Top 24 Games Similar to Godzilla Play Muscle Brother!

King of the Kaiju 2.3
In King of the Kaiju, players take control ofaGodzilla-like monster that is rampaging through the city andthemilitary is out to stop you. Tap the screen to fire yourAtomicFire Blast attacks and stop the military Tanks, Jets,andHelicopters that are attacking you. Take them out quickly ortheirforces will overwhelm you.Make it to 100 points and beyond to face the deadlymilitaryQuadcopter boss.Every 500 points you'll have to take on the fearsome MechaKaijuboss.Unlock a variety of different 'skins' for the monster bycompletingin game goals.Fight an onslaught of Quadcopter and Mecha Kaiju bosses in theBossGauntlet mode or just work on your skills in Practicemode.Use Google Play Game Services to unlock achievements and postyourhigh scores to the Leaderboards to compare againstyourfriends.Will you have the skill needed to become the King oftheKaiju?
Pacific Rim 1.9.6
What the press is saying about Pacific Rim:**ARCADE SUSHI: "Robots fighting monsters is a pretty bigdealfor any video game, especially when it’s done right." -ArcadeSushi**INTOMOBILE: "The Pacific Rim game is an enjoyable newfightinggame for Android and it seems like a must-have if you seethe moviein theaters."BECOME THE MONSTER TO FIGHT MONSTERS!Pacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by theWBPictures and Legendary Pictures film from acclaimedfilmmakerGuillermo del Toro. Piloting weaponized robots known asJaegers,Earth’s defenders must train their jockeys from rookie toace in aStory Mode or challenge themselves to last as long as theycanagainst waves of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, inSurvivalMode. Do you have the skill to survive these battles? Timeisshort—so start building your lethal combat skills and weaponstodayor the world will pay the price!Exclusive Features:•Story Mode: Play over 30 levels and challenge monstrouscreaturesin intense combat inspired by the motion picture.•Custom fight Mode: Fight any Kaiju with yourfavoriteJaeger.•Survival Mode: Can you defend humanity from an endless waveofKaiju? See how skilled you are with your customized Jaeger.•Command up to 9 different Jaegers with custom equipmentandtechnology.•Upgrade your Jaegers and weapons to dominatethebattlefield.•Discover and research new technology to increase yourarmor,power and speed.•The game explores the Pacific Rim universe with newevents,Jaegars, and Kaiju not fully revealed in the film.Be the first to know! Get the latest Reliance Games info ongreatdeals, game updates, tips & more…VISIT US: reliancegames.comFOLLOW US: US: US:
TapZilla Color Tiles (no ads) 1.0
Solution Flask
Are you just a lab experiment?Go on a rampage and get revenge now!Tap fast on color tiles. Complete missions.Survive by collecting radioactive energy.How far can you go?Features:* 3D world* Explosive stomps* Evil scientist* Radioactive waste snacksTags: tapzilla, tap, tippy, step, stomp, tile,dinosaur,monster,godzilla, car, house, tree, destruction,explosion
Ultimate T-Rex Simulator 3D 1.3
A Real T-Rex Adventure Awaits You!Get ready for a new era of Destruction Simulation – theDinosaurEra!You play as a T-Rex leading its pack in the jungle, lookingforprey to feast on. Slaughter anything that comes within yoursight,regardless if it’s standing still! Start as a single T-Rexandbuild your pack over time. Hunt, Eat, Drink and Sleep tomaintainyour health and energy. Mate to have offspring and start afamily.But, make sure to feed and protect your babies, lest thehunterbecomes the hunted!You have multiple attacks at your disposal, including: Bite,Clawand Pounce attacks, Sneak and Stalk moves, and AutomatedPowerfinishers for instant kills. Use upgrades to enhance yourHuntingpower!!So are you ready to rampage! Play as a monster Tyrannosaurus Rexandcreate chaos around the jungle. Release your primal instinct –showyour wild side!Ultimate T-Rex Simulator 3D Features:• Realistic T-Rex Simulation• Advanced Hunting Skills• Real day and night cycles with dynamic weather• Start your family and build your pack by protectingyourcubs• Re-skin your T-Rex with your favorite color• Level up your T-Rex by performing differentactivities&quests.• Evolve your T-Rex to increase Health, Attack&Endurance.• A wide variety of wild animals to slaughter, like:Deer,Sheep,Chicken, Rat, Pig, Rabbit, Fish, Wolf, Deer, Boar,Moose,Crocodiles and more!• Beautiful 3D visuals and sound effectsPlay Ultimate T-Rex Simulator 3D and live the life of aRealT-Rex.About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) designs, develops, and publishes gamesonmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 250mobilegaming titles that, collectively, have achieved over 300millionplayer downloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For moreinfo, visit
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 1.2.5i
Become the Amazing Spider-Man inthisopen-world 3D adventure full of crime-fighting, web-slinging,andnon-stop action as you face the web-slinger’s greatestchallengeyet!New York is under threat from a city-wide crime spree and onlyourhero Spider-Man can stop it! Standing in his way are Venom,theGreen Goblin, Electro and other nefarious villains. CanSpider-Manrestore order and safety to Manhattan?!THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 MOVIE• Web-sling, wall-climb and web-shoot as the fast andquick-wittedSpider-Man!• An original story expands on the highly anticipatedMarvelfilm!• Go beyond the Sony movie and into the comics with newcharacterssuch as Black Cat and Screwball.• Unlock Spider-Man suits such as Symbiote Spider-Man, IronSpiderand Ultimate Comics Spider-Man!• Face off against famous villains such as Venom, the GreenGoblin,Electro, and Kraven the Hunter!• High-quality voice acting and 3D cinematic action cutscenesbringthe movie experience to life!CUTTING-EDGE GAME EXPERIENCE• Intense combo-focused crime fighting! Defeat Spider-Man’sgreatestenemies – from street thugs to super villains such asElectro andVenom – with crazy acrobatic fighting styles!• Marvel at the amazing high-quality, fluid animations as youswingfreely through the open-world city like never before!• Take the fight to the sky with action-packed aerial combat!• Unleash devastating combos through enhanced icon controls foranintense action game experience!MASSIVE ENHANCEMENTS TO THE ULTIMATE PLAYGROUND• Adventure in a larger 3D open-world Manhattan with 6detaileddistricts to explore, from the bustling Times Square topicturesqueCentral Park!• Console-like 3D graphics offer a bigger, better, andmorebeautiful experience.• Be the hero in a deep story that takes you on anexcitingadventure, showcasing 6 legendary villains and a super setof sidemissions!• Amazing heroic social events, including battling waves ofbossesand opponents in Mysterio’s Arena!_____________________________________________For fans of action games, fighting games, comics, Marvel,andsuper-hero movies._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app andmaycontain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Dinosaur Jungle Hunter 3D 2.0
Muddy Games
Back in ancient times, Earth was ruled bysomeof the most powerful creatures to have ever lived. Forthousands ofyears, dinosaurs were completely unchallenged acrossthe jungle.However, disaster struck and they were plunged into thedepths ofhistory leaving nothing but small clues of theirexistence. What ifthis era in our history was to return? Would thehuman race beready to deal with a dinosaur wilderness that doesn’tcare who’sbones its crushing?..GAMEPLAYThis game takes jungle hunting to a whole new level. Thedeadlyjungle dominion means you need to have quick reactions andcourageto complete the missions, if you don’t do well then you willbecomean afternoon snack for a terrifying flesh eating dinosaur.It’s upto you to decide, are you a hunter? Or are you the prey?Dinosaur Jungle Hunter 3D takes a closer look into theDinosaurdominion and brings with it, incredible graphics,realisticenvironments and deadly hunter gameplay to the Androidplatform.Plant both feet in the game and strap in, you’re hunting adinosaurtoday. Your sniper rifle is your only friend so take careof itproperly and make sure you practice hunting well. Thishuntermission will have you glued to your device screens and haveyouexcited with every shot.Take on waves of angry meat eating t-rex monsters and survive foraslong as you can. You are equipped with a hunter rifle and anarsenalof awesome firepower which might just be powerful enough todrivethese jungle carnivores away.FEATURES- Hunt relentless dinosaur waves with guns and power-ups- Beat your personal best scores while playing ‘Endless Mode’- Use the device settings to adjust sensitivity options- Share your progress on social media and challengeyourfriends- Get a more divulging gaming experience with Google PlayGamesServices- Keep track of your progress in the game with leaderboardsandunlockable achievements
