Top 20 Apps Similar to DST MBB

DST Easi App 3.0.0
Easi app - DST Easi Subscribers can useEasiUSSD services via the app and access to DST Mobile BroadbandSelfHelp Portal to purchase add-on data packages.
Self Motivation 1.18
*** Self motivation is the incentivethatdrives you to act, and leads to success. Self motivationmeansself-provocation for action and improvement. How will youmotivateyourself? Find tips in our application for motivate yourself. ***If you want to make things happen the ability to motivateyourselfand others is a crucial skill. At work, home, andeverywhere inbetween, people use motivation to get results.Motivation requiresa delicate balance of communication, structure,and incentives.Some people are capable of many great things but reallystruggleto follow through unless they are being "pushed". With themthemotivation is external and most of the time they're lookingforsomeone else to keep them going. A much more empowering waywouldbe for them to learn some of the techniques for selfmotivation andthat way they would not only achieve more but theywould have a farstronger sense of achievement.Self motivation tips application will help you to develop someofthe internal skills that lead to you achieving much moreinlife.**************Features**************1) Great list of Self Motivation Tips.2) User-Friendly Navigation3) Email any Tips to your friends and relatives.4)Self Motivation has free caller ID.It identifies callers for you - even the ones not in yourcontactlist. Caller ID results are shown after calls and alsoallow you tosave the contact details directly to youraddress-book. The callerID feature can be fully adjusted to yourpreferences.We are constantly working on making the content andfunctionalityof our apps better. We are always excited to hearfrom you! If youhave any feedback, questions, or concerns, pleaseshare with us at:
Relaxation - Sleep Hypnosis 1.0
*** SPECIALLY FORMULATED FOR LISTENING AT BEDTIME - UNLOCK THEPOWEROF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND - WHILE YOU SLEEP ***Wish you could reprogram your mind like softwareengineersreprogram computers? - NOW YOU CAN!With our unique self-help MindSoft™ Sleep Hypnosis recordingsyoucan start making deep internal changes to your life -TODAY!Start using YOUR brain's full potential. Reclaim a third ofyourlife for self-improvement and personal enrichment byre-programmingYOUR mind while you sleep!!Commit to change. Act today. Effectively and easilytransformcore inner beliefs and create long lasting changesthatdramatically improve the quality of your life!Whether it is excessive stress, back pain, weight or allergiesorother issues, these super hypnotic sleep hypnosis recordingsbyleading hypnotist Randy Charach can really help you.Randy Charach, is a Canadian Hypnotist with over 20yearsexperience in the field.Randy has hypnotised the likes of John Travolta, TonyCurtis,Sean Penn and many others from all walks of life. Hissatisfiedclients also include many well-known corporations. He hasperformedfor companies like Microsoft, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Disney,IBM andXerox, and many, many other satisfied clients.Now for the FIRST TIME EVER, you too can take advantage ofhisamazing ability to re-programme negative mind sets and installnewempowering hard-wired mental circuitry, deep in YOURsubconsciousmind.All our Sleep Hypnosis tracks have been specially formulatedtobe listened to awake or asleep. Ideally they should be listenedtoat bed time when the user can fall asleep as they listen.These special recordings cannot be found elsewhere and AREthelatest in personal transformation.One of the most important aspects of healthy living is to beableto relax. Relaxing and letting go of everyday tensions isvital ifwe are to avoid tension related ailments andillnesses.A balanced lifestyle helps us to cope with those unexpectedandupsetting events and relaxing properly is an essentialingredientof this.This Guided Relaxation recording will firstly remind you ofwhatrelaxation feels like and then help you to experience amoreprofound state of relaxation than you have ever feltbefore.Learning to truly relax is perhaps the most important thingthatany of us can learn to do. It is the basis of true healthandbalance and its importance can never be over estimated.It can be debilitating to our lives when we spend so muchtimeworrying and stressing over what is yet to come. The fear oftheunknown, the anxiety of a new meeting, the stress of aproblem,these are things that can disturb our sleep, make usunfocused anddistracted, and in the long run make us veryunproductive unhappypeople!If you feel that you can just never seem to fully relax andletgo of everything, at least just for a while, then thisSleepHypnosis App is highly recommended for you.tags:relax, guided, relaxation, sleep, hypnosis, meditation, audio,mind,programming, dream, weight, loss, self, esteem, habits,
Self Improvement Guide 1.0
This application give you the powerfulselfimprovement guide. The art and science of success distilledintoone simple but powerful life-changing guide!Everything that occurs to us occurs in purpose. Andsometimes,one thing leads to another. Instead of locking yourselfup in yourprison of crying and fears over past failures,oppressiveness andheartaches, cure them as your teachers and theywill become yourtools in both success and self improvement.Application Contents1. Self-improvement & Success – Hand in Hand2. The Importance of Improving Yourself3. Building Your Self-Esteem4. Spiritual Growth: the Spiritual Challenge of Modern Times5. Motivation: The Heart of Self-Improvement6. Unlocking Your Self Improvement Power7. Crash Course 7-Day Program to Self-Improvement8. 10 Inspirational Self-Improvement QuotesApplication Features:- Simple but powerful self improvement guide.- You can share this guide to others.- Easy to use.
