Top 24 Games Similar to Nail Art Salon

Toe Nail Salon 4.5
bxapps Studio
Hi, today you will be our best friend, wecando many things together and surely you will have the mostfunmoments through this kids game. Thismakeover game is dedicatedtobeauty girls who are very careful about the way they look andmorespecifically refers to all the girls who want to haveimpeccablenails. We can get the perfect nail at a beauty salon butwithcarefully and talent we can create the most exciting nail athome.Do you like to have beautiful nails? If you like to bealwaysadmired you're exactly where you should be. Today, you willown abeauty salon, you can have fun helping girls to look good. Wearesure that you have many skills that can help you to make thebestsalon in town. You'll be able to prove that you can be averyresponsible young.The girls game is very beautiful, you'll be glad that you're inasalon very well equipped.The details of the game for children are many and its will helpyoua lot.Follow all instructions of this game of decorated toe nails.Good luck!- At the beginning of the game you'll be able to know yourfirstclient;- Then you have to determine what problems has and you havetochoose the methods that you can use;- Toenails are sometimes difficult but you definitely willyouhandle;- Cut nails;- Clean the old nail polish;- Apply a treatment to make nails look good;- Apply nail polish;- Choose the most beautiful polish that matches;- Choose the most interesting models nails;- You can use and gemstones;- To beautify the legs you can choose a tattoo;- Finally choose the most comfortable and beautiful sandals;- Nails look great, you are a very talented kid.Thank you for what you did for us and do not forget thateveryday we meet here, in this game for girls.have fun!
Princess Nail Salon 5.9
bxapps Studio
Hi, in the morning we received a call fromafriend of ours, she has a problem, she must come to a partythattakes place for raising funds in favor of children withoutparents.Our friend is a beautiful princess and very good and sheneeds yourhelp. Do you want to help her to prepare for the party togo to. Doyou want to be her friend through this makeup game forchildren? Ifyou want to prove to everyone that you can be a goodfriend youwill definitely succeed through this beauty game forgirls.You will be able to own a beauty salon only through this gamewithprincesses.Please follow all instructions in this game for kids.Good luck!- At first you will meet the beautiful princess;- This is looking forward to meet you;- You have to start to help her;- She needs treatment for nails;- Apply a moisturizer;- Cut her nails;- Clean nail polish;- Make tattoos for hands;- Apply a nail polish and choose the most beautiful model;- The accessories are very important so you do notforgetthem;- Princess is very beautiful, you did a great job.Thank you that you have chosen to help us, please come backeveryday to help the princess. She asks you to visit daily throughthismakeup game for girls.Have fun!
Fashion Nail Salon 2.0.3
bweb media
Fashion is a flare like no other, andwhatbetter way to show off a new fashion than by getting amanicuredone on your nails with this nail salon game! Here you canreallyfeel like a celebrity and have the best manicure availablewithplenty of sparkles. Paint each nail the color you want,accessorizeyour nails, hand and wrist with beautiful jewellery, andso muchmore! This is one of the best nail polish games or nailgamesaround! So come into the nail salon and get your nails donereadyfor when you are the talk of the town.Nail Style TimeCut the fingernails to the length you want ready to color andcreatea beautiful finger masterpiece.Coloring TimeChoose any color you want and color each nail the same colororindividually to create a new and fashionable look that will wowthecrowd. Also bring the flare with a patterned approach!Bring Out The BlingWhat better way to show off your nails, than by accessorizingwithbeautiful jewellery. Choose from bracelets, rings, and otherjewelsthat will sparkle when the light hit it.It’s All About The SkinTo make it feel more like you, change the skin color of the handstobest suit your skin tone so it feels like you are reallygettingyour nails done!What’s Inside Fashion Nail Salon?52 different nail colors including patterns6 choices of nail lengths5 skin tone colors6 jewellery wrist bracelets and rings20 jewelled accessoriesFashion Nail Salon FeaturesCut your nails to length ready for coloring.Color your nails so they are fashionable and unique.Add the bling to compliment your nails ready for showing off tothecameras.
