and survival mode, defeat your enemies to earn pointsorsurvive in the wrestling ring• Different women fighting styles including Taekwondo, karate,KungFu & Boxing• Authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves• Women World wrestlers in professional cage matches• Numerous unblocked strikes and fighting styles• 3D animations and realistic quality sound• Single fight mode and survival mode• Awesome sounds and realistic scene in this game includingring,timer, bell and clock, makes you feel that as you are watchingrealwrestling live stream just in the women wrestlingmatches.So what are you waiting for? Let’s download the worldunique& top women wrestling competitions game to enjoy therealfighting experience in women wrestling revolution PRO 20173DGame.
Real Wrestling 3D 1.8
Candy Mobile
Real Wrestling is the #1 realistic 3Dcombatsports game involving grappling techniques. Step into thecourt andimmerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of wrestlingaction!Real Wrestling puts the power, intensity, and raw emotionofwrestling in the palm of your hand. Jaw-dropping 3Dgraphics,intuitive touch controls, and action-packed game-playcreate aunique wwe combat experience for novice and veteran ufcfans alike.Fight using a variety of revolution grappling typetechniques suchas clinch fighting, throws and take-downs, jointlocks, pins togain and maintain a superior position over youropponent now!Game Features:- Authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves- 3D motion animations and spot-on sound design- 140+ unique wrestlers in pro league and cage match mode
Terra Fighter 2- Fighting Game 1.10
SMVD Games
Sequel of Terra Fighter - Deadly Wargodsisreleased as Terra Fighter 2- Fighting Game.* * * Slogan Of Real Warrior * * *The Battle Needs Blood but Warrior with Sword never caresforit.Terra fighter is the Classical 3D Action Fighting Game withWeapons.**The current Free 3D version of Game is supported in devicewith1GB and Higher RAM Devices**In this Free Fighting Game 3D , you will find awesome fightingmovesfor Kick, Punches,Combos and Powerful Projectile.It offers main story mode Game Play as well UltimateDuelFights.The Best HD 3D Game Back Ground and 3D Stages will give youfeelingof Playing the Combats in Unreal World.Out of 300 Fighting Games Arts we have choose best FightingMartialArts.To win the furious tournament In the arena of wargods , you'vetomaster the art of kickass street fighting, kung fu, karate&MMA fighting.Keep Focus on the opponent's weak point, make your move &attackwith your full strength & skills.You have chance to defeat world's best fighters of differenteraincluding Roman Gladiator, Deadly Ninja, Dragon Fighter ,ArmyLady, Boxing Wrestling Girl, Giant Demons and Future MetalSteelRobots.Porting Soul allows you to unlock enemy players and use them inEpicBattles.It offers Real and Unreal Fighters roaster.Unreal Tournament Fighting is ready for you.Shadow of defeated Commander will be one the battle ground totakeRevenge.Tiger Fighter, Dead Skull Man, Dragon Warrior, Shadow FighterBoss,Soul Boss and many other power full boss will trying to stopyou toreach to the King of Fighters the Immortal Cibor .**** Game Play ****You need to Free Fighter Souls to stop the Mightiest CiborVictoryover Terra.Cibor is The King of Fighters in all Deadly Fighting Skills andheis unbeatable in any head2head deathwar.Fight against injustice of Cibor and finish his ImmortalArmy.Glory needs Blood and warrior with Calibur never afraidofFighting.Special Features:- Number of Fighting Weapons and Armour upgrades- Play as Opponent and Boss in Duel- Unbelievable Magical Power- Number of different opponents- HD music and Graphics.- 16 Unlockable Opponents for Duel- 40 Fighting are arranged in Story Mode game- Ultimate Deadly Duel FightGame offers best combinations of Real and Unreal Fighters.Your Opponents are :* Lee The Kung Fu master* Jin The Judo Martial Fighting Expert* Shinobi The Great Ninja Warrior* Gabek The Immortal Fighter of the Rome* Clara The World Champion boxing girl* Valorie The X Army Girl* Jari The Future Metal Steel Robo Cop* Ahigo The Super Hero of Jungle Land* Batar The Fighter with Real Calibur* Mardig The Real BladeLord* Terro The Fighting Tiger King* Kappo The Scorpion King* Dracco The Eternity Dragon Warrior* Cibor The God of Wars and Real Eternity Warrior* Shadow Fighter* Soul of BossesWargods will give you Divine Weapons and Armour to FightagainstImmortal Fighters.Stop the Rise of Darkness and be part of Divine Glory.In this Free Fighting Game you have to fight for JusticeandFreedom.Become King of Fighters after defeating Cibor inDeadlyKombat.Though Terra Fighter Fighting Game is free to play but youcanchoose to pay money for quick upgrade of weapons andArmours.The game is combinations of Street Fighting Games, Kung fuFightingGames, Karate Fighting Games, Martial art Fighting games,GladiatorFighting Games, Boxing Wrestling Games and KarateFightinggames.Enjoy Best 2016 - 2017 Free Action Fighting Game in 3D.Stay Tuned with SMVD Games @
Ultimate Robot Fighting 1.0.148
Embark on the ultimate action journey ofRobotfighting as you build an epic roster of powerful, battlehungry andlarger than life robots! Enter the arena of touch based3v3 combatwith ULTIMATE ROBOT FIGHTING a free-to-play cardcollectiblegame.Build an awesome team of sentient robots, unleash uniqueanddevastating moves, upgrade and level up your mean machinesandreign supreme as a god of steel in the battle arenas!The game is completely free to play but some in-gameitemsrequire an in-app payment. You can turn off the paymentfeature bydisabling in-app purchases on your device.Unleash the champions, enter the ultimate contest!FEATURES:GET FIGHTING• Swipe and tap as you take on enemies in 3v3 combat and letlooseepic moves and super combos. Fill up your power bar tounleashspecial attacks and robot rip offs to reign supreme incombat!UNRAVEL THE CELL SHADED ARTWORK AND CONSOLE QUALITYVISUALGRAPHICS• A unique and breathtaking experience delivered to themobileplatforms. The complete gaming pleasure with state of theartvisuals & graphics and never seen before effects andimmersiveenvironments!MAKE A TEAM FROM A COLOSSAL ROSTER• Put your best team forward by choosing from 45 uniquerobotsinspired from the likes of gods, gladiators, firebreathingdragons, monks, weapon arsenals, samurais, ninjas and somany more!Assemble additional robot variations to unlock new powersand movesand a brand new fighting experience!UPGRADE & SYNERGISE• Improve, upgrade & promote your battle machines. Switchandshuffle your roster or choose from synergy sets that giveyouunique and exclusive combat advantages to best fit your styleofplay!EQUIP POWER CARDS AND OVERCLOCKS• Load up with power cards and overclocks to boost up yourrobots!Increase damage and armor, upgrade characters and specialsand letloose the true might of steel!Get in the know! Receive all the latest news from RelianceGames,plus game updates, videos tips & more…Visit us: http://www.reliancegames.comLike us: us: us:
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars 1.4.2
nWay Inc.
Rita Repulsa, the space witch, has infectedtheMorphin Grid, creating virtual monsters and Ranger clonesprogrammedto fight on her behalf. Fight back with your own curatedteam oflegendary Power Rangers and villains from the multiverse!Unlock newRangers, upgrade your best warriors and create the bestteam todefeat Rita, and save the Morphin Grid.----------------FEATURES------------------------BATTLE PLAYERS IN REAL-TIMEStrategize, dodge and fight against real players in real-timePvPand unlock different arenas from famous locations in the movieandTV Show!STUNNING CONSOLE QUALITY GRAPHICSView your favorite Power Rangers and their iconic moves likeneverbefore. Full-blown 3D character models with stunning visualsandanimations!COLLECT NEW & ICONIC POWER RANGERSUnlock new Rangers and collect 40+ warriors ranging from thenewmovie Power Rangers to classic Rangers to villains from acrossthePower Rangers multiverse!CUSTOMIZABLE TEAMSCreate the best team to fight for you. With your ultimate team,youcan challenge top players from around the world!GROW STRONGERUpgrade your best warriors with Zeo Shards earned throughbattles,missions and more to increase your winning streaks andbattlestats!TEAM UP WITH YOUR FRIENDSBuild alliances to share, chat and trade tactics, strategyandcombos! Watch replays to learn from other members and followyourfavorite players.************************************************************************Like us onFacebook: us on Twitter: us onInstagram: downloading this game, you agree to the Terms of ServiceandPrivacy Policy Agreement.
Zombie Deathmatch 0.0.21
2036 AD. A genetically engineeredSerumtransforms humans to zombies. A new evil, Papa Rainbow,controlsthe undead to unleash these deadly zombie fighters onhumans anddestroy mankind.Your mission is to create your Zombie fighting team with an arrayofbone-crushing weapons and take on the undead in gruesomepitfighting leagues. Collect three classes of zombies withuniqueskills, strength, power, attacks and agility to defeatmightyopponents.Are you ready to unleash your match-winning strategy, buildyourzombie horde and experience a captivating story to get to theendand save mankind?BUILD YOUR BATTLE HORDEUnravel your monstrous roster of Zombie fighters. Engageinskull-crushing mayhem with Scarecrow, Clown, Hannibal,Tombstoneand other fighters inspired from the meanest ever knowntomankind.HONE YOUR WINNING STRATEGYCombine Brute, Mauler & Stalker classes in your zombiefightingteam to win. Unleash the sheer thrashing power of BrutesagainstMaulers. Take down any Stalker with extreme health andagility of aMauler. Use Stalkers to mow down Brutes with fast andspecialattacks.EQUIP DEADLY WEAPONS AND ARMOURChoose from an array of bone crushing weapons to rip apartanyopponent and tank up with strong armor to withstandpiercingdamage.FIGHT EXTREME BATTLESJourney through four intense Fighting Leagues and defeatmightyzombie bosses to become the ultimate champion.BECOME THE HERO OF HUMANITYFight evil in the dark Salvage Yard, Fortune Casino,StreetFight,SteakHouse and ShowTime Arenas. Each win gets youcloser todefeating your nemesis Papa Rainbow and savingmankind!JOIN THE EXCLUSIVE CLUB OF ZOMBIE DEATHMATCH FANSEnjoy regular news on game updates, characters, features,views,video tips and more for Free*Also optimized for tablet devicesVisit us: www.zombie-deathmatch.comLike us on facebook: us on twitter: us on youtube: game is completely free to download and play. However,somegame items can be purchased with real money within the game.Youcan restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings.
Shadow Battle 2.0
Shadow Battle, a new revolutionofversus-fighting action games.★ NEW! ★SHADOW BATTLE 2.0 Beta is here!★ Game Features ★- Glactic Domination (NEW): Team up and Conquer Planets andSystemsto build your empire!- Hardcore class system (NEW): Each hero class has itssignificantstrength and weakness against other classes. Know youropponents,win the battle!- Transformation: Each hero has an unique transformationthatunleashes one's special power.- Burst in melee with furious dash attacks or keep at range andraindown hell on your enemy with quick shots, heavy beams, orclusterbombs- Exquisite quality of graphics- Earphones are recommended to fully experience epic 3-Dsoundeffects- Immersive button-less control scheme- Don’t let the rookie-level AI fool you, they can getinsanelydifficult at times- Unlock new maps and stories as you proceed on- Well known super heroes, ranged from the good ol days’ to themostrecent ones- Explicit tutorial for new players and effective trainingtoacquaintance with unique gameplay- Use reputation points to participate in versus mode, whichgreatlyincreases gold reward and enhances item drop rate- Shiny (literally) equipment await to be unlocked- Diverse abilities and stats upgrade system- Generous daily awards can be claimed freely- Obtain free coins by inviting your friends through Facebook(!) New unyielding heroes, techniques and multiplayer modearecoming soon in the next updates (!)★ How to play ★- Tap any where in the empty space to move your hero- Switch skills during the fight by tapping on their icons atthebottom-right corner- At a long distance, tap on the enemy to fire quick shots, orholdfor a few seconds to charge up and release a massiveenergyburst- At a closer range, tap on your enemy to approach and dish outaseries of melee attacks- Swipe the screen toward your enemy to perform a deadlydashattack- Stay still to automatically block incoming attacks- Double tap on your hero to activate the powerful sonic blast,and*transform*! (the hero needs to be AWAKENED through rollingCUBEtwice into that hero)- Press and hold on your hero to quickly regenerate★ Game Story ★Each hero has his background story. Meanwhile, An AI(ArtificialIntelligence) has been created to study their storiesand interpretthem to you. Most of the time, it will walk youthrough the basics.Unfortunately, due to a critical mistake of itscreator, that gaveAI such gloomy vision of understanding any hero'sform. Other thanthat, little AI is still learning things to getbetter at guidingplayers.★ Contact us ★We want to make sure you are entertained. Feel free to write usanyfeedback. They are real-time credits for us. Let's improve thegametogether!★ Update Suggestions ★Any ideas and suggestions, please send us an [email protected]★ Stability ★It works better on Android versions higher than 4.1. Itisrecommended to update your Android OS if you are running on 4.1forbetter stability.SPECIAL THANKS TO★ Vy Le★ Nhat Tran★ Vinh TaFor their valuable contributions.
Deadly Fight - Fighting Game
Akash M
Deadly Fight is one of the top best andadvance3d combat free fighter game of this era, Fight to earn yourespectput your anger in your mind and smash opponent it’s a realsimulatorof fight club guys. Deadly fight has magnificencegraphics with,martial arts, karate combo moves it comes with bestvisual and soundeffects hope you will enjoy it. Combat fightingaction pack withmore the 20 character of different fighting styleslike karate,mortal combat, street boxing, martial arts and manymore. Its a freeand top ranked Multiplayer game for you guys nowyou can fight withfriends on same network. In Deadly Fight gameevery thing isunlocked and free lots of fighter with new fightingmoves kick,punches, super power moves and special combomoves.There are so many action games but it is the only arcade actiongamewhich give you retro feeling of best fighting games, alsorankedamong top searched games of the year.------------------------- What Make Deadly Fight a top fightinggame--------------------------1 - Deadly fight is among the games that provide Player vsPlayermultiplayer fighting system on same network.2 - It is the only fighting game which is less then 40 MB insizewith full 3d fighter.3 - Best simulator with super fire and combo moves foreveryfighter, there are more then 30 price fighter.4 - More then 4 Million downloads in one month of launch Toprankedamong action games.PLEASE GIVE USE FEEDBACK TO MAKE DEADLY FIGHT AMONG TOP BESTFREEFIGHTING GAMES.
Superheros 3 Fighting Games 1.5
Become a real Superheroes and fightagainstamazing villains and save humanity from the shadows of evil,enjoyan epic battle in which you can choose from more than 76heroestotally FREE! Unlock cards and get your new heroes collect anewfighters to play.In Super Heroes 3 free fighting game, you can enjoy allthedisciplines of street fighting, compete against masters of kungfu,mma, karate, wrestling, ninja, boxing and other types ofmartialarts.Game Features:- Incredible 3D graphics.- Collect and upgrade 76 superheroes to fight.- Incredible combos.- Fast fight mode, face to face in Arcade mode.- History mode.- Combat in 10 different dynamic scenarios.- Play from any device with your saved game- World leaderboard.- Collect and upgrade 76 heroes to fight.- Vibrates with its unique and exciting original soundtrack andHDsound.Prove that you can defeat the forces of the shadows in aspectacularmortal battle in which you must demonstrate withdifferent punchesof boxing, a direct punch to your weak point or aflying kick, whenyou have recharged your energy, you can give theultimate blow thatwill end With your rival and get to be streetfight champion beatingdark villainsPlay all the days of your life to Superheroes 3 Free FightingGame,as it is a free game, as this game funded throughadvertisementsinside and integrated purchases for fasterprogress.Note that Superheroes 3 Free Fighting Game, represents afictionaluniverse and is not affiliated with any real wrestlingpromotionsor brands.
Six-Guns: Gang Showdown 2.9.0h
Explore a truly enormous and open WildWestfrontier full of cowboys, bandits and more…unnatural enemiesinthis third person shooter adventure game.Play for free: Make your enemies pay!Buck Crosshaw never shot a man who didn’t deserve it, butnowhe’s an outlaw who had to fake his own death and escape toArizona.But in escaping one evil, Buck is about to face another,for anancient and wicked force stirs in the hills of thismysteriousregion.A WILD FRONTIERFreely explore an open world set in Arizona and Oregon fullofevents, mystery and challenges for you to discover as youbecomecompletely immersed in the story and the action. But don’tbefooled by this land’s beauty - outlaws, vampires & manyotherunnatural foes lurk in every shadow.ACCEPT THE CHALLENGETake on 40 missions with a great variety of tasks for youtoovercome. You’ll race horses, take out robbers, fend off wavesofenemies and more along the way!SADDLE UPIn this kill-or-be-killed land, you’ll need to unlock all8different horses, 19 weapons and a wide selection of clothes,ammoand other items to help you on your adventure.PLAY FOR FREEFree games have never been this deep or fun! It costs you nothingtodownload and play the game to the end!For fans of FPS, action games, shooting games, action gamesfreeAndroid games.----Visit our official site at www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or like usonFacebook at to get moreinfoabout all our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game our blog at for the insidescoopon everything Gameloft.Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within theappand may contain third party advertisements that may redirect youtoa third party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Anger of Stick 5 1.1.3
Up-to-date version of ' AngerOfStick ',Tophottest Game in the world with 60 milion download recordthe best stickman fighting game ' Anger of stick5 : zombie '*StickMan Game:AngerOfStick2, AngerOfStick3, AngerOfStick4, AngerOfStick5*Scenario:A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and have beenusinginnocent people as experimental tools.Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and hisfriendsshould save the people and remove the enemies.*Collect various colleagues!- Please collect 6 kinds of reliable fellows.- You can arrange the stage with the total 3 fellows.*RPG's growth elements-The level up system throgh experiences (EXP).*You can enjoy both Single mode and Jombie mode.*A variety of movements and realistic actions havebeenrealized.====================================Support Information:For additional support, please contact:E-mail : [email protected]====================================
Punch Hero 1.3.8
Hit ‘em where it hurts!The ultimate boxing game on mobile!Come swing your fists in this all-immersive mobile boxinggame.Hone your jabs, hooks and uppercuts at the Training Centerwhileaccumulating special skills and power moves in the SkillStore.Presented in hilarious 3D, Punch Hero is addictive as itischallenging. With multiple modes of gameplay andcustomizableoptions, Punch Hero offers hours of endless boxingaction!• • • FEATURES • • •• ADRENALINE PUMPING BOXING ACTION •Deliver swift jabs, hooks, uppercuts and serve brutalknockoutpunches as you fight your opponent.• CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION •Give yourself a gnarly beard or maybe some cool shades as youdressyour character in the Costume Shop with items thatenhanceperformance.• INTENSE SKILL BUILDING IN THREE DIFFERENT MODES! •Fight with new challengers in Arcade Mode, Amateur Mode and ProModeas you level up and hone your jabs, hooks and uppercuts.• ADD YOUR OWN FACE! •Throw your friend (or enemy) into the ring by creating yourownchallenger in Challenger Registry. Place their picture in theframeand fight them in the virtual ring.• GAMECENTER ACHIEVEMENTS •Play in Graveyard Mode as your go 1 on 1 with all players oryourfriends through Gamecenter.• • • NEWS & EVENTS • • •Website http://www.gamevil.comFacebook
Smash Champs 1.7.6
Rise to the challenge and battle your waytogreatness!Take on the role as trainer, prepare for combat and lead yourChampsto victory against your friends.Kiloo presents an action arcade adventure like no other. Formateam, challenge your opponents and become the greatest trainerofSmash Champs!FEATURES:★ CHALLENGE friends and foes in turn-based online play★ TRAIN your Champs for combat with lightning fastswipeaction★ RISE through the ranks to become a legendary trainer★ UNLOCK Champs and customize them with powerful gear★ DISCOVER triumph in spectacular combat cinematics*Note: A network connection is required to play.
TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight 3.0.2
Calling all Autobots, Decepticons,Predaconsand Maximals!Join Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Waspinator,Rhinox,Grimlock, Soundwave and many more of your favorite bots inthebattle for supremacy where Transformers universes collide.Thisexciting action-fighting RPG brings the heroic storytellingandspectacular action from over 30 years of Transformers historytoyour mobile device!Features:• Collect iconic bots from the entire Transformers universe• Battle other players with devastating special attacks,rangedblasting, destructible terrain and huge 360° arenas• Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle inglobalevents• Set a gauntlet of bots and defenses to protect your base,getrevenge on those that attack and raid enemy bases• Deploy away teams to score epic lootRoll Out!WiFi or cellular connection is required to play.Optional in-app purchases available.Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: @ForgedtoFightSubscribe to our is a trademark of Hasbro and is used with permission.©2017 Hasbro. Licensed by Hasbro. TRANSFORMERS: Forged toFightsoftware © 2017 Kabam, Inc. Developed by Kabam. Allrightsreserved.
Thumb Fighter 1.1.6
Thumb Fighter is the simplest versusfightinggame around!Challenge your friends or family in the funniest thumbwarmatches.Enjoy the best 2 player matches, tournaments andgoofyminigames!- 2 Player Mode- Player vs Phone- Computer vs Computer Mode ( Why not? )- More than 60 wacky characters XD- New stuff every week!