Self Help *Just for today* NA 2.0
Miranda Devs
Self Help is an offlinemultilingualapplication developed in the hope that more people canmake thejourney from addiction to recovery.It also aims to share a message of Recovery and Hope. It openstothe current day's meditation with any of the other 364 atyourfingertips.Languages:Arabic (العربية)EnglishFrench (Français)Japanese (日本語)Portuguese (Português)Russian (Русский)Spanish (Español)* * *Tell yourself:- Just for today my thoughts will be on my recovery, livingandenjoying life without the use of drugs.- Just for today I will have faith in someone in NA who believesinme and wants to help me in my recovery.- Just for today I will have a program. I will try to follow ittothe best of my ability.- Just for today, through NA, I will try to get a betterperspectiveon my life.- Just for today I will be unafraid, my thoughts will be on mynewassociations, people who are not using and who have found a newwayof life. So long as I follow that way, I have nothingtofear.* * *Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and onlywithacceptance can there be recovery.― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire* * *Thank you for you support.Please feel free to contact us anytime.Email: [email protected][We appreciate any suggestions... Currently Self Help is underheavydevelopment.]
Self Confidence Tips 1.0
Not everyone is born with an in built senseofself-confidence. Sometimes it can be hard to developconfidence,whether because of personal experiences that have causedyou tolose confidence or suffering from low self-esteem. But thereis noworry about it. Because there are heaps of techniques to helpyoubuild self-confidence. So find out some top tips on how youcanbuild your confidence and it will works in real life to buildhighself-esteem.
Self Esteem Building Guide 1.0
This application give you an information about how to buildselfesteem.Self-Esteem has a big impact on how the person is behavingandperforming? A positive self-esteem may cause certain peopletobehave confident and very competitive.This app. is a self esteem builder and your ultimate guidetoboost self esteem to achieve goals in life.Self-esteem is what you see in yourself and how youevaluateyourself with what you see.Everyone evaluate themselves differently because everyonehavedifferent way of thinking. It can be either positive or theotherway round. It's what you believe about yourself.Building self esteem is so not difficult. Have fun!Application ContentsChapter 1: Be Optimistic for Happier Life- A Positive Outlook for a Positive Life- Know your self-worth- The benefits of using positive self-talk- How positive affirmations can change your lifeChapter 2: It’s All in Our Mind- Focusing the mind on the positive- The sky is your limit- How to develop your creative side- Creativity Tips and Resources- Listen to your inner thoughts- Mental imagery works- Taking care of your mental healthChapter 3: Overcoming Negative Thinking- Dispelling fears for a more positive outlook- Overcoming dissociation- Overcoming Doubt- Overcoming Feelings of Helplessness- Overcoming Inner Conflicts- Overcoming Intimidation- Overcoming the need to be in control- Overcoming TraumaChapter 4: Becoming an Optimistic Individual and Achieve GoalsinLife- Developing your self-image- Change the Shape of Your Self-Image- How keeping a journal can help you succeed- Develop your intuition- Start Early To Combat Low Self Esteem- Stop underestimating your worth- Developing your full potential- Boost your Self-Esteem by RunningApplication Features:- Useful self esteem builder guide.- You can share this guide to others.- Easy to use.
