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Super Dragon Warrior Robot Transform Battle 1.3
Enemy invasion in city made warriordragonrobot flying superhero comeback from future for war ofdragons andit started the real transform battle. Super dragonwarrior robotfrom future having incredible transformation abilitycan transforminto super dragon monster breathing fire eradicatingrivals inaerial battle. The futuristic robots war is going to befoughtbetween air robot flying superhero dragon warrior anddeadlyenemies. In Super Dragon Warrior Robot Transform Battlefuturisticrobots war brain dead zombies, mech robot and skullskeleton mummyrobot have made deadly invasion in futuristic city.This flyingsuperhero robot dragon war is for city survival wheresuper dragonwarrior dragon flying high in the sky will spreadwings, breathefire and kill all scary rivals with fire balls. Thereal flyingsuperhero dragon robot hero is ready for robot fightingon thestreets. The special fire fighting power of monster beastwarriordragon will be a real challenge for your rivals. Giveyourself, thetitle of a super warrior dragon air robot hero byplaying thisaction simulator Super Dragon Warrior Robot TransformBattle.Feel the heat of infinite superhero monster power of robotdragon.Super dragon warrior air robot hero is the last hope to stopenemyrobot, skeleton and zombie invasion. Let no rival stand infront offire dragon warrior, use the power of fire blazes, fireballs androbot shooting to hunt and kill untied robotic force inthis dragonwar. The real monster is on the street dragon robotbeastsimulator. Its going to be a dangerous adventure wheretheincredible transformation of fire dragon warrior into steelrobotwill help it to win the futuristic robots war. Win theultimate airfight Super Dragon Warrior Robot Transform Battle ofcity survivaland rescue city at all cost. As a beast monster hero,end the hardtime of futuristic city by eradicating the awakenforces in thisfuturistic robots war. You are going to control a bigfire dragonwhich is transformable into beast robot. Smash yourenemies withsuperhero monster power of dragon. This Super DragonWarrior RobotTransform Battle is intense full of robot shooting andfire blazes.Balance your dragon & robot in the future robotbattle anddestroy ghost skull skeleton, brain dead zombie and evilrobots.You will fight against many evil robot in air battle andland warto defeat robots, zombies and skull skeletons as a realsuper heroof futuristic robots war.Fly your robot dragon over the city and diminish all enemies.Thisfire dragon game Super Dragon Warrior Robot Transform Battle isamixture of dragon monster hero, robot dragon superherogames,dragon transform games, beast simulator and flying monstergames.Be the monster dragon hero of the world to defeat zombies,skeletonmummy and robot with robot superhero powers andtransforming yourrobot in dragon. Fire dragon air robot hero is nowawake from acentury sleep and ready for deadly fight. The realmonster dragonrobot warrior is now on the streets! An amazingcombination ofrobot game and dragon game will give take you to anew adventure ofmonster battle. It’s Super Dragon Warrior RobotTransform Battle offire dragon superhero that can transform intoiron robot destroyingbrain dead zombies, robots and skeleton mummy.Be the monster heroof futuristic world and defeat united enemieswith your monsterrobot superhero and fire dragon powers. Theextreme ability is yourdragon transformation into robot superherogiving you the edge tofly around the city and engage in aerialbattle with land enemies.Spread your wings dragon warrior! Breathfire and kill themall!Features:• Feel the heat of infinite superhero warrior robot!• Spread wings, chase enemies and destroy them all!• Eradicate robots, zombies and skeleton with robot shooting!• Best HD graphics and engaging sound effects!• An amazing robot dragon beast simulator!
Speedy Panda: Dragon Warrior 4.0
G2 Studio
There is a panda named Buu became an orphaninhis early childhood due to the war between the panda villageandthe Nue Monster. He has a dream of becoming a master of Kungfutoeliminate the Nue monster and protect his village. He mustfulfillan ancient prophecy then study the skills with his masters.It’s sohard to get close to Nue monster to kill and eliminate himbecausehe is so fast and there are many dangerous monstersprotecting him.The first lesson is run run run. Fun as fast aspossible and dodgeall the obstacles (monsters, ghosts, guillotine….) to able to getclose to him.G2 Studio proudly presents Speedy Panda:DragonWarrior – an interesting running action game brings youto areal “race” to save and protect panda village from theNuemonster.This is the fight between Kung fu panda with the dark force tosavehis life and family. Let’s fight with your whole heart.Fight,fight and fight; the panda run will not end until the darkforcewas repelled.Speedy Panda: Dragon Warrior is the endless running action gameonits head! Use your mind and skills to overcome and dodgedeadlyobstacles and eliminate menacing Nue monsters on the run, intheair – even upside down as only a master Kungfu can! Buildyourexperience to unlock awesome new skin characters, andpowerfulweapons as you chase the high score on theleaderboard.If you are a big fan of Kungfu panda and Speedy Ninja or justwantto become a legendary warrior, you can’t ignore this pandarunaction game. This panda jump game will not let you down.HOW TO PLAY:★ Use 2 buttons: Down (get under the lines) and Up (get abovetheline, jump, double click for the double jump). Try to controlyourpanda warrior jump over obstacles carefully.★ User assistance to extend the duration of your run suchas:Invulnerable mode, magnet mode, fire mode, super-panda mode(runreally fast)FEATURES:★ Free to download! The best Panda run action endless runneronmobile! Best Panda run & jump game.★ Dive under the rope to defy gravity and avoid anddodgetreacherous obstacles (monsters, ghosts, guillotine … )★ Unleash screen-clearing weapons to destroy waves of enemies★ Ride mythical monsters high into the sky to build yourspecialabilities★ Upgrade your Panda, then rank up your warrior by toppingtheleaderboards★ A vast myriad of Narvel heroes character skins to increaseyourpower beyond max levels (Stickman skin, ninja skills). YourPandawill turn into Narvel Heroes with these skins.★ Build up a friends list, then summon your allies to extendandsupport your warrior run when your Panda dies★ Stunning graphics and sound effects★ Updated constantly in game with variety warrior skin★ Endless and challenging running mapsPlease give 5 star for our panda run action game - SpeedyPanda:Dragon Warrior if you love our Panda warrior game. Thank yousomuch and hope that you will support our other games innearfuture.KEEP IN TOUCH★ Facebook:★ Twitter:★ YouTube:
Real Duck Hunt Shooter Season 1.0
WHY REAL DUCK HUNTER SHOOTERISDIFFERENT?Duck hunting season’s fever is at its high and realduckhuntingshooter is a simple arcade game mode where you enjoyendlessduckhunting with your latest hunting sniper rifle and bowandarrow.The combined hunting adventure of gun and arrowshootinggives anaddictive duck hunt shooter gameplay. Shoot duckswith yoursniperor shoot arrows on them in archery hunting mode asabowarcher.REALISTIC LAKE ENVIRONMENTS FOR BOW ARCHERSReal lake side duck hunt environment gives an awesomelocationforhunting season to proceed. Beware of the wild wateranimalslikecrocodile and hippo to attack and kill you. Twodifferentlakelocations and environments give you a choice toproceed withyourarchery hunting skills and some arrow shooting forduck huntingandshow your bow hunting skills.WEAPONS OF CHOICE WITH EXCELLENT CONTROLSThere are two types of hunting weapons provided in thisrealduckhunt shooter season. Sniper rifles for people who love toshoottheduck for hunting with bullets and bow and arrow for thosewhorelyon their pure hunting skills of archery hunting andarrowshooting.Flawless controls of these weapons for duck huntinggiveanexcellent entertainment for the duck hunter shooter.SMOOTH AND EASY CONTROLS OF DUCK HUNT SHOOTER SEASONSmooth and easy controls of the duck hunter shooting gameallowyouto focus the flying ducks better and easy controls of thesniperorarchery give fast response to your duck hunting skills.Enjoythecontrols and ultimate duck hunting and shootingsimulator.SMART FLYING DUCKS AI MAKES DUCK HUNT SHOOTER DIFFICULTSmarter AI of flying birds is very popular these days,especialforflying ducks. Ducks get smarter every day and it isgettingmorechallenging to hunt the flying birds. Point to yourtarget,takeaim and shoot to hunt the flying bird to theEarth.WAVES BASED FLYING DUCK HUNTING CHALLENGESFlying ducks come in the form of waves and you have to shootthemallin the limited time before the wild animals attack you tokill.Everynew wave of flying duck is sharp and aware of theduckhuntingshooter. Keep your eyes open and hunt ducks sharplywithyour duckshooting skills.
Duck Hunting : King of Archery Hunting Games 1.5
Duck Hunting is a simple arcade duckshootinggame using bow and arrow. The goal of this hunting game isto shootthe ducks. If you miss a target duck or shoot a ìToucanBird whichare an endangered species you will lose 1 life and onceyou getthree the game is over. Pull & release rope to shoot anarrow.The far you pull, powerful the shoot.Wanna have fun hunting down some flying ducks? You can do thisbyplaying this duck hunting game which is one of the besthuntinggames.Enjoy the beautiful scenery in the background, as you areshootingdown the flying ducks, using bow and arrows. Try to masteryourshooting skills, by becoming a duck hunter, by playing duckhuntingwhich is one of the best shooting games.Develop your skills, as a bird hunter, by shooting down, asmanyducks as possible. Become a duck hunting master, by playing,thisbow and arrow shooting game.Earn the title of an expert bird hunter, by hunting, as manyducksand scoring as many points as possible in this bow andarrowhunting game.Always keep in mind that you have to beat your highest score,byimagining yourself as a hunter and a shooter, by playing thisbowand arrow hunting game.Shoot the coloured duck to get an extra life, in this bowhuntergame and hunter killer game, or archery duck hunting gameandhunter shoot game, which is one of the best arrow and bow games,orhunting birds games and bow hunting games.Make sure you don’t shoot the toucan bird, as you will lose alife,in this bow hunter game and hunting birds game, or arrowshootinggame and hunting duck game, which is one of the best bowhuntinggames and arrow games, or arrow hunter games and huntingnewgames.Become an archery hunter, by shooting the hunter birds, byplayingthis archery hunting game and hunting duck game, or huntshootinggame and bow hunter game, which is one of the top bowhunting gamesand archery hunting games, or arrow shooting games andarcheryhunter games.Have fun hunting ducks, using a bow and arrow, by playingthishunting birds game and archery hunting game, or hunting duckgameand archery hunter game.Become an expert archery shooter, by shooting different kindsofducks, by playing this bow shooter game and hunter shootinggame,which is one of the best bow shooting games free andhuntgames.Have a good time, hunting with bow and arrow, by playing thisfreehunting game, which is one of the top hunting games for kids,arrowkilling games, bow and arrow games, free archery huntinggames,online hunting games for boys and birds hunting gamesforfree.Shoot the birds, by becoming an arrow shooter, with thishuntingkiller game, which is one of the best hunting gamesoffline,archery bird hunting games, hunting games online, archeryhuntinggames free, bow games free, arrow games and shootergames.Score as high as possible, by shooting using a bow and arrow,byplaying this hunt shooter game and archery shoot game, which isoneof the top rated hunting games, hunting games for girls, bowgamesfor free, hunting games of birds, arrow games, hunting gamesonlineand bow killing games.It is time to get one of the top hunting games freedownload,hunting games for children, bow and arrow shooting gamesandhunting games online, on android, for free.Key Features duck hunting+ Duck Hunting With A Bow And Arrows+ Unlimited Arrows (Max 3 Life)+ Fun, challenging and addictive gameplay+ Stunning graphics & sound effects+ Hit “Colour Duck” to get +1 extra life+ If you hit “Toucan Bird” you will lose 1 life+ Easy to play, hard to master game+ Smooth Duck animationsGet this bow shoot game or one of the best offline huntinggames,hunting online games, archery shooting games, hunting gamesfreeand hunting archery games, on android.Duck hunting is one of the best hunting games. Download thistopduck shooting game app for free and enjoy shooting as many ducksaspossible with bow and arrow, by becoming a bird hunter.
Archery Black 1.0.37
The most entertaining and lightweightarcheryfun for all.- Make highscore and compete with the world via real timelivecharts.- It got multiplayer mode which enables you to play with CPUwithadvanced artificial intelligence. Beat it if you can!- Directly compete with friends and random players via real timeoneon one matches.- Simple tap to shoot gameplay where just a tap will rush thearrowfrom bow to target.Kids and adults, boys and girls, men and women of all ages canplaythis game. This is a complete fun package for family,party,office, solo, school, college whatever is the place,time,location, you can enjoy this game anytime, anywhere. Go getitnow!
The Archers 2 1.3.1
Destroy the enemies with your bow beforetheykill you.The enemy is killed by a hit in the head or two hits in thetorso,an arm or a leg.There is simple intuitive game control - aim and shot.The new version has improved mechanics of the player andopponents.Now they are funny pulling their arms and legs, ofcourse, if youhit your aim.Otherwise, you will be funny writhing in agony after theheadshotfrom your enemy)The first version of multiplayer is also added, which let youtocompete in accuracy with friends and other players aroundtheworld.We are Working on the update. E-mail us your suggestions toimprovethe gameplay, we read all your comments.Have a good game!
Bow Butcher 2 - Dragon Hunter 1.4
Test your arrow shooter skills huntingdragonsand wyverns in Bow Butcher 2 - Dragon Hunter!Become the most skilled archer in this sequel of the popularfreearrow hunting game!Earn coins shooting valuable dragons and wyverns!Upgrade your bow and arrows!Complete all Bowman Challenges!Hunt the legendary White Wyvern!Master the game and become the best arrow shooter!If you love free archery games, this game is for you!It's open season for dragon shooting!-> FEATURES <-* No "pay to win", you need to be a fast and skilled shooter!* Totally free and offline! No internet needed!* Lightweightest of arrows shooter games!* 4 worlds to unlock, explore and hunt!* 16 hunting levels with progressive difficulty!* 10 valuable dragons, wyverns and apples to hunt!* 560 Bowman Challenges to complete!* Special archery items and upgrades to help your archer!-> CONTROLS <-* Touch and drag anywhere in the screen to aim.* Release the touch to shoot the arrow in that direction.-> GAMEPLAY <-Select a level and start shooting the dragons that crossesthescreen until your arrows are over.You will earn coins for each killed dragon or wyvern that fellsonthe ground, so try not to drop them on water or lava.After the hunt you can stop at the Archery Shop and use yourcoinsto buy more arrows, upgrade your bow or buy powerful itemsthatwill help your hunter in his next hunting day.-> DRAGONS AND WYVERNS <-Each kind of dragon or wyvern has a different value in dragoncoins,as well as flying speeds and sizes.As you advance in the games, the wyverns will be smaller, fasterandway more valuable.Only the bowman who master the archery skills can hunt thelegendaryWhite Wyvern!-> BOWMAN CHALLENGES <-Take a look at the challenges list before you enter a level,andchoose one or more challenges to hunt.You will earn a progressive hunter bonus each time you completeaBowman Challenge.Some challenges are very difficult or even impossible to completeifyour archer don't have specific items or upgrades. You must buythenecessary items and arrows at the Archery Shop before you trytocomplete them.-> WORLDS AND LEVELS <-The game has 16 levels split in 4 worlds. Each level has itsowndragon and wyvern kinds as well ground positions.At the beginning, only the first world is playable. You needtounlock the other 3 worlds by earning apples.-> APPLES <-You earn 1 apple every single day you enter the game, or 3 applesifyou played the game yesterday.You can also earn an extra apple by shooting the helicopterappleand watching a short video.Helicopter apples are rare and fast, so be sure to alwaysupgradeyour archer to make the hunting easier.The most anticipated archer games sequel finally comestoAndroid!Get ready for lots of hours of fun!Download now Bow Butcher 2 - Dragon Hunter for free and jointhisadventure!The best of free arrow shooting games is waiting for a shooterlikeyou!
Archer vs Archers Archery Game 1.17
Kill enemies using bow and arrows. Wresttheheads and limbs of body using accurate shot.Just tap on the screen, pull and let an arrow from a bow to fly.How many heads can you wrest?
The Vikings 1.0.6
Viking is a ferocious Scandinavianwarrior.Viking's favorite weapons are axes! You can throw them atenemiesand split their skulls!It is very simple to do this - just tap on the screen and pulltoaim and release to throw the ax. One accurate throw will beenoughto put down any opponent. And there will be a lot of them!Amongthem are archers, armored swordsmen and even magicians.Therefore, to destroy them there are axes available for everytastein the game store, as well as a variety of shields and helmetstodefend yourself from arrows and shells of magicians.Also, the player versus player mode is implemented.Each player is on his turret and you need to hit an ax inyouropponent before he splits your skull with his ax.And do not worry if you die in the midst of a fight ... afterall,Valhalla is waiting for you after death!!!*Have a good game!* Valhalla does not apply to warriors who have defeated lessthanone opponent.
