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Ultima Reversi
OVER 3.8 MILLION DOWNLOADS!!!Reversi is a very challenging board game for all ages. The rulesofReversi are much simpler than any other board games. However,easyto learn doesn't mean easy to play well. It offers somanystrategic possibilities, that you can spend the rest of yourlifeto master it.Ultima Reversi is an implementation of Reversi, having manygreatfeatures to customize the game and make it moreinteresting.Challenge your strategic skills with UltimaReversi!===== FEATURES =====* 1-player mode (Human vs CPU)* 2-players mode (Human vs Human).* Watching mode (CPU vs CPU).* 10 levels of difficulty.* Scoreboard and rating system.* Various board size (4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8) and variousboardcolor.* Various rules (normal mode, 4 stage handicap modes and 2variantmodes).* Support undo and hint function.* Other various options (CPU Level Auto-matching, Alternatefirstmove, etc.)* Support tablet size devices. You can enjoy with your familyorfriends in a tablet!===== REVERSI RULES =====* The game begins with each player having two discs onaboard.* The players alternate turns, each adding an additional disc ontheboard.* A valid move must capture at least one of the opponent'sdiscs.This is done by surrounding it, either vertically,horizontally, ordiagonally (or a combination of all three). Whenthis occurs, theopponent's discs that you have surround becomeyours.* If one player cannot make a valid move, the player must passandthe other player plays again.* The game is over when the entire board is filled or when nosidecan make a valid move.* The winner of the game is the one with the most discs whenthegame is over.NOTES: Ultima Reversi has an "Auto Pass" feature thatautomaticallypasses your turn if you have no other move availableand mustpass.