Manicure Game:girls Nail Salon 1.2.3
You can paint on different skin color inthenail salon.Try on a variety nail polish colors, nail patterns, and rings inthenail salon.Once you are done, save your manicure to your gallery in thenailsalon.❤❤❤ Features ❤❤❤✮ Various backgrounds✮ 5 different skin tones✮ 6 nail shapes✮ Plentiful nail polish colors to choose✮ 20+ Nail Patterns✮ Sparkling jewels to decorate✮ 15+ rings✮ Design each finger differently or apply one design toallfingers.We are happy to hear from you about the nail salon.Please feel free to contact us via [email protected]
Nail Salon-Manicure for Girls
💅 Do you fashionistas love havingbeautynails with amazing nail decoration and want to learn how todraw onnails? Well, our nail and toenail care game is here to showyou howto decorate nails and do manicure yourself! Different nailartdesigns and nail styles await you in our manicure andpedicuresalon for fashion divas – come to our nail studio andbecome a nailbeautician today!💞 Nail Salon-Manicure for Girls 💞 has fantastic naildecoratingoptions:** Customize the skin color and nail shape – more than 10 shapestochoose from!** 160 nail polish colors – with our incredible palette,nailpainting will be more fun than ever!** 15 different types of brushes for drawing on nails – becreativeand make your nail art ideas a reality!** 100 stickers for nails and toe nails, as well as 100predefinedpatterns!** Put your decorated nails in the nail dryer, just like in arealtrendy nail salon!** Add glam nail accessories like rhinestones and sparkles,anddecorate your hands and feet with rings and othersparklyjewelry!** Take a picture of your nail designs, and apply your mani andpedito your real hands and feet!** Enjoy nail painting games for FREE!💅 Discover all trending nail art techniques for creating aperfectmanicure with our new free “fashion nails” 3D game forgirls! Learnhow to paint your nails like a pro using our nail careproducts andnail decoration set! You can create endless manicureand pedicuredesigns – explore different nail painting anddecoratingpossibilities, accessorize with crystals, gemstones,stickers,decals, hearts, flowers, animal prints and try outdifferent nailshapes and colors!💅 “Nail decoration games” will make you feel like a realmanicurestylist and pedicure expert! Your princess salon is alwaysfilledwith fashion divas who want cute nail art on their fancynails –give them the beauty nails makeover they desire, decoratenailswith nail polish and create nail art designs in this nailcaregame!💅 Today is the big opening day in your nail salon forprincesses!There'll be a lot of work for a skilled manicurist andnail artistlike yourself, so be prepared to decorate fake nails andgel nails,and design glow and glitter nails all day long! Make your"fancynail shop" famous by designing fabulous nail art foryourcustomers!💅 If you love popular games for girls, such as dress upgames,makeup and hair salon games and other princess games, our 💞NailSalon-Manicure for Girls 💞 will blow your mind! In our nailcarestudio, you can paint and decorate not only fingernails,buttoenails as well - download the best nail painting gameforAndroidTM for the complete "pedicure andmanicure"experience!💅 Learn how to create nail art designs step by step in yourbeautysalon games for nail divas! Your 3D nail designs willamazeeveryone, and you can transfer your nail decoration ideas toyourown nails! Limitless combinations of patterns for nails,stickersand gems await you – show off your creativity and makeyourmanicured nails and decorated toenails look fantastic!💅 💞 Nail Salon-Manicure for Girls 💞 is not just a manicuresalongame, but also a fabulous foot care game! Dress up your nailswithsparkly and glittery accessories for nails and feel like themostfashionable princess in the world!