Аffirmations for Happy 82
Themes:SuccessHealthSelf ConfidenceSlimmingMillionaire MindsetAttract MoneySlimming MegaGood EyesightYouthfulnessGood moodA Businessmans ThinkingAffirmations of forgivenessA woman's sexualityA man's sexualityGurdjieff's Life AdvicesLoveAbout PregnancyThis app helps you succeedby sending you motivational quotesand customising a positivity streamof inspiring images to form the correct mindset to succeed.YOUR SUCCESS starts with a POSITIVE MINDSET!You can enter custom affirmations to remind your selfofdaily,or choose from our huge affirmations.We added Affirmations for Improving Eyesight,for weight loss,for self confidece, for attract money!Added affirmations for eternal youth)))You will change your life for the betterusing the application "Happy affirmations"!You will believe in yourself,become slim and healthy andmoney will flow to you as the river,when you start to think positively.Daily affirmations are repetition directly toyoursubconsciousand neutralize unwanted stereotypes, to acquire overtheyears.Positive affirmations - literally programming the brain.Affirmations have helped thousands of peoplemake significant changes in their lives.An affirmation can work as it has the ability to programyourmindinto believing the stated concept.This is because the minddoesn't know the differencebetween what is real or fantasy.Affirmations can be a powerful tool to help youchange your mood,state of mind,and manifest the change you desire in your life.The "Аffirmations for happy" contains the most efficientand time-tested phrases.Phrases are displayed on a beautiful backgroundthe search at predetermined intervals.The application adapted to work both on the phone and ontheplates.
Law Of Attraction Hypnosis 1.2
Have you ever been at the right place at the right time? Andsomehowbeyond your understanding, everything just started to fallintoplace? On the other hand, have you ever woken up to find thattherest of your day just keeps getting worse and worse? Thisphenomenonis referred to the law of attraction.When you're in a positive mindset the only thing you canattractto you are positive things. Same is true for negativethoughts.Think about this… what kind of relationships do you want?Whatkind of health do you want? What kind of lifestyle do youwant?What kind of wealth do you want? If you're not thinking aboutit,you're not attracting it.So dive into our rich hypnosis sessions, where we take you onasubconscious journey and condition your mind to naturallythinkpositive thoughts. Unlock the secret power to attract yourdesires.Open your mind and allow this Law of Attraction Hypnosisapp tohelp you pursue happiness, motivation, positive thinking,wealth,success and much more.Change comes from within. Hypnosis just helps you access whatisalready within you. Imagine what it would feel like to wakeupevery morning happy, full of energy, fearless, confident, fullofclarity and optimism ready to face the day with all you've got.Nowgo get it!Audios in this program include:1). The Law of Attraction- FREE on us!!2). Attitude of Gratitude3). Attract Love- Soulmate4). Attract Money5). Law of Attraction Action6). Law of Attraction for Others7). Mindful Attraction8). Natural High Attraction Booster9). Releasing Guilt10). Attract Health11). Upward SpiralEnter the World of Mindifi!
Countdown by 1.4.11
What are you looking forward to? Christmas?TheNew Year? Your birthday, graduation or vacation?Enter your location and a date, and the Countdown App will counttheseconds to your big day!- Share your events to Facebook and Instagram- Share your events by mail- Two types of widget to display countdowns on your homescreen(limit of one widget instance for free usage)- Fun themes- Use your own photos for countdowns (In-App purchase)- All clock changes (DST) taken into account- Alerts for countdowns that are about to reach zero seconds- Automated deletion of expired timers- Count up from a point in time- 5000+ cities- All time zones- Super-precisePlease check out the upgraded version (in-app purchase):- Ad-free- Use your own photos- Unlimited number of widget is the leading website for world time. Wemaintainmore than a decade of experience in being an accurate andreliableprovider of time and date related informationworldwide
M2U Pay Snap&Sell 1.5.0
Snap everything! Sell anything!You can now sell items on Facebook or Twitter and offerSocialMedia Buyers the convenience to transact via M2U Pay. Sellersarenow in the favour of convenience to manage sales and enjoythebenefit of receiving push notification with date and time,Buyer’sname, email and amount once payment is made. So, Buyers canjustskip the hassle to send proof of payment!How convenient! Snap, share and sell almost anything!What you have to do is just follow the simple steps below.1) Launch M2U Pay Snap&Sell App.2) Enter Maybank2u Username and Password.3) Snap a picture of item to sell or retrieve from Gallery.4) Key in details of the item.5) Accept Terms and Conditions.6) Once completed, the M2U Pay Snap&Sell URL link willbecreated.7) Share the M2U Pay Snap&Sell URL link on FacebookorTwitter.8) Photo and description of the item will be automatically postedonFacebook or Twitter together with M2U Pay Snap&SellURLlink.Buyers, you can just follow the simple steps below and enjoytheconvenience of online shopping!1) Buyers will view the item posted on Facebook or Twitter.2) Click on the URL link to purchase the item.3) Enter Maybank2u username and password.4) Select debiting account.5) Enter shipping address, Mobile number and additional notestoSeller (optional).6) Enter TAC7) Complete checkout for payment.Note: Sellers and Buyers must be a registeredMaybank2uuser.Only allowed for Individual & Proprietary Customers.
McDelivery Malaysia 3.1.14
This app is published by McDonald’sDeliveryservice for customers in Malaysia to place orders viaAndroiddevices. Customers are required to register with email andpasswordbefore placing an order. The same login credentials can beused forthe app and web ( ordering. Pleaseensure toselect your location before you place your order.Please note that payment by credit / debit card is now availableonthe McDelivery Mobile Ordering App.
Law Of Affirmations Daily 1.5
Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction: “If youknewyour potential to feel good, you would ask no one to bedifferentso that you can feel good. You would free yourself of allof thatcumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world,orcontrol your mate, or control your child. You are the only onewhocreates your reality. For no one else can think for you, nooneelse can do it. It is only you, every bit of it you.”Esther Hicks is an American inspirational speaker and author.Shehas co-authored nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks,presentednumerous workshops on the law of attraction with AbrahamHicksPublications and appeared in the original version of the 2006filmThe SecretAbraham Daily brings the wisdom of Esther Hicks to you in a formofMobile App, wake up every day, with Esther Hick's lawsofAttraction, starting today.The app has some nice features:- Share daily quote on social network & using othermessagingtools- Listen to background music, to create a serene environment- Set an alarm to receive daily quote notification- Add Quotes to your favorites- Copy the quote to Clipboard- In app purchase (to make the application Ad free)- Look at other Dailypedia AppsDownload Now & enjoy daily bliss!
Always Positive -Daily Quotes
Great quotes can be inspirationalandmotivational. You can use quotes to help guide your decisionsinlife, work and love.If you find yourself in a little mid-week or mid-day slump, takeafew moments to re-energize yourself with these inspiringquotes.Sometimes, all it takes is a little reminder to boost yourspiritsand refocus your day.App also allows you to share positive thought with all the usersofthis app. Spread the POSITIVITY !!When you change the quality of your thinking, you change thequalityof your life, sometimes instantly.You have complete control over only one thing in the universe —yourthinking! You can decide what you are going to think in anygivensituation. Your thoughts and feelings determine your actionsanddetermine the results you get. It all starts with your thoughts–and I have found that inspirational words are a quick way toretuneyour thinking.Some of the key features of app1) Daily get new quotes shared by app users.2) You can also share your positive, motivational,Inspirationalandkind words with the worldand help us to spread the positivity in the world.3) You can share- Quotes image- Create you own quotes in your own style,- Share motivational and inspirational videos from youtube.- You can write your positive quotes and thoughts.4) You can mark as favourite to your favourite quotes5) Share picture using Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etcJoin us on Facebook any suggestions and feedback. Please write [email protected]
Success Mindset 1.0
Developing A Success MindsetTo succeed at anything you must develop a Success Mindset.If you have ever wondered why two people with the exactsamecircumstances and with identical goals dont get the sameresults,you know that there is something less obvious thatcontributed tothe success of one and the failure of the other.Adopting a success mindset is the determining factor whichmakesthe difference between success and failure, regardless ofothercircumstances.Mindset is best described as the mental attitude that takesshapebased on life experiences, environment, education and theideas ofthe people we interact with the most.Mindset influences our interpretation of life's eventsandpredetermines the way in which we commonly respond tosituations.Eventually, our frequent responses become habits and astheysettle, they give rise to our predominant state of mind.People with a positive mindset tend to find opportunity ineveryproblem, while those with a negative mindset feel as if theworldis collapsing under their feet.Often, there can be very little difference intheircircumstances.Once you learn about mindsets, you will clearly see thatyourmindset is directly linked to your thoughts - and thoughtscanbecome things.Thoughts are powerful indeed and as conscious beings, we havetheprivilege to control them - by choice.Unfortunately, this is not what most people do. They lackthisknowledge and allow their thoughts to rule their lives withoutevenbeing aware of it.Will you live a life controlled by random thoughts or willyouchoose your thoughts carefully to develop a success mindset?When you get a hold of your thoughts you have the power tocreatewonderful things in your life, all by just taking command,trainingand instructing your mind to think properly."What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tinymatters,compared to what lies within us." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
Positive Thinking 3.0
This application will show to youdifferentpositive quotes.Today’s lifestyle has definitely become easier and moreconvenient,thanks to constant upgrades,advances, and improvements in technology. But all thesedon’tnecessarily guarantee that life ishappier. With so many catastrophes and bad news all over theworld,not to mention the stressbrought about by living life on the fast lane, it’s becomingmoreand more difficult to look atthe bright side of life.What the world needs is less negativity and more positivity.Sobring positive vibes with youwherever you go with the Positive thinking & quotes app,wordsof wisdom from some of the world’ssmartest, most famous, and most successful people — as wellaswell-loved fictional characters —are all packed into one neat, handy package that you can carryinyour bag or tuck in your pocket.Check out these awesome features:• It's completely FREE!!!• A super simple, easy to navigate interface• A cool, clean corkboard-type design that will appeal to guysandgals alike• Compatible with all Android smartphones• No need for WiFi or wireless Internet connection in order togetyour daily dose of positivity —this app works offline!• multiple quotable quotes to give you some food for thought!• Inspirational words and statements from some of theworld’sgreatest minds as well as well-knownfictional characters like the Cheshire Cat of Alice in Wonderlandtogive you a much-needed boost!• This collection of sayings is a wonderful reminder that lifeisnot as bleak as it seems — andthat you are stronger than you think. Use these pearls of wisdomasencouragement for you to liveout your dream and be a better version of yourself.So whether you’re feeling a little blue, need a bit ofinspirationto inject some cheer into adreary workday, or simply want to have one-liners to start yourdayright, surround yourself withpositive vibes — Positive thinking Quotes is the way to go!
Erase Stress & Fear With PSTEC
PSTEC has been featured on TV.PSTEC is used around the world.PSTEC is used by professional therapists.Everyone has emotional problems sometimes and this easytousesystem can be used for ANY negative emotion. It's job istoturnthose emotions down or even remove them. Use this fortherapy,selfhelp and self empowerment. A multitude of uses.PSTEC is a system designed to treat all of the followingandmuchmore:Fears,Stress,Phobias,PTSD,Anxiety,Resentment,Anger,Jealousy,Compulsions,Depression,Confidence,etc.This is a 100% free app and contains no annoying adverts.KeepthePSTEC therapy system in your pocket with this free app.App Overview:A video introduction,Full PSTEC self help system,Complete instructions,Access to much more free material including helpfultutorialsandinterviews with real users of the PSTEC self helpsystems.Compatible with: Devices running Android 2.2.3 and above.Just download this FREE app and get started.
Hindu Calendar - Drik Panchang
Panchang which is also known as Panchangamisused to denote five elements of Vedic Astrology, namelyTithi,Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana and Var i.e. weekday. These fiveelementswhen combined for a day are known as Panchang. These fiveelementschange every day with the movement of the Moon and the Sun.Hence,followers of Hinduism refer Panchangam on day to daybasis.Panchang is also known as Hindu Calendar.Drik Panchang is one of the most reputed Panchangam availableonInternet. It has been made available for Android deviceswithsimilar features and precision as This native Panchang, whichdoesn'tneed Internet connectivity to use, comes withfollowingfeaturesGrid Calendar - The grid can be customized for lunarcalendaras well as for solar calendars including Bengali Panjika,MalayalamPanchangam, Oriya Panji and Tamil Panchangam. Lunarcalendars can becustomized by selecting Purnimanta and Amantaoption and byselecting Vikrama Samvata, Shaka Samvata and GujaratiSamvataoptions. These selections can convert a lunar calendar intoaGujarati Panchang, Telugu Panchanga or Kannada Panchangam.Festivals - Drik Panchang is the most comprehensivesourcewhich lists most Hindu and Indian festivals, GovernmentHolidays,Jayanti, fasting days including Ekadashi, Sankashti,Pradosham,Purnima, Sankranti, Durgashtami and Shivaratri days foreach month.Drik Panchang lists all Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahandates inthe year.Kundali Support - Drik Panchang comes with Kundalisupportand it can generate Lagna, Navamsha, Surya, Chandra andShukraKundali for any date, time and location. For Lagna Kundali itshowsdetailed planetary position for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury,Jupiter,Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, True Rahu, True Ketu, Uranus,Neptuneand Pluto.The Kundali can be drawn either in North Indian or SouthIndianchart format. Kundali can be Saved, Edited, Deleted or Openedwiththe help of Kundali editor. Each Kundali is tagged withrunningDasha and Antardasha. Kundali comes with an option toexploredetailed Dasha and Antardasha for next 120 years.Dainika Panchangam - Apart from listing five basicelementsof Panchangam, detailed Dainika Panchang highlightsPanchaka, GandaMoola, Bhadra, Vinchudo and all auspicious Yogaincluding Ravi,Amrita, Sarvartha Siddhi, Tripushkara, Dwipushkara,Ravi Pushya andGuru Pushya for each day.Dainika Panchangam also lists Abhijit Muhurta, Amrit Kalam,RahuKalam, Gulikai Kalam, Yamaganda, Dur Muhurtam, Varjyam andAnandadiYoga.Muhurta Table - Drik Panchang comes with day andnightChoghadiya, Shubh Horai and Udaya Lagna. Each running Muhurtaisshown with count down timer.Vedic Timer - Vedic time which is also known as Ishtakalisprovided to track time as per Vedic Era of Hinduism. In Vedictime,each day (from sunrise to sunrise) is divided into Ghati, PalaandVipala similar to Hour, Mins and Secs. In Vedic time keeping,60Ghati makes a day, 60 Pala makes a Ghati and 60 Vipala makesaPala. At Sunrise timers shows 00:00:00 and at Sunset itshows30:00:00.Horoscope Match - App can be used to match twohoroscopesbased on Ashta Kuta. Each matched horoscope result issaved forfuture reference.Add Tithi - User defined Tithi can be added to Panchangwithrecursive reminder as per Hindu date or Gregorian date.Localization - App supports all major Indianlanguagesincluding Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam,Marathi,Oriya, Tamil or Telugu with English as the defaultlanguage.Location - Panchang can be generated for any locationandcity across the globe to get correct date for Upavasaandfestivals. App comes with in-built DST support and there is noneedto adjust timings for DST.Theme - By default classic theme is set which is basedontraditional Indian colors. However, it can be changed tomodernlooking themes which come in red, green and bluecolors.
