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Crime City Auto
Bambo Studio
Crime City offers the best sports carsandhigh-end cars at your fingertips. Weapons and assault rifleshighquality take control of a city without government.He works as a criminal solo, other mafias, outlaws and criminalsarestruggling to gain control of the city without law.Gain experience and money in a city at war, wake up thecriminal'sinside you. Bandidos and Outlaws are out of jail. Themafia hasopened the prison doors to provoke street vandalism andlack ofcontrol of the city.A city in total war, with City crime. Tall buildings surroundyouleading to the possibility of snipers that target you withitslaser sight of their long-range rifles, are in thespotlight.New York is an aggressive territory where terroristsandhigh-precision snipers fighting for extortion and manipulationofstate interests. Democracy is in danger, and with an atmosphereoflawlessness, all mortals and vandalism acts may go unpunishedunderhim US law ,. Known as Liberty City, now freer than ever,financialdistricts scenarios with extreme realism.The US had never suffered a wave of crime at this level,differentmafias fighting to gain control of the area, the armedforces ofthe army are spread throughout the city, police, privatesecurityforces, counterfeiters and Sicilian mafia. City crime isnotadvisable to walk around town, people prefer to remain isolatedintheir homes. A city at war all controlled by Gangsters.