Top 49 Games Similar to Thumbelina and Her Lil Friends

Thumbelina Free - Girls Games 1.2.3
Irina Marina
Based on the H.C.Andersen's fairytale"Thumbelina", we created an educational app where thestoryincludes dozens of educational tasks and fun mini-games totrainlogic, memory and attention in children. The game is ideal for7, 8and 9 year olds.The list of tasks includes:finding two similar objects in a large group,putting pictures in the correct order to build a story,recalling the guests of May bug,recalling which piece of lace each spider made,mazes, puzzles, sudoku, memory game and many other.
Live Jigsaws - Thumbelina 1.0.6
Live Jigsaws
Follow the story of Thumbelinaandherflower-fairy Prince! The story unfolds across 20beautifullevels,as brought to life by acclaimed book coverartist,Phatpuppy.Thumbelina contains 20 beautiful scenes of animatedartworkforyou to choose from, with the ability to totallycustomizeyourjigsaw piece style and number of pieces - you'll neverplaythesame puzzle twice!It's not easy being small - Thumbelina needs help toovercometheharsh elements and evil intentions of Mr. Toad andMr.Beetle!Amazing endless customization options:- Choose between 4, and a whopping 713 pieces- Pick a cut style from 6 different choices, or have no tabsatallfor an extra challenge!- Take your pick from 9 different edge styles- Square or curved pieces - it's your choiceGame Features:- Choose your piece style and number of puzzle pieces- Puzzles are brought to life by subtle animations- 20 beautiful scenes- Pinch to zoom and pan the puzzle area- Stunning 3D effectsThis app is certified Actually Free© which means you getthefullgame experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Signupnow forour newsletter or learn moreathttp://actuallyfreegames.comFACEBOOK US: US: US:
100 Years Love with a Vampire 1.1.2
Lady Wizard
The one who has appeared from mygrandma'sjewellery box is…a little Vampire !?New story has come up from the tip of your finger !!Let's reveal a secret of a 100 years…!◆◇Game Details ◇◆Sakura who is a heroine of this story,has received a beautiful lacquered jewellery boxfrom her grandma as a memento.However, a little Vampire, the size of a hand,has popped out from the box…!?This may happen to you, someday!?Let's enjoy our casual light fantasy!◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆・likes myths・likes fairy tails・doesn't have time but wants to play games・wants to do simple and easy games・likes Japanese games◆◇This app is translated in◇◆・Japanese・English・Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese・Korean・French・Spanish・Italian・ThaiTap the icon in the lower right corner of the title screen tosetthe language.
Hidden Mahjong: Thumbelina 1.0.10
Follow the story of Thumbelina andherflower-fairy Prince! The story unfolds across 20 beautifullevels,as brought to life by acclaimed book cover artist,Phatpuppy."Thumbelina" features HD graphics, beautiful artwork andmusic!Solve 20 beautiful, handcrafted boards as difficultyincreases. Canyou become the mahjong expert?It's not easy being small - Thumbelina needs help to overcometheharsh elements and evil intentions of Mr. Toad and Mr.Beetle!Main features:- New mahjong mechanic and unique power system- 20 handcrafted backgrounds- Beat your best times- Daily rewards- Replay for high scores- Earn coins and unlock more boards- Become the mahjong master!This app is certified Actually Free(c) which means you getthefull game experience and it has no paid in-app purchases. Signupnow for our newsletter or learn more at http://actuallyfreegames.comFACEBOOK US: US: US:
Baby Tinkerbell Care 1.0.5
This game is perfect for all youfairytalelovers out there. It’s an awesome way to find out how itis to carefor the most adorable baby-fairy.How to play:All you need to do in order to have fun pampering the little girlisfollow the arrows pointing to the custom elements, that you needtouse in order to perform all the caring activities. Enter thisnewfantasy game, press play and start having a blast, babysittingthesweetest fairy-girl. You can start by splashing some fun withacolorful bubble bath, using all the special baby products,andthen, you can dry her up and change her diaper, to make sureshe’ssqueaky clean.Don’t forget the most awesome part: the dress up session.Thiscutie has lots of beautiful dresses and accessories that youcancombine in the most adorable outfits!
Andersen Fairy Tales 1.0
This application contains all theavailableAndersen Fairy Tales.The application contains 155 tales of the Hans Christian Andersen!Features:* 155 fairy tales!* Offline Reading; No Internet access required* Easy-to-use interface* Filter stories: None, Read, Unread* Adjustable font and font size* Adjustable background and font color* Day/Night mode* Lock/Unlock screen rotation* Automatically mark story as read if needed* Keep screen on while reading* Expand on the full screen* Favourites tab
GivingTales - H.C. Andersen 2.5.0
Enjoy engaging and entertaining versionsofHans Christian Andersen's classic and charming fairy talesforchildren, read out loud by world-class celebrities!★ The Princess and the Pea narrated by Sir Roger Moore, KBE★ The Ugly Duckling narrated by Stephen Fry★ The Little Match Girl narrated by Ewan McGregor, OBE★ The Emperor’s New Clothes narrated by Dame Joan Collins,DBE★ The Snow Queen narrated by Joanna Lumley, OBE★ Little Claus and Big Claus narrated by Sir MichaelCaine,CBE★ The Little Mermaid narrated by David Walliams★ Thumbelina narrated by Charlotte Rampling, OBE★ It’s Quite True! narrated by Paul McKenna★ The Steadfast Tin Soldier narrated by Sir Roger Moore, KBEExplore a wonderful and colourful world through ourbeautifullyillustrated storytelling app, and let your imaginationrun wild inthe timeless stories of Hans Christian Andersen, inEnglish!Read the fairy tales in your own language (AR, CH, DE, EN, ES,FR,IT) together with our world-class celebrities!Be enchanted by charming, lullaby-like music!Find inspiration and learn from these classic adventures ofheroesand fools written in short, modern versions!Over one hundred years since the stories were first written,findjoy in these timeless classics and their touching morals thatstillring true today!Open up the Fantasy Chest, and discover our entertainment areawherekids can learn, play and have fun!Thanks to our Parental Mode feature, children can enjoy andplaywith our storytelling app at their will! All features andcontentthat are meant for parents are locked away, preventing thelittleones from accessing or releasing any type ofinformation.Visit for cool tips, news and more!
Tinkerbell Dress Up & Story 1.0.6
Dress Up Tinkerbell in a Super Fun FairyGameand Original Story! Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell Has Never LookedSoFashionable! Great Games, Puzzles & Painting MakethisTinkerbell Interactive Story Incredible!What’s Inside★ Experience the young family fairy life of Tinkerbell★ Play dressup with her as she grows from a baby to ateenager★ Dozens of outfits & awesome accessories todressupTinkerbell★ Interact with Tinkerbell as she plays games at school★ Dressup Tinkerbell for her fairy graduation ball★ 10 pages of beautiful HD illustrations combined with asweet,original story★ Enter a world of fairies & experience surprisinginteractionsin this bookWatch out for fairy dust & welcome to the magical&enchanting fairy world of Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell! MeetTinkerbellas a baby surrounded by her family in her magical garden.Thisinteractive, Dressup Tinkerbell tale is a wonderful, originalstorythat follows baby Tinkerbell as she grows up into a beautifulandstylish teenager. In this HD Dressup book, kids will loveplayingdress up with toddler Tinkerbell & then follow her tofairyschool where she learns magic! The story will take kidstoTinkerbell’s fairy graduation party where they will dress herupfor the fairy ball. In this dressup interactive book,jigsawpuzzles, painting, coloring & matching games make thisfairytale even more fantastic. Perfect for family fun -educationalpuzzles & games enhance the sweet original story ofPeter Pan’sTinkerbell. It’s a lovely bedtime story as well!Everyone in thefamily will adore Baby Tinkerbell with her fairymagic & fungames!Exciting and educational jigsaw puzzles, painting &matchinggames on each page!★ Jigsaw puzzles - Awesome puzzles enhance the story &promotecritical thinking skills★ Paint-a-Picture - Dozens of coloring pages & paints★ Memory Match - Fire up your child’s memory skills with thissmartactivity!★ Placement Puzzle - Place a character in their puzzle piece★ Find the Item - Critical thinking & memory come togetherinthis fun activity★ Memorize and Place - A great memory game that relates to thestory& sharpens retentionThis interactive Tinkerbell tale promotes critical thinking&memory skills with its smart jigsaw puzzles & matchinggames.The coloring & painting also enhance kids’ experiencewith thebook. It’s the perfect book for any child, anytime!Features:★ Microphone to record your voice that plays the narration&dialogue for the characters in the book - a familyfavorite!★ “Play” - automatically reads each page of the story to you★ “Read it Myself” - allows your child to control the reading ofthebook★ “Dress Up” - find dress up pages as a child reads & playsABOUT TabTaleWith over 850 million downloads and growing, TabTale hasestablisheditself as the creator of pioneering virtual adventuresthat kids andparents love. TabTale’s interactive storybooksprovide an excitingreading experience for the most belovedchildren's stories. Eachbook inspires young children’s creativityand imagination. Search“TabTale” on Google Play and discover moreoutstanding apps.Visit us: Plus: us: us: @TabtaleWatch us: USLet us know what you think! Questions? Suggestions?TechnicalSupport? Contact us 24/7 at [email protected] MESSAGE FOR PARENTS:* This App is free to play but certain in-game items maybepurchased for real money. You may restrict in-app purchasesbydisabling them on your device.* By downloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at andat consider that this App may include third parties servicesforlimited legally permissible purposes.
EnjoyLearning Japan Map Puzzle 3.3.1
Digital Gene
This education puzzle game to remember thenameof the prefecture of Japan Prefecture location or by playingapuzzle.I have created a game that can be enjoyed.(for the study is not.)[Training]There are prefecture notation and border.[Basic]There are prefecture notation.[Expert]There is no hint.When you're stuck on finding the location of a prefecture,usethe [Assist] function. It will help you to navigate thecorrectlocation without hassling yourself.However you will be added a 30 seconds penalty when you usethe[assist] function. If you want to achieve a higher ranking,it'dbetter not to use this function.*Support tablet.----*Have a problem with the app starting and staying blankwithSamsung Galaxy S3.Work around by turning on Developer options and checking the boxfor'Disable Hardware overlays'.
Hidden Scenes Thumbelina 1.0.2
Hidden Scenes is a game similar toajigsawpuzzle where you swap and flip the pieces to revealthehiddenscene. When all pieces are flipped / swapped intotheircorrectlocation, you win!Follow the story of Thumbelina through 20 beautiful scenes!Five different modes of play:SWAP - swap the pieces into their correct spot,easyandrelaxingFLIP - swap and flip the pieces into their correct spot,alittlemore challengingROTATE - swap and ROTATE the pieces into their correct spot!Canbevery challenging!RADIAL - swap pieces of a circular puzzle, very unique!CHALLENGE - Play through exciting fast paced timed andmovecountinggames! Are you fast enough to make it through all50??Get bonus power-ups during gameplay!500 coins - make correct matches in a row500 coins - quickly match three in a row500 coins - complete the puzzle without usingthepreviewbutton1000 coins - complete the entire puzzle withoutmakinganymistakes!Download this dynamic jigsaw puzzle now and join in onthefun!Uncover the beautiful hidden scenes and treasures this apphastooffer!
Fiabe di Andersen 1.0
Solo in italiano!Applicazione contiene tutti i disponibili Hans ChristianAndersenfiabe.81 racconti dei Hans Christian Andersen!Parole chiave: fiabe, favole storie della buona notte inomaggio,fiabe per bambini, Hans Christian Andersen, andersenfiaba, fiabedei andersen gratisOnly in Italian!Application contains all available Hans Christian Andersenfairytales.81 tales of Hans Christian Andersen!Keywords: fairy tales, fables bedtime stories inhomage,children's fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen, andersenfairytale, fairy tales of andersen free
I am a Death 1.1.2
Lady Wizard
A woman showed me sad face.She looked at me andheld me tight.It was warm and soft.Since then,she has become my mom.◆◇Overview◇◆On a snowy day,suddenly a boy appears in front of a woman's room.Since then, she decided to raise him, and he calls hermother.She and this little boy have specific abilities.A woman is always surrounded by "Souls".However, a little boy can speak to the "Souls".Not only this,after the "Souls" who talked to a little boy,are immediately led to the place..◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆・likes myths・likes fairy tails・doesn't have time but wants to play games・wants to do simple and easy games・likes Japanese games◆◇This app is translated in◇◆・Japanese・English・Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese・ThaiTap the icon in the lower right corner of the title screen "TouchtoStart" to set the language.
Pierrot's & Your Circus 1.1.2
Lady Wizard
This app is the Japanesetranslatedversion.◆◇Game Details ◇◆Sigh...Even though on my day of leaving the hospital,no one came to pick me up..After coming back home, I am still on my own..In her messy room,Aya who is a heroine, is upset and lying down alone.All of a sudden, an incredible thing has just happenedtoher..What is going on in my room!Magic tricks, Acrobatic performances, Juggling acts, Burningfirerings and Cracking whips..!?What CHAOS!!!!A palm mini size Circus has just opened in my room!!!I guess... I shouldn't have left the hospital yet..?◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆・likes myths・likes fairy tails・doesn't have time but wants to play games・wants to do simple and easy games・likes Japanese games◆◇This app is translated in◇◆・Japanese・English・Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese・ThaiTap the icon in the lower right corner of the title screen tosetthe language.
Michael‘s hundred year secret 1.1.2
Lady Wizard
This app is the Japanesetranslatedversion.This is the new series after our popular story, "100 Years LoveWitha Vampire"!A pretty "Angel" is a main character this time!!A heroine is being tossed by a palm sized Angel!?You can see that "Vampire" in this game, too…!?A new story has come from the tip of your finger !!Let's reveal a secret of a 100 years…!◆◇Game Details ◇◆Oh, again.I am going to go through the same thing…I regret what I've done without thinking,put my hand on my forehead and looked up to the sky.Those who popped out from the secret book are…a hand-sized little Angel…!?This may happen to you!?Let's enjoy our casual light fantasy!