Nail Salon & Toenail Magic Spa
Hey fashion dolls, if you're crazy aboutfun& cute nail designs, step into our fancy nail and spa salonandgive your customers a complete fashion nail makeover, like inthetop nail places in the world! Your customers want topamperthemselves with a relaxing manicure and pedicure treatmentsandyour job is to treat them like they are in one of the bestnailsalons in Hollywood! Download our fabulous free nail game*NailSalon & Toenail Magic Spa* with amazing set for manicureandpedicure to teach you how to paint your nails and createfantasticnail art designs!Our beauty salon game has an abundance of painting anddecoratingfeatures – come to the best virtual nail studio in townand putincredibly cute decorations!❥ Beautiful models come to your manicure salon every day withtheirrequests – Give them a mani pedi they wish to makethemhappy!❥ Do gel nails like in a real beauty salon – Dry in UV gel lamptofinish the top coat!❥ Customize your salon to look like the top nail placesinHollywood!❥ Create fabulous nail designs on different toenail &fingernailshapes and lengths!❥ 160 nail polish colors and 15 brushes for easier painting❥ 100 different patterns and 100 cute stickers!❥ Save the picture of your fashion glitter nails or take a photoofyour hand and adjust the designed fingernails to fityourfingers!❥ Super fun mini games:Memory cards – Match the cards with the same pictureHidden object – Find the hidden stickers, rhinestones, andotherdecorationsRun your own “nail shop” and give your clients a mani pedi oftheirdreams! Decorate the toenails and create the most beautifultoenaildesigns in this fancy 3D nail salon & manicure game!Gorgeousmodels are coming to your beauty shop looking for a handand footmakeover. Give them a proper hand and foot care bydesigning theirtoenails and fingernails using the decorations theywant, and makeyour customers happy!You're in a pursuit of the most addictive manicure-pedicuregamesfor girls, and you've already played most of them? DownloadNailSalon & Toenail Magic Spa and we guarantee you'll have thetimeof your life playing it! This awesome spa salon game haseverythingyou can dream of! Celebrity nail salons games are themostaddictive games for girls where they can give their favoritecelebsmani pedi spa treatments they wish for and create themostincredible nailart designs!In *Nail Salon & Toenail Magic Spa* you will learneverythingabout manicure and pedicure – how to paint your nails,how todecorate your nails, how to draw on nails and express youruniquestyle! Enter our magic manicure and pedicure salon gameanddiscover the fabulous world of fashion decorations,stickers,lacquer types, polish colors and everything you need for aperfect“mani pedi” experience!*Nail Salon & Toenail Magic Spa* is a hand spa and foot carespagame – you can give yourself a pedicure and paint toenails,too! Wehave great toenail designs for feet and a cute pedicure kitin oursalon game!Start playing our toenail spa salon game right now and discoveryourinner beautician and manicurist! Download our amazing freemanicureand pedicure game and have fun painting toenails in ourbeauty salon“nail and spa” game!
Fancy Nail Shop - Beauty Salon 1.0.8
It’s Mani Pedi Time! Style your clientsnailsat the FANCIEST nail shop ever! <3Run your own nail salon! File, cut, polish and choose from tonsofglamorous colors, glitter, stickers and more! Pamper yourclientswith the best holistic spa treatments like fishmanicures,acupuncture, and relaxing massages!Welcome to the Fancy Nail Shop - Mani Pedi Salon! Give yourclientsa magnificent mani and pedi, and spoil them with the mostluxurioustreatments available! Choose from tons of fancy nailpolishes,glitter, stickers, patterns and more! You can even treatyourclients to a one-of-a-kind fish manicure!Features:<3 Create stunning nail designs - design your clients’ nailsasthey like!<3 Use real manicurist tools to shape, file and bufferyourclients’ nails!<3 Choose from tons of fancy nail polish colors atthesalon!<3 Dress up in stylish clothing before treatingyourclients!<3 Give your clients with holistic treatments likeacupunctureand wind cupping massages!<3 Treat them to a fancy fish manicure! Don't let thefishbite!<3 Glam up your clients’ nails with glitter, stickers,andmore!<3 Use doctor tools to treat your clients’ hand injuries atthesalon!<3 Make a sign for your fancy nail shop!<3 Serve your clients coffee and yummy snacks while theyawaittheir treatments!<3 Enjoy tons of nail-themed coloring pages at the FancyNailShop!And so much more!ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play Top Developer, recognized for its commitmenttolaunching high-quality and innovative apps on Android,TabTalelovingly produces games, interactive e-books, andeducationalexperiences. With over 1 billion downloads and growing,TabTale hasestablished itself as the creator of pioneering virtualadventuresthat kids and parents love. TabTale’s apps sparkchildren’simaginations and inspire them to think creatively, whilehavingfun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreincredibleapps.Visit us: Plus: us: us:@TabTaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at: [email protected] MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play, but certain in-game items mayrequirepayment. You may restrict in-app purchases by disabling themonyour device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at: andat: consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
Nail Salon Girl Games 1.7
Woofie Games
Need a manicure? Woofie Games brings youwiththe best Nail Salon game full of fun and excitement. Get thebestmanicures at our Nail Salon and use awesome accessories likegemson the nails. You can be the best nail designer in townbyproviding manicures & being a nail artist. You can putnailpolish on the nails, give relaxing manicures and add gems,diamondsgemstones and much more. Use colors and accessories likegems sothat your nails can shine after manicures and take a photoof yournails and share with your friends. So get the best nailsalon gameon your device and start having fun!
Crayola Nail Party: Nail Salon 1.2
Budge Studios
Budge Studios™ presents Crayola Nail Party!Nowyou can create the ultimate manicure for yourself and yourfriends.Choose from a variety of fab nail polishes, patterns,glitter,stickers, and gems. You can even design your own nails!Features:• Create super stylish nail designs - even on your own hands!• Select your favorite nail polish from a variety ofCrayolacolors• Dissolve polish with the cotton ball if you make a mistake• Add trendy patterns and use the slider to change colorandsize• Glam up your designs with glitter, stickers, and gems• Have a photo shoot and share your creations with friends• Tablet compatibleABOUT BUDGE STUDIOSBudge Studios leads the industry by providing entertaining appsforkids through innovation and creativity. The company developsandpublishes apps for smartphones and tablets played by millionsofchildren worldwide featuring high profile properties suchasStrawberry Shortcake, Chuggington, Dora the Explorer,SpongeBobSquarePants, and Minnie Mouse.Visit us: http://www.budgestudios.comLike us: us: @budgestudiosWatch our app trailers: QUESTIONS?We always welcome your questions, suggestions and comments.Contactus 24/7 at [email protected] you download this game, please note that this app isfreeto play, but additional content may be available viain-apppurchases. It also may contain advertising from Budge StudiosInc.regarding other apps we publish, and social media links thatareonly accessible behind a parental gate.BUDGE STUDIOS is a trademark of Budge Studios Inc.
Nail Salon Makeover
Create your own nail art designs and beamanicure beauty salon artist! With Nail Salon Makeover you gettorun a nail spa and nail design salon.First you get to choose from different colored hands tomanicure.Then, pick the nail spa and wash your customer’s hand, putlotionon it, clip their nails and file their nails. Don’t forget tousenail polish remover and remove the old nail paint! Now youareready to do some serious nail art design! Create a nail designfitfor any princess! From nail polishes, nail sets, nailstickers,gems, rings and even bracelets, there are literallymillions ofdifferent combinations and styles you can create!NAIL BITING FEATURES* Over 25 Nail Sets* 15 Unique Nail Shapes* 25 Rings to Make Your Fingers Shine* 10 Beautiful Wrist Bracelets* 20 Amazing Backgrounds to Make Your Nail Art Stand Out* Over 60 Nail Polish Paints* Sparkling Gems to Add Some Bling To Nails* Over Three Dozen Nail Stickers* Ability To Customize Each Finger Nail!Don't Wait, Download Now and Start Nail Styling!Please Note: Nail Salon Makeover is free to play. However,someitems can also be purchased with real money. If you do not wanttouse this feature, please setup password protection for purchasesinthe settings of your Google Play Store app.About TapBlazeOur vision is to build an enduring franchise that gamers willstillbe excited about decades from now. At TapBlaze, we strivetodevelop high-quality, creative games that people of all ageswillfind entertaining, educational, fun, and useful. We believeourattention to detail, commitment to player satisfaction,andexpertise in the mobile space will make our games standout.************************************Privacy Policy: of Service:************************************
Nail Spa 8.5.7
bxapps Studio
Today we must try to make mygirlfriendmanicure. To start, use a brush with orange flavoredmoisturizerall over her hand. Then stuff hand in a special cream todry.Afterward, brush the hand but with a kiwi flavored cream thatisused to apply gel nails. Again, we put the hand into a devicethatemits heat so the cream dries quickly. We take a nail fileandround off the nails of this girl because she has small piecesthathurts. Once done, take nail clippers and cut her beautifulnails.If she has cream on the hand, we wipe with a dry cloth toapply thegel filled without difficulty. After we thoroughly cleanhands andthere is no cream left, start to apply the gel on nailsand makethem as we want, but in a spectacular way , of course,because thisgirl has to go to an event tonight, and her hands mustbe very niceso she can be admired by all the boys. We can choose asimple colornail, pink, light blue, dark blue, orange, red , black,scarlet oryellow , or we can make them some forms that she willsurely love.We can put a rock on some nails and a pebble or abracelet to putthem to match the nails. We put a ring, I do a smalltattoo on herhand, and our little girl is ready to rock. She isvery pleasedthat you helped her make the nails, I do not think shecould dothis without you . Thank you very much!Control: Play the game using your fingers.
