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Green Force: Zombies Pro 2.13
Green Force: Zombies provides auniqueexperience of Multiplayer FPS gaming and Zombies shooterwithoutcompromising on the subtle aspects of individual genres.City is infected with deadly virus and people are turningintoliving dead causing mayhem. Government is trying to quarantinetheinfected areas, but failing completely. Those who survivedthevirus outbreak are at their own including the renownedprofessorDr. Smith Kline. Who claims to have developed the drug tostop theoutbreak and possibly cure the infected.The Zombies are forced to live at the expense of non-infectedandnothing but the flesh! It's only a matter of time that there'snosurvivor.Green Force takes on the task to rescue the city andpossiblysave the world!-----The game offers story mode with missions of varyingdifficultylevel. If you are only in the mood to kill zombiesendlessly visitthe maps in Survival or Turbo mode for somepractice.Survival and Turbo mode offer the selection of two maps youcanpractice in. Turbo mode is only different from Survival thattheZombies keep on respawning and you don't have the time!You have the choice of different weapons. Visit thearmorysection to select the Primary and Secondary weapon combo. Ifyourun out of ammo in one of your weapon just swipe on the weaponiconto switch.Remember the world is counting on you and you need tosurvivethrough the missions and manage your ammo carefully.Good luck commander!=========================This is an ad-free premium (paid) version of the game. The userswhowill buy this app have future updates at no cost and willcontinueto enjoy the best Zombie game out there. You can try ourfullfeatured ad-supported free version of the game before buyingthispaid version:Free version is: market://details?id=com.raptor.gfzombie