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Wrestling WWE Updates 1.0
Hani Apps
Its all about latest happenings inWWEworldlike latest Wrestling matches, Top Fights Etc
MARVEL Contest of Champions 12.0.1
Prepare for epic versus-fighting actionwithyour favorite Marvel Super Heroes & Super Villains intheultimate cosmic showdown! Spider-Man, Iron Man, Wolverine&more await your summons to battle! Assemble a team & beginyourquest to become the Ultimate Marvel Champion!WELCOME TO THE CONTEST:Captain America vs. Iron Man! Hulk vs. Wolverine! Spider-Manvs.Deadpool! The greatest battles in Marvel history are in yourhands!The greedy Elder of the Universe known as The Collectorhassummoned you to a brawl of epic proportions against a line-upofvile villains including Thanos, Kang the Conqueror, and manymore!Experience the ultimate free-to-play fighting game on yourmobiledevice…Marvel Contest of Champions!SUIT UP WITH FRIENDS:• Team up with your friends and other Summoners to buildthestrongest Alliance• Strategize with your alliance, help them keep their Championsinthe fight• Battle to the top in Alliance Events and take on AllianceQuestSeries together in specially designed quest maps to earnexclusiveAlliance rewards• Test your Alliance’s mettle by battling it out with Alliancesfromaround the world in Alliance Wars!BUILD YOUR ULTIMATE TEAM OF CHAMPIONS:• Assemble a mighty team of heroes and villains (choosingChampionssuch as: Iron Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Storm, Star-Lord,Gamora,Spider-Man, Deadpool, Magneto and Winter Soldier)• Embark on quests to defeat Kang and Thanos and face thechallengeof a mysterious new super powerful cosmic competitor,ultimately toprevent the total destruction of The MarvelUniverse• Improve your team’s offense and defense with multipleMasterytreesCOLLECT THE MIGHTIEST SUPER HEROES (AND VILLAINS!):• Collect, level up, and manage your teams of heroes andvillainswisely to receive synergy bonuses based upon teamaffiliation andrelationships taken from the pages of MarvelComics• Pairing up Black Panther and Storm or Cyclops and Wolverineforbonuses, or making a team of Guardians of the Galaxy for ateamaffiliation bonus• The more powerful the Champion, the better their stats,abilitiesand special moves will be• New Champions are being added to The Contest all the time!QUEST AND BATTLE:• Journey through an exciting storyline in classicMarvelstorytelling fashion• Fight it out with a huge array of heroes and villains iniconiclocations spanning the Marvel Universe such as: AvengersTower,Oscorp, The Kyln, Wakanda, The Savage Land, Asgard,theS.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, and more!• Explore dynamic quest maps and engage in a healthy doseofaction-packed fighting utilizing controls developedspecificallyfor the mobile platformLike us on on YouTube: us on Twitter: us on Instagram:
Shadow Fight 2 1.9.28
The sequel to the famous Facebook smashhitwith 40 million usersShadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classicalFighting.This game lets you equip your character with countlesslethalweapons and rare armor sets, and features dozensoflifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques! Crush yourenemies,humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the GateofShadows. Do you have what it takes to kick, punch, jump, andslashyour way to victory? There’s only one way to find out.- Plunge into epic combat sequences, rendered inastonishinglylifelike detail by anall-new animation system.- Devastate your enemies with delightfully intuitivecontrols,thanks to an all-newfighting interface designed especially for touchscreens.- Journey through six different worlds full of menacing demonsinthis action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat RPG with an immersive,intriguingstoryline.- Customize your fighter with epic swords, nunchacku, armorsuits,magical powers,and more.Shadow Fight 2. May the battle begin!
Sultan: The Game 1.08
Selected among Best Games of 2016!From the makers of Dhoom:3 The Game and FAN: The Game, nowplayTHE OFFICIAL GAME FOR THE BLOCKBUSTER OF 2016 'SULTAN'STARRINGSALMAN KHAN - BY YASH RAJ FILMS PVT. LTD.“Wrestling is Not a Sport, It’s about fighting whatlieswithin” - SultanJoin Sultan as he makes his wrestling comeback and risesthroughthe ranks to become the Wrestling Champion - witness hisfight forredemption, love and GLORY! Bring out the toughest in youas youKick, Punch and Defend across 60 levels of in-ring actionfilledcombats. Upgrade your Fighting Skills and Challenge yourfriendsto the Top of the LeaderboardsThe Odds are stacked against you - powerful wrestlers fromaroundthe world stand between you and the Ultimate WrestlingChampionshipGold Medal! Do you have what it takes to emerge as theSultan?Game Features:IMMENSE ACTIONExperience immense action of a pro-wrestler as you don theroleof Sultan.BE THE PRO-WRESTLERBring out the toughest in you as you Kick, Punch andDefendacross 60 levels of in-ring action filled combats.BEAT YOUR BUDDIESStrategise your fights to score the best and get to the topofthe Leaderboards.COOL UPGRADESUpgrade your fighting skills as you level up with coolupgradesand outdo your Opponents.TITLE MATCHESPut your wrestling to the test in the Title Matches and emergeasthe ultimate winnerYou are the Offence, You are the Defence, You are the Wrestlerinthis game of Destiny! PLAY NOW and begin yourPro-WrestlingJourney!Facing issues while playing Sultan: The Game or haveanysuggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you –Email usatsupport@99games.inSultan: The Game is Free-to-Play, but some items likeVirtualCurrency can be purchased with real-world money. Sultan: TheGamemay contain sponsored messages from 3rd Party Advertisingpartners- you can learn more here- Authorisation to play the game (the game may not runasexpected if not authorised)- Authorisation required for access to accounts service, to beusedfor social game features.All Intellectual Property in SULTAN and itscharacters,trademarks, associated artwork and designs areexclusively owned byYash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. © 2016. All RightsReserved.All Intellectual Property in Sultan: The Game mobile gameareexclusively owned by 99Games Online Pvt. Ltd. © 2016. AllRightsReserved.
Superheros 3 Fighting Games 1.4.9
The true heroes are born in thestreetfighting, feel the power and strength in your hands, wieldingareal fighting machine.It's your time to be the master ofallsuperheros of history for FREE! Choose your favoritecharacter,including more than 76 fighters, and compete in streetfights, donot let them reach your opponent to avoid a KO.Enjoy the mortal fight to save the Universe in the ultimatestreetfighters videogame. Get all your favourite superheros,enhancetheir super powers and train them to be the most powerfulbeings inthe Universe.Get your new heros! Wich fighting styles will you teach themthistime? Spinning Karate kicks for the slippery Snake Tornado?Thegigantic Toxic Avalanche crushing their enemies with MMAandWrestling catchs? Or maybe you prefer to teach Boxing to SeaSurferto watch him hit with his fists like a swarm? They are yourheros:choose your favourite street fighting technique and testyourskills with increasingly challenging combats.Have fun, testing the skills of your boxing at the wheel of asuperfighter, blast your opponents fight as if there were notomorrow,this fighting game contains shopping inside, so you canplay everyday from your life without spending money.Game Features:-Be amazed with its 3D graphics.-Collect and upgrade all 76 superheros. 76 superherostofight!-Learn new and brutal martial techniques.-Fight in 10 different and dynamic stages.-Duel against your enemy with Arcade Mode.-Live a super street fight adventure with Story Mode.-Vibrate with its unique and frenetic original sound track andHDsound.-Play under any device with your saved game.You can play and finish for free, since now, this superherosstreetfighting game in 2017. No need to pay thanks toadvertisement. Ifyou want, get rid of ads by buying any packet ofPlutonium in theSuper Store. You decide the way you want to enjoy,but you won'thave less adventure in any case.Enjoy the best free fighting game and take the control ofworldwrestling scene in a struggle to reach the final, thanks tothebest free games of street fights of super heroes, feel therealismof combat as never before done.Download this free fighting game and demonstrates how youhandleyour fists and your skills superhero in a thrilling fight tothedeath, you feel like splashing sweat of your opponent becausethesefights are very realistic boxing mode.Note that this Superhero 3 free fighting game occurs in afictionaluniverse, it is not affiliated to any trademark anddoesn'tencourage any kind of real fight.
Wrestling Action WWE Videos 11.2
Ashley Kern
This application contain topmomentsofWrestling wwe susperstar action fights.This application offers you to access all action fights ofalleventsof WWE Wrestling of your favorites susperstar in HDQuality.Theapplication is designed especially for you and all theWWElovers towatch any wrestling online at any time. All currentwweshows updateson daily basis according to their days.
Deadly Fight - Fighting Game
Akash M
Deadly Fight is one of the top best andadvance3d combat free fighter game of this era, Fight to earn yourespectput your anger in your mind and smash opponent it’s a realsimulatorof fight club guys. Deadly fight has magnificencegraphics with,martial arts, karate combo moves it comes with bestvisual and soundeffects hope you will enjoy it. Combat fightingaction pack withmore the 20 character of different fighting styleslike karate,mortal combat, street boxing, martial arts and manymore. Its a freeand top ranked Multiplayer game for you guys nowyou can fight withfriends on same network. In Deadly Fight gameevery thing isunlocked and free lots of fighter with new fightingmoves kick,punches, super power moves and special combomoves.There are so many action games but it is the only arcade actiongamewhich give you retro feeling of best fighting games, alsorankedamong top searched games of the year.------------------------- What Make Deadly Fight a top fightinggame--------------------------1 - Deadly fight is among the games that provide Player vsPlayermultiplayer fighting system on same network.2 - It is the only fighting game which is less then 40 MB insizewith full 3d fighter.3 - Best simulator with super fire and combo moves foreveryfighter, there are more then 30 price fighter.4 - More then 4 Million downloads in one month of launch Toprankedamong action games.PLEASE GIVE USE FEEDBACK TO MAKE DEADLY FIGHT AMONG TOP BESTFREEFIGHTING GAMES.
Spider-Man Unlimited 2.9.0h
*** OVER 100 CHARACTERS FROM THESPIDER-VERSETO PLAY! ***Collect and unite every Spider-Man and Spider-Woman againsttheultimate threat in a story-driven endless runner!Experience a story that feels like it jumped straight from aMarvelcomic as you recruit an army of heroes in the Spider-Verse.Combatthe new Sinister Six, who have opened a dimensional portal inNewYork to summon endless versions of themselves! Thisexponentialevil is moving from dimension to dimension, destroyingeach one.Now ours is fighting to survive!THE GREEN GOBLIN (ISSUE 1), THE VULTURE (ISSUE 2), ELECTRO(ISSUE3), SANDMAN (ISSUE 4), DOC OCK (ISSUE 5), AND MYSTERIO (ISSUE6)ARE HERE! What awaits you after the Sinister Six? Stay tunedtofind out…THE FIRST FREE SPIDER-MAN GAME!• Enjoy the thrill of the first Spider-Man web-runner! Swing,runand fight through chaotic Manhattan in over 7 differentMarvelenvironments!• Go beyond a runner with unique gameplay! Fight in battlesagainstdimensional super villains, swing, wall-climb andskydive!• Play Story mode with 5 boss battles and 25 missions per Issue!Newdaily and weekly events with spectacular rewards in Eventsmode! Orclimb up the leaderboards in Unlimited mode!THE FIRST NARRATIVE RUNNER!• A continuing episodic adventure: The Sinister Six are movingfromdimension to dimension, destroying everything in their path –andour world is next! But it ends now… with an army of Spider-MenandSpider-Women!• Dive into an extensive Marvel Universe spanning over 50 yearsofSpider-Man with iconic characters, including dimensionalSpideys,multiple variations of each villain, as well as Nick Fury,MaryJane, and Black Cat!• Written with an experienced Spider-Man comic writer to ensureafaithful recreation of the Spider-Man comics!THE MOST SPIDEYS EVER IN A GAME… INCLUDING NEW SPIDER-WOMEN!• Summon, collect and play as tons of Spider-Men andSpider-Womenfeatured throughout the Marvel Universe, includingSuperiorSpider-Man, Spider-Gwen, Scarlet Spider, andUltimateSpider-Man!• Collect, fuse, and level up your Spidey cards, each with itsownunique in-game benefit, and send them on Spidey Ops missionsaroundManhattan!• CONSISTENT RELEASE OF NEW SPIDER-MAN CHARACTERS!_____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.Privacy Policy: of Use: LicenseAgreement: app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.
Real Steel World Robot Boxing 29.29.800
STAR ROBOTS ARE HERE!Fight the greatest ranked robot brawlers among 100 millionWRBplayers in exciting Global Multiplayer battles. Transformthelegends Atom, Zeus, and all-time favorite champions intopowerful1, 2, 3 and 4 Star Robots to win big in Versus Leagues& GlobalTournaments. Top the Leaderboards, claim theChampionship title andreign supreme as the Ultimate World RobotBoxing Champion.Achieve greatness in the future of boxing, where giganticrobotspack powerful punches. Unleash your fighting style withdeadlyjabs, uppercuts & special moves to win worldchampionshipbelts, collect trophies & knockout friends!UNLEASH ROBOT TITANSTowering over 9 feet tall and weighing over 2000 pounds are your58ultimate fighting machines, robot titans & legendsincludingfan favorite superstars – Zeus, Atom, Noisy boy &TwinCities.BRAWL REAL-TIME WITH FRIENDSUnleash your true self in live local Wi-Fi &Bluetoothmultiplayer and earn bragging rights while enjoying thewinningmoment!WIN EXCITING CHALLENGES!Play Career, Multiplayer and the new Winner Takes All Mode tobecomethe All-Category Champion.EXPERIENCE REAL SPORTS ACTIONBuild a roster of your favorite sport robots and take on theLegendsin enthralling arenas and stadiums.UPGRADE & COLOR YOUR CHAMPIONFight and Upgrade your robot to be stronger, faster andmeaner.Color your robot, express yourself and have some fun in thePaintshop!SHOWCASE YOUR TRIUMPHSWin Challenges and exhibit your achievements in an all newTrophyRoom.ACHIEVE GLORY IN ARENASReign supreme in 11 huge arenas that can barely containthesehulking mean machines.RELIVE THE INSPIRING MOVIEPlay the official boxing game of the blockbuster movie RealSteel.Take your robot champion from the movie for amazing titlewinningexperiences in this smash hit sequel.JOIN THE ELITE CLUB OF REAL STEEL FANSEnjoy regular news on game updates, robots, features, views,videotips and more for FreeLike us onFacebook: us on Twitter: player moments onInstagram: game is completely free to download and play. However,somegame power-ups can be purchased with real money within thegame.You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’ssettings.* Permission:- ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION: To determine your location forregionbased offers- BATTERY_STATS: Allows an application to collectbatterystatistics- GET_TASKS: Allows application to get information aboutcurrentlyor recently running tasks.- RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: Allows an application to receivetheACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED that is broadcast after the systemfinishesbooting.
Guide Wwe 2K 2017 5.5
guide WWE 2K17- screenshot thumbnailguideWWE2K17- screenshot thumbnail guide WWE2K17-screenshotthumbnailDownload guide to help you those who play the game of wwe2k16wewishyou would find this guide so useful with your 2k14 wwe,2k15wwe, wwe2k16 2k17 game we almost guide 2k 16, wwe strategies2k16, wwetricks and tricks List of 2k16 to make the game easy2K15career wwe2K15 wwe pc mode game 2k16 wwe, you just neet tocreate2k16 wwewrestling videos a Superstar, genuine WWE action,the wweguide willhelp you choose the right training to get startedToplay ** so thisguide application for WWE 2k16 is not a game, itisjust a guide.**So there are all Triks WWE 2K17, WWE Guide 2K17, WWE Tips2K17,CheatWWE 2K17This application can help you for the winning play WWE 2K17This complete cheat for WWE 2K17 contains everything you needtoknowto become best Wrestling WWE 2K17 player!This is best fan Guide For WWE 2KThis application is basically simply give tips,insightsandmore.You can find information identified with your amusementlevels,characters here and open . This is a perfect forbeginnerandwidely appealing player.Features:?* How To Play* Walkthrough* Strategy?* Tips & TricksAll the guide, strategies, and cheats to help you playCareerMode,Create a Superstar, Authentic WWE Action.Tips WWE 2K17Tricks WWE 2K17Guide WWE 2K17Base WWE 2K17Guide WWE 2K17 just a guide for play a game what youwant.FollowGuide WWE 2K17 bellow, and you can full get:Guide WWE 2K17 guide to play, Guide WWE 2K17 strategies tobewin,Guide WWE 2K17 tips,Guide WWE 2K17 tricks to be a fast play, Guide WWE 2K17cheatstips,and Guide WWE 2K17 game review.Remember, this Guide WWE 2K17 app is not from official. Ijustwantto help you play the game easly. ThankyouThis is an application guide for the game WWE 2K 17, youcanlearnthe secret tricks hereThis application contains the tips and strategies for playingWWE2K17, making it easier for you to accomplish any givenmissionquicklyand precisely.make your game in the WWE 2K 17 is easy and fun with this appHow to unlock all WWE 2K16 characters? That question willbeansweredin this guide that shows you who to unlock to get thefullroster of120+ WWE 2K16 characters at launchNOTE: Free Wrestling WWE 2K17 Guide is an UNOFFICIAL versionandisnot endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of this gameoritslicensers.
PPSSPP - PSP emulator
Play PSP games on your Android device,athighdefinition with extra features!PPSSPP is the best, original and only PSP* emulatorforAndroid.It runs a lot of games, but depending on the power ofyourdeviceall may not run at full speed.Galaxy S7 is not currently supported, fix coming soon.No games are included with this download. Dump your ownrealPSPgames and turn them into .ISO or .CSO files, or simplyplayfreehomebrew games, which are available online. Put thosein/PSP/GAMEon your SD card / USB storage.This is an ad-supported free version, get PPSSPP Goldinsteadtoavoid ads and support future development.Some games that work (not all will run full speedonalldevices):Persona 2, Persona 3 PortableDragon Ball ZLittle Big PlanetBurnout Legends, Burnout DominatorFinal Fantasy : Crisis CoreFinal Fantasy : Type-0Monster Hunter 2 Unite and 3: HD RemakeSoul CaliburTekken: Dark Resurrection and Tekken 6Grand Theft Auto LCS / VCSLuminesWormsWipeoutand many more...See for more information.Please note that ARMv6-based devices may have variouskindsofissues, and more modern devices are recommended.* PSP is a trademark of Sony, Inc.
Wrestling WWE Videos 1.0
Hani Apps
This application contain topmomentsofWrestling wwe susperstar action fights.This application offers you to access all action fightsofallevents of WWE Wrestling of your favorites susperstar inHDQuality.The application is designed especially for you and alltheWWElovers to watch any wrestling online at any time. Allcurrentwweshows updates on daily basis according to their days.ThanksDisclaimer:The videos provided in this application arefromyoutube.( We are just providing the way tostreamvideos.We don't claim right on any file in this application.We donothave any ownership or responsibilities regarding thevideosortheir content. All the videos provided in this applicationhasthecopyrights of their respective owners.
Iron Kill: Robot Games 1.9.167
Robots made of steel battle in thisrobotfighting games, the real fight club of battlebots andwarrobots!Like Robot Games, Fighting Games? Then Iron Kill is for you!FEATURES☆ Fight with 35 robots in this robot fighting game☆ Fight in PvP multiplayer robot fighting games with realplayersworldwide☆ Unleash devastating combos, abilities and special moves☆ Upgrade, research and equip boosts to dominate fights☆ Fight in Championship Leagues, Restricted Fights and LimitedTimeEvents☆ Stunning high quality graphics and animations☆ Compete against your Facebook Friends in LeaguesCOLLECT YOUR MIGHTIEST BATTLE HEROESBuild your legendary fighters from 35 mean metal machines,fightingrobots and dominate in the contest through apost-apocalypticworld.UNLEASH REAL DEVASTATING MOVESStart your robot boxing fight using quick attacks to stay agileorheavy attacks to go strong. Perform a wide range of boxing&fighting tactics along with unique abilities like stun,criticalstrike, shock shield…etc. during fights to turn the odds inyourfavour. Fill your revenge meter and unleash the superpower ofyourboxing robot made of steel. Unleash your combat skills todominatein the real fight of champions!UPGRADE, RESEARCH & EQUIP BOOSTSWin and upgrade your battlebots to enhance their steel andattackskills. Equip them with Boosts to double their power in thefights.Perform research tactically to enhance your bots andaccelerateyour overall journey.LEAGUE ROBOT BATTLES, RESTRICTED FIGHTS AND LIMITEDTIMEEVENTSCombat through 60 league fights challenging 12 unique championstowin the Ultimate Iron Kill Championship! Completerestrictionevents to win special Pro edition steel made boxingrobots.Participate in limited time events to win coolin-gamerewards.STUNNING 3D GRAPHICSImmerse yourself in 7 flawless real looking arenas designed toholdthe deadly robot wars between 35 real robots.ENGAGING SOCIAL FEATURESCompete against players worldwide on the journey to become BotFightClub Champion! Brag about your wins to win cool in-gamerewards.Challenge your friends in completing achievements.Download and start fighting! Build the ultimate immortals andkilleverything that stands in your way to dominate the botfightingchampionship, Ironkill!A network connection is required to play.Having problems? Any suggestions? You can reach
Shadow Battle
Shadow Battle, a new revolutionofversus-fighting action games.★ Game Features ★- Transformation: Each hero has an unique transformationthatunleashes one's special power!- Burst in melee with furious dash attacks or keep at range andraindown hell on your enemy with quick shots, heavy beams, orclusterbombs- Exquisite quality of graphics- Earphones are recommended to fully experience epic 3-Dsoundeffects- Immersive button-less control scheme- Don’t let the rookie-level AI fool you, they can getinsanelydifficult at times- Unlock new maps and stories as you proceed on- Well known super heroes, ranged from the good ol days’ to themostrecent ones- Explicit tutorial for new players and effective trainingtoacquaintance with unique gameplay- Use reputation points to participate in versus mode, whichgreatlyincreases gold reward and enhances item drop rate- Shiny (literally) equipment await to be unlocked- Diverse abilities and stats upgrade system- Generous daily awards can be claimed freely- Obtain free coins by inviting your friends through Facebook(!) New unyielding heroes, techniques and multiplayer modearecoming soon in the next updates (!)★ How to play ★- Tap any where in the empty space to move your hero- Switch skills during the fight by tapping on their icons atthebottom-right corner- At a long distance, tap on the enemy to fire quick shots, orholdfor a few seconds to charge up and release a massiveenergyburst- At a closer range, tap on your enemy to approach and dish outaseries of melee attacks- Swipe the screen toward your enemy to perform a deadlydashattack- Stay still to automatically block incoming attacks- Double tap on your hero to activate the powerful sonic blast,and*transform*! (the hero needs to be AWAKENED through rollingCUBEtwice into that hero)- Press and hold on your hero to quickly regenerate★ Game Story ★Each hero has his background story. Meanwhile, An AI(ArtificialIntelligence) has been created to study their storiesand interpretthem to you. Most of the time, it will walk youthrough the basics.Unfortunately, due to a critical mistake of itscreator, that gaveAI such gloomy vision of understanding any hero'sform. Other thanthat, little AI is still learning things to getbetter at guidingplayers.★ Contact us ★We want to make sure you are entertained. Feel free to write usanyfeedback. They are real-time credits for us. Let's improve thegametogether!★ Update Suggestions ★Any ideas and suggestions, please send us an★ Stability ★It works better on Android versions higher than 4.1. Itisrecommended to update your Android OS if you are running on 4.1forbetter stability.
Mortal Tournament 1.0
Mortal Tournamentent es un divertidovideojuegode batallas cuerpo a cuerpo y con sorprendentespoderesmágicosgana batallas para ir desbloqueando habilidades en tu guerreroylanza poderosos ataques cuerpo a cuerpo y con sorprendentespoderesmágicos para derrotar a todos los guerreros del torneomortalMortal Tournamentent isafun game for melee battles and amazing magical powersWin battles to be unlocked in your warrior skills andlaunchpowerful melee attacks and with amazing magical powers todefeatall mortal warriors tournament
Fatal Fight - Fighting Games 2.0.232
Fatal Fight is a unique fighting game thatisextremely addictive.Discover your way to become the greatest fighter by defeatingevilninjas, deadly warriors and invisible samurais.Do you like the fighting scenes? Great! Fatal Fight hasstunningscenes with different martial arts.It is can be also called "Beat them up" which is a type ofactiongame where the character must fight against a large numberofenemies in unarmed combat or with melee weapons. Beat 'emupusually employ vigilante crime fighting and revenge plots withtheaction taking place on city streets.The unique gameplay makes it easy to learn but hard tomaster.Features:• Tons of epic levels• 10+ Kung Fu masters• No time limit. Play as long as you want.• Offline mode. No Wi-Fi, no problem.• Daily bonuses and gifts• Unique fighting skills• Annoying ads? No problem. Make any in-app purchase and ads willbedisabled forever.• Leaderboards & achievements.• Cloud save. Your game progress is being saved online. You cansyncyour game progress between devices, phones & tablets usingthesame Google Play or Facebook Account.Like us on Facebook: Let's Fight!
A brand-new chapter in the Dragon Ball Zsagahas arrived!Now you can experience all the nonstop action in the palm ofyourhand!◎Explore the World of Dragon Ball!◎Face off against formidable adversaries from the animeseries!Explore your favorite areas in a whole new way withuniqueboard-game-style gameplay! Utilize various items andpower-ups tostrengthen your team and steel yourself for thebattlesahead!◎Intense Over-the-Top Action!◎Simply tap the Ki Spheres on the screen to engage insupersoniccombat! The fighting is so extreme your screen won't beable tohandle it! Awaken the true potential of your favorite DragonBallcharacters and make them stronger than ever before! You’veneverexperienced Dragon Ball like this!◎Assemble Your Very Own Dream Team!◎Create your own team from a wide variety of Dragon Ballcharacters!You can even group together certain characters toactivate powerfulLink Skills! Only Dokkan Battle gives you thefreedom to buildvirtually any team you want! Take your trustyfighters to thebattlefield and rise to the top!◎Time is of the Essence!◎The story begins when Trunks’ Time Machine crash-lands on aplanetwhere the Dragon Ball timeline has been thrown into chaos!Whocould be behind this sinister turn of events? Work togetherwithTrunks to get to the bottom of this mystery, battling legionsoffamiliar foes along the way. The very fate of the DragonBalluniverse rests on your shoulders!Get pumped--the world of "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle"awaitsyou![Recommended OS Versions]Android 4.1 or later[Disclaimer](1) Operation is not supported for models and OS versions otherthanthose recommended.(2) Depending on your usage, there may be cases where operationisunstable even with the recommended models.(3) Regarding the recommended OS versions, although it says“Android4.1 or later,” this does not guarantee that the latest OSversion issupported.For information on the latest recommended models and answerstofrequently asked questions, visit: downloading or installing this app, you agree to the BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Terms of ServiceTerms of Service: Policy: game contains some items available for in-app purchase thatcanenhance gameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchasescan bedisabled in your Google Play Store Settings or devicesettings,see formoredetails.(C)BIRD STUDIO / SHUEISHA, TOEI ANIMATIONGame(C)2015 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Smash Champs 1.7.6
Rise to the challenge and battle your waytogreatness!Take on the role as trainer, prepare for combat and lead yourChampsto victory against your friends.Kiloo presents an action arcade adventure like no other. Formateam, challenge your opponents and become the greatest trainerofSmash Champs!FEATURES:★ CHALLENGE friends and foes in turn-based online play★ TRAIN your Champs for combat with lightning fastswipeaction★ RISE through the ranks to become a legendary trainer★ UNLOCK Champs and customize them with powerful gear★ DISCOVER triumph in spectacular combat cinematics*Note: A network connection is required to play.