Amaterasu - The Best Goddess in Japan - 1.1.2
Lady Wizard
Amaterasu - The Best Goddess in Japan -This app is the Japanese translated version.Your thumb saves Japan!This is a simple and easy game app!◆◇Overview◇◆Since Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun withdrew into the caveandlet the sun go away, all the crops dried off and the diseasespreadout, and the world seems to be dyingThe other gods were distressed and tried to come up with thegoodideas to get her out of the caveCollect sacred powers with your thumb and get the light back totheworldTapping and swiping are the only things you need to do!Beautiful and cute graphics!Simple and easyYou can also study Japanese myth with playing this game◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆likes myths・likes fairy tails・doesn't have time but wants to play games・wants to do simple and easy games・likes Japanese history・is interested in Japan・in interested in Japanese Gods and religion・lives in Japan・wants to visit Japan・likes Japanese games◆◇Notes◇◆This game is fictitious.This story shouldn't be seen as real Japanese myths.Please enjoy this as a fictitious one.◆◇This app is translated in◇◆・Japanese・English・Traditional Chinese・Simplified Chinese・Korean
Cute Wallpaper Tinkerbell's Day Off Theme 1.0.0
The soft touch on thisillustrationofTinkerbell is just adorable!Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,the FREE Customization App!To use this theme you first must install +HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, icons and widgets has neverbeeneasierwith +HOME, the FREE customization launcher app!With more than 1,000 different themes to chose from, you'resuretofind a design to suit your every whim!■Inquiries and Requests:[email protected] images used are simply representations and may differfromthefinal product.
Sininho - YT notifications 1.2.0
FF Apps
Receive notifications when yourfavoritechannels post new videos or start a live stream.YouTube notifies a subset of subscribed users of aparticularchannel when it publishes a new video or starts alivestream.Therefore, we guarantee that you will always be notified whenyourchannels added here in the application make a new post.What does the Sininho application offer?- Add your favorite channels and receive notifications whentheypost new videos or start streaming live;- Control which channels you want to receive notification;- Receive notifications from your channels with theapplicationclosed or opened;- Learn how long your channels have posted new videos;- View a list of the latest videos from your added channels;- Tap on videos or live streams to watch directly on YouTube;- Share live video and streaming links with a simplefingertouch;- Sort your channel list by selecting the desired sortoption;- Learn the statistics of your added channels, such assubscribers,views and videos;- Log in to the app to save your cloud channels and sync withallyour devices;- Access our Questions area in the application menu to learn howtouse it in the best way.* This app is designed to help YouTube video creators andtheirsubscribers.
Flower Fairy 1.0
Want to have a tinker bell? It’s time to be creative! Comeon,create a tinker bell you have always wanted!Design your own tinker bell character with this dress-up game!Itis sure to be a game your kids will love. You get to chooseherhair, eyes, skin, dress, tiara and more. Your tinker bell willstayin different place that you can take a picture for her.Hundreds ofdress up combinations will make your princess morebeautiful andvivid.** Features **- Dress her up in the gown of your dreams- Help her do her hair, skin, eyes, eyebrows, lipstick,clothing,shoes by selecting color and style- Skins from five different continents- Add earrings, headgear or necklace- Pick out a wand- Choose a wing for her- Lots of scenery- magic touch- Take a picture for your tinkerbell to save or email yourfriendsimmediately
Your photo with fairies 15.07.06
Ancorma Apps
If you don’t like photoshop, we offer youafunoption. If your princess loves Rosette or Tinker Bell,withthisfunny app of stickers or decals you can make fun collagesandphotosor selfies with fairies. How nice and cute collagesofphotos foryour little princess!A photo collage easy to use, drag the sticker or stickersontheimage. You can add all the stickers you want:• princess or queen crowns and caps or hat of fairy or maiden• fairy wings• wands• starsCreate exclusive photo cards of fairies, that’s so funny,girlswholike princesses will love this app with stickers. You canalsotakea selfie and customize princess stickers to sharewithfriends.Images to laugh!!These images have been acquired through Creative Commonsanddesignedby
The Life of Odin - Norse myths 1.1.2
Lady Wizard
The supreme god Odin from Norse myths issocute♡You can learn a rough story of Norse myths♡------Norse myths"Myths" became motifs of various games in general. However,theactual "story" itself is not well known.This may be because it’s often focused on the "maincharacter","fellows" or "enemies to be beaten" like in the novelsor fairytales. So, it’s not focused on the "introduction","foreshadowing"or dramatic "ending" to read or hear clearly.Norse myths consist of "poets" based on the myths from over2000years through verbal tradition.So it is not an easy "story" to understand.However, there are many various attractive gods described inNorsemyths.That's the reason why they often become the motifs or charactersofvarious games."What is the story of Norse myths?""What is the Ragnarok in the end?"We are going to decipher these questions by reading the Life ofOdinwho is a main god in Norse myths.【Caution】This App consists of the main story of Odin.Therefore, other gods are not so active in this story.Please note it in advance.
Bridesmaid Makeover 1.0.6
Lily is getting married. As herbridesmaid,Linda is very nervous. Could you help her prep for theweddingceremony? Pamper her with nice and comfortable facialtreatment toget rid of facial problems. Then apply the cosmetics toher andcreate a perfect bridesmaid look. The most important part istoselect a gorgeous bridesmaid gown for Linda. Enjoy thehappinesswith Lily and Linda!
Hungry Frog 1.3
Nata Kids
Here comes another awesome andmind-thrillingapp for children by Nata Kids known for its vividgraphics like inThumbelina cartoon. There are lots of frogger gamesout there, andyou may even have tried a few ones, like PocketFrogs. This onewill be sure to surprise you still. Your child willbe very excitedto explore the magical new world with an adventurousand veryhungry ninja frog. Besides being right in the middle ofaction,helping the froggy get its belly full of yummy insects, yourkidwill be learning about this toad's diet and behavior. Whilethekids game itself is very easy for any age child play, itoffersjuicy colors, vivid graphics and realistic sounds. Your babyortoddler will be able to engage deeply with the froggyfreshactivities and hold concentration for longer, developingbetterhand-eye coordination and even certain strategic skills!If you read "Thumbelina" or enjoyed the free cartoonmovietelling the story of the pretty frog princess, this engagingpondfairy tale is a must-try. Check out the pretty setting, smellalily and begin your feast! This froggy fresh game is quicktomaster and enjoyable to play. It all comes down to helping alittlepeace frog eat insects flying around. The frog is sitting onalilypad and can only use its long sticky tongue to catchthedesired type of insect. At the beginning of the toddler game,thefrog has 3 lives and 30 points, but as time flies by, it has togetnutrients from the insects around, earning new points andmakingsure the lives of toad do not run out. Some insects are safetoeat, while others can hurt the hoppy froggy, making it releaseafunny "Ouch"!The safe yummy insects are worth 1 second each and can bringyoua different number of points for tinky tale. There's a midge(15points), a green fly (20 points), a moth (40 points), a firefly(40points), a bee (30 points), a dragonfly (15 points) and anelusivegrasshopper (100 points). Beware of the mean insects though- awasp gives you 100 points (and 2 seconds!), but only if youmanageto roll out the sticky tongue before getting stung. Thebumblebeeis to be avoided throughout the game, as trying to make itpart ofthe frog's diet results in one life lost.What a brilliant way to entertain your child while teachinghimor her some crucial skills! The memory is trained when yourlittleplayer has to remember which insects can be safely eaten andwhichones are to be avoided. It takes a certain degree of dexterityandhand-eye coordination to reach the right kind of insect withthesticky tongue, earning points. Strategic skills are alsodevelopedas your child tries to decide whether the hungry hoppyfrog shouldaim at this or that insect, targeting the most"profitable" onesfrom the bunch. Apart from those impressive skillsthe game canhelp develop, the graphics are just mesmerizing, andthe sounds ofa bustling pond could not get any more realistic.No matter if your child is a Frogger fan or not, this gamewillsurely become a new favorite. But beware - you may be requestedtoread "Thumbelina" at bedtime quite often and will be surprisedathow much kids can learn about the life of insects and toadsbysimply observing.After you play this awesome frogger game, be sure to checkoutother fun games by Nata Kids.
Mother's Day Matching Dress 1.0.0
Lina is preparing for Mother'sDayget-together.She will attend the party with her daughter.Couldyou give her agreat makeup first? The most important thing istochoose a matchingdress and also some matching accessories forherand her lovelydaughter. have fun!
Dress Up Princess Tinker Bell 3.8
Dress up your favorite princess! Tinker Bellisthe beautiful princess from the classic fairy tale! Show offyourfashion skills and imagination by mixing and matchingcrowns,dresses, shoes, earrings, and many more. There are hundredsoffashion combinations to choose from!8 item categories in Dress Up Tinker Bell Game:★★★ dresses - unique and stylish★★★ shoes - different colors and shapes★★★ necklaces - elegant and exquisite★★★ crowns - glorious, colorful and refined★★★ bracelets - beautiful and versatile★★★ backgrounds - visit different places with your princess-castles, ballrooms and gardens★★★ hair-styles - fashionable hair-styles for fair anddarkhairs★★★ earrings - little and big jewelsThanks to the beautiful high-quality illustrations playingthisgame is just like dressing up the real Tinker Bell!
Interesting Facts 12000+ 3.0.2
Welcome to one of the biggest collection of interestingfacts!Application contains more then 12000+ true, cognitiveandinteresting facts and there are more facts to come!Use swipe gestures or arrows to navigate through facts.Getrandom facts and share them with friends!Features:- largest collection of facts: 12000+ and counting;- facts are divided to categories, categories are dividedtosubcategories;- add facts to favorites;- animated gestures;- swipe gestures to navigate trough facts;- statistics;- share facts with friends;- Simple, beautifull and comfortable UI
OZ - With a Wizard and 3 Kings 1.1.2
Lady Wizard
This app is the Japanesetranslatedversion.Dorothy and Toto who were blown off with their housebytornedoThe ones they bumped into there were..very unique fellows!◆◇Overview◇◆Do you remember the story of Oz?"I heard of it but..""I can't remember exact story""I'm not sure"We assume there are a lot of people like that!It is a gentle story that Mr. Lyman Frank Baum, an Americanfatherwho grew up reading Grimm and Andersen, was reading tohischildren.A masterpiece called The Return of Alice in Wonderland Youshoulddefinitely know!Those who know this story for the first time or forgot, Why notjustenjoy the story on the app for nice and simple way?Another story was added on top of the world of OzJump into the exciting adventure world that you might know oryoumight not!◆◇This is recommended to those who◇◆・likes myths・likes fairy tails・doesn't have time but wants to play games・wants to do simple and easy games・likes Japanese games◆◇This app is translated in◇◆・Japanese・English・Traditional Chinese・Simplified ChineseTap the icon in the lower right corner of the title screen "TouchtoStart" to set the language.
Princess Sandy: Surf Salon 1.0.0
TNN Game
It's vibrant summer! Princess Sandyandherfamily come to the seaside to take a vacation. Sandyfeelssoexcited to see the sea that she starts to roll on thebeachwithouteven applying sunscreen. Soon, she gets dirtyeverywhere andherskin is tanned by the sun. Nobody would recognizethisPrincess.Her sister Alina feels both funny and upset anddragsPrincessSandy to the spa room in the salon. How wonderfulthissummer salonis! Even the spa procedures are quite differentfromregular salon!After cleaning up, apply after-sun repairessentialoil to Sandy'ssuntanned skin and spread mask on her back.Her skinwill be curedin a minute. Then apply whitening cream, andSandywill regain heroriginal skin immediately. After playing onthebeach for so long,Sandy already feels tired. You know you cangiveSandy a massageand scraping therapy too in the salon! Relaxandrefresh the body,so that Sandy can go surfing with herbrotherChris later. Ah,don't forget the most important step - applyathick layer ofsunscreen scream to Sandy's skin. Otherwise shewillbe suntannedagain.Coming out of the spa room, Alina suggests Sandy to putonmake-upand dress up. After all, a Princess shouldn't gettoosloppy,right? There are hundreds of luxurious cosmetics inthemake-uproom. Eye shadow, eye liner, blush, lip stick,everythingyou couldthink of are right here. They've also gotendless fancybeachclothes, dresses, light and fashionable sunglasses and sunhats.The amount is so great that Sandy even can'tdecide whichtochoose. Luckily, her sister provides help and teachesher whattowear. After making over, Chris invites Sandy to makesurfboards.Choose the shape, color, pattern and fin carefully.Everysinglepart should be the best. After that, scribble on theboard atwill.Make a unique surf board. Only that will match thePrincess.Oh,the little Princess is invited to the surf boardmakingcontest!Winners will get beautiful clothes as rewards! Youcan'tmissit!Finally it's high time for the exciting surfing game!Sandyturnsleft and right above the waves, trying very hard tokeepherbalance and proceed further. Chris watches her surfingandkeepspraising her: This is the sister that I taught! Whatfunvacationand what a great salon! Click! Click! Take picturesofeverybrilliant moment and send the pictures to your friends.Sharethiswonderful summer time with them!Huh? You want to know where Sandy's family is takingvacation?Bali,Hawaii, Tahiti, anywhere you can imagine. Come toplaytogether!Don't forget to bring your friends too!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features:-Summer-themed interactive salon game with relaxing music.Easytounderstand and play.-Brand new summer salon procedures.-A huge variety of cosmetics, hair styles, dresses,accessoriesthatare customized for summer. With this great amountyou willgetendless combinations.-Accept random missions via the phone to enjoy threefunmingames.-You can change backgrounds and partners in the showing pageandtakescreenshots.-This app is totally free and has no in-app purchases. Feelfreetouse and share it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Do you want to be informed as soon as we release a new game?Doyouwant to collect our beautiful original artworks?Communicatewithus on social networks.-Follow us on Twitter: @TNNGame-Like us on Facebook: our videos onYouTube: you have any ideas about our games, please feel free tocontactusby Email: [email protected] or leave us a message ontwitterandfacebook by mentioning @tnngameMaybe your idea will come true in our next game!