Archer's 1.4.7
strung a bow and shoot an arrow to rescueyourhanging colleaguesAlthough the rules are simple, each level is structured in avarietyof situations and structures, and is a challenging gamethatrequires control skills as well as logic, situation judgment,andproblem-solving skills.Robin Hood's bow is a fantastic physics-based play.A variety of goals and levels await you.Try it nowRobin Hood and his colleagues in Sherwood ForestThey steal the king's gold and give it to the poor.The King raised taxes to recover the gold he had taken,All the farmers who can not pay taxes are put in jail or hangupwith repulsive farmers.Robin Hood slips deep into the castle and secretly hides inthecastle and begins to save his colleagues with amazingbowskills.The game requires the following permissions,It does not requireanyextra permissions.1) WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-> It is used to store or read game data in storage space.2) READ_PHONE_STATE-> Check the terminal status.3) GET_ACCOUNTS-> Use for Google ranking, achievements, Googleaccountauthentication required for cloud storage. Tale of Bow & Arrow 1.9.2
Join the stickman archers army.Use your targeting skills for a good cause. Save villages fromevilforces and dragons ravaging homes. Be the Hero that they needrightnow.Get the support of the villagers, collect gold and find diamondstoupgrade bows, arrows, helmets, shields and armors. Getmagicalitems to defend yourself against fiery enemies.Easy to learn, fun to master, rewarding to play.Invite your friends for a duel through Facebook or fightagainstrandom bowman opponents in this Multiplayer io game.Wanna see how long you can stand? Battle an endless onslaughtinSingle Player and rise the ranks in the Leaderboards.Grab your bow and arrow, start shooting Features:-Multiplayer duels with friends and random opponents.-Campaign storyline.-Easy controls, addictive gameplay.-Minimalist graphics, theatrical animations.-Google Play Games Leaderboards and Achievements.Oak Games Inc.Contact [email protected]
Mad Dragon Defense 1.1.11
Human arrogancy will bring darkness totheworld,Shape of an ancient dragon will materialize,Beast will consume everything in its path,People will organize their armies and try to defeat it,But they dont know that this greatest evil is controlled by ...You !Controll epic 4-headed dragon. Defend against endlessarmies.Rule the world!-Challenging campaign levels-Unique enemies and extreme boss fights-Powerfull upgrades turns your spells into weapon ofmassdestruction-Crazy challenge modes-Engaging daily and permanent missions-Awesome dragon armors, helmets and wings-Cloud saves, Google Play Achievements, Twitter/Facebookscoresharing
Power Level Warrior 1.1.6
From the maker of LegendsWithincomesPowerLevel Warrior. Fight your way troughchallenges!Collectpowerballs and and dragon crystals and buy newlocations.Customizeyourcharacter and unlock super transformationswhichwillfurtherincrease your power level. Have a ball whileplayingandtrainingyour dragon warrior!UPDATE: Power Level Warrior2OutNow: battle systemVarious moves to masterEnergy blasts and wavesStunning cell shaded anime graphicsCharacter stat customization7 transformations to unlock8 locations to unlock156 challenges to complete
Funny Archers - 2 Player Games 1.8
Funny Archers - 2 Player Games is funarcadeshooting bow & archery games free.In this game you will be archery and need to kill all otherenemies(archer, magic, tanker ) and to have the higher score.Master allskills and became a PRO archery.*** Features ***- Many modes: 1 player, 2 player, online mode is coming soon.- Simple and fun arcade shooting archery games free.- Many skins to unlock- Many items to upgrade: arrow, helmets, bow- Beautiful graphics*** How to play ***- Simple touch the screen, hold to string a bow and releasetolaunch the arrow.- To become a bow master, archery need kill all other archers togetbetter scoreBecome a bow master in Funny Archers - addictive gamesDOWNLOAD NOW !!!LIKE US US
Stickman Archery: Arrow Battle 1.1
Welcome to the exciting journeyoftheStickman Archery Arrow Battle Shoot! It’s oneofthoseunique and amazingly thrilling bow and arrow gamesthatwillimpress you from the very start. Join anunforgettablestickmanfight and become the archery master. How longcan youdominate thisarchery shooting game?! One thing is sure, thecartoongraphicswill help you enjoy the game even more!🎯SHOW GREAT PRECISENESS🎯You need to show great preciseness in every stickmanarcherybattle.Don’t stop, or lose focus, as in every battle youneed tokill allstickman. There are other enemies too as witch,dragons,wolves andballoons. Be fast and kill as many, before theykillyou!🏹 POWERFUL BOW & ARROW🏹Use the bow and arrow to shot the torso, arm and legs ofstickandmaster this free archery shooting game. The StickmanBattlewillhook you from the very first moment, and don’t despair.Ifyouthink the game is tough, just think of your powerfulbow&arrow. They can do miracles and destroy anything!🎯 AMAZING SHOTS, WEAPONS & UPGRADES🎯Be precise to be effective! Note that hits with a headshotstickhelpyou kill the stickman quickly.There will be other weapons too, so use bombs todestroymorestickmen. As you progress in the stickman archery game,youcanupgrade and use skills to help stickman win everybattle.🖼️BEAUTIFUL ONE-OF-A-KIND CARTOON GRAPHICS 🎯We took amazing care and most talented artists tocreatethisstunning war cartoon graphics. The impressive artisjustaccompanied with simple gameplay. It looks and feelsamazingand itwill make you addicted to Stickman Archerybattles.🎯 Stickman Archery, Arrow Battle FEATURES:🎯✅ stunning war cartoon artwork and HD graphics✅ highly-enjoyable archery games gameplay✅ simple controls✅ crazy fun enemies✅ great shooting game effects (even headshot is included)✅ tons of additional weapons and upgrades-----------------------------Join the stickman battle now for FREEEnjoy one of the best free archery games this year!
Archery Balloons Shooter 1.1
After the Royal Archery Crossbow MastergameBeta Games studio Make a new archery game in 2d version withnewideas and new environment hope the fans and lovers ofarcheryshooting game like this cute and sweet archery balloonsshooter. onthis game multiple environments Snow, Rainfall,butterflyadventure. green jungle. and others interesting adventureson thisgame available. balloon tower defense like a bubble shooterorarchery target shooting. kids play pop the balloons shootingandboom blasting on this sweet archery 2d game. championship ofthisseason on the arcade game gallery. welcome to the bow andarrowtarget aim archery shooting game. sling shooter and eggarchery bowand arrow target master champion shooter.Enjoy one the most popular unique balloon bow and arrowtargetshooting with amazing target archery game. Archery craze is3D,everyone is welcome to play and start your own shooting. Go tothearcade balloons shooting game and test accuracy outstandingskillsto moving arrows and explosion the colorful balloons targets.Youwill inspire of this characteristic archers simulator.Come and try your greatest to be the archery master withexcellentgraphics, fabulous shooting environment and stunningaffectivesounds. If you are the fan of archery assassination thenyou don'tmiss the chance to playing this addictive game. Tryrealistic bowand arrow target shooting with archery simulate.This is the newest archery range is the balloons bow, arrow andthecustomization archers simulation for you. In this wonderfulstrikethe mission is to shoot the amazing balloons and get highscores.If you are good archer gentleman or bowman then you smashthemidpoint of balloons and get extra score and an arrow. Inthisarchery target aiming simulation your mission is shoot targetatthe center of balloons you must inspire of this classicarchersgame. You can face three types of mode like easy,medium and hard each mode consists of multiple difficult tasks. .Goto the archery game and test precision remarkable abilitiestomoving arrows and exploding the targets. Remember! You needtocomplete your mission at the given specific time. You shouldhitcorrect at the target, collect point and get three stars toeasilyunlock next exciting levels. The aim of the game isassassinationyour arrows at the goals. There are a diversity oflevels withdifferent landscapes and shooting challenges.Archery sweet balloons shooting Contest is an android mobilegamewhich has super-hot shooting graphics, animations. It’ssoaccurate. Focus on goal and master all location to be the bestwithmost modern sport game. In this game you have extra more pointandsave your arrow then, you can shoot at mace ball. Mace ballishelping with you and destroy balloon in limited time. Shoot thebowballoon and get extra arrow to hit more balloons and earnaddedpoints in this addictive game.In this balloons shooter simulator your job is shoot thecolorfulballoon at the particular time and enjoy in rain, snowfalling andfresh greenery weather with huge magnificent mountainsand to longhills wonderful location, each task is tough than theprevioustask. You can complete your mission and shoot all givenballoonsand unlock next exciting challenging levels.The goal of the modern royal archery game is shooting your arrowsatthe targets on colorful balloons. You enjoy archery simulationafterfirst play and give your reaction. You can face multiplelevels inwhich different atmospheres, flying balloons, air streameffect andarrows. Download this game available on Google playstore! It isabsolutely free for android phone users.
Birds hunting 1.1.1
Birds hunting is a really on of the amazingandinteresting archery Game. Your goal is to shoot birds.Shoot toredbird and gain one life, shoot black bird to lose onelife.Thesmaller the bird size higher the point you score.How To Play?Aim your arrow at the target birds and release finger to firethearrow.Shoot as fast as you can.Show your bow archery skill and make higher andhigherscore....COOL FEATURES:- Realistic sound effects- Cutting Edge Graphics- Excellent animation,- Accurate physics effects- Challenging objectives to achieve- Beautiful themesAll the best .....
Don't Miss! (Stickman Archery) 1.0.11
Using the bow and arrow you must hitthetarget. You control a tiny archer that needs your help. Don'tgetfrustrated as the little stickman dreams to become anarcherymaster.He has made the controls simple and intuitive. Just drag yourfingerand release. Watch the bow and arrow for direction.We hope you will like this archery game. Enjoy the game!
Real Archery Shooting 1.1.6
Are you ready to become an Real BowmanArcheryShooting Master? You could be a better archery shooter inthisarcher war game to show your archery skills. Start shootingtodayby playing in Archery Club in this awesome archery centerOlympicgame and experience real archer action! Everyone is welcometo playand start your own archery shooting with ultrarealismpleasure!Play one of the most popular modern sport games in theOlympics.It's FREE to become archery master!!Real Archery Shooting is a 3D mobile bow shooting gamewhichhas amazing 3D shooting archery range graphics, animations andit’sso realistic with movie or film like locations/stages. Makesyoufeel like you are actually in the sports games of archershooter.Come and try your best to be the real archery masterbueskyttearc!Real Archery Shooting delivers ultra realistic bowmanarcheryexperience that features stunning 3D graphics like archerwargames, amazing animations like archery club and simplecontrolslike archery center. Shoot arrows at targets generally setatvarious distance to complete levels and stages to earncoinsrewarded arrows in this sport game of Olympics. Get ready fortheintense challenges from Real Archery Shooting. Take a breath,aimthe target, shoot the arrow and hit the bull's eye now forrealismpleasure! Will you be the best archer or bowman withbueskyttearc?In Real Archery Shooting you’ll always face new challengesinarchery range. Clear stages to increase your skills and getaccessto new locations, where you’ll compete against the best ofthebest! The aim of the game is shooting your arrows at thetargets.There are a variety of levels with different features andshootingchallenges.The inescapable addiction!! The realistic shooting screen!!Thesimple controls!! A breathless medal competition!! A varietyofmaps, a variety of targets, and moving targets!!Start now! Aim and shoot! You are the RealArcheryMaster!★★★ TOP GAME FEATURES ★★★• First Person Archery 3D Shooting• Efficient Game Controls• Multiple archery shooting locations: War Field, Archery FieldandBackyard• 3D Graphics and Sound effects• Stage Based Environments• Lots of addictive & competitive levels★★★ Disclaimer ★★★This free game contains ads.Enjoy Real Archery Shooting, the greatest Archery gameof2016-17!Your suggestion would be our great pleasure for the improvementofthe game features time to time.
Dragon Slayer - Dark Times 9.0
Destroy dragons!Interesting arcade game in the plot which includes waradventure,returning home after a glorious battle. But his path isnot sosimple as he thought, and even more dangerous than the warwithwhich he returns. Along the way, our hero meets a scaryflyingmonsters - dragons! Fortunately that our hero is a truefriend andally - is YOU! Help our hero to return to hisvillageunharmed. The game is done in 2D style, your task is to destroythedragon you meet. If dragons fly up close to you, you will die.Donot let the horrible monsters to do it! Collect points, earnmoneyfor killing dragons. For coins you can open the othercharacters inthe game.All in the game three characters: Warrior, Archer, Mage.Everyonehas their own characteristics. The archer shoots two arrowsand amage attacks faster than the others. Excellent game - adventure, for those who do not like topressa lot of buttons. The character itself is, all that you needis toaim and release the button, the character shoots himself inthe areain which you labeled.Your goal is to destroy the dragon, at the end of the game youwillsee the account, how many dragons were destroyed by you. Thebestresult is recorded and saved in your records. Try to improveyourrecord permanently. To do this, you need to determine which ofthethree characters suits you best.The game where you have to kill the dragon, completely freeandavailable to all. Endless plot will not let you get bored, andeasyoperation will bring you delight!Features:- A great 2D game- Entertaining arcade- Three characters: Warrior, Archer, Mage- Game - Adventure- Counting records- Free- An endless story- Easy operationHow to play:Click on the phone screen, the character starts to aim, releaseyourfinger at a time when the sight will be sent to thedragon.Come into our group, share a personal record againstotherplayers!
Royal Archery Crossbow Master 1.2
Archery is the art or skill to propelarrowsusing crossbow. Everyone love to play this game. Through thisgameyou will become an archer or bowman by practicingarcherygame.Awesome controls and realistic 3d graphics will make you feellikean archer man.It's very simple but amazing game. It has 24 levels and manymorefeatures. In each level there are 10 arrows to shoot thetarget. Ineach level there are different targets.In some levels targets have moved. If your arrow will not hitthetarget than your arrow should automatically waste and decreasetheone arrow in given arrows.Aim the target, take a breath, shoot with arrow and hit intothetarget. When your arrow hit into the center of target you get50scores and its good shot.Grab the arrow get ready for shot the challenging game andbecomethe master of this 3d archery game. If you accurately hitmain aimcenter point then you got extra score and one arrow.Test your skill by playing 3d royal archery shooter andtraininggame. Hopefully you like and give feedback after firstplay.This game is compatible with all mobile devices ofandroidphones.***How To Play***- Touch the screen- Move your finger to aim you target- Release the arrow***Features***- 3d graphics & different targets- Intuitive controls & stunning environments- More than 20 levels- Wind effect- Optimized game play
Defender 1.1.9
Waves of monsters are attacking yourcastle.They move fast, strike hard, and never give up. It's time toequipyour BOW to fight! Can you defend your castle againstintruderswith your archery?How to play?# Touch screen to shoot arrows.# Drag and drop spell icon to cast a spell.# City Wall: Upgrade city wall to increase health point.# Mana: Mana is required to cast a spell.# Magic Tower: Upgrade magic tower to increase MANA.# Strength: Increase the damange of a arrow.# Agility: Increase shooting frequency.# Weapon: Select and equip proper bow to defend.# Power shot: Repel monsters.# Fatal Blow: Double damange with certain possibility.Watch out, intruders will be stronger and stronger. New BOSSESwillcome out as stage goes. Be the hero, and win the HONORS!Any suggestion/feedback is welcome!==========================Droidhen is the name behind Defender, Defender II, DinosaurWar,Miracle City, Basketball Shot, DH Texas Poker, Gun of Gloryandmany other top popular games. Droidhen is also marked astopdeveloper by google.==========================
Power Level Warrior 2 1.2.0d
From the maker of Legends Within andPowerLevel Warrior. Fight your way trough challenges! Collectpowerpoint balls and for your dragon warrior to customize yourstats andunlock super transformations which will further increaseyour powerlevel. Have a ball while playing and training your dragonwarrior!Features:- Fast battle system- Number of moves to unlock and master- Number of transformations to unlock- Number of energy attacks to unlock and master
Safari Archer: Animal Hunter 2.7
This game is a free archery game,animalhunting and shooting game. Archers go to safari with bowandarrows. Become a safari hunter! It is hunter and/or shooteractiongame. It is also safari animals simulator, it is includesmore thantwenty animals and birds.However, if you love hunter games, you may play "DinosaurHunter:Dino Archer" dinosaur hunter game by Natural Action Games onthestore. Coming soon, the future of deer hunting of mountainforestsversion for lovers of hunting game.Let's take on bow to hand, put on arrows our quiver, scrollthroughthe forest on horseback.Ride your brown horse, enter into the wild life of safari atafricanplain savanna.Hunting between wild African animals. Youhave to killwild beasts. You do not die. You kill or you die. Thisis the rulein Safari of wildest animals.These wildest animals can be your victim, enemy or prey.Tigers,lions, cheetahs are wild cats in safari. Elephants,zebras,gazelle, rhinos, giraffes are the owner of the life areasincemillions years ago. Arrow and the bow not only to hunt forlandanimals, you can shoot and hont at flying birds of theair.This classic birds and wild birds are crows, eagles, owls, etc.Wildbirds are falling to floor when arrow to stick their bodyorwings.The wild Safari animals in the gameZebra is known for its black-and-white fast paced.The rhinoceros are known for their huge horns with a giganticmass.Before you attack the rhinoceros, you should use the bow andhitit.The planes are known for running very fast. In this archergame,they are the most active hunts on the land. You should showyourability to shoot moving prey.Charms are generally cheesy safari hunters. They are known fortheirinsincerity and can not do business on their own.The birds are very active hunting. To pursue, to aim and to beableto hit and drop the flying bird in the air, the real hunterwantsingenuity. You can hunt eagles, horns, predatory birds like aduckhunter.Gorillas are very strong primates. They can be aggressive.Becareful not to feed them.Fillers and zulu are lovely safari residents. Fillers are knownfortheir gigantic bodies, hoses and teeth, with giraffe long neckandbeautiful pattern.Buffalo is the wild bull of safarin. Wild cats can often huntwithflocks.* Easy and very practical controls. usual joystick and twobuttonsfor easy hunting games and shooting games experience.* Safari hunter game, animal species more than 20.* Real 3D hunter hame, best archer with horse.* Super cool savanna landscape day themed sunset. Light mapandshadows.* Gradual shoot system. Feel the air flow of arrows.* Great sounds, animal sounds, bow sound, wind sound ofarrow,etc.* 5 different gameplay speed and difficulty. Slow to fast, easytohard.* Realistic animal characters. They can run, escape, attack,kill,bite.* 40 different simple to complex levels and missions* Realistic physics. Cool archer game experience. Funnyequestrian(horse-drawn) entertainment.* Awesome flights of birds with realistic 3D physic codes.* No blood, any blood effect or blood action.* Seamless incense particle system for arrows. To show thearrowroute.Tips:* Each level you have 12 arrows with bow.* For high score, you can play hard or fast game mode.* For high score, Give priority to hunt birds.
Archery Wild Animals Hunter 1.3
GunFire Games
Archery simulation game world is nowhavingnumber one archery hunting game. Hunting and shooting with agun isquite different doing this with a crossbow. Though it isaprimitive and ancient hunting way but it is more addictive.Youraim to the target must be more precise, accurate and quickotherwise you will lose the target, or the animal you are trying tohunt, may hunt you.Archery Wild Animals Hunter is a unique game which employs bowandarrow instead of using a sniper gun. It may take you some timetomaster shooting with bow and arrow, but when you get used to it,itwill be fun to target, aim and shoot with a crossbow to hitthebull’s eye. You have to be a perfect archer to aim at themovingtarget, like an animal moving in a jungle, it might bemorethrilling as the animal will attack you if you fail.The gameplay of this bow arrow hunting game is quiteinteresting.You have to save some farm animals like cow, goat andsheep fromthe attack of wild jungle animals like bear, boar, fox,wolf, lionand rhino in the first level while other levels containmerelyshooting furious beasts from the jungle. You have to shootthesewild animals with your crossbow and arrow to save yourself.Useyour finger to pull arrow, aim and release to shoot wildjungleanimals. Play this game again and again to be achampionarcher.FEATURES- Cool 3D environment.- Realistic archery game controls.- Multiple camera views.- True to life graphics.- Simple yet addictive gameplay.Privacy Policy:
Avatar Maker: Dragons 2.4.2
This character builder lets you createanoriginal dragon image. You're bound to love it: it'll beunique,and ever so cute. Hundreds of different details will helpyoucreate your dragon and then train it. You can dress it up,spendholidays with it, and make it sad—or cunning and happy. Yourdragonwill be able to breathe fire, become a knight, or growflowers fromits body. And much, much more!Download the maker, create your pet dragon, and don't forgettoshare your comments with us and let us know whether you'vemanagedto train it. Happy creating!
Archery Big Match 1.1.7
With bow and arrows to aim at varioustargetslike ordinary circular targets, dummy targets and fruits,you mayexperience an exciting hitting feeling of realarchery.[Feature]- With a simple touch control, enjoy the best archerygamingexperience.- Master how to measure effects of wind force and its direction!Andmake your own tactics to dominate the match!- Multi-play supported- Off-line versus mode supported.- Use items wisely that will enhance your archery skills.- Enjoy mini-games and earn useful items.- At Time race, enjoy extra game modes.- 16 languages supported- Achievement and Leaderboard supported- Compatible with Tablet devicesHomepage : : :
Archery hunter - bird duck and deer hunting 2.6.2
Archery hunter - bird duck and deer huntingisnow for mobile owner! Archery hunter is the best and mostrealisticarchery 2D simulation game for you. Archery hunterdeliversrealistic archery experience, amazing and deferent colorbirds,ducks and dears of archery hunter's make it more interesting.Shotarrows at bird duck and deer to kill them and get coins andthecoins are usable to buy hunting equipment from shop ofArcheryhunter game. For more enjoy of Archery bird hunting game weaddburning arrow in game when player uses this option the arrowwillburn hunted birds and ducks.A horse which will brings gifts such as extra coins, arrowsandburning arrow, touch on the horse and earn gifts.For every level the number of birds, ducks and deer are shown inatable in beginning of level, if you hunt all of them thelevelbecome complete and another level be unlocked or you canunlockanother level by spending achieved coins.Archery hunter – bird duck and deer hunting consist of sixlevels,Level one of Archery hunter is a place with a tree and adog, birdssit on tree, when you hunt bird dog collects hunted birdin abasket.Level two of Archery hunter is near to river, ducks fly overtheriver and if you don’t shot for about 5-10 seconds ducks willsitin water and the hunting of duck become easy.Third level of archery hunter is with a chariot which followsbirdsin forest and you hunt themFourth level of Archery hunter is with a boat which player drivesinriver and follows duck and hunt them.Fifth level of archery hunter is deer hunting, deer run overthegreen hills and player hunts them during run.Sixth level of archery hunter is with a chariot which followsdeerin jungle for hunting.Other levels of Archery hunter will be added soon.Archery bird hunter game also consist a shop which player canbuyhunting equipment.As brief we ( KohistaniApps ) tried to make this gamemoreinteresting and more enjoyable.How to play Archery hunter – bird duck and deer hunting game:★ Swipe on bow (arch), pull or rotate it, if you release thearrowis shot.★In each level hunted and achieved coins are show in a table.★ Tap on shop button and buy needs of hunting.★ If you see a running horse try to touch it several time, thiswillgive you gifts such as arrows, coins and burning arrow.
Stickman Archer 1.5.8
Destroy enemies and stay alive!!Aiming and shooting in enemy stickman. Drag and drop your fingerfortargeting and firing.Simulator shooting with bow.The enemy is killed by a hit in the head or two hits in thetorso,an arm or a leg.Play with people in Multiplayer mode!!!Have a good game!
Ever After High™: Baby Dragons 2.4.97660
The Dragon Games have arrived at EverAfterHigh, and along with it, lots of darling BABY DRAGONS! Hatchyourdragon eggs into living, breathing, fun-loving companions tocarefor and train for the Dragon Games! COLLECT enough stamps tounlocka new FREE baby dragon--Brushfire!CHARMING FEATURES:1. Get one baby dragon for FREE! Discover four more dragons,eachwith her own special accessories!2. Baby dragons need lots of LOVE and attention. Feed and playwithyour baby dragon to keep her healthy and HAPPY.3. Reach level 10 to RIVER RAFT with your baby dragon!4. DRESS UP your dragon with cute accessories, skin patternsandmagical auras! DECORATE your dragon's camp with funanimateddecorations and furniture.5. Practice FLIGHT TRAINING and fire breathing and earn gemstopurchase enchanting new outfits and accessories for yourpet.6. Send your dragons on ADVENTURES in the land of Ever Afterandearn rewards to help you level up faster.Ever After High: Baby Dragons requests access to your photos soyoucan save adorable pictures of your baby dragons!Inspired by the Netflix movie, Dragon Games, welcome to EverAfterHigh: Baby Dragons!Please Note: This app is free-to-play but some items can alsobepurchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchasesthroughyour device settings.This app allows users to create and modify photos. These photosarelocal to the device and never shared with any third partiesorstored on our servers unless otherwise specified.
Forest Archer: Hunting 3D 1.7
Welcome to the forest version of thepopularsafari archer game.This deer hunting game, built in 2017, has innovative anduniquefeatures.For those who enjoy hunting sports, archery hunting andhuntinghobbies.Bow and arrow game, arrow throw game, aiming andshootinggame.In a vote on a brown horse, you go in the woods andfightwildlife.It contains more than twenty animals and birds.Mountain goats, mountain deer, reindeer, american bison,leopardsfrom wild cats, foxes, white-necked eagles,Black-brown grizzly bear, wild wild boar, moose, duck,crow,etc.If you are interested in deer hunters, duck hunters, wildmonsterhunts, without hurting real life,Is a very productive application for you to experience.It is a game to travel in the depths of the forest, meet allkindsof creatures, and assume the role of hunter in thewildlifesimulator.As a man of horses, go through the depths of the forest and huntthewild animals that you have foresaw.Sporting action involving American animals, forest animals,wildpets, wild birds and forest birdsTill the end.Start by seeing 12 arrows for each game in the jungle with dozensofanimals and dozens of stunning birds.Find the prey, release, launch the arrow. And feel thefrictionrubbing in contact with the air, the sound of thewind.Most of the forest animals are very wild and cruel. Be carefulofyour cruel enemies.Learn to hunt without hunting. When necessary, raise your pitchandrun fast.Go out on top of the hill and watch your prey, set the positionofyour aiming in the forest.The bison are huge bulls that live on American springsandovals.Leopards are wonderful skinned, cool cats that you have tobecareful not to feed when you are out in the woods.Ducks, eagles, turtles, predatory birds can also be hunted intheair.Deer species, mountain beaks, bears, foxes may facedifferentchallenges for each section.* Easy and very practical controls. usual joystick and twobuttonsfor easy hunting games and shooting games experience.* Jungle hunter game, animal species more than 20.* Real 3D bowman game, best archer with horse.* Super cool deep forest landscape, Light mapped and shadows.* Gradual shoot system. Feel the air flow of arrows.* Great sounds, each animal sounds, bow sound, wind sound ofarrow,etc.* 5 different gameplay speed and difficulty. Slow to fast, easytohard.* Realistic animal characters. They can run, escape, attack,kill,bite.* 40 different simple to complex levels and missions* Realistic physics. Cool archer game experience. Funnyequestrian(horse-drawn) entertainment.* Awesome flights of birds with realistic 3D phys codes.* No blood, seamless particle system for arrows rout.Tips:* Each level you have 12 arrows with bow.* For high score, you can play hard or fast game mode.* For the high score, give priority to predatory birds.* For similar games, you can check out the "safari archer"and"dinosaurs: jura hunter" games developed by NAG.
The Dragon Slayers are hunting once again and you have answeredthecall. Dragon Slayer is a visually spectacular, magic-basedcombatgame that is brought to you by the studio that brought youBlood& Glory and Blood & Glory: Legend.BATTLE MOUNTAINOUS DRAGONSChallenge massive dragons, wyverns, and reptiles as you traversethemap of the fantasy realm.UNLEASH POWERFUL MAGICCast deadly spells and avoid the flaming breath, bite, tail-whipandtalons of the Dragon Bosses.UPGRADE MAGICAL EQUIPMENTEquip magical gauntlets, cloak armor and pets to slaymoredragons.STUNNING AAA GRAPHICSCutting-edge graphics optimized for the latest devicesMOTION COMIC STORYJourney through the Realm on the hunt to vanquishmenacingDragons.Dragon Slayer is free to play, but you can choose to payrealmoney for some extra items.Use of this application is governed by Glu Mobile’s Terms ofUse.Collection and use of personal data are subject to GluMobile’sPrivacy Policy. Both policies are available terms may also apply.FOLLOW US atTwitter
Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors: Super Hero Legend 1.3.50
Dragon Shadow Battle: is classic game whichispopular worldwide. Our character are the greatest Hero Warriorwithincredible power.Dragon shadow battle is not an online game so you can only playwiththe character of the machineSuper Battle of God vs Devil base on Google Play has beenreturn!Good games on mobile, smartphone and tabletThe best game ever for dragon battle fan with more than 50saiyanforms.The cool saiyan transform effect and many bosses what you willlovethe way to fight if you love for dragon shadow battle Fan FCandYou like it.With Super Saiyan Levels from 1 to 20 and SSJG, SSGSS forstrongestpower with full skills will bring you to an ultimatesaiyan battleof dragon shadow battle.Many skills like Kamehameha, Dragon Recall, Big Bang Attack,KiBlast and Monkey King Recall ... and many more coming soon.Become super heroes and warriors of legend with full skill ofasuper hero special more than all on global.Dragon shadow battle is a fight game with dark characters, only1,2, 3 or 4 times you do not hit you will be defeated byyouropponent.The game is designed in the form of shadow and flexiblemovement,shadow fight battle of 2 dragon warriors in theworld.In this game, you will in super hero role also superheroes andfightwith big bosses, the most dangerous enemies in universe.Yourenemies will upgrade their power each level, and … theywillabsolute make you hard to win.You must fight against 1 enemies, but sometime you will mustfightwith many enemies at the same time. We believe you will lovethisfight way. if you want to win.All people in the world or VietNam, old men, kid, boys or girls,manor woman know like Dragon Shadow fight and very like playthisgames.********************* FEATURES *********************• Easy to play and control a to z• 20 Super Hero ball Levels with amazing graphics shadow• 40+ bosses with 80+ skills.• Many challenges each levels• Many characters to collect and upgrade.• Easilyearn coin with watch reward video*** CHARATER SYSTEM ***- Son Goku : skill kamehameha fighting+ Vegeta skill : Little with kung fu "Kai" Energyball.+ Intermediate skill: Great "Kai fighter" Energy ballfromsky.+ Ultimate skill: amazing Kame - blow enemy with "KAI"energy.+ Melee skill : Perform spectacular martial arts - Combineshadowpunch and shadow kick.*********************CONTACT US*********************We always try to perfect our product for our user. We wantmoreideas from you. Please contact us :Visit our Offical site at: http://www.onegame.mobiFollow us on Facebookat: out our Video and game trailer at : Policy : Action Game : Adventure Game: Arcade Game: Puzzle Game: Strategy Game: Racing Game: Sport Game: RPG Game: contact: [email protected]:
Balloon Bow & Arrow 8.0.2
Zabuza Labs
#1 Top Free Game!Pull back the arrow from the bow and pierce the balloon with apopin this incredibly exciting and unbelievably addictive gamethathas caught the fancy of over 4 million players!Balloon Bow Arrow is a simple archery game where you have topopballoons using the bow & arrow a.k.a. archery. .Balloon Bow Arrow is a perfect game for kids of all age group&toddlers. It's a no brainer no bullshit no non-sense game madeforpeople from all age groups!THE GAME:- Balloons of different sizes and colors rise from the groundandfly into the sky.- Shoot them with your arrows (you get 25 arrows to startoffwith).- Use awesome ARROW POWERS and pop a lot of balloons insingleshoot.- When you shoot 3 balloons in a row, you get a bonus of 2freearrows.- Unlock super powers and beautiful themes by trading the coinsyouhave collected.COOL FEATURES:- Realistic sound effects- Cutting Edge Graphics- Excellent animation,- Accurate physics effects- Challenging objectives to achieve- Awesome ARROW POWERS- Beautiful themes- Classy balloons- MULTIPLAYER SUPPORTNow you can compete with other players on player vsplayerbasis!* Balloon, Bow & Arrow pays minute attention to recreatingarealistic experience with the right sound effects based onphysics.For instance, the sound of air when the arrow escapes thebow isremarkable.* ~ John SmithTest your archery skills in this ballon archery game.Kids love ballons & they will definitely love ballonbowarrow!Balloon Bow Arrow is downloaded over 4 million times and is oneofthe best balloon game out there!Like our facebook page to stay tuned. Balloon Bow & Arrow for free and besuperentertained.Kids love balloon games, and this is is specifically madeforkids.Toddlers enjoys Balloons too, and so this balloon pop game makesaperfect game for toddlers as well!Play endlessly!
Balloon Archery Shooter 20
This is a archery game in which a bow&arrow is used to pop different balloons and this game willmake youan addict and completely crazy about it !Aim the arrow and hit the balloon with a popping. Aim asmultipleballoons in a single shot to multiply the score. This is ahighlyaddictive and incredibly exciting game.THE GAME:- Balloons of different color and sizes will fly from ground toskyand you have to hit them before disappearing.- Infinite arrows are available with limited lives.- Upgrades are also available to upgrade power, reloadingandheating factor of arrow.- When you hit multiple balloons in a row the score willbemultiplied.- Unlock upgrades and super powers to upgrade to pop balloonquicklyand efficiently.COOL FEATURES:- Realistic Graphics.- Cool Sound Effects- Excellent Cartoon Animation,- Cool and Accurate Physics- Awesome Background music- Cartoon theme* Christmas Balloon, Bow & Archery is a very cool gamewithawesome and cool sound effects that is used for gameaddiction.Game play and physics is so addictive that you cannotmove your eyefrom game.For example sound of balloon popping isawesome.* ~ UserreviewDownload Balloon, Balloon Bow & Archery for FREE and besuperentertained.Play endlessly!Keywords - Balloon Boom Archery Pop Arrow Bubble Shooter
Ram Vs Ravan- Archery 1.2
Celebrate Dussehra and Ravan Vadh withArcheryand Ram & Ravan.Bow and arrow game based on Sri Ram & Ravan.There are two parts in the game Archery and Ram vs Ravan.In archery you have to kill Rakshasa (devils). Different devilswillappear on the screen. You have to drag the bow and releasearrows tokill devils. Each devils have different points.Like devils the weapons will also appear in the screen in each30sec. You have to drag the bow and release arrows to hit theweaponto activate them.There are also 10 superpower weapons -1. Chakra (spinning disk) of lord Krishna,2. Bhala (lance),3. Gada (maul) of Hanuman Ji,4. Tunira(quiver-extra arrows),5. Talwar (sword) Chandrahas of lord Shiva6. Sharbristi (shower of arrows) Narayanastra given bylordVishnu7. Bajrastra (lightning) of lord Indra Deva,8. Barunastra (rain) of lord Varuna,9. Kuthar (axe) Parashu of lord Parashurama and10. Agneastra (fire) of Agni devaEach weapon has its own destruction power. All weapons are asperHindu Mythology & Puranas and Epic Ramayana&Mahabharata.7 different themes will increase the visualization ofthisgame.Themes, weapon level, devils can be unlocked throughSunmarks.Sunmarks will increased/achieved with the score.Ram vs Ravan section of this game can be played both indoubleplayer and single player mode.In double player mode two player will engaged and both have toshowhis archery skill to hit opponent.In single player mode you are the player1 or Sri Ramandcomputer/android is the player2 or Ravan. You have to showyourarchery skill to defeat Ravan.Every time you hit the opponent increase your score by +5anddecrease the life of opponent.Consecutive hit will increase the score by +5, +10, +15, +30,+60,+100, +150, +300, +500, +1000, +5000.There will be three special power arrows. You can use each ofthemonce in a game. Select the special arrows to hit opponentwithdoubly, triply & quadruply power. They also scores +5,+25& +625 respectively.If wind on, the wind direction and velocity must be takenintoconsideration during projection.Observe the speed & angle monitor before project. It helpsthebeginners to balance the speed, angle and wind.There is good numbers of balloon and arrow type game in theplaystore where user has to pop up the balloons by arrow. This gameisa good substitute of such bow and balloons type game. This canbeconsidered as a different type of balloon shooter game.Now, let's go and show your skill of Archery!!!And on the eve of Dussehra, Ravan Vadh and Durga Puja VijayaDashamiand be a part of the Holy Epic Ramayana!!
Archery 3D - shooting games 1.3.3102
Join the worldwide archery match andcompetethe archery masters from all over the world. Great &free gameto make you to be the archery master! Just aim and shoot,easy toplay.Start shooting today by join Archery Tournament! Welcome tojoinArchery Online Battle World. Play one of the most popularmodernsport games in the Olympics.Archery Tournament is a 3D mobile game which has amazing 3Dshootinggraphics, animations. It’s so realistic. You will feellike you areactually in the sports games. The aim of the game isshooting yourarrows at the targets. There are a variety of levelswith differentfeatures and shooting challenges.Game Features:- V.S. mode of archery competition. Tournament ofArcheryGames.- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics- Lots of addictive & competitive levels- Varity of archery equipment: magnificent bows and arrows- Multiple archery shooting locations: Forest, ArcheryField,Iceland etc.Come and try your best to be the archery master!Challenge the online Archery masters around the world, betheArchery King in this 3D Archery Battlefield!
Archery 3.8.3051
Are you ready to become an ArcheryMaster?Watched Hunger Games and felt like you could be a betterarcherymaster than Katniss Everdeen or Gale Hawthorne.Start shooting today by playing Archery Club! Everyone is welcometoplay and start your own shooting!Play one of the most popular modern sport games in theOlympics.It's FREE!!Archery Club is a 3D mobile game which has amazing 3Dshootinggraphics, animations and it’s so realistic. Makes you feellike youare actually in the sports games. Come and try your best tobe thearchery master!The aim of the game is shooting your arrows at the targets.Thereare a variety of levels with different features andshootingchallenges.Start now! Aim and shoot! You are the Archery Master!Game Features:- Multiple archery shooting locations: Forest, ArcheryField,Iceland etc.- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics- Varity of archery equipment to make you to be archerymaster- Lots of addictive & competitive levelsBest shooting games ever, become the worldbow&arrowmasters!
Archery Master 3D 2.8
The World's #1 Archery game is now onmobile!Archery Master 3D is the hottest and most realisticarcherysimulation game for you.Archery Master delivers ultra realistic archery experiencethatfeatures stunning 3D graphics, amazing animations andsimpleintuitive controls. Shoot arrows at targets generally setatvarious distance to earn coins for new bows, arrows andupgrades.Get ready for the intense challenges from OlympicArcherychampions. Take a breath, aim the target, shoot the arrowand hitthe bull's eye now! Will you be the best archer orbowman?Game Features:- 4 picturesque locations: Pine Forest, Archery Field, DeadlyDesertand Rain Forest- Polished animation and realistic 3D graphics- 20+ elaborate designed archery equipment- 100+ addictive levels in normal mode- Compete 1-on-1 with real players all over the world inonlinemode
Dragons: Rise of Berk 1.32.17
Ludia Inc.
***Reached No.1 App in Over85Countries!***Build your OWN Berk! Rescue, hatch and train yourfavoriteDreamWorks Dragons! Explore uncharted lands in a vastVikingworld!Join Hiccup, Toothless and the gang to protect your village fromthemysterious strangers that threaten peace on Berk. Who are they?And,what do they want from your harmonious homeland? TrainyourDreamWorks Dragons successfully and they’ll reveal new powersthatwill help to ensure the future of your island.Remember…it takes a village...and DRAGONS!Features:• Discover all your favorite DreamWorks Dragons from themovie,including Toothless, Stormfly, Hookfang andSkullcrusher• Collect and grow over 350 different Dragon species, likeDeadlyNadders, Monstrous Nightmares and Typhoomerangs• Complete missions with all the characters fromDreamWorksDragons• Stunning visual & audio effects with 3D animationsThis is YOUR Berk. It's time to RISE!* Please note: Rise of Berk is completely free to play butofferssome game items for purchase with real money.© 2014 Ludia Inc. 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' © 2014DreamWorksAnimation L.L.C. All Rights Reserved.
Crossbow Hunter: Wild Animals 1.3
Return to wilderness and prepare fortheultimate animals hunting challenge with Crossbow Hunting:WildAnimals FPS Hunting Simulator. World’s greatest huntingexperiencewhile getting new trophies, taking down wolves, bears andcheetahs.Shoot like a pro, develop a steady hand and master yourskills totake the perfect shot. Hunt or be hunted! Get them beforethey getyou!Get the ultimate hunting experience with Crossbow Hunting:WildAnimals. Best hunting game on the store! If you got boredwith“sniper zombie WW2” games and need some more sophisticatedhuntingentertainment - download Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals!It’sabsolutely free, gives you plenty of fun and relax whileshootingcrossbow and taking part in crossbow/arbalest hunting trip!Feellike William Tell! Be an arbalest champion! Shooting isconductedat distances from 10 to 100 meters! The goal is to hunttheanimals! While hunting be aware that animals will startle orattackyou when they hear shoot or any disturbing noise! Animals aresoreal they nearly jump off your screen! Pursue trophies inuniquelocations of USA, Europe, Asia and go to a huntingexpedition! Takedown predators before they get you! Travel acrossthe globe andenjoy the High-end, immersive tablet and mobilegameplay! Embarkthe animals hunting expedition! It’s open season -join the huntnow! No training needed. Simply release the string ofthe bow. Feelthe Inescapable addiction, enjoy the realisticshooting experience.Simple controls, moving targets, wind factorwill make youaddictedCrossbow Champion: Sport Shooting 3D gives you:Beautiful 3D environmentRealistic crossbow experienceHunting Game Fun!Over 40 levelsVaried difficulty of the gameVaries missions to train your skills – hunt beasts, hit manytargetsat timePower upsPlaying for Free - no “in app purchases”High scoreDifferent arrows and bowsAchievementsYou can play offline - no internet is neededRealistic shooting mechanicsSimple to play and easy to learn – just tap and swipe to shootatthe targetFun!How to play:Simply tap and hold the screen to stretch the crossbow andaim.Release when ready to shoot. Be quick! The crossbow startsshakingwhen aiming for too long! Remember about the wind factor!Thegreater the shooting distance, the greater the correction mustbetaken in height.When aiming must take into account winddirectionand speed, and take correction to compensate for theoffset ofarrow. The crossbow reloads arrows automatically, so youcan focuson aiming the targets. Aimt through the collimator.Optical sighthas 2x magnification. Try to win the tournament,beware of thepredators!There are two types of gameplay:Time Attack: Get as many hits/points as you can in alimitedtime.Crossbow Hunting Master: You get only couple of arrows and havetohunt certain animals. Precision, focus and skill isrequired.You can play offline - no internet is needed (no wifi, LTE)Coming soon:Deluxe crossbow shooting!40 new levelsMultiplayerNew crossbows2 control types
Archery Man (Stickman Game) 1.0.5
**Download the Arcade game ArcheryManFREEtoday on Google Play!!**Meet Archery Man. He’s a little stickman who just LOVES tohitthebullseye!Just drag your finger and release. Watch the bow andarrowfordirection.Have a go and see for yourself, before you know ityou’llbehooked!Enjoy today!
Dragon Village 7.35
Dragon Village is a Dragon FightingBreedingCity Builder free 2 play fun game.Start a magical tour with mystical dragons. Imagine a villagefullof amazing dragons where you can feed, raise and train yourdragonsfor fighting!~ COLLECT mystifying, strong, and amusing dragons from over12elements! Each of the dragons has unique personality,uniquemagical powers and unique skills.~ CROSSBREED your dragons in the breeding lab and create anewdragon!~ FARM delicious food in the food farm and FEED them toyourdragons!~ BATTLE with your enemies and unlock new items!~ SHARE your own village, full of magical dragons with yourfriendsand help each other with gifts.FEATURES:- Free to play!- Cool graphics!- A wide range of exciting pet dragons.- The whole island is open for you!-Evolve your Dragons into epic form and explore an excitingfunworld!-Play with friends using Facebook and Game Center inSocialarea!-Cute eggs.-Custom elemental habitats for each type of dragons.-The Decor area is filled with stylish andattractivedecorations.-Farms to grow foods for your dragons.-Various battle stages where your dragons can competeforprizes.- A crossbreeding mechanism, which brings out surprisinglyrealisticresults!-Make your own team of Dragons and take them to battle!