Makeup Spaholic Hair Salon 2.9.1
Welcome to your own makeup salon that youcandecorate and have fun with hair games , makeup , pedicure andalsoan incredible nail game salon with more than 3000combinations!The customers are arriving and you need to take care of allgirlsand choose what they need.Some of them will need a new haircut and for that you have toplaysome girl hair games in which you choose the hairstyle , haircolorbut not before you wash and prepare it before!In this station of hair games you have lots of colors andhaircutsbut some of them are locked so earn coins to unlockitems.Use the shower and the dryier to prepare your client , choosethehair and then from a great color palette.After finishing the hair games some clients will be happy andgiveyou a big tip but others can be angry so they won't give youtoomany coins.When your first hair client is done you may unlock nailgamesalon.In this nail game station prepare the nails by cleaning andcuttingthem , wash the hands and then choose from an incrediblepalette ofcolors , models and decorations for the nails.In the beginning you will have level 1 with nail game salonunlockedand some of the nail colors and models will be blockedtoo.You can paint every nail as you like , choose any modelordecoration for each nail so that makes available thousandsofcombinations of nail games for your customers.Get to model nail decoration game by painting all the nailsfromeach hand first.When reaching level 5 you will be able to unlock girls makeupsalonin which you need to makeup girls.As in our preview salons: hair games and manicure choose fromlotsof colors for the lipstick and hundreds of eyebrows models ingirlsmakeup salon.All are dying to get to girls makeup salon for gettingbeautifulanytime they go out to the city , club or shopping somakeup salonis one of the most wanted areas.One important salon is also the pedicure game where the feet aretheones spoiled. Spa treatments , nails games and many spoilingjustfor their feet at the pedicure studio.The make up salon, manicure area , girl hair games are themostwanted studios for any girl.To get more from the makeup salon , we offer girl hair games youcanplay spin the wheel and scratch minigames and earn coins.
Hijab Hand Art - 3D Hand 15.0.0
Hijab Hand Art is superb game so we upgradein3D view for hand art and Mehndi Design or Mehndi Game, setyourfavourite hijab styles step by step design. Set your own styleforMehndi Design. Its one of Simple Mehndi Game.FeatureMehndi Design for bride, , Eid Mehndi ,Designer Mehndi, hand,Nailart app on my hand, Gujarati,Legs.Amazing Design of Nail Art Makeover Paint.Best Collection of Hijab Hand Makeup Art Design.Share your Favourite design hand art and style.
Nail Art - Salon Game 1.09
Become a professional nail artist! Leadyourown nail art salon where you can let your imaginationrunfree.Every girl wants stylish, shiny nails like a beauty queen. Thisnailsalon offers a variation of options and ideas for naildesign,including manicure, french manicure and varnishing, as wellas handand nail care with nourishing oil.We have a perfect opportunity for you to make your ownfashionablemanicure design. Choose a skin tone to start a game. Atfirst, youhave to shape your nails with nail-clipper. Than takecare of yourcuticles with a special stick so you will not have anyproblemswith it. Use a trendy nail file to perfectly shape eachnail. Afterthat smear drops of oil all over the hand until itbecomes glossyand shiny.After general nail care, you can finally do your nails, one byone.You have many beauty products at your disposal, for examplenailpolish of different colours, nail polish removers,stickers,diamonds, glitters and sprinkles, in the end you can evendecorateyour hand with rings and bracelets.When you are satisfied with your unique nail design anddecoration,you can take a photo of it and show your creation toyourfriends.Features:• beautiful high quality HD graphics• intuitive, easy to use interface• infinite gameplay with unlimited combinations• screenshots can be saved in your photo gallery to show themtoyour family and friends• brings out your creativityThe only limit is your imagination!
Nail Care Art 6.7.2
bxapps Studio
Hi There. Today I opened the largestspasalonin town and more people are expected at theopening.Immediatelyafter I let people enter the room I noticed thattheyhave corpulisome changes or some massages. July came to us andtoldus theywould like Uncle treatment but do not have any persontohandlethis. In this game you must be the person who will takecareofJuly and that will make your nails.- Wash her hands well- Choose one of 3 types of nails and apply it on hand.- Choose a color and apply this color on her nails.- Choose a model that can apply it on the nail.- Can you put a bracelet on hand or ring- At the end you can choose to put a stone on each nail.- July making things increasingly feels better.Thank you that you have agreed to help us in thiswonderfulgamefor girls and invite you to choose other gamesofthisdeveloper.Good luck!