Kung Fu Fighting 2.3
Kung Fu Fighting , The legendaryfightingfranchise returns with new game plot! Free classic Fightingarcadegames to enjoy with android device Now!In Kung Fu Fighting Game, player's character Lee is a martialartistthat practices his family's Kung Fu fighting style. He entertheCity to rescue him sister, Lily. In their fights, Lee learnthat theLily became the target from the criminal gangs, and decideto facehim. Lee is very serious about Kung Fu and loyal to hisfamily. Hehas been given discipline through his Kung Fu trainingby his father. He earned the nickname, “The Grandmaster of KungFu” due to hisremarkable use of his Kung Fu fighting style. Heuses the Kung Fu tofight with criminal gangs Boss.Kung Fu Fighting Game can recall your childhood memories ofarcadegame ! Recorded in the history of the classic arcade game,Comparedwith other fighting games,Kung Fu Fighting has beendesigned to beplayed with more easily .
Popular 2D VS fighting game "THE KINGOFFIGHTERS-A 2012" returns as a free app to celebrate KOF20thAnniversary!■NEW CHARACTERS, NEW TEAMSIn addition to the characters from he previous installment, the4new “ART OF FIGHTING”, “PSYCHO SOLDIER”, “KIM”, and “IKARI”teams(12 new characters), join the cast of "KOF-A”!! You can nowcreateyour favorite team from this formidable roster of 32fighters!■A SINGLE-PLAYER MODE RICH IN CONTENT6 game modes are available for thousands of hours of enjoymentevenwhen playing alone: “SINGLE BATTLE” for 1-on-1 fights,“TEAMBATTLE” for classic KOF 3-on-3 gameplay, “ENDLESS” Mode todefeatas many opponents as possible with one character, "CHALLENGE"Modeto clear trials by fulfilling requirements, the newlyintroduced"TIME ATTACK" Mode to compete for the best clear times bywinning10 matches, and “TRAINING” Mode to get accustomed to theVirtualPad-based controls and practice your combos.■SIMPLE COMMANDSThe Virtual Pad recreates perfectly reproduces KOF’ssmoothcontrols. Even novice players in fighting games will be abletorelease various Special Moves, Super Special Moves, NEOMAXSuperSpecial Moves, and other complex moves in one touch. WiththeSimple Commands, you can easily perform many of the game'sfancycombos!!*Please refer to "TUTORIAL" Mode for an explanation ofthesecommands.■ADDITION OF TONS OF NEW TRADING CARDS, ILLUSTRATIONS, ANDOTHEREXTRA CONTENTPlenty of new Trading Cards (that can be acquired by usingpointsearned during gameplay) along with new Illustrations (whichcan beviewed at any time by fulfilling certain conditions) havebeenadded to this latest release! Moreover, "KOF-A 2012(F)"includesrough sketches and illustrations that can only be seenhere, whichfans cannot afford to miss!©SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Anger of Stick 5 1.1.2
Up-to-date version of ' AngerOfStick ',Tophottest Game in the world with 40 milion download recordthe best stickman fighting game ' Anger of stick5 : zombie '*StickMan Game:AngerOfStick2, AngerOfStick3, AngerOfStick4, AngerOfStick5*Scenario:A strange group of enemies appeared in the city and have beenusinginnocent people as experimental tools.Lots of people have turned into Zombie so that Hero and hisfriendsshould save the people and remove the enemies.*Collect various colleagues!- Please collect 6 kinds of reliable fellows.- You can arrange the stage with the total 3 fellows.*RPG's growth elements-The level up system throgh experiences (EXP).*You can enjoy both Single mode and Jombie mode.*A variety of movements and realistic actions havebeenrealized.====================================Support Information:For additional support, please contact:E-mail :
Horror Hospital 2 2.6
Heisen Games
Are you ready to face your fears?You are in a hospital corridor which fear and horrorinnested.You are feeling which fear and death pester to you ineverystep.In a hospital which contains paranormal activities, it isverydifficult to survive if your nerves is not hard as steel.You can't determine who is angel who is devil.Extraordinary atmosphere, nervous scenario and blood-curdlingflow,you are one step ahead of comic book horror game.In second story, young girl couldn't get rid of nightmaresandcuriosity. There is only way to get rid of this hell whichthreatenher mental health. Face it! Of course young man won't leavealonethe girl and our story continues from where it left.If you have courage, what are you waiting for?- Amazing graphics- Detailed areas- Unique musics- Completely freeNote: We recommend that play the game with headset.★ Twitter:★ Instagram:★ Facebook:★ Web:
Ultimate Robot Fighting 1.0.148
Embark on the ultimate action journey ofRobotfighting as you build an epic roster of powerful, battlehungry andlarger than life robots! Enter the arena of touch based3v3 combatwith ULTIMATE ROBOT FIGHTING a free-to-play cardcollectiblegame.Build an awesome team of sentient robots, unleash uniqueanddevastating moves, upgrade and level up your mean machinesandreign supreme as a god of steel in the battle arenas!The game is completely free to play but some in-gameitemsrequire an in-app payment. You can turn off the paymentfeature bydisabling in-app purchases on your device.Unleash the champions, enter the ultimate contest!FEATURES:GET FIGHTING• Swipe and tap as you take on enemies in 3v3 combat and letlooseepic moves and super combos. Fill up your power bar tounleashspecial attacks and robot rip offs to reign supreme incombat!UNRAVEL THE CELL SHADED ARTWORK AND CONSOLE QUALITYVISUALGRAPHICS• A unique and breathtaking experience delivered to themobileplatforms. The complete gaming pleasure with state of theartvisuals & graphics and never seen before effects andimmersiveenvironments!MAKE A TEAM FROM A COLOSSAL ROSTER• Put your best team forward by choosing from 45 uniquerobotsinspired from the likes of gods, gladiators, firebreathingdragons, monks, weapon arsenals, samurais, ninjas and somany more!Assemble additional robot variations to unlock new powersand movesand a brand new fighting experience!UPGRADE & SYNERGISE• Improve, upgrade & promote your battle machines. Switchandshuffle your roster or choose from synergy sets that giveyouunique and exclusive combat advantages to best fit your styleofplay!EQUIP POWER CARDS AND OVERCLOCKS• Load up with power cards and overclocks to boost up yourrobots!Increase damage and armor, upgrade characters and specialsand letloose the true might of steel!Get in the know! Receive all the latest news from RelianceGames,plus game updates, videos tips & more…Visit us: http://www.reliancegames.comLike us: us: us:
The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Become the Amazing Spider-Man inthisopen-world 3D adventure full of crime-fighting, web-slinging,andnon-stop action as you face the web-slinger’s greatestchallengeyet!New York is under threat from a city-wide crime spree andonlyour hero Spider-Man can stop it! Standing in his way are Venom,theGreen Goblin, Electro and other nefarious villains. CanSpider-Manrestore order and safety to Manhattan?!THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 MOVIE• Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast andquick-wittedSpider-Man!• An original story expands on the highly anticipatedMarvelfilm!• Go beyond the Sony movie and into the comics with newcharacterssuch as Black Cat and Screwball.• Unlock Spider-Man suits such as Symbiote Spider-Man, IronSpiderand Ultimate Comics Spider-Man!• Face off against famous villains such as Venom, the GreenGoblin,Electro, and Kraven the Hunter!• High-quality voice acting and 3D cinematic action cutscenesbringthe movie experience to life!CUTTING-EDGE GAME EXPERIENCE• Intense combo-focused crime fighting! Defeat Spider-Man’sgreatestenemies – from street thugs to super villains such asElectro andVenom – with crazy acrobatic fighting styles!• Marvel at the amazing high-quality, fluid animations as youswingfreely through the open-world city like never before!• Take the fight to the sky with action-packed aerial combat!• Unleash devastating combos through enhanced icon controls foranintense action game experience!MASSIVE ENHANCEMENTS TO THE ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND• Adventure in a larger 3D open-world Manhattan with 6detaileddistricts to explore, from the bustling Times Square topicturesqueCentral Park!• Console-like 3D graphics offer a bigger, better, andmorebeautiful experience.• Be the hero in a deep story that takes you on anexcitingadventure, showcasing 6 legendary villains and a super setof sidemissions!• Amazing heroic social events, including battling waves ofbossesand opponents in Mysterio’s Arena!_____________________________________________For fans of action games, fighting games, comics, Marvel,andsuper-hero movies._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Street Fighting Kung Fu Master 1.4
HeeWoup Games
Come on, challenge the Kung Fu streets.Punchin all enemies, kick out all other Kung Fu fighters. Rush intothestreets and become the master of Kung Fu.Features include:# Special KungFu arts : To knock enemies down withproteanattack. Enjoy fighting and have fun!# Fighting control system : It's very easy to control on yourmobiledevice.# Fully animated characters!# Smooth and intense motion! You can use punching, kicking,art,slide, dodge ... fighting on the street.# Over 72 stages and levels.# Free of chargeKung fu/Kungfu is a Chinese term referring to anystudy,learning, or practice that requires patience, energy, andtime tocomplete, often used in the West to refer to Chinesemartialarts.In its original meaning, kung fu can refer to any skillachievedthrough hard work and practice, not necessarily martialarts.
Torneo Mortal 2 1.0
Torneo Mortal 2 emocionante videojuegodepeleas pelea cuerpo a cuerpo contra los mas poderosos enemigosyutiliza poderosos ataques mágicos e invoca poderosos escudosparaevitar los ataques de los enemigos los botones moradospermitenataques simples estos ataques nos desgastan energia ypueden serutilizados todo el tiempo los botones azules permitenejecutarataques magicos estos ataques producen mayor daño perodesgastanenergia si la energia llega a cero no podras utilizarloshasta quese recarge la barra azul es la barra de energia y cuandodisminuyese recarga automaticamente por tiempo, el boton verdepermiteactivar el escudo para esquivar los golpes del enemigoMortal out 2 excitinggamefighting melee fights against more powerful enemies andusespowerful magic attacks and invokes powerful shields topreventattacks from enemies buttons purples allow simple attackstheseattacks we wear energy and can be used all the time bluebuttonsallow you to perform magic attacks these attacks cause moredamagebut wear energy if the energy reaches zero will not be ableto usethem until the blue bar reload is the energy bar asdecreasesrecharges automatically by time, the green buttonactivates theshield to dodge the blows of the enemy
Metal Soldiers
Lock ‘n Load! Get your weapons ready fortheultimate action game. Metal Soldiers combines the adrenalineofplatform-style games with the action of 2d shooters. Use the padtomove around and tap to jump and shoot. Use different gunsandgrenades too!Blow up all enemies in Metal Soldiers! Kill them all in thisamazingshooter game.What are you waiting for? Download Metal Soldier now and lettheshooting begin!Features:- Different characters to choose.- Lots of enemies to fight.- Classic weapon designs.- Amazing gameplay.
Boxing Champion 5-Street Fight
“Boxing Champion 5” is a classic streetfightergames. combines boxing, karate,kungfu, wrestling,latestarcade gamestotally free!endless boxing action A new style ARPG iscoming!Come swing your fists in this all-immersive mobileboxinggame.simple side-scrolling interface and easy-to-learncontrols, aswell as a wide range of skills you can mix fordevastating combos.An unprecedented brave combat experience!Fighton the street! Facevaries of enemies! Defeat them and take alltheir territories!Usequick reflexes and special moves, unleashfierce punches andcombos, beat all opponents and become the king ofboxing now!The most gorgeous 2D graphics, based on thousands ofbeautifuloriginal artworks. Master punches and combine them withdevastatingSpecial Punches and Focus abilities creating theultimate combo toKO your opponent.The most sophisticated battleeffects and movepresentation, perfectly restored the fighting styleof “BoxingChampion 5”, give you the finest ko fightingexperience!you cancompete against masters of kung fu, MMA, karate,wrestling, boxingand other forms of struggle, to enjoy an epicbattle.Train yourboxers, and earn glory and money.Complete thechallenges andreceive ability points that you can use to become thenext boxingchampion. Develop your boxer’s Strength, Stamina, Speed,andEndurance, level up your abilities, and equip powerful booststocreate your own unique fighting playstyle.“Boxing Champion 5”Game Features:1.super cool combos, moves dripping, experience real-lifeexperienceImpossible furious knife meat.2.point fingers Slide unrestricted operating mode, experiencetheinfinite combos Jin Shuang feel, let you brave experienceeveryminute of fighting blood!3,Fantastic characorts' fighting actions! Smash, Bust, Slash...Enjoy crushing your enemies!4. High quality and gorgeous realistic 2D boxing hitfightingscenes.5. the game where you can experience a variety ofskillsbatter;exciting fighting game, rich game content;6.the production of sophisticated game screen, allowing youtoexperience the ultimate fun of the game;background sound,soplayers feel immersive hundreds!Cool fighting effects, dazzling picture of the game, combined withafighting game Street Fighter and King of Fighters effect, thentheplayer fighting games like gaming experience to join thisfantasyfighting game! Do you remember the arcade hall Xuanza loudvoice? Doyou remember the time when the game ends grumbling? Doyou rememberwhen the duel with rival fighting game that unyieldingperseverancenever give up? That everything is a game that most ofthe blood! Now"Boxing Champion 5" is coming! A variety ofdifferent skill sets,simple yet challenging fun arcade fightinggame phone, give youarbitrary super cool experience!“Boxing Champion 5”Enjoy the mortal combat for control ofworldboxing fighting scene in a struggle, thanks to the best freegamesof street fights of super heroes, feel the realism of combatasnever before done.facebook:
Power Rangers Dino Rumble 1.05
Get Dino Charged! Power up with the DinoChargePower Rangers in this stunning, action-packed 3D gameincluding anall-new Power Rangers story.- Featuring Rangers, Villains and Megazords- Complete over 50 challenges and fight custom battles inArenaMode- Over 20 levels to explore and master- Master the Rangers’ moves to battle the evil Sledge andhismonster army- Use Mighty Megazords to help the Rangers fightsuper-sizedmonsters- Choose between various Rangers’ weapons or giant robotstoweringover the city- Easy-to-learn controls- An all-new story presented in an awesome comic stripThe future of the planet is at stake.. and only you can helpthePower Rangers triumph!Features• Explosive battle game packed with a range of awesomeattacks• Easy-to-learn controls designed players of all ages• Learn and master all the Power Rangers’ moves and combos• Fight super-sized monsters with mighty Megazords• Stunning 3D graphics and explosive effects• Battle against Vivix, Sledge, Fury, Ice Age, Scrapper, StingRageand other villains from Power Rangers Dino Charge• Variety of battle types, including: minion swarms andbossfights• Unlock 7 chapters and over 20 levels!Go Go Power Rangers!Download Power Rangers Dino Charge Rumble today!****This is a resource-intensive game featuringhigh-qualityvisuals. We recommend that you check the performance onyour deviceprior to making any in-app purchase.*****
Fighting games -Mokken- 2.4
1,000,000+ downloads!! Mokken issuperpopular.- this is a very easy and simple fighting game thought.- PvP (Player versus Player)mode is very exciting!!- By strengthening and RPG element,this is highly addictive!This is the best free game for killing time!!This game is not for just nerds.◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆This game is featured on this site!"The ultimate simplest game ever ah!?"◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆Although this game is simple, it's complicated. Here isthetips.■ How to playIt's very easy.Both kids and adults can enjoy this game together! This is aFamilygame.- A button is for punch.- B button is for kick.- Pressing button A and button B at the same tim isspecialmove.This game is a Battle Tournament style!When your life is 0, the game is over.How many opponents can you beat?■ Level up your characterEarn coins and strengthen your character:- Attack: increase your chances of wining battles- Defense: decrease damageThe highest level is 99.Knockout the opponent!■ How to earn coinsHow to earn coins is as below:- the number of wins- the number of attacksBeat your opponents with a few tries as possible.Don't use too much special moves to defeat your opponents.UsePunches and kicks instead!A secret fighter sometimes appears from the left and right ofthelevel-up screen (if you are lucky. hee hee)Tap him to get small coins.■ Special MovePressing button A and button B at the same tim isspecialmove.NOTE: this game is designed only for killing your time inawesomeway. Here is the tip for you. The Special move is not whatyouexpect. It's quite lame. Be careful!So, basically, it's better to defeat your opponent with punchandkick! Yay!■ TipsThis game is a fighting game. The key is defeating the opponentasquickly as possible.This is a button mashing game.But Don't be a Button Masher!・・・・!!?The thing is that it would be too late if you mash A button andBbutton separately.There's a better way.The best way is to swipe A button and B button quicklyandrepeatedly.Rub-a-dub-dub!With super high speed!You can punch and kick with incredible speed.■ PvP mode "Sekken""石拳" pronounces "sekken".Press the left button on the title screen.- A button is for punch.- B button is for kick.- Sekken has no special moves.This fighting match is extremely simple and fun.You can enjoy it with your friends and family!PvP mode (Sekken) has the following three ways to play.- You vs. The computerA winner is who wins twice straight first.- You vs. Friends/Family/etc.(for 2 players)There are 2 sets of A,B button. It's really simple and you canenjoywith friends and Family.- You vs. StrangerYou can play this online game with other players anywhere inthisworld as long as you are connected through Sekken.We don't use computer players. They are real opponents,controlledby real players.So you can't play if no one was playing at the same time...■ Change your player nameChange your player name when you are online to appealotherplayers!Become a master player with many winning fights! Your winrecordswill appear next to your name.Better to use the same player's name on the ranking page.■ TipsBasic information about Sekken:- Characters don't level up.- It means that you and other players are in the same level.Which means....The timing of punch and kick is the key.- Press the A button to punch and jump forward.- Press the B button to kick and turn a back somersault.- Punch and Kick are the same attack power.Keep the tips in mind and enjoy playing.Practice with a fighter of computer's choice in Single Playermodefirst.■ PostscriptFighting game "Mokken" is free. Show me some love.Thank you for playing.I wonder how many apps I have released before this.This is a perfect app to kill time.Providing BGM: SHRK
Boxing KO-Fighting Warrior
2016’s most popular action combatgame–“BoxingKO-fighting warrior”!Most wonderful furious wrestlegame withclassic kung fu combat come extreme crimesimulator actionadventure!Put your gloves on and step inside thearena because it’stime for the big fight of the night!The“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”are ready for a big fightingshow!get ready for some hard-to-beat fun time.Can you win thisepiccombat?Find out now!Don’t let the underworld gangster rulethestreets.Enjoy this fun addictive game with a true fighterlegendagainst mafia underworld boss!“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Game Strategy:Pull-off awesome martial art fighting styles such as“Boxing”,“Karate”, “Tae Kwon Do”, “Sumo”, “Drunken Fist”, “MuayThai”, andmuch more with a simple tap of a button. Victory is atyourfingertips!So play this game and practiceBoxing&fightingtechniques in real life to become a perfectwarrior like fightingwarrior .Quickness is key to win the hand to hand fight. Play game andlearnhow to fight hand to hand, unarmed, with your punches andkicks howto use youself amazing skill .Block the enemy kicks andpunches isalso essential part of martial arts. In KungFu there arelot ofblockage techniques to defend yourself from enemy attack.Keep aneye on every move of your enemy that is fighting with you.Usepunches and kicks with accuracy and quickly. Take timelydecision,attack on enemy with punches and kicks on proper time andblockenemy attack using accuracy and speed in your actions. Useenemypower against himself.In the sense of real combat game.Fightingcoherent action is strong, you are presented a visual andsensorydouble enjoyment.Continued passion and blood at thesametime.“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Game Features:-Great old-school art and animations!-Random combo skills and unique rage system!-Upgrading your skills comes with furious changes!-Unlimited fighting, strive to be the fight hero!-Powerful enemies to struggle against-Easy and smooth controlsSmooth hit fighting actionFast and dynamic game playEasy sliding and touching screen bring about continuouslycoolstriking!Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!【 Battle on the fingertips】We abandoned the inhuman virtual buttons, and created auniquetap-and-slide control mode (we have a patent for this), allthemoves will be performed with your fingertips, and give youarefreshing experience just like playing the arcade fightinggame.All skills have no cool down time, when performed properly,you canprotagonist achieve unlimited combos!【Extremely gorgeous graphics】The most gorgeous 2D graphics, based on thousands ofbeautifuloriginal artworks. The most sophisticated battle effectsand movepresentation, perfectly restored the fighting style , giveyou thefinest ko fighting experience!It's the action casual game in new concept.Start the toughest fight ever! Kill or be killed! Try“BoxingKO-fighting warrior” right now!Recorded in the history oftheclassic arcade game, Compared with other fighting games,KungFuFighting has been designed to be played with more easily .useyourfists fighting in a boxing match to be a hero and achieveaknockout (ko). Prove you're the best master of fighting.“Boxing KO-fighting warrior”Plot:The world is dark bullies from the parliament attack. AsPrincessKingdom, organized a group of rebels to resist the darkboards, butwith little success. As one of the admirers of theprincessprotagonist T also joined the rebel groups, for their ownlovedone, devote all their strength, as they slowly getting upsmoothlywhen the princess was captured dark sense, in order to hisbelovedpeople, to drive away the darkness of the world, need toembark ona strong protagonist T road must grow faster! To save hisbelovedprincess, which is the road, and not so well, you also needyourbrave efforts! In the end it is to defeat the darkness to greetthelight, shadow or sink, dull! On the way, to you to decide!
Real Steel Boxing Champions 1.0.316
Build your Robot Fighting machine inthisultimate action and sports adventure. Unleash furious attacksinone-one combat using special moves, jabs, punches withlegendaryparts of your favorite heroes Atom, Zeus, Midas, NoisyBoyand newsuperstar Atom Prime.Battle in the boxing realms with 1000s of unique robotsanddominate 10 inspiring arenas in this epic sequel. DefeattheLegends of the New Real Steel Era & an All New MysteriousSuperBoss to Reign Supreme as The Undisputable Champion!BUILD YOUR CHAMPIONUnleash your unique identity from 1500+ colossal robot parts of32Exclusive Robots. Choose from iconic Heads, massive Torsosandpowerful Hands & Legs. Customize your Robots withexcitingPaint, Intro that mimics your style and announce yourunique Nameto be acclaimed as the King Maker of Real SteelChampions!UNLEASH HEROIC MOVESSelect devastating Heavy & Special Attacks, UltimateUpgrades,Critical Hits and Finishers for your winning strategy.PLAY WITH REAL STEEL LEGENDSOwn A Roster Of Real Steel Legends - Atom, Zeus, Noisy Boy,Midas& Metro & Relive the Championship experience.PROVE YOUR METTLE• In The Tournament with 25 fights including 5IndomitableBosses• Across 30 Mighty Challenges• Rip Off Opponents in record time with 120 Time Attackfights• And hone your skills with Unlimited Free SparringThis game is completely free to download and play. However,somegame power-ups can be purchased with real money within thegame.You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’ssettings.* Permission:- ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: To determine your location for regionbasedoffers.- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress*Also optimized for tablet devicesLike us: us: us: us:
Stickman fighter : Epic battle
You like fighting games and stickmangames?This game is made for you! Enter the arena and play as anheroicStickman. You must fight against your opponents. You musthave nomercy against them. To win, you have to kill them all. Watchout... you'll face numerous warriors. Their big boss will nothesitateto mangle you !Stickman Fighter Epic Battles is a game of skill and speed inwhichyou will need to string together catches, kicks andpunches.Numerous weapons are also available to you. You mustdodgeopponents or die. The universe of this game makes ittrulyunique.HOW TO PLAYStand in front of your opponents and start the combat. Eachenemyhas its specificity. A life bar shows your health.GAME FEATURES- Stickman- Combat- 40 Levels- Weapons
Ultimate Combat Fighting 1.12
Prepare yourself for the UltimateCombatFighting challenge! Fight your way to become a black beltmartialarts master! Learn all the moves and beat your opponents inthisintensive action fighting game. Whether your style iskarate,kungfu, tae kwon do, or boxing, just swipe your moves andstartthrowing some kicks and punches! Learn the moves to master theartof free fighting in this ultimate challenge.- FEATURES -- Great fighting action!- Lots of different opponents- Develop your character to earn the black belt!- Find and learn new smashing moves!- Incredible new swipe based control! Easy to learn, hardtomaster- Beat your opponents on many awesome locations!- Free to play- A cool mobile fighting game in the style of Street FighterandTekken, but also suitable for anybody looking for a casualfightinggame- Log in with Google+ to enable achievements andgloballeaderboards.
