Top 5 Games Similar to Dots & Boxes Ultimate

Dots and Boxes - Unlimited 1.0.8
Dots and Boxes game is a free classicchildhoodpencil and paper game with some interestingfeatures.++ HOW TO PLAY ++Tap on the line between two dots to draw a line of the box. Onceyouconnect the dots, your opponent will get a turn to connectother twodots of any box on board. If you connect the last line ofthe boxand complete the square, that square becomes yours, alsoyou willget an extra chance to draw a line and make more boxes.Playerhaving more boxes and squares will win.++ SINGLE VS MULTIPLAYER ++Play against computer in single player mode or your friendinmultiplayer mode.++ GAME LEVEL ++Easy level (for new players), hard level (for expertplayers).++ GAME MODES ++Blank mode - By default, all the lines and squares on the boardwillbe blank.Auto fill - This is an interesting feature. In this mode some ofthelines and boxes will be auto filled. If you are lucky youcanconnect more dots and squares at the beginning, which willgivehard competition to your opponent.++ GAME SIZE ++no of dots and squares depends on the size of the screen. youcanchoose small, medium, large or extra large board.++ ADD MORE DOTS AND BOXES / SQUARES ++Another interesting feature - click on add more dots and boxes,menuto increase the board size during game play.Have fun & Enjoy!
Dots and Boxes Multiplayer 1.0.1
Dots and Boxes Multiplayer is a fungamethatyou can play with your friends through Google PlayGameservices oragainst the computer. Win matches against onlineplayerto getfirst position on Top Player Leader boards.Unlocksvariousachievements.Google Play Turn-based Multiplayer integration.Leaderboards and Achievements.
Connect The Dots - Make Boxes 1.0
Dipankar Dey
How To Play:This is a turn-based game.- Touch between two consecutive dots(horizontal or vertical)tomakea line.- If you make the fourth line to complete a box, you getonemorechance to make another line.Make more boxes than your opponent to win.Please stay tuned, new update is coming soon..Cheers.. :)
Dots and boxes 1.1
It's a two player game or you canalsoplayagainst Computer.It's also known as Paddocks, Pigs in a Pen, Square-it,DotsandDashes, Dit Dot Dash, Dots, Line Game, Smart Dots, Dot toDot,DotBoxing, Dot Game.Starting with an empty grid of dots, players take turnsaddingasingle horizontal or vertical line between twounjoinedadjacentdots. The player who completes the fourth side of a1×1 boxearnsone point and takes another turn. (Initial of theplayer isplacedinside the completed box). The game ends when nomore linescan beplaced. The winner is the player with the mostpoints.