Karate Fighting Tiger 3D - 2 1.6
Trigger Team
Enter the world of Japanese martial artsonceagain! Face and beat new opponents and prove your mastery overaKarate Tiger Claw Style playing amazing Karate Fighting Tiger 3D–2 !Welcome to the sequel of famous action fighting game ‘boutkarate!Survive on the ring leaving your opponent no chance to stayalive!Participate another karate fighting tournament, beat allyouropponents and become the champion! Check contest and survivalmode– fight against enemies and kill them to earn points or surviveonthe ring as long as you can! Become the strongest fighter ontheearth playing Karate Fighting Tiger 3D - 2 action game!Your enemies use different fighting styles including Taekwondo,MuayThai, Kung Fu, Boxing and other, so do your best to overcomeall ofthem with the power of karate Tiger Claw style! Level upyourfighting skills with each level! Fight against powerfulrivals, winover them, earn points and buy new colored belts tounlock newlevels of your progression! Upgrade your power, speed,and accuracyor unlock new strikes and fighting styles gettingpoints for eachwinning!Become a real master of Japanese martial artist, win thetournamentand get fun with Karate Fighting Tiger 3D - 2!Karate Fighting Tiger 3D - 2 features:New part of the ultimate action fighting game inJapanesestyleEven more various strikes and fighting styles to tryNew powerful enemies to battle againstUnlock all colored belts to upgrade your martialartist’sskillsContest and survival mode – beat and kill your enemies toearnpoints or survive on the ring as long as you canMaster the Tiger Claw style, improve your fighting skills and bethebest karateka in the known world! Try Karate Fighting Tiger 3D-2 –ultimate action game for everyone!
Wrestling Action WWE Videos 11.2
Ashley Kern
This application contain topmomentsofWrestling wwe susperstar action fights.This application offers you to access all action fights ofalleventsof WWE Wrestling of your favorites susperstar in HDQuality.Theapplication is designed especially for you and all theWWElovers towatch any wrestling online at any time. All currentwweshows updateson daily basis according to their days.
Smackdown Raw WWE Tips 12.3
Jared Finnic
This app is for Smackdown RawWWEActionWrestling lover.
Fatal Fight - Fighting Games 2.0.236
Fatal Fight is a unique fighting game thatisextremely addictive.Discover your way to become the greatest fighter by defeatingevilninjas, deadly warriors and invisible samurais.Do you like the fighting scenes? Great! Fatal Fight hasstunningscenes with different martial arts.It is can be also called "Beat them up" which is a type ofactiongame where the character must fight against a large numberofenemies in unarmed combat or with melee weapons. Beat 'emupusually employ vigilante crime fighting and revenge plots withtheaction taking place on city streets.The unique gameplay makes it easy to learn but hard tomaster.Features:• Tons of epic levels• 10+ Kung Fu masters• No time limit. Play as long as you want.• Offline mode. No Wi-Fi, no problem.• Daily bonuses and gifts• Unique fighting skills• Annoying ads? No problem. Make any in-app purchase and ads willbedisabled forever.• Leaderboards & achievements.• Cloud save. Your game progress is being saved online. You cansyncyour game progress between devices, phones & tablets usingthesame Google Play or Facebook Account.Like us on Facebook: Let's Fight!
World Wrestling Revolution War 1.5
Jump into the world wrestling ring toshowyour heavy weight champion power as a king of the ring wrestleranduse all wrestling fight skills to defeat your rivals. Become aprowrestler champion in this world wrestling fighting simulatorgamelike wrestling war. Play World Wrestling Revolution 2017game!Survive in the ring leaving your rivals no chance to win,fightagainst heavy weight wrestlers and level up your wrestlingfightskills on the top level to win the world wrestlingrevolutionchampionship. Get ready to rule them all with wrestlingseason likewrestling Superstars, the biggest update yet to thesuper battlegame that has thrilled over 12 million players aroundtheworld.Beat all tag team camphion wrestlers in this worldwrestlingcompetition game and become universal champion ofwrestlingfederation. Some wrestlers might be stronger than theylook, sotrain yourself a lot to prove your strength as a realwrestlingathlete. Test new striking techniques, like karate kicksand boxingpunches or even gymnastic dodging and jumping art offighting.Excite the crowd with your wrestling fight style, improveyourfighting skills and be the best wrestler in the world.Participatein the world wrestling championship fighting contest,defeat allyour opponents and win the summer wrestling championshipbelt,world best champions in your way playing as wrestlingrevolutiongreat fighting sport game for all heavy weightfightinglovers.Win the battle of ultimate fantasy match in universalchampion’scompetition, the new intercontinental championship thatpits thegreatest wrestling superstars against each other in theultimatewarrior quest for stardom. Real team wrestling puts thepower,intensity, and excitement of wrestling in your device.Jaw,dropping 3d arena graphics, quick touch controls and actionpackedgameplay produce an amazing wrestling fight experience forcagefight and no mercy fights fan lovers.World wrestling revolution 2017 will give you access toallsuperstar wrestlers fights in all events of worldwrestlingchampionship in HD quality game play. The worldwrestlingrevolution 2017 3d game is designed especially forwrestlingfighting lovers and all the world wrestling super starlovers towatch & play your favorite hero any time. A wrestlingsuperstarcareer challenges will drive you to take risky shots inthe ring.Both modes are available to play for free, with thisoption toupgrade your wrestler to enjoy the "professional"experience withno limits of time or player selectionlimitations.World wrestling revolution War 2017 Game Features:• Authentic actions and realistic wrestling moves• World wrestlers in professional cage matches• Face different wrestling rivals using differentfightingtechniques• Numerous unblocked strikes and fighting styles• Ultimate action packed world wrestlers fighting game• Several strikes and fighting styles for entertainment• Heavy weight champions to battle against you in ring• Many different ways to improve you’re wrestling skills• Super & Ultimate wrestling champions tournament• Single fight mode and survival mode• 3D animations and realistic quality sound• Different fighting styles including Taekwondo, karate, KungFu& Boxing• Contest and survival mode, defeat your enemies to earn pointsorsurvive in the wrestling ring• Awesome sounds and realistic scene in this game includingring,timer, bell and clock, makes you feel that as you are watchingrealwrestling live stream just in the world wrestlingmatches.So what are you waiting for? Let’s download the worldunique& top wrestling competitions game to enjoy the realfightingexperience in world wrestling revolution 2017 3DGame.
Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods 2.0
SMVD Games
Underground zodiac killers come to deatharenato fight single head2head battle called deathwar. A fighterwill doanything to win this killbox & be the Immortal king ofthisvery ancient combat tournament. Welcome to the arena ofwargods. Towin this furious tournament you've to master the art ofkickassstreet fighting, kung fu, karate & MMA fighting. Focuson theopponent's weak point, make your move & attack with yourfullstrength & skills.Free download Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods to yourandroiddevice & get yourself involved in this pragmatic virtualwar ofdeadly zodiac killers. Train yourself, get used to theuniquefighting styles of each fighters. These battleborgs havetheir ownsuperpower moves, learn them in the training mood. Havefun,testing the fighting skills of yourself in the death arenaofunderground bloodwar. Defeat all the wargods, be the lastsurvivor& win the immortal king title of this virtualkillbox.Reveal your inner fighter in this head2head 3D deathwargame.Play with multiple deadly fighters & challenge others intheduel mode all over the world. Defeat all the wargods insinglebattle combat mood, unlock new zodiac killer fighters.Proveyourself the king in this ancient immortal godswar.Discover special features of Terra Fighter- DeadlyWargods:- Incredible 3D & 2D graphics will give you the qualityvisualexperience.- Amazing deathwar mood sound effects.- Simple but very addictive game play.- Different stages of death arena all over the world.- Multiple zodiac killer characters in the game play.- Win each single battle in combat mood to unlock morepowerfulancient battleborgs.- In the duel mode you can choose your opponent.- Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods is completely free but some ingamespecial items require payment.- Endless action in the bloodwar story mode.- You don't need any special skills to be the last survivor inthisgame. Just cool your nerves & be fast with yourfingers.- Great story line to lure you into this ancient combat game&reveal your inner zodiac killer.How to be the legendary king of deathwar-- Start with training mode. Select your own fighter amongunlockedbattleborgs & select your desired death arena.- Train to learn different moves, sharpen yourfightingskills.- Each kickass fighter has its own superpower & comboattackstyles. Learn all of them.- Master the art of combo attacks. You need them much more thananyskill to become the ultimate last survivor ofundergroundbloodwar.- Get into duel mode, select your man & engage inhead2headbloodwar.- Win many single battle killbox in the death arena & earnmorecoins.- Unlock new combat fighters, get into the story mood selectyourbest killer & start fighting.- Defeat 5 immortal fighters in head2head killbox to unlockdueltournament mode.- Defeat all battleborgs worldwide to earn more coins.- Keep wining to remain the immortal king ofundergroundbloodwar.Download Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods completely free fromplaystore & engage in legendary ancient head2headdeathwar.Remember the last survivor wins this undergroundtournament. So bethe expert killer & defeat all the battleborgsin each singlebattle killbox.If you like our "Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods" game pleasetakea moment & rate us. Your ratings inspire us improving thegameplay. Best of luck playing this wargame, be the last survivor&win the title.Big Update :New Rivals are available for 1 to 1 Fight in story modeNow Best Vs fighting game comes with noxious weapons andnewcombatantHD Joystick pad updatedNew Japanese fighter kyu and Roman contender are added in storylineas RivalsNinja Assassin s added in Demon Camp .Controller is UpdatedDifficulty is managed for better game playConquer the palace back from the malignant spirit.New Play offline features allow to play without internet.AI toughness reducedHigh Quality New Music Tracks are addedEquip weapon when required no limit .
Boxing KO-Fighting Warrior
2016’s most popular action combatgame–“BoxingKO-fighting warrior”!Most wonderful furious wrestlegame withclassic kung fu combat come extreme crimesimulator actionadventure!Put your gloves on and step inside thearena because it’stime for the big fight of the night!The“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”are ready for a big fightingshow!get ready for some hard-to-beat fun time.Can you win thisepiccombat?Find out now!Don’t let the underworld gangster rulethestreets.Enjoy this fun addictive game with a true fighterlegendagainst mafia underworld boss!“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Game Strategy:Pull-off awesome martial art fighting styles such as“Boxing”,“Karate”, “Tae Kwon Do”, “Sumo”, “Drunken Fist”, “MuayThai”, andmuch more with a simple tap of a button. Victory is atyourfingertips!So play this game and practiceBoxing&fightingtechniques in real life to become a perfectwarrior like fightingwarrior .Quickness is key to win the hand to hand fight. Play game andlearnhow to fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your punches andkicks howto use youself amazing skill .Block the enemy kicks andpunches isalso essential part of martial arts. In KungFu there arelot ofblockage techniques to defend yourself from enemy attack.Keep aneye on every move of your enemy that is fighting with you.Usepunches and kicks with accuracy and quickly. Take timelydecision,attack on enemy with punches and kicks on proper time andblockenemy attack using accuracy and speed in your actions. Useenemypower against himself.In the sense of real combat game.Fightingcoherent action is strong, you are presented a visual andsensorydouble enjoyment.Continued passion and blood at thesametime.“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Game Features:-Great old-school art and animations!-Random combo skills and unique rage system!-Upgrading your skills comes with furious changes!-Unlimited fighting, strive to be the fight hero!-Powerful enemies to struggle against-Easy and smooth controlsSmooth hit fighting actionFast and dynamic game playEasy sliding and touching screen bring about continuouslycoolstriking!Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!【 Battle on the fingertips】We abandoned the inhuman virtual buttons, and created auniquetap-and-slide control mode (we have a patent for this), allthemoves will be performed with your fingertips, and give youarefreshing experience just like playing the arcade fightinggame.All skills have no cool down time, when performed properly,you canprotagonist achieve unlimited combos!【Extremely gorgeous graphics】The most gorgeous 2D graphics, based on thousands ofbeautifuloriginal artworks. The most sophisticated battle effectsand movepresentation, perfectly restored the fighting style , giveyou thefinest ko fighting experience!It's the action casual game in new concept.Start the toughest fight ever! Kill or be killed! Try“BoxingKO-fighting warrior” right now!Recorded in the history oftheclassic arcade game, Compared with other fighting games,KungFuFighting has been designed to be played with more easily .useyourfists fighting in a boxing match to be a hero and achieveaknockout (ko). Prove you're the best master of fighting.“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Plot:The world is dark bullies from the parliament attack. AsPrincessKingdom, organized a group of rebels to resist the darkboards, butwith little success. As one of the admirers of theprincessprotagonist T also joined the rebel groups, for their ownlovedone, devote all their strength, as they slowly getting upsmoothlywhen the princess was captured dark sense, in order to hisbelovedpeople, to drive away the darkness of the world, need toembark ona strong protagonist T road must grow faster! To save hisbelovedprincess, which is the road, and not so well, you also needyourbrave efforts! In the end it is to defeat the darkness to greetthelight, shadow or sink, dull! On the way, to you to decide!
Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots 3D 1.2.3
Real Fighting
Take part in one of the BattleMinibotsarmoredcar shows – spectacular robots fighting games of armoredcarradio-guided vehicles. These indestructible battle carsareextremely dangerous, each with its unique weapon for deathracing.Create your own armored car minibot in the garage andupgrade itsproperties to make it to the try-out and become a memberof themech robot wars League!Enjoy watching steel robot fighting BattleBots and armored carRobotWars shows? Always dreamed of creating your ownindestructiblebattle cars robot and building a team to take partin the deathracing show? With Robot Fighting 2 - Minibots robotsfighting gamesANYONE can be part of armored car wars game – thiscar battle isthrilling, and it's free!Drive to the steel robot fighting arena and be ready for themostbreathtaking car wars game with death racing! This car battleissomething really amazing!Face the most powerful death racing bots. You're going to dealwiththem in mech robot wars:ExcabotDrillbotSmile minibombSawbotNailthrower, and others!Fight on multiple battle arena locations with additional obstacles–traps, spike strips, kill saws, hell raisers, ramrods, etc.Interactwith objects on the battle arena (crates, fireextinguishers) andlearn how to use the traps in your favor. Earnexperience points inrobots fighting games and get access tominibot customization – newarmor, weapons and styles for morebreathtaking car wars game.And remember: the more achievements you unlock, the better, asonlythe most persistent players will join the mech robot warsLeague.Let the car wars game start!
Fists For Fighting (Fx3) 1.989
Put gloves on and use your fists toachieveyour goal. In Fx3 take the role of different fighters,eachfighting for different reasons and giving everything of whethertobeat all their opponents.Game features:- Fully 3d- Super combos- Comic style stories.- Move around in the ring- 13 Fighters- 8 Arenas- Interface in English and Spanish- Narration in English and Spanish- Fast and dynamic game play*** If you want more characters and updates, please like usinfacebook: follow us in twitter: @FlynetStudios and give us yourfeedbackand requests.