Telstra Air 8.0.0
The Telstra Air® App enables you toaccessAustralia’s largest Wi-Fi Network at over 1 million hotspotsacrossAustralia and over 19 million Fon hotspots overseas. You cantakepart if you have an eligible Telstra personal mobile orTelstrahome broadband service and compatible gateway.With the Telstra Air® App you can connect to our hotspotswhenyou’re out and about. The app will automatically connect you totheTelstra Air Network® when you’re within range.THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOWGoogle Smart Lock is a service provided by Google which allowsyouto store usernames and passwords, making it easier for you tologin without having to re-enter your username and password whenusingyour Chrome and Android devices. If you choose to use SmartLock,then your use of Smart Lock is Subject to Google’s PrivacyPolicyand Terms of Service [], aswell asits API Terms ofService[]
Recharge, Payments & Wallet 9.19
MobiKwik - Fastest Online Recharges,BillPayments, Shopping & Bus Booking Made Easy!MobiKwik is the best app for mobile payments, shopping andrecharge.Pay for your online recharge, DTH recharge, Bus Tickets,IRCTCtrains, Prepaid, Postpaid, Electricity, Gas Bill,Insurance,Broadband, Landline, Datacard Bills easily. It is simple,fast& hassle free. Earn maximum cashback with Supercash &saveon every transaction. Get huge cashbacks, mega savings everytime.#MobiKwikHaina to help you make payments at yournearbystore.It is the most secure, simple & fastest way to rechargeyourmobile phone. Get all Top Ups, SMS, Data (GPRS, 2G, 3G &4G),Local, STD, ISD, Postpaid, DTH plans, Vouchers & Full TalkTimerecharge offers.Enjoy cashless shopping and earn great cashback at yourfavoriteoffline & online stores like Bookmyshow, Big Bazaar,Archies,Dominos, Jabong, Myntra, PVR, Zomato, Grofers, BigBasket,Foodpanda, Makemytrip, Redbus, Meru cabs & many moreplaces ofyour choice. You can even book your train tickets on IRCTC&pay via MobiKwik wallet.Some cool stuff you can do with the app:• Recharge prepaid mobile, DTH & pay postpaid, broadband,datacard, electricity, gas, water, traffic challan, googleplay,landline, municipal corporation, loan EMI, metro cardrecharge,cable TV, insurance & utility bills.• Book instant bus tickets across India, check out our lowestpricechallenge.• Book hotels rooms from 15k+ hotel listings, use your Supercashtoget huge discounts.• Scan and use the QR code to pay at your local stores or payforyour automobile fuel at nearby petrol pumps. Now we areavailableat 1 Million+ neighborhood stores across thecountry!"• Shop at your favourite online merchants Zomato, Swiggy,FoodPanda,MakeMyTrip, IRCTC and much more using Mobikwik wallet& availexclusive offers.• Get personalized plan recommendations for your prepaid mobileno.Also, get to know the available plans by entering just amountofrecharge.• Never fall short of money for transactions byautomaticallymaintaining wallet balance.• Now no more standing in long queues, recharge Delhi andMumbaimetro card online and through their stations.• Upgrade your wallet and enjoy cashless transactions upto 1Lakhper month.Do prepaid, postpaid bill payments across India. WefacilitateAirtel prepaid recharge, Jio, Vodafone online recharge, paymentsforIdea, BSNL recharge, MTNL, Aircel online recharge, ideaprepaidrecharge, Tata Docomo GSM, Tata Docomo CDMA, Tata Indicom&Uninor.DTH recharges with exciting deals: Tata Sky recharge, AirtelDTH,dish tv recharge, Reliance Big TV DTH, Videocon D2H &SunDirect DTHDatacard recharges are available for:Tata PhotonReliance Net connectMTS MblazeIdea Net setterJioFiGo Cashless for electricity bill payments:BSES RajdhaniBSES YamunaReliance Energy MumbaiTata Power- Delhi and MumbaiMSEB MumbaiChhattisgarh Electricity BoardJaipur Vidyut Vitran NigamBESTNoida Power Company LimitedTorrent PowerUttar Pradesh Power Corp. Ltd- UPPCLPay Gas bills for:Indraprastha Gas Ltd.Mahanagar Gas Ltd.Gujarat Gas Company Ltd.Adani GasSabarmati GasPay water bills for:Delhi Jal BoardBangalore water supplyMobiKwik App comes with Bus Ticket Booking feature withexcitingoffers. Book Volvo, AC comfortable bus seats on the go.Find buses,route information, ticket prices and availability ofseats. Browseoffers & use promo codes to enjoy cashbacks.Load your wallet using your Debit card, Credit card orNetBanking.Also, with KYC done, you can increase your wallet limitfrom Rs.10kto Rs.1 lakh free of cost.Join the cashless revolution! Download Mobikwik app for thefastestrecharge, payment & wallet experience.-Visit our official site at Ticket Booking at suggestions for improvement? Let us know! Please send usanemail to