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HexSLayer - Territory Control 1.0.19
HexSLayer is a territory control gamewheretheplayer's goal is to take control of the entire map.You start as the green player. Each turn, each hex youcontrolonthe map gives you 1 gold and stores it in the localvillage. For10gold, you can click on a region you control andpurchase avillagerby dragging and dropping from the shop in thelower righthandcorner. Villagers can only be placed in squareswithin, oradjacentto a consecutive region.Upgrade your villagers by dragging another villager on topofanexisting villager. Villages upgrade into Wizards,WizardstoSwordsmen, and Swordsmen to Knights. Be careful, asupgradingyourunits increases the upkeep in the region.In order to attack a hex, or any adjacent square suchasavillage, you need to have a unit of 1 level higher.Wizardscankill villagers or villages, knights can kill wizards,etc.Avillager cannot attack a square containing or protectedbyanothervillager.