Top 5 Games Similar to Domino Runnner

Dominoes 1.0.0
Tony Inc
Enjoy with friends and Dominoes game
Domino Tap 2.1.1
Nevadro Apps
Nevadro Apps presents new game - "DominoTap".It's an arcade game where you have to set Dominoes cubes upanddon't let them to fall down. Every time you achieve thisgoal,rotating speed increase (just to make sure that your highscorewon't be better than ours). If you set Dominoes cube perfectlyyoucan get bonus points.Every time you set up 8 Dominoes cubes in a row you get 1dollarthat you can spend in shop to buy new skins for your cubes ornewbackgrounds. Every item costs 50$.We wish you to have fun playing our game. Good luck and don'tforgetto rate our game!~Nevadro Apps Team
Domino Dancing 1.035
Be quick and precise! Place the dominocubestomake them fall as long as possible.Collect gems to unlock new domino skins. Gainachievementsandshare your score!
Don't Touch Empty Domino 1.1
S&M Studio
The game "Don`t Touch Empty Domino" iscreatedfor those, who has quick fingers and good reaction.You have the opportunity from the very beginning to open theworldof domino. It is not only an interesting game, but opportunitytocompete with your friend in speed, and to develop the fingersandenjoy the time.You are to make all domino empty, but don't touch emptyfigure,because all will begin from the very beginning.
Domino Dash 1.0
Line up dominoes as they head offthescreen.Place as many as you can before they get awayfromyou!