Nail Art Dress Up Salon 2.0.7
Spend a splendid time at the spa, bygivingyour nails a lovely manicure and create your own nailartdesigns.Nail Art Dress up Salon gives you a chance of running your ownnailsalon. Choose from variety of manicure options and exploreyourcreativity as a nail designer.Cut, file, polish and chose from tons of nail artcolors,stickers and rhinestones available pamper those nails withthismost luxurious Nail Art Dress Up Salon GameFeatures of Nail Art Dress Up Salon:• Real manicure steps and tools like buffer, shape and cut• Nail spa scrub, and shampoo for shine• Tons of nail polish colors to choose from• Glam those nails with stickers, rhinestones, rings and more• Tap and Drag Gameplay• Decorate nails and experience a luxurious nail spa treatmentIt’s time to style up the nails and run your own nailsalon.Download Nail Art Dress Up Salon now and begin the best nailartdesigner expedition.[2ef6e59107]
Pets Nail Salon - kids games 1.0.1
Everyone loves pets.This is the pets nail salon.Come to makeover and dress up the pets and let it's nail becomethemost beautiful one!It's a kids games for girls!
Nail & Henna Beauty SPA Salon 1.5
Beauty Inc
Manicures are always so much fun. Try outNailand Henna Salon to see how many different hand and nail designsyoucan create! Can you come up with a fun and contemporary designtowow your friends?The Nail and Henna Salon is open and ready for your creativetouch.There are a wide variety of customizations available to youtodecorate your hand. Choose a fun nail design, a beautifulhennatattoo or both to get a one of a kind look!Choose from pink princess, party queen, and natural fairydesigns.After you have finished, create a beautiful background tomatch forthe perfect hand model photo. Think you can come up withthehottest design? Challenge your friends today to see who is thetopnail stylist.How to Play:• Choose hand color from four shades• Choose nail shape• Tap to zoom in on nail• Pick color for nail• Select a nail pattern and customize the pattern color• Select a sticker• Design beautiful henna patterns on your hand• Create a fun photo to show off your hand modeling skillsThe Nail and Henna Salon offers a wide variety of contemporaryandfantasy designs to please even the pickiest of customers. Tryitout today!******************************************STAY TUNED with our social media!Come joinourFacebook: us on Twitter: see our website! you an Instagrammer? Check our our postshere:
Beauty Salon Nail Games 8.7.3
In this game have to prepare ourfriendpedicure because the summer approaches and the girls keeptheirnails so you have to look as beautiful as possible. First youmustwash the feet, and dried off after them, wiping them with adrytowel. Then he has to cut nails and nail polish to make them.Puntachoose to make them simple, patterned, or to put them a pebbleor aform in the corner of the nail. After we finished with varnish,wemust make a foot tattoo to show how beautiful, and we choose fromapalette. Still need to put them a leg bracelet, and to chooseapair of sandals or slippers that fit well with nail polishandtattoo done. Thank you for choosing this game and invite youtochoose and other games for girls in this category to see ifyou'redoing as well as you did before.Instructions: Use your fingers to play
Hand Doctor Treatment 4.6.0
Hello, surely know that doctors areveryimportant, they help us when we feel bad and they are the onesthatgive us health tips towards a desired outcome. If youdefinitelywant to become a doctor you know that you have chosen avery nicejob through this election you will be able to help manypeople tosmile. Through this game for girls you'll be able to havefun andtest your abilities. We trust you and know that you will beable tohelp us with a very serious problem, our friend had anaccident andnow she has hands problems. You will can to make newfriends,you'll be able to prove to everyone that you are aresponsiblechild who may have a difficult mission.We know that you will be able to complete this mission only ifyoupay attention to all the details of the game with doctorsforchildren.Follow all instructions of this game for girls.Good luck!- At first you will know our friend;- You have to help her with whatever she needs;- Her hands are not very well and you should consult her andthenyou have to recommend a treatment;- Put ice on injuries;- Gather thorns using a clamp;- Disinfect wounds;- Apply an ointment that heals wounds;- Apply patches on wounds;- Make X-ray to see if the hand is broken;- Wash hands with warm water;- Use a special soap;- Rinse with warm water;- Apply a mask of fruit;- Apply a moisturizer to make hands look good;- Now you need to give the nails with nail polish;- Choose the most beautiful color;- Then you must choose a beautiful tattoo;- You did a great job, our friend is very happy.Thank you for help, please come back every day to help usthroughthis game for girls.Have fun!
