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G4A: 31/Schwimmen 2.9.4
Schwimmen or Thirtyone is a popular cardgamefrom Germany/Austria that is also gaining ground in the US. Itis acommerce-type game where you exchange cards with open cards onthetable to increase the value of your hand.The object of the game is to get as close to 31 points aspossiblewith 3 cards of the same suit. The ace is worth 11 points,theking, queen, jack and ten are worth 10.The other cards (9, 8, 7) are worth their face value.At the start of the game each player is dealt 3 cards and 3cardsare also placed face down on the table. The first player canaccepttheir hand or exchange their hand with the cards onthetable.After this the cards on the table are turned face up and thenextplayer (clockwise) plays first. At your turn you may exchangeonecard from your hand with one of the cards on the table.In the first and last round, if you do not want to exchange acardyou may pass instead. You are always allowed to pass afteryourturn.Instead of exchanging one card you can elect to exchange allyourcards with the cards on the table. In this case youpassautomatically.When all players except one have passed, that one player getsonemore turn before play ends.When a player has 31 points his/her cards are turned face up andallplayers get one more turn before play ends.
Schwimmen HD 1.0
Schwimmen HD brings theclassicschwimmencardgame to your mobile device.The game Schwimmen HD is also known as "Schnautz","Knack","Hosenrunter" or simply "31". It is a very popular cardgame,especiallyin Germany and Austria.The aim in Schwimmwn HD is to collect cards in a single suitworth31points or as near as possible to that total.Each player is dealt three cards and another three cards aredealtinthe middle of the table.Card values in a player's hand can be combined only if theyareofthe same suit.In Schwimmen HD, every turn a player has four options:- Swap one card of your hand with one of the face up cardsonthetable.- Swap all cards of your hand with the three cardsonthetable.- Pass, do nothing- Close, end the gameAfter a player closed, play continues normally until itishis/herturn again.All players then reveal the current value of their hands.The winner is the player with the highest value of cards.There is a special combination called "Feuer", which isworth32points. Feuer is a hand consisting of three aces.Another special combination in Schwimmen HD is "Three of akind".Ifyou have a hand consisting of three cards with the samevalue(forexample 9 of Hearts, 9 of Spade and 9 of Diamonds), itisworth 30.5points. This option can be turned off howeverinthesettings-screen.The value of each card is:7-9: face value10, Jack, Queen, King: 10 pointsAce: 11 pointsThere are three difficulties in Schwimmen HD, Easy for thepeoplewhojust want to have a relaxing play. Normal for the peoplewhowant torelax while still having a more or lesschallengingexperience. Andthe final difficulty in Schwimmen HD istheHard-difficulty.You can unlock different backgrounds & cardsets inSchwimmenHDas you play!Some features:- Amazing HD graphics- Georgeous animations- Simple controls- Classic Schwimmen/Knack/Hosen runter/Schnautz/31 gameplay- Choose the amount of decks- Choose the amount of players- Choose the difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard)- Optimized for mobile & tablets- Unlock different cards- Unlock different backgrounds- Level-system
Schwimmen / 31 1.119
Schwimmen, 31 , Blitz, Scat, es hat vieleNamenund auch viele Fans. Jetzt kommt meine Version des beliebtenundWeltweit bekannten Kartenspiels. Online Spielen mit anderenLeutenvon der ganzen Welt ohne jegliche Kosten. Es ist komplettgratis undman muss auch nicht warten um noch einmal zu Spielen,wie bei manchanderen Spielen. Fordere deine Freunde heraus, messedich mitanderen in einem globalem Bestenlistensystem.Swimming, 31,lightning,Scat, it has many names and many fans. Now comes myversion of thepopular and world famous card game. Online games withother peoplefrom all over the world without any cost. It iscompletely free andyou do not even wait to once again play as inmany other games.Challenge your friends, measure yourself withothers in a globalleaderboard system.
Skip-Bo™ Free 3.1.3
Magmic Inc
Download the official Skip-Bo™ App!Skip-Bo™, the popular family card game, officially licensedbyMattel™ is now on Google Play! Test your skills, get intotheaction, and place all your cards in sequential order. Keep aneyeon your opponents though, because the first player to get ridofall the cards in their stockpile wins. Challenge your friendsandget in on the fun!Game Features:● The official Skip-Bo™ App for your Android device.● Customize your game by choosing the number of opponents andcardsin the stockpile.● Play with your friends and family.● Test your skills with 3 difficulty levels and 9challengingopponents.● Go on amazing streaks and watch your opponents burstwithanger.● Amazing graphics, animations, and sound for one of the topcardgame experiences on Android.● More features coming soon. Stay tuned!Skip-Bo™ mobile brings you all the exciting action of theclassiccard game right to the palm of your hands!
Rummy - free card game 3.0.37
LITE Games
Rummy by LITE Games – one of themostpopular mobile card games finally comes to Android!Rummy for Android features an excellent design andanintuitive interface. The most common rules are set by defaultbutcan be customized with numerous options.Download our free Rummy app and finally play without needfora partner: Rummy for Android lets you play whenever andwherever youwant.Features:♤ You can play for 🆓♤ Up to three challenging opponents♤ Customizable difficulty♤ Unlock great achievements 🏆♤ Playable in portrait and landscape modeRummy for Android is available in high-quality localizations forthefollowing languages: English, German, French, Italian,Spanish,Dutch, and Polish.Have you ever played Remi, Romme, RamiandRamino? Rummy by LITE Games is the perfect gameforeveryone who loves to play cards. If you enjoy Canasta,Solitaire,or Bridge, you'll love it. Your points get countedautomaticallyand the rules are easy to learn. Have a seat at ourvirtual tableand play now for free!LITE Games is trying to reproduce the classic game experienceasextensively and realistically as possible on mobile devices.Theapp is not aimed at children, but is designed for adults. Thegamedoes not offer real-money gambling: no money or real prizes canbewon. Practice and/or success at social casino games does notimplyfuture success at real-money gambling.An internet connection is required to enjoy the app fully.The game can be played completely free of charge. However,someoptional in-game purchases (for example, ad-free time) aresubjectto charge. You can also deactivate the payment functioncompletelyby disabling in-app purchases in your device’ssettings.The game is also well-known as Remi,Romme,Rami and Ramino at some countries.By downloading this game, you are agreeing to our TermsandConditions ( but not least, we would like to thank all of our players!Wehope you have fun playing this app.Visit us for more free Android games:http://www.lite.games you have any questions? We are here to help:[email protected] for playing!
Crazy Eights free card game 1.6.55
LITE Games
Download the Crazy Eights card game appfromLITE Games now for free and start playing right away.Completely inEnglish and perfect for on the go!With its many variations, Crazy Eights is without doubt theworld’smost popular card game. To win you’ll need the rightstrategy and agood hand – every game is different, so Crazy Eightsoffersunlimited fun!The basic rules are simple and easy to learn. As manydifferentvariations of the game are played, lots of rules can bechanged inthe LITE Games version: number of cards, change ofdirection,jokers, drawing cards and many more...!Features:• Completely free to play and in English!• Optimized for smartphones & tablets• Easy to understand with customizable rules• Suitable for newcomers and pros alike• Play against up to 4 opponentsCrazy Eights for Android is offered in the following languageswithhigh quality localization: English, German, French,Italian,Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese,Turkish andRussian.Download the free card game app now and play on your smartphoneortablet without having to register! By downloading this game,youare agreeing to our terms andconditions( An internet connectionis requiredto enjoy this app fully.Last but not least, we would like to thank all our players! Wehopeyou enjoy the game.Need help? – We’re here for you:[email protected] us here for more free Android games:http://www.lite.games you for playing!
FreeCell Solitaire 3.0.19
FreeCellFreeCell is a fun and classic single player Solitaire card game.Theclean design and big cards make playing this game a breeze.Thistwist on the classic game of Solitaire will keep youentertained forhours. Download the game for free now and enjoy thebest FreeCellapp out there!FreeCell is played with a standard 52-card deck. The goal ofthegame is to move all the cards to the four Foundation piles(locatedin the top left) and build each suit up from Ace to King.Whenplaying, use the four open cells (on the top right) to storecardsas you are trying to win.Features of FreeCell include:• Unlimited free games• Undo feature• Game statistics• Auto Move on/off• Tap to move or drag and drop cards• Game leaderboards and achievements• Sound that can be turned on/off• Game state savedSee what some of our many users have to say about thispopularFreeCell game:• “Love it! Can't stop playing!”• “I find it to be a great game to play when I have had aroughday.”• “Played for years on my PC, was happy to find this app fortheiPad. Love the challenge!”• “Just love the game keep my mind sharp”• “Love free cell & this app is great!”If you like this app be sure to check out our othercardgames:• Solitaire• Spider Solitaire• Pyramid SolitaireUse of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms ofService(
Phase 10 - Play Your Friends! 3.3.2
Magmic Inc
The official Phase 10 App on GooglePlay!The Phase 10 card game is now in the Google Play Store! Playagainstyour friends and complete your ten phases first, just makesure youdon’t fall behind.Features:· The official Phase 10 App for Google Play· * NEW * Multiplayer· The full game is now completely free!· High resolution graphics!· 9 different opponents to choose from!· Play easy, medium, or hard opponents!Play one of the best-selling card games of all-time on the go!Fansof exciting and challenging card games have been playing Phase10for more than 30 years. Now you can take your game to thenextphase anytime, anywhere!=====================================Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!
