Top 24 Games Similar to Sky Strike - Tap to Fly

Bacterial 1.81611281
Bacterial GO Slither Run is a the greedy ball+Slither Snake Wars game! This multiplayer game is definitely agoodchoice to play Snake like players, but also a good choice topassthe time.• "major combat mmo mode", play simple, fun and easy.• Nudge fingertip control balls or snake, to strong increasesbecomeTOP1 .• "bullying" is the purpose of this game.• Do not think massive is invincible. Well! "Small" is alsocanstand up at any time• No mobile data, anytime, anywhere to playPrivacy disclosure:Bacterial GO attaches great importance to the health of usersandprivacy.Our program does not collect personal information. But itincludesadvertising, this is the way of we can give you providefreesoftware, we carefully placed ads, of course, to ensure thatyourchild to the greatest extent in the process of playing noteasilyclick to it.Please give us evaluation: If you have any can help furtherimproveour application and game design and interactive feedbackandSuggestions, please visit our website at send us an email [email protected] are committed to regularly update all of our applicationsandgames and add new features, very welcome and happy to receiveyourletter, hope to get some future development and applicationofideas.
Snake 2 1.0
Snake 2 is game inspired by gamesfromyourmemory like and's designed in retro style. You can bringbackyourmemories.Play game and get as good score as you can have lots of great features in this Snake game:- Snake speed for difficulty level for Slither labirynths to make that game more entertaining- You can choose from 3 backgroundYour task in this game is to catch as many Snake foodasyoucan.Game is similar to and other great games in store.You can get additional points when you eat bonus agar food.Just download and play that great game andnevergiveup!
Wriggle.IO Slithering Snake 3D 1.8
WHAT'S NEW ★★★ FREE SLITHER 3DSNAKEGAME!!!★★★★ Optimized For wider range of Devices★ Play in OFFLINE mode with BOT SNAKES★ 3D / 2D modeGet IT, Choose Your Skin invite your friends and startSlitheringin3D!BE the LONGEST super SNAKE, every day! If your headhitsanotherplayer, you will drop all the food what you have eaten.Usedoubletap to boost and intersect your friend's way!Features:★ 3D / 2D gameplay mode★ NEW - Joystick input! Easy Control!★ Multiplayer mode with your Friends' SNAKES★ OFFLINE mode with BOT SNAKES★ Rainbow skin★ NO Lag★ Turbo boost your snake★ Play with your slither snake friends!★ Colourful Slither Skins★ Balanced gameplay!★ Public and Private server rooms with CUSTOM LEVELS!If you have any suggestions or problems using theapp,pleaseemail us. Your REVIEWS are important for US! This willhelpus makethe app better.Please, don't forget to tell your expreriences, rate ourapp,andpost a comment!We will take them serious.Stay in touch to hear about new releases and promotions!More to come in weekly updates!
Happy Jump_Endless Arcade Dash 2.0
Hongzhe Ming
◈ How to play ◈1. Crossy Jump modeTap on the left side of the screen the sprite jump to topleft,tapon the right side of the screen the sprite jump to topright.2. Dash Up modeTap on the screen make the sprite twist jump and passthewhitegates. Atp.Sometimes the player needs to tap on the left, sometimesneedstapon the right, so avoid white bar and rotating brick, passthewhitegates.Each passed a white gate can get 1 point, catch a goldcoincanget 2 points.When you broke own best score, you can share in thesocialnetworkingservice with your friends!◈ Game modes ◈1. Crossy Jump mode2. Dash Up modeTap on "Mode" button to switch between following game modes:◈ Features ◈1. Very addictive and hard gameplay2. Easy to learn but requires skill to fully master :)3. Classic style amazing arcade games4. Uncluttered, minimalistic retro 2D graphics5. Simple geometry obstacles◈ How far can you jump? ◈Dash the sprite as far as you can to beat your friendsscore!Becareful of those white gates and bricks don't let it closeonyou.They are Dangerous!Don't be deceived by its simple look, It'sdifficultandaddictive!! Once you start, you can't stop!Let the mr jump higher, survive longer and never give up!Little cute player need you more than ever before!◈ Twitter ◈ Creative Labs
Germinate 1.9
Germinate is a game where germs attack.Do you hate germs? do you want to become a germ buster?wellnowyou can in this action packed,challenging, fun game.Now challenge your friends and family with leaderboards.How to playHelp Bod defend his body against evil germs! Each time yousplatagerm Bod will grow.Try to stop germs from hitting Bod as you will lose health.Pickupantibiotics to decrease Bod's size keeping him away fromthegerms.Pick up hearts if you are low on health to regen.Follow me on twitter - Snakes in a Maze! 1.0.2
Play against other people online! Canyoubecome the longest snake in the maze?!Search for power-ups in the maze and use your 10 secondswiselyto try and eat other players! But watch out for other snakeswiththe power-up running into YOU - or you will turn intosnakemeat!In, you start small but you will soon learn toavoidother deadly snakes, find food and power-ups to grow to agiantsnake!100s of free skins to customize your snake! Find secrets inthemaze and become the longest snake!
Split The Snake IO 1.0.2
Newsoft lab
In split snakes io world you mustconquerasmuch land as you can and try to become biggestsnake.Split,slithe, hit, smash, crash the snakes! Don't let othersnakeshityour tail also don't hit your own tail otherwise youwillbekilled. Download the Split the snake io game, encloseothersnakesareas to be the first and dominate the map!* Costomize your snake* Choose patterns* Play with strategy* Eat other snakes* Became the biggest* Dominate the map* Enjoy the gameplay Snakes 1.0.0
Can you become the best slither andthelongestsnake? Then this io game is for you!Close an area to fill it with your colorDon’t get hit by others playersYou start with a small area, make it larger and largerbyclosingit with your line.Splixio snakes is an online skill game like slitherioandagariowhich you can play for free here.Have no mercy and conquer the whole map! Good luck!
Slither Guru v1.3.9
Slither Guru is a free online game, asnakegamewith powerups!You play as a snake - trying to survive!Pick up powerups and own other playersCollect power ups and use them to hack other playersAvoid deadly powerupsPlay for free with a lot of people on one room!You need to have good internet connection toplaySlitherGuru! 1.0.2
Splix new game!Now Available this game being trend worldwide!Make polygonal figures and colliding with your sameblocks,increases the number of blocks and score points.You can collide with the edges of other players to eliminateandavoid colliding with yours.Get the highest score and get first place in the standings.I hope you enjoy this addictive game!Features:* Joystick control.* Amazing mechanics.* High-quality graphics.* Extremely addictive.* Translated into 6 languages: Spanish, English,Portuguese,Italian, French and Russian. 1.0.0
Rynn Inc - Snakes hunt other snakestogrowmore and more biggerIn, you have a chance to win even if you'retiny.Youcan swerve in front of a much larger player to defeatthem,nomatter how big you are!Download now and start slithering! Good luck!Get front of an others to beat it. No size matters.Features:- No Lag. No performance issues on any device- Smooth gameplay with mobile controls with joystick- No advert push. Also remove ads if you want- Try to beat your highest score based on your length- Eject mass to get speed with one button- Grow fast to achieve a faster gameplay on mobile- Internet connection is not needed, play wherever, youareofflineor online
Snake Slither Eater 1.0.0
Snake Slither Eater : Developyourslitherskills now!Weave through a maze of enemy snake.SnakeSlitherEateris a skill-based snake adventure.Nolag.Optimizedjoystickinput.New smart controlsTurbo boost yoursnake. Crawlthroughdangerous snakes!.Crush enemy vermin or showthemmercy!.Team upwith other snakes or conquer them all!How to play :If your head touches another player, you will explode andthenit'sgame over. But if others run into you, then They willexplode,andyou can eat their remains!Download now and start slithering! Good luck! - Splix Snake Game 0.5
CupCup Games
SPECIAL THANKS for 25000+ downloads and5,4stars !!!We try our best to keep you enjoyed !Can you splits all lands ?New popular game is like sliter snakes and agar. Fill themapwith your cells. All you need to do is close 3 sides of yourlandand grow more !All players are equal ! You need to be smartest one to play.Donot take too much or you will be defeated !Next Update 26 september (Every 2 weeks)*Better Optimization for new phones.(Done)*New Controller ( Button ) (Done)*More Rooms for Players (Done)*New Game Mods (In progress)Features*Nice Animations !!!*Smooth experience*No lag ! No delay ! Nothing is buggy ! ( We hope )*Easy, Casual, Swipe controls to make your spltx. ioexperiencebetter.*You can play offline and online ! No need Internet Connectionallthe time !TIPS & TRICKS*Try to focus on your lands to increase your base cel. Moveyourslither snake to conquer enemies and free lands.*Do not rush to other territory or you will not became thebiggest!*Your sliter area is important, kill others to defendyourcells.*Eat their tails to kill them.*Try to grow your sliter and kill enemies who try to conqueryourbase !*Kill new snakes to counter their cel blocks.*Splitter the whole places, conquer the whole world.*Do not try to be the biggest io, score is not going down.*Do not hit your own dots, do not hit the end of the map.*Try to survive.GameplayDo not rush your snakes too fast or you will be defeated. Trytoincrease your cell blocks first. If other split attacks yourland,try to hit his tail splits.If you attack enemy tail, you will defeat him. If another playerhityour snake tail spliter, he will defeat you !You are safe in your own splix .io, be careful to not die.Leaving your region may be harmful if there are other around. Try to run away without leaving your zone.You need to show fast reflexes to defend your land. If you letthemtake your cell, you will lose points.Best way to survive is just not make your tail long. If yourtailbecame too long, other snakes will hit it.Another important thing is defend your lines. If you do notdefendit, others will take it.Do not underestimate small snake power. They eat a lot andgrowreally fast. Little splits are focus on harming your land.RulesThe game is new and you need to play a lot of times to master.Whenyou master the game, you can show your score to yourfriends!When two players hit head by head, both of them will die.If you want to take their place, you need to be the first one onthescore list. Even the gamplay is not long to survive, you needto becareful on what you are doing. You can swipe anywhereonscreen.If you hit your own, you will defeated. When you respawn, donotforget other players are still playing the game. You need tofocuson your grow area. If you do not grow, they will take yourbase andyou will defeated. There is no place for friends on thisgame. Youneed to have no mercy, because the game became the popularand youwant to win it !All you need to do is so simple, try to defeat them. Do notletsmall player's grow so fast. They will eventually hit yourcoloredzone. Using your empty blocks will be helpful to get bigger.Do notchase others or you may be defeated.WE CARE ABOUT YOUR IDEAS & GAME IS ON BETA STAGE.*Please send us feedbacks and send bug reports. If you have anideaabout mods, expansions or other .io , please send us an e-mail:[email protected]
Balloon Jump for Kid 2.2
If you want to teach your kidpatientanddecision making, let's play balloon jump. Your kid willhavetovery patient to not hit the wall.Very fun and interesting with many kind of balloon, yourkidwillfeel exciting.Simple game play just tap to jumpHope you enjoy this game.
Worm Wild Smash Crush 1.0
You help these deadly worms eat all thatwalkonthe ground in order to grow in size and become a scary andearnmorepoints.The most beautiful and sweeter Game ActionSweet for boys and agar io this worm are killing everythingontheground and the ground subcutaneous play using stocks andbeawareof the expiration time Worm Smash Crush is the best gamein2017come slither io and slither io You charge your energybygorging onthe largest number of existingBest Adventure Games delicious entertainment and toywormswildSmasher Crush
Craft IO 1.1
Control your tiny craft cell and eatotherplayers to grow larger!Players bigger than you will be trying to eat you.Survive and eat all them to become the biggest craft cell inthegame!Simple one touch control, CRAFT.IO made addictive gameplay!Use splitting tactics to catch other players - or avoid them!Use a variety of super skins!
Cube.IO Pro 1.3
Control your tiny cube cell and eatotherplayers to grow larger!Players bigger than you will be trying to eat you.Survive and eat all them to become the biggest cube cell inthegame!Simple one touch control, made addictive gameplay!Use splitting tactics to catch other players - or avoid them!Use a variety of super skins!Ads free version!
Slither snake 97 retro io 1.0
Are you like the snake 97 classic?Snake97muncher is a remake of this famous game.Help the snake to grow by eating planets, you can justnavigatewitharrows and avoid collusion to grow up continue.Collect the maximum of points as you can andchallengeyourfriends.
Wings War - Social Online Game 1.0.6
This game inherits the feature of Slitherioandyou can join the multi-player online game and play with yourfriendsin a free online game.This new game is focused on multi-player sociality andthedifference comparing to snakeio is that you are not a snake butaplane. The game allows you to drive your own plane andparticipatein multi-player battle just like planeio. If you likeslidingoperations in slitherio and enjoy the fun of eating dots,then ourgame is the perfect one for you!This new game’s basic gameplay is adapted on multi-playerplanebattle. You will control a plane and participate in anonlineoffshore battle with other players and experience the thrillofsliding operations. Maybe you will recall the similarity fromplanegames like wingsio, however, this game will take you furtheronsliding effect and plane operations!You can immerse yourself in a social friendlife of io-seriesgameand compete with online players in the extreme operationsofsliding and eating dots fully experience the simulation ofMMOplane-battle game.Comparing to snakeio, not only you will reinforce yourself byeatingdots but also become a plane and attack your online friendswithbullets directly in this new game.There are many online random items in this game includingvariousweapons in free game. Players can attack online playersusingweapons and experience the fun of real MMO game.Like multi-player online games such as slitherio, our game’sgraphicis pure and simple, it allows players to enjoy the fun offree gameand build an ingame friendlife together.So join us in this new game of agario series and feel theexcitementof multi-player combat by this new game!
