Top 6 Games Similar to Mühle BETA

The Mill - Classic Board Games 2.04
Welcome to the best Mill (Nine Men’sMorris)game on the Store!Make Mills by aligning 3 pieces, every Mill you make allows youtoremove one of your opponent's pieces.The classic Nine Men’s Morris is a strategy board game,commonlyfound on the back of a Checkers / Draughts board, that isas easyto get as Tic Tac Toe, but as hard to master as Chess.Excellentfor testing your skills or teaching strategy tokids.Challenge friends on the same device or try to beat one ofourwell-trained virtual players in the single player mode, with3difficulties to play.A true classic! DOWNLOAD The MIll NOW, FREE and start climbingtheHigh-Score!Key features:- Classic design of a true Nine Men's Morris- Choose between 3 modes of difficulty- Multiplayer challenge against real humans!- Climb the Global High Score- Loads of achievements- Kids will love it!----------------------------FOLLOW [email protected]/outofthebit
2 Player Games Collection 2.0
Play Nine Men's Morris, Connect 4,Battleship,Chess, TicTacToe, Reversi and Checkers versus yourfriends, all inone app!Play those seven classic board games via Bluetooth, Wifioragainst each other on one device.Or try your luck against the computer players!Now with leaderboards and achievements!And of course, all for free!
Align it - 🎲 Mills Game 🎯 3.1.13
Align it based on world famous twelvemen'smorris or Morabaraba game and Nine men's morris game.Our free Align it Board game offers:✓ single player game (play with CPU) 🚴🏼✓ 2 players game (multiplayer) 🚴🏼 🚴🏼✓ easy, medium and hard mode in single player game 🏅✓ play online(multiplayer)✓ play via bluetooth(multiplayer)✓ chating option in online mode 💬 💬 💬✓ leaderboard in online mode 🏆 🏆 🏆✓ game statistics✓ 2 games (nine men's morris and morabaraba or 12 men's morris )insingle player mode with easy medium and hard mode.Enjoy Twelve Men's Morris ( Morabaraba game ) and 9 MensMorrisBoard game with precise controls and fluent graphics. AlignitBoard game is a traditional two-player strategy board game fortwoplayers. The game is similar to 12 Mens Morris or Morabarabagame,a variation on 9 Mens Morris or Cowboy Checkers game or millgame.It is also known as Mmele game a Traditional gameplayedthroughout Southern Africa 🇿🇦 🇿🇦 🇿🇦 . It is know by adifferentname in the different regions.Align it is a great way to pass your free time. In this variantof12 Men's Morris game you can play with your opponents from alloverthe world in online mode.This mill game shows rankingbetweenfriends and global ranking in leader board. In this variantofMorabaraba game you can play many levels with increaseddifficultylevel in easy, medium and hard mode respectively.We launched 9 men's morris game a variant of Hungarian 🇭🇺 🇭🇺 🇭🇺gameMalom in single player mode with easy, medium and harddifficultylevels in latest update.Now you can enjoy nine men'smorris as wellas 12 men's morris variants in single game.Nine Men's Morris is a strategy board game for two players datingatleast to the Roman Empire. The game is also known as NineManMorris, Mill, Mills, The Mill Game, Merels, Merrills,Merelles,Marelles, Morelles and Ninepenny Marl in English. The gamehas alsobeen called Cowboy Checkers and Doublemill game.So start playing Align it game on your Android device forfree.Getthe Align it now and let the fun begins!. We are constantlyworkinghard to improve this game so please share your [email protected] to improve this game and keep Playing Alignit.Keywords: tic tac toe , Twelve Men's Morris , Nine Men's Morris,Doublemill , Mill , Mills , The Mill Game , Merels , Merrills,Merelles , Marelles , Morelles . Ninepenny Marl , Cowboy Checkers,Mlabalaba , Mmela , Muravava , Malom , Umlabalaba , Mororova,Tsoro Yemutwelve , Achi, Shisimia , Shax , Djelga , Nao-guti,Sujjua , Tule Paid , Tapatan , Gurgaldaj , mancala , 9 kati ,3kati , 9 goti , 3 goli, 12 mens morris , 9 mens morris , mlin,mlyn , млин , mъlinъ , molīna , molīnus , mulin , mola ,milestone, Malom game , Mühle , Mmele , Mmele game
9 Men's morris 3.5.1
★ Play historical board games ★9 Men's Morris is also known as Nine Man Morris, Mill,Mills,TheMill Game, Merels, Merrills, Merelles, Marelles,MorellesandNinepenny Marl. It is problably the older know game inthehistoryof humanity.The application packages 9 Men's Morris, 12 Men's Morris,3Men'sMorris, 6 Men's Morris and 7 Men's Morris. The 9 and12versionsalso include an optional rule to "fly" ay the end ofthegame.The exact rules details are embedded into theapplicationwitheasy to read graphics.All Jocly features included:☆ artificial intelligence to play alone / offline☆ server connectivity to play real people, create orjointables,invite friends☆ full rules description☆ live games are saved and can be replayed☆ ELO based leaderboard☆ and many more ...