Fil Games
You never pay for chips on ourblackjacktables!Feel the excitement of casino blackjack!Train your skills!Learn card counting!Master the perfect strategy!It is coded to be the exact simulation of the actual card game 21sothat you can train yourself to become a master!Blackjack! by Fil Games Features;✔ HONESTLY FREE - You never have to pay money with free dailychips,level up bonus chips and more free chips coming yourway!✔ LEARN BLACKJACK - Our simplistic approach helps our playerslearnVegas & European blackjack from scratch and train tomaster thestrategy!✔ LEARN CARD COUNTING - Learn and become the master of cardcountingby training with our free card counting trainer!✔ VARIETY OF RULES - Vast variety of black jack rules to playwithfrom Vegas, Atlantic City and European casinos!✔ BEAUTIFUL THEMES - 21+ beautiful casino table, chip andcardthemes inspired from Vegas casinos!✔ REALISTIC GAMEPLAY - Popular Vegas black jack handgestureadaptations!✔ ONLINE SCOREBOARDS - Compete with online players worldwide onouronline scoreboards.To assure you of the fairness of our games, source code forthedealing process of our Black Jack 21 app is availableonline.Blackjack! by Fil Games is just a gambling simulation app.Itneither involves real money gambling, nor provides any means towinreal money or prize. We do not encourage real money gambling.Yoursuccess in our game does not assure any real success withrealmoney gambling on an actual blackjack table.If you enjoy our free Black Jack 21 app, try Fil Games Vegascasinoapp 'Baccarat!' on Google Play.If you have any issues or questions regarding our Black Jack 21app,you can contact us online at [email protected]
Hearts card game featuring:- Really challenging computers- Online multiplayer- Statistics- Jack of diamonds settings- Passing rules settings- Change names and avatars- Change a color style of the game- Choose between several decks- Landscape and portrait support- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesIt’s time to break some hearts!And beware of computers – they don’t cheat, but they are evilandunforgiving!
Rummy - Free
Eryod Soft
Play the famous Rummy card game on yourAndroidSmartphone or Tablet !!Play rummy with 2, 3, or 4 players against simulatedopponentsplaying with high-level artificial intelligence.There are a number of rules that can be modified, making thisgamevery faithful to the original.*** MANY VARIATIONS INCLUDED ***Many rummy variations are included in the application:- From 2 to 4 players.- Choose the AI level of opponents.- Number of cards dealt to each player (from 7 to 14).- Number of jokers (from 0 to 4).- Number of turns before being able to lay down acombination.- Number of points required for the first meld.- Sequence required or not for the first meld.- Card taken from discard pile has to be played or canbekept.- Final card to be discarded or played.- And several other variations...*** A VERY THOROUGH APPLICATION ***- Easy to learn, smooth game play, card animations for amorerealistic game experience.- Opponents endowed with advanced AI.- Statistics on games played.- Game rules included in the application.- Back-up of current game in case the application closes.Do you have questions about the game?Contact:[email protected] fun!
550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack 1.08
Are you looking for an awesome Solitairecardsgame collection for your Android device? If so, thisapplication isfor you. Get 550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack Freetoday and join thefun!If you liked playing solitaire on windows or solsuite solitairetopass time you are going to love this classic game.Our Solitaire game takes the trusted gameplay formula. Withstunninggraphics and animations this version of the popular cardgame is oneof the most beautiful solitaire card games you'llfind.550+ Card Games Solitaire features a beautiful custom designedcardset in high resolution, playing Patience on your HD Androidtabletnever looked this good! World of Solitaire.The classic Patience game controls have also been optimized totouchscreen devices - it takes no time to learn at all, and worksjust asyou'd expect, be it on a tablet or a small phone.550+ Card Games Solitaire Pack's features in points:* Various Game Type(Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Canfield,Yukon,Golf, Pairing, Gypsy, Braid, Terrace, Baker's Dozen,Raglan,Castle, Montana(Gaps), Fan, Napoleon, Forty Thieves andmanymore)* Stunning HD graphics & animations* For each game there is a description of the rules* Various themes* Unique old classic card deck* Full Auto Hint (If you don't know game rule, check on)* Automatic completion(on/off support)* Easy controls: either drag and drop cards and stacks, or taptoselect and tap to drop* Unlimited undo-all, undo, redo and redo-all* Auto save ensures your game is always ready to start off whereyouleft it* Tablet support* StatisticsIf you don't know game rule, don't worryOur game's full auto hint system keep on, then game ruleautomaticlearning.Solitaire is also known as Patience Card Game.The Solitaire Classic card game is fully featured,adsupported.Enjoy solitaire games for FREE!
Classic Canasta game featuring:- Single player and online multiplayer- Challenging computers- Statistics- Several decks, including special Canasta decks- Change a color style of the game- Landscape and portrait support- Fits phones, tablets and HD phonesIt's time to play Canasta!
FreeCell Solitaire
Play the BEST FreeCell Solitaire gameonyour Android device, made by MobilityWare -- the #1 Solitaireandcard game developer!FreeCell has a fresh new look, a BRAND NEW Goal Progressionfeatureand updated scoring, including NEW Personal Best! Each dayyou willreceive new goals to tackle. Complete daily goals to gainXP andlevel up to exclusive titles!FreeCell Solitaire is one of the most popular card gamesincludedwith Windows, and is now available for free for yourAndroiddevice! Play solitaire games that require skill, strategyandpatience to win! A true brain training experience!FreeCell Solitaire (also commonly called Baker’s Solitaire) addsanew element of strategy & puzzles to the classicsolitairegames Klondike. After dealing from a standard deck of 52cards, usethe four free cell spots as placeholders as you try tomove all ofthe cards from the Foundation stacks for a win. Justlike Klondikecard games, you must move cards from the Tableau tothe Foundationcells by suit, in ascending order. Most Free Cellgames can besolved, if you can find the right strategy.FREECELL SOLITAIRE FEATURES:- Goal Progression- Updated Scoring (High Score and NEW Personal Best)- Solve challenging Solitaire Puzzles- Over 300 titles!- Highlight Movable Cards & step-by-step tutorial- Random games- 1 million well known games- Portrait & Landscape modes- Game state saved when interrupted- Hints & unlimited undo- Auto complete to finish game- Statistics- Tap to move or drag and dropSolitaire Games Free- FreeCell Solitaire is free, just like on classicWindowscomputers!- Solitaire games can be random or one of one million wellknowngames.Brain Games with Classic Solitaire- FreeCell Solitaire can be for beginners or those looking foranaddicting brain teaser!- FreeCell instructions included in the app- Brain training with fun FreeCell Solitaire! Track your statsinthe app and share them with others on Facebook!LIKE US on Facebook FreeCell Solitaire support:
Solitaire Dream Forest - Free Solitaire Card Game 10.880.50
Go Vuzzle
Play the best FREE SOLITAIRE card gameonAndroid online right now.Solitaire is also known as Patience, Klondike Solitaire orTriPeaksand is one of the best and most popular free solitaire cardgame inthe world. Classic solitaire gameplay within an immersivemagicalstory!Solitaire Dream Forest is all about classic solitaire levels inanimmersive magical story with quests. Therefore it is a funcardgame and one of the most popular free card game apps online.Puzzlesolitaire levels and start matching cards in a row to finishanendless amount of challenges!Features of Solitaire Dream Forest:♠ Beautiful graphics♠ Classic solitaire games♠ Free solitaire game with tales♠ Most popular card game online♠ Also known as Patience, Klondike Solitaire or TriPeaks♠ Classic pyramid quests♠ Puzzle solitaire levels by matching cards♠ Different challenges♠ Free gifts and a daily bonus♠ Simple and addicting♠ Bring back old memories from the classic solitairegamesexperience♠ Free solitaire game with a twist!♠ Multi languages♠ Pyramid Tri Peaks levels with immersive tales andmagicalstoryThis puzzle solitaire card game is free and one of thebrightestgems of all free card games. Solitaire Dream Forest hasthe funcard game experience within a magic story. It is famousasPatience, TriPeaks or Klondike and the best and most popularfuncard games in the world. Get yours now on Android forFREE!
Shuffle Cats 1.5.3
Play the traditional card game rummy withamultiplayer twist for mobile. Set over the rooftops of1920’sLondon and hosted by a group of cats, we want you to join ourcluband play the world at cards!Make your way through the card clubs of Lucky Lane and playagainstopponents from all over the world, in this brand new liveplayerversus player game!There’s no closing time, it's never too late and we’re alwaysopenfor business with special live events over the weekends –downloadnow for free, and play the world at cards with ShuffleCats!Shuffle Cats features:· The classic card game updated for bite-sized fun on the go!· Live, multiplayer games with people from around the world!· Unlock new and exciting challenges that offer inventive waystoplay.· Boost your play by using Lucky Charms against youropponent.· Intuitive and highly polished - card games never lookedsogood!· Lighthearted interaction with other players, using fun chatsandlive card movement.· Easily sync your progress between your phone andtabletdevices.If you love playing Candy Crush Soda Saga or Farm Heroes Saga oryoulove classic card games like rummy, whist and solitaire,downloadShuffle Cats now and discover an exciting new way to playcard gamesfor free on your mobile!Visit if you need help!Shuffle Cats does not offer “real money gambling” or anopportunityto win real money or prizes. Practice or success atsocial gamingdoes not imply future success at “real moneygambling”. Internetconnection required. Shuffle Cats is completelyfree to play butsome optional in-game items will requirepayment.You can turn off the payment feature by disabling in-apppurchasesin your device’s settings.By downloading this game you are agreeing to our terms ofservice;, a big thank you to everyone playing Shuffle Cats! Seeyouon the rooftops!
Spider Solitaire
This card game is a Spider Solitaire.It is a popular patience game that is played with two decksofcards.The main purpose is to remove all cards from the table.See the rules for more details:You can move a card to an empty column, or on a greatercard(whatever the color).But you can only move a set of cards provided the cards havethesame color and the correct order.A complete suit of cards gets automatically removed.At any time, player can use the remaining stack to add cards onallcolumns.
Fairway Solitaire Blast 2.8.33
Play one of the top-rated free card gameswithtwists and challenges in each solitaire hand! Collect prizesandpower ups, go on quests, play Daily Challenges, competeintournaments, and more!The rules are easy! You play one card higher or lower to cleartheboard, but the puzzling combinations will have you using yourbrainto beat every challenge! You’ll always have something fun todo inBlast Solitaire with hundreds of different card hands playedonbeautifully illustrated and wacky scenery! Enjoy solo play orwatchyour friend’s progress when connected through Facebook! BeatDailyChallenges, find collectibles to win fun prizes thatenhancestrategy and game play, and compete against other players oryourFacebook friends when you join a tournamentGo beyond Klondike solitaire and challenge your brain byapplyingstrategy and logic with the Blast Solitaire card game! Usespecialpower up cards to strategize how to beat each levelchallenge.Special power up cards will let you undo moves, shoot acard offthe board, flip the cards between black and red, shufflethe cards,shoot several cards off the board, and more!If you enjoy solitaire plus the challenges of games likeMahjong,word search, and puzzles, then you are going to loveBlastSolitaire! Blast is solitaire, but so much more! It’smorechallenging than Spider solitaire, more fun than Pyramidsolitaire,and more exciting than free cell solitaire!McDang, Son! Don’t just play solitaire, have a BLAST!By downloading this game you are agreeing to our privacypolicy:; and ourterms ofuse: and free gameplay you’ll pick up quick!Rewards for your success in the gameDaily ChallengesSpecial Tournaments of varying difficultyCollectables to win prizes!Rewards for your progress and achievementsNo squinting! Finally a game you can see on a small screen700+ levels with more on the way all the time!Special "bonus" cards to help your strategy for your nextmoveLeaderboards to see your friends and their scores when youconnectthrough FacebookSimilar but more exciting, challenging, and fun thanclassicKlondike, Spider, Pyramid, or Free Cell solitaireSaved progress you can continue on any device when you loginwithyour account. Don’t forget to use Facebook so you can findyourfriend’s progress too!Follow us onFacebook! issues? Pleasevisit
3 Pyramid Tripeaks Solitaire 1.32
Play the BEST pyramid solitaire gameonAndroid! 3 Pyramid Tripeaks for FREE!TriPeaks (also known as solitaire tripeaks, tripeaks, solitairetripeaks or pyramid solitaire free) is an addicting solitairetripeakscard game that combines fun and strategy!The object of the game is to clear all the cards from the pyramidbyplacing cards that are one higher or one lower on the masterdeck.Jokers can be used for any value. As soon as a row of cardshas beenremoved new cards will uncover and be added into play.Experiencethe magic of the pyramids in the free solitaire Tripeaksgame.What's new?- NEW Adventure game mode!- 52 NEW Pyramid solitaire levels!- NEW Golden Card collection game mode!- NEW Spider web trap cards!- NEW challenges to fight!- ADJSUTED pricing for gates (cheaper)!- ADJSUTED coins earned for games (more consistent)!- ADJSUTED diamonds earned for games (earn more per win)!Download 3 Pyramid Solitaire. Play today!--- Best Solitaire Tri Peaks Game Android ------ Best Solitaire Game Android ------ Best Tripeaks Game Android ------ Best Solitaire Tripeaks Game Android ------ Best Pyramid Solitaire Free Game Android ---
Spider Solitaire
Spider Solitaire (Patience) by Happy Sky isthe#1 fun card games on Google Play. Spider Solitaire is a famous&classic solitaire game.Spider Solitaire has a fantastic user interface, beautifulgraphicsand subtle sound effects. Drag, tap, or for the most fun,givecards a shove to send them on their way!GAMEPLAYThe main purpose of the spider game is to remove all cards fromthetable, assembling them in the tableau before removingthem.Initially, 54 cards are dealt to the tableau in ten piles,facedown except for the top cards. The tableau piles build downbyrank, and in-suit sequences can be moved together. The 50remainingcards can be dealt to the tableau ten at a time when noneof thepiles are empty.FEATURES★ 3 Spider cariations--1-suit,2-suit,4-suit(traditional)★ Custom backdrops & cards from your photos★ Subtle sound effects★ Drag and drop cards or throw them!★ Landscape & portrait orientation lock setting★ Fantastic and beautiful user interface★ A variety of card animation effects★ Unlimited Undo★ Show/Hide the moves & time status bar★ Detailed Spider Solitaire rules and standard scoring★ Detailed Statistics so you always know your record★ Detailed dynamic hints so you can overcome obstaclesWe hope you will enjoy the Spider Solitaire,Your support will beourgreatest motivation!We would like to hear your feedback. Please let us know whatyouthink of spider solitaire and rate us after each update.
Solitaire 2.118.0
Try the best FREE SOLITAIRE card gameonAndroid!Solitaire is also known as Klondike Solitaire and Patience, anditis the most popular solitaire card game in the world.Try our BEST FREE SOLITAIRE app now! It has beautiful graphics,andif you like Solitaire, you’re going to love this game!Features:· Daily Challenges· Beautiful graphics· Klondike· All Winning deals· Timer mode· Vegas scoring· Draw 1 card· Draw 3 cards· Choose your card style· Left handed mode· High scores· Statistics· Unlimited free undo· Unlimited free hints· Auto complete to solve game· Tablet support· Portrait and LandscapeSolitaire Classic perfects the core playing experience you knowandlove. Fun new features are totally optional, so if you wanttofocus purely on the solitaire, nothing could be easier! Ofcourse,if you want to mix it up with some new challenges, you cando thattoo! This is solitaire for true solitaire lovers.This pure and faithful edition of classic solitaire is suretotrigger your nostalgia for Solitaire. After all, there’s no needtomess with a perfect formula! The only difference is theconvenienceand portability of your phone.If this sounds like exactly the solitaire you were looking for,wetotally understand! You won’t be disappointed—download onAndroidnow for FREE!
Fairway Solitaire 1.26.0
Add life to your card game in thissolitaireclassic with a twist! You’ll play on the fairway, butdon’t expectto improve your golf swing. Simply play one card up orone carddown from your draw pile, it’s that easy! Stay on par byremovingthe most cards in each hand. Your bag of golf clubs eachrepresentsa playable numbered card to use as part of your strategy.Make sureyou look for the gold Midas Club™ which plays like a wildcard! Youcan also use power-up cards like the shuffle, preview, andmulligan(undo move) to aide in your strategy. Expertly play throughroughhazards, sand traps, and rain hazards when you gethazardpower-ups. With a little patience you can develop the skillstoplay like a pro!Fairway is Easy to Play!❤️Simply play one card up or one card down from your draw pile,it’sthat easy!❤️Stay on par by removing the most cards in each hand.❤️Fun (and funny) golf-themed game of solitaire! You'll play ontheFairway, but don't expect to improve your golf swing!❤️Let Fairway take you away to the peace and serenity of agolfcourse and far away destinations with beautifully handpaintedscenery.❤️Use the News to easily navigate through fun events, dailyrewards,and 3 game modes.❤️The Fairway commentators will cheer you through your gamewithpuns and wise cracks that’ll have you chuckling through eachpuzzlechallenge.Solitaire Card Game with a Twist!♠️ Enjoy a fun events every day!♠️ Your "golf bag" holds clubs that represent playablenumberedcards.♠️ Wild Cards are represented as gold Midas Club™♠️ Use power-up cards like the shuffle, preview, and mulligan(undomove) to clear boards.♠️ Expertly play through puzzling challenges; rough hazards,sandtraps, and rain hazards♠️ So many ways to get rewards! Stamp collections, Trophies,Tours,mini-games, events, playing streaks of cards, anddailygifts!♠️ With a little patience you can develop the skills to play likeapro!Love solitaire but want more? We’ve got it:♦️ Over 1,000 courses and counting!♦️ 3 game modes: Main, Daily, and Bonus.♦️ Play as long as you like; no lives to limit your gameplay!♦️ Thoughtfully designed for easy game play - NO squinting!♦️ Daily Course mode features special themes, challenges,andrewards.♦️ Stamps collections are hand drawn and reward you when youcollecta set of four.♦️ Enjoy fun mini-games like McDinko, Wild Shot, Long DriveContest,and Gopher Derby.♦️ Special Golf Bag holds your wild cards in the form of MidasClubsand card replacements in the form of numbered Clubs.♦️ The Great Shot meter tells you how many cards to play in astreakto get bonus cards and rewards!♦️ Power Up your strategy for your next move! Use Preview toseeyour next 5 playable cards and Shuffle to mix up the cards onyourboard!♦️ The Eraser allows you to replay a course hole to improveyourcourse score!Caution! Fairway Solitaire is a highly addictive card game!Don’t get left in the rough, follow us on Facebook for moreFairwaySolitaire news, fun, andgames: issues? Pleasevisit*By downloading this game you are agreeing to our privacypolicy:; and ourterms ofuse:
Solitaire TriPeaks
Play in paradise with Solitaire TriPeaks,thenumber 1 online cards game on Android! Our free solitaire gamehasover 850 levels – with more on the way! Join a Club to workwithfriends or go solo and navigate the island with your trustyguide,Tiki, and his loveable dog Poi. Disarm Traps, use Boosters,&earn points as you play your way through changing environmentsandevents like Poi’s Treasure. What are you waiting for? Downloadnowand have a BLAST in hot Solitaire TriPeaks paradise.SOLITAIRE ON THE BEACH♠ Relax and fill up your Streak Meter to unlocksolitaireBONUSES!♠ Trigger BOOSTERS like the Shark Hook, Magic Eye,andPeek-A-Boo.♠ Uncover the Golden Tiki Mask, Flower Blossom, and otherhiddencards.♠ Journey through island destinations, unlocking newsolitaireadventures and free bonuses.♠ Land on the Leaderboard to compete with friends in thesolitairearena and win HUGE rewards and bonuses!♠ Sip on classic solitaire with a special Tiki twist thatincludeselements of Klondike, Spider, FreeCell, and Pyramidsolitairegames.FREE ONLINE SOLITAIRE WITH DAILY REWARDS♣ Register now for FREE, and you’ll get 12,500 Coins on thehouse.Plus, you’ll collect a Daily Return Bonus for coinseveryday!♣ Play Solitaire TriPeaks with your friends to earn bonus coinsandcompete in weekly Leaderboard Challenges!♣ Participate in the TriPeaks Challenge or race to Poi’sTreasurefor extra rewards and boosts.♣ Casual, free, cards game for everyone to enjoy! Neverplayedsolitaire or cards games before? Complete a quick tutorialand getextra bonus coins.♣ Check out our other free solitaire games on Facebook Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, Spider Solitaire,andKlondike Solitaire.For questions or technical issues email usat:[email protected] Out more ree online games from GSN Games:Bingo Bash! Play the world’s #1 bingo game now!Play here: Casino The world’s best Casino app with Slots, Bingo, Video PokerandBlackjack!Play here: Policy:
PYRAMID SOLITAIRE card game 1.0.9
Pyramid Solitaire is a nice fun card gamefromVascoGames. In this solitaire game the goal is to make thehighestpossible combinations and as fast as possibleINSTRUCTIONS FOR PYRAMID SOLITAIREMove all the cards to the waste pile (the opened pile atthebottom). You can only move a card that is adjacent to thetopmostcard on the pile (A and K are considered adjacent). You canalsoopen a card on the tableau( (the covered cards at the bottom)andput it on the waste pile. You got a 180 seconds to clear asmuchlevels as possible.CARD GAME FANS OUT THERE ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CHALLENGE!Do you like brain training puzzles, card games and board gamesandyou love a challenge then give pyramid solitaire a try. Shareyourhigh score and see if you can beat the best players outthere!HOURS OF SOLITAIRE GAME FUNPyramid solitaire isn't the easiest solitaire card game. To getthehighest score in this card game can take hours. And of courseyouare not the only one out there playing so it can be yourlatestscore is beaten within hours.THIS PYRAMID SOLITAIRE GAME FEATURES- Time pressure (get a the highest score in 180 seconds)- Brainteaser- Pyramid Solitaire is a challenge- Beautiful graphics- Compete with world-wide players- Compete with your friends- Hours of game fun
Skip-Bo™ 3.1.3
Magmic Inc
Download the official Skip-Bo™ App!Skip-Bo™, the popular family card game, officially licensedbyMattel™ is now in Google Play! Test your skills, get intotheaction, and place all your cards in sequential order. Keep aneyeon your opponents though, because the first player to get ridofall the cards in their stockpile wins.Game Features:● The official Skip-Bo™ App for your Android device.● Compete with your friends on the weekly leaderboards!● Test your skills with 3 difficulty levels and 9challengingopponents.● Go on amazing streaks and watch your opponents burstwithanger.● Amazing graphics, animations, and sound for one of the topcardgame experiences on Google Play.● More features coming soon. Stay tuned!Skip-Bo™ mobile brings you all the exciting action of theclassiccard game right to the palm of your hands!=====================================Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!
250+ Solitaire Collection 4.7.2
"250+ Solitaire Collection" is a collectionof253 solitaire games.The collection contains favorite solitaire games suchasFreecell, Klondike, Canfield, and others, as well as a lotoforiginal games. The list of solitaire games contains about15patience types. They are Scorpion, Joker Type, Pyramidpatience,Blockade, Carpet Type and so on.You can play popular solitaire games like Algerian patience,Golfpatience, Yukon solitaire, solitaire Royal Secrets or createyourown custom card games. Use search to find a patience youlove,i.e. Solitaire New York, patience deluxe, Solitaireclassic,tri-peaks and others. Then choose your ultimatesolitaire, addit to Favorites and get quick access to favoritepatience card gamesfree.This free solitaire app has a text description of rules foreachpatience game. Rules describe a game purpose, foundationandtableau piles, stock regulations and placement. You can alsoviewplaying card games demo with a step-by-step solitaire guide.Sotrying new solitaire games will never be a challenge again.If you are a board games fun, you’ll love applicationsettingsagility. It can be customized for any kind of card player.You areable to set common game options, animation, game tablebackground,cards style and their back view. A player can managetheapplication visual theme, sound scheme, and language.Backupfunctionality added to make your patience game stable, calmandpleasant on phones and padsVersion 2.0 adds the ability to change the rules ofmostsolitaire games.Version 3.0 adds the ability to create new solitaire game oftypes:Freecell, Klondike, Algerian Patience, Scorpion, Canfield,Pyramidand Golf.For each game, there is a description of the rulesanddemonstration.The program requires Android 4.0 or higher. This collectiongivesyou solitaire no wifi needed.Recommended by Refer to https://alxanosoft.comforcooperation.
Pyramid Solitaire Mobile
G Soft Team
Pyramid Solitaire Mobile is a very funandcaptivating card game. Available for free!The goal of the game is to clear as many boards as possiblebytapping any two cards that add up to exactly 13. For example,youcan tap a 10 and a 3, or an 8 and a 5. You will start out withapyramid of cards, a deck of cards and a waste pile. You canmatchany uncovered card.Download and play now!★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★✓ Unlimited Undo✓ Advanced Hint Option✓ Easy to play and simple to use✓ Designed for both Tablets and Phones✓ Nice sound effects and music✓ Daily/monthly/all time highscores★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★ ★✓ Clear as many boards as you can by matching pairs of cards togetthe value 13. Aces count as 1, Jacks count as 11, Queens countas12 and Kings count as 13.✓ You can tap away the king with just one move. To eliminateaqueen, you need to match it with an ace.✓ On the board you will find a pyramid of cards and a stackfromwhich you draw cards. If there are no available matches youcancontinue to draw from the stack.✓ You can draw the entire stack three times over. Once there arenomore turns to draw you can deal a new deck of cards.✓ You can only deal two times. If you eliminate a pyramid ofcards,you complete one board and you receive an extra deal.✓ For each pair you receive 10 points. You receive bonus pointswhenyou continue to match pairs without drawing new cards.✓ You receive 2000 points for completing one board.✓ When you run out of options, you can tap Hint forasuggestion.✓ You can also undo a move by pressing Undo.★ Support and FeedbackIf you have any technical problems please email us [email protected] Please, don’t leave support problems inourcomments – we don’t check those regularly and it will takelongerto fix any issues that you might encounter. Thank you foryourunderstanding!Already a fan of Pyramid Solitaire Mobile? Like usonFacebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news: but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone whohasplayed Pyramid Solitaire Mobile!
Rummy (Free, no Ads) 1.3.1
With Rummy-Palace you can play live Rummyforfree and without any advertisements. Find opponents from aroundtheworld. Thanks to thousands of members you will meetlike-mindedplayers online 24 hours a day for the popular live cardgame.Shuffle your deck with your favorite card design and step up inourfree ladder system. Or join one of the famous card clubs andfindnew friends to play with. Our standard tables are set to themostpopular version of Rummy rules, but we also offer tableswithcustom rules like „Knocking“, „Cyclic Laying“, Without firstmeld“and many more.The Palace is a huge community for Rummy online and nowavailablefor all your mobile devices and desktop computers.Download the appnow and play immediately, no registrationrequired!General Information:Rummy-Palace is intended for an adult audience and does notofferany real money gambling nor is it possible to win realmoney.Practice or success at Rummy-Palace does not imply futuresuccessin real Rummy.
Solitaire by Lemon Games is the #1klondikesolitaire on android. The solitaire is popular and classiccardgames you know and love.We carefully designed a fresh modern look, woven into thewonderfulclassic feel that everyone loves.Experience the crisp, clear, and easy to read cards, simpleandquick animations, and subtle sounds, in either landscapeorportrait views.You can move cards with a single tap or drag them totheirdestination. You can either play the easy Draw 1 games wheremostgames are winnable, or if you feel up-to the challenge, tryyourluck with Draw 3 and Vegas play modes.If you enjoy adding a personal touch to your game, customizethebackdrop and card backs with photos from your own photo libraryforunlimited personalization possibilities.KEY FEATURES:♠ Draw 1 card (Easy)♠ Draw 3 cards (Hard)♠ 14 Kinds of App Backgrounds♠ 31 Kinds of Card Backgrounds♠ Crisp, beautiful, and easy to read cards♠ Portrait or landscape♠ Efficient, fast, and sensible game interface♠ Single tap to place a card or drag and drop♠ Standard Klondike scoring♠ Smart hints show potentially useful moves♠ Custom backdrops & cards from your photos♠ Timer, moves, and statistics♠ Unlimited Undo♠ Auto-Complete option to finish a solved game♠ Fun & challenging achievements♠ Challenge random games or play winning games(solutionensured);♠ Left-handed and right- handed option;♠ Play OFFLINE in anytime and anywhere.Join the most popular card game applicable to Any Ages and playwithyour friends NOW!Thanks for playing!
Mau Mau - card game
Mau Mau is one of the most well knowncardgames and the predecessor of the famous game Uno. Also knowunderthe names Auflegen, Tschau Sepp, Neunerln, Pumba, Makao, PršíandOcho Loco(s). It's similar to games like Crazy Eights, SwitchandUno.The rules are pretty simple and easy to learn but yet thisgamehas some surprising elements and is fun to play. Goal is toplayyour own cards before your opponents do. You play either thesamecolor or the same number.Play a 7 and the next player has to take 2 cards or has to play a7by himself, so the next player would have to take 4 cards.Play a knave and you can choose a new color, but be aware thatyoucan't play a knave to counter another one.Play an ace and the next player has to miss that turn.A multiplayer mode is already in the making!Please note: All needed rights are only for the ads.
FreeCell Solitaire
This card game is a FreeCell Solitaire.See the rules for more details:FreeCell is played with a deck of 52 cards, which are placedoneight columns in the middle.On the left, there are 4 free cells you can use to place acardtemporarly.The goal is to build the 4 foundations on the right, from AcetoKing.Usually, you would move cards one by one, helping with thefreecells.The game allows you to move several cards at once, provided youhaveenough free cells to complete the move.
SNG Games
Solitaire is now ready for androidmobilephones and tablets with its high quality. Download now andplayfree. You can play Solitaire in anywhere you want. No need totheinternet connection. You can also earn millions of chip andplayduel and tournament games against good solitaire players.The main contribution of our game is playing offline solitaireplusits bet and tournament structure. You cannot consume all ofyourchips. We always send you gifts with millions of chip. By thisway,you can also play multi-player games.Do you remember good old Windows solitaire games, everyoneplayedthem, many loved them! Our Klondike Solitaire has a uniquefeature- TOURNAMENTS, similar to Casino games you can win prizes!OurPatience card game is optimized for mobile with its simpleandsimplistic design. You do not need internet connection (nointernetrequired) and Solitaire will not ask you for anypermissions duringthe install. Also several game modes are present,so that you willnever get bored - Get the solitaire blast with thenewfeatures!♣ Classic Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 Card♣ Klondike Solitaire Classic Draw 3 Cards♣ Daily Challenges♣ Winning Deals♣ Tournament (Multi-player)♣ Classic, Plain and Simplistic Design♣ Intuitive User Interface♣ Game Statistics♣ Winning Animations♣ Unlimited Undo♣ Free Hints♣ Auto Complete♣ Duels♣ Phone and Tablet supportAnd the NEWEST and most unique feature of all Solitairegamesavailable – THE TOURNAMENTJoin SOLITAIRE TOURNAMENT (multiplayer) and compete against 7otherreal opponents online in 3 successive rounds! Each round lastsupto 3 minutes and you should be ready to spend approximately10minutes in order to win! Entering the tournament you paytheentrance fee of 50 SPADES (Spades are the currency inSNGSolitaire) and if you win, you get the astonishing 300Spadesreward. But don’t worry, even if you lose you still get a100Spades 2nd place prize.If you run out of Spades don’t worry, you can purchase them inourstore at a very low price, or you can play ANY OTHER MODEavailableand upon victory you’ll be rewarded with a good amount ofSpadesfor you to join another tournament!SNG Solitaire is dedicated to the classic Solitaire card gamestyle(which is also known as Klondike or Patience), it is themostpopular version of Solitaire free played in all countriesandcultures and it is COMPLETELY FREE TO PLAY. If you enjoy ourFreeSolitaire App, check out our other card games by SNGGames!As SNG Games we always value our players’ experienceaboveeverything else! For this, if you have anything to say,pleaseleave a comment/review on Google Play. We would be verygratefulfor any feedback!Contact our Five Star support and feel free to leave yourcommentsabout SNG [email protected] us on Facebook other apps and games made by our company
Microsoft Solitaire Collection 1.8.2021.0
The World's #1 Solitaire game is nowonAndroid!For over 25 years, Microsoft Solitaire Collection remains one ofthemost played games of all time and is now available FREE foryourAndroid device!The Microsoft Solitaire Collection offers FIVE of the bestSolitairecard games in one app!KLONDIKETimeless & Classic Solitaire. Clear all the cards from thetableusing one or three-card draw. Also try out Traditional orVegasscoring!SPIDEREight columns of cards await you. Clear them all with fewestmovespossible.Play single suit or challenge yourself with four suits!FREECELLBe strategic and use the four extra cells to move cards aroundandtry to clear all cards from the table.FreeCell rewards players who think several moves ahead.TRIPEAKSSelect cards in a sequence, earn combo points, and clear asmanyboards as you can before you run out of deals!PYRAMIDCombine two cards that add up to 13 to remove them from theboard.Challenge yourself to reach the top of the Pyramid and clearasmany boards as you can!DAILY CHALLENGESPlay new guaranteed solvable challenges in all 5 game modes with4levels of difficulty every day! By completing Daily Challenges,youwill earn badges and rewards!XBOX LIVE SUPPORTSign in with your Microsoft account to earn Xbox Liveachievementsand compete with your friends and family. Continueplaying on anycompatible Windows 10 or Android device because yourprogress andgame data will be saved in the cloud!
Klondike Solitaire is a Funny Card GameonAndroid.Just move cards with a single tap or drag them to thedestination.You can make full use of your brain to complete theclassic game.If you like card game, Our Klondike Solitaire willgive you endlessfun. And the most important thing is that it is asingle playercard game and available for Free!Although it is a very classic game, we can do better. Don'tyoubelieve it? Now,let me show you our Klondike Solitaire!!!FEATURES:♦More Card Backs and Game Backgrounds♦Customize the background image♦Draw 1 card or 3cards♦Random Deal or Winning Deal♦Portrait/landscape,Follow your hobbies♦Statistics show your achievements♦Time/Moves show your progress♦Standard Scoring Rules♦Autocomplete the game♦Unlimited Undos♦Unlimited Hints♦Tap or Drag cardsWith So many advantages,our Klondike Solitaire can make youfeelmore Fun in the game than others. Download it, We believe itwillbecome an indispensable part of your life!!!
Order & Chaos Duels
Rediscover the Order & Chaos universeinthis FREE collectible trading card game (TCG) that lets youbattlewith evil forces in many adventures or fight against realplayersfor leaderboard supremacy.The ancient demonic spirit Zepar and his Corruption have returnedtouse the world as their twisted, wicked playground onceagain.Create your great hero, the Card Dueler, and embody the world’sonlyhope!✔ Nearly 300 gorgeous cards to collect, with all the heroicfantasyart style of the Order & Chaos games (MMORPG &MOBA)✔ Fast & accessible duels on the go with spectacularspecialmagic effects for the cards✔ Deep content & strategy with the game mechanics ofatraditional trading card game (TCG)✔ Epic live and asynchronous online multiplayer games✔ Quests & adventures to fight against evil and free theworldof Haradon✔ Optimize your deck for battle in solo & online multiplayerPvPmodesOrder & Chaos Duels is a free trading card game (TCG) inamagical fantasy universe that features online mulitplayerbattles(PvP). This free multiplayer TCG game will allow you tomanage yourdeck, battle with your deck, play games online andmore.Download now for free and get on board for many excitingmultiplayergames (PvP).----Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft.Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third party advertisements that may redirect you toathird party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :"
Pyramid Solitaire
Pyramid Solitaire is a timeless cardgameexperience, from the makers of the ORIGINAL Solitaire game!Pyramidis a puzzle game that requires logic and strategy to clearthetable. You’ll love adding Pyramid to your collectionofMobilityWare Solitaire games!How to Play: Pair cards that equal to 13. Jacks = 11, Queens =12,and Kings = 13.Here’s a quick view of what our app offers:- Classic Solitaire experience- Thousands of randomized deals- Fun and exciting animations- Smooth and polished gameplayWe guarantee the BEST QUALITY Pyramid card game in the GooglePlaystore. We’re ALWAYS improving and adding new features tothegame!LEARN MORE ABOUT PYRAMID SOLITAIRE:Brain training and casino fun meet in this free game! CelebrateyourPyramid victory with our exclusive winning animations at theend ofevery deal. Our Pyramid Solitaire game gives you unlimitedandunrestricted amount of card game deals…there’s no waiting forthenext Pyramid level to unlock!Solitaire fans and other cards games fans will fall in lovewiththis new Pyramid Solitaire game.PYRAMID SOLITAIRE FEATURES:FREE CARD GAMES• Free games of Pyramid Solitaire; offline play included• Card games fans will love Pyramid Solitaire! Do you playPatience(Classic Solitaire), TriPeaks, or Spider Solitaire? ThentryPyramid Solitaire!• Classic Windows™ designUNLIMITED DEALS• Get unlimited deals for Solitaire fun anytime, anywhere.• Random deals mean each hand is unique.MIND GAMES• Pyramid Solitaire is a fun and challenging way to trainyourbrain. Can you solve every Pyramid puzzle?GAME CUSTOMIZATION• Pyramid Solitaire is simple and fun, with Undo & Hintssoeveryone can play• Easy switch between landscape and portrait viewsDownload Pyramid Solitaire, completely FREE.________________________________________LIKE US on Facebook US on [email protected] answers to frequently asked questions, head over to and supported by MobilityWare
Hidden Solitaire Elven Woods - Free Card Game 1.0.50
Are you ready to discover a newaddictiveclassic solitaire game?!Watch beautiful 3D artwork come to life as you complete eachlevelin Hidden Solitaire - Elven Woods! Relax with a couple ofrounds ofclassic solitaire or challenge yourself with Klondike,Pyramid, andFreeCell Solitaire.Difference Games’ Hidden Solitaire games are not your ordinaryfreeclassic solitaire games! Every release features a new beautifulsetof professional artwork. Elven Woods is an all-time favoriteofDifference Game solitaire lovers! As you complete each level,3Dartwork will come to life. You’ll get to see some of themostmagical sights of sweet fairies and mysterious elves as theywanderthe great outdoors. Have you ever wondered what types ofthingselves are up to in their daily lives? This is your chance tofindout! Elven Woods features peaceful artwork of a majesticfairytalewoodland life.--- HIDDEN SOLITAIRE ELVEN WOODS MAIN FEATURES ---TONS OF AWESOME WAYS TO PLAY!PLAY classic solitaire game card with familiar rules andgameplayCHALLENGE YOURSELF with over 70 levels of increasingdifficulty inCampaign mode! - OR- CHOOSE between Klondike, Pyramidand FreeCellin our Free Play mode! Switch it up depending on yourmood. This isan all-in-one free solitaire app that will fine-tuneall of youradvancing solitaire skillsSELECT difficulty and many other gameplay optionsPractice your skills on easy, or challenge yourself on amoredifficult level. True solitaire lovers will work to master allofthe challenges!REVERSE moves if you make a mistakeDon’t get caught in a trap! It’s easy to change your mind ifyoudecide your last play wasn’t quite right.UNLOCK beautiful background images as youcompletelevelsHidden Solitaire Elven Woods features AWESOME 3D ANIMATION asyoutilt your device after you complete each level!TONS of card styles to choose from!Make this free solitaire game your own!DAILY REWARDS!Need we say more? Log on to your personalized Solitaire appeveryday to redeem awesome daily rewards!MUSIC powered by Dolby® on supported devicesPlay through all of our levels to unlock more beautifulbackgroundsand images that are carefully handcrafted by our gameartists.Enjoy our Dolby quality background music that will elevateyourgaming experience to the next level. In our Hidden Solitairecardsapp you have the chance to enjoy features beyond theordinaryWindows solitaire app. We also created many levels to makesure youare never bored playing our Hidden Solitaire card game.Playing ouraddictive solitaire cards game is certainly differentthan playingother solitaire apps out there.Try it today!Please contact us [email protected] with feedbackandsuggestions.
Solitaire Classic 4.2
Tired of searching among tons of solitareandpatience game versions offering solitare games free but thequalityor gameplay are not the ones you want? Still missing youroldsolitaire games sessions on your desktop computer?🎊 Try NOW Solitaire Classic and have endless hours offun,just like in your old desktop PC! 🎊Experience again the crisp & thrill of winning withthecelebration sounds and animations you’re so familiarwith!Customize your card decks with nice landscapes or colorpatterns atthe purest retro vintage style. Double tap to place thecards intheir columns or drag them sliding with your finger eachcard.You'll get hints and unlimited undos in the easy mode, butdon'texpect to win so easily in hard mode: Only the true kingsofsolitaire games and patience will be able to cleartheirdecks!🌌 Stick to the Classics & test your patience! Become theownerof the most original version, of your favorite timekiller!Download NOW Solitaire Classic & enjoy playinganytimeand anywhere! 🌌All the lovers of free solitaire modality will totally love ournewversion!Our Main Features:♠ Draw 1 or 3 cards Modes♥ Modern & Fast Interface♣ Low Memory and Battery Consumption♦ With Timer, Moves Counter & Statistics of your games♠ Badges & Achievements to Unlock♥ Clean and Simple Design🌟 The most classic solitare games free of boring modernmodalitiesis here! Download it NOW for FREE and add it to yourcollection ofsolitaire games & patience classic card games!Keep your mindin shape while playing our solitare! 🌟
Thirty one - 31 card game 1.3.3
Solek Games
Play now the great offline Thirty one, 31cardgame with the new special offline playersGame Features:- Designed for both Tablet and Phone- Smooth gameplay.- Thirty one, 31 game Rules & Help- Hours of entertainment!- 100% Free! Play as much as you want- Specifically optimized for the Android- Thirty One, 31 game without wifi. Play Thirty one, 31gameoffline.- Fun, excitement and entertainment!- Easy to use and comfortable user interface!- Big and very clear cards.- Enjoy the great players in our game.- Works perfect even without network, without wifi, offlinePlay it now for free, the Hearts trick taking card game, inourspecial design for all your family.No internet connection or wifi required:You don't need an internet connection or wifi and don't have towaitfor other players.Thirty one, 31, uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards.Acesare high, counting 11, face cards count 10, and all othercardscount face value. Each player gets a hand of three cards. Therestof the deck sits in the middle of the table as stock for thegame,and the top card of the stock is turned over to beginthediscard.After the hands in the first round are dealt, play proceeds asinGin rummy, with each player, starting with the player totheimmediate left of the dealer and going clockwise around thetable,taking the top card of either the stock or the discardandsubsequently discarding a card. All players are trying tocollect ahand value of 31 (or the nearest to it without exceeding31) in thesame suit. Play continues clockwise around the tableuntil anyplayer knocks or obtains a blitz.In Thirty one, 31 game you can play without wifi, no wifi. Youcanplay Thirty one, 31 offline free, Thirty one, 31 gamewithoutwifi.When it is a player's turn, and that player believes theirhandis high enough to beat at least one of the opponents, theyknock onthe table in lieu of drawing and discarding. All otherplayers,going clockwise from the player who knocked, have one moreturn todraw from the stock and discard, or they have the option ofkeepingall three cards in their hands, known as standing. The roundendswhen the player to the right of the player who knocked has hadafinal turn. If no one knocks by the time a player exhauststhestock, the round ends in a draw. Because knocking relies ontheconfidence that the player will not have the lowest score,askilled player may memorise which suits the other playersarediscarding. If a player discards a different suit than thatwhichhe discarded his previous turn, it can be inferred that theplayeris "changing suits". Changing suits puts a player at adistinctdisadvantage because the resulting lowered score raises theriskthat another player may knock.At the end of the round, the players show their hands andtotaleach one up, only counting cards of the same suit. Forinstance, ifthe three cards in a hand are all different suits, thehighestvalue card would stand as that player's score. The playerwhosehand scored the lowest is declared the loser, and mustsubsequentlyfold a corner of his/her five dollar bill. When aplayer has foldedall 4 corners of his/her five dollar bill, thatplayer isimmediately out of game play. It is important to note thatin theevent of a tie between two players for lowest score, bothplayersare declared losers and each folds a corner of their fivedollarbill. If there is a tie involving the knocker, the knockerpays,this is in accordance with the concept that the one bettingmustbeat at least one player or else they pay it now and give us five stars now!