Snake You Multiplayer 3.3
Snake You is a newrealtimemultiplayergame (MMO), fight the other snakes insideabeautiful circulararena, try to be the bigger sothestronger. Your XP andachievements are saved onyourGoogle Play Games account, atthe end of the game time. If youcando it, try to reach yourgame podium, earn more XP andbecomethe best in the world !Snake You is a new game, so fun, talkaboutus.Try to be the strongest snake and win the game !Be a survivor !Eat little mass objects (red or green) to grow in sizeandgetbigger than the other snakes.------Be fearless !Fire at other snakes to explode them and eat their mass.Using"F"button.------Be strategic !By touching your own tail you create a black hole,attractingtheother snakes, or repulsing them to protect you,depending onyourorientation. These black holes also transfer lifeand massfrom thetrapped snake to you.------Be fast and clever !If you need a speed boost, just split one of your bodyunit.Using"S" button.As your level increase you can get access tobeautifulavatars!You can easily record your game play inside SnakeYougameusing "Rec" button and share it to the world onyoutube!Show what you can do, and help us to turn this multiplayergameintoa must-play!If you don't have a youtube channel, send us your recordedgameplayat [email protected], we'll publish it.Try to get achievements and to reach the world topranking;-)Low data usage (you can play in 3G): This freegamewillnot consume tons of data from your mobile plan that you'dwanttouse instead to surf the web, watch youtube videos andlistentofree music 1.0.8
Bluebird JSC
" hay tappy jumpy defender : omgGame vui nhộn này sẽ biến bạn bè của bạn thành những con quáivậtnhảy tưng tưng và thèm khát 1 quả trứng vàng mà bạn sở hữu. Hãycốgắng tiêu diệt hết lũ xâm lăng này để bảo vệ quả trứng ốp lếtbằngvàng. Hãy thử xem những con quái vật đấy được biến hoá thế nàotừbạn bè của bạn và quả trứng vàng kia thần kĩ cỡ nào.Game được cảnh báo là chỉ dành cho các bạn 18+, tuy nghe có vẻbíhiểm nhưng thực ra lại rất hài hước.Luật chơi rất đơn giản, tap tap để tiêu diệt hết lũ quái vậtnhảymúa. Nếu chúng chạm được vào quả trứng vàng là bạn đã thấtbại. Tuynhiên thất bại cũng chẳng hề thê thảm lắm đâu, thậm chícòn hài hướcchẳng kém lúc thắng trận.Hãy chờ"" orjumpydefender Tappy: omgThis fun game will turn your friends into monsters hungryforjumping and one golden egg you own. Try to destroy allfloodinvaded to protect golden omelette. Try to see the monstersthatare Metamorphosis how your friends and other magical goldeneggsany size.The game was a warning is just for you 18+, but mysterioussoundingbut actually very funny.The game rules are simple, tap tap to destroy all themonstersdancing. If they touch the golden eggs that you havefailed. Butfailure is never too where tragically, even humor, muchless timeto win the match.Let's"
Narwhal Slither 1.0.0
2 OX
Narwhal! And becomethebestslugslinger of all time! Play as hero in thisfast-pacedactiongame. If you like slither game or you are addictedto gameyou willfind the best all of them here and more. Challengeyourfriends toplay this fun & addictive game and beattheirscore.The slugs fly in sky Narwhal of battles and action. Pull,aim,actionand battlecast! Install the new game and enjoytheaction.Jump and fly to collect hundreds of diamonds andBlasters.How to play:- Shoot Slugs- Avoid bigger worms- Try to slither around enemies and became the Best SlugFeatures:- More levels- 4 duel arenas- Different unique enemies (Slugs and obstacles)- Controllable Slugs- Intuitive and user-friendly interface- Unique graphics and gameplay- Frequent upgrades and new in-game content- Match tiles on the playing board to power-up your Slugsandblastyour opponents- Collect new Diamonds and unlock powers as you play- Ghoul your game and add some action to your arsenal!- Play through story mode to collect Landers andunlocknewpowers
Armored online 1.02
War in full swing. How long can yousurviveinArmored the tanks online and compete with players fromthewholeworld.Defeat enemies, get bonuses and upgrade your tankBuy new armor and shellsю Shoot to kill.Use many kinds of weapons .Improve your tank to 80 level and be winner.Features:-Amazing 2d graphic.-Addictive gameplay-Many improvements for your tank!
Slither Snake Classic ♛ 3.0.1
Slither Snake Classic you must helpthesnake to grow by eating the dots*** HOW TO PLAY ***- Eat little dots- Avoid the collision when the snake ( worms ) is bigger- Try to slither around dots and became the biggest wormpossibleHave fun!- Watch out - if your head touches yourself, you will explodeandthen it's game over.So try to get a bigger snake possible.