Kitty Nail Salon 1.1.5
Hello Cuties! Welcome to the cutest nailartspa- Nail game. Help little kitty create supercute nail polishartand show your creativity to test your skills. Let yourdesignercreativity flow with kitty nail salon and design the mostbeautifulnails ever.Kitty's are here to make you feel royal with royal manicuresandnailart. Manicure, Polish, Buff, Paint and decorate the nailswithhundreds of colors, patterns, gemstones, pearls, diamond &cutestickers in free style. Choose from different skin tones andspiceup your fingers with sparkling nailart. You have plentifullpolishcolors and backgrounds and when you are done you can takepictureof your nail art and share it with your friends and family.Features:- Nail art designs app step by step free.- Choose from different skin tones.- You have plentifull of nail shapes.- Manicure the pretty nails.- Dress up nail with different colors,shapes and patterns.- Change the backgrounds to exhibit your nail designs.- Take a photo and share as cover girl.- Save your designs in gallery and show it to your friends.Enjoy this kitty game.WSAD has been committed towards providing quality content forourusers. Kids games, role playing and casual games are whatwespecialize in. We try our best to make games that are not onlyfunfor the kids but also teach them some valuable lessons.Kitty Nail Salon - Copyright © WSAD – 2015
Sisters Nail Salon & Make up 1.0.1
For most girls, having beautiful nailsdesignisvery fashionable and attractive. If you are also afashionlover,then come to our brand new Sister nails design game.In thisnailsalon, you will have the opportunity to learn how tomake nicenails.Firstly, your hands need to be washed clean. Thenwe willcome to getrid of the bottom nails skins by tools. Next, wewillcut your fingernails to a good shape one by one and polishthesurface of the nailsto make it smooth. After this, we willmakesome treatment oils onyour fingers and at last make somehandcream for the two hands. Atlast give the hands a nice spa. Inthesecond stage, try your best tochoose fashion and beautifulnailscolor and pattern for each finger.You can make each fingerwithdifferent shape and different colorpatterns. Thirdly, cometodecorate your hands with shinning ringsand bracelets. Maketwoprinting patterns on the two hands and makesome gorgeous starstodecorate the hands. At last, show us yourbeautifultwohands.Features:1. Make the nails and hands in good shape and condition2. Design nails color and patterns one by one3. Decorate the two hands with accessories4. Show us your beautiful hands and nailsHow to play:1. Clean hands and dry with towel2. Get rid of the bottom nails skin with tools3. Cut and polish nails4. Put some nails oil on the surface of each nail5. Give the hands a nice caring spa6. Choose color and pattern for each nail one by one7. Decorate two hands with accessories8. Show us these two beautiful hands
Bride's Nail Perfect Manicure 13.1
Hey, if you're here means you are lookingforavery fun game and certainly today you're a lucky kid. Hereyouwillbe able to become a friend of a bride, you'll be able toworkin abeauty salon and more than that you can learn manybeautytricks. Ifyou are a young woman who is always attentive tohow sheis lookingyou will be happy to know that here you'll be abletohelp the youngbride to look perfect. Through this perfectnailsalon game you canparticipate in a dream wedding, you may evenbebridesmaid to ourbeautiful friend. She wants to have aperfectmanicure and havegreat confidence in you that you will beable tohelp her. If youwant that in future to own a beauty salontodayyou'll be able toexperience through this game for girls. Oursalonis very nice andvery well equipped, here you'll be able to usethebest cosmeticproducts.The end of this game will be a nice one only if you willcomplywithall instructions.We have prepared many details that will help.Success!- Alina is happy because she will know you;- She is home;- Help her to drink her favorite tea;- Now she wants to go to the spa but before that she will havetogoto the store;- She needs to buy liquid soap, hand cream, face creamandnailpolish;- Has a wound to the hand and you have to treat;- Disinfect the wound;- Apply a special ointment;- Bandage the wound;- Now you have to clean old nail polish;- Cut nails;- Apply a suitable polish;- Choose the most beautiful models;- You must choose an interesting tattoo;- Do not forget the accessories to beautify hands;- The young woman is very happy, you're a good friend.Thank you for help, please come back every day and have fun!
Nail Makeover - Girls Games 1.0.6
Do you want to get remarkable nails?Makeovernow! Make your nails much more beautiful!It's a kids games for girls!