Top 4 Games Similar to Dice Out

Dice 0.4
Namib Sun
If you don't have a real die at hand, butwantto play games requiring one, this app can be used as asubstitute.It generates a random dice roll every time you touch thedie.Features:- A Normal dice roll using one die- A Normal dice roll using two dice- A Risk-style dice configuration featuring two blue and threereddice which can be rolled independently- A custom die, configurable via an input box at the bottom ofthescreen
Dice Roll 0.0.2
Dice Rolling App, can you roll a double?
Dice Field 1.02
DICE FIELD has two modes. And the real funpartis to play DICE FIELD as a table game with your friends.We hope you like it :)
Painted Dice
Painted Dice is a poker dice game wherethegoal is to score the most points by rolling dice to makespecialcombinations. Colors painted on the dice add more strategywith newways to score, like having a "rainbow" when each are adifferentcolor.GAME MODES:• Single Player - play alone or against computer opponents• Pass and Play - up to 4 friends can play using thesamedevice• Online play with a friend through Google Play Games -technicallyyou could try to find random opponents too, but theonlinepopulation is so low that you probably won't find anyoneactivelike thatFEATURES:• easily change dice and background colors• achievements and leaderboards• optional scoring hints for each roll• leave and continue games at any time• over 50 statistics tracked, from a normal win/loss recordtodetails like how many Straights you've had, how many 3syou'veheld, and how many times you've rolled a Five of a Kindafteralready putting a 0 as its scoreHOW TO PLAY:The goal is to score points by rolling dice to makecertaincombinations. During each turn, you're allowed to roll thedice upto 3 times and can pick which dice to hold before re-rollingtheothers. After the 3 rolls (or less if you decide to stop), youmustchoose a category on your scorecard to assign points. Eachcategorycan only be used once. Players take turns doing this untilallscore categories are used, then whoever has the highest scorewins.More detailed instructions are included in the app.