A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes 1.05
"A Multiplayer Game Of Cubes" (AMGOC) isanexiting, fast paced, board game for up to four player perdevice.The unique gameplay can be described as Othello on steroidswithunpredictable chain reactions. The goal is simple: Conquertheplayground! The player who occupies the whole playgroundwins.Sounds easy? It is! Or maybe not?!? Just see for yourself:AMGOCoffers many hours of multiplayer fun!We hope you enjoy playing and share our game with your friends.Features:- Never seen before multiplayer fun for the whole family ononedevice.- An artificial intelligence enables you to enjoy two playergameseven without a playmate.- The interactive tutorial shows you how to play and winagainstyour friends.- The hard to predict effects of the chain reaction keeps youexiteduntil the very last turn.- 100% free! Without ads and without in app purchasements!AMGOC has been rated one of the best two player games 2015.Justsee for yourself: Download "A Multiplayer Game of Cubes" nowtoenjoy countless hours of fun with your friends and family.
Römische Mühle 1.1
Römische Mühle ist ein schlichtesBrettspiel,welches sehr einfach zu spielen ist. Ziel des Spiels istes mitdrei Steinen über den Mittelpunkt eine Reihe zu bilden undsomitdie Mühle zu schliessen. Jeder Spieler hat drei Steine, die erzuBeginn auf dem Spielfeld setzt. Sobald er keine Steine mehrhat,kann er die Steine bewegen. In einem Zug darf nur ein Steinbewegtwerden. Springen ist nicht erlaubt.Das Spiel ist sehr einfach zu spielen. Nach einiger Zeit machtesrichtig Spass, wenn man die Tricks und Kniffs des Spielsrichtigkennt.Wahlweise kann gegen den Computer oder zu zweitgespieltwerden.Römische Mühle kann auch überall ohne App gespielt werden.Manfindet überall sechs Spielsteine, es können zum BeispielMünzensein. Das Spielbrett kann schnell auf ein Blatt Papiergezeichnetwerden. Schon geht es los.Anregungen oder Fehler können unter mitgeteiltwerden.Wir sind für alle Rückmeldungen sehr dankbar.Roman mill is asimpleboard game, which is very easy to play. The aim of the gameis withthree stones over the center to form a series and thus toclose themill. Each player has three stones, which he puts at thebeginningof the game. As soon as he has no more stones, he can movethestones. In a train, only a stone must be moved. Jumping isnotallowed.The game is very easy to play. After some time, it is fun, ifyouknow the tips and tricks of the game right.Optionally, can be played against the computer or withyourpartner.Roman mill can also be played anywhere without app. One canfindall six pieces, it can be, for example coins. The game boardcan bequickly drawn on a sheet of paper. Off you go.Suggestions or errors can be reported to We areverygrateful for all the feedback.