LEGO ® Marvel Super Heroes
LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes: Universe inPerilfeatures an original story crossing the entire MarvelUniverse.Take control of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, CaptainAmerica,Wolverine and many more Marvel characters as they unite tostopLoki and a host of other Marvel villains from assemblingasuper-weapon capable of destroying the world!GAME FEATURES:• Over 91 playable characters, such as Iron Man, Spider-Man,CaptainAmerica, Wolverine, and more can be unlocked as youprogress throughthe game. Select character families can beaccessed at any timethrough purchase via our in-game store.• Complete 45 action-packed missions as you chase down CosmicBricksacross key locations from the Marvel Universe• Battle enemies using super power abilities such as flight,superstrength and invisibility.• Use fast-paced combat moves and activate Super Moves likeHulk’sThunder Clap and Iron Man’s Arc Reactor.• Complete challenges and earn rewards.• Switch between “Console” and “Touch Screen” controls to findtheplay-style that suits you best.NOTE:This game is filled with many hours of content and cinematicsthattake up a lot of space! You’ll need 2.2gb of available spaceonyour device if you install over wifi, but only 1.1gb of spaceifyou download on your computer and then sync.As with many large app installations, we advise that yourestartyour device after installing as this will resolve somestabilityissues. Also make sure you have installed the mostrecentfirmware.No internet connection is needed to play this game.If you are experiencing difficulties, please contact
Jurassic Nights 2 11.0
3 Difficulty levels:EASY:Speed: LowDinos: 4Seek Time: HighMadness: LowMEDIUM:Speed: MediumDinos: 6Seek Time: MediumMadness: MediumHARD:Speed: HighDinos: 10Seek Time: LowMadness: HighRewards: 6 unlockable wallpapers.Rate and Share.GAME RULES:Rule 1: Surviving for 5 nights until 6am, checking camerasandclosing the doors.Rule 2: The battery power is consumed (with the use ofcameras,lights and doors closed).Rule 3: You need to close the door in the room wheretheTyrannosaurys Rex is (number 13). If the Tyrannosaurys Rexgetsthrough the other side of the door, you will die in seconds,maybeminutes (fear?).Rule 4: You must explore the cameras and quickly return to yourroomto not consume much energy. To do this, click on the "x" thatsays"You".Rule 5: When jurassic dinosaurs are near your room, always checkthedoors, turn on and off lights. When you see a dinosaur justclosethe door a few seconds.Rule 6: Dinosaurs, attack at different times from the door ofyourroom.Rule 7: You have to be calm. Good Luck!!!
Raptor RPG - Dino Sim
- Raptor RPG is nearly 5 years old, andhasover 1 million downloads in total now, thank you everyoneforplaying!-----------------------------------To unlock multiplayer you have to finish the Desert and Forestmapson single player.This is to makes sure players know basic controls beforegoingonline.Multiplayer appears near the DNA Shop when unlocked. Goodluck!^_^-----------------------------------PLAY AS A RAPTOR to explore, eat, hunt and survive!- NEW FISHING - Chase and catch, eat now or eat later!Battle against a Mecha T-Rex on the moon in low gravity!Unlock the Secret Hub to play as a SPINOSAURUS and T-REX!Rescue an EGG, HATCH and raise it into your own BABY Raptor!DECORATE your Hub (home), unlock PETS and CUSTOMISE and DRESSUPyour character!Press RAGDOLL physics button to flop, trip and backflip!14 feather styles each with 14 colors!10 Pets, 9 Decorations, 30 Skins, 40 Hats, 12 speciesofDINOSAURS!FREE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! (after unlocking Grassy planes map)Chat, attack and roleplay with real players around the WORLD inoneHUGE FREE ROAM map!And lots more hidden extras on multiplayer! (like balloonsandwings!)Cheaters or players using bad language will be banned from allmygames, you have been warned.Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supportingme!^_^ - Steve the Developer.
Kaiju:Infestation 0.8.3
The radiation signal from a nuclear powerplanthave awoken enraged monsters from deep waters. All they wantisdestroy everything in their way.For the lucky of the humankind an unknown genius build ahugemobile suit capable of protect the entire coast flying andfiringagainst all kinds of menace that may surge.Kaori is now the pilot chosen to fight those kaiju with themechahis father built.Kaiju:Infestation is a first person shooter mini-game thatusesaugmented reality to put the player inside the cockpit of agiantrobot flying over the powerplant that waves of monsters aretryingto destroy.You need to print a board game availablein: Your device must have a usable camera for the ARtowork
Crush the Army Convoy 1.4
Sunstar Games
Your part of duty is to ambush thearmy’sconvoy entering your city. Use a technique to hit the firsttank orHumvee and the last one first. This convoy has some highprofilesmilitary rank army generals and secret data and weapons. Sotheirdestruction is must. They may call for back up and helicoptersmaycome to rescue them but you have enough arsenals to fight thembackand destroy what comes in your way.It’s Modern War Era and the neighboring country has entered inyourcountry to occupy. Alliance with common rival, they are tryingtooverthrow the current government and bring puppet in place whobowto their orders and work for their interest.Their attack was so sudden and furious created a panic situation,aheavy loss to our army. They have entered in the city areaandturned into a battlefield. You being a best gunner of all timehavebeen assigned to strike them back hitting their convoyspreventingthem to enter in civilian’s area. You are alone to stopthe enemieswho are equipped with modern weapon. You being equippedwith themini gun and RPG, it’s the best chance to hit and run andfight aguerrilla war.The Enemies Arsenal may be a bigger but you better be confidentandvigilant that your Arsenal is way better than the foe's troopstoprotect and defend your own land & nation.The Warfield is set on action and by your bravery and courageandModern war skills , kill 'em all and become a Historic WarHero.Just fight for the nation’s right till your last breath.The elite military and political class has lost their faithandwants to bow down. So you are the head of state now, takeyourdecision wisely.You have the superiority of modern war techniques. Apply thoseandstrike the enemies convoy passing through the city. You arefullyequipped with a modern Missile launcher and a Modern machinegunwith sharp bullets.***Fight till your last breath***Use your special commando skills to overpower the enemy***Earn coins and purchase extra weapons and armors fromthestore.***Their attack is deadly but it would keep you on your toes***Wining is the only option you have
Mummy Simulator 3D 1.0
Here is a terrifying mummy, wandering intheworld. Survive against the people in this high action 3Dsimulatorgame. Take control of this terrible creature and hunt downthehuman enemies.Game features:- 3 different enemies with tens of combination.- 3 well designed, console quality maps.- 12 quest to complete.- Amazing 3D models.- High definition graphics.
Age Jurassic Park 8.0
SKC Studio
In nowaday , people can grow variousdinosaurspecies once you've extracted their DNA from amberfragments. Theyopen the park which is collected many kind dinosaursfor guests tovisit. However , There have an accident which makedinosaurs werereleased . This disaster can not control .The leadersdecides tosend a special force to solve this disaster. You aremembership ofthis special force. AGE JURASSIC PARK has just begun !Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofalifetime to kill the ultimate game in AGE JURASSIC PARK.Journey to AGE JURASSIC PARK , Jurassic island and kill themostferocious animals in history. Encounter Jurassic beastslongthought extinct, from the docile stegosaurus to the terrifyingT.rex.In AGE JURASSIC PARK you can load up on firepower withweaponslike the AK47 , machine gun. You’ll need a powerful arsenaland anexpert shooter strategy to kill these dinosaurs!Progress through varied shooter series to win rifles,shotgunsand assault rifles. Make your kills and complete them allfor evengreater rewards in AGE JURASSIC PARK !Hunting for Dinosaurs has never been more exhilarating and funinAGE JURASSIC PARK . Distant attack with a gun. If you findyourselfsurrounded, you can always hit and run to escape.Feature :--3D Graphics and Special Effects.--High Quality Jungle Island environment, complete with jungletreesand plants--Stunning Visuals, Soundtrack & Sounds.--Includes realistic 3D Raptor, Trex, Triceratops,Carnotaurus,Dilophosaurus and Velociraptors, and many more.--Weapon options include M16, AK47, and Machine Gun.--The more you play, the more powerful the mercenarysoldierbecomes.--We challenge you to find a better dino simulator formobile.--Hi-res textures and realistic Jurassic models in AGEJURASSICPARK.all combine to make this one of the most beautiful dinosaurshootergames on your mobile device!AGE JURASSIC PARK is loaded with fun missions, plenty ofdinosauraction. Come for the dinosaurs, stay for the adventure andaction.Don't hesitate ! Download and play AGE JURASSIC PARK.VOTE US 5 STARS WILL HELP US MAKE GAMES BETTER IN FUTHER.THANKYOU!
Monster Titan in new York
Poo and Play
Welcome to Monster Titan in new Yorkterribletroll creature. You must stay alive as long as possible youcanpull it as infinite Face the danger of an extraterrestrialalieninvasion in Los Angeles and a crazy Chigago . Ogre in thedefenseof your city needs you.Monster Titan in several city new York and Los Angeles availableyouwill dodge cars and other trucks sends you into a creatureChigagoyou will fight against a dead ogre hungry try to eat youmust doeverything to survive.With over 30 realistic animated Titan in the game MonsternewYork is as action movies. focus your energy to sendlightningattacks on sensitive parts of the creature that will doanything tocatcha battle worthy of a raid against a world boss in anepicstruggleCompatible Android tablet Galaxy S2 Google Play andhighdefinition graphicsPooandplay team is proud and pleased to present you Monster Titaninnew York free amazing game after out of world and amazingMachineGun are to rediscover our website Thanksupportsyours means a lot to us! share your opinions on futureupdate.
Rise & Destroy 1.30
A brand-new strategic action destructiongamewith your own team of giant monsters! Smash cities in thismonsteradventure! Use strategy and a team of massive bugs,dinosaurs andcreatures to rampage & bash your way through enemybuildings totake wreak havoc on the greedy humans.The monsters were supposed to keep the planet safe, butwhilethey were sleeping humans came and stole all theirtechnology,kidnapped their monster friends and built cities allover! It'stime to take down each city and wreck their plans. Theonly way toget your technology back and restore the planet to itsproper orderis to smack the humans around and smash all thosecities tobits.RISE & DESTROY FEATURES:• Unlock powerful monsters through your campaign ofdestructionacross the map• Smash thousands of buildings in 60 levels of gameplayacrossdiverse environments• Evolve your Monsters and conquer fire, electricity, andiceelemental powers for maximum damage• Strategize combinations and use puzzle physics to youradvantageto create an amazing demolition domino effect• Complete Monster Cup Challenges in each level to gainbetterrewards and bonus items• Manage reclaimed technology and monsters in a super coolcontrolcave• Get tiny but mighty creeplings to help defend your monsteragainstthe humansRise & Destroy is completely free to install andplay,however some game items can be purchased for real money.SUPPORTIf you need a little help with your monsters, make sure tovisit There’s information on thatpage tocontact our support team.PrivacyPolicy: ofService:
Real Steel 1.38.2
Based on the Dreamworks movie, starringHughJackman, the gritty action of Real Steel takes place in asecretworld where boxing has gone high-tech in the not-so-distantfuture.Players lead their robot to greatness, fighting off steelopponentsweighing over 2,000 pounds and reaching up to 8 feet tall.RealSteel features rich gameplay and high replay value includingnewTournament and Survival Modes.Choose your fighter from a selection of 65 Robots! IncludingMovieChampions - Atom & Zeus!Choose from Tag Team, Challenges, Tournament, Survival &FreeSparring to fight!Unlock 10 Special Edition Robots for completing EachGameMode!New Tag Team Mode - 3 vs 3!Build Customized Robots with your very own Build Your OwnRobot[BYOR] Feature!Multiple Battle Arena EnvironmentsBe the first to know! Get inside Reliance Games info on greatdeals,plus the latest game updates, tips & more…* The game is also optimized for tablet devices.* *Permissions:- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data&progress- RECORD_AUDIO: To announce your robot in styleVISIT US: US: US: US: optimal performance, we recommend closing other applicationsandre-booting your device after downloading and starting yourfirstboxing bout.
Dinosaur mount
Poo and Play
Welcome to the epic Dinosaur Mount inthevalleys between the Jurassic and now protected in parks isstillvivid of all Abrie rare species of egg fiercest dinosaurpredatorsthat the earth is known to herbivore. This is to someanimals aretamed and some wealthy businessman launches paris onwild fightingbetween it's quick velociraptor dinosaur has enormoustriceratopsthrough the terrible T Rex best known as theTyrannosaurus Rex.The mount Dinosaur story in the near future the genii of scienceisdeveloped from DNA solution to design dinosaur eggs indifferentlevel fight in loans volcanoes unknown territories.In Dinosaur mount buy eggs for collect ever strongerdinosaursFor the first time in a game on Google Play and producedexclusivelyin high definition 3d discoverThe pooandplay team is happy to share with you the freeframeDinosaur gameThank you yours supports means a lot to us.
GunCrafter Holiday 1.3.1
Naquatic LLC
The festive sequel to GunCrafter!• DREAM IT. BUILD IT. USE IT. SHARE IT •Craft your own gun and compete against your friends, yourenemies,or anyone in the world in a virtual realityshootingcompetition!• INSTANT MULTIPLAYER •With our exclusive Quick Match system, get placed in alag-freemultiplayer match in 5 SECONDS. No waiting. No lag. Justplay.CALLING ALL SHARPSHOOTERS• Virtual reality controls let you take aim with your device--howaccurate are you really?• Head-to-head multiplayer• Physics-based shooting challenges with destructible targets• Leaderboards to track your improvement• Unlockable blocks and upgrades• JOIN OVER 50 MILLION GAMERS WORLDWIDE •Follow @Naquatic on Facebook and Twitter to find out why ourappslike MonsterCrafter and Shooting Showdown have been featuredbyeveryone from Google to Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and IGN.
Virtual Kaiju 3D 1.0
Have you ever felt the fury of the Kaiju?Haveyou ever felt like burning it all down to ashes? Now youcan.Kaiju is a Japanese word that literally translates to "giantbeast"(most famous Kaiju is Godzilla). Walk in the shoes of Kaijuanddestroy the city... In 3d!!! A virtual reality mayhem.Hunt copters as if they were flies.You shout, Kaiju spits fire.Perfect for stress relief.To fully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard viewer. You canmakeyour own using the instructions at has got a 2D mode so that you can play without theviewerthough.
Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation
** This game requires 1.37 GB of freestoragespace.The best smartphone FPS series returns with even higherintensityand apocalyptic battles.**PocketGamer: “A stellar combination of graphics,entertainingaction, and robust multiplayer.”The best, most realistic smartphone FPS series returns withevenhigher intensity and an apocalyptic battle for the freedom oftheUnited States, for one or more players.BE THE HERO OF AN EXPLOSIVE SOLO CAMPAIGN• Fight through a 13-mission campaign from Los AngelestoPakistan.• Witness multiple memorable moments thanks toAAAscenario-scripting.• Experience different types of gameplay: escort,destroy,helicopter, 4x4 chase, etc.LIVE THE MOST IMMERSIVE REAL WAR EXPERIENCE• The deepest and most intuitive FPS gameplay onsmartphonesimproved once again, now with a sprint and slidefeature.• Gaze upon next-gen GFX that allow for an unprecedentedrenderingof environments.• Improved SFX and voice acting will immerse you in anapocalypticscenario.ENJOY WHAT IS SIMPLY THE BEST MULTIPLAYER ON SMARTPHONES• Enter battles for up to 12 players in 6 exclusive maps and7different modes.• Use your customized weapons to move up an addictiveleaderboardwith more than just ranks.Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third party advertisements that may redirect you toathird party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Attack! Monster! destroy city! 1.3.0
This is breaking news!The United States now appeared a giant monster in a smalltowninMinnesota.Was found in the area west of the village 15km awayfromthemonster,monster is suddenly appears, it is destorying allbuildingsandcar, and attack to people in clearing of land to newcity.Difficult to come up with measures to look to committroopstosubdue soonAre expected.authorities is the While watching the monster.but authorities is as soon as will defence detach therotroopscurrent strong monsters.Maybe it's the push ahead recklessly oppose the developmentofthenew city was due to the destruction of nature all?Let me tell you the features of the monster.Like godzilla!▷ Taking powerful bite attack and attack sounds ofheavenandearth!▷ 'Burning attack' is like a flame blazing.▷ various stages of the story mode▷ Who really is the winner of the last will? Survival modeThat authorities is require rapid response,becausemonstercanupgrade coins earned by destroying the buildingLooks!▷ Collect coins to upgrade your monster!▷You can further enhance the abilities necessarytoreplaceCrystal!Those who want to know the monster continues tomovewithouthesitation to destroy the chronograph by pressingtheinstallationof the above, please!GRM news was over.Currently, twice paid coins in-app purchase to commemoratethenewrelease!homepage:
The Monster 1.2.7
Zoryth Games
The Monster, a scary game with verygoodlooking 3D graphics, inmersive gameplay, scary ambiental musicand5000+ different mazes to estimulate your mind!You are a lost adventurer, trying to escape an inevitable fate.AMonster is loose roaming his maze, looking for you,hungry,smelling your fear, already savoring your flesh. You needtoescape!Features:★ Experience hours of scary fun in 5000+ different mazes★ 16 Different Themes (from dark caves to inner temples!)★ One big and hungry Monster trying to eat you★ Easy to play★ Good looking 3D graphics★ Horror and Suspense★ Attractive Visuals.★ Simple, Intuitive Control Method.★ Perfectly Suited for both Tablets and Phones.★ Especially recommended for the ones who like Horror Games.Andgood Challenges.
