Top 3 Games Similar to SQUAREit

Dots & Boxes Neo PREMIUM
Dots & Boxes Neo - queer youropponent'spitch!Play against friends or the computer and take one box afteranotherto break the high score.*** NOW with Online Multiplayer! ***Dots & Boxes is the popular and very entertaining gamefromschool days. The goal is to win as much boxes as possiblebyplacing lines. More action comes with the panic mode where youneedfast thinking but even faster acting!You can expect:- Online Multiplayer- 1-2 player mode- Computer opponent with 3 difficulty levels- Arcade mode- Panic mode- 5 colour designs- Several board sizes (3x3 to 8x8)- 9x9 and 10x10 board sizes (tablets only)- Redo function- Sound effectsProve that you can handle the next generation of Dots &Boxesand download Dots & Boxes Neo now!If you like our Dots & Boxes Neo we are looking forwardtoyour rating in the App Store.For questions or other feedback visit us
Dots and Boxes - Unlimited 1.0.8
Dots and Boxes game is a free classicchildhoodpencil and paper game with some interestingfeatures.++ HOW TO PLAY ++Tap on the line between two dots to draw a line of the box. Onceyouconnect the dots, your opponent will get a turn to connectother twodots of any box on board. If you connect the last line ofthe boxand complete the square, that square becomes yours, alsoyou willget an extra chance to draw a line and make more boxes.Playerhaving more boxes and squares will win.++ SINGLE VS MULTIPLAYER ++Play against computer in single player mode or your friendinmultiplayer mode.++ GAME LEVEL ++Easy level (for new players), hard level (for expertplayers).++ GAME MODES ++Blank mode - By default, all the lines and squares on the boardwillbe blank.Auto fill - This is an interesting feature. In this mode some ofthelines and boxes will be auto filled. If you are lucky youcanconnect more dots and squares at the beginning, which willgivehard competition to your opponent.++ GAME SIZE ++no of dots and squares depends on the size of the screen. youcanchoose small, medium, large or extra large board.++ ADD MORE DOTS AND BOXES / SQUARES ++Another interesting feature - click on add more dots and boxes,menuto increase the board size during game play.Have fun & Enjoy!
Dots Twisted 1.0.3
Dots and Boxes casual strategy upgraded!Boxestake center stage in this revitalized version of the old penandpaper game. There are some new rules creating a totally newgameplay experience!FEATURES* Dots and Boxes classic rules redone for modern age.* 3 game board sizes.* Special Squares to unlock bonus moves (extra turn, capturelines,or break lines)* Play for points and rank on the Leaderboard* Single Player (Pass-n-Play or against our AI)* Multiple A.I. difficulty levels.* Multiplayer (quick updating, asynchronous turn-based)In Dots Twisted, there are Special Squares that you andyouropponent will race to control. When you own at least threesides toone of these Special Squares it unlocks one of threebonuses. Youmay be able to take another turn, break an opponent'sline, or takecontrol of an opponent's line already in existence.This dynamiccreates an entirely different play experience from theoriginalDots and Boxes game.There are several fantastic ways to play Dots Twisted.There'sSingle Player, which includes Pass-n-Play (two peopleplaying onthe same device) and an AI. Get your feet wet beforejumping intoMultiplayer!In Multiplayer, you can play against other Dots andSquaresenthusiasts like yourself via Google Play Games. You canchoose toplay with friends within your G+ Circles or you can choosetoautomatch with someone at random. While our game is anasynchronousturn-based multiplayer (meaning you can “get to it whenyou get toit”), it will update as turns are played for some QuickPlayaction.We hope you enjoy this first game from Ever-Rich Studio!Visit our website: http://www.everrichstudio.comLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter: