Top 24 Games Similar to Fashion Doll - Diversity Salon

Fashion Doll: Shopping Day SPA 1.9
This fashion doll is getting ready to go tothemall. Help her get ready by choosing out a new outfit, newclothes,trendy shoes, bags, dresses, makeup and more! In FashionDoll:Shopping Day SPA, you get to help this fashion beauty goshopping atthe mall by dressing her up in the best clothes andoutfits around.Make sure she looks her best for the trip!Design your own clothes and outfits in this trendy mallshoppingdress up and make game. The fashion doll is getting readyfor hertrip to buy new shoes, clothes, bags and dresses. But inorder togo, she has to look good, first! Pick out her outfits bychoosingfrom clothes that suit her amazing style. Then give thedollmakeup, hairstyles and trendy shoes and bags to carry to themall.Only the most fantastic clothes will fit for her amazingshoppingtrip!Features:- Help a fashion doll get ready for a trip to the mall.- Choose outfits, clothes, shoes and trendy bags.- Pick out the perfect dress for her to wear.- Do her makeup and give her a new hairstyle.- Complete fashion doll makeovers at your fingertips!How to Play:- Use the touch screen to choose outfits for the doll towear.- Dress up the model by choosing dresses, shoes andtrendyaccessories.- Apply makeup and create a beautiful hairstyle![[ You can find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite:http://www.lovefashiondoll.comJoin our fan page onFacebook! us on Twitter
Fashion Doll - Hair Salon 1.3
Are you ready to go to fashion doll’shairsalon? This beauty shop handles every aspect of hair design.It’sthe perfect place to get the trendiest looks.With all the latest fashion trends at her fingertips, fashiondollwill get you looking amazing from your new hairstyle toawesomeoutfits. Fashion doll is well known for giving the mostcuttingedge haircuts and hairstyles in her hair salon. Then, she’llmakeyour new cut pop with some fun different hair dyes. You’ll betheenvy of all of your friends with your new hairdo. Don’t miss outonher talent to help you look fabulous!How to Play:• Time for hairdresser visit!• Go to the fashion doll’s hair salon• Time for a new hairstyle• Choose an amazing new haircut• Choose from the fun hair dye options• You’ll be dressed up in some amazing fashionsFashion doll’s hair salon is the place you want to be. You’llbeable to get an amazingly fashionable haircut that flattersyourfeatures. You’ll be rocking a new look in no time at all thatwowsall your friends. How many different hairstyles can you comeupwith? Find out today by downloading now.[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Indian Fashion Doll salon 6.0
Indian Fashion Doll is getting ready to goforher Fashion Show!She always want to look fashionable. Help her to look fabulousinher own Fashion Show!**** Make-up *****❤️ Help Indian Fashion Doll to look beautiful with uniqueHairstyleand Make-up.❤️ Give her Fashion look with beautiful hairstyle.❤️ Give Indian Fashion Doll more stunning look with uniqueeyeshadows and glow.❤️ Make her cheeks more charming with unique cheekglowoptions❤️ Indian Fashion Doll's make up would be incompletewithoutattractive lipsticks and lip glow**** Dress up *****❤️ We have specially created unique outfits to give yourIndianFashion Doll a perfect stunning andcharming look!❤️ Choose a dress for your Indian Fashion Doll from bunchofoptions.**** Makeover *****❤️ Apply unique and beautiful face packs to make Indian Girllookmore beautiful!❤️ Remove her pimples, extra eye brow hairs, under eye marks,blackdots and give her a clean and clearskin!
Fashion Doll - Shopping Day 2 1.1
The shopping mall is the perfect day outforyou and your BFF this holiday season. Winter is keepingyouindoors, so a day shopping is the best way to pass sometimehanging out at the mall.You and your BFF love hitting the mall when the seasonschangebecause you know all the fun winter season fashions will behittingthe racks. Spend the whole day with a fashion makeover. Youcanrelax at the spa with some warm facial treatments. You bothcancheck out the newest winter makeup line of products and givethem atry. Dress up in as many winter outfit as you want to try onduringthe day. This winter holiday will be a blast.How to Play:• Winter is keeping you indoors this holiday season• Get out to your local shopping mall for a fun day withyourBFF• Give yourself a winter-themed fashion makeover• Spa treatments are just what you need for some pampering• Try out all of the new makeup shades and formulations• Dress up in all of the different winter outfits you’d like toseewhat looks best• Have a fantastic day shopping!Being cooped up in the winter time is no fun for anyone. Whynotget out to the mall with your best friend to get a jump onyourholiday shopping. Download today to start playing![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll Makeover 73.1.5
The game in Android Store with Hairspa,Makeover , Makeup & Dressup, 4 in 1 game.If you are fashionist then download this app now.A well-known Makeover Game in the FASHION industry for youtoexpress your makeover sense with Hair Spa, Makeover , Makeup&Dressup!The perfect Makeover game for girls. Create exciting hotnewlooks and show off your sense of style and fashion withthisawesome Makeover app with Hair Spa.-Hair Spa princess with new and chic hair Style!?- Makeover princess with Cream, Face-pack, lotion, shower,plucker& Pimple remover!?- Makeup princess with lipsticks,eye makeup,eye lens & manymorething?- Dressup princess with beautiful dress, earrings,necklace,sandals.?Benefits / Features:?* 4 types of different game integration in single app?* Different options available including hairspa,makeover,makeup,dresses,sarises, skirts, pants, tops, jackets,hairstyles, purses,shoes, sunglasses, jewellery, bracelets, bags,and more stuff,etc.?* 1000's of different combinations/looks possible. ?* In your iPhone, make different photos matching your girlfriendsand assign the photos as display pics for their contact namebysaving your creation in photo gallery and than assigning tothecontact number.See the pic pop up when they call."Included Makeover Games!* Hair Spa?* Makeover?* Make-up?* Dress-upDownload this app and Show off the new look as yourPrincesswallpaper.
Fashion Doll - Costume Party 1.3
It’s a fun Fashion Doll costume party andthepretty girl needs your help getting ready to be mermaid!Start by taking her to the spa for a relaxing facial.Cleanse,exfoliate and moisturize her skin with all natural creamsand oils.Give her a cucumber mask to remove impurities and trim hereyebrowswhile you’re there too!Then it’s time to head to the salon to do her pretty mermaidfacepaint. Add eye liner, mascara and lipstick. Play with lotsofundersea styled stencils to add seashell, fish and oceanthemeddecorations. Add some glitter and shine with sparklesandrhinestones! Pick a pretty hairstyle to finish her look.Changehair colors and add neon highlights.When she’s all set, it’s time to choose a fun mermaid costumetowear to the fashion party. Mix and match tops and shinymermaidtails. Finish the look with various tail decorations likesparkles,pearls and gems!Product Features:- Three fun levels: Spa, Salon and Dress Up- Mermaid themed levels and backgrounds- Lots of makeup, face paint and decorative optionsHow to Play:- Tap to choose makeup- Swipe to apply face paint and designs- Tap to pick outfits, mermaid tails and more accessories![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Boyfriend Salon 1.4
