Top 4 Games Similar to Dice Out

Dice 0.4
Namib Sun
If you don't have a real die at hand, butwantto play games requiring one, this app can be used as asubstitute.It generates a random dice roll every time you touch thedie.Features:- A Normal dice roll using one die- A Normal dice roll using two dice- A Risk-style dice configuration featuring two blue and threereddice which can be rolled independently- A custom die, configurable via an input box at the bottom ofthescreen
Dice Roll 0.0.2
Dice Rolling App, can you roll a double?
Dice Field 1.02
DICE FIELD has two modes. And the real funpartis to play DICE FIELD as a table game with your friends.We hope you like it :)
Painted Dice
Painted Dice is a fun poker dice gamesimilarto Yatzy, Yacht, and Yahtzee®. Some call it Rainbow Yatzy.Colorspainted on the dice add more strategy to each roll.GAME MODES:• Single Player - play alone or against computer opponents• Pass and Play - up to 4 friends can play using thesamedevice• Online play with a friend through Google Play Games -technicallyyou could try to find random opponents too, but theonlinepopulation is so low that you probably won't find anyoneactivelike thatFEATURES:• easily change dice and background colors• achievements and leaderboards• optional scoring hints for each roll• leave and continue games at any time• over 50 statistics tracked, from a normal win/loss recordtodetails like how many Straights you've had, how many 3syou'veheld, and how many times you've rolled a Five of a Kindafteralready putting a 0 as its scoreHOW TO PLAY:The goal is to score points by rolling dice to makecertaincombinations. During each turn, you're allowed to roll thedice upto 3 times and can pick which dice to hold before re-rollingtheothers. After the 3 rolls (or less if you decide to stop), youmustchoose a category on your scorecard to assign points. Playerstaketurns doing this until all score categories are used, thenwhoeverhas the highest score wins. More detailed instructions areincludedin the app.Yahtzee is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc.