Top 15 Games Similar to Rainbow

Rainbow Loom Designer 1.0.3
Create your own friendship braceletsandcharms! Stretch the rubber bands into any pattern you wish onthedesigner loom, then see your design in action on a 3D bracelet!You can switch back and forth between the loom and the3Dbracelet so you can see how each little tweak changes thebracelet.While looking at your 3D bracelet, you can rotate itaround on thescreen to see it from any angle.Rainbow Loom Designer is super easy to learn and to use forallages. The loom detects which peg your finger is closes to, sothestretchy bands always snap into place on the correct peg. Theundobutton remembers all your moves, so it's easy to get ridofmisplaced stretchy bands.You can also take pictures of your creations and save themonyour device!With 8 different stretchy bands, 46 colors, and yourdesignskills, the possibilities are endless!Rainbow Loom Designer is perfect for everyone who lovesmakingfriendship bracelets and jewelry.
Sparkle! Rainbow! Unicorn! LW 1.03
~=Live Wallpaper=~Help the rainbow unicorn turn her friends into sparkles!Touchthescreen to shoot rainbows from her horn!• Shoot magic rainbow beams at adorable targets!• Smiling hearts and stars burst intocaptivatingsparklefountains!• Fall into a sparkle trance with this super-cutelivewallpapergame!NOTE: Does not work on the Huawei Ascend or Kyocera Hydro***This is a Live Wallpaper. To load it, long press onyourhomescreen, choose "Wallpapers", then "Live Wallpapers",thenchoose itfrom the list.***
Rainbow Express 1.0
Have you ever dreamed of becoming alocomotivedriver? Now you have a chance to take a trip around theworld anddrive your own rainbow express!Help railroader to create rainbow trains. Click onmulti-colouredcars in order to create the longest train and go onaround-the-world trip! If you pay attention, your train willsparklelike a rainbow!Do not forget to use bonus cars, get bonus points and prizesforyour work. Collect the entire collection of achievements andbecomethe most advanced player of the game.
Rainbow-Lite 1.0
Rainbow-Lite is a fun and interactiveactivityfor all ages. Create stunning works of art using 9differentcolored pegs. Use the in-app purchase to unlock theability to saveand share your artwork with family and friends.Premium features include:* Save your designs and open later.* Share your picture via email, MMS, etc.* Save your picture as image in Gallery.
Rainbow Doodle for Kids 1.05
The software is a paintingdecorationtoolssuitable for kid ages,using rainbow and neon brusheswithmagicmusics to sketch, paint, doodle and draw. You can draw onacolorcanvas, or decorate some of background pictures to makethemmorebeautiful. Create amazing rainbow pictures with afewsimplestrokes.Features:☆ More than 10 rainbow & neon brushes☆ More than 20 magic musics☆ Doodle on canvas or app's pictures☆ Shake device to clear drawing screen.☆ Replay your drawings - like a movie☆ Unlimited Undo☆ Create your own album of paintings .☆ Revise your pictures easily☆ Simple user interface☆ Share your created pictures by e-mail, facebook, MMS andanyotherthings that able to share.
Rainbow Rain 2.1
Play the most unique color-matching game onthemarket. Tap a block to make it disappear, and score points whentwoor more blocks line up.Complete a level in a single touch!FEATURES:One perfect move every level.Casual mode or survival mode.Unique scoring system with bonuses to discover.Online high score tables.Fast loading and free.
Let's run on the colorful rainbow road asfaras you can!This is simple but relaxing 3D game!【How to play】Flick right/left at the curve!Filck over to jump in order to get over the Pitfall orgetitem!Collect item to CONTINUE!Let's compete against players from around the world!
Pet Rainbow 1.0.1
Net Fun Media
Oh no! Ninjas want to kidnap thefurrylittlepets all for themselves. The little girl loves them somuchso helpher rescue the fluffy little animals from thetroublemakerninjas.They are skillful thieves so be aware! There’sno place forthem incandy world!Try to save the little guys before the evil thief gets hishandsonthem. Each animal you gather will follow you to safety,creatinganawesome rainbow of cute little animals.Play the game, go through many levels on 3 differentworlds,eachmore difficult than the last, and try to get the animalsoutofharms way. Make the rainbow as big as you can and ruintheevilninjas' plans.Features:3 different cute animals3 unique and colorful maps in candy worldprogressive difficulty to test your skillsall the colors of the rainbow to make your animals happyfun and intuitive gameplay for everyone, from kids to grown-ups
Rainbow Snake 1.3
Rainbow Snake is a super cool game whereyoucollect colours to make your snake grow into a colourfulRainbow!That's all you need to know! Enjoy!