Sumo wrestling Revolution 2017: Pro Stars Fighting 1.3
Sumo Wrestling Revolution 2017: ProStarsFighting is the most realistic fighting simulation game. Gameisespecially designed for sumo wrestling lovers. A sumowrestlingsuper stars career challenges will drive you to take riskyshots inthe ring. Upgrade your wrestler strength to enjoy theprofessionalsumo wrestling experience with unlimited fun. Knockoutincrease thepower, intensity, and excitem¯ent of royal sumowrestling fighting.Win the battle of ultimate unreal match in worldchampion’stournament. Fight using a variety of revolutionary trickssuch aspins to gain, joint locks, close fighting, throws and takedowns.Become universal champion of sumo wrestling after beating alltagteam champion wrestlers in the world. World sumowrestlingchampions hero delivers adventures challenging role inthisaddictive sumo wrestling game.The Stars Sumo wrestling Revolution 2017 3d game isdesignedespecially for sumo wrestling fighting lovers from allaround theworld sumo wrestling super star lovers to watch &play yourfavorite hero any time. Use the touch gestures on thescreen, andfor each gesture have a different blow, your quicknessandtechnique will make you a great champion. Beat all tagteamchampion wrestlers in this world sumo wrestling competitiongameand become universal champion of sumo wrestling fightfederation.Some wrestlers might be stronger than they look, sotrain yourselfa lot to prove your strength as a real sumowrestlingathlete.Now it’s time to participate in the world sumowrestlingchampionship fighting contest, defeat all your opponentsand winthe universal championship, world best champions are in yourway toplaying world sumo wrestling tournament. Experience the realsumofighting simulation game and enhance your fighting skills.Upgradeyour sumo wrestling expertise with power full & strongbody infree 3d game. Beat all tag team champion wrestlers in thisworldsumo wrestling competition game and become universal championofsumo wrestling fight federation. Some wrestlers might bestrongerthan they look, so train yourself a lot to prove yourstrength as areal sumo wrestling athlete. Stars Sumo wrestlingRevolution 2017will give you access to all superstar wrestlersfights in allevents of world sumo wrestling championship in HDquality gameplay. The Stars Sumo wrestling Revolution 2017 3d gameis designedespecially for sumo wrestling fighting lovers from allaround theworld sumo wrestling super star lovers to watch &play yourfavorite hero any time.Let's ready to start your practice for the upcoming sumowrestlingevents. Defeat the opponents with move quickly in the ringlikelegend wrestler and dodge your rival with your quick left,rightsudden robust punch attacks. So get ready and start real supersumowrestler match practice with this ultimate world sumowrestlingchampion’s game. Freestyle street fighting game loverswill enjoy& find it more interesting sumo wrestling 3d game. Asumowrestling superstar career challenges will drive you to takeriskyshots in the ring. Easy gameplay and full control. Use thetouchgestures on the screen, and for each gesture have a differentblow,your quickness and technique will make you a great champion.Testnew striking techniques, like karate kicks and punches orevengymnastic dodging and jumping art of fighting.Sumo wrestling Revolution 2017: Pro Stars FightingGameFeatures:• Superstars & ultimate sumo wrestlingchampion’stournament• 3D animations and realistic quality sound• Heavy weight champions to battle against you in ring• Authentic actions and realistic sumo wrestling moves• World wrestlers in professional cage matches• Face different sumo wrestling rivals with differentfightingtechniquesSo what are you waiting for? Let’s download the worldunique& top sumo wrestling competitions game, enjoy the realfightingexperience in Stars Sumo wrestling Revolution 20173DGame.
Monster Superhero Ring Battle 1.0
Are you enthusiast to enter into theworldoffighting ring to start the battle? So, get ready to fightinthering as a super fighter. This simulator puts theintensityandpower of the emotions of wrestling in the palm of yourhand.Youmight have played many ring fighting games, but youwouldhavenever experienced the futuristic one on one herofightbefore.Don’t miss a chance to play this fighting simulatorbecausethesuper multi hero fighting game of the future is here.It’s timetoplay the eventual monster hero game of this era. Youcantakepleasure in this futuristic monster battle and experiencethefightof monster hero in the ring. This one is speciallydesignedfor theextreme fans of monster hero ring fighting games andmonsterherocity battle games. Take down the ultimate robot warfarewithitsring fighting and monster hero boxing skills. Showoffyourswiftness ability and win the chaos war in MONSTERSUPERHERORINGBATTLE, summation of monster battle games andmonsterwargames.Earth war is beginning between good and evil monsterfighters.Takepart in the ring war and defeat all your opponents.The gameplayof this super monster hero is very interesting andsimple. Youhavemulti players with super powers. Every super monsterherohasunique capabilities of jump, punch and kick. Get controlyourrealmonster hero and defeat them badly in this monsterboxingringfight game with an aroma of super spider games andsuperrobotgames. A monster superhero ring battle not onlygiveyousatisfaction of wining but also give you all challenge howtotakedown the rivals. It’s all about your respect and glory,sohighyour hero ring fighting experience in this grandringfightinggame. Keep in mind that you will have to defenseyourselffromenemy attacks. Knockout your opponent with your superpowerpunchon the face and fight like you did never before. Thereare12different monster heroes and ready to come into thebattlefield.Sochallenge the multiple monster heroes and get readyfor therobotring fighting battle in this amazing hero monsterclash.Monster Superhero Ring Battle Features:- Excellent indoor robot wrestling environment- Realistic monster hero fight and battle sound effects- Fantastic fighting animation, flying kicks and punches- Astounding HD, 3D Graphics- Variety of multiple heroes for fight- Option to select a player monster hero- Marvelous player strengths and superb wrestlingcapabilitiesSo, what are you waiting for? Let’s experience the thrillingfightinthis final battle game and become a truce incredible herointhis warcity simulator. Enjoy the blend of boxing gamesandsuperhero gameswith the extreme hero monster city simulator. Beasuper fighter andcreate a record of winning ring fights. Showoffyour fighting skillsand become a fabled fighter and countertheenemy attack, but don’tallow them to strike back. Get readytotake part in this singleMONSTER SUPERHERO RING BATTLE, testyourfighting skills in theamalgam of all monster games andmonsterhero games.
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia
Experience intense multiplayer combat withupto 6 players online or 12 using local wi-fi. Train with theSargeand sharpen your skills in offline Training, Co-op andSurvivalmodes. Shoot a multitude of weapon types including thesniper,shotgun and flamethrower.Features explosive online and local multiplayer warfare!Intuitivedual stick shooting controls. Open world maps utilizingrocketboots for extended vertical flight. Zoom control, meleeattacks anddual wield ability with modern and futuristic heavy dutyweaponsand grenades. Play team based battles in this fun cartoonthemedcross between Soldat and Halo.Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia aka DA2, based on the originalstickmanshooter Doodle Army, was created based on player feedbackandsuggestions. We love to hear your ideas so thank you and keepthemcoming! Give a call out to Sarge from the in-game emaillink!Purchase the Pro Player Pack to get full access to dualwieldability, extra avatar customization items and online weaponssuchas the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gunandmore!We also provide a non-pay exchange solution for your use of theProPack is free of charge in exchange for safely sharing some ofyourdevice's idle resources for the benefit of others. You mayturnthis off from settings. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation.
Ultimate Ninja Blazing 1.9.1
NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing –Jointhe battle with your favorite NARUTO characters, fighting inShinobiFormation Battles across the story of the renownedanime!Fight hordes of enemies and complete missions using theall-newShinobi Formation Battle system: a strategic RPG fightingsystemthat unleashes exhilarating combination attacks with yourallies.Master team field skills, discover new ninjutsu and becomethe nextHokage in the first-ever Ultimate Ninja mobile game!NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Features:Battle Enemies with Your Ninja Dream Team!• Control over 100 NARUTO heroes, each with their own uniqueattacksand tactics• Fight enemies using ninjutsu, powerful special techniquesandcombination attacks• Unleash ninjutsu abilities for powerful offensivestrikes,defensive abilities that can stop enemy movement, andmoreMission Mode Based On the Original Anime Storyline!• Mission Mode allows you to relive the experience of theNARUTOstory• Battle through stories from the original seriesNinja Skills and Powerful Attacks!• Fighting skills include close-ranged and combination attacksformassive damage• Ninja Field Skills can turn the tide of battle in yourfavor• Fighting closely with your team allows for great opportunity,butalso great riskFight Ninjas from Around the World in OnlineMultiplayerGames!• Battle against other ninjas in multiplayer mode• Join together and take on missions with up to 3 otherninjasNew Games in Monthly Phantom Castle Events!• Compete against other ninjas for the most points and aim forthetop in a special mode that can only be accessed duringspecialevents• Battle against a multitude of enemies that await you as youclimbthe Phantom CastleJoin the battle with your favorite NARUTO characters!DownloadNARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing now and become thenextHokage!SUPPORT: NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Website: downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Terms of Service.Terms of Service: Policy: game contains some items available for in-app purchase thatcanenhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchasescan bedisabled in your device settings, see formoredetails.-----------------------------------©2002 MASASHI KISHIMOTO/2007 SHIPPUDEN All Rights Reserved.© GREE, Inc.© 2016 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.This application is distributed under the official rights fromthelicense holder.
DC Legends 1.13.1
As the shadow of the Blackest Nightprophecyfalls on every world, sheer will alone cannot save theshattered DCUniverse. It’s up to you to lead a team of DC’sgreatest championsto victory, but know this: peace can only berestored with astrategic mind. Experience the ultimate role-playinggame packedwith all of your favorite DC Super Heroes andSuper-Villains. JoinSuperman, Batman, The Joker and more in abattle against Nekron.How will your choices affect the fate of theDC Universe?TEAM UP• Collect and form teams of Super Heroes and Super-Villainsfromacross the DC Universe• Construct your own allegiance of the Justice League or buildyourown Lantern Corp• Unite unlikely allies such as Green Arrow, Doomsday, WonderWoman,Dr. Fate, and Harley Quinn to create the perfect lineup foreachmissionTHROW DOWN• Battle against Nekron and the Manhunters in astory-drivencampaign across iconic DC locales, includingMetropolis,Themyscira, Thanagar and more• Immerse yourself in cinematic action and vivid environmentsthatbring each encounter to life as you unleash Superman’s HeatVision,Bizarro’s Flame Breath, or Flash’s Speed Force Vortex onwave afterwave of undead foes• Compete against other players around the world to demonstrateyoursuperior team-building skills to climb the ranks in 14uniqueLeagues with escalating rewards• Earn new characters and additional rewards through dailyandweekly special events tied to the latest in DC comics, moviesandTVBECOME LEGENDARY• Collect iconic and powerful gear for your hero, likeBatman’sBatarang, Sinestro’s Power Battery, or Lex Luthor’sKryptoniteRing, to upgrade their combat abilities• Rank up your Super Hero and Super-Villain to five star andbecomea Legend• Legendary heroes not only exhibit more powerful stats, buthaveimproved Super Powers and a whole new visual personaJoin the Conversations: Help?support.wbgames.comPrivacy Ad Practices - This app permits third party datacollectionfor Interest-Based Ads. Learn more in the Ad Choicessection
Street Fighting2:K.O Fighters 1.0.1
“KO Fighters”is a classic streetfightinggames.combines boxing, karate,kungfu, wrestling,latestarcadegames totallyfree!endless boxing action a new style ARPGiscoming!The true heroes are born in the street fighting, feel thepowerandstrength in your hands, wielding a real fightingmachine.It'syourtime to be the master of kungfu fighters for FREE!Chooseyourfavorite character and compete in street fights, do notletthemreach your opponent to avoid a KO.Come swing your fists in this all-immersive mobileboxinggame.simpleside-scrolling interface and easy-to-learncontrols, aswell as awide range of skills you can mix fordevastating combos.Anunprecedented brave combat experience!Fighton the street!Facevaries of enemies! Defeat them and take alltheirterritories!Usequick reflexes and special moves, unleashfiercepunches andcombos, beat all opponents and become the king ofboxingnow!Features:- Cool special skills!- Wonderful story- Skills upgrades- Multiple levels and scenarios- Entertaining physics engine- Unique rage combo system!- Realistic fighting sound!- Easy sliding and touching screen bring aboutcontinuouslycoolstriking!- Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!
Real Boxing 2.4.0
Real Boxing is the best FREEfightingexperience on the Google Play, with jaw-droppinggraphics,full-blown career, multiplayer with real prizes andintuitivecontrols.________________________________________________TOUCH ARCADE - "It’s called Real Boxing for a very good reason,andit lives up to its name impeccably well." 4.5/5IGN - “Real Boxing is an Unreal Engine-powered beauty“148 APPS - "Real Boxing offers a console quality boxingexperience.It plays as great as it looks." 4.5/5________________________________________________AMAZING GRAPHICS & SOUNDImmerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of boxing actionthanksto jaw-dropping Unreal Engine-powered graphics, realisticmotioncaptured animations and spot-on sound design.KNOCKOUT GAMEPLAYFight using a variety of devastating punches and combos. Tiptheodds in your favor with game changing power-ups. Feel everyjab,hook and uppercut thanks to intuitive andresponsivecontrols.REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYERBecome a challenger and enjoy hundreds of hours more gameplay inthefeature-packed Real Boxing multiplayer mode.WEEKLY TOURNAMENTSFeel the adrenaline rush in Weekly Tournaments, featuringoriginaland challenging rules, with a chance to win in-game andrealprizes.EXHILARATING ARCADE MODE AND UNDERGROUND TOURNAMENTPut your boxing to the test and fight otherworldly bosses inRealBoxing’s Arcade Mode, or take your skills to the street intheUnderground Tournament and unlock brand new gear foryourboxer!COMPREHENSIVE CAREERFight over 30 unique boxers with their own adaptive boxing stylesina full-blown career mode to become world champion.YOUR REAL BOXERCreate and customize your own fighter with dozens ofunlockablehairstyles, tattoos, and gear. Train via a variety ofmini gamesand maintain condition as you fight challenger afterchallenger onyour way to the top.ENGAGING SOCIAL FEATURESCome back daily and win amazing prizes with Daily Rewards theDailySpin. Use the Social Panel to compare scores, challengefriends andbecome ultimate rivals.MORE FREE CONTENTEnjoy regular content updates introducing new features,challengersand more – for free!Visit www.realboxinggame.comLike us at of Services
Modern Strike Online 1.20.2
Are you a fan of the good oldcounterterrorists and counter strike? Here is some cops strikingnews foryou. We are ready to change an idea of free online PVPAndroidmultiplayer shooters. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimizationevenfor low-performing devices - best online shooting game forandroid.Armed confrontation is beginning this spring in yoursmartphone.Take the part in the vanguard at the battlefield ofModern StrikeOnline! Confront your enemy – it’s high-time toblitz!DOWNLOAD now for Free!- Reminder: Join tournaments to win prize, rize your clan!===Game Features===★★★100% CS Maps★★★Battlefields to choose: 14 maps to try different tactics andfindyour enemy’s weak spots!6 combat modes and sniper opportunity to create your own gamewithits rules for your friends and your brigade!★★★ Login to Get Daily Free Gifts★★★Login to Get Daily Free Gifts, Login to get Free DailyQuests!Login to get daily free items. Don’t also miss the bonus EXPandCredits time! ★★★70+ Weapons, Customize Your Exclusive Weapons andSkins!★★★70 types of weapons: guns, pistols, snipers, tommy-guns,subguns,grenades, rockets and body armors!Customize your weapon and get a unique test piece – change thecolorand get all options, from barrels and stocks to scopes. ★★★Upgrade gear system★★★Upgrade your gear and become stronger!Claim first place and give a headshot to the one who will daretocontest the air!Regular updates and new elements are waiting for you. Thisyear’sbest graphics and perfectly matched sounds will make youspend yourtime playing Modern Strike Online! ===The Gameplay===- Deathmatch: It's kill or be killed, capitalism style. Killtheother players as many times as you can- Team Deathmatch: Team vs Team battle- Bomb mode (team vs team with 1 life, plant the bomb)- Team Bomb mode (team vs team deathmatch, plant the bomb)- Hardcore mode (damage inrease x3) cs/cops like style- Team Squad (team vs teams, 3 rounds)- Create your own games (create any game maps/rules)- Swat team (counter terrorist vs terrorist team)★★★Up to 5V5 multiplayers online PVP battle mode,fairfight!★★★★★★Use less mobile data in real-time matches.★★★★★★Online PVP FPS gun game!★★★★★★Sniper Arenas and Bravo Sniper Mode!★★★ ========================Like us onFacebook: YouTube: updates and new elements are waiting for you. Thisyear’sbest graphics and perfectly matched sounds will make youspend yourtime playing Modern Strike Online!MSO: best online pvp FPS shooting game for android!
Popular 2D VS fighting game "THE KINGOFFIGHTERS-A 2012" returns as a free app to celebrate KOF20thAnniversary!■NEW CHARACTERS, NEW TEAMSIn addition to the characters from he previous installment, the4new “ART OF FIGHTING”, “PSYCHO SOLDIER”, “KIM”, and “IKARI”teams(12 new characters), join the cast of "KOF-A”!! You can nowcreateyour favorite team from this formidable roster of 32fighters!■A SINGLE-PLAYER MODE RICH IN CONTENT6 game modes are available for thousands of hours of enjoymentevenwhen playing alone: “SINGLE BATTLE” for 1-on-1 fights,“TEAMBATTLE” for classic KOF 3-on-3 gameplay, “ENDLESS” Mode todefeatas many opponents as possible with one character, "CHALLENGE"Modeto clear trials by fulfilling requirements, the newlyintroduced"TIME ATTACK" Mode to compete for the best clear times bywinning10 matches, and “TRAINING” Mode to get accustomed to theVirtualPad-based controls and practice your combos.■SIMPLE COMMANDSThe Virtual Pad recreates perfectly reproduces KOF’ssmoothcontrols. Even novice players in fighting games will be abletorelease various Special Moves, Super Special Moves, NEOMAXSuperSpecial Moves, and other complex moves in one touch. WiththeSimple Commands, you can easily perform many of the game'sfancycombos!!*Please refer to "TUTORIAL" Mode for an explanation ofthesecommands.■ADDITION OF TONS OF NEW TRADING CARDS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ANDOTHEREXTRA CONTENTPlenty of new Trading Cards (that can be acquired by usingpointsearned during gameplay) along with new Illustrations (whichcan beviewed at any time by fulfilling certain conditions) havebeenadded to this latest release! Moreover, "KOF-A 2012(F)"includesrough sketches and illustrations that can only be seenhere, whichfans cannot afford to miss!©SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Funny Apps93
Are you dieheart fan of Wrestling, letcomeintothe supernatural world of Wrestling photo editor app..Ourteamdevelop this photo editor for WWE app by keeping alltheaspects ofall Wrestling lovers.Using this application you can change your body asyourfavoriteWrestler Superstars.You can see yourself likeyourfavoriteone’s.Select body shape as you want from various Wrestlerplayer'sbodyshapes.Extra Features ::>> Various option to crop and adjust faces.>> Change background image as you want fromgalleryandcamera.>> Easy to fit faces.>> Save in your device, share on Facebook, Twitter,emailorany other social media you use.Your ratings and comments must be appreciating, sopleaseencourageus with your ratings to publish morefreeapplications...
Crossy Road 2.4.3
Yodo1 Games
10 new Savanna themed characters and anewSavanna map4 new miscellaneous charactersA new character carousel layoutA redesigned prize system which ensures legacy players canunlocknew characters without duplicates- Introducing the deluxe figurine bundle- Contains 40 unique figurines from different themesCrossy Road Multiplayer!- connect to the same wifi network as your friends- play with 2-4 friends at the same time**HOW-TO CONNECT TO MULTIPLAYER:**1. Make sure you are connected to the SAME wifi network asyourfriends2. From the game start screen, click on the bottom right buttonwitha triangle to open more button selections3. At the top, click the button with two chickens and awifisignal4. Player 1 should click "Create Game" (one player creates thegame;all other players join this game).5. All other players should wait for the game to be created. Onceagame is detected you will automatically enter the game and canthenchoose your character and name6. Game play is dependent upon a strong wifi network. If therearelots of users on the same wifi network, game performancewilldecrease. For best performance, play on a strong wifi networkwithfew other users7. Playing with different characters opens up hilariousdifferentgameplay scenarios!Join over 120 MILLION players worldwide and experienceHipsterWhale's massive viral #1 hit!Play Crossy Road on the Big Screen with Android TV!Why did the Chicken cross the road?Why did the Pigeon leave THAT there?Why did Specimen 115 abduct that cow?Why did Unihorse eat all that candy?FEATURES:- Supports 2-4 players in Multiplayer mode over wifi- Play Crossy Road on your big screen with Android TV- Collect over 150 retro-styled, pop art inspired characters- Cross roads, train tracks, and rivers – endlesslyhopforever- Dodge traffic in a candy wonderland with the Android Robot- Simple, pure, innovative gameplay- Free to playHave any problems or suggestions? You can reach [email protected]**DON'T LOSE YOUR CHARACTERS!**- Go to game Settings and Sign-in with Google Play to saveyourcharacters, game progress, scores, and achievements!- After signing in, your progress will be saved to your GooglePlayaccount- To restore your game progress, go to Settings and clickRestoreGame to restore all of your characters- You can only restore saved progress that was saved fromversion1.0.6 onwards- We are working to support saving from multiple accounts onasingle device in a future version. The current version workswellwith one account per device or one account acrossmultipledevices.The game require access to the followingPermissions----------- Read device state and identity - READ_PHONE_STATEpermission- The game requires the LOCATION permission to target anddelivervideo-based advertising:The game implements opt-in video ads that players can watch toearnfree coins if they choose. Watching video ads is voluntaryifplayers want to speed up the rate they earn coins to winnewcharacters. We require the Location permission to providelocationbased video ads to provide more relevant ads toplayers.