Punch The Tire 1.1
Game of Logic
Punch The Tire is best archivegameof2017.Punch the Tire game is shoot the tire and get achievements.Punch The Tire Game is Four Difference level:1) Normal2) Side by Side3) Up Down4) Fast Spin---WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE IT?-----> Exquisite Game Interface!--> Cool Animation Effects!--> Download for Free!--> Applicable to Any Ages!-->Applies to All Android Devices or Google Play Users!-->Any time at Any Place!---WHAT YOU WILL GET IN THE GAME?----->Get Relaxation and Happiness!-->To Kill the Boring Time!-->Develop Your Brain and Exercise Your Fingers!-->Share with Your Friends!#1 Shooting Games in play storeShooting gamesBowlingbowling gamearchery gamesArchive gameswheelie gameswheel of timespin wheelwheel spin gamespin the wheel gamearchive king gameBottle ShootBest Action game is Punch the tire game.Classic wheel shooter is an Addictive Game. And our punch thetireisnot just that. It is more Simple and Amazing! It isaSingle-playerGame and No Network Required. Once you start,youwill not stopplaying. Just have a try, you will findEndlessFun!
Ninja Warrior - 2017 1.3
Are you ready to put your skill to thetest?Jump Ninja at your figure tip as much you can! Play thisexcitingninja warrior game with full of adventure &Fun!!!Make Ninja to climb the wall and kill the enemies to get thebestheight running score. Tap to jump from one wall to theother,slashing enemies in your way. Grab POWER MODERforprotection & enjoy this endless running game.Avoid the Snakes, Ladybug beetle, Enemy warrior, KillerBirds,Archery Girl & many more to archive your besthighscorer.Game Features☞ Endless climbing Game☞ Amazing background sound effects☞ Climbing & fighting skill☞ Simple, single-tap gameplay☞ Awesome power-ups & shields.☞ Ladybug Beetle, Bird, Enemy Warrior, Snake, Archery girl☞ Collect shields and power-ups along the way.☞ Small App 20 MB apk Size☞ Fully Free Game, without any purchase********Enjoy and challenge yourself in this game********
Tiny Archers
War is coming!DRAW YOUR BOW AND SAVE YOUR KINGDOM from hordes of goblinsandtrolls that siege your tower! Crush your enemies and becomethegreatest Tiny Archer in this challenging, fantasy,actiongame.Discover fantastic characters, fight multiple enemies, unlockmagicarrows and surprising abilities. Use your archery skillstosurvive! Defend your tower, defeat countless goblin andskeletonarmies and save the day! Join the ultimate bow and arrowadventureof Tiny Archers!FEATURES▶ ATTACK your enemies with 4 amazing characters: human, dwarf,elfand beastmaster▶ DISCOVER four surprising stories in this uniquely designedtowerdefence game▶ FIGHT an army of goblins, trolls and skeletons withspecialarrows, abilities and different attack layers▶ CHALLENGE yourself in 4 different stories with more than130unique tower defence levels!▶ TRAIN your archery skills to precisely aim attacks that stun,slowdown, or kill your enemies instantly!▶ UPGRADE your characters and collect resources to discovernew,magic arrows and skills▶ DEVELOP your unique strategy and tactics to survive anddefendyour tower from an army of goblins and trolls!▶ LAY TRAPS and use that strategic advantage againsttheattackers!▶ SURVIVE longer in the new game mode and beattheLeaderboard!▶ PLAY AGAINST OTHERS in the new Social feature to see who isbetterin the new game modes!▶ CHAT with others and share your photos or ask for help!▶ EXPERIENCE the challenge of the hard mode levels▶ EXPLORE diverse locations: elf cities, dwarf mines,valleys,forests and haunted graveyards▶ ENABLE the 18+ features for the full experiment: bloodmode,exploding bodies, kill-camBecome the greatest archery master and save the kingdom inthisultimate bow and arrow defence game!The game contains rewarded videos as well which are optionaltowatch.Do you have any issues, questions or suggestions forimprovement?Please send us your ideas and feedback!Reach us at: [email protected]: www.1der-ent.comFacebook:
Dragon Revenge 2D 8.0
Go to the destruction of the dragons!This world needs a new hero, and it is you! Worldwide flyterribleand bloodthirsty dragons, and no one except you can notcope withthem. Do not hesitate and go on an adventure rightnow. Under your command of three characters: spearman, archerandmage. Choose one and go on a journey. Goal of the game: to killasmany dragons as possible. Your hero will aim itself, your jobatthe right time to press the screen to the hero shot ifyoucalculated the true flight path, the dragon is defeated. For each dragon killing, you get one coin, coins needed tobuya new hero, first game you play for spearman. To open theothercharacter classes, collect as many coins as possible. Performdailybonuses, for them you get a lot of coins! Play right now in an amazing arcade game DragonSlayer.Beautiful levels, an interesting plot and excitingslaughterdragons. All of this directly by the host phone!Features:↗ three characters: spearman, archer and mage;↗ amazing arcade;↗ interesting story;↗ beautiful graphics;↗ convenient operation;↗ cool music;↗ fantasy world;↗ free game.How to play:Your hero will aim itself, your job at the right time to pressthescreen to the hero shot if you calculated the true flight path,thedragon is defeated.Do not forget the reviews and ratings, they are very importanttous! Have a good game;)
Archery - Dragons Slayer 9.0
It is time to destroy all the dragons inourland!You are on a dangerous journey to the fairy world, on your waytomeet the evil flying dragons, which you must destroy. Becarefulnot to let the dragons too close, otherwise they opals theirfireyou. Share this flying creature who is in charge! Smash topiecesflying abomination and free the princess. In your arsenal ofthreeof the most powerful war - Spearman, Archer and Mage!Together, youwill cope with a huge army of dragons. Choose any character in the game, and go to a meeting abrutalwar with the dragons. Each of the characters their ownskills andabilities, you can choose himself the one who is closestto you.Beautiful game graphics, a lot of action and a dragon! Softmusicand simple management. You need to touch the phone screen,Archerbegins to aim, raising his bow up when the see fit and letgo of thefinger archer will shoot wherever he was sent to bow atthis time.Yeah, maybe at first seem awkward control, but that'sthe wholetrick, learn to correctly choose the time and to aim moreprecisely,within a few minutes you will feel the aimingintuitive! A wonderful game for those who nothing else to do on theroador in the queue. The game appeals to anyone, it has everythingyouneed for a good arcade and it does not need to bother inthecomplex management.Download the game and set new records in the murder oftheDragon!Features:• dangerous journey fairy world• evil flying dragons;• -kopenosets characters, archer and mage;• excellent game graphics;• a lot of action;• pleasant music;• a lot of dragons;• Easy operation;• dynamic game;• Suitable for all ages;• a free game.How to play:Destroy all the dragons! You need to touch the phone screen,Archerbegins to aim, raising his bow up when the see fit and let goofthe finger archer will shoot wherever he was sent to bow atthistime.
Clan of Dragons 1.2
Dragons : the fantasy creatures we alllove.InClan of Dragons, you have the opportunity to control yourveryowndragons. Fly across the vast landscape while survivingagainstotherfantasy creatures like the Cerberus, the FlyingMonster, the3Tailed Wolf, giant Venus fly traps, and Dinosaurs.Partadventureand part simulation, this Dragon simulator will takeyouon an epicjourney as you build your warrior clan, use yourmagic,build yourbrood, defend against enemies that attack, andultimatelydefeatall the Super Bosses. Massive 3D open world stylegame.HINT : Call your family members to help you when youarenearother enemies.Features:**Control your own Fire Breathing Dragon!!**Customize your dragon color**Massive 3D Open World Map**Caves, Mountains, and Rivers**6 Giant bosses**4 Enemy Warrior Clans to defeat**4 Super Bosses**4 Magic Spells - Fireball, Invincibility, LightningBolt,andHealing**Flying Monsters, Venus Fly Traps, Giant Wolves, Dinosaurs**Dynamic weather including snow and rain stormsThe story begins by you finding all the members of yourclan.Callthe other family members when you need help againsttheenemies.Find the magic spell books to unlock the specialmagicalspellsincluding: Invincibility, Fireball, Lightning Bolt,andHealingPotion. Earn adventure points by hunting and doingvarioustasks toupgrade and purchase magic.Upgrade your powers to have stronger magical ability,becomemorepowerful, and have stronger defense, and .This is animal simulation like you have never seenit.Yourfavorite fantasy elements combined withrealisticanimalsimulation.Evolved is a series of games we created at Wild Foot.Wewouldreally like to hear from you. Come and stop byourFacebookpage: forupdates.Staytuned for our new Epic Quest series soon to bereleased.

Besureand check out our other 3D animal simulators. Weunderstandthatthe game is by no means perfect and we welcomeyourconstructivecriticism. Please email your suggestions.Goodluck!