Top 2 Games Similar to Luyen Tri Nho - Luyện Trí Nhớ

Matching King 1.0.7
Enjoy a variety of modesWe are ready to game online with the mobile.It will be a boost to your brain.[Operation]Find a touch of the same shape as the inverted card![Features]- Stage Mode: diverse and unique stage is ready.- Arcade Mode: Find same card within the timeout period- Multiplayer mode: Brain game together with the people aroundtheworld- Easy one-touch operation- Leaderboards, achievements, friend Support- Low musk phones, tablet devices supportHomepage : : :
Matching Game for Kids 2.1
Hello children! Prepare to be amazed bythebest matching game for kids and toddlers! Matching GameforKids is a brand new memory match game – train your brainwiththis exciting memory tile game! Flip the cards, match all thepairsto complete the table, get the highest score! Compete withyourfriends and family to be the best in this cool “memory matchshapesfor toddlers”! Boost up your brain power by matching pairsofdifferent shapes and patterns! Download one of the best2014“matching games for kids free” and prepare to have the time ofyourlife!How to play:➤ Flip the pictures of colorful shapes and patterns.➤ Match the cards of the same type.➤ Difficulty levels: from easy to hard.➤ Single player and multiplayer mode.➤ Table sizes: 3x2, 4x3, 6x4, 7x4 and 8x4.➤ Simple and intuitive interface.➤ Colorful HD graphics.➤ Fun for the entire family!At first, all cards will be turned face down. Flip one of thecardsand remember the picture on it. With the next tap try to findandthe card with the same shape as the previous one. If thepictureson the both memory cards are the same, they will stay openand youcan continue with the next pair. Otherwise both cards willflipback over and you will get another try. The objective ofthismatching shapes game for toddlers is to find all of the pairsandto complete the entire table.Parents, if you are searching for a perfect “memory patterngame”for your kids and toddlers, download Matching Game forKids,a combination of educational games, great brain teasersand amusingmind puzzles for children! Kids flip the cards, memorizethe placesof different shapes and patterns and try to match all thepairscorrectly. This fun mind training game enhances thecognitivecapacity of kids, tests their short-term memorization,improvestheir recognition and teaches them about basic shapes,patterns andcolors. The objective of the game is simple – childrenmust findall the pairs as quickly as possible to get the highestscore.Hours of fun are guaranteed with these “mind puzzle gamesfree” ofcharge – download now and see for yourself why thismatching pairsfor kids is so popular these days! Enter our braingym and startexercising your mind today!Download Matching Game for Kids today and start playingoneof the best “mind games for your brain”! Kindergartenersandpreschoolers, kids and toddlers, boys and girls, even adultscanenjoy this entertaining “memory brain trainer and matchup”!Improveyour attention and focus by matching the pictures ofcolorfulshapes and patterns. If you are willing to put yourcapacity ofmemorization to a test, then this is the right matchinggame foryou! Standing alongside popular brain teasers, crosswordpuzzles,problem solving apps and concentration games for kids,MatchingGame for Kids proves to be one of the best learningtools forchildren. With its simple and stylish design, brightcolors andlovely drawn shapes and symbols, this free mind game forAndroid™is a must-have this year! Hurry to the market and get yournew,best matching cards game for kids!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.