Block Mortal Survival Battle C17.2.2
Ready your weapons, in an epic combatchallengecame that demands you strike fast and hard as legions ofenemiesattack from all sides. The powerful domain of the kingdomattractsenemies of all kinds, each more dangerous and devastatingto therealm's armies than the last.The king's reign has been threatened, and his personalsorcererbelieves he has come up with a way to pull on ancient magictoensure protection of castle and king, but something terribleandunexpected occurred during the spell and now a dark andmysteriousforce now looms large over the lands. It is only a matterof timebefore the day of reckoning descends over the nations andheraldsthe realms to a new age and dominate empire.Centuries of Feuding...They'd inherited the feud from their fathers and couldn't recalltheoriginal cause. Perhaps they knew not who started it or why,butthey certainly knew who would end it and how. Blinking up attheglaring light, the dark centers of the warrior's blazing eyesseemedto sear the air around the fierce brute. The magician stoodback-pleased, yet on edge at what to expect. The spell wascomplete. TheDruid Warlord of legend was born, and he was ready togo to war forthe people of Komkaria. The Warlord lurched upright,and the glintof a candlelight flashed off his blade as it swungviciously throughthe air. "Traitor!" the Warlord growled. As theblade found itsmark, and the blood gurgled up in the throat of themagician, herealized the one fatal flaw in his spell...Give it Your Best Shot...Fight your way against dozens of ultimate foes as you guardthemighty powers of this impressive temple of war. The forcefulsoulof the guardian spirit is potent within these walls, but whosesidedoes he champion? Wield magic weapons and powers as youconfrontthe terror of the lands and conquer the people's greatestfearsfrom legends lost.Game Features:*Discover epic pixel weapons*Search the temples for amazing perks*Fight barbarians hand-to-hand*Real-time map with sky view alerts*Increasingly difficult survival challenge*Navigate three intense FPS terrains
Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods 2.0
SMVD Games
Underground zodiac killers come to deatharenato fight single head2head battle called deathwar. A fighterwill doanything to win this killbox & be the Immortal king ofthisvery ancient combat tournament. Welcome to the arena ofwargods. Towin this furious tournament you've to master the art ofkickassstreet fighting, kung fu, karate & MMA fighting. Focuson theopponent's weak point, make your move & attack with yourfullstrength & skills.Free download Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods to yourandroiddevice & get yourself involved in this pragmatic virtualwar ofdeadly zodiac killers. Train yourself, get used to theuniquefighting styles of each fighters. These battleborgs havetheir ownsuperpower moves, learn them in the training mood. Havefun,testing the fighting skills of yourself in the death arenaofunderground bloodwar. Defeat all the wargods, be the lastsurvivor& win the immortal king title of this virtualkillbox.Reveal your inner fighter in this head2head 3D deathwargame.Play with multiple deadly fighters & challenge others intheduel mode all over the world. Defeat all the wargods insinglebattle combat mood, unlock new zodiac killer fighters.Proveyourself the king in this ancient immortal godswar.Discover special features of Terra Fighter- DeadlyWargods:- Incredible 3D & 2D graphics will give you the qualityvisualexperience.- Amazing deathwar mood sound effects.- Simple but very addictive game play.- Different stages of death arena all over the world.- Multiple zodiac killer characters in the game play.- Win each single battle in combat mood to unlock morepowerfulancient battleborgs.- In the duel mode you can choose your opponent.- Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods is completely free but some ingamespecial items require payment.- Endless action in the bloodwar story mode.- You don't need any special skills to be the last survivor inthisgame. Just cool your nerves & be fast with yourfingers.- Great story line to lure you into this ancient combat game&reveal your inner zodiac killer.How to be the legendary king of deathwar-- Start with training mode. Select your own fighter amongunlockedbattleborgs & select your desired death arena.- Train to learn different moves, sharpen yourfightingskills.- Each kickass fighter has its own superpower & comboattackstyles. Learn all of them.- Master the art of combo attacks. You need them much more thananyskill to become the ultimate last survivor ofundergroundbloodwar.- Get into duel mode, select your man & engage inhead2headbloodwar.- Win many single battle killbox in the death arena & earnmorecoins.- Unlock new combat fighters, get into the story mood selectyourbest killer & start fighting.- Defeat 5 immortal fighters in head2head killbox to unlockdueltournament mode.- Defeat all battleborgs worldwide to earn more coins.- Keep wining to remain the immortal king ofundergroundbloodwar.Download Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods completely free fromplaystore & engage in legendary ancient head2headdeathwar.Remember the last survivor wins this undergroundtournament. So bethe expert killer & defeat all the battleborgsin each singlebattle killbox.If you like our "Terra Fighter- Deadly Wargods" game pleasetakea moment & rate us. Your ratings inspire us improving thegameplay. Best of luck playing this wargame, be the last survivor&win the title.Big Update :New Rivals are available for 1 to 1 Fight in story modeNow Best Vs fighting game comes with noxious weapons andnewcombatantHD Joystick pad updatedNew Japanese fighter kyu and Roman contender are added in storylineas RivalsNinja Assassin s added in Demon Camp .Controller is UpdatedDifficulty is managed for better game playConquer the palace back from the malignant spirit.New Play offline features allow to play without internet.AI toughness reducedHigh Quality New Music Tracks are addedEquip weapon when required no limit .
Infinite Fighter-fighting game 1.0.23
Free Android Fighting Game.Completely new and amazing fighting game!No more hard command!No longer need to memorize commands!Infinite Fighter 'Slide Action Control System' allows you toeasilyand intuitively action control the character.Just Touch & Slide!Enjoy Dynamic Action & Stylish Character!Infinite Fighter is the best fighting game in the galaxy!Awake your fighting spirit,Try to play fighting action right now!Character introduction- Vandam: He is a leader of Team Skull - back street gang - . Buthebeing fight for free and preserve right to live against realgang.MMA master.- CAN: The guard AI robot of Infinite World. CAN then goesonparticipate in tournament to win prize money to buy mechanicpartsand upgrade soft. Because administrator orderdevelopment.- Gamba: He was warrior and was born of Africa. He had livedFrancemercenary for cure his little sister. He import cure of hissister,participated in the tournament.- Jane: She was growing up in desert, it makes her fight outlaw.Her university major is A.I. She us graduate, but stillstudying.She want expand facilities and expend own farm.- Mudog: He was born in Ukraine and grown up wandering theeastEurope underworld. He learning boxing for survival. Some timehedoes active middleweight. As a result of work hard and savemoney,he built rag doll factory.- Shady: She was brought up to assassin from childhood. Butsheescaped syndicate. She currently working on runway, She wantlaunchher own brand.- Rocket: Kung Fu master and he run martial arts gym BlackDragonGate, He keep the peace around his gym and caretheunder-privileged- Pang: Usually she manage amusement park and do voluntaryservicewith wear panda costume. She want donate prize money.Game mode introduction- Arcade mode: Infinite Fighting Championship. You fight in ordertowin the championship trophy.- Survival mode: Challenge the best record survives untiltheend.- AI Battle mode: Fighting game mode against theCPUcharacter.- Raid mode: Challenge to the incredibly powerful bosses.- Training mode: Free training control and combo system.
LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes
LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Universe inPerilfeatures an original story crossing the entire MarvelUniverse.Take control of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, CaptainAmerica,Wolverine and many more Marvel characters as they unite tostopLoki and a host of other Marvel villains from assemblingasuper-weapon capable of destroying the world!GAME FEATURES:• Over 91 playable characters, such as Iron Man,Spider-Man,Captain America, Wolverine, and more can be unlocked asyouprogress through the game. Select character families canbeaccessed at any time through purchase via our in-gamestore.• Complete 45 action-packed missions as you chase down CosmicBricksacross key locations from the Marvel Universe• Battle enemies using super power abilities such as flight,superstrength and invisibility.• Use fast-paced combat moves and activate Super Moves likeHulk’sThunder Clap and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.• Complete challenges and earn rewards.• Switch between “Console” and “Touch Screen” controls to findtheplay-style that suits you best.NOTE:This game is filled with many hours of content andcinematicsthat take up a lot of space! You’ll need 2.2gb ofavailable spaceon your device if you install over wifi, but only1.1gb of space ifyou download on your computer and then sync.As with many large app installations, we advise that yourestartyour device after installing as this will resolve somestabilityissues. Also make sure you have installed the mostrecentfirmware.No internet connection is needed to play this game.If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact
Robots War 3d 1.1
Real steel robots and death row fightstheultimate robot war game is here. This is an action packedgamewhere these robot transformers are set loose to fight oneanother.In this particular single player game we have designedcountlessamazing robots with metallic look and cutting edgegraphics. If youare an admirer of robot games, alien war games thenyou must likerobots war. This neck breaking game takes you in tothe war zonewhere robot fights robots to death. This is not just arobot vs.robot but it’s also a robot vs. car game. Yes, the brandnew robotbattle give you thrill of surprise attacks and heavygunfire andepic warfare against space monsters and aliens. Now showyourdominance against other many robots and space enemies.In robot battle game, game play is simple but tough. Thisgamebrings out your survival and defensive instinctswithmulti-reflexes and combat skills. It is now time to put forthyourfighting skills because this game play is so intense thatit’llblow your mind. Back to the game play, the enemy killer robotswillfind and locate your destination and attacks you. Thesedeathmachines are seriously dangerous and are ready to kill you. Soshowno mercy and unleash hell on the battlefield and destroy all ofthewar robots and protect the city.The really amazing feature of this game is the shifting ofrobotsinto furious sports cars. The enemy robots can transform intodriftcars too. So transform into your sport car and sprint, tackleandwreck the enemy machines. Your cars can fire unlimited missilesanduse gun power against enemies. Fight for the honor ofmetalwarriors in robot battle game!
Justice League Action Run 1.0
Ready to take on the world’s meanestvillains?Here’s your chance to hand pick your own team of JusticeLeagueAction heroes set the bad guys on the run! And betweenmissions,you can catch your breath—watch videos, learn amazingcharacterfacts, and read the best comic books in theuniverse!You’re the team leader, and there’s a lot to do:• RUN, jump, slide, dodge, fly, and blast your way through150mission-based levels.• SWAP heroes during your missions (why stick with one superpowerorability?)• FIGHT bosses at the end of each chapter and thwart theirevilplans.• UPGRADE and customize your heroes with new costumes,abilities,gear, and superpowers.• EARN tokens to level up and unlock new heroes andmorerewards.• WATCH videos, shorts, clips, and tutorials for JusticeLeagueAction and other DC Kids shows.• READ the latest DC news, announcements, character facts,anddigital comic books.It’s your world—make your choices!HEROES: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Firestorm, andCyborg.VILLAINS: Joker, Darkseid, Lex Luthor, and LoboBATTLEGROUNDS: Gotham City, Metropolis, ApokolipsThis app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.
Thumb Fighter 1.1.3
Thumb Fighter is the simplest versusfightinggame around!Challenge your friends or family in the funniest thumb war.Enjoy the best thumb war game and the whole ThumbFighterWorld!- Local Vs Mode- Fight against your phone- More than 30 characters- Minigames
Temple Run 2 1.34.2
With over a zillion downloads, TempleRunredefined mobile gaming. Now get more of the exhilaratingrunning,jumping, turning and sliding you love in Temple Run2!Navigate perilous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests as you trytoescape with the cursed idol. How far can you run?!FEATURES★ Beautiful new graphics★ Gorgeous new organic environments★ New obstacles★ More powerups★ More achievements★ Special powers for each character★ Bigger monkey!!!Become a fan of Temple Run on Facebook: Temple Run on Twitter:
Smackdown News 1.2
Edword LLC
I you are crazy about WWE,SmackdownWrestling.This is the perfect place for you. You willgeteverything here fromlatest news to latest fights
Ninja kung fu : fighting games 1.0.4
Welcome to the ninja kung fu fighting3dtraining den gameplay. Your objective is to fight the neverendingwaves of armies. Super easy, Super addictive! You should notwasteyour time looking for others, here is what you were carvingallthis time! Ultimate street fighting action game! Variesordinarycitizens as characters and opponents Bright and realistic3Dgraphics for your pleasure Opportunity to upgrade andcustomizeyour combatant skills Two entertaining game modes: contestmode andsurvival mode You are training to be the best Ninja KungFuFighting, a great warrior on martial fights.You prepare yourself at the ninja kung fu fighting 3d school ofkungfu to become a ninja master. You have met there tonight withotherninjas to fight each other in order to train your kung fuskills butyou have a problem: Some people heard about this meetingand want tostop you at any cost! So if you want to arrive to themeeting pointand reach the kung fu school, you will need to befast beforesomeone tries to stop you because despite the badreputation of theninjas, you only fight if it is necessary, so tryto avoid everyattack and do not stop running! You are trained byshinobi senseibecome a hitman ninja in this shadow fight game.Penetrate militarycamp in forest near fortress. Sneak up enemyninjas with stealthtechniques, soldiers are well-armed avoidmaking any noise. Climbwall with rope, jumps from rooftops attackenemies from behind. Armysniper hidden in jungle as thief keepyourself in shadow beforefight. Challenge enemy ninjas for combatfight and kill them all.Download Ninja Warrior Assassin 3D isviolent action game withthrilling and action pack gameplay. Climbninja on wall with rope,swim through river it’s time to show yourmartial arts move withlethal weapons in Ninja Warrior Assassin 3Dfast-paced action packedgame.Upgrade your Japanese assassin’sskills - power, speed andaccuracy and try new strikes to overcomerivalsthis fighting games is designed only for killing your timeinawesome way. fighting games Beautiful new graphics. Here is thetipfor you. The Special fighting games move is not what you expect.Becareful! Easy and fun to play, challenging tomaster.Stunninggraphics and animations. fighting games Displaysupport.Hardcoregames-play.Try different fighting styles including Taekwondo, Mauy Thai,KungFu, Boxing and other and enjoy being a real Japaneseassassin!Check contest and survival mode – fight against enemiesand killthem to earn points or survive on the ring as long as youcan!Become the strongest fighter on the earth playing Ninja KungFuFighting 3D action game! Upgrade your power, speed and accuracyorunlock new strikes and fighting styles getting points foreachkill. It’s high time to assassinate! Explore differentlocationsand use different fighting styles including Taekwondo,Muay Thai,Kung Fu, Boxing and other and enjoy being a real Japaneseassassin!Lead your clan to the victory and bring death to allyourenemies!Devastate your enemies with delightfullyintuitivecontrols, thanks to an all-new fighting interfacedesignedespecially for touchscreens. Customize your fighter withepicswords, nunchacku, armor suits, magical powers, and more.Features:★Realistic stealth and combat movements between ninja fights★Ultimate action fighting game in Japanese style★Amazing swimming, jump, weapon strike animations★Smooth on screen touch buttons for shadow fighting game★ninja kung fu fighting 3d HD graphics with beautifulforestlocations to explore★ fighting games with blood
Futuristic Robot Battle 1.7
Viking Studio
Futuristic Robot Battle is a special designforrobot game fan who love robot transformer and robot fighting.Wedesign the weapon system what is invested to graphic and powerverydetail. You know, you will love it in the first time you seeit. Ifyou are thinking about a robot mobile game then this isexactly whatyou need. In this robot fighting game where you fightwith robots tobecome the ultimate fighting games champion. If youlike robots,super machines, robot games, mech games and bestfighting games youwill love Futuristic robot battle game. If youlove or hate policecars, police car racing, cops, sheriff thenthis game is definitelyfor you to fight against fast police driftracing cars by simplyswitching your robot to furious racingcar.Futuristic Robot Battle Game play:Gameplay of this this robot game is pretty simple, you willfightagainst other Robots & get rid of Police cars and you havetodefeat them to get access next level. Oh should I tell youthisexcited things REALLY! You can switch your robot to sportdriftracing car by pressing button on your screen which can be usedtofire missile and unlimited machine fire shots. You can hit anycar& pick any car with hands and throw away lolx. Let’sbeganparty.Futuristic Robot Battle Features:• Amazing HD, 3D Graphics• Futuristic game Environment• Realistic Sound Effects• Switch between Robot and furious racing car.• 5 most challenging levels.It's a time of war, pilot! Are you ready for surpriseattacks,intricate tactical maneuvers and the many sneaky tricksyour rivalshave in store for you? Destroy enemy robots Start themortal combatand stay on the battlefield as long as you can. Thegreat robotdefense punch hero game where you play the role ofgladiatorwarrior who is going to hit his opponent like a punchingbag.Arcade style fighting and action. Use all your Ninja,Taekwondo,Mauy Thai, Boxing and other fighter skills.Futuristic Robot Battle is the best Robo vs Robo games onPlayStore. Download and choose your robot to get into the fightgameaction. You can do real time fighting anytime at anytimeandanywhere. The game is completely free to play.New Features ADDED :• Fully Environment change!• Different Futuristic Robots Added• Now your Robot can FLY!• Fantastic feature is Now you can Transform info FuturisticTronbike.• Different guns added• Laser Gun and Missiles• Futuristic Battle EnvironmentNew Features:• Competitive Leaderboard Added!• Compete with your friends for the highest, mostbiohazardousscore!• New Futuristic Robot can Fly Now + transform into Tron bikeWe’ll appreciate for your feedback & rating :)
Angry Fighter Attack 1.4
Are YOU street smart and readytorumble?!The epic battle of Street Fighters vs. City Thugs has begun!It'sfinally your chance to police street crime and put criminalsintheir place. Show cops that you’re not just another vigilante!Gohead-to-head with angry gangsters and thugs. The reign of theCityCriminals will come to an end when the brave City StreetFightersarrive!Angry Fighter Attack is a mixture of Action, RPG, andAdventure.Pick your favorite fighter and complete challengingcombatingmissions. Use a variety of exciting fighting stunts, andadvancedmoves to maximize damage and achieve maximum combatingskill. Boostyour “fighter stats” and gain fighter glory! Experience3D citygraphics that give an urban feel. The streets, alleys, andsecretlocations are ideals for going face-to face with your enemiesandputting them in their place! Earn points for each maim orinjury,rumble against powerful rivals and upgrade your skills!Angry Fighter Attack Features:•Awesome 3D city environments for you to explore•Smooth, easy, addictive & intuitive gameplay•Awesome Personalized Street Fighters•Amazing attack animations with advanced features•Surreal visual & sound effects•Amazing flying and jumping kicks & wrestling animationsAbout TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes games onmobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 250 mobilegamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 300 millionplayerdownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For moreinfo,visit
Fight of the Legends 1.2.9
Best fighting game for them who lovesvariousfighting styles hand-to-hand battles, boxing andkarate,kalaripayattu, Martial art, sword fight, thai boxeretc.Features:1. Each character fights with different style of fighting2. Pure 3D3. Characters made with real models4. Indian Martial Art style5. Cool Music6. Store System to upgrade your characterStory:During the events of Fight of the legend, both the forces oflightand darkness have been annihilated, with only the thunder godIndraand the lord of the hell Narakasur remaining to representthem. Aseverely weakened Indra is about to be killed by Narakasur,butcasts a last-minute spell on his friend Koko by taking him toadifferent dimension, whose walls can be broken by disablingthebalance of Earth. To disable the secrete space break (To enteradimension one need to access the doorway between the space)pathNarakasur have to break the balance of Human’s energy whichmakeshim strong enough to break the dimensional gateway. So hehosted atournament to let mortal world know, who the greatestfighter is,but background story is to get dark energy generatedfrom thefight.While ensuring progress in the tournament, whose keyattendeesinclude Urushi, Reina, Dazbog, Katya,Khanda, Jager, Flin,Tani etc,Narakasur attempts to enter into middle world to destroyEarth’slife balance. Koko, who has got the power to control some oftheelements of nature, who protects the balance of earth isnowwilling to protect her Mother “Earth” by giving power todifferentwarriors so that the balance remains calm. As long as thefightgoes on and balance remains calm, she can heal Mother EarthfromNarakasur. Else it’s in Indra’s hand to make the laststand.
Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia 3.0.86
Experience intense multiplayer combat withupto 6 players online or 12 using local wi-fi. Train with theSargeand sharpen your skills in offline Training, Co-op andSurvivalmodes. Shoot a multitude of weapon types including thesniper,shotgun and flamethrower.Features explosive online and local multiplayer warfare!Intuitivedual stick shooting controls. Open world maps utilizingrocketboots for extended vertical flight. Zoom control, meleeattacks anddual wield ability with modern and futuristic heavy dutyweaponsand grenades. Play team based battles in this fun cartoonthemedcross between Soldat and Halo.Doodle Army 2 Mini Militia aka DA2, based on the originalstickmanshooter Doodle Army, was created based on player feedbackandsuggestions. We love to hear your ideas so thank you and keepthemcoming! Give a call out to Sarge from the in-game emaillink!Purchase the Pro Player Pack to get full access to dualwieldability, extra avatar customization items and online weaponssuchas the rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gunandmore!