Jurassic Wild Attack 1.2
Let’s start the Jurassic wild adventureandkillthe mysterious dinosaurs. Jurassic Wild Attack is one ofthetopdinosaurs hunting and shooting game at Google Play Storeforyourandroid device. Load your sniper gun and shoot theallwilddinosaurs. Jurassic wild attack is good exciting 3dadventuregamein historic Jurassic period with lot of dinosaurs.Thesewildanimals are very dangerous and angry, so get rid ofthembeforethey kill you.Dinosaurs are a diverse group of animals of thecladeDinosauria.They first appeared during the Triassic period,231.4million yearsago, and were the dominant terrestrialvertebrates for135 millionyears, from the beginning of the Jurassic(about 201million yearsago) until the end of the Cretaceous (66million yearsago), whenthe Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction eventled to theextinction ofmost dinosaur groups (and somethree-quarters of plantand animalspecies on Earth) at the close ofthe Mesozoic Era. Thefossilrecord indicates that birds evolved fromtheropod dinosaursduringthe Jurassic Period and, consequently, theyare consideredasubgroup of dinosaurs. Some birds survived theextinctioneventthat occurred 66 million years ago, and theirdescendantscontinuethe dinosaur lineage to the present day.You need to show the professional hunting expertisewhileplayingJurassic Wild Attack game and don’t miss any chance toshootandkill the most ferocious dinosaurs, load your sniper gun andaimthetarget carefully. You are as a dinosaur hunter andcontractsniperkiller to fire the wild dinosaur forces in thisJurassicadventure.You only need to fire with your sniper gun,strike anddestroy thedinosaur with your modern sniper shootingskills. Thereis tactic,strategy, fear, danger, attack and bloodshedin the gameplay andyou have to be attentive, conscious, epic andultimate inwholegame play to catch your prey.There are 5 different kinds of dinosaurs used in thisgame(smallerand bigger) which you need to shoot before they attackyou.Youhave to keep an eye on the dinosaurs coming fromthedifferentsides and aim to shoot them earlier than theyapproachyou. Youneed to become the smart shooter and kill thedinosaurbefore theyreached otherwise you will lose the game. Asmore youhunt, as moreyou play the game.How to play:-• You have to use navigation button at your screen tomoveyoursniper gun.• The fire button on the right side of the bottom tofireondinosaur.• The aiming button to use for zoom in and zoom out.Kind of Dinosaurs:-• Andkylosaurous• Spinosaurous• Stegosaurous• Trinosaurous• VelociraptorGame Features:-• 9 different levels• Multiple kind of Dinosaurs to shoot• 3d graphics• Experience the sensation of Jurassic period• Best sniper gun available for shoot• Addictive, loving & full of fun• No internet connectivity required while playing.
Death Arena 1.0
Tim Harris
Enter the Stickman Death Arena, but bewarnedit's not a friendly place! With all the blood flying aroundyou'ddo well to bring goggles (also a machine gun and somegrenadeswouldn't hurt)! Find other stickman and shoot, and slicethem topieces as you make it to the exit.