World of Solitaire Card Games 9.240.5
Go Vuzzle
Welcome to Klondike, the most fun city inafrozen winter wonderland. You can play here free solitairecardgames! Shuffle all the cards from the deck and make sure youwillbeat the pyramid! Find all the gold cards, remove the obstaclesandmatch cards that links one higher or lower than your own card.And,there is a DAILY BONUS FOR EVERYONE.Many challenges are ready for you to play in Klondike. Go intotheworld of solitaire card games and enjoy hours of timelessfuntravelling through the frozen winter wonderland and make yourfinalcollection!Features:• Interesting challenges to beat• Shuffle all elements in your deck to beat the pyramid• Links the cards below or above your own• Play with friends from Facebook for timeless fun• Receive a DAILY BONUSHelp us by rating our game with a lot of stars. You can alsofollowus on Facebook:
Solitaire: Super Challenges 2.9.476
Solitaire is a fun and challenging classiccardgame that anyone can enjoy. With Themes and Daily Challenges,youwill find our Solitaire to be the best one.Game highlights:♤ Classic Solitaire gameplay (also known as KlondikeorPatience)♤ Addictive and challenging levels♤ Optimized for mobile phone play♤ More than 100 beautiful Themes♤ Play a match against others in real timeMain Game Features:♠ Daily challenges♠ 2 Players Tournaments♠ 4 Players Tournaments♠ Clean and user-friendly designs♠ Big and easy to see cards♠ Single tap or drag&drop to move cards♠ Customizable beautiful themes♠ Draw 1 card or 3 cards♠ Auto-collect cards on completion♠ Auto-save game in play♠ Feature to Undo moves♠ Feature to use Hints♠ Standard or Vegas scoring♠ Timer mode supported♠ Left-handed supported♠ Landscape mode supported♠ Up to 10 top records♠ Offline play and no data cost♠ Multiple languages supportedIf you like playing Solitaire on PC or Solitaire classic stylethenyou will love this! This is the best Solitaire game inhands!Highly Addictive and 100% Fun, Download Now for Free!Have a burning question? Send us a message!
Solitaire Atlantis 2.00
Qublix Games
Ancient evil threatens Atlantis. Theguardiansof the oceans rose up to defend it, but they cannot stemthe tideof darkness on their own. A great deck of power was lostthrough aportal that leads to our world. Whoever can master thispowerfulartifact can defeat any evil. When two young adventurersstumbleupon the deck, they are drawn into this ancient conflict.Join ourheroes and experience Solitaire in the magical and perilousplacethat is Atlantis!
Spider Solitaire 2.9.474
Spider Solitaire is one of mostpopularSolitaire card games in the world. The game rules ofSpiderSolitaire are very similar to classic Solitaire game; thecards andbackgrounds are carefully designed for people of all age.If youare a fan of Solitaire games on PC, you’ll surely love thisfreeSolitaire game!On top of the original gameplay of Spider Solitaire, we addedtonsof new features into the game including customizable themes.Webelieve with these features, you will enjoy Spider Solitaire inacompletely new way.Game highlights:♠ Classic Spider Solitaire gameplay♠ Addictive and challenging♠ Optimized for mobile phone play♠ Beautiful and customizable themesMain Game Features:♠ Daily challenges♠ Clean and user-friendly designs♠ Big and easy to see cards♠ Single tap or drag&drop to move cards♠ Customizable beautiful themes♠ Auto-save game in play♠ Feature to Undo moves♠ Feature to use Hints♠ Timer mode supported♠ Left-handed supported♠ Landscape mode supported♠ Up to 10 top records♠ Offline play and no data cost♠ Multiple languages supportedIf you like playing Spider Solitaire on PC or other Solitairecardgames, you should try this one! This is one of our topratedSolitaire games! Download Now for Free!
TriPeaks Solitaire Mobile
G Soft Team
TriPeaks Solitaire Mobile is a very funandpopular card game.You start with a board of cards that form three pyramids. Overthesethree pyramids you will find ten exposed cards and at thebottom youwill find a deck of cards and a waste pile. The goal ofthe game isto clear as many boards as possible by tapping cardsfrom the boardthat is one lower or one higher than the one in thewaste pile. Youcan match any uncovered card.Download and have fun now!★ ★ ★ FEATURES ★ ★ ★✓ 4 different deck styles✓ Advanced Hint option✓ Unlimited Undo✓ Easy to play and simple to use✓ Designed for both Tablets and Phones✓ Beautiful and simple graphics✓ Daily/monthly/all time highscores★ ★ ★ TIPS ★ ★ ★✓ Match the top card from the waste pile with a card from theboardthat is one lower or one higher. Match as many as you can toclearthe board.✓ You can match a queen with a king or jack, or you can match a2with an ace or a 3.The king can be matched with an ace or aqueenand so on. A jack matches with a 10 or a queen.✓ If there are no matches available you can draw a new card fromthestack. You can only make matches with the cards thatareexposed.✓ Once you draw all the cards and no matches are available youaredealt a new deck.✓ You are dealt cards only 2 times and after that the game ends.Ifyou clear a board you receive a free deal.✓ Each match earns you 100 points. The first peak you clearearnsyou 1000 points. The next peak earns you 2000 points and thelastpeak 10000 points.✓ When you run out of options you can tap Hint forasuggestion.✓ If you made an unwanted move or simply want to turn back youcanpress Undo. You can go back all the way to the beginning ofthedeal.★ Support and FeedbackIf you have any technical problems please email us [email protected] Please, don’t leave support problems inourcomments – we don’t check those regularly and it will takelongerto fix any issues that you might encounter. Thank you foryourunderstanding!Already a fan of TriPeaks Solitaire Mobile? Like usonFacebook or follow us on Twitter for the latest news:
Spiele Skat wann und wo Du willst!Starke Gegner. Erstklassiges Design.Spiele jederzeit gegen starke Computergegner!Wir bieten ein umfangreiches Trainings-Angebot für Skatspielerundfür alle die es werden wollen.Freue Dich auf viele Stunden Spielspaß!Spiele gegen zwei starke Computergegner:- Überall und jederzeit offline Skat spielen- Einstellbare Spielweise- Deine Computergegner spielen 100% fairSpiele Skat online mit Freunden:(*)- Skat gegen echte Mitspieler- Ohne Anmeldung- Funktioniert auch zu zweit mit einem ComputergegnerPerfektioniere Deine Spielweise:- Strategie-Trainer von Skatmeister Daniel Schäfer- Interaktive Übungspartien- Lerne die Feinheiten des SkatspielsLerne Skat spielen:- Deine geduldigen Mitspieler verzeihen Dir jeden Fehler- Spielvorschläge, Zug zurücknehmen, Augen der Sticheanzeigen- Interaktive Skat-Einführung- Alle Skatregeln zum NachlesenNutze die vielen Analysemöglichkeiten:- Wiederhole das letzte Spiel- Blatt der Gegner anzeigen- Detaillierter Spielverlauf zu jedem Spiel- Detaillierte Listenführung mit Abrechnung nach DSkV- Umfangreiche Statistik aller Deiner SpieleHabe Spaß am Skatspiel:- Mehrere realistische Spielszenen- Original Altenburger Spielkarten- Eigene Fotos für die Gegenspieler- Lustige Kommentare Deiner MitspielerSpiele wie Du willst:- Offizielle DSkV Regeln oder mit Kontra, Re, BockrundeundRamsch- Mit DSKV Abrechnung nach Seeger-Fabian oder Bierlachs- Deutsches, Französisches und Turnier-Bild- Flexible Sortieroptionen für Deine KartenUnsere Garantie: Deine Computergegner spielen 100% fair.DieKartenverteilung ist garantiert zufällig. Jeder Spieler - obMenschoder Computer - hat identische Chancen.Skat ist ein Strategie- und Geschicklichkeitsspiel. VielenutzenSkat auch zum Gedächtnistraining, denn auf Dauer gewinnt nurwerfit im Kopf ist. Reize überlegt, zähle aufmerksam mit, passeDeineStrategie flexibel an den Spielverlauf an und seiimmeraufgeschlossen noch etwas dazu zu lernen, denn Skat ist einenormvariantenreiches Spiel.Mit unserer App versuchen wir Skat möglichst umfangreichundrealistisch auf mobilen Endgeräten wiederzugeben. Die Apprichtetsich nicht an Kinder, sondern ist für Erwachsene konzipiert.Nachdeutschem Recht ist Skat kein Glücksspiel. In unserer App gibteskein Geld und keine Preise zu gewinnen. Spielpraxis und/oderErfolgbei Kasinospielen ohne Gewinn ("Social Casino Games")bedeutennicht unbedingt, dass der betreffende Teilnehmer auch beikünftigenSpielen um echtes Geld erfolgreich sein wird.(*) Die Verfügbarkeit der Online-Funktionen wird mit dem KaufderApp nicht garantiert.Nutzungsbedingungen der Dich auf viele Stunden Spielspaß!Wir freuen uns, dass Skat so großartige Resonanz findet!Wirentwickeln SKAT kontinuierlich weiter. Sende uns Deine Wü[email protected] unter www.skat-spiel.deGut Blatt!Games Skat when andwhereyou want!Strong opponents. 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Thecarddistribution is guaranteed by chance. Every player - whetherhumanor computer - has identical opportunities.Skat is a strategy and skill game. Many use Skat also formemorytraining, because in the long run only wins who is doing wellinthe head. considered stimuli, counting with attention, adjustyourstrategy flexibly to the run of play and had to learn somethingtoalways open because Skat is an enormously varied rangeofgame.With our app we try Skat as extensive and realistic onmobiledevices play. The app is not intended for children, but isdesignedfor adults. Under German law Skat is not gambling. In ourapp,there is no money and to win any awards. Match practice and /orsuccess in casino games without winning ( "Social CasinoGames")does not necessarily mean that the participant will besuccessfulin future play for real money.(*) The availability of the online functions is not guaranteedbypurchasing the app.Terms of the online forward to many hours of gameplay!We are pleased that Skat is so great response! We developSKATcontinuously. Send us your wishes [email protected] at www.skat-spiel.deGood leaf!
Skido: Spite and Malice 4.15
PB Softworks
A variation of popular 'Spite andMalice'family card game, also known as 'Cat & Mouse', withspecialcards. Beat your computer and friends by playing all yourcards inthe right order before your opponent does. Become a worldchampionin the player rankings!Game Features:- Realistic AI opponents. No cheats!- Customize your game by choosing the number of opponents, cardsinthe stockpile and selecting your preferred game difficulty.- Play online with your friends and family wherever you arewithyour smartphone, PC or Mac.- Chat with online opponents- Unlimited undo function- Scoreboard with player rankings- Resume games after pausing- Help for beginners- No frills. Approximately only 5MB to download- Very few ads- Low battery drain enabling you to play for longer- Browser game at for PCorMac.Game rules:The objective of the game is to be the first player to playouttheir entire stock pile. Each player is dealt 10 (20 or 30)cardsto their stock pile with only the uppermost card visible, aswellas a hand of five cards.The shared play area allows up to four build piles, which mustbestarted using either a "1" card or a '*'. Each player also hasupto four personal discard piles.Each round, the active player draws five cards, and plays onthebuild piles. He must play either the next card in sequentialorderor play a wild '*' card, using either his own cards, the topcardof his stock pile, or the top card of any of his fourdiscardpiles. If the player can play all five cards from hand, hedrawsfive more and continues playing. When no more plays areavailable,the player discards one card to either an empty discardpile or ontop of an existing one and play passes to the nextplayer. When abuild pile reaches 12, it is removed from the boardand that spacebecomes empty for another pile to be started; playcontinues untilone player has played his final start card.
Solitaire Story - Tri Peaks 1.272.0
A free solitare game with classictri-peakspuzzles.Wander in the Enchanted Woods, take a rest at the DragonFalls,solve the secret puzzles at the Mystery Castle and thefairwayalong with many other surprising and exotic locations!Choose your own choices, play with new fun cards ineveryepisode.If you're familiar with golf, castle, freecell, spider, klondikeorpyramid versions, you'll definitely love this tripeaksgame!The evil witch is challenging you to play the most addictivecardpuzzle. She has a cursed deck with many trick cards, illusionsandmystery!Join Dex the Dragon to explore fantastic landscapes, discovermagiccards, get the highest score and compete with friendsthroughamazing levels of mystery!Solitaire Story is FREE and has NO TIME LIMITS!✓ Experience addictive gameplay all along 860 levels - with moreonthe way!✓ Explore fantastic landscapes and magic cards!✓ Use powerful BOOSTERS to get through challenging levels!✓ Get unlimited CHARMS like Bonus Score, Max Life, Double Coinsandmore to speed up your game!✓ Crack free SURPRISE eggs to win rewards every day!✓ Compete with your FRIENDS on leaderboards at every level!★ TEST YOUR TRIPEAKS SKILLS!Test your tripeaks solitaire skills by playing with classicplayingcards as well as many other trick cards, all with adifferent andexciting challenge. It’s extraordinarilyaddictive!Clear the cards in numerical order to get all the witch cardsanddefeat the evil witch to continue your journey through a varietyoflevels and maps!Make 5 move streaks to crack the dragon’s egg and winawesomebonuses like an extra Joker or extra Cards!★ UNLOCK AMAZING BOOSTERS AND CHARMS!Supercharge your card game with a variety of Boosters andunlimitedCharms to send your scores soaring. Enhance your tri peaksgameexperience in seconds!From “Double Coins” to “Maximum Life”, you’ll have a blastusingCharms to speed up your game!★ PLAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS!Connect with Facebook to see your Solitaire Story friends so youcancompete with them in the Leaderboard!Help your friends by sending extra lives and moves and getbonusgifts in return! More friends means more progress!★ FOLLOW US!Don’t forget to like our Facebook page to follow the latest newsandwin free gifts: us on Twitter to get the latest news:©2015 Gamegos, all rights reserved.
Poker [card game] 3.3
This is a poker game.Poker is popular card game from the old days.This app is a simple poker to play with ease.By all means, please try to play.■ Rules of pokerWhen the user selects the BET, five cards are dealt totheuser.Playing cards were distributed can be replaced up to 2 times.If you want to replace the card, select the card you wanttoexchange,and then press the DRAW button.If you want to game, and press the button SHOWDOWN.If you won the game,the score is added.If you lose the game, you lose score.■Score·Royal Straight Flush: 5000 * BET·Straight flush: 100 * BET·Four card: 25 * BET·Full House: 15 * BET·Flash: 10 * BET·Straight: 7 * BET·Three-card: 4 * BET·Two Pairs: 2 * BET·One Pair: 1 * BET
Earthcore: Shattered Elements 1.8.3
Tequila Games
Voted the best role playing card gamebythousands of players! Create your own deadly cards tobuildultimate decks full of magical creatures and skillfulHeroes.Outsmart your enemies in ranked PvP, join special eventsfull ofgrand prizes and discover the dark mysteries of theepicsingle-player campaign!Earthcore is the only card game that allows you to designyourdream cards using the revolutionary Card Crafting feature! Withaninnovative risk-based card battles, Earthcore plays unlikeanyother CCG game you've seen!100% FREE TO PLAY - NO paywalls! Join NOW!______________________________________★ "I highly recommend it" -★ "This game is seriously impressive" -★ "Give it a go" - Kotaku★ "Easy-to-learn yet surprisingly complex and strategic"-VentureBeat_______________________________________Languages supported (text & audio!):* English* Français* Deutsch* Español* Italiano* Português* Polski* РусскийNote: The game requires an Internet connection to work.________________________________________Join the community: http://forum.earthcoregame.comLike us on Facebook: website:© 2015 Tequila Games Sp. z o.o. All rights reserved.