Your best guy friend wants to look greatforhis date with his girlfriend when they celebrate theirthree-monthanniversary. He needs your help! Can you make him looklike theperfect boyfriend?High school dating can be hard, and your best guy friendhasreally lucked out in being the boyfriend of a wonderful girl.Hewants to impress his girlfriend with his looks, and needsyourassistance. That’s okay because you’ve been planning hismakeoverfor years now, and know exactly what you need to do to gethimready. Time to hit the spa. You will need to give him a goodshave,and help him to find the perfect outfit to wear. Then, youcan findhis girlfriend something fun to wear to match herboyfriend.How to Play:• Your best friend’s special day is here• Get him ready for his date with a makeover• Spa time!• Get him clean shaven• Dress him up in some amazing virtual outfits until you findtheright one• Don’t forget his date! You can dress her up, too!Guys just don’t understand how much a girl likes it when theyputa little effort in how they look! Help your best friend pulloff anamazing look to stun his girlfriend. They will both be sopleasedwith the results.Download now![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Sleepover Party 1.2
Fashion Doll is holding a huge slumberpartytonight! Help her to make the house ready to welcome herfriends!SPA together with BFFs and apply the trendest makeup inyour makeuproom. Dress up and see who has the prettiest pajamas!Product Features:- Cute sleeping outfits!- Lots of makeup choices in various colors, patterns and stylesHow to Play:- Tap to select clothes, shoes and accessories- Swipe to apply cosmetics at the beauty salon- Tap to remove items and start over![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll DIY Designer 1.1
There are some famous fashion dolllinesavailable today. Do you think you could come up with afabulousfashion doll gift set of your own that will grow inpopularity?You love fashion dolls and have always wanted to create yourownthat your friends and other girls will love playing with everyday.You’ll be able to handle every aspect of creating your doll.Startby creating a brand logo that will be recognizable as your upandcoming brand. You can make your doll have the prettiest makeup,anddress her up in your favorite outfits. Design the gift boxthatyour fashion doll gift set will arrive in with all of thefunaccessories that come with her. Place her and the accessoriesinthe box to give it the cutest look. All the girls will go crazyforyour new fashion doll.How to Play:• You’re getting a chance to create a fun fashion doll giftsetrepresenting your awesome fashion sense• Handle every aspect of the gift set• Create a fabulous logo• Design how your doll will look and what outfits she’ll bedressedin• Create a fun gift box design for holding your doll andheritems• Create the box layout for the items• Start a new fashion doll trend!You love all of your dolls, but creating your own doll willbeepic! All of the other girls will think that your dolliswonderful. Download to see how glamorous you can make yourfashiondoll line.[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Selfie Girl 1.2
Taking a good selfie takes a bit of finesseanda great fashion sense. As a fashion doll, you live for lookingandfeeling good. Let your confidence shine through your funselfieswith your BFF.Keep up your fashion doll fame with some dress up fun foryourselfies. Practice makes perfect, and you love being abletopractice taking all kinds of fun selfies. You love making funfacesand trying out different makeup looks, so why not get someextrapractice in with this app? You’ll get to have a fun spasessionthat includes getting some spa facials that are superluxurious,fashionable makeup application, and dress up. How manydifferentlooks can you come up with for your selfie-takingsession?How to Play:• You and your BFF want to take some fashion selfies• Prep for your selfie by prepping your skin with aspatreatment• Add some glamorous makeup for a fun makeover• Dress up in an awesome outfit• Click! Take that perfect selfieYou know that your selfie game is tight, and love to competewithyour BFF for who can snap the best selfie. Why not downloadthisgame, and get ready to have some of the cutest selfies toshare.[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Glam Doll Salon: BFF Mall Date 1.5
It's tea time with the girls,let'sgeteveryonedressed up for a great weekend of shopping!GlamDollSalon: BFF MallDate lets you and your BFFs run abeautysalonfilled with makeup,dresses and outfits you can choosefromtodress up tons of differentgirl models. Give each oneacompletemakeover so they can go weekendbeauty salon shoppingwiththeirfriends. Be quick, don't let themmiss their tea time!Four different girls are meeting their bestfriendsthisweekendfor tea and shopping. Help them get ready for thepartyinyourvery own beauty salon! Dress each of the girls up inthebestnewoutfits, choosing from hats, shoes,dresses,jewelryandaccessories, then put on their makeup so theylook asbeautifulascan be!Features:- Help four girls get ready for a weekend of shopping andtea.- Dress-up girls to look like beautiful fashion models.- Add makeup, accessories and jewelry to each girl.- Design new hairstyles, trim, cut and shape each one.- Three themes to choose: bedroom gossip, shoppinganddessert.- Complete beauty makeovers at your fingertips!How to Play:- Use the touch screen to choose a girl to give a makeoverto.- Dress up each model by choosing dresses, shoes and outfits.- Apply makeup and create a beautiful hairstyle!We want to hear your voice!LikeusonFacebook: us on Twitter: more about Salon™onofficialwebsite:
Fashion Doll - Princess Story 1.3
Dress up and makeover a princess fashiondollin this royal design game.Take your princess to the castle spa for specializedskintreatments. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize her skin. Helpherrelax with a lovely steam treatment. When she’s glowing andfeelingterrific, take her to the salon to prepare for the royalgala.Choose her lipstick, eyeliner and blush. Mix up neon colors orgofor a more traditional look. The choice is up to you! Applyhermakeup carefully to ensure she’s belle of the ball.Then, take some time to dig through the closet where you’llfindall kinds of elegant dresses fit for a princess – or a queen!Pickfrom multiple colors and styles. Complement the look withroyalcrown jewels, sparkly shoes and furry wraps. Choose whateveryoulike and you don’t even have to worry about turning intoapumpkin!Take your princess to the gala in the ball room and enjoyanexhilarating dance around the floor with the handsome prince.It’sexciting to pretend to be a princess!Product Features:- Three levels: Spa, Makeover and Dress Up- Castle themed backgrounds, ball gowns and jewelry- Tons of makeup selectionsGet the royal treatment in this princess dress up game!How to Play:- Tap to choose outfits, makeup and accessories- Swipe to apply makeup at the salon- Play multiple times to try limitless combinations[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Pop Star Girls 1.3
Show off your pop star style in this funmakeupand dress up game where you’re the STAR!It’s time to dress up the pop star for a huge show! Start withyourfamous fashion doll and take her to the spa where you can givehera facial. Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize her skin tomakeher glow. Pamper her with all natural oils and luxuriousbodytreatments. It’s a day at the spa fit for a queen!Then it’s time to choose her makeup. Take her to the salon andpickout the best colors for her. Apply blush, eyeshadow andmascara.Keep it traditional or go crazy with neon looks! Thechoices areall yours and it’s easy to start over!Move on to her fabulous closet and search for the right outfitforthis popular singer. Select from punk rock to glamourlooks,dresses and jeans. Make sure that she looks her best for theshow.Don’t forget to dress up her number one fan too! She’s yourspecialguest and wants to look her best too!Your pop star rocks the house!Product Features:- Three levels of design fun – Spa, Makeover and Dress Up- Features a second doll to dress up – her friend andconcertguest- Lots of different makeup and dress up choicesHow to Play:- Tap to choose outfits, makeup and hairstyles- Swipe to apply eyeshadow, mascara and blush- Follow all of the steps and don’t forget to save your creationsatthe end![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll - House Cleaning 1.5
You don’t have to wait until Spring togiveyour house a good cleaning! In House Cleaning Day, clean upyourhouse and get rid of the things you don’t need. Clutter has gottogo so you can give your house a beautiful makeover. First, cleanupall the rooms of your house from the kitchen to the bedroom.Wipeup dust, vacuum the floors, and throw away junk! Leavenothingdirty and fix anything that’s broken.When everything is tidy and neat, design your rooms just howyoulike, Pick out the perfect paints and decorations to make itfeellike new! Once you’re done working hard, give yourself abeautymakeover to match. It’s a new day in Fashion Doll’s house sodon’thold back! Be creative and help create a whole new style.Withcareful planning, your dream house will become reality!Product Features:- Fun home makeover game with tons of options.- Easy to use controls for kids to play.- Clean up mini games to clean the dirty kitchen, bedroom,bathroom,and living room.- Fix broken items around the house.- Design each room just how you like with new paintsanddecorations.- Dress yourself up to look as good as your house!- Play various mini games around the house.How to Play:- Use interactive controls to select items and decorate.- Help clean up dirty rooms like the bedroom.- Carefully fix broken items in the kitchen and bathroom.- Give yourself a beauty makeover!- Complete all mini games to have the perfect house![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll Makeover 6.3
Titan Media
Hello, how are you? You have plans fortoday?Ifyou decided to stay home and relax you'll be happy to knowwehave agame for you, we have created it with the thought thatwecouldbanish boredom. This girls game gives you the opportunitytoplaywith your creativity. We know you're a beautiful andtalentedyoungand you will definitely love to know girls, they areourfriends andwant very much to have the most beautiful makeupandthe mostbeautiful clothes It is wonderful that you have chosentovisit us sothat we will be able to fulfill their desire. Theywillgo to acontest and want to look perfect. You have to makeupthemvery well.We are sure that you will manage to make thembeautiful.This make upsalon game is awesome , you'll make friends,you'llprove to everyonethat you can be a responsible child andmore thanthat you'll be ableto prove to everyone that you can havea beautysalon.For a long time we want to open our own beauty salon and nowwecanfulfill our dream, you will be able to help us but beverycarefulat all instructions of this game for kids.Details are important and certainly will help you finish thegameforchildren.Success!- Girls are called Jolie, Rose and Jessica;- You can choose a girl of three;- You'll have to help her with whatever needs;- First you have to prepare a spa treatment;- Clean the skin with an exfoliating gel;- Apply a mask of fruit;- Rinse with warm water;- Apply a moisturizer;- Apply a cream concealer;- Eliminate acne;- Now you have to makeup her, apply: contactlenses,mascara,lipstick, eyeshadow, powder cheeks and browpencil;- You must choose the most beautiful dress;- Choose the most interesting accessories;- Now the young girl is preparing to go to the competition;- Definitely she will win;- You have to redecorate the room;- Everything looks perfect, you did a great job.Thank you for help, please come back every day throughthisgamefor girls.Have fun!
Fashion Doll's Sports day 1.6
Sports day has arrived! Get these girlsreadyfor an active day in the winter air! The latest sports stylesandfashions are waiting for you in your brand new beauty salon,allyou need to do is bring the girls in and let the dress upgamebegin. Style their hair, pick out a fun cheerleader dress,givethem winter themed makeup and turn them loose for an excitingdayof winter time sports!Who has time to worry about style or fashion when they'regettingready to be athletic? These girls do, that's who! Styletheirmakeup so they stay a true sports beauty out in the wintergames.Nobody wants to look frumpy when they're dancing or out onthefield cheering the team. Dress for success and put on makeuptomatch, then be the perfect sports beauty!Features:- Style girls with beautiful sports fashions!- Dress girls up like cheerleaders, dancers and more.- Huge variety of clothing to choose from.- Sports and fashion beauty all in one app!How to Play:- Choose a girl to give a winter sports makeover to.- Pick out your favorite outfit and add it to each girl.- Design makeup to match the perfect sports fashion!Wanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We wouldloveto hear from you!You can find us on Facebookat on Twitter at more information about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisithttp://www.bearhugmedia.comFor more information about Fashion Doll's Sports Day, pleasevisit
Fashion Doll - Pool Party Girl 1.2
It’s time to have a beautiful summer holidayinthis girls dress up game: Fashion Doll - Pool Party Girl.Help the pretty girls get ready for the first pool party oftheyear. Start by giving them a makeover at the tropical salonwherethe colors are as beautiful as a summer rainbow. Try on lotsof funand bright colored makeup styles. Apply mascara, lipstickandblush. Be sure to stay in the lines!Choose cute hairstyles to get set for a fabulous summervacation!Choose from lots of hairstyles including updos, loosecurls andvibrant hair colors. Add accessories like sunglasses,hats andvisors!But don’t forget to pick out the coolest outfits for thepoolparty too. Mix and match bikinis and shorts. Add colorfuldressesand lightweight wraps. Choose from adorable sandals andsneakers tocomplement the look, then try on all sorts of jewelry.With so manychoices, you can design a look that’s all your own,then play againand again!Product Features:- Summer themed clothing including bathing suits, shorts, teesandsandals- Pool party backgrounds that include fun waterthemedaccessories- Lots of makeup choices in various colors, patterns and stylesHow to Play:- Tap to select clothes, shoes and accessories- Swipe to apply cosmetics while at the beachy salon- Tap to remove items and start over![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll: Beach Volleyball 1.2
It’s time for a friendly game ofbeachvolleyball with your best friends. Take the girls to the beachfora day of fun in the sun on summer holiday.Choose pretty makeup for the athlete with fun beach themedlookslike bronzers and sparkles. Apply eye shadow, blush andlipstick.Add face jewels and shiny lip-gloss too!Pick a pretty and active hairstyle for the volleyball girl.Trypigtails, braids or a funky shaved look. The choice is up toyou!When you decide on your look, it’s time to go the BeachShackClothing Hut for some impromptu shopping.Dig through lots of different shorts, pants and bathing suitstofind the perfect outfit for volleyball. Don’t forget kneepadsandelbow pads to protect you when hitting the sand. Finish youroutfitwith beach sneakers and a vibrant volleyball!With you leading the team, you’re sure to kick some seriousbuttat the beach! GO get ‘em girls!Product Features:- Volleyball themed backgrounds, clothes and accessories- Makeover and Dress Up levels- Tons of choices!How to Play:- Tap to pick shirts, shorts and shoes- Swipe to apply various cosmetics at the salon- Tap to change volleyballs and match your outfit[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Pop Star Fashion Salon 2017 1.3
Are you ready for fashion week? It’s timeforall of the high-fashion celebrities to come out to enjoy a weekofthe most amazing outfits ever. Want to be a star and enjoy alloffashion week?All that celebrity status comes with a lot of perks. Get toenjoysome trendy spa treatments and the hottest makeup look tomake youfeel like a million bucks. Finish it off with some dressup in anexcellent outfit to make you feel like a star! Don’tforget yoursuper hot co-star celebrity partner. Make sure he looksjust asgreat as you do for your walk down the red carpet atfashionweek!How to Play:• Relax with some five-star treatment• Get some awesome spa treatments• Put on some lovely makeup to make you look amazing• Top off your look by dressing up in some of thehottestoutfits• Get your celebrity date red carpet ready• Time to shine!• Walk the red carpet for fashion week and strut your stuffThe time is now! Let your winning personality show just intimefor fashion week. Give yourself the celebrity star treatmentwithlots of beauty treatments and outfits. Download now to getyourfashion week fun going![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Star Fantasy 1.1
Travel among the stars in this futureforwardgame. You’re a space princess with lots of power and thegalaxyneeds your help!Start by going to the spa for a relaxing day before headingoffon your space mission. Exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize yourskinto remove gamma radiation and prepare for your interstellarvisit.Finish by removing all of the asteroid dust from your lastmission,then head off to your space ship salon for a funmakeupadventure.Try on mascara, glow in the dark eye shadow and lipstick.Lineyour eyes and powder your nose with sparkly moon dust. Ithelpsprotect against the elements when you’re in space. Finish upyourlook and go below deck to uniform storage to find the bestoutfitfor your voyage.Choose from lots of astronaut themed outfits. Add moon bootsandoxygen tanks. Pick a cool helmet and communication head set tostayin touch with home base as your own saving the galaxy. Finishyourlook with a ray shooter and operational tool belt!Go ahead space princess! The future is yours and you’reastar!Product Features:- Three fun spacey levels: Spa, Makeup and Dress Up- Lots of cool astronaut gear and space themed itemsHow to Play:- Tap to choose outfits and accessories- Swipe to apply makeup and spa treatments- Refresh to make new space outfits for your adventure[[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion Doll - Ice Ballet Girl 1.4
Most little girls dream of dancing astunningballet on the ice wearing a gorgeous costume, and nowyou’re thestar of the ice show. Twirling and dancing like aballerina on theice!Gliding on the ice as only a well-trained ice dancer can, youarethe envy of everyone in the audience. Take a big breath becauseyournight of fame is here. That can be a bit nerve-racking foranyone,so take a little time for yourself. Go to the spa for somereallyrelaxing facial treatments that will get you looking yourbest. Youwant to shine bright on the stage, so put on some makeupwithsparkles in it. There are so many costumes to choose from, andyoucan try them all!How to Play:• It’s opening night!• Time to get ready• Get pampering at the spa with facial treatments• Put on your sparkly stage makeup to look amazing• Dress up in a variety of fun costumes to find theperfectone• Show Time! Let's dance!Ice skating is an exciting sport, and you’ve always lovedicedancing. Before suiting up before your first big show, takesometime to relax. Spa check. Makeup check. Costume check. Timetodazzle the crowd!Download today to get teh dance started![[Find out more fun games on our social media! ]]If you want to check us out, visit ourwebsite: us onFacebook: us on Twitter:
Fashion doll facial painting 2.0.1
Get your artistic skills flowing and createanamazing painted face with this fashion doll game. Here youcanprepare her face and make it clean, choose a painting pattern,andpaint the image onto her face. Giving her a beautifulfacialpattern has never been so easy. Get artistic today with thisfacepainting game!Features• Wash your dolls face to make her skin soft and smooth.• Make a beautiful makeover and learn different make up step.• Pluck her eyebrows to make them straight and tidy.• Select a pattern you want to paint on their face and color ittoperfection.• Accessorize her new look with a brand new outfit, newhairstylesand jewellery.• Choose gorgeous clothes and dress her nicely.• Play this makeover game and see how fun it is.
Fashion Doll - Holiday Fun 1.6
Fashion Doll is getting ready to go forHolidayfun! She always want to look fashionable. Help her to lookfabulousin Holidays!Start your Fashion Doll beauty salon with royal make up;chooseprincess style hairstyle, perfect eye makeup, hot lipstick&lots of fashion accessories; give your Fashion Doll celebritylookwith latest royal designer dresses.* Make-up:Help Fashion Doll to look beautiful with unique HairstyleandMake-up- Give Fashion Doll delightful look with beautiful hairstyle;youcan change the hair color by sliding the color option- Change her eye color to make her look more stunning- Choose a eye brow from options and change eye brow color tomakeher look better- Apply the unique eye mascara with different color options- Give Fashion Doll more stunning look with unique eye shadowsandglow- Make her cheeks more charming with unique cheek glowoptions- Fashion Doll's make up would be incomplete withoutattractivelipsticks and lip glow* Dress up:We have specially created unique outfits to give your Fashion Dollaperfect stunning and charming look!- Choose a dress for your Fashion Doll from bunch of options;youcan also change the dress color by sliding the givencoloroption- Accessorize her look with shoes, some fun jewelry.- Change the background and give a blissful look!** Special Feature **You can change the color of each option by sliding the givencoloroption!Have a wonderful time!Try our other trending makeup & dressup salon games:Gopi Doll Fashion SalonIndian Doll - Bridal Fashion SalonWatch our game videos at: will be glad to receive your response. Contact us for anyqueriesor suggestions at:[email protected]
Doll Makeover Salon 1.8.3029
Beauty pageant is coming. Choosefashionableoutfit, dress your doll to the most gorgeous one!Makeover Salon Game for Girls!FEATURES- Choose your very own doll- 17 tools designed for spa, care her from head to toes- Over 89 makeup tools, all needs offered- 50+ clothes, dress up your fashion doll- Take photos for your doll, and share them with everyoneThis fashion makeup game is designed for girl’s beloved doll!