Cloud Farm
Dive into adventures full of magic andfunin Royal farming story!“Cloud Farm” is a fairy story, where every player canjoinunforgettable adventures, defeat evil wizard and make friendswithcute furry local citizens. Magic Kingdom of Lumeria is indangerthat is why Prince and Princess are here to save their home.Youcan join fairy adventures to explore infinite story, full oftripsand mysteries. Explore hidden magic islands and shiny worlds,getnew acquaintances (full как-то многовато в этом текст), fairyitemsand exciting events. Household is very important part of royaldayto day tasks. Take care of animals and gardens, restorebuildings,develop your kingdom. In Cloud Farm you can:— Create beautiful garden and harvest fruitsandvegetables— Breed animals and take care of furries— Travel to friends’ kingdoms and help with theirfarms— Explore all magic mysteries of Kingdom— Meet furry locals help them to restore beautiful worldofLumeria— Grow and feed cute animals: chicken, cow, rabbitandothers— Collect magic items and diamonds frompicturesquedecorations— Fulfill daily orders and quests with yourfarmproducts— Find new recipes and rare goods on exotic islands— Cooperate with your neighbors, play with your FacebookandGoogle+ friends and find new friends in the game communityCloud Farm is free to play game where some items can bealsopurchased with real money.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SUPPORT AND CONTACT:— Welcome to our officialwebsite:— If you have any questions, join our community onFacebook:— Leave your questions in the official e-mailaddress:[email protected]
Unicorn Evolution - Fairy Tale Horse Game 1.0.7
Tapps Games
The Evolution series just got a fabuloustouch!Claimed by our beloved players, unicorns are here to stay...and tomutate... a lot! If having a giant horn in the middle of theheadwasn’t already enough, the most majestic of all creatures areaboutto get the Evolution treatment we all know and love. Checkitout!How to play? Easy! Combine unicorns to evolve them anddiscovertheir most curious, exotic and bizarre forms!FEATURES🦄 Pantheon: a new place for supreme beings to look down onusmortals and laugh at our misery🦄 Impostors: watch out for impostors trying to steal theunicorns’spotlightHOW TO PLAY🦄 Drag and drop similar unicorns to create newmysteriouscreatures🦄 Use unicorn eggs to buy new creatures and make evenmoremoney🦄 Alternatively, fiercely tap a unicorn to make eggs popHIGHLIGHTS🦄 Different stages and many unicorn species to discover🦄 A mind-blowing story yet untold🦄 The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution andincrementalclicker games🦄 Doodle-like illustrations🦄 Various possible endings: find your destiny🦄 No unicorns were harmed in the making of this game,onlydevelopersCome to the mythical side of the Evolution series games!Unicornsawait!Evolution NEVER ends. Check out some of the other games intheseries:Fox Evolution - - Find out what the fox saysatlast!Rabbit Evolution - - Rabbits cansurpriseyou!Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains itemsthatcan be purchased for real money. Some features and extrasmentionedin the description may also have to be purchased forrealmoney.
Peter Pan Slots: Epic Casino 1.0.3
Welcome to Peter Pan Slots - which isfrompeterpan's epic tale, help peter pan & tinkerbell fighttheevilCaptain Hook and rescue Wendy and the boys!Peter Pan & tinkerbell fly to new heights inthissensational,interactive tale! It’s Neverland Like NeverBefore!Gorgeous HDGraphics, Smooth Animations, Fantastic Bonuses&Amazing SoundEffects guarantee a premium slot experience!PeterPan’s epic talegets even better with Smart Bonuse Games&AwesomeActivities.Peter Pan Slots is also the best Las Vegas Casino FREESLOTSGAMES!Play the authentic slot machines, offer the realcasinoexperience,win coins from free bonus games, make a fortunewithHuge Jackpots,big wins & free spins, and much more!Downloadnow forfree!Install Peter Pan Games now to get:- 100+ FREE slot machines- FREE COIN bonus every 4 hours!- $1,000 WELCOME BONUS for all new players!- Fun and exciting Bonus games inside everysingleslotmachine!- PLAY BONUS GAMES to increase your wins!- Discover mystery boxes and bonus chests for awesome prizes!- Vegas casino games you love: 777 classic 3-reelslotmachines,bonus 4-reel slots and 5-reel video slots!- Popular vegas casino slots games: Peter Pen, LittleRed,LuckyDragon, Egypt, Wild Diamonds, Alice and the Cat,SantasStash,Galaxy Queen and more- Lucky Free Spins of the Wheel of Fun, progressivejackpots,amazing& rewarding fun features.- Weekly: NEW slot games, promotions, sales and gifts- Personalized service from the best and professional supportteaminthe social casino slots industry.Install now for your $1,000 Free Coins Bonus, bet big andWINBIGwithout the risk!PeterPan Slots gives you the complete Vegas slotsgamesexperiencewithout the risk of real betting. Unlike casinogambling,lotteryor playing for money, at free fairytale games youplaycasino slotsjust for fun.James Barrie’s story of peter Pan flies to new heightsinthisextraordinary, interactive tale. peter Pan is lookingforhisshadow when he and tinkerbell visit the bedroom ofWendyDarlingand her two younger brothers, John and Michael. Wendyandherbrothers fly off with peter Pan to Neverland with thehelpoftinkerbell’s magic pixie dust. In Neverland, peter, Wendyandtheboys encounter the evil Captain Hook. peter rescues TigerLilyandsaves the Lost Boys.This game app is intended for adult audience - by those 21 orolder–and for amusement purposes only, and does not offer"realmoneygambling" or any opportunity to win "real money" or"realmoneyprizes". Practice or success at social casino gaming doesnotimplyfuture success at "real money gambling".
This app allows you to receive thereal-timevideo from your Gravit, take pictures and recordthevideo-stream.
Rainbow Horse Caring 🐴 Pony Dress Up Beauty Salon 1.4.0
Welcome to the Rainbow Horse CaringBeautySalon! Discover the magic of this rainbow pony dress up fairytale!Let the tooth fairy guide you through the levels of thisamazingadventure! In this makeover game for kids, you can take careof arainbow unicorn, comb its hair and ride a magic pony...Everythingis possible in the kingdom of the Rainbow Horse and themagicunicorn dress up!Start living these rainbow horse caring and pony dress upadventuresfor girls now! Help the princess to have all the rainbowanimalsready and perfect. Clean the stable to make sure the horsesareconfortable and receive all the magic horse caring theyneed.After playing a lot in the rainbow unicorn land, the horsesaredirty and need to be cleaned. Wash the pretty rainbow pony andcombher mane in this makeover and beauty salon in this pony dressupgame. Use some perfume, unicorns and horses love tosmellgood!Take care of the rainbow unicorn dress up hovees too. Itisimportant to have strong legs to be able to play all overthismagic land. And in this fairy tale beauty salon we can takecare ofall aspects of the magic pony and horse families! We lovethe horsecaring and horse dress up games, so clean the hoof andchange themagic horse shoe to make your magic unicorn shineagain!Once you have finished in the beauty salon, it is time to dressupour lovely rainbow pony! Now you can dress up and makeupyourrainbow pony or magic unicorn to finish with the magic horsecaringand live new adventures!Features of this rainbow horse caring and magic pony dress upbeautysalon:- Rainbow unicorn dress up and magic horse games: Work smoothondifferent devices and resolutions!- One of the best rainbow horse caring games for kids!- Beauty salon game for girls of all ages; for those girls wholovehorse dress up games- Play with different members of the magic pony and rainbowunicornfamilies.- Enjoy the unicorn dress up and caring!If you love horses and magic unicorn dress up games, then thisisyour rainbow horse caring game! Start playing now and liveaprincess fairy tale adventure of caring, hair makeover andunicorndress up beauty salon like no other! The horses and unicornsofthis magical rainbow land are waiting for you! Come and meetthemin this amazing beauty salon and try a magic horse dressup!
Scary stories (nosleep reader) 0.2.0
This is a light and functionalreaderfornosleep subreddit.Currently in beta, more features to come!➣ Easy access to scary stories.➣ Offline mode.➣ Advanced and comfortable reader.➣ OFFLINE. Save stories to read offline. Downloadthewholelist or get them one by one.➣ COMFORTABLE READER. Truly convenient and easy tousetextreader. Switch between several themes, pick backgroundandtextcolors, select a suitable font, font-size,andorientation.➣ PICK A RIGHT STORY TO READ AT THE MOMENT. Baseonyoureading speed we can calculate how long will it take toreadastory. If you have no time, pick a short one.➣ SETTINGS. Various settings to make readingeasier.Keepscreen on while reading, marking story readautomatically,selectamount of stories to get per one requestetc.OTHER.➣ Add stories to favorites and mark them read➣ Share story or open it in browser
Metro Tokyo Subway 5.2
This is Tokyo's best metro app.1. Fully up-to-date for 2016Accurate metro map and metro information.2. Route-plannerA really easy route-planner. Get route, time andfareinformation.3. Work offlineInternet connection is not required.4. 11 LanguageEnglish, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, Français, Español,Deutsch,Português, ItalianoEnglish Name : Tokyo metro, Tokyo subway, metroman
Mahjong Magic Worlds: Journey of the Wood Elves 1.0.50
Journey across the magic world of woodelvesand fairies as you play fun mahjong puzzles to discover thesecretshidden across the land. Explore beautiful lands, collectartworkand enjoy a mahjong experience unlike anything you’veeverhad!A RELAXING, CASUAL MAHJONG GAMEEvery mahjong puzzle in our standard and expert levels hasbeendesigned so that they are always solvable. You can match tilesandplay our mahjong solitaire without accidentally gettingyourselfinto an unsolvable situation. Stuck on a level? Hints areavailablewhen you need them!COLLECT & CRAFT VALUABLE TREASURECollect & craft treasures while playing mahjong! Discoveruniquecrafting tiles as you play through each level – collect allthetiles of the same item and you’ll be able to craft that pieceoftreasure. Sell your treasures and trinkets for thousands ofcoins tohelp you on your mahjong journey!---------------------------------------MAHJONG – HIGHLIGHTS---------------------------------------⦁ Classic mahjong tile matching mechanics with anenchantedtwist⦁ Complete daily tasks to increase your task multiplier and getmorefree coins⦁ Easy to understand gameplay and helpful hint system⦁ Embark on a mahjong adventure through 1680challenginglevels⦁ 280 beautiful pieces of mahjong artwork to collect⦁ Free daily rewards for active players⦁ Each level uses its own unique tile sets⦁ Replay each level as many times as you like⦁ Earn coins to unlock more mahjong boards⦁ Fill snow globes to earn free coins⦁ Play offline – no wifi needed!UNLOCK BEAUTIFUL ARTWORKAfter each level on your mahjong quest through the land of thewoodelves and fairies, you’ll unlock a beautiful piece of MahongMagicartwork. Each piece is yours forever – save it to you cameraroll,print it, share with friends or use as yourdevicebackground!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------YOUR JOURNEY THROUGH THE WOOD ELVES LAND…--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Land 1 - Wood ElvesBegin your journey into the world of wood elves. A spell hasbeencast and the wood elves want to play! Wander into the woodsanddiscover the mysteries that lie beyond.Land 2 - Snow FairiesExplore a beautiful frozen world full of friendly snowfairiesLand 3 – Fairies Of The FrostContinue through the frozen land of the snow fairies. Discoverhowthey manage to grow such beautiful flowers in the harshcold!Land 4 - Elves Of The Mystical ForestYou finally make it to the wood elves of the mystical forest.Playmahjong with these fun fairies!Land 5 – Mystic DwellingsExplore the mystic dwellings that the elves and fairies calltheirhomes.Land 6 – Portals Of AnnwynDive through the magic Portals of Annwyn and journey throughaspectacular world of wonder and enchantment.Land 7 – Fairies TrailContinue along the fairies trial and encounter some morefriendlycharacters to match tiles and play mahjong with!Land 8 – Gaia & The Crystal KeepersMeet the powerful Crystal Keepers and discover theirpowerfulmagicLand 9 – Ancient MysteryThe Crystal Keepers hold the knowledge of an ancient mystery,willthey share it with you?Land 10 – Elf ChronicleBack to the realm of the wood elves, it’s time to playmahjong,match tiles and share stories!Land 11 – Where Fairies DwellVisit the woodland fairies in their homes. Maybe they havesomethingfor you.Land 12 – Small AdventuresThe fairies have shrunk you down to their size, it’s time go onasmall adventure!Land 13 – Song Of The NymphsDiscover the hypnotizing, magical songs of the nymphsLand 14 – Unicorns IllustratedSee the most legendary mythical creatures – the unicorns–majestically playing in the enchanted woodsLand 15 - Coming soon!Connect with
Geography with Map 1.2
- Geography app is contains Topics, MapandPractice bits.- This app is useful for all competitive examspreparingstudents.This app contains the following topics....1. Map2. Rivers3. Forests4. Population5. Universe6. Seas7. Projects8. Planets9. Railways & Road10. Parks11. Ports12. Mountains & PeaksKeywords:Gk in telugu, DSC study material intelugu,,GK,generalscience,Current Affairs,Student,Jobs,Education,Govtjobs,Policejobs,APPSC,Group 1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA,PanchayatSecretary,Bank jobs,TSPSC.
Luxoriuos - Solo Theme 3.0.0
Hi all, I want to introduce you to an amazingwaypossible simple and boring phone interface to transform intoacolorful and unusual.This amazing Theme to replace your standard Icons on themoreinteresting, as well as a beautiful Wallpaper thatcombineharmoniously with it.If you like the app do not forget to leave your assessment,aswell as join our official communities to follow all the news,aswell as the first to receive new Themes. Attention :To use this Theme you need to install Solo Launcher. Features :► Over 80+ beautiful icons that replace standard sets basicandpopular applications.► Quality Wallpapers that are ideal for all icons.► Updates on user demand► Completely Free Application :1. Set Solo Launcher.2. Download this topic and click "Apply". Question: How to set a Wallpaper fromtheTheme?Answer: Run the application again, click on the flower ontheleft and you will unlock wallpapers from this application. Our Official Communities :Vkontakte : : + : If you have any questions, pleasecontactus.
Little Fairy Dress Up Game 1.0.3
Play this new magic beauty salon game forfree!No in-app purchases!All girls will just love this cute makeover game with tinyfairiesto dress up and a huge selection of fancy items to pickfrom.Choose hairstyles, dresses, wings, magic wands and many othertypesof items for your fairy girls.6 fairies, 4 backgrounds and over 200 items to choose from.Nothingis locked!Beautiful little fairies with magical wings live in a world fullofflowers, fun and happiness. Join these young fairy fashionistasintheir fun games and help them in their makeovers. Theselittleprincesses love fashion and design their own gorgeous outfitsfromflowers and leaves to stroll across enchanted forests and flyabovemeadows full of majestic flowers.These tiny cuties are all girl friends of Thumbelina,theirprincess. Fairy girls invite elves to their feasts andparties.What other great way to spend a weekend for these cool girlfriendsthan to throw a ball where all the princesses are invited!Dress upyour fashionista fairy and think up the most excitingoutfits foryour cute little girl!If you are a fan of games with princesses and fairies, don'tforgetto download other new games for girls by our studio! All ourdressup games and makeover salon apps are completely free,wepromise!
Tooth Fairy Horse - Caring Pony Beauty Adventure 2.3.6
Meet our cute Tooth Fairy Princess in anew2017 awesome rainbow horse game! If you like caring games forgirlswith levels and horse farm games then this is the princesshorsegame for you!Tooth Fairy Princess trust the magical caring of herunicorns,horses and the pony family to a complete horse farm withall youcan think of: From simple farming levels to all kinds offunriding, horse breeding, horse dash, horse park, rainbow hairsalon,pony beauty adventure or any other wild farmfrenzychallenges!While you play on the rainbow beauty salon of the farm in thesegirlgames for free, you will discover a sort of pony beauty salonandhair salon for horses in a stable in which you can explore morethanjust a cute horse braiding hair activity... You will have thechanceto visit a horseland with all kinds of fairy princessunicorns,horses for kids, ponies and all kinds of fairy taleanimals, which agirl like you will find very interesting. Visitthis horse haven andenjoy this farm game like never before!Join the ponies and horses in the Tooth Fairy magical kingdomandtake a trip to the horse magical rainbow hair salon and spa,whereyou can try the new pony horse grooming and makeover, hairstyler,hairdos, horse dress up, pony dress up, dress up games forgirls,dressup fairy, dressup the rainbow magic unicorn and give theponya special braided hairstyle combined with its dress design.Enjoytaking care of their little pony tail too!Join the Tooth Fairy horse braiding academy to learn allaboutcaring horse, braiding hair and braiding hairstyles, how toridethem and how to love and give them the best attention intheworld.Start this fairy and pony adventure in the fairy farm cleaningthepony horse stable. In this stable, all kind of horses as themareor the stallion, and even the wild horse get ready fortheiradventures. Live the magic of the horse riding and dressageandbecome an equestrian in this pony adventure! Observe yourhorseevolution from the beginning!Prepare the mane of the horse as a professional hairdresser!Cleanand comb the mane hair style. Mane caring is essential for agirlunicorn as it represents the perfect breeding and grooming whenthecaring animals are taking a horse carriage! Try with manebraidingor different hair cuts! Become an innovative hairstylechanger inthese hairstyle games for girls! There are manyhairstyles in thismane beauty salon! Use some perfume anddecoration on your ponybaby too!Continue now with the hooves. They need to be healthy and strongtorun all over the kingdom. The horseshoes are vital for theunicornevolution. Remove the old ones and brush the hoof. Replacethehorseshoe with a new one. Now it is time to apply decorationsinthis pony creator of dress up ponies. Show your best pony looktotake the Tooth fairy carriage! Change your dressing and saddleasyou prefer and start living unicorn and ponyhorseadventures!Features of this Tooth Fairy horse beauty adventure and spagamesfor girls:- Stable games: works smooth on different devices. Enjoythisunircorn horse game!- One of the best caring games for kids.- Complete riding horse games with all you can think of!- These horses breeding games are easy for kids of any age!- One of the best free horse caring games all aroundtheworld!- Complete the horse training and finish all the quests in thisponybeauty adventure!- Enjoy the painting and drawing arts with us! Startdrawingcartoons in the drawing books free you will find in thebeautysalon!The ultimate horse rider will love this horse and rainbowToothfairy unicorn care app because of its gameplay and all thegreatrainbow features!Twitter: @LabCaveFacebook:
Arino Spectrum - Solo Theme 3.2.0
Hi all, I want to introduce you to an amazingwaypossible simple and boring phone interface to transform intoacolorful and unusual.This amazing Theme to replace your standard Icons on themoreinteresting, as well as a beautiful Wallpaper thatcombineharmoniously with it.If you like the app do not forget to leave your assessment,aswell as join our official communities to follow all the news,aswell as the first to receive new Themes. Attention :To use this Theme you need to install Solo Launcher. Features :► Over 80+ beautiful icons that replace standard sets basicandpopular applications.► Quality Wallpapers that are ideal for all icons.► Updates on user demand► Completely Free Application :1. Set Solo Launcher.2. Download this topic and click "Apply". Question: How to set a Wallpaper fromtheTheme?Answer: Run the application again, click on the flower ontheleft and you will unlock wallpapers from this application. Our Official Communities :Vkontakte : : + : If you have any questions, pleasecontactus.
Dastan (Part-3) 1.0
Dastan Iman Faroshon Ki has 5 parts andthisapphas 3rd part. The whole story is about Salahudin Ayubi andHeis theleading character of this story.
3D Japan Flag 3.2.1
A top quality Japan flag live wallpaper!Aperfect live wallpaper for celebrating Japan independence dayornational day! Feel proud of your country? Let this Japan flagflyhigh in your phone!APP HIGHLIGHTS==============✔ Real OpenGL 3D animation! Not a video loop or animated gif!✔ Fully interactive! Shake phone, blow wind or touch screen toletthe Japan flag fly!✔ Play Japan national anthem (anthem need to downloadfrominternet)!✔ Floating cloud, thunderstorm, snowing, starry night etcanimatedbackground effect!✔ Lighting control!✔ Use own photo as background!✔ Use own audio file as national anthem!✔ Optimize for both tablet and phone, portrait andlandscapemode!✔ Set as live wallpaper or run as standalone app!FLAG CONTROL============> Double tap to start/stop wind> Double tap to start/stop background music> Scroll up/down to raise/lower flagPERMISSION==========> Record audio permission use for blow to fly flag featureFeel proud of your country, let this Japan flag livewallpaperalways flying high in your home screen!We hope that these 3D national flag apps are of use toanyonewanting to learn more about the nations of the world. Wetrulybelieve that knowledge of other nations and cultures will helpleadto further peace and understanding in the world, and learningaboutother national flags and anthems is a good beginning.CREDITS=======Some of the background images in this app are share bycommoncreative. Below are their repected links. Thanks for sharingsuchgreat photos!
Baby Hazel Fairyland Ballet 31
Play Baby Hazel Fairyland Ballet for free!JoinBaby Hazel to win Fairyland Ballet competition by defeatingher Icefairy!Hurray! Baby Hazel is participating in Fairyland balletcompetition.Out little princess needs a lot of practice to win thecompetition.Can you help her? Dress up darling Hazel inballerina-style costumesand accessories. Apply attractive shadesof makeup to her and createan amazing hairdo. Then go along withHazel to help her in puttingforward her best performance and winthe ballet crown. Enjoy!Awesome game features :Dress up fun – Various elegant ballerina-style dresses to tryonBaby Hazel. Dress her up just the way you want!Stunning makeup choices – Attractive shades of lipstick,mascara,eye shadow, eyeliner to apply to Hazel.Mix and match makeup shades as per your choice!!!Style Baby Hazel's hair – Six amazing hairstyles to try onHazel.Give darling Hazel the most fabulous hairstyle ever!Ballet competition – It's Hazel v/s Ice fairy! Help darling Hazeltogive an excellent performance and win the Ballet crown.Download this fun app to give Baby Hazel awesome Ballerinamakeoverand help her to win the fairyland ballet competition.Havefun!!!Play Baby Hazel Fairyland Ballet game online on Topbabygamesat: Baby Hazel Fairyland Ballet online on Babyhazelgames at: subscribe to Youtube Channel for Baby Hazel Videos : us – us – us – us - Plus-
Fairy Dolls Dress Up
Pinkie Pop
Are you girls ready to meet the threefairydolls? Enter their enchanted world and get ready to playmagicaldress up and makeup with them. If you are a fairy lover andlikeplaying fairy games, this is the perfect game for you!You can take care of each fairy doll. All of them are special!Showyour creativity by adding a little personality to theirlooks.Become their stylist and make the best dress up and makeupchoicesfor them. Fairy games are the best games for girls!Begin with a visit to the fairy makeup salon. Use sparklinglipsick,glamorous eyeshadow, blush and long eyelashes to make thefairieslook perfect. They look pretty even without makeup, butdon't missthe chance to enhance their natural beauty!Fairy dress up games are even cooler than usual dress up games!Ourfairy game offers hundreds of possible dress upcombinations.Explore the colorful and magical dresses, skirts,blouses andaccessories. Show off your fairy fashion sense!Game features:🌸 three lovely fairies🌸 play with no Internet, anytime, anywhere🌸 fairy dress up & fairy makeup levels🌸 150 makeup and clothing items🌸 endless free fun for girlsGet Fairy Dolls Dress Up now and let the fun begin. It'soneof the newest fairy games! Our fairies don't know muchaboutfashion and makeup, but they are counting on you!
Magical Stories: Fairy Tale Anime Dress Up Girls 1.1
"The Best Anime Dress up game‘’MagicalStories: Fairy Tale’’ is here. In this cute fairy tale anddress upgame you will help camilla with the accident she caused inthelibrary. Now you need to reconstruct all the magical storiesandfix all the fairy tales. In Magical Stories you find fairieslike:Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine,Thumbelina& Alice.Every magical story has multiple different little stories. Andforevery little story you need to dress up so you have therightcostume for the story. You can play mini games to get hintswhichcan help you with choosing the right costume for thestory.Features of Magical Stories: Fairy Tale- An unique fairy tale story game with animated stories- Choose your story and choose the right costume- Create for the right fairy a beautiful look with tons oflovelyoutfits- Select various fabulous accessories to put on- The best anime dress up game for girls- Unique Kawaii Style drawed game- Multiple different mini games to play to unlock hints duringstoryplay- Play your favorite fairy tale like little red ridinghood,cinderella, snow white, jasmine, thumbelina & AliceWe from EasyTaps hope you will enjoy Magical Stories: Fairy Talewethink it’s a fun and challenging anime dress up story game. Letusknow which fairy you like the most: Little Red RidingHood,Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine Thumbelina or Alice?Also feel free to suggest a new fairy tale which you really wanttoplay!"
Fairytale Bubble 1.0
Come visit the magical fairy forest! Playthisfun bubble popping board game, plan your every pop to rescuethefairies and solve all the bubble-packed puzzles.The rules are simple: match at least 3 bubbles of the same colortopop the group, win points and level up.Enter the world of Fairytale Bubble and embark on anexcitingadventure!Download now and encounter these awesome features:· Hundreds of thrilling levels to explore.Pop the bubbles, win levels and advance along the enchantedfairytrail.· Magical world and settings.Enjoy beautiful graphics and effects, colorful bubbles andadorablefairies.· Awesome boosters and prizesRescue the fairies by smashing the bubbles that trap them.Unlockamazing power-ups that will help you win points andcompletelevels.· Clear the board!Complete the challenges, win levels and try to get 3 stars oneverylevel.Fairytale Bubble is a fun addictive game, a great way to spendsomefree time and relax. No internet connection is required so youcanplay anytime and anywhere! Download for free from Google Playandenjoy a smooth gaming experience straight on your Androiddevice.Stay tuned for upcoming levels and updates!
Physical Science 1.1
Physical Science app contains PhysicsandChemistry related Topics and Practice Tests and Bits.The following are the topics...1. Light2. Sound3. Heat4. Magnetism5. Current6. Laser7. Metals8. pH Values9. Instruments - Usages10. Elements - Importance etc..Practice Test contains questions with multiple optionsandtimer.It is very easy to practice test.Keywords: Gk in telugu, DSC study material intelugu,,GK,generalscience,Current Affairs,Student,Jobs,Education,Govtjobs,Policejobs,APPSC,Group 1,Group 2,Group 3,VRO,VRA,PanchayatSecretary,Bank jobs,TSPSC.
Horror & scary stories
2200+ high-quality scary stories!Does not require an internet connection!➣ More than half a million downloads.➣ The best app with creepypastas, scary and horror stories.➣ High-quality stories, unique functionality, comfortablereading,modern design.Optimized for phone and tablet.➣ DOES NOT REQUIRE AN INTERNET CONNECTION. Readstoriesanytime, anywhere, without an internet connection. Allstories areavailable offline. For free.➣ HIGH QUALITY STORIES. All the stories arecarefullyselected and edited. There are no stories like "The coffinonwheels", "Red Hand", "Green eyes", no 100 000 stories, as inotherapplications. But all stories are high quality andwithouttypos.➣ SORT. Sort by name, release date (stories databaseisupdated frequently), rating (users have the opportunity to voteforthe stories), a number of votes (the more votes, the moretruthfulrating) and duration.➣ FILTER. After you read a story, it is marking asreadautomatically. Then you can filter the list of stories anddisplayAll stories or only Read on Unread.➣ PICK A RIGHT STORY TO READ AT THE MOMENT. Base onyoureading speed we can calculate how long will it take to readastory. If you have no time, pick a short one.➣ COMFORTABLE READER. Truly convenient and easy to usetextreader. Switch between several themes, pick background andtextcolors, select a suitable font, font-size, andorientation.➣ STATISTICS. Track your progress, see how many storiesyouread. Find out what is your favorite category.➣ CATEGORIES. All stories are divided intocategories,allowing you to read stories on your favoritetopics.➣ SYNCHRONIZATION. Reading on multiple devices? Whattochange your phone? Worried that all of your progress will belostand will have to re-read all over again? Sync all read storiesandfavorites (currently only manual sync is supported).➣ SETTINGS. Various settings to make reading easier.Keepscreen on while reading, marking story read automatically,readingspeed etc.AND MORE!➣ Add stories to favorites and mark them read.➣ Search stories.➣ Share story text or link to the story.If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact [email protected]
The Happy Escape9 1.5
I came to the Escape Hotel in a southernislandusing the vacation of summer.I will find ten Happy Coins hidden in this room.Then something good is surely waiting for me.Right, let's get started!This game has one ending.