Rainbow Cat 1.0.20
Do you like rainbows, cats, and tapping games?This cat know how to tap into some amazing high flyingrainbowadventure. You have to be pretty quick to keep up with thiscat, doyou have what it takes? Tap the screen to fly rainbow catthrough anear impossible obstacle course of cursed pipes! How farcan youget him through the gauntlet of pesky plumbing pipes? Justrememberin this tricky game one false move spells disaster for yourrainbowcat! This awesome game has lots of fun in store for you. Italsohas loads of amazing high definition graphics and hoursofaddictive play. Get in on the fun with Rainbow cat and watchhimthrow rainbows of joy and fun! Download today if you have whatittakes.Rainbow tapping cat Features:• Free game• Rainbows!• Fun and addictive• Great HD Graphics• Impossible to finish• Professionally designed• Cute flying cat character• Retro style background theme• Awesome bonuses if you are quickThis professionally designed game was expertly created tobringyou the best in tapping game fun! It's intuitive design andeasy touse functionality makes it great for gamers of most ages.Thehighly addictive game style offers you hours and hours ofenjoymentand entertainment. Get you friends, family, neighbors, andall thecot lovers in your life to download and try to beat our highscore!Download today for some of the best tap gaming that you couldeverask for!Download today!
Kah Kong
Navigate and draw your way through80excitinglevels in this colorful and addictive adventure.Game play uses both accelerometer and gesture drawing togiveyoua totally new gaming experience!-------------------------------Join RAINBOW in their epic adventure through a worldfullofcolors.Overcome enemies on the way and unlock new RAINBOWwithspecialabilities along the journey!-------------------------------RAINBOW features:★ Colorful graphics that will brighten up your day★ Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master★ 80 colorful levels★ New RAINBOW awaits you to unlock-------------------------------Last, but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyonewhohasplayed RAINBOW!Don't forget to give us a rating if you like the game!Already a fan of RAINBOW? Like us on Facebook to support
Rainbow Tap 1.2
Immerse yourself in Rainbow Tap, thecolorfuland addicting game for android. Challenge yourself in thethreemodes available.• In Classic mode you must tap all of the colored tiles withouttouching the black ones, the aim is to complete it in thelowesttime.• In Arcade Mode you must keep up with the colored tilesbytapping them with out tapping the black tiles, the aim is togetthe highest score possible.• In Zen Mode you must tap as many colored tiles as possiblewithout tapping the black ones within the given time, the aim isto getthe highest score possible.Features:• Musical Sequences• Lots of ColorsIf you have any problems or queries feel free to e-mail usat:[email protected]
Rainbow Chain 1.0.4
Rainbow Chain is an easy to play, hardtomaster game - creatorRainbow Chain has up to as many levels as you can play witheachlevel getting harder and harder to beat. The goal of every gameissimple, knowing the rainbow make every dot change to thecolorwhite.• A dot changes color by being tapped.• When a dot changes color, it checks its neighbors andchangestheir color if they are the same color.New levels introduced oftenWe will soon introduce more interesting objects that manipulatethedots behaviors in coming versions!
Musical Ties Rainbow Kingdom 1.1
First Games
Rainbow Kingdom,a new episode ofMusicalTiles,is now onstage. Colorful tiles play wonderful music toyourears; you can be a piano master, come on and enjoy it!which one is faster? Finger or brain, this game will give youananswer.Simple rules, just do NOT touch the white tile! Everyonecanplay, but not everyone can master!6 Classic modes,don't forget to share and compete withyourfriendsHundreds Cut: who is the fastest within 100 steps?Marathon: test your coordination and endurance, goes on as longaspossible.Roller Coaster:speed high or low,how thrill!Lightning:Marching below the flashing of lightning.Life: collect hearts to surviveAmazing: 10 difficult levels, speed from hell,let's do it!【Game Features】:6 Classic modes to play withSimple rules, suit to all agesBetter user interfaceFlexible musical effectsColorful tiles to choose fromShare with friends and world scoreboardWhat are you waiting for, join the NEW rainbow kingdom,comeon!
Rainbow Dragons BigRace Lite 1
“The Adventures of Rainbow Dragons” is akids’book series for 4-7 years old children. The storyaboutmulti-colored brothers, the Rainbow Dragons, has wonpopularityamong children and parents in more than 30 countriesaround theworld!In the continued adventures of the Rainbow Dragons a lotofinteresting things await young car lovers. They will haveanincredible opportunity to take part in the creation ofsupercarsfor each of the Rainbow Dragons and even to participate inthe BigRace.On each page young readers will find even more animation andgamesthan in previous app. Players will run the cars to help theRainbowDragons to win the race, defeating the guile and trickery oftheEvil Queen of the Flies. Find out what dangers are waiting fortheRainbow Dragons and how resourceful our rainbow brotherswillappear to be! Will friendship, kindness and unity help them towinthe race?The vivid characters, the text read by professional narratorsandthe ability to create the animated process on one’s own willgiveyour child a real sense of presence in a fairy tale.This interactive story will be a nice surprise,wonderfulentertainment, educational, instructive and eye-openingbook thatwill hold child's attention for a long time.We wish you a colorful race with Rainbow Dragons’ pace!Features:- Explore delightful animations within each page!- Ability to follow the story at your own pace or listentoprofessional audio narration.- For smartphones, “listen” mode is recommended- Unique background music!- A story that has become a favorite one for the young readersinover 30 countries around the world!The beginning of the adventure you can find in our app“RainbowDragons”: along and you will see how the Big Race will be held andwhowill win!You will not only hear a fascinating story, but also havetheopportunity to participate in the creation of the super-carsforeach of the Rainbow Dragons!All of that as well as a lot of other interesting things arewaitingfor you in the full version of the app "Rainbow Dragons